Former APP strategist Alex Bruno resigns ‘to protect the identity of other founding members’

Alex Bruno – File Photo

Less than 24-hours after co-founder and political strategist of the Alternative Peoples’ Party (APP) Alex Bruno rubbished claims made by the party’s current executive that he resigned from the organization last month, Bruno has submitted what he says is his official resignation letter in an attempt to protect the identity of the other founding members.

In the letter dated October 13, 2021, addressed to APP’s president Julius Corbett, Bruno starts by stating, “This is the end of a journey for me,” while maintaining that he wasn’t aware that he had previously resigned from his post.

A press release signed by Corbett which was sent to the media yesterday (October 12), stated that the APP  executive and Bruno had “mutually agreed to part ways.”

While the APP release did not go into detail about the “matters” which appear to have created the rift between Bruno and the party’s executive, it revealed that as of September 16, 2021, Bruno officially tendered his resignation to the party’s president, which the executive members “had no objection to accepting.”

In contradiction of the party’s press release, Bruno took to the airwaves and social media,  to categorically deny the assertion and continues to do so in his “official” resignation letter which was shared with the media.

“I did not know that I had resigned, I never resigned, I never hinted that I wanted to resign and I certainly had no amicable arrangement, and/or hostile fallout with the Executive of our party which necessitated an invisible letter of resignation from me,” Bruno states in the letter. “If I had a choice, I would never depart from our APP family now; I would certainly wish to assist with preparations for the next general elections.”

He goes on to say that he was caught “unaware” by the announcement of an agreed termination and contends that there is no letter, before this one, which can confirm that he had resigned as political strategist of APP.

“This is why I was so shocked to read of my demise before even given the privilege of a discussion with the team. Patrick John had warned me, and I failed to listen,” he laments. “Now, I am kicked out of an institution which was designed for the benefit of our nation, not to serve the selfish desires of one, or a few.”

Bruno, who currently lectures in political science at a Florida-based university, expressed “sadness” at having to tender his resignation to the APP but says that this must be done in the best interest of the party, its Founders and members who should not be exposed to such public scrutiny “at this crucial period of our party’s development.”

“Please protect the identity of those Founders, sponsors and others who prefer to remain anonymous at this time. The hint that you intend to declassify this information [hastened] my resignation. Let me be a [martyr] for the Founders,”  the letter copied said.

It was copied to Tahira Blanchard – Political Leader (Ag.) Sharon Vidal – Deputy Political Leader (Ag.) Sherlyn Sabaroache – Executive Member Kendra Stephen – Founders’ Conclave Chair and Whitney Mèlinard – 2nd Deputy Political Leader.

DNO attempted to speak with Bruno but he declined to comment further.

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  1. Lin clown
    October 15, 2021

    That is what I do not understand with the UWP and supporters.They believed ALEX when he said UWP had 14 sure seats in the 2019,so much so,they went to court based on what Alex told them.UWP lost all the petitions,they wanted to murder the JUDGES.Today the table has turned,they want to MURDER Alex.Yes IBO France I have seen people stone empty mango trees,LUNATICS like you.

  2. Toto
    October 15, 2021

    Honestly, what does Alex really want. Does anyone know, does he know himself?

  3. Not A Herd Follower
    October 14, 2021

    Alex did reveal the names of the other Founders-whether by accident or intentionally. There is a Facebook post with the information that came from his computer which he had shown on video on social media.


  4. Lin clown
    October 14, 2021

    ALEX BRUNO,told Dominicans he was PAID to conduct a 2019 poll by UWP.While conducting the poll he said he was working for the UWP.Even the biggest idiot in Dominica knew UWP would LOSE the election.If one were to listen to Alex,he is saying to Dominicans,UWP paid him to LIE about the election,so he LIED.That is crookedness on the part of Alex and dishonesty and greedyness on the part of UWP.According to the police when rogues,vagabonds,arsonists,liars,thieves and terrorists fall out JUST MEN will have their reward.That is what is happening today.After Tahira Blanchard fell out with UWP,she has always been close to Skerrit.BLANCHARD was a SENATOR in the UWP government,she fell out with them because of massive corruption,supported by IBO France,Views expressed,Bwa Banday,Jonathan,RandyX and Francisco-DOGS.These WICKED people knew Alex was lying the still went to COURT claiming election was stolen.Those liars spoke about plane loads of supporters,when they LOST 1,163 votes.Hypocrites.

