Youth ‘meet-up’ to tackle social stigma and discrimination

nycIn an effort to explore solutions to some of the problems facing the island’s youth, a symposium will be held in Roseau on Tuesday under the theme “Sexual Stigma/Discrimination + SocialGood.”

It is expected to give young people the opportunity to openly discuss the issue of sexual orientation, stigmas and discrimination and as well as an emerging issue of pornography among the Dominican youth.

The symposium will also seek to identify avenues to tackle the issues in relation to peer education, public awareness and education and to garner the support of other supporting agencies who can give direct assistance to young persons who want to tackle the issues of sexual stigma and discrimination.

Expected Outputs from the Youth Meet-Up include:

● One-day meet-up with stakeholder and participants – One day meet up will be conducted to engage young people on important issues affecting them particular sexual stigma and discrimination and the emergence of pornography among the youth population. Audience will ask questions and make comments on what will be presented;
● Communiqué- To create and promote three, thirty-second videos that raise awareness about the negative impacts/effects of sexual stigma and discrimination. This communiqué will be termed the “what if” campaign and be highlight the negative consequences of stigma, discrimination as well as youth pornography (job prospects, relationships, etc);
● Set up of a youth task force to raise awareness of these issues in traditional media (television and radio) as well as through the schools and youth groups;
● Process documented- the process and showcase will be filmed, documented and edited. A written report will also be presented to the UNDP about the symposium.

All young people are invited to attend the symposium which will take place from 4:30 pm at the Roseau Youth Center on High Street (behind DOWASCO).

It is being held by the UNDP Caribbean Youth Think Tank in collaboration with the National Youth Council of Dominica.

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  1. September 30, 2013

    If people are stepping on you because you are DOWN
    get UP! Stop moaning and groaning about “stigma” and “discrimination” because of your “orientation”.

    Instead of having a conference :idea: to deal with “stigma” and “discriminaton” they need to focus on those who are causing these responses.

    If people live a perverted lifestyle :twisted: naturally they are making it difficult for others to relate to them – or interact with them – in a normal way. As much as you would like to treat everybody equally you know very well there are some people you would not leave in charge of the cash if you owned a store, or have babysit your children if you are a parent. :wink: This is not being bias. It is an appropriate response to a situation somebody else has created and should have expected :!:

    The Bible shows us the worse sinner who repents and commits his or her life to Christ will be forgiven. God will deliver those who call upon Him from the bondage of sin. Those who reject the Savior will die in their sins and be lost whether there be “stigma” and “discrimination” or not. :cry:

    Those who want something to do would be best to focus on the real issues of sin, forgiveness, healing, and deliverance. :-D

    Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. Pentecostal

  2. Anonymous
    September 30, 2013

    According to this article the pupose of the meeting was to “tackle the issues of social stigma and discrimination” but beyond this it is all a bit fuzzy. :roll:

    People are waiting for somebody to organize an all out drive to have ANTI-PORN LAWS handed down and implimented by law enforcement. They feel the time has come to start signing petitions and knocking on government doors.

    Words like “stigma” and “discrimination” are still being tossed around. They make great fodder for those who want to call a meeting. :-x

    On one hand more needs to be done to eliminate the stigma and disrimination directed towards the victims of HIV/AIDS. Once an individual is infected he or she should be shown compassion and given non-threatening medical help. How the person became infected is nobody’s busines beyond what must be known to prevent the spread of the disease. More people would be tested if they were sure their identity and test results would be kept confidential. Some are afraid it would affect their ability to complete their education, find housing, or hold a job, if they tested positive. :cry: None of these things should happen :!: It is ignorance of the disease that might creates such situations. Much needs to be done to educate :idea: the public against this cruel bias and level the playing field.

