Gov’t spent over $20-million in DSC subventions – Saint Jean

Education minister Petter Saint Jean. File photo

Education Minister Petter Saint Jean has announced that over $20-million has been invested in the payment of subvention to the Dominica State College in the last six years.

“From 2011 to now the Government of Dominica has invested twenty-two million three hundred and eighty-three thousand and forty-seven dollars and thirteen cents just in the payment of subvention to the State College,” Saint Jean said on a recent radio program on Kairi FM.

He said that while Universities must generate their own revenues the Government of Dominica has been assisting greatly in this regard.

“You know how Universities operate, the University must generate its own revenue, pay faculty, pay staff like All Saints is doing, like Ross is doing…But because we realize that many families are under pressure the Government of Dominica finances the State College to almost 100%,” he stated.

Saint Jean disclosed that every month the Government pays to the Dominica State College roughly $353,500.

He said these funds go towards the payment of staff and the operating expenses of the Institution.

Saint Jean said that were it not for this undertaking by the Government, students attending the State College would be paying almost four times the amount which they are now to attain an Associate Degree.

“This means that the families of the students who are out there would have had to dig their hands in their pockets and to pay…so that what they now pay at the State College for an Associate Degree in Marketing or Finance, or Tourism would have been four times the cost that they now pay…so that if a Program costs, say $825, that Program would have really cost $3,200,” he said.

He mentioned that in addition to the subvention the Government has a financial assistance Program for students at the State College where the Government of Dominica led by Roosevelt Skerrit, through the Ministry of Education, makes an intervention for and on behalf of the students.

“So they come to the Ministry they say well my mother is not able to pay we say to them go to the State College get us a grade slip, come back and we will put you on the system so the Government will pay for you,” the Minister stated.

He also revealed that over the last six years the Government has expended $3,500,490.60 to pay tuition fees for students at the Dominica State College.



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  1. Anon
    June 23, 2017

    Don’t you just love the cents they all put after these large numbers? 13 cents? …”twenty-two million three hundred and eighty-three thousand and forty-seven dollars and thirteen cents”. Thank God they didn’t round it up $22,383,047, we would probably think they steal .13 cents. Lol lol

  2. motorhead
    June 22, 2017

    The least qualified person employed by the Ministry of Education is the minister himself. And it shows, frankly. Think on this when you ‘preach’ about how grateful everyone should be at the money being thrown, but not targeted, at education.

  3. Music Producer
    June 22, 2017

    If your gov provide jobs and a moderate financial income base, with steady job creation, you would not have your head up your a$$ talking this nonsense, St. Jean.

    June 22, 2017

    One should not worry about the Minister of Education’s statements but rather be concerned about the education of the minister!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  5. dee
    June 22, 2017

    Government Spend Millions Here Millions There , millions every where ,by word of mouth .
    How are these monies being audited ? where is the paper trail ? Who just taking out for who they want ?
    who diversifying ? who approving for who , who requesting and receiving valid receipts ?
    I never see that in my life before .
    is just open mouth and say Govt spend the people money in millions , never once have i heard any Minister say ” I have received million from de Govt which i have deposited in my account ” its happening but nobody declaring it to Dominicans .
    The sad thing is none of us can take any of it with us , there is no Bank 6 feet under , no shops in de cemetery , and no roads to drive allu so loved vehicles in HELL.

  6. Ibo France
    June 21, 2017

    The Minister is crowing over how much of the people’s money government spends on the people’s children to procure a tertiary education. This is facetious. To beat his chest over something that is common throughout the sub-region shows that the Minister has an incessant need for attention. Show me some empirical data where troves of people have migrated above the poverty line because of your government’s policies. Again, how spending taxpayers’ money on taxpayers’ children become something to boast about? Very ludicrous!

  7. Long Lost Dominica
    June 21, 2017

    All that money to make Dominica state worse…

  8. %
    June 21, 2017

    These guys by their own admission are telling the world how they have wrecked havoc with the country…The unemployment crisis is so severe that the state itself has to do everything for the people…ANOTHER VENEZUELA in the mKinng.

  9. jaded
    June 21, 2017

    “Subventions” is not an everyday-use word so why can’t you people communicate more effectively by using similes like “subsidies”. Every other country would probably use that word.

    • Me
      June 22, 2017

      You are splitting hairs. Subvention and subsidy are one and the same thing. They are interchangeable.

  10. Hendricks ismael
    June 21, 2017

    The question is why are we here to do as human beings , and what is our purpose ?. They brought our ancestors to the west from Africa to work as civil servants for them. When it was no longer profitable for them they gave us our independence without no training to build a strong nation. So now here is the problems , we were not told that we believe the government is the only one to create all what we need in life . If we don’t change what we have in our heads we will remain beggars for ever. We get educated to serve and not to create . The government spends the money on education , the students have to create the jobs , or are they being taught how to create the jobs . We have people in our society writing books about where their families came from in Europe and not Africa . We need people to write books about how to not depend on government and create the future for them selves . The minister is doing his best , he is new at management let’s help him, we all need help.

  11. Concerned Student
    June 21, 2017

    Yes sir, beat your chest, the only dominican tertiary institution in dominica is dependent on you..So then it begs to ask a simple question. Does this not mean now as we have known, that after 17 years in power the DLP government has failed the higher education system in dominica?? All in all you have answered my question by your remarks..

