Tackling youth unemployment

hire meFacing a staggering 25 percent unemployment among young people in Dominica, the Youth Development Division is embarking on an initiative to tackle the problem.

Consultations/panel discussions geared at bringing 80 youth and stakeholders together to address the issue will soon get underway on the island.

“One of our main goals is eradicating extreme poverty and hunger and we see one of the ways in achieving this is by providing employment for young people. We have a situation in Dominica where about 26 percent of our youth are unemployed, which means that it is among the highest in the region and this is a growing concern,” Acting Youth Skills Training Officer, Gregory Riviere, said.

The initiative is being done through the Youth Skills Training Programme in an effort to give young people innovative ways of becoming more competitive in the search for or creation of employment, according to Riviere.

Participants will get information on the demands of the current job market, will receive training on how to successfully gain employment and remain employed and will be introduced t0 the various methods used by the Youth Division to tackle the issue of unemployment in Dominica.

“It is the hope of the Youth Development Division to arm the youth with ideas and information geared at making them more marketable as well as providing them with a forum to discuss their concerns,” Riviere pointed out.

He noted that so far the Division has made progress in curbing the issue of unemployment of the youth, pointing out that over 50 percent of those who participate in its programmes, have been gainfully employed after completion.

“We conduct a tracer study on our students who participate in our programmes to trace what happens after they have completed. From our 2012 study we note that 52 percent of the young people who were trained became employed as a result of the programmes,” he said.

The consultations will begin 11th April at Castle Bruce Youth Centre.

The second consultation will be held at the Portsmouth Cooperative Credit Union on April 18th while the final one will take place at the Public Service Training Centre on April 24th.

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    April 6, 2013


  2. April 6, 2013

    Going through the motion over and over and over again.
    Why won’t someone tell these people,talk plus talk equals talk.
    Talk + Talk = Talk
    Talk plus talk never equals action…
    Lazy officials it’s time to get up from you’ll lazy behinds and start taking action.
    Action + Action = Action
    For hundreds of years it’s Talk!Talk!Talk! OMG..

  3. from no where
    April 5, 2013

    Soon come you hit the nail on the head.WE have alot of land.Do some farming while you wait for a job.Dominican don’t want to work.All they do is go on the port and receive barrels .Those who mail the barrels work hard over seas. They run two jobs.Why can’t the youths work the land.Plant , plant, plant.The soil is very rich and will grow good carrots, cabbage,etc. It will sell Work the land while you wait. Make charcoal.Be self employed

  4. Eggleston
    April 5, 2013

    Then you wonder why so much crime. Well there you have it, with 25 percent unemployment among the youth, what do yo expect.So the government and the private sector needs to create jobs. Period!

  5. wotton waven /Possie
    April 5, 2013

    I do not have imperical data to back up my point but i sincerely beleive that our unemployment rate is higher than-25%.Have you counted all the persons at university, do you know that is a means of lowering the unemployment rate at anyone time.But, they will soon graduate and be on the streets,anyway.Anyway, Hats off to to youth division , you are indeed doing a good job.Tears ,oftentimes fill my eyes when i see the effort being put by, persons like Mrs.PopoAND THE OTHERS.lOOK they are really a pathetic group of people. Keep up the good works, all my children passed through youth division, my boy worked at a certain institution for about 10 months, before they released him, at the time there was no more opening so he had to leave.But i know these persons at youth division, they care about the youth.

    • bodoom
      April 6, 2013

      u have to say all those negative things about people before u can say tumbs up to the members of the youth division n still have the guts to say ur son went there….come on people we have to do better than that

  6. Hunter Palm
    April 5, 2013

    Election is around the corner and all of a sudden rhetoric is in action. What next Breaking Ground. 14 years in power and all of sudden we expect $ 200 K vote buying money for St Joe will change the tide; youth Divsion ask to say something and we expect miracles.
    What makes me so sick is the fact that this Labr Party misled the young people into thinking that a young leader would work wonders for the young people. That there would be a NEXT LEVEL of growth and opportunities for Young men and women.
    Young people of Dominica open your eyes and see what has happened. Fr the last 14 years your parents have worshipping a corrupt Prince while the corrupt Prince and his entourage ,and lawyers have taken sudden flights to Wealthbury your parents were left with the empty buckets. You are now carrying the empty buckets while your parents have accepted their fate. Please drop this empty red bucket and think about replenishing the well.

