Bully continues to push date change for carnival

National Cultural Advisor and Chairman of the Carnival Development Committee, Alwin Bully, addressing media launching

The Chairman of Dominica’s Carnival Development Committee, Alwin Bully, is reiterating calls to address a date change for this country’s carnival celebrations.

At an official media launch of Dominica’s 2010 carnival, at the Fort Young Hotel Thursday night, Bully called for the establishment of a committee charged with discussing a new date for carnival. He recommended that the committee be formed following the upcoming carnival celebrations.

Bully, who also holds the position of National Cultural Advisor, stated that such recommendations should be submitted to Cabinet.

“It keeps coming up all the time when we find ourselves caught in lateness and caught with other activities and coming out from Christmas…Many of you have heard my views on this and I don’t want to sound like a stuck CD…but I really may use this opportunity to propose that very soon after carnival 2010 that a broad based committee be set up, be put in place, be commissioned in fact to look into the issue of the date for carnival’ to come up with recommendations to Cabinet as to what just might be the most appropriate date for Dominica,”  he said.

Bully underscored the need for such a committee in view of many issues including lack of human resources and sponsorship of other events which fall before carnival.

Meanwhile, Bully is not the only official proposing a date change for carnival celebrations. Veteran calypso writer and head of the Showdown Mas Camp, Pat Aaron, has said that the date of carnival negatively impacts the calypso season as well.

“All these various issues they need to be looked at realistically so that proposals can be made to Government as to how we proceed from there,” Bully added.

St. Martin/Maarten, Aruba, Jamaica, Curacao, St. Barths, Martinique and Trinidad are among those celebrating Carnival and Mardi Gras in February. The International Love Festival take places in Bermuda that month, while Jamaica celebrates the life and music of Bob Marley, who was born on February 6, 1945.

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  1. ros
    February 22, 2012

    Leave Carnival where it is !!!!!!!!

  2. trinilicious
    March 15, 2011

    carnival is d bess and it should not change to any other date cuz it good in february and march

  3. nicky
    January 22, 2010

    Well i think Carnival should be in July from 2010,why i think so because there alot of visitor in Dominica at this time of the year Alot of the English people and American coming down on vacation

  4. January 18, 2010


  5. January 17, 2010

    they doe nedd to change no … date dominicans 2 foolish

  6. jah edwards
    January 17, 2010

    NO NO NO NO….Change what?, it is called planning, organization, marketing, easy air access and what about more hotel rooms, give people a reason to come and look at the big picture. Did Trinidad change their date to compete with Brazil and they still gets a whole bunch of their folks and other coming home. There is a reason why it is called carnival and it falls before ash wednesday, any other date will not be carnival, it will just be another fete with no meaning and significance like creole festival. You think if the date is change you are going to get more people? you will never be able to compete with Brazil or Trinidad, so play to your(DA) strength, DA has lots to offer. So to the authorities I say NO, do not change the dates leave it alone..NO. let those that are organizing canival get more creative….
    Some say it is too close to christmas, then if you change it will be too close to creole, so what will be the point, if you can deliver a good product people will come……more times

  7. leolav
    January 16, 2010

    Once long ago I used to advocate changing the date also, but the more I looked at Dominica the more I realized that it’s not the date. It’s a lot more than that. Just for starters, the carnival we have at home has nothing in it, not old school, not new school…nothing. We certainly aren’t competing with Trinidad or Rio, and yet we’ve lost the original ‘mas that would have interested visitors and old timers in the diaspora. For instance I tend to get all excited around carnival time, this year no different, but then I said “why waste my vac time; I’ll plan for London”, because really, what am I coming home to see or do? And as another person mentioned, we’re not promoting Dominica internationally as we should, Carnival notwithstanding, so I don’t see where changing the event date makes the difference. It’s about competion with other countries and also producing something that attracts attention. So we must produce a carnival different than others and interesting enough [not necessarily spectacular or extravagant, as that is costly] to catch the spectators eye and stir the imagination, so that we will keep wanting more. That goes for tourism overall in Dominica, not just carnival.

  8. Fat Boy Slim
    January 14, 2010

    yea change needs to come………

  9. Muslim_Always
    January 14, 2010

    Carnival eh, business eh!

    Just check the history and activities during the Carnival season and see if it matches against your ‘christian’ country!

    When will we wake up as a people?