  5. LifeandDeath
    October 14, 2021

    Two things:
    1.) Any country where Politics is always at the forefront of the discussions, is a sign of poor political leadership and consequently a troubled economy spiraling serious financial lack and personal suffering. Take Note; Dominica no less.

    2.) If Alex believes in Magic so much, that he actually thinks that his resignation leak just came our of a Crystal ball, then he should go ask that ball for the Mega Millions next winning numbers. GtfoH Man!!!..

  6. BobE
    October 14, 2021

    That’s why I’ve said that man can never be trusted. He is the most dishonest person Ive ever come across.

  7. Gary
    October 14, 2021

    Everyone thinks they have the master plan to take Dominica into the 21st century, defeating The DLP lead by PM Roosevelt Skerrit. There are things they need to ask themselves regarding their motivation to do so, is it their hatred and vendetta towards The PM or are they genuinely interested in Dominica future. The latter should be the focus and energy, the hatred and the vendetta will never work in harmony with their plans to move Dominica forward.

    To lead people, or be a leader, you need not depend solely on the intellect. Politics is not something you learn from a book and then practice it, what a fantasy. Alex should not be written off, there is a place for him moving forward. Alex need to do some introspection.

    • Jonathan Y St Jean
      October 15, 2021

      @Gary, you make it sound like it’s the first time in the history of Dominca that opposition parties exist and want to wrest the reigns of government from the current party in power. How nonsensical. To suggest that it’s because of hatred of Skerritt is just beyond asinine. There will be a future for Alex Bruno if he sticks to cultural matters. When a person graduates as a doctor they don’t get up the following day and start acting like a well seasoned physician because that requires time to hone their skills. As a pollster Alex must realize that it’s not only knowing how to conduct polls but their are lots of other factors necessary to design the poll and the sample size, eg. the cultural and education levels etc are important. Alex can continue to learn still before he throws his hat in the pollster ring. He has a lot of work to do to regain his upstanding and be taken seriously again. Talkers aren’t always doers.

      • Gary
        October 16, 2021

        Why the nostalgia of the opposition parties that existed before, deal with what’s in front of you, acknowledge the problem, are you telling me the hatred and vendetta we see towards the present PM, coming from the opposition forces who want change in Dominica is comparable to the past you are referring to,lol. It is unfortunate that you did not understand my comment. The want to wrest the reigns of Government from the current party in power will always be there, it’s the motive to do so that’s disturbing, love of Country first with a genuine interest in Dominica’s future, not hatred and vendetta towards the current leader.

        Your analogy of a graduate doctor referring to Alex is baloney, Alex ego masquerading as some great intellect from the start is his problem, his antics and behavior is not of someone taking time to hone his skills. Look at The PM today, an example of a person who took time to
        hone his skills.

  8. I Still Red
    October 14, 2021

    AB is another journalist turned politician and sadly both our politics and journalism are suffering.
    In my opinion in recent times, meaning the last 20 years, we were blessed with 3 well informed journalists : Lennox, Angelo and to a lesser extent Alex. UWP and Dominica we’re at it’s best when Linton hosted that “between you and me” program. That program was deep and doing a lot of damage to the Skerrit cabal and many of us laborites who now voting UWP turned during that time, even if we had to hide to listen to it. But UWP had a leadership problem and though Linton was the best person and still is, sadly there is no one to fill that void.
    Angelo Allen was the other one that would keep all of us on our toes. But where is Angelo today.
    Although Alex never hosted a talk show to come out with breaking news but his little programs in parables would have us thinking deep. Now both he and Lennox are full time politicians and no one left to do the investigative work. Sure not Matt

  9. Lin clown
    October 14, 2021

    UWP was formed in 1988,33 years ago the WORSE leader is LENNOX LINTON.UWP have contested 7 elections and lost 6.In 1990 6 seats.In 1995,11 in 2000,9,in 2005,9,in 2009,3 under Ronald Green.Here comes expelled,deported Lennox Linton 2014,6 seats,Linton again 2019,3 seats.Alex know UWP is going nowhere.

