Government’s NEP facilitates NYC to meet goals

Benoit is the President of the NYC
Benoit is the President of the NYC

President of the National Youth Council, Senator Jahisiah Benoit, is praising Government for its contribution through the National Employment Programme towards the development of the council.

Senator Benoit spoke at the 11th annual National Youth Council award ceremony at the Dominica State College on Saturday.

As of September, NYC staff is employed through the National Employment Programme.

“Prior to 2013, the work of the council was conducted pretty much on a day to day basis by one administrative coordinator. I’m sure you will agree that in the 21st century and with such a large youthful population, that’s not enough manpower and human resources to handle the affairs of the National Youth Council. Thankfully, in 2013 with the introduction of the NEP, we saw two additional members of staff, that is to say two project officers were engaged with the NYC and the output of these officers really left a mark and demonstrated that we in fact needed these human resources; but more importantly that we had the capacity to manage them and make sure that they produce results,” he explained.

Persons employed at the office in Roseau include the communications officer, project officer, an administrative coordinator and two administrative assistants.

Senator Benoit remarked that this assistance allows the NYC to tend to the needs of Dominica’s district youth councils.

He acknowledged that over the past years, the NYC has not been able to give adequate direct assistance to community youth projects. He informed those at the ceremony that as of the next quarter, this would change.

“Thankfully with the support that we will be receiving from the NEP, we will now be able to allocate more of our resources to empowerment of our district youth councils. The executive has already taken a decision that at the next subvention we will be targeting our South-eastern district council to provide them with the sum of $3,000 to implement their work plan.”

The NYC President added that going forward, he envisions more NYC work being executed by district youth councils with the assistance of the executive to mobilize resources and provide technical assistance.

He said in 2013 the executive of the council relied solely on a subvention of $12, 000 from Government, however, at present the council receives well over $25, 000 from central government.

Moreover, Benoit revealed the plan of the NYC to go into poultry as an additional source of income.

“Firstly, as a small island developing state, food security is very much of an issue for us. On average on an annual basis we give $18m in terms of imported poultry products. That’s a significant sum. This represents a market, this represents a critical sector that we young people can engage in.”

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  1. Doc. Love
    October 7, 2016

    I hope in time to come, , Benoit will praise the Government for electoral reform. According to Benoit, when a young person wants to purchase alcohol and the seller is not sure of the person’s age, an i.d card must be produced in order to be sure the young is not underage. However his boss, Skeritt, has so far refused, financially, to assist the electoral office to have i.d cards available for voting. The likes of Benoit and Skeritt believe it is more important or their interest is to prevent young people from drinking rum if they are underage, then to allow all Dominicans to be properly identified at the time of voting.

  2. DLPYC
    October 7, 2016

    Dominica is in serious trouble, when the institution which should be addressing youth issues and advocating on behalf of all the youth of Dominica, is hijacked by this DLP operative, seeking only to defend Massa’s agenda. and to win a seat in the Roseau South Constituency.

    Could you imagine the future of Dominica to be left to youth with that bold. brazen, support for so many wrong things? The NYC should remain an AUTONOMOUS Youth organisation. Another org. choked.

    How could this guy, a DLP Senator in Parliament, not try, by all means possible, to influence, manipulate, the National Youth Council, and have this supposedly “independent” Youth body, which represents Youth of all political persuasions, sing and operate along his Partisan biases? Whose fools are we?

    Many of those guys have decided that their roles must be to express their loyalty to all what is immoral, unethical…..their personal egos and arrogance, will continue to cause irreparable harm to Dominica

  3. viewsexpressed
    October 7, 2016

    Benoit says…and I am upset……”He acknowledged that over the past years, the NYC has not been able to give adequate direct assistance to community youth projects”
    I guess Benoit is talking about the disrespect and abuse of young people in Dominica by his inept PM Skerrit and their corrupt government. Benoit is a young man and head of the NYC he should research and bring out the operation of thee NYC as far back or close back as Pierre Charles when the office was at the St. Martins School. The NYC then were not boom boom flies to the governments then of their time. we were taught to be independent and raised funds, the art and exposure of self development, personal development towards independence. Now Skerrit and inept his government is promoting publicly dependency syndrome. Well, is so we come, is so we begging and not producing and it seems the leader of the NYC like it so. I urge youth around Dominica to ignore this barrage of buying friends and take back NYC from the…

  4. QuePassa
    October 6, 2016

    Is that figure acurate? – “$18 million spent annually on imported poultry/ poultry products”.
    Need to know before I make any remarks.