    Name me one prophet or disciple who participated in these things? Just one and I will really come and ‘stroke it out’ for carnival. What you gonna say eh? Palm Sunday? What David (peace be on him) played the flute? What excuse are you going to use to justify this barbaric European nonsense? To have a good time? Entertainment! Or are you going to say at least Carnival better than Islam because muslim like walking time bombs waiting to explode? Don’t forget it’s these same imperialists that was insulted Africa, enslaved and killed millions of Africans, we are the seeds today. Don’t forget that their media was used to distort the beauty about Africa and made black seem bad. Don’t forget them! It is these same people you are listening to about Islam

    Come to Islam, ask any questions about Islam at ysheltoxx@yahoo.com. Let us have a dialogue and understanding, I’ll respond to your emails to any questions you have. I love to type.

  10. January 12, 2010

    wat about t-shirt band on monday dat iz jus**

    January 11, 2010

    THIS WORLD IS SO CONFUSED.And the so call educated CONFUSE IT MORE ……..Dominicans need to UPGRADE their carnival presentation , Make Carnival More attractive and people will come ……….SPEND MORE MORE ON MARKETING THE ISLAND and change the people working in the tourism offices in America and put active people ….Dominica also needs strong costumer care at all level ….because when you bring people you do not bring them to talk bad about your services adn then they do not return again. Any country that have strong tourism see the same people comeing over and over. With Dominica that is different people do not want to come to Dominica even Dominicans living overseas do not come to Dominica again for carnival . i see them in Trinidad and even in BRAZIL. that means something is wrong and needs correcting. Even if you change the date will not bring more people. Is just like you selling cakes and people find your attitude stink , they will not buy your cakes …..so please people get the facts right before all you jump on the band wagon because you all may be doing more harm …………………………..Dont Re INVENT the WHEEL Mr Bully , I always have know you to be an original and bulky like the flag we have that have so much things on it.

  12. upset
    January 11, 2010

    the date they have to change is the date participants are paid!!!!!!almost a year after,and participants from last yr’s carnival still cant get paid!!!!

  13. LMAO
    January 11, 2010

    when i read all the arguments for changing the carnival date, what i primarily see is a extreme inferiority complex.
    the carnival celebration has been around the same time, the day after ash wednesday, probably since the inception of the event. if the event is worth attending it will be attended. Mr. Bully should be forming a committee to ensure that the bar is raised in D/can carnival rather than changing a date.
    If the event is worth it, people will come.
    why is it that there are certain entertainers who have fans who are willing to travel great distances, and spend thousands of dollars for tix and transportation to attend a concert for one night?

    improved quality will provide improved attendance and better results.


  14. Lovsponge
    January 10, 2010

    I am in absolute agreement with Mr. Bully, Dominica needs to change the date of Canival if we want to attract other islands to come experience carnival in DA, most people will opt for Trinidad as it is considered the best Carnival in the Caribbean so we are loosing out on that portion of people, I think if the date is changed to say around Creole Festival or even Independence time we would get a bigger crowd.

  15. Be Reasonable
    January 10, 2010

    let us think this over carefully. This situation for a change of date should not even arise because when we look at all the events taking place in DA throughout the year – the people involved are people who make the Committment, the determination and the wisdom to ensure that the particular event is successfully implemented with the Right persons who have the heart and Mind and Will. Therefore, why is it that from day one after Carnival that the organisers begin thinking Next Year and first of all go over the positive and the Negatives to see what went wrong and what was good to improve or delete to make things better. You cannot have the same people on other Committees be on the Carnival Committee as there is already Conflict of Interests in Time and Ideas and personal Involvement. One Cannot stretch oneself and expect Success – this is Not possible. It Cannot work. Their must be people with artistic and Creativity to plan our Carnival to attract Sponsore both Locally and regionally. Our Local Sponsors do not have the financial budgets to be involved in all events. There must be new avenues which can be sourced. AND it is all about greater participation and love for Country and NOT about personal gains. Domiinica has a small population so maybe we may just need to invite outside groups to come in and help make our showcase much more enjoyable than the lacklustre of our own floats and Bands. We need motivation to move Mountains.

  16. Prophet2
    January 10, 2010

    How come I don’t see any religious fanatic/freak calling for a total ban on carnival? That would probably solve the issue.

  17. winston warrington
    January 10, 2010

    If there is such disagreement about the date of celebrating an event that did not originate in Dominica, let us forget about it and celebrate our village feasts each month with the same vigor as carnival, yet without the elaborate expenses and need for government subventions.

  18. st thomas usvi
    January 10, 2010

    its common knowlege, that when people spend x amounts of money during the christmas season, the month of january,can be a little overbearing, so if it take”s just little more for the poeple togather more fruit,then it a good thing.

  19. spirit
    January 10, 2010


  20. joker from New york.NY,Harlem
    January 10, 2010

    Why don’t we change Christmas also,do you think people care if you have carnival in may or whatever date.there is always something in every month.if when you change the carnival date,people don’t show up what then.
    People in the USA,England and other countries always have some where plan to travel year round.Dominicans should think before they act,it just like an international airport,it takes money to keep it open,do you think big jets will come to your Island with a few people.you have to be short sighted.