  10. zandoli
    October 14, 2021

    How can Alex seriously think APP can garner support from people when the foundation of the party is shrouded in secrecy?
    I do not think Alex or the leadership if the party understand the Dominican people.
    I wish I could express it in creole, but “we are not buying jumbies in boxes” (translate in creole).

  11. Lin clown
    October 14, 2021

    LIES,LIES and more LIES from UWP.If Linton figured Alex a longtlme ago,why did he believe Alex when Alex told him UWP had 14 SURE seats in the 2019 election? Linton is still campaigning of the fact that the election was stolen,as told to him by Alex.The majority of Dominicans knew UWP was going to LOSE the election but Alex was able to convince Linton that they would WIN St.Joseph,Mahaut and Grandbay(DLP stronghold’s) among others.Remember Alex said he was PAID by UWP to conduct the 2019 poll.He was working for UWP.Why don’t the uneducated JACKA in the ask Linton how much he paid Alex to conduct the poll?Why don’t they ask him where the money came from to pay Alex?Money come easy,money go easy.After Alex 14 SURE seat poll,UWP with Linton as leader LOST 1,163 votes and 3 seats.Even Linton lost 53 votes in Marigot.Who figure out who,who is smarter.LENNOX LINTON or ALEX BRUNO?A man who was expelled from school or a Dr and lecturer of POLITICAL?Hope this is not too much for…

  12. mine
    October 14, 2021

    Alex shoot himself in the foot. He denied he was APP leader but yesterday he resigned from his leadership tittle. What a JOKER.

  13. Waiting for Airport
    October 14, 2021

    All you think Uncle sot? Mr disable the threat years before it become a problem. Tahira getting her cool out so she par malay with party again.

  14. Lin clown
    October 13, 2021

    These UWP are so DUNCE up to this day they don’t know the MOU signed between China and Dominica is
    (1)Windsorpark Stadium
    (2)New Roseau hospital
    (3)New Grammar school
    (4) E O Leblanc highway
    These lazy UWP fools are at their homes ,with their hands in their BOXERS watching cartoon,and don’t know the ROUTER attached to their television was made in CHINA.Dey like cartoon but DE thing that making them see DE cartoon dey don’t know where it comout.All dey doing is GOSSIP.

  15. Bwa-Banday
    October 13, 2021

    I would love to give Pawol more blows but after hearing Marley on Q earlier today I patted myself on the back. When APP broke out, I looked at the people involved, the secrecy of others they protected and their dodging and weaving performance when confronted with issues. The ladies were always well dressed in dark shades like the Israeli Mossad and further adorned with the finest clothing that is out of most Dcans pocket reach.

    I questioned their honesty when within a short period of time they were awash in dough giving hundreds of thousands from their pockets. I for one concluded they may have collectively won the Florida State Lottery and did not tell us. But alas, my initial suspicions came true: The Supremo had finally figured out how to have his self appointed opposition in power while kicking the unsuspecting UWP like rag dolls. Well, NOT Lennox because he had Alex figured out a long time ago. Good Riddance Pawol. Florida loves you! To Whitney I say, run while you can.

    • Ibo France
      October 16, 2021

      Superbly on point. This comment is flawlessly accurate. I also questioned their authenticity.

      How could a newly formed political party procure hundreds of thousands of dollars in such a short period of time without any fund raising or known multi-millionaire donors. I thought they found a magical money tree or a secret gold mine. They all knew the dirty source of their financial bonanza – The most corrupt and least intelligent ‘leader’ in CARICOM probably the world.

      Alex Bruno, the mastermind in stitching this group of political neophytes together would never be able to realise his selfish political ambitions. He pushed the ladies to the forefront to take the heat, COWARD, while he hid under their dresses (figurative speech).

  16. October 13, 2021

    “Now, I am kicked out of an institution which was designed for the benefit of our nation, not to serve the selfish desires of one, or a few.”–News Article

    That statement above came to my mind somehow, about these political movements and their aim. Are those people thinking about the Nation and its benefits or is it just about their fame and popularity? Where is the harmony that should belong in a group that is vying to do good on behalf of their Nation and her people?

    Mr. Brunno, I know nothing about you. Perhaps you were a good seed for this Political Party, called APP, perhaps you were not.