  7. Koko
    April 5, 2013

    I saw a video of the young talents on DNO; I saw young pound athletes though under supported gave their all at the CARIFTA games; I see more young people enrolling in college . This tells me that our young people are ambitious. If we fail to creat a platform for these ambitious young people to perform.
    Why would a young person today want to go into agriculture when there is no ground movement to suggest that one can make a living off agriculture in Dominica. We had the best feeder rad program in Dominica once upon a time. How many young people today can be lured into donkey and cart agriculture in today’s world. The same for manufacturing and fishing.
    Too many of us are sitting by pretending and deliberately remaining silent about the problem. We pretend to want solutions but we conveniently avoid the problem. We want to fix the floor operation while making excuses for management’s failure to manage prduction.
    The problem is the government of Dominica – totally incapable, misfits and profoundly corrupt. The hallmarks of an impoverished country.

  8. Frenz
    April 5, 2013

    When people are obligated to defend their these people will defy any logic, their conscience is diminished to that of a cold hearted crack dealer or even a crack addict itself. To blame the young people and ask them to go do agriculture or go and fish is absurd. I say this not to suggest that there is anything wrong with the noted profession but we must be pragmatic. You are asking young people many with their college diploma and asking them t go into a profession where there is no prospect at this time – no market opportunities.
    Until we start calling things as they are we will get nowhere as a country. We have spent the better part of 12 years fighting allegations of corruption – yes that is factor. We ave also used every excuses we can to justify our underperforming levels . Once we were doing so good that we ad reverse pittance and remuneration. The words were coming from the one in charge and what did we do we ” Jim Jones” our selves. I hope the young people reading this will research Jim Jones . It is time to start reading and becoming independent in thought anyway cause if we were well read I am absolutely convinced that would not have sheep leading horses.
    When comments were made about capital project policies what did we do? We launch an attack on PWC workers, we call our tradesmen lazy, the Chinese can do the job much better and our tradesmen are not worth the effort.
    While the minister of Agriculture is in Antigua admitting their administration’s colossal failure to develop the agricultural Industry our people were making and supporting petty and childish excuses. What did we hear? The reason for the delapidated state of the feeder roads in Dominica is because the opposition boycotted Parliament. I will never forget one blogger name Gary stated that an agrarian society is destined to fail and so we must focus on tourism. The farmers were called lazy. That must have been hurtful to the hardworking farmers who in spite of the immotorable feeder road conditions still make an effort.

    We sang the song from the politicians hymn ” agriculture is done Tourism is here to the rescue”. What did we get – a drastic drop in the tourism performance. Again we sort excuses. We blame the world economic crisis even though we were underperforming years before the crisis.
    So we can make excuses, we can pretend to be what we are not, we can continue to say the country is running smoothly, we can say if not them who, we can keep jumping on misery and companion wagon while the companions are doing way better than Dominica, All of this arrogance, ignorance, foolish pride and blinded allegiance is getting us nowhere very quick. The young people are unemployed because we the adults have failed them by being loyal to self serving men and women as oppose to country and people. We have allowed washed out brwn noses like Parry, Charles Saverin and others to shake their bags of coal in our faces after they have sold the coal blocks. Our young people are unemployed because the parents of these young people continue to teach these young people that a spade is a shovel and a hammer is a saw – how the heck do we expect them to learn the trades. Finally but not ultimately we have for the past decade shown our young people that it is ok to be dependent on crumbs from the table of corrupt kings princes and princesses. When young people see their parents line up on a Wednesday morning to receive a hand out what do we expect of our young people .

  9. lovemyisland
    April 5, 2013

    25% of the youth unemployed? are they all looking for work, i hope they not counting those that contented to sit iddly by and do nothing, (like my brother. Check the stats again please, do a more accurate check

  10. Evolved
    April 5, 2013

    what really can the youth division do to tackle such a high rate of unemployment.

    According to Dominica’s leader all is well in Dominica. Clearly they see no problem with employment – they continue to feed through handouts and the parents of the unemployed provide small change to their children and that keeps them happy – for a short time.

    Pretty soon Dominica could be at a point of no return – things will get much worse before they could possibly get any better.

  11. April 5, 2013

    Job Market????
    What about the young adults.
    Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me.
    fool me three times I must be from Portsmouth Transnational or Ville Case.

  12. Tee
    April 5, 2013

    This is a wonderful initiative by the Youth Development Division. It is the hope that they take it one step further to develop an active list of employers who can immediately hire youth once they complete the consultation/training.

