UNICEF reports shows increase in sexual abuse against children here

(DNO) The Dominica National Council of Women (DNCW) says it is saddened by a recent UNICEF report which revealed an increase in sexual abuse against girls and even more so, young boys.

President of the DNCW Josephine Dublin Prince said information about the abuse of young boys by women is very alarming.

“The young boys may more often than not report such abuse. Most alarming is the fact that the culprits are adults who the victims know. The DNCW condemns this inhumane act and calls for the perpetrators to be dealt with severely with the full strength of the law,” she said.

Dublin-Prince says every child has the right to live her life free from domestic violence, including sexual violence.

“We are calling on all concerns parties to take note and work towards further discussion on the matter. We need to find ways to rid our society from such inhumane acts and to assist the victims through discussions and counseling,” she said.

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  1. Anonymous
    February 11, 2013


  2. Dominican
    June 26, 2010

    This has been going on for a long time in Dominica. We're just now beginning to talk more openly about it. Obviously we need to work on getting the message out there that the child didn't do anything wrong and there should be no repurcussions if that child speaks up. So many young girls are having sex with random men and not feeling a thing because they were probably being abused by some older man who most probably lived in the same dwelling. The sad part is, we turn our noses up at that poor girl and call her 'malpop' and 'salop', when her behaviour is simply a result of her past.

  3. Garrick Williams.
    June 22, 2010

    What happen ,those things don't concern Dominicans?This is sad,all kinda beff and stupidness getting so much dumb commentary.This is Sad my people.So very SAD..

  4. Christine St. Marie
    June 7, 2010

    WHat’s the name of the report? How about a website for reference…I’d like to follow this up to see whether this report makes any reference to St. Lucia.

  5. wesleyman
    June 7, 2010

    The sad commentary is that even the report says that boys are abused by women even more than girls are abused by men, it is still hard for us to accept in so much that the director, in her comment ” every child has to right to live HER life……..” therein lies the problem, the mentality of even the people who are supposidly outraged slips and forget the young boys who are molested by these older women. When was the last time a woman was arrested for molesting a young boy? maybe never, thats the issue, society accepts that as normal, while they worry about men who molest boys, while the statistics show that the women are greater violators. molestation is molestation no mater what the sex.

    • sad angel
      June 9, 2010

      MR wesley man, you are so right, do you remeber a man in pett soufri, being rapped a few years ago by 3 woman, people laughed at him, and said he should find himself lucky, and that if he didnt enjoy it his penis would not erect, well it is a fact that fear can cause a penis to erect, so the poor man had to suffer the humiliation.

      some woman in dominica are just as much sexual predaors as men, but you are right,it is accepted, yes prehaps the young boys do partisipate, but they have no idea at how they are being abused.

      i know my friends husband used to walk a whole diffrent way to avoid the womans house that abused him, he did not enjoy it, and she used to tell him that if he did not service her, she would call police and say he steeling from her, and he go jail, he was 12, and at last it stop for him when he was 15 as the woman gave him an STD, and he then turned the tabel and said he would tell everyone it was her that gave it.

      women should be treated just as men when they are found to be an abuser, cos i tell you if i ever found a woman to be doing this with my son, i would want the jail key thrown away, just if it was my daughter and a man.

  6. SchoolCHILd
    June 7, 2010

    UMMMMmm, to me if me as a young boy caling a big woman, dat not abuse , allu fellas mad man! beta for me who vex dieEEE!

  7. Wendy
    June 7, 2010

    Please do not overlook this most disturbing issue. Sexual abuse should not be tolerated by society especially when innocent children are the victims. Regardless of what, the victim did not ask for it. This is especially serious as many times this is going on it is in the child’s home where they are supposed to be safe. Where do they run to for safety. Many times they are threatened to not tell or worse yet they are offered a toy or something that they like to not talk of the matter. Let’s face facts if the molester knows what they are doing they do not cause physical harm therefore it feels good to the child who may not know that what is happening is wrong ( depending on the age of the child). It takes a village- everyone should play their part – school, church, home – especially neighbors. Some tell tale signs of molestation/ sexual abuse – masturbation, bed wetting, change in behavior (sullen, sad, quiet) isolative, withdraws or recoils in the presence of a certain person, promiscious, vaginal, penile or anal itching/redness/discharge. Also observe the children if they are trying to perform sex acts on other children. Parents, teachers, doctors, aunties, uncles should all talk to and teach their children about appropriate vs inappropriate touch. Talk to the children about that stuff. Mothers examine your childrens genitals ( boys and girls) Ask questions. I am a Psychiatric Nurse by profession – many of my adolescent patients report sexual abuse. many of my adult patients were victims of sexual abuse, no one cared. No one did anythig to help them as children unfortunately mental illness was the route that the brain chose to deal with the problem. Please, please help the children.