    On the other hand there are people who chose to ignore the moral laws of God and pursue the pleasures of sin. They cannot expect everybody in their communities to feel the same about them as they might otherwise feel. When people are in a twisted and perverted lifestyle :twisted: they should not find it strange if others sometimes relate differently to them. They are the ones who have created an awkward situation that makes it difficult for some to interact with them as they would like to. As much as you want to treat everybody equally there are still some people you would not leave in charge of the cash if you own a store or let babysit your children if you are a parent. :wink:

    In some cases we need to recognize “stigma” and discriminalization” as problems and work to eliminate them. Then there are other situations when we need to focus on those who cause the “stigma” and “discrimination” and let them know their behavior is unacceptable. Those who are down should get up instead of moaning and groaning because people step on them!

    Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. Pentecostal Evangelist.

  3. Justice and Truth
    September 24, 2013

    While they are at it, do not leave God, worship, prayer, love and respect for others out of it.

    Psalm 127:1 – The Need of God’s Blessing –
    Unless the Lord build the house, they labor in vain who build it.

    I recall those days in elementary and high school, we never failed to pray. Prior to commencing classes, we prayed and sang a hymn. When leaving for recess and lunch, we prayed. When we returned to our classes, we prayed. Prior to leaving school for the day and for school holidays, we prayed and also sang hymns. We went home and prior to going to bed we prayed. When we got up in the morning, we prayed.
    On Sundays, we attended Church without fail and other services throughout the week or on Sunday evenings, the latter, Vespers.
    Overall, our parents, ourselves and our homes were and still is Christo-centered.
    How much church-going and praying do the youths of today practice? Do they pray in schools and in the college?
    Is it no wonder the situation today is as it is, worse than in those days? This accounts for it.
    As the Lord said: “Apart from Me you can do nothing.”
    Teach the children well about God, worship and to pray. It is God’s world and they are his children. They should not be denied this spiritual opportunity and the blessing and grace of God. Keep in mind, they are children only once. They also need God’s protection. Therefore, prepare them fully for the present and for the future.
    It would also be wise to read/study the Book of Wisdom.

  4. dialogue
    September 24, 2013

    Dialogue is very healthy, keep it tight to maximize the outcome and 4.30pm when exactly?

  5. Concerned
    September 24, 2013

    “…the issue of sexual orientation, stigmas and discrimination and as well as an emerging issue of pornography”.

    The organizers of this symposium ought to realize that the issue of pornography is a very serious matter and would be better tackled on its own. Sexual orientation and discrimination are not necessarily related to pornography.

    • October 2, 2013

      It is difficult to entirely separate porn from any illicit sexual orientation. The people who would pursue such an orientation would certainly use porn. Why would they not throw a little gasoline on the fire to increase their enjoyment?

      I have seen enough evidence to convince me that porn fuels premarital sex, prostitution, and pedophilia.

      The large market in homosexual porn – magazines and videos, more recently DVDs, is an indication that (a) people buy it, AND (b) if they buy it they obviously buy it for a purpose.

      Why do people buy porn? To be charitable we could say they buy it for entertainment like they would buy a Walt Disney movie. But let’s be honest. There is more going on in the ADULT ONLY rooms at the back of sleezy video stores than entertainment! And men who are arrested in porn theaters are not cuffed and taken away because they were watching a movie.

      People buy or rent porn movies to take home do it for the same reason: to fuel their sexual desire and enhance their performance. Sometimes we hear of a married couple using porn to improve their love making. But this is usually the husband’s idea, not his wife’s. This is an adulterous practice. What kind of message does it send a woman if her husband has to look at another woman naked on a screen to become sufficiently aroused to make love to her?

      I have had two criminals who served time in prison for sexual offences personally tell me in counseling sessions that porn played a big role in the crimes they committed.

      It is understandable that people involved in perverted sexual orientations would use porn to enflame their lust and make their encounters more enjoyable. Why? Because this type of sex has nothing to do with love and romance. It is ALL about satisfying an unatural desire. It is raw lust.

      Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. Pentecostal Evangelist.

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