    So I will only pray that the people of Dominica are watching, listening, and planning well, to make the best choice when they go to the polls of the coming General Election.

  17. Garçon
    October 13, 2021

    Waw. Do you guys see why I say you all will never succeed in achieving our goals with this attitude. What a three legged donkey. This is among the worst excuses I have heard in my life. You resign to project people’s identity. First, why wasn’t that step taken prior to story unfolding yesterday morning? Secondly, I thought if you are in a political party you want visibility, not doing any clandestine stuff. Bondieu look jokes. What political science school taught that to you? I am sorry for your students.
    Always be wary of people like Alex. It’s about them; not any movement. There are others. It’s all about attention seeking and using words out of context to sound intelligent like the one who is hoping Matt moves to the US indefinitely. Mr. Linton is time to examine their horns. Alex revealed something serious. Those with mutiny on their minds may be around you.

  18. Channel 1
    October 13, 2021

    Apparently, the APP failed to download and install properly.

    I hereby present the following conclusion AGAIN -> Considering all what it has endured, the United Workers Party is indeed the STRONGEST political party in Dominica.

    And this chap called Lennox Linton, aye somebody needs to write a book(s) and do a documentary(ies) on that guy. Mister strong. Yes siree.

    Take away the ‘goodies and trinkets’ offered to the Labourites and the DLP collapses IMMEDIATELY. Skerrit & Co knows that very well. Hence their constant reliance on political chicaneries to fool Labourites especially those in the north of Dominica.

  19. October 13, 2021

    I wish Alex Bruno could explain his reason(s) for soliciting others to form a new party in Dominica. I wish Alex Bruno, who is a very smart young man would tell his loving supporters what did he find wrong with the UWP and why didn’t he work with Mr. Linton and others to fix the wrong and unite in other to King Liar pack his bags. Instead Alex went along with a few crooks, a few judases who are signature by the King of crooks King Liar, to bring his Alex demise. Now Alex I am saying now, ” show me your friends I will tell you who you are”. I am shocked at Alex Bruno. I thought Alex had a lot of balls and sense but he too is for the $$$$$$$$$. The $$$$$$$$$ is King Liar .It is ashamed and a damn disgrace that the smart and know better ones in Dominica and abroad, can succumb to King Liar who can so easily contaminate those who are vulnerable to $$$$$$$$$$$.

  20. Rounders player
    October 13, 2021

    APP leadership looks more like a rounders team than a real political party. I am happy Alex get himself out of that koshonie

    I can remember during TRUMP term in office as US president, one of this top white house official coined the term ” alternative facts” because she didn’t want to say trump was lying. This Alternative People Party is built on ALTERNATIVE FACTS, hence it’s name.
    If you think I am lying please ask Kelly-ann Conway, the person who coined the term alternative facts.

  21. %
    October 13, 2021

    The APP seem to have been formed for the wrong reason, no wonder long before this disunity, many people thought of it as a branch of the corrupt DLP…
    Why would the leader, the Blanchard lady, be so close to liar Skerrit, who leads a very corrupt, intransparent and opaque DLP???This lady should be ashamed of herself for this association with liar Skerrit, and the harm she has done to her political aspirations..No wonder like the liar in chief, Skerrit, she spoke Covid, but like the liar, she was averse to the people getting a stimulus..”The evil works of evil men bound to, soon to come to an end”(Pat Aaron).
    Whatever Bruno gets, he deserves it, and more.

  22. mine
    October 13, 2021

    Well, Well, Alex was defeated by the party he was the leader before he even get a chance to go to the poll. You got to leave politics alone. Master is not trustworthy because he denied he was the leader but today you resigned from leadership.

  23. Ibo France
    October 13, 2021

    App was founded on lies and now is about to be destroyed by lies. An organisation formed by lies is like a house built on sand. Both cannot stand the test of time.

    Nobody can convince me that Skerrit’s slimy octopus tentacles were not involved. Perhaps not at the beginning but most certainly after. The dictator doing favours for an opposition candidate out of the kindness of his heart? Man, give me a break.

