An open letter to Mr. Daniel Carbon, Chief of Police of the Commonwealth of Dominica

September 12, 2019.

Dear Mr. Carbon,


I have complained to the police twice in [the] last two years and I was let down on both occasions.

The first matter which was a complaint against a high profile police officer was made to you in writing on August 10, 2018. Although your office confirmed receipt of my report, I have had no response to my complaint of harassment and intimidation by one of your officers. This second report – a threat on my life – was lodged at the charge office and Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Roseau on July 18, 2019.

I must state that Ag. Inspector, Derek St. Rose, has personally attempted to advance the matter, but there have been several road-blocks; the latest one being a request that I provide a photograph of [the] person who had threatened to kill me. I am sorry, sir, but I did not get the chance to pose for a selfie with this man who said that I deserved to be shot dead because I was an enemy of the state.

I feel as if I am less of a citizen than your preferred citizens. I say so because you have swiftly moved to apprehend and charge several people who either threatened or provoked your preferred citizens. Mr. Carbon, you lead an institution [that] appears to selectively administer justice and this cannot be good for the peace and safety of our nation. You should remember that the protection of each and every citizen should be taken equally as serious and that no one is more important than the other.

It simply cannot be the case, that those who get prosecuted for matters which are similar to that which I have complained about are only those who assumingly share anti-government views. Dr. Sam Christian, Hon. Joseph Isaac, Hon. Thompson Fontaine, Hon. Lennox Linton, and former Prime Minister Edison James were all slapped with some sort of incitement charge (while opposing the politics of the majority party in government). Leslie Martin and Deny Delon Philbert were also recently charged with incitement; Philbert is currently an inmate at the State Prison in Stock farm since August 29, 2019, following his arrest [on the previous day]. I am not suggesting that the police should not act, but I am simply observing that such policing efficiency should not be, nor should it appear to be selectively done.

In my case, I supplied the name and address of the person who had threatened me. The gentleman actually resides about ten minutes, by foot, from the police headquarters in Roseau. I also provided the names of two witnesses and still, your officers need a photo of the accused. Why? Do you also need a photo of that officer who [sits] one rank away from you before you can take action against him? This strikes me as unacceptable behavior on the part of the police. The police are supposed to be honest and unaffiliated vanguards of peace and safety in our country, but this can at times be questioned. I will not mention several other cases where I believe the police failed to act; instead, the public will judge your inaction(s) and/or action(s).

Justice must not only be done, but it must be seen to be done. I have not received justice under your watch and by the look of things; my case is not an isolated case. Mr. G. O. N Emmanuel died waiting on the police to act. Justice delayed is justice denied. You should be mindful that vigilante-style justice thrives when [the] police system fails the people. I hope and pray for better fortunes for our blessed land.

Alex Bruno

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  1. Gary
    September 14, 2019

    Alex clearly needs to understand the role of The Police and The Courts within the justice system, he has shown gross ignorance in this open latter to the Chief of Police. I hold Alex accountable for his ignorance by making the statement, “Mr. Carbon, you lead an institution [that] appears to selectively administer justice and this cannot be good for the peace and safety of our nation,” Wow. Mr. Carbon does not lead an institution that administers Justice, it the Courts that administers justice.

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      September 17, 2019

      Tired of open letters to individuals on DNO, I decided to ignore this one until tonight.
      And so, I believe it’s fitting for me to address in particular  the one calls himself Gary; to ask him if he is trying to present himself as an idiot, or one who does not think before braying.
      This man has reported to the police a threat on his life, which the police ignored; he went in person according to my understanding; however; was ignored by the police who are suppose to protect such people from harm.

      What is very interesting, is that years ago in Carnival, the son of a member of the judiciary was video tape stabbing a victim; the video was presented in court, where an idiot magistrate set the culprit free, stating the video of him attempting to murder someone is not admissible in court!

      What is wrong with people like you Gary, are you stupid or something?

      Such threats warrants (180 days) six months in jail!

    • RandyX
      September 17, 2019

      Mary, once again you try your level best to spin a clear cut case in favour of your political masters. You are by far the most characterless sucker I’ve ever encountered in my live! Sad, sad, sad…

  2. Family
    September 14, 2019

    Poor pity Alex, take out your pantes or bloomers and put on your BI G boy pants. Your storytelling isn’t SAD, put politically motivated. Are you a citizen searching for justice or you are trying to impose your political biases on us? Some of us sat on the same chair you are seating before and after you. The people who vandalized and burned Roseau are they victims or villains? Anyone reading your crapshoot will know your motivation. None of the people you mentioned are innocent of their charges. No Alec, we will NOT be attending the event in NJ because of your political biases.

