Appeal for sponsors of Carnival Queen contestants

Cuffy is calling for more sponsors

One of the promoters of Mas Domnik 2017, Val Cuffy, has appealed to the private sector to aid the 2017 Carnival Queen Contestants with sponsorship.

Speaking at a press conference on January 11th, Cuffy said that they are “still looking for sponsorship for three contestants,” and is “hoping that we can get them.”

Of the seven contestants, Karla Henry, Terisa Lewis, and Jade Romaine, have been sponsored by Henry Group of Companies and Sign Man, Miss Caribbean Fire fighters Association and Step Up Nutrition, and the National Co-operative Credit Union (NCCU) respectively.

Zephra Baron has received sponsorship but the sponsor(s) has not yet been disclosed.

Despite this, member of the Queen Show Committee, Rona Riley, has stated that the contestants have been working very hard for the show and are 80 percent ready.

“So if they are 80 percent ready if it were this weekend, can you imagine what would happen for February 24th,” Riley said.

She describes the competition as a “very tight show.”

She also hopes that the private sector can come on board to help support the remaining three contestants.

The seven 2017 Queen Contestants are Karla Henry, Zephra Baron, Gabrielle Abraham, Terisa Lewis, Ketisha Joseph, Esther Francis and Jade Romaine.

The pageant is carded for February 24th 2017.

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  1. Reasoning
    January 14, 2017

    :?: My advice to the businesses is not give a cent to this event! Any extra money you’ve got should be given to your diligent employees who help your business succeed!!!

  2. Marcus Hill
    January 14, 2017

    This is an easy problem to solve. With passport money, commissions etc. Duncan Stowe can sponsor 2, Alick Lawrence sponsors 3 and leave the rest to Ambassador Nanthan. Problem solved!!

  3. January 14, 2017

    Carnival comes every YEAR……….Message to VAL CUFFY.

  4. January 13, 2017

    The queen show should be able to sustain itself after all these year. This show generates the second income with profits ( am sure) after the calypso show. No organizer or contestant should be begging for sponsors.

  5. January 13, 2017

    We still awaiting for a comprehensive, transparent report of the profitability/ none profitability of the best W,C.M.F. Ever, come on we spend our money, lets us know how much return we got on our investment. The country Nice Boy!!!

    • January 14, 2017

      Imagine, Carnival, W.C.M.F. without the diaspora, right on point. Muderrate us, like is beging we beging. What a shame. You not more Dominican than me!!!

  6. Spell check
    January 13, 2017

    Contestant number two name is ZETHRA BARON.Kindly make the changes DNO.

  7. Favour
    January 13, 2017

    Sponsor for what? go back to the days when swimsuit and evening dresses were made out of crockers bag. And ask places like astaphans and courts and dupigny to sponsor prices like house hold items for the queen. A queen show is one night. spend all that money. :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

    well, the winner receiving a scholarship is a good idea. but the government can take care of that.

    Almost every year is crying about no sponsor for queens and just check the date, mid-January. the queen contestant should be selected about a month after carnival 2016. that will give enough time for them to get sponsors and to adequately prepare. if they need to lose weight, enough time to get their body in shape, improve their speech, walk etc, to get their costumes prepared, evening dress made blah blah blah.

    i think people who knows about pageantry should be on the committee.

  8. anonymous
    January 13, 2017

    Some of you all on here, should think before you speak. Many of you are quick to type negative comments without analyzing any situations.

    Oh Dominicans, why don’t we just mature? And help build Dominica!

    • Bosslady
      January 13, 2017

      You should analyze the situation for them and give them a clearer understanding of what is going on, instead of you asking them to mature and build Dominica.

      Tell me, what is the immaturity in some of the comments made? Some of you come posting remarks “lets build Dominica” but never say how

    • Anonymous
      January 14, 2017

      Tell us, what is so positive about hearing of that begging going on over and over? Is this positive? let the management of things in Dominica be positive in the first place. people are only commenting like this because they want they are angry and fed up with the unprofessional and substandard way things are done in our country. We want to be proud of our country and not feel embarrassed all the time.

  9. Abi
    January 13, 2017

    So year after year Dominica Queens going through the same things. Dominican young ladies stop letting these carnival event planners put you all to shame and it seem to me the begging for sponsors comes two to three weeks before the night of the show. Val you do your best but if this show has to be the same every year take off the calendar AND Dominicans stop blaming the Precious PM if you all have have not noticed he fulling his pocket and allu crying everyday allu hungry……..he surely don’t give a rats behind about his country. Why is the first lady of Dominica who has a big business not been able to sponsor one of these young ladies?

