Forty-two non-nationals to be deported from Dominica on Tuesday

Forty-two non-nationals are to be deported from Dominica on Tuesday, according to Police Chief, Daniel Carbon.

“First thing on Tuesday morning, they are going back from whence they came,” Carbon stated on the Anou Palay weekly programme of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit on Sunday. “It has gone through the court; it has gone through the high court – not the magistrate’s court – it has gone through the high court and the judge has put a ruling and all the 42 must go back to their country from whence they came.”

Carbon’s statement comes on the heels of an announcement made on Saturday by the Minister for National Security, Rayburn Blackmoore, that the Government had ordered the removal of 42 non-nationals from the country.

On Wednesday last week, the high court upheld an injunction filed by lawyers Wayne Norde, Gina Abraham-Thomas of Norde & Lambert Chambers, and Peter Alleyne of Alleyne Chambers and issued a temporary order preventing the repatriation of  49 Haitian nationals (38 in Roseau and 11 in Portsmouth) until further order of the court.  The Haitians had been detained by police for overstaying and kept in police cells in Roseau, St. Joseph and Portsmouth.

At a previous court appearance, a magistrate ordered that the alleged offenders be isolated and the matter adjourned to November 17.

However, at a high court hearing on Friday, August 14, Justice Birnie Stephenson said she was disappointed that such a matter had not been dealt with urgently and ordered that some of the Haitians who had signed a consent order agreeing to be repatriated, be sent back.

She said that those who did not sign the consent order and who were not a party to the court proceedings were to remain on the island pending the hearing of the matter.

Attorney-at-Law Wayne Nordé represents the 38 Haitian nationals who were detained in Roseau. He told Dominica News Online that 24 of them consented to be repatriated.

He said the 14 who did not consent will appear in court at today where their application for Habeas Corpus (a writ requiring a person under arrest to be brought before a judge or into court, especially to secure the person’s release unless lawful grounds are shown for their detention), will be heard.

Regarding the 11 who were charged in Portsmouth, Nordé said that 9 pleaded guilty to the charges and the Court ordered their repatriation. The magistrate also issued a removal order for the two other Haitians but, according to Nordé, the defence argued that the individuals had already obtained an extension of their time and as a result, they were released.

The brother of one of the Haitians who gave their consent to be repatriated said that decision was taken due to the deplorable conditions in the cells.

“It is really bad. The people in the cells are treated worse than dogs. They are sleeping on the floor; only bread and juice they get to eat…,” he lamented.

Neither the National Security Minister nor the Chief of Police explained who comprise the 42 non-nationals they have said are to be deported.

In making the announcement on Saturday, Minister Blackmoore stated that the government’s decision should not be viewed as condemnation or victimization of the Haitian people as they are not the only ones involved and “they do not own boats.”

“Let me be clear this is a nation of high ideals and civilized notions. This is proof that every alien or national, once brought before the Court, will have access to natural justice and fair treatment,” he declared.

He said the deportation of the 42 non-nationals “who violated our laws” is proof of the right of the state to protect its borders and its people.

Blackmoore revealed that Dominica will embark on a review of its laws to make it easier to remove non-nationals from the state when a crime is committed.

“As a matter of expediency, the Ministry of National Security and Home Affairs will undertake almost immediately, a review of the relevant information to ensure that the law, while remaining humane, is more stringent in affording the state the ability to quickly remove anyone who does not respect the laws of the country,” the Minister stated.

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  1. Haitian National
    August 20, 2020

    As a Haitian national living and working in Dominica since 2000, i am aware that from 2000 when the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) became government to this presentyear 2020 (that is 20 years) over 42,000 Haitian Nationals have travelled to Dominica… Removing 42 of them and sending them back to whence they came from is a joke.

    If anyone thinks that my figure of 42,000 Haitian nationals is propaganda, I challenge any of the following to give the true figure on a year by year basis:

    Discover Dominica Authority
    Central Statistics Officer
    Immigration Department of the Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force
    Dominica Air and Sea Ports Authority

    My question is where have all these Haitians gone? Because the records are there to show they arrived in Dominica but there are little or no records to show when they left the island or how many have left the island legally.

    It is so sad that the Haitians have been used just so that the State can get US$400.00 from each arriving…

  2. RBD Cenema
    August 18, 2020

    Mission accomplish so Haitians are deported. Don’t be surprise that those deportees left with a few thousands of dollars for their job during the election. They were brought here to corrupt our election so they did just that and now they have to be sent back to Haiti with a FAT stimulus package, never mind the movie seen here at the court and police arrests. It’s all a movie

  3. As I see it
    August 18, 2020

    I said it before and I repeat, that these Haitians Skerrit is trying to deport are witnesses of the election coupe that took place on December 2019. The matter is now before the Court, Skerrit and crew have an ear and mouth at the court so they told them what is happening and what they have to do. All the delay tactics we have been seeing and hearing at the court is all a set up. Judge falling sick in the middle of a case? boy! Papa Bon Dier

  4. SHAME
    August 18, 2020

    It’s a Same Mr.Blackmoore and the PM..shame..#BLM i bet all u will say black lives matter to the masses for votes.When Donald Trump wanted to post back all Dominicans students and who that updere illegal you should hear all Dominicans about Racist..

    But Skeritt want to send back poor Haitians that dont contribute to crime and prostitution. You have a campaign to send back illegals and is Haitians alone 49..No spanish No Chinese ???stop discriminating against people u use to vote because of the hell of a condition they are made to live by men like you in their own country.