  12. Voice of Reason
    June 21, 2017

    Not sure whether the distinguished Minister is proud of the stated accomplishments of his government, but the fact of the matter is that the government is failing its people, and here\’s why.
    While it can be argued that the government may subsidize the State College, it should not be wholly responsible for its payroll/operations except if the decision has been made to provide free college tuition for its citizens.
    The reason why students\’ parents are unable to foot college bills is because they are unemployed. It would therefore be in the best interest of government to facilitate/generate employment for its citizens through better partnership/relationship with the private sector (to include incentives), a transparent CBI program where investors actually invest in the country and not just pay for a passport, etc. By so doing, citizens will be able to pay for their needs instead of depending on the government for hand outs!
    Government cannot be the biggest employer in the…

    • June 21, 2017

      Usually I’m the first to agree that the need for subsidy is a sign of failure in an industry. But subsidies for higher education are often considerable even in very active and well developed economies, so I don’t see government funding of DSC as a failing on their part. If anything, investment in DSC makes more sense economically than funding costly scholarships for students who study abroad and then never return.

    • Let The Truth Be Known
      June 21, 2017

      Why do some of you call the assistance the government gives “hand-outs?” It is not hand-outs. Every government in especially the progressive countries help their people.
      Those who are unemployed and were employed, receive employment benefits for a while. In the meantime they are to seek employment or enroll in a course, paid for by the government. The government also gives them financial assistance for attending the training course.
      Those who are unemployable until they become a senior citizen or reached retirement age or retire early, if they cannot afford it, will receive social welfare benefits. The able ones are also expected to seek employment and enroll in a course.
      Those who are on disability receive disability benefits as long as the doctor continues to diagnose them as being disabled.
      It is a lowly mind who states that the government gives handouts. When will some of you cease degrading the assistance the government gives to those in need?

      • Anon
        June 23, 2017

        Not if Trump is running your country, he and his conservative gang see this as war against the rich and vow to end all such as aid to poor people.

  13. Looking
    June 21, 2017

    Waw! It’s all great that government has taken such a monumental task. But this is a typical example of how institutions are surviving. In a thriving economy the college would have been able to generate sufficient revenue to operate at least at break-even-point. Even the private sector would have been able to invest in the college. Then the struggling parents can’t even afford to pay the college fees, transportation to and from college, snack and lunch fees. When they graduate government has to feed them under the NEP program, This really paints the real picture of the situation on the ground. I strongly hope that our struggling parents will be able to send their kids to school, feed them with three decent meals per day and save enough for the future. I strongly hope that the kids take full advantage and will get out of the cycle of dependence for the sake of the nature isle.

  14. that is what my nation is coming to
    June 21, 2017

    show the paper trail and the accounting records. saying it is one thing we want the proof where are the records where is the money coming from where is t going to who is funnelling something from the side does the books balance in the end .
    you can say all you want to say but your government never shows a paper trail for all the things they claim to be doing
    remember you work for me not for yourself I AM DOMINICA you are employed by DOMINICA now show me my value for money

    • Let The Truth Be Known
      June 21, 2017

      The government does not have to show any paper trail and not to the public. The government has his ministers to discuss this with them. Some of you want to know everything the government does.
      I reside in a country. I listen to and read the News. I allow the government to operate the country. The government has his ministers, no exception the Media, the latter keeps us informed about what is occurring in the Legislature and in Parliament, at least what the public should know, what is of interest/concern to them.
      Do you think I will waste my time and write the government, even the MP, MPP for the riding I reside in and ask them to show me the government’s paper trail? I have better things to do than that. Oh, there are times constituents will write the government on matters which concern them. This has to be done respectfully.
      Governments are human. They make mistakes. From what I read on DNO I think the government informs nationals of what they should know.

      • that is what my nation is coming to
        June 22, 2017

        THEN YOU ARE THE BIGGEST FOOL ON THE ISLAND . you supposed to hold your government responsible for every cent they spend its your right to be able to ask for proof as to how your tax dollars are being spent. and is not what they should know you supposed to know everything not just what they want to tell you even there pay supposed to be public knowledge cause at the end of the day they work for you they are employed by the nation of Dominica and that means they are employed by you.

  15. Dominican
    June 21, 2017

    And you proud. Most of it is wasted on drop outs. No intention to diss them but they went there without the will to be educated, they went for the Universal Education wash your foot and come, not to learn. They do not apply themselves so they fail and get frustrated because they were not qualified or prepared in the first place. Meanwhile there are students who are willing, ready and suitable who do not get assistance and have to stay home because they cant afford it and they will not get help if they don’t befriend a politician. You should be ashamed Minister of Education.

    • Let The Truth Be Known
      June 21, 2017

      You are lambasting him for what he does not (may not) know about? Some of you love to spew negativism at the government. This is because you do not support this government. Are you telling us that the government and his ministers are incapable of doing nothing good? Some of you are too bias and of wicked minds. When will you change and stick to the issue?

  16. Dominican
    June 21, 2017

    Spending money alone is not necessarily a sign of success if local employment prospects are limited to another government sponsored programme such as NEP. We need to create self-financing, sustainable jobs for our young people. If not, we are creating pent-up frustration and a labour force for other countries.

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