  3. Rotting force
    September 14, 2019

    Fish rots from the head. Our police force has been contaminated by corruption. It’s rotting. Soon it will be ineffective.

  4. Me
    September 14, 2019

    Carbon is a prisoner of his own conscience.

  5. September 14, 2019

    Mr Bruno. Very well written letter. I do hope that Daniel (Carbon Copy) Carbon is able to understand the contents and act appropriately. He’s a member of the Fake, Phony & Fraud organization. A nuisance in the brain.

  6. Bwa-Banday
    September 13, 2019

    Hold strong Alex, you shall receive justice soon. If they call election without cleansing the voters list they will loose, if they clean the least they will loose the seat also albeit by the ballots. Carbon Copy and his henchmen men are on their way out along with their master and they realize it. Thats why they will do anything to keep him in power. It’s ALLEGED that officers to man policing stations and take hold of ballot boxes have been selected. Heaven help us all.

  7. Neverson St jean
    September 13, 2019

    Even though they provoke the police, that should not deter them from performing their sworn duty to protect and serve.

  8. Family
    September 13, 2019

    Poor pity Alex, take out your mantes or bloomers and put on your BI G boy pants. Your storytelling isn’t SAD, put politically motivated. Are you a citizen searching for justice or you are trying to impose your political biases on us? Some of us accurately sat on the same chair before and after you. The people who vandalized and burned Roseau are they victims or villains? Anyone reading your crapshoot will know your motivation. None of the people you mentioned are innocent of their charges. No Alec, we will NOT be attending the event in NJ because of your political biases.

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  9. The cutlass
    September 13, 2019

    …and the person who threatened Matt yesterday was reading news this morning. No justice ⚖, no peace. 😥

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    • Toto
      September 15, 2019

      Because Matt have to show a photo of the perpetrator to the police first to confirm he is the person that did it. Man, this is not a joke but total frustration.

  10. Joseph John
    September 13, 2019

    You are an undercover agent of the uwp, no one will believe you. Your group have been constantly harassing and provoking the police. Witshire and co verberly attack the police from day one. Then Edison James, then Linton and then you. Francis and Dr St Jean are full participant in this activist process of harassing police on the fake premise that the police is controlled by the DLP.
    For so called educated people you all do not show any understanding of the mandate of the police and the law of evidence. All good citizens know that we have a duty to help the police to keep the country safe. Crime Stoppers seem to be the only group helping.
    You and the uwp gang bangers will do everything to spread hate in an effort to take down Skerrit and the DLP then play the innocent role.
    You all even tried to neutralize the police through the Police Welfare Association.
    Carbon has been subjected to all fake accusation even calling for his removal with no justification.

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    • Good over evil
      September 13, 2019

      You are a liar nobody is harassing no police Skerit is using the police to try and intimidate and silence the opposition Because they have his feet to the fire Skerit you can try what you want your day of reconning is at hand You and your cabal government going to jail …… poule we fed up…

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      • Joseph John
        September 16, 2019

        Mr Good,…….You say I am a liar, but you have not posted any facts to refute my statement . I guess you are the good liar by usuing a fake name like a coward, as oppose to a real true name. I say what I wrote about Police Harassment is well documented, is true.
        You may want to read what your friend Jonathan St Jean wrote below about Chief Carbon . This is a continuous disrespectful trend of the uwp towards the police. This is so ironical. You guys enjoy the bad manners of disrespecting the police but quickly run to the police for comfort when you are in pain.
        Its like the prodigal son who kicks his mother but runs to her for cool out when he is in trouble.

    • Gouvelma
      September 13, 2019

      Shoes feel comfortable when they are on properly. However when they are on the opposite foot they hurt, burn and bruise. I sincerely hope I never have to read any report of you or your family member wanting justice that has been denied. A fool is a fool is a fool. Do not let your judgement be clouded by political colors. When the police force becomes a branch of any ruling party the community will surely see an increase in crimes against the person. Is that what you foolishly are advocating? When vigilantè justice becomes the other of the day we all begin to walk on egg shells. Be careful what you ask for!!!!!!

    • RandyX
      September 14, 2019

      …and you are an under cover agent of Satan. There we have it now!

