UPDATE: PWC demonstrates in Roseau; PM agrees to meet

Workers employed at the Public Works Corporation (PWC) demonstrated outside the Financial Center in Roseau on Tuesday to express their grievances on a number of issues.

General secretary of the Dominica Public Service Union (DPSU), Thomas Letang, said the matter has to do with what he described as “a lot of issues, a lot of problems.”

He told the media that the union has been doing everything possible to have the issues addressed, but to no avail.

“We have