  5. "Who the cap fits"
    October 6, 2016

    I concur with you Senator Jahisiah Benoit, because you have a real job that you could take to the bank and get a loan to better your future. Unfortunately those who have been fooled by you and the government in the name of NEP are not able to go to the bank to get a loan to build a pit toilet, let alone a loan to help them build their future. To me I spell NEP, NEVER, EVER, PROGRESS or prosper. So yes, you boast your government for paying you a salary while those in the NEP will remain in their hopeless mess

  6. originaljahguide
    October 6, 2016

    Boy come out there. You are the worse thing that has happened to the National Youth Council. What a shame!!!!!

  7. The UFO
    October 6, 2016

    This young man can be his youth leader but not to be my parliamentary representative. When you Mr PM making choices don’t make it for us, let us make our own choice. There are more capable and suitable people to represent the Roseau South. I believe our best choice is Thomas Baptiste Jnr. Jahisiah should not be a senator. He does not make enough representation in his constituency. :twisted:

  8. verna
    October 6, 2016

    Skerritt send mister to china, he will save his pride there we hope!!

    can’t believe a young man who is incharge of the youth talk so much rubbish…

    he is thumps down to the young ppl around him……..poor views bro!

  9. street side
    October 6, 2016

    this policy by the Labor regime NEP has endorsed Dominica on the Poorest plate around..

    As a investor will view dominica as not attractive..the Labor regime and this YOUNG DUDE OF DARKNESS ….is curse upon the island in terms of a vibrant economy….

    no where else in the Caribbean would a young person in such a Dept think so low..when u look at Jamaicans, Antiguans and Barbadians to name a few see how their folks think outside of the box getting investment expanding ports of entry, developing their tourism products etc…

  10. South Beach
    October 6, 2016

    not surprising at all…..typical small minded ideology….what a joke…dominica is in trouble.

    we need folks who have vision, a young man talking foolishness it’s sad vibe, did he attend a school of learning….

    stop this begging aspect get the f……economy rolling joker..u stuck in foolish pride…waste of time, look at Venezula the charvez didn’t create a good economic base..pure handouts..all over folks want to work not depend on Gov’t hand outs..

    NEP is the DEATH OF DOMINICA…. the poor pennies they give these innocent folks is a disgrace, it doesn’t provide stimulation in the economy….as the middle class doesn’t have funds…..this evil regime is failing to see that the economy is dead u need relief in terms of the construction industry, give Public servants a 25% increase so they have more spending power….

    dominicans are low in thinking period!….in comparison with other airports look at melville hall a dam low basement shed..sums up dominica’s mind…

    • Me
      October 7, 2016

      NEP = Never Ending Poverty.

  11. White Plains Rd
    October 6, 2016

    that’s the issue with the so call Professionals or folks who claim to have a education..

    when u think of the other islands in the region, they’re surely not creating a welfare state
    you need to get your economy rolling, but this dude is highly ‘DUNCE” and lacks sort of upstairs….everywhere in the world folks are ridding out BIG GOVERNMENT, anytime u have massive wage bills from the regime and esp when u aren’t producing anything locally u r when the sale of Dominica’s passport is dead what will happen.

    does this dude see the state of affair in the economy..dominica is listed the poorest and slowest economy around these parts….

    but deceased Pierre Charles said Dominicans wear their Ignorance as a Badge of Honor And it’s FACTUAL!!

    Look at for instance DOWASCO, and the terrible service all through the island, where is the focus point. why not invest in a robust type water system, whereby a drizzle doesn’t make dominica look out of the pic…..


  12. DomiChina
    October 6, 2016

    I am concerned of a couple of things here

    1. Is the NYC a subside of the DLP, who are mainly concern about party supporters, hence the support under NEP. If it is then the NYC should be disestablished to incorporate a cross section of the population.
    2. If the NYC has identified the millions that are being spent on imports of poultry, and the need to safeguard food, why is it that the other ministers are claiming that the Abattoir is flourishing and the Agriculture industry is not dying or dead.

    • Dominican
      October 6, 2016

      I have had similar misgivings about the NYC for a considerable time. Nothing is known about its funding for example. Is it true that China finances this movement or is that just hearsay? We need to know because all I can see in that movement are young people being roomed in the mode of the communist party of China, to which the DLP is affiliated.

      • Tjebe fort
        October 6, 2016

        You know what, I don’t trust that Benoit fellow one inch!

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