    • Joseph John
      September 16, 2019

      If someone threatens me and I cannot get redress from the police I would seek satisfaction in the civil court.
      Those he said she said, my word against yours situation need credible evidence and eye witness to make a case.
      When a highly educated individual ensure that his efforts are used with a political slant the complain will be seen as an other political ploy for publicity.
      The mantra of the uwp is to use accusations to get political and public attention. Alex bias tract record shows that his sole purpose is to promote the interest of the uwp by any means necessary.
      I wonder what quid pro quo promise did he receive. To use the uwp new slogan…. what “cool out” did the Hon Lennox Linton promise him.

  11. Jonathan Y St Jean
    September 13, 2019

    Chief “carbon”copy” is not worthy of the title and the minister of national security was moving forward with the process the have him replaced when the one-man government in the SFP thwarted that and stated his complete confidence in the “carbon copy”. What the country has been witnessing for a long time is a square peg in a round hole. It’s as if we have a protected ” tonton maquote” in high places when they need you to provide the police with a picture and next you will be accused of taking the picture without his permission so you violated his privacy. What is the role of the police than to follow leads and solve crimes and even prevent them. Looks like the police is so technical that only hi-tech crimes where threats are posted on the internet are they going to act. What a shame and disgrace. With so many unsolved crimes in the country, it’s time for a new and real police chief

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    • Joseph John
      September 16, 2019

      II guess you are lobbying to be Chief. The “cool out” quid pro quo promise will not materialize. No one will vote in people who have no respect for law and order.
      It is a truism that criminals never like the police.

    September 13, 2019

    Alex Bruno, can you get a life please?

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    • Real Dominican
      September 13, 2019

      KID, your life needs saving.

      Alex is way more qualified, educated, accomplished than you will ever be.

      The kind of comments your write is indicative of the person that you are.

      Alex went back to school, maybe you should do the same.

      Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 29 Thumb down 10
      • Joseph John
        September 16, 2019

        Yes Alex is an educated man and Education is most important. So why is Alex and other educated people working like the dust mats of a 5th grader who was expelled from school. That was deported as a no good, has an arrest record and has to make legal fees payment for lying.
        I thought the dumb follow the smart.

    • Ibo France
      September 13, 2019

      Expected! Thoughtlessness, unfiltered foolishness coming from a diehard of the WORST ruling political party in the stories history of Dominica.

  13. Observer1
    September 13, 2019

    This is a dangerous state of affairs. We are headed down a very slippery slope, and FAST!

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  14. Mark
    September 13, 2019

    Does Daniel Carbon understand policy and his role as Police Commissioner in the country? I will bet the farm and the House that he does not have a clue- First of all the guy cannot even speak properly much less for confronting an officer or and politician.
    Anarchy reigns supreme in our land- Election cannot come too soon to put people like Daniel Carbon, Corbette and that shameless joker police who calls the radio station to pasture where they belong.

    Pray for Dominica and its lost souls like Daniel Carbon and company.

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    • Eddy A
      September 14, 2019

      Carbon doesn’t understand anything, he follows Skerrits orders without one single question!

  15. Real Dominican
    September 13, 2019

    Well written statement to Mr. Carbon.

    Mr. Carbon seems to know what is right yet unable to act in a just way.

    We do not need this kind of leadership in the Police Force.

    DLP is sadly running an ineffective country. A country in need of urgent repairs.

    They have very expensive rallies to creat a type of utopia that does not exist. Make many colourful statements which they have no intent on fulfilling.

    Look at Dominica, we are way behind the OECS islands. Just visit St. Lucia, St. Kitts, St. Vincent, …. and you will observe that we are behind.

    Labour and not Erica or Maria is to be blamed.

    Mr. PM, you cannot move Dominica forward. Your track record shows that.

    16 years for a single phase on a Hospital.

    Night Landing at the Airport which is not in operation.

    Civil servants cannot receive a raise.
    The list goes on.
    Dominica looks like a bin. Your leadership is ineffective.

    Kind Regards

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  16. Ibo France
    September 13, 2019

    Your disgust with the performance of the police is not uncommon. The police operates like an extended arm of the Skerrit-led autocratic regime. The police operate as if they only exist to punish Skerrit’s perceived detractors. Every public institution and organization in DA is badly dysfunctional; the Police; the Justice System, the Healthcare System; the Welfare Service; in fact, the entire public service. The people have to vote the present occupiers of the government benches in parliament out of power. Carbon is just the enforcer of Skerrit’s evil ways. Dominica for the last twenty years has become a living HELL.

