Creole in the Park kicks off

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit (left), General Manager of LIME Dominica Jeffery Baptiste (center) and President NJO Liverpool officially open the festival

Telecommunications Company LIME officially launched the 9th annual Creole in the Park yesterday evening.

The four-day festival will run from Monday 24th-Thursday 27th October and is set to display some of Dominica’s best young talent alongside more established local acts and international artistes Kes and the Band and Bounty Killer.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, General Manager of LIME Dominica Jeffery Baptiste made it known that the festival further represented the company’s commitment to the Dominican way of life and accents their investments in other areas.

“Our decision to re-brand to LIME was underpinned by an unwavering commitment to focus more on our people and our communities. We can boast to say that this commitment is unmatched in the Dominican market. Our passion to assist our people to create a better place for themselves is manifested through our direct contributions to culture, education, sports and the health sectors of Dominica,” Baptiste said.

He continued, “The excitement surrounding this year’s event has been phenomenal. From launch day, we have been receiving positive feedback from all sections of the Dominican society.”

LIME also took the time at the ceremony to present awards to a few stalwarts of Dominica’s culture, Dr. Alwin Bully and the Giraudel Jing-Ping Band as well as one of its employees who displayed dedication and professionalism during the LIME Creole in the Park.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit presented the keynote address at the function and stated that Creole in the Park represents LIME’s recognition of its role in the development of Dominica and that the Government was proud to partner with LIME, as the Government owns 20 percent of the company.

He said, “Let me take the opportunity to commend and congratulate LIME for their tremendous investment in Dominica’s development. It speaks to the fact that LIME recognizes that it has a role to play in nation building. You’re here to make a profit, but in so doing, you have to ensure that your citizens and customers can benefit from your investments and LIME has continued to recognize that and as a Government and a people we want to recognize that contribution to our development publicly. We are happy to be a partner with LIME in developing the country.”

Artistes on yesterday’s lineup were N’Core Band, Cadence, Colton T and Midnight Groovers. The next three days will feature:

Tuesday-Signal Band, Gregory Rabess, Shades of Green, Ophelia, Swinging Stars and Dominica’s Calypsonians

Wednesday– Reggae Artistes, Triple K, 2011 QTS Winner Shamica Sorhaindo, Fanatik, Ras Mo, Kes and the Band

Thursday-Freddie and Friends, Nelly Sthare, Asher Thomas, WCK, DJ Big Ben, Bounty Killer

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  1. lime bac lash
    October 26, 2011

    lime you need to step up not down grade

    if its not broken why fix it

  2. pablo
    October 25, 2011

    at least let the people overseas see a bit of what is happening in Dominica…lime is really lime….

    • potterz
      October 26, 2011

      but there is live streaming…

  3. pablo
    October 25, 2011

    where is the live streaming lime?That is also a step backward…..

  4. only
    October 25, 2011

    The rains are drowning out the festival. Less people are here this year than in the past. We need a break in the weather.

  5. PRX600
    October 25, 2011

    After the Sound System of Last Year _ I really have to wonder where LIME is trying to Bring CITP. I am seeing speakers flying that not design to be array that way, Bass for Indoor DJ System. (GOOGLE – Line Array). One of the best Line Array in the world is available right here and was in the Park last year, along with some of the newest sound technology today.

    If is not broken Why Fix IT!!

  6. Midas XL8
    October 25, 2011

    Honestly Club Dvd has modern and update Gear for Sound Reinforcement for that kind of event…

    This so call system lacks drive lift and clarity Period!

    Why would Lime drop the bar and go for a Living Room set to Play for a event which has Live Bands for a 4 day event…

    That put together Living Room set sounds so darm muffled its a shame…Lime you all got it completed a Leading Telcom Co, you class nature didnt show up…re your sound system choice!

    • Concerned
      October 25, 2011

      Are u serious? hm……

    • Concerned
      October 25, 2011

      You need to be supportive of ur fellow Dominicans and stop being personal and bias. Ur statement is sooo untrue….and can definitely be proven wrong. ur affiliation with Club DVD should not cloud ur judgement.