    January 10, 2010

    I think that changing the date is a good idea. It gives dominican artists the chance to showcase their talent else where. Also it would allow more people to visit dominica during our carnival. Right now I know most people would rather go to trinidad carnival. IF dominica celebrate carnival at a time where no other carinival is going on it most likely will get more exposure. With that said the carnival has to be well promoted and advertised.

  22. rosarabs
    January 9, 2010

    I disagree with a date change , are saying that carnival isfor visitors . are you saying by feb dominicans areso tired and that they cant enjoy their carnival in feb . they are dead broke .
    we have 2 major festivals carnival and independence celebrations .what is the big issue about carnival . i think we need to keep the traditions . i think if we change the date. carnival will lose it sense and flavour.
    carnival needs it own organisation comitteee to plan the event. In england i know that carnival is associated with arts and there are art workshops on costume building in schools . We need a new way of doing things build on what we got how can we make it better but i dont think chaging the date ie the best idea.

  23. Sout Man
    January 9, 2010

    Most workers alternate their vacation destination each year. How many vacations do we expect an employee to have per year? Our current problems are lack of organization, mediocrity and inadequate publicity. Changing the date without addressing these problems can be catastrophic since Dominica will be left out of the vacation rotation associated with the Lent season. We would still have to compete with Trinidad and the other islands. Visitors would have to decide which ONE destination to plan for each year. Most workers do not have the luxury of multiple vacations and vacations are planned around holidays. We stand to lose Caribbean visitors who have the pre-carnival weekend,plus Carnival Monday and Tuesday as holidays. Their holidays will not change just because we change our date. Let’s get Trinidad to compete with us. Can you remember the days when we were told that the Windward Islands could not compete with Trinidad, Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana nd even the Leeward Islands in West Indies Cricket?

  24. first timer
    January 9, 2010

    when exactly would be the prefered date?

  25. checking the vibes
    January 9, 2010

    Great idea. We love Alwin. However, I hope that we not going to accept a date that fits his program. He has to take imput from Dominicans at home and abroad. In the past we have always gullable and accepted proposal that he have made as Gospel. We love the vibes but listen to our imput.


  26. mouth of the south
    January 9, 2010

    i want the change too,,,, but i’ll leave that for the professionals n intellectuals in that field but i’m thinking in april 1 and 2,,,, for real where has carnival on april fools day lol,,,, besides that would be a great way to kick off the summer,,,,,, but ya’ll never get the feeling d.a have too much fete,,,, u can hardly find a date for a fete now wii,,, don’t forget fete in d west n east lol

  27. DominicanIntheUSA
    January 9, 2010

    I fully support a move to change the date of Dominica’s Carnival, the question is to when? Between April – May may be the best choice. June to August – St. Vincent, St, Lucia, Antigua and Barbados, all with establish carnival, with strong Regional and International marketing. August – September – Labor Day, Caribana and Hotting hill, which gives exposure to out Calypsians and too close to WCMF.

    Talking about Marketing, why isn’t there a Dominica Carnival Website which is a great marketing tool? Persons could get current and past information of Dominica’s Carnival. Added to this during the carnival shows the website could provide results as well as Live Streaming. This I believe would enhance Carnival and taking it to the Next Level. This should be done even before thinking a date change.

  28. Jean Coulibistrie
    January 9, 2010

    Mr Bully has been saying (even before this article) that Dominica needs to change the carnival date because the present date clashes with other regional carnivals and festivals. He argues that our carnival could be better and more profitable to the country if it was treated as a business. However for us to maximize on such a business, it would be in our advantage to plan things around a date that does not have so many other regional events. I too share these sentiments.

    Generally, it is never a bad idea to strive for betterment. Thus it is not a bad idea for Dominica to strive to have a bigger, better, more profitable carnival. For example, Dominica’s carnival could attract a lot more regional patrons if the package was both of a higher standard (hence the business-like idea) and had less other regional like-events going on at the same time (hence the date change /less competition idea). I personally believe that we should not have another Trinidad carnival here in Dominica but instead something uniquely Dominican.

    At first, we would need to improve our calypsos (voice training clinics, musician workshops, song writing clinics, and even music marketing workshops), improve our historical costume making, teach our youth on local instruments making, steelpan making and tuning, ect, ect. With a good overall carnival product, good organization, aggressive marketing, and less regional competition…Dominica can have this envisioned bigger, better, more profitable carnival!