    • Allibaba
      October 13, 2021

      Ibo I don’t know what the PM did to you but you seem so unreasonable and far-fetched. It is like you are obsessed with the man and everything is “Skerrit, Skerrit”. This APP wants to become the next government and is part and parcel of all of you who want to see this man out of government. You are obsessed and this is not good for your health. Take a deep breath, ask for wisdom and listen to yourself. Calm your nerves. You even seem to think the man is not a man and is invincible. Only one person is invincible and this Great God Almighty. Ibo let good reason and judgment be your portion. Stop giving man this capability. Some things you utter don’t make any sense. No facts to prove anything. It is like in your imagination. You can do better than that. Best of luck

      • October 14, 2021

        I cannot agree with you more. That IBO thinks that he is the panacea for all ills in Dominica and the world by extension. The man is out of his mind. He is yearning for attention and fame with all his big dictionary words interspersed with bad English.

        • Ibo France
          October 14, 2021

          A lion doesn’t concerned itself with the noise of a sheep. Your sleep-like support for an apex dunce has the country tethering on the brink of social and economic collapse.

          You sadly lack discernment. You are of no use to society like a bag of coal dust.

      • October 14, 2021

        @Allibaba, you surely have spoken on my behalf to that individual named Ibo France. That person is under every News Article of DNO finding something to write again PM Skerrit, and his governing body. You are right it is an obsession–a destructive one too–and who knows, maybe that person’s mind is already damaged.

        By now I simply scroll down when I see that name, I am sick and tired of that crazy repetition day in and day out.

      • Ibo France
        October 14, 2021

        Have you ever seen anyone stoned an empty mango tree? Only the trees that bear ripe, succulent fruits get attacked. Is that your best? You can do much better. I have broad shoulders and a thick hide.

    • %
      October 13, 2021

      Totally agree with you…But my greatest SHOCKER was when Miss Blanchard knowing the type of leader liar Skerrit is, intransparent, opaque, a serial violator of laws, etc, etc, one who leads by deceit, deception and trickery, actually confirmed that liar Skerrit was in a working relationship with her.. This lady is a political embarrassment. She should be ashamed with herself!!!

  24. Ibo France
    October 13, 2021

    Mr. Alex Bruno, you are no martyr. You are just overly obsessed with political power and fame. Three different political parties you have joined and you and all three have parted ways. Do some serious introspection for you are the common denominator in the break-ups.

    You keep repeating that the names of the people who were instrumental in forming this failed experiment MUST be kept a closely guarded secret. Why this insane concern about the revelation of these names? Sunlight is the best disinfection for corruption. Journalists should dig deep to unearth these bodies/names.

    Good riddance from the political landscape of Dominica. You are nothing more than a political instigator and upstart who craves political office as a hungry lion stalks a stray fawn.

    • Jonathan Y St Jean
      October 13, 2021

      @Ibo France, I fully agree with your assessment of things and of Alex. For a man who lectures in political science I wouldn’t want him teaching me book stuff on politics if his track record is what we have seen thus far. He’s a novice, a power hungry person who doesn’t understand the politics and the culture he comes from and lived most of his life. Talk is cheap, it always has been, but what matters is when the rubber meets the road, can it hold up and keep the vehicle going. The Blanchard lady has told us that she’s in bed with Skerritt politically, and I’m wondering how could Alex know that and try to fool us that the APP was seeking to replace the Labor party in leadership in Dominca. What secret cabal is this APP? They are scared of Skerritt and his reach therefore I don’t have any respect for those pussycats. There’s a saying if you can’t beat them, then you join them and this is what APP represents. I hope the others associated with APP are revealed soon.

      • Ibo France
        October 14, 2021

        Brilliant assessment Mr. St Jean. Every word you used in that comment was on point.

        I was initially impressed with Alex’s political views and shared his concerns. But after reading more of his articles and listening to his live interviews, I became disillusioned.

        The man has an over inflated ego which needs to be deflated. He also has an adversarial relationship with the truth and an unwenchable thirst for political power.

        He is a self declared political strategist. I wouldn’t even hire him to help my juvenile cousin in her bid to become the monitress of her class.

      • October 15, 2021

        Birds of a feather flock together.

  25. Toto
    October 13, 2021

    Sorry Alex but to me you are a Machiavelli, never know what you really what is really in your mind when you talk and you do talk, a lot partner. But that delusional Tahira even worse, trust me. She thinks she can trust or manipulate Skerrit. Well she is naive big time.

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