  7. oh no
    October 25, 2011

    \In allu m*** A*** DNO. allu doe put my comment! i fu**** hate when allu do that!

    ADMIN: We have said before we don’t have some approving comments 24-7. If you comment is not appearing for a while, just wait. If after 24 hours your comment is not published then obviously it was not approved then you can ask a question. Because of your approach NONE of your comments will be approved.

    • MangoSweet
      October 26, 2011

      DNO, You all have the guts to respond to such an outburst from that hate-filled maniac OH-NO? Using all those ****** to have us fill in the blanks and then say he did not say the words. Se kouyon mwen kouyon!!

  8. Observer
    October 25, 2011

    I want to know why LIME so bad. Every year they having double bubble for their customers all of a sudden this year they talking about bonus bubble which only lasts for one month. Come on LIME all you can do better than that stop misleading the public. Everything all you do always have some fine print behind of it.

  9. Righteous
    October 25, 2011

    We would like to know why is Lime not having bouble bubble this year since this has always been one of the highlights and a lot of customers go to the park just to get their double bubble. this year they are having bonus bubble but it is quite different from the double bubble. customers need to be careful and not mistake the two. DOUBLE BUBBLE IS VALID FOR ONE YEAR AND CUSTOMERS CAN CALL ANY NUMBER(lime or digicel) whereas with the BONUS BUBBLE you can only call lime customers and it is ONLY VALID FOR 2 WEEKS. WE NEED OUR DOUBLE BUBBLE PROMOTION BACK THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. CIA on the watch
    October 25, 2011

    Thought the PM would attire himself in national wear like the president and Lime manager, the pm needs a wadrope manager

    • Real Truth
      October 25, 2011

      lol. Dons & Divas


      • cheery pie
        October 25, 2011

        where that purple tie coming in lol

  11. tom no fool!
    October 25, 2011

    @oh oh it takes a damn fool to know a damn fool.anytime somebody make a statement about allu god is so allu charging like ragging bulls but that is allu [email protected]@@%%%%%%.

  12. Concerned
    October 25, 2011

    Anonymous, it seems ur having a personal grudge against the system….

  13. littleboy
    October 25, 2011

    I know Dominicans have a very short memory especially where politics is concerned. Because of that let me remind you of a few facts as we celebrate this years independence.
    1.Creole in the park is not the baby of this current administration which is unable to come up with any idea that will help boose the economy.
    2.World Crole Festival was not and is the baby of this short sighted administration.
    3.World Creole Festival (WCF) is by far the only event we have in Dominica, that contributes in a meaningful way. It sure brings in people, money and unity to our country.
    4.While many blind folks keep saying that Skerrit is the only government that has worked in Dominica, do you know that the investment and vision of the UWP is still contributing significatly to our eccony?
    4. It is a fact that this goverment has done nothing, and I mean nothing, to improve the lives of Dominicans, and put money in our pockets. In fact they have taken money from our pockets and sent to China.
    5.UWP stayed in power for less than 5yrs and we are all benefitting from things they implemented to help bring money, and WCF is a bright shinning light that althouh they have been gone for 11yrs now, this light is still shinning today.
    6.What has Skeritt done to at list help WCF get better?
    6.Labourites have been boasting about how this administration is working but they have forgotton the the Freedom Party built roads from Possie to Harton garden which is still very strong today though Skerrit is not maintaining it. They also built roads, in the Granbay area aswell as other areas.
    7. The only thing Skeritt has to show as his baby is the $27 million State Malice which is not a priority, will never contribute to our economy, is not contributing now, and has sent our money to a rich China. And the airport we can say the same thing because it is a big waste
    8. While Skeritt gets the credit for the stadium, the Penville road and other projects, the truth of the matter is, they were not his baby that he gave birth to. They were all UWP’s baby which but because of their stupidity were not able to materialize.
    So as we celebrate independence this year and Skeritt seems to be in the center of everything whether it is in St. Thomas, Viele case, at the park or elswhere, please remember that he himself along with his cabinet, have not been able to come up with one idea that will help our economy and help us earn a better living as we go foward.

