The Caribbean stands the most to lose from climate change impact – trade minister

McIntyre as he addressed the media last week

Minister of Trade, Industry, Consumer and Diaspora Affairs Colin McIntyre has emphasized the importance of Dominica and the Caribbean region positioning itself to better face the effects of climate change.

McIntyre, who spoke to the media following the Thirteenth (13th) Meeting of the Council for Foreign and Community Relations (COFCOR) meeting last week, said that though the Caribbean may not be the main contributors to climate change the region stands to be the most affected.

“In reference to climate change, this is a burning issue and the concerns of the globe and we see ourselves in the region as countries who are not major contributors in terms of greenhouse gases and the various challenges being posed on climate and the changes that are taking place… But nonetheless we are living  in a period whereby right now we are experiencing  the changes, and climate change as it’s called, even if we are not the major contributors but we stand the most to lose,” the minister said.

McIntyre mentioned some of the effects of climate change which could hinder the safety and productivity of the region.

“And I‘m talking about the rising seas on our shores here, the damage to our coast lines, the catarax in terms of sulphur, the melting of the ice cap in the north and the ill-effects on low lying areas like Dominica and other CARICOM countries,” he stated.

He reiterated the importance of positioning the region in its preparations of climate change impact, and being part of the discussions relating to climate change.

“Because while we  may not be the main contributors we stand the  most to be affected…and I think we will… continue the fight towards  climate change and getting our developed  countries to really look into cutting the emissions of carbon and greenhouse gases  and all  what it takes in terms of climate change effects,”  he said.

By DNO Correspondent

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  1. kalinago voice.
    May 10, 2010

    We hav to take note of the empty words sounded by politicians, ai’nt Colin not one of those who laugh the leader of the opposition when he proposed a clean and green budget, last year. what are we doing to mitigate the effects of climate change, the layou river is the largest river in Dominica but the bells, wet area is rapidly developing into a large community, the heart of the layou water catchment. Have we taken look at our rivers when we have a few days of sun shine, for instance the last february drought, what is going to happen if such conditions prolong.

    The industrialised countries are making billions available to 3rd world countries who grow trees to filter the air hoping that will give them a priviledge to continue to polute the air through their industries to sustain their economies, we need to prepare a project to compensate all those people who are living and working in the various water catchments and relocate then with coastal lands made available to them , there are some large estates that are not only under productive but practically abandoned this is the land reform policy we must implement to have better equity in this country , we then need to embark on a whole reforestation programme to save our waitikubuli as the indigenous people has always done.

    the world has come to recognize that global warming and climate change is a reality, they have also realised that the have to follow the indigenous people traditional way of life to save the plannet, but as the saying goes we never see and we come see, we beliving in copying all the silly things America is doing, fast foods, disposable cups, glasses and dishes, shopping witrh plastic bags, and we fail to realize that not only the cutting of trees but the littering of the environment is also a contributing factor to climate change and global warming since the ocean is also getting very acidic and the biodiversity is changing, coral reefs are bleaching and fishes are dying all of which affects our food chain, time to act Mr minister not talk for talking sake, but act.

  2. agreed
    May 10, 2010

    Yes Colin may be one of the only ministers who understands the treasures of Dominica. He used to run up to boiling lake for exercise. He knows what the ancestors had to suffer at the hands of the French.

  3. DA 1st
    May 10, 2010

    Why should the DLP not out Dr Mc as PM? Does he not show Performance? Is he not educated?
    Does he have grass roots?
    Does he come from Educated stock?
    Is he Dominican?

    Colin step up to the challenge

  4. When we suggest preparedness for an anticipated climate change, without actually suggesting what we can do locally to help in this preparedness, dose not help the cause in anyway.

    However, one of the way’s we can help, is to discontinue the deforestation of the country.

    For more than fifty years we cut down every single tree within our reach in our effort to cultivate Bananas, and other agricultural produce.

    Whenever, a country is made barren, by the elimination of trees which generally produce the oxygen that we breath in order to survive, that in itself is detrimental to our mere survival as humans.