  8. sad angel
    June 7, 2010

    i am married to a dominican man, who was taken advantage of as a young teen age boy, by a member of his teaching staff at his school, a male teacher at that.

    these evil monsters use there place and power, to win over confidance, respect and admiration, and then like a true predator, they strike at there unsuspected victim, my poor husband still has night mares.

    any form of child abuse should be met with the toughest of punishment, as they runin the lives of the children they abuse, women in dominica are no better, my friends husband, was made to have sex at the age of 12 with a local woman of 19, this is so sick, this is why we are seeing more and more sexually transmitted infections, in the younger generation, older men having sex with young children and older women doing the same, i think these people should face the death penalty, as they are as good as murdering there poor victims.

  9. DA4LYFE
    June 7, 2010

    Not surprise…I been speaking out about the pedophilic mentality we have in Dominica but nobody seem to care…A lot of young girls 9,10,11,12,13,etc up 18 have boyfriends twice their age kockaying in Dominica and young boys getting bull by older men in Dominica and the locals know who are the perpetrators but often turn a blind eye… I know Dominica lacking in women but still you don’t have to take a young child innocent…My advice to any man having temptations to check a underage boy or girl collect your money try to get you visa and go UK/CANADA/USA girls are in abundance…Real Talk


  10. van
    June 7, 2010

    Dominica has the privilege of being one of the few countries on earth where men outnumber women. The problem with abuse of any kind should not be on the increase, rather it should be decreasing with severe punishments for such crime.

    This continues because the punishment is not severe enough and because a lot of these children grow up believing that this is ‘normal’.

    Abuse is still abuse, regardless of the sex of the person commiting the crime.

  11. June 7, 2010


    • Avril
      June 7, 2010

      This is not a laughing matter.

  12. Observer
    June 7, 2010

    When will this end?????

  13. SMH!!
    June 7, 2010

    Yep!! but you see the thing is men know they can get away easy with sexing under ages so they will keep doing it. Getting lil time to spend in the slammer. Any way lil boys were never left out, just that mother’s take more time with there girls than boys but yes it’s true they are abusing boys too. It’s a shame but Dominica have some people who they need to put there lights out. SMH….. BEWARE OF PEOPLE LIKE SHABER!! senior rapist.

    • thinkinman
      June 7, 2010

      What?? Men know they can get away with sexing under ages? that comment is as ignorant as the grammar and punctuality itself. How do you go about making up a statement like that? I’m a man and i definitely did not know that. So you’re saying ppl like Shabba were never punished? A vast number of male sexual predators have been punished.. like Shabba, just is… the punishments have never been severe enough.

      In truth it’s a shame that grown men prey on little girls who at times allow it to happen themselves…but none the less it is wrong. Grown men need to know their limits. Also, little girls need to be taught to respect themselves. Parents need to be held accountable just as much a the perpetrators.

      To add, young mothers these days dress their children like grown women from an early age…so by the time they are in their teens.. off course they feel like they are already grown, and can emulate their mothers who most of the time didn’t know any better and aren’t much of a role model, aren’t giving sound advise and aren’t carry themselves in a respectable manner in front of their children. It’s a cycle. Another thing is children’s friends. Sometimes parents can be exemplary figures… but the friends have a stronger hold on them. Parents keep this in mind and know who your children’s friends are.

      • SMH!!
        June 7, 2010

        thinkinman, are you sure you want to test my intelligence. It’s my opinion and everyone is entitled to have one. Anyway I speak because I am a mother and I have a daughter and men are walking out of our courts smiling daily. If you don’t know that I am informing you. I don’t even know why I am bothered but I am remorseful towards you because you are dazed, please wake up and read over before you reply.

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