    January 9, 2010

    I am in favour for such a change although historically the Carnival is associated with religious/christian activities. For an economic point of view, from World Creole Festival and other National activities in November, Christmas and Carnival in January/February, this can create financial problems for participants and Sponsors. The fact that there is not presently any Major Social events after Carnival, I will suggest a change to the month of May for Dominica’s carnival.

    It has to be agreed, that for every ACTIVITY there is a FETE which indicates we are a FETE Country


  30. H.G
    January 9, 2010

    Alwin….I support you 100% in your effort to secure a date change for Carnival and hope you are successful and it can be made soon .I have long advocated for that change. I understand all the historical,religious and cultural attachments associated with it and particularly the religious impact that a date change would have ,but if we are serious about the development of Dominica and the tourism product is one of the methods we employ ,then a date change should be made soon .I can give many reasons why and will name a few….competition from others;avail.of funds too soon after christmas;Job vacation schedules often times not prepared so early;some businesses don’t allow staff vac.so early due to year end audits/preparations;Dependence on Tax rebates after filings;Payments due on taxes because of underpayments etc.to name a few.These facts and others impact the availability of funds and other criteria and determine how and when people can travel that is, off course,if we are serious about using tourism as one means of development….And while the government is debating that issue,they may also want to debate and change that retarded once a month payroll system to either a bi-weekly or semi-monthly payroll system.The benefits of that change should also be self evident.

  31. Samuel Johnson
    January 9, 2010

    I am not sure that I understand the problem we are trying to solve. There are two major festivals in Dominica each year, Carnival in Feb/Mar and Creole Festival in November. It happens every year and we can set the date for the next 10+ Carnivals and WCMF. It is not a surpprise. Is the problem that:
    1) We have insufficient human resources to organize for two repeating events a year. i.e 365days.
    2) The date of Carnival conflicts/competes for participants going to other regional events
    3) Sponsors can only sponsor one event per year?

    I am sure we all agree, on the surface it does not add up..
    1) I would argue that we need more “major” festivals back to back to full up our calendar of events not less. How is it that WCMF could develop to such a level that it is the dominant festival that causes others to move? Leadership, focus and prioritization. We need the same type of mindset and professionalism that has been put into WCMF to be placed into Carnival. I am hard pressed to believe that there are not enough talented people in Dominica to have two separate teams focused on each. i.e. each team would have a year (365 days) to get prepared. Additionally the basic formula/logistics for each should be the same year after year.

    2) Before throwing out names of other festivals that coincide with our carnival, I am sure that the necessary research has been done to find out if the same demographic group that we are targeting for our carnival also considers St. Martin/Maarten, Aruba, Jamaica, Curacao, St. Barths, Martinique and Trinidad when selecting destinations. Just looking at the list of names would tell me that this is not the case because each country targets different segments. The only thing they have in common is the carribean location and the name “carnival”. We will never compete with Trinidad. I lived there for three years the mindset of participants there is totally different as well as the scale of the event. If we want to recycle their floats at a later date like Caribana and in Jamaica that would probably be the only justification for the move but I am not sure that is what we want to do. Ask St. Lucia how successful was their date change? Additionally if the argument is that we are competing for airlift, then that is a different problem requiring a different solution.

    3) Company budgets are usually set for a financial year, so if they can only afford one event a year changing the date does not change the budget. If the issue is that the organization/event is so lacking that there is no return on the investment then that is yet another prolem. See 1 above.


  32. get real
    January 9, 2010

    mysterio aint no baday buy ticket so early to come down next yr for carnival lmao! news flash…not many ppl look forward sooo much for carnival to wake up every monrin n count down for that date for carnival in dominica next year. besides they dont even know the date yet. ur silly hahahhahaha

  33. winston warrington
    January 9, 2010

    Hey Niceness, how could you read Mr Bully’s remarks and come up with such poor understanding? He is stating that lack of preparation time results in the mediocrity that Dominicans call carnival. Before using such “great” adjectives to describe your T-shirt fiesta, why don’t you pay a visit to Trinidad, or even St.Thomas to see the artistry, decoration of the truck assemblies that conduct the floats. Mr Bully wants a real Carnival.

  34. niceness
    January 8, 2010

    Hey Mysterio,
    Mister bully is talking about setting up a commitee to discuss a new date for the future carnival season, He is absolutly right Dominica needs to have its own identity when it come to carnival, we have one of the most peaceful and vibrant carnival but most of the outside world do not know it because our carnival has been block by high advertisted carnival from Trinidad and recently Jamaica, if the date is changed to a date where there is no carnival any where else in the caribbean we have a better chance of getting a bigger crowd of all caribbean people and not just dominicans coming home for carnival. Keep pushing Mr. Bully you are absolutly right on this matter.

  35. mysterio
    January 8, 2010

    all u ppl … what about the foreigners that bought their ticket already do that next year jed

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