  13. unemployed youth
    April 5, 2013

    i applaud YST for trying to do something but giving us ideas and training us to be more marketable isn’t going to give us jobs in a country where no one is hiring or expanding,i don’t think the government realizes whats happening here in Dominica in regards to unemployed youth, we are graduating from college to sit in our parents house till we get fed up of looking and decide to leave the island i don’t think they understand that they are loosing the educated workforce something needs to be done to get people working not just to teach them to get a job(albeit important) but to actually have jobs so when we leave DSC we can have a job…i njust want to say i have no political agenda seeing how us dominicans can be im just stating the facts and really from what im experiencing i graduated in 2011 Business Admin. 2 A levels !0 CXCs and im at home waiting for a light to shine on me lol

    • Openeyes Observer
      April 5, 2013

      Dear unemployed youth. With the qualifications that you have you should not be sitting around at home waiting for someone to give you a lucky break. Where is your creativity? Surely, there must be a service or goods that you can provide, that people will want, and would pay you for. What are you good at? Can you make things? Teach others a skill they need? Start up something that no one else is doing? Or do something that someone else is doing – but do it differently? Please, do something, anything. Things are not how we’d want them to be at the moment, however, we can all do something to help with the solutions. Find a gap in the market and fill it. You’ll be surprised by what you can achieve if you put your mind to it – and just for one minute, stop looking outside of yourself for answers, and start looking within. I wish you all the best in the next leg of your journey.

  14. Me again
    April 5, 2013

    Very promising initiative. I’m impressed by the Tracer Study follow-up. Youth unemployment must always be a top priority.

  15. April 5, 2013

    let not de youth hands be idle,give us something to do,sorry 4 de errors

  16. April 5, 2013

    take out dem grandfathers and grandmothers in the jobs,they make they money dey suppose to be raising there grandkids,they still fighting for jobs,giv de young people a chance to shine,if allu doh giv us de job how we gona have de experience they asking for in the chronicles,sites,offices,we have de quallifications,but allu want experience,but remember those grandparents in the job sector,was once inexpireince and look at dem now,allu want ot keep them forever,dominica is the only place we,employ people with name,and status,and residence,we to small minided here,thats why de unemployment is the highest in the region,and make it worst they put up age for ritirement,wats rong with dominica,doh wander de youth must gt fusrtrated,those grandparents that in de job send there children to school,make there houses and they still want more money not giveng a young person a chance,everybody take fustration differently,some will sell them selves,sum will sell drugs,sum will tief,but others will still write and wait and not give up the struggle,but not everyone dts da same,this problem needs to be solve soon,i myself am unempolyed write now,the devil has work for idle hands,pliz let the youth hands be idle,and giv us sumting to do,create farm lands for agriculture do something,soon

    • ah ha
      April 5, 2013

      If the way you write is any proof of your qualifications then you are making the case of why the Grandpas and Grandmas are forced to stay in the job for so long.

      Truth is too many youth drop out of school, too many youth think the process that their parents and Grandparents had to go through to get a job is too difficult and it must be made simpler for them.

      Too many youth think that just ‘going to school’ equals qualified.

      Too many of the youth think that someone must start something for them to finish. Too many of you want to SHINE. (What is this shine thing about anyways)

      Now when you no longer have to work hard at Secondary school to go to college, drop out at third form and years later you’re a college student, already we begin to see the problem.

      Tackle unemployment – get educated, get serious, stop using drugs thinking it makes you look cool, be courteous and approachable, be kind and sociable, be less envious, less deceptive, dress smartly (pull your pants up, cover your chest and butts) watch your language in public, even try going to a church, join a positive youth group, and be a good upstanding member of society irregardless of your job position or social position and PERHAPS that job will be waiting for you.

      Too much to ask? Ask the youth!

    • Taupintine
      April 5, 2013

      Am pretty sure you can get a job as an English teacher.

  17. Buy Local
    April 5, 2013

    Who are the stakeholders? I ask because I have had the opportunity to work with youth who have been through the program and allowed to work with my establishment on attachment, and unfortunately it was a horrible experience.

  18. Soon Come.
    April 5, 2013

    I certainly believe that most of the young people are blessed with agricultural lands and just in the meantime, while waiting for someone to hire you, plant some carrots, cucumber, dasheen, tannia, plantains etc. and get financially busy.
    If you plant it, someone will buy it from you.
    Ask someone about the YARD cooperative fron Riviere Cyrique in the earlier days and find out what a happy group of young people they were when they used to do farming.
    I’m pretty certain this is what gave most of the past members a positive footing towards a sustainable livelihood until today.
    Thank You.

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