    • Buwo
      October 25, 2011

      OK….so the UWP is this genius party that has done so well for Dominica, as you seem to be pointing out.

      Question is, why can’t they win an election? Why are they floundering in the political wilderness? Why can’t they convince the majority of Dominicans that they are the best administration for them? Why can’t they put out a simple manifesto?

      Interesting, very interesting.


      • via
        October 25, 2011

        sorry but majority of dominicans dont have the ability to focus on issues..

        its will be extremly hard for UWP ever to win a election wonce their isnt electoral reform if what happened in 2009 is the norm..go make a party and think you can ever win…..thats the issue…thats why dominica isnt rated when you compare other caribbean islands……if the country is sold their are many dominicans who will wake and say is it true…what does that tell you about many citizens…..sad story but may take another 4 generations to change dominica to a issue based islands..not a bling…

      • littleboy
        October 25, 2011

        Because the majority of Dominicans like yourself are fools, blind, selfish and backward in their thinking. Men like yourself like darkness better than light and because you all like to beg and UWP preferred to create opportunities for Dominicans, lazy people who like to depend on handout did not like them. However, I named a few things UWP did in less than 5 yrs, Why did you not counter attack with what this lazy, currupt, and visionless administration has done to improve the lives of people like you and others. They have shipped all our money to China but you all are so blind that you cannot see. No wonder you chose BUWO as name. What about Modie?

  14. Anonymous
    October 25, 2011

    The sound engeniers in Dominica just not ready so many times I hear them screw up a performance lindon like the vibes but the vibes don’t like him

  15. fatty batty
    October 25, 2011

    Happy Independent Dominica,have fun fun be safe all.see you in 2012.

  16. Anonymous
    October 25, 2011

    The talk is Lindon and Cornell put it together, Lindon like the vibes but the vibes do like him. Cornel should stick to his keyboard

  17. Anonymous
    October 25, 2011

    From what I hear is Lindon and Cornel is the sound people, two individuals who have yet to deliver, lindon like the vibes but the vibes do like him, cornel should stick to his keyboard

  18. Satelite
    October 25, 2011

    Please, DNO bring us some photos later, thank you, since we are not home to see the action live.

  19. tom no fool!
    October 25, 2011

    so where is the minister of CULTURE? why the pm have to be in everything it looks like he have no confidence in his ministers or is it that he just choose to always be on the forefront……
    that function is for the minister of culture and gender affairs which i think is mrs charles and not for the minister of finance etc etc.

    • LawieBawie
      October 25, 2011

      Go read a book, clean your car, walk your kids on the beach or something. You seem to have nothing to do and boredom is setting in.

    • Anonymous
      October 25, 2011

      the minister for culture was there as well and gave a speech. the pm speech was good though like you i am not sure it was necessary for him to speak.

    • Oh Oh
      October 25, 2011

      Tom No Fool – I believe Tom is a damn fool

    • Malthus
      October 25, 2011

      Tom A Fool.. the minister of Culture was right there, and gave a speech. You people make mileage of things without having any facts to back it up. She was present and even recieved flowers, the entire listening world heard her.

    • tom
      October 26, 2011

      so what? is dominica why he cannot be there?

  20. Anonymous
    October 25, 2011

    way to go lime!!!! was disappointed not hearing midnight groovers play

    what was the problem anyway?

    • for real
      October 25, 2011

      N’core Band played really well. they should have stayed on longer since groovers disappoint us AGAIN.

  21. October 25, 2011

    HAPPY C I T P HAVE FUN Dominica.
    let culture reign;

  22. Anonymous
    October 25, 2011

    They had a lot of problem with the sound system, compared to last year it is like abackward step.

    • yoy yow
      October 25, 2011

      stop exaggerating fool.

      • Anonymous
        October 25, 2011

        i agree with you. i was there and two bands played using the system. how come is midnight groovers that had a problem?

        i smell a few rats on that one

      • Anonymous
        October 25, 2011

        Common man forigners laughing us. That is not the best system for this kind of event, Dominica have better.

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