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  17. DAstrong
    September 13, 2019

    Yes Expose the BS going on in DA. Justis for all

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  18. Excuse Me
    September 13, 2019

    AB did the right thing by exposing the DLP Police Commissioner, but I know it will change nothing. To me it’s like posting an open letter on the grave of a dead person and make no mistake about it, Daniel Carbon seems dead while he lives. The man sure does not have a brain, does not have natural human conscience, does not have the mental capacity that is needed to differentiate between wrong from right, politics from national security and justice from injustice. When I see Carbon I see a brainless skeleton with a cap

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  19. %
    September 13, 2019

    So is Carbon asking you to take your camera and just go and take a photo of the person who threatened you? Then the man will attack you? This one is new to me, and it goes to the core of how our police has deteriorated, disintegrated into a failed institution!
    Remember Skerrit told his fools at a Bellevue Chopin town Hall meeting to pour hot water on opposition people when they come on Skerrit’s step canvassing for votes? Think of what would happen had this inciteful comment made by an opposition candidate! This selective justice is so glaring that even the blind and deaf will cringe in disbelief!!!
    Is this a police gorce?

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 46 Thumb down 6
    • Pipo
      September 13, 2019

      Your vision has come to pass brother today, friday the 13th. of Sept. With The arrest of Hector “spags” John on a flimsy charge of incitement. Note this day, friday the 13th. A fateful day for the demonic force that has been threatening our liberty for too long.
      You see that tortured statue there in town.
      resembling a slave braking his shackles. Well that is what our oppressor has provoked, finally. This is the dawn of a new beginning.

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    • U U
      September 13, 2019

      % get a life. Readers this man want the leadership position on the island. % you are intellectually bankrupt, no writing level is that of a sixth grader. Please go to an institution of higher learning.

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 8 Thumb down 36
      • Jp
        September 13, 2019

        You’ve got to be kidding me me. Did you just comment that the author has “no writing level is that of a sixth grader?”

        :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • Gouvelma
      September 13, 2019

      Let us not forget that a review of the police force after the hurricane recommended that Carbon be sent home since he did not know where his elbow was and where his … was. Skerritt knew if he did that he woukd have lost a nunber of vites from people in his constiyuency close to Carbon. So he kept that report to shoo flies away while he sat on his toilet. That very report also recommended that Valerie be sent home to. Valerie was acting deputy commissioner of Police. He has since reverted Valerie to his substantive role and for a vote kept Carbon at the helm. So the actions of Carbon are just a scratch my back and I scratch your play. Carbon is indebted to Skerritt so he will do anything to appease Skerritt. He must never forget my advise. Hope he has a job lined up effective the night of the elections.

  20. Kalinago Justice
    September 13, 2019

    :?: As far as I can see with how things are ran,managed and handled on that slave plantation mentality island, the authorities and this case the police authority are breeding a ground of vigilante justice,mean alot of us will take matters in our own hands! I personally have made my decision, especially when it comes to those who are entrusted with the governance and power of authority on that island, that I’ll deal with my issues singlehandedly! The way things are right now, it seems like being locked up in jail and being out in the public does not seems to be any different! Whether a bond slave or a free slave is one and the same! :?:

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 33 Thumb down 6
    • Gary
      September 15, 2019

      I have coined a term for you, it is called chronic babbling, it’s what you do on a daily basis on DNO. Before you assume how things are run, managed and handled on that slave plantation mentality island Dominica, why don’t you first take stock of you mind and examine your ludicrous beliefs, assumptions,and perceptions. To suggest, quote “being locked up in jail and being out in the public does not seem to be any different!” really, such statement is based on your ignorance of not knowing what it is to be locked up in a jail, to equate that to be the same as being out in public is a sign of metal delusion. Wake up from that mental delusion, Dominica is not a slave plantation. On a slave plantation slaves do not have access to a public forum to criticize the plantation owner, delusion is a denial of reality. Dominica is not a slave plantation or modeled after a slave plantation. Dominica is not governed as you
      perceive it to be.

  21. winston warrington
    September 13, 2019

    It is shameful. The lack of law enforcement in Roseau is directly a result of an invisible and inactive Chief of Police. He can’t do the job.

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  22. RandyX
    September 13, 2019

    You see that is what 15 years of the Skerrit regime brought us in Dominica, a 2 class society that either is affiliated with Skerrits corrupt labour government or the ones in favour of the opposition parties. As a result in today’s Dominica the one set is more equal than the others in the eyes of its PM, the top brass of the police and even the court system. One set even gets away with murder whereby for the other set fictitious charges are fabricated in order to intimidate them. This rogue government and it’s leader who by the way still has not accounted for the missing CBI money need to go!

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 37 Thumb down 8

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