    Dominicans celebrate injustice on your own kind those same politicians that doing the same thing to all u. All of all u have family foreign that trying to make it but all u busy to send people back that doing the same. Nice work Labour.Nice work. bunch of evil hypocrites.

  5. Not Me Alone
    August 17, 2020

    We need to feed Skerrit with a good diet of protest morning, noon and night so he could know that Dominica will not have a dictator

  6. Cane&Abel
    August 17, 2020

    It is a sad day for me. Had it happen in another country, the whole nation would go because they are black. They are our brothers and sisters yet we show no mercy or leniency. This reminds me where the blacks were first sold. They were hard working people and look like me. Strangers shall clean your vineyard. no one has a country. When we came into this world, the only guarantee we were given is three scores years and ten if were don’t use and abuse the system we were born with within. Be advised they were blacks

  7. Calibishie Warrior
    August 17, 2020

    Matthew 25:40,,,,

  8. Jahim
    August 17, 2020

    Send their backside back self.if it was us violating the law in another island we would be badly punished.

  9. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    August 17, 2020

    Yes, forty-two poor Haitians are being deported; for apparently overstaying in the country.
    Strange to me but where it pertains to Dominica everything is likely!
    Roosevelt Skerrit crawls on his yellow corrupted belly, at the feet of the Haitians begging them not to leave illegally, and not to enter illegally!

    Nevertheless; he is deporting the same Haitians he has encourage to stay!

    That is a double standard; will the government of Haiti sue Roosevelt for the deportation of their people as the Jamaica government and the Jamaican dirty thug who defy the immigration law’s of our country; and when deported by that same bit of chicken feces “chief of police” sued Roosevelt for millions?

    Roosevelt paid the millions, and said because of some CARICOM arrangement he was powerless, and obligated to pay the dance hall thug for being deported from Dominica.

    Unless I am wrong I believe Haiti is a signatory of CARICOM, therefore the Haitians do have the same privilege to sue…

  10. Deleoncourt
    August 17, 2020

    Really nasty behavior from the Dominica government.. when people arrive to your shores they are suppose to be processed and given humain treatment. Were any of them interviewed for asylum ? And each of them given proper legal advice in their language ? The same treatment I would want a Dominican to get abroad is the same treatment I would want to give Haitian nationals ..bread juice and a floor don’t cut it .. if they were 42 white Americans or French That would not happen for sure .. disgusting behavior

  11. Haitian National
    August 17, 2020

    “I am a Haitian National. I live at CheckHall. I was encouraged by a woman from River Estate, who told me she work for Minister Blackmoore, to register in the Mahaut constituency in order to vote for him.” and “She even promised to help me get me my passport and great things will happen for me.”

    We as Haitians living in Dominica must support the Dominica Labour Party government especially Prime Minister Doctor Skerrit and the great Mr Blackmoore.

    Those Haitians misbehaving and involved in human trafficking and other crimes, i will be reporting them to the Minister directly because I know him. Mr Blackmoore is a good man, he looks like Henri Christophe. Doctor Skerrit too looks like Henri Christophe… The great men of Dominique. Leaders for life

    • Batibou River
      August 18, 2020

      How thick was the envelope you got for uttering such nonsense? Do you really expect us to buy this blatant Skerrit/DLP propaganda?

  12. Bob D
    August 17, 2020

    In the heyday of the mass migration of people seeking a better life in Europe, were kept from landing, in Australia, migrants was placed on an Island in the pacific under degraded conditions. In Dominica, it swells my heart , on how Africans are treated by their own kind. What is distinct here, is that none of the Africans, today renamed Haitians were in crime. The same treatment meted to us as CHATTEL, have been channeled to our own people. No more going to Guadeloupe for the purpose of buying home building materials or as a gate way to European nations, Dominicans from Portsmouth to grandbay can attest to that, Hatians are seeking the same pathway to alleviate their long suffering. As time goes by, we will see how FAKE, Christianity is practiced in Dominica. The passage, “if you do right to the least of my people, you do it on to me” only resonate in the mouth, not the Heart. Deporting Africans from the Islands their forefathers toiled on, is never the right thing.

  13. RastarMarn
    August 17, 2020

    Marn would bet his whole Paycheck that those people are suppose to be witnesses in that case against the current administration in that case brought by the UWP,,,

    Dey just trying to get rid of the evidence of the nonresidence whom voted,,,

    • Batibou River
      August 18, 2020

      You are spot on with your suspension. For years the Skerrit regime did not bother about the Haitians in DA. Infact end of last year they had plane loads of Haitians flown in. I wonder why? Those that are being deported now no doubt would have been witnesses. As soon as Skerrit got wind of that he had to remove them in double fast time before they could do any damage to start with. The sudden falling ill of the preceding judge is also very suspicious. It smells of buying the necessary time.

  14. Jack
    August 17, 2020

    Good, Do the same with the Chinese!!!

    • lmckoy
      August 19, 2020

      And the Dominicans who are in other countries illegally?

  15. m
    August 17, 2020

    oh no, I won’t complain when ICE picks me up, throws me and or my child in a cage and send me back from whence we came.


  16. Mymouthismine
    August 17, 2020

    Haitians are the most bold people on planet earth. I hope they send back everything damn one of them. For burning down the place, for their nastiness and all other wickedness they doing.

    • Maderan
      August 18, 2020

      Wrong, that title goes to DLP supporters!

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