    • Tjebe fort
      January 14, 2017

      Abi, you are so right. that is another evil in our society. People, who can afford to pay getting free VIP tickets to events, especially if they are sponsored by a government body. And afterwards they complaining they can not make a profit and need subsidy again. That is sick brother, very sick. Big shots and sycophants living like ticks on a dog.

  10. Dante Jones
    January 13, 2017

    Maybe if you ask him nicely Tommy Lee can give you some in the 3 million he going to get or already got :lol: :lol:

  11. DA Limited
    January 13, 2017

    Things tight for Val but he will still issue over a hundred free tickets for those Blood Suckers and their parasites to attend the show.
    Not my money again. I will share whatever I have with my workers at the end of the year.

  12. Freelance
    January 13, 2017

    Well well what else is new! Same old recurring decimal. I guess that’s why we continue to brand our carnival the must spontaneous carnival. Because little or no planning is done. No apparent strategy is in place. But what i love about it come Ash Wednesday we will conclude that Dominica’s carnival is the best in the Caribbean. It just shows how prepared we are to accept mediocrity . Although we see and hear how progressive and marketable other islands carnival and festivals are compared to ours yet still we beat our chest proclaiming ours is the best. Like the economy all statistics show that Dominica is last in terms of economic performance in the region but we have a Prime Minister saying to us we are the envy of the region how we are doing better than most if not all and we accept that as gospel. What a country. Val boy if all fails and If the cabal with their millions will not help Check Matt on Q95 he may assist by holding a radio thorn.

    January 12, 2017

    So Val U Trying & Tell Us BULLS EYE PHARMACY Cannot Give A Ting Den

  14. January 12, 2017

    Allu forget the crabman

  15. Zandoli
    January 12, 2017

    Here we go again.

  16. eyes wide shut
    January 12, 2017

    i mean eh beh. now you know you want sponsor for the girls. why cry the same old song now bro. As you say last year facing the same problem, we know when is carnival so we are preparing early for next year. what happened? you just get a calendar of 2017 and just realize carnival is in February. i think a new queen committee should be put in place with ppl who have the love for doing pageantry .

      January 13, 2017

      I so concur “eyes wide shut” the same dam committee year after year. They sitting shaufaying the seats like is their graves.
      I’ve been saying this for years: “We need new committee members, new ideas, creativity. It’s time we not settle for mediocrity shocksssss!
      The young ladies are 80% prepared but sponsors lacking…stupessss.
      “NOUS LAS TAN SA!”

  17. Locs Girl
    January 12, 2017

    Every year is the same song and dance?

  18. Fedup
    January 12, 2017

    But just ask 7 of our many investors. Why bother others?

  19. Sensical
    January 12, 2017


    • SipinTeas
      January 13, 2017

      True dat. Just put sponsored by passport holder X.

  20. January 12, 2017

    Ask LL and the 60 minute programme interviewer he had a keen interest in Dominica

    • Freelance
      January 13, 2017

      Popan if it comes to that we will do it in order to give our young people an opportunity to shine on CBS to 12 plus million people that would best for the country . The flip side is it will bring more shame and disgrace on you and the cabal.

  21. marie-claire
    January 12, 2017

    Same old story every given year. It’s time for a change. Why not start the year prior the carnival and queen show committee as well as the government of dominica to secure sponsorships from entities then create an account for which funds can go to the selected contestants etc. Or yet again where does the monies go generated from the show etc? This is completely embracing every year. Other countries are looking at us like what is going on. Change is needed in order to move this culture forward. It’s the same people seating on these committee’s year in year out hence there is normally bias as to who should be queen and who is the committee queen. If someone can’t provide financials to the committee, they are not welcome to provide input etc. Again let new people be part of this committee/s because it’s not just queen show alone. Anyways i do hope they find the needed financial support needed for the few contestants.

  22. Tjebe fort
    January 12, 2017

    Every year we hearing that same crap Val. It is not your fault but brother if you want to put on a show and don’t have the money to do it, six weeks before it is due should I run to the public and ask them to bail me out? No, this a business and if it is not but government sponsored, let government pay for it. I’m sick and tired of this begging mentality and you guys having to twist business people’s arms. That is not the way to run this. I hope for the girls’ sake you find the finance but next time make sure the money is there before you start.

  23. Dr. Nodigry
    January 12, 2017

    Oh shux man!!!!
    Every year is the same old song then?
    Let Tony, Lawrence, Skerrit, Nanthan et al sponsor the ladies. Damn it. Its they who have the country’s money.
    Not my little gwo capa. I working too hard to survive in this place.

    • Miss Corruption
      January 12, 2017

      Good one Doctor!

  24. August
    January 12, 2017

    Val the people who are making millions in
    Selling Dominicas passport should each
    Sponsor one of these young ladies B/S

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