    Our efforts now should focus on the re-population of the forest, and the only way to accomplish that is to commence the cultivation of trees, we need to replant all the trees we chopped down over the years.

    We must replant more than 90% of the trees we chopped down in our quest to plant the most bananas, in the religion, and become the greatest exporter of bananas, to Europe.

    We should also pay attention to vehicular emissions in the country. We need to ensure that every vehicle imported is equip with smog devices, and, that they are in working condition as long as such vehicles are in operation.

    Reforestation will also aid in the hydrologic cycle, and the local water budget: And that’s another subject altogether.

    Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque

    • Environmental
      May 11, 2010

      francisco over 60% of dominica is rain forest, deforestation is not the problem you are making it out to be, I agree that indiscriminate deforestation should be discouraged….but the principles of sustainable development do permit some use of natural resources including land, trees can be cut down but in a controlled and carefully planned manner. Now what the minister is saying is that the major contributors to climate change are not small island states like dominica, carbon emissions from a single city in the US far surpasses the dominica’s total carbon emission….so in effect the problem that stems from other countries activities will affect vulnerable states like us most severely. And even if we adopt the most rigid environmental standards, without the developed countries commitment to greenhouse gas reduction we will still unfortunately face the effects of climate change, because emission are not static, and the environment is global, so the minster is making perfect sense in saying that these countries need to be reminded of their commitment to greenhouse gas reduction.

      • I agree that Dominica is a lesser contributor to global warming, and even if I can accept that 60% of our country may be designated rainforest, the after effect of our forest devastation can be seen and felt after all the years of cutting, timber, and the clearing of the land for the purpose of agriculture.

        We see the effect in our water system; the rivers have become shallow, which means that our artesian wells, from which our rivers, and streams derive now has less water within, so we can assume our water tables are now below the average.

        Rain falls less frequently, in the country, and that is because there are less trees to attract rain clouds, and precipitation.

        So, whereas we can agree that our country is not a major contributor to climate change, our question now should be:

        What can we do to help, if not the world, but, our own country Dominica?

        I’ve already made my suggestions; what do you suggest in addition?

        Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque

  5. DA 1st
    May 10, 2010

    Performance, Educated and Dominican

    Colin needs to step up to the challenge

  6. Colin for PM
    May 10, 2010

    A true Dominican to replace the frenchy

    Educated and capable

    • I wonder how ridiculous can people get?

      Colin made an open statement, with no alternative, not a single suggestion as to how we should deal with the climate change that he talks about in our nations small way.

      The few people who responded to his few words, themselves has not contributed anything of significant’s, except to try and politicized what the conversation should be all about. Without naming Skerrit’s name in their foolish comments about who is Dominican, and who is not defies commonsense.

      As far as I know Skerrit was born in Dominica. For sure, I know one of his aunts Sarah Wallace, born Sarah Skerrit, in the village of Wesley, who is sister to Skerrit’s mother. Sarah Wallace mother, was born ” Telemaque, so I have an idea of Skerrit’s family history!

      Now if the man chooses to obtain citizenship from another country, that’s something else, however, whereas many are casting stones, we must not forget that all of us Dominicans, may have wished that we were born in some other part of the world, or hope that we were residence, or citizens of another country, namely, the United States, and that is why thousands of Dominica born as myself, has become naturalized citizens of the United States.

      I suggest if there is an issue with the Status, of Mr. Skerrit, as far as his place of birth, and naturalization of another country is concerned, that is a matter that may be, or may not be dealt with within our judicial system, and until that time arises, perhaps people should simply deal with the comments Colin made, and cut the nonsensical comments out!

      This Colin opens his mouth once, he becomes a hero, and therefore he is authomatically earmarked to become Prime Minister, tomorrow!

      What is wrong with the mentality of our people?

      Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemamque

      • Think Dominica First
        May 11, 2010

        I totlly agree. Colin is not PM material… cannot stand on his own. Give Skerrit a break please. The guy truly has balls unlike his colleagues.

  7. labour power
    May 10, 2010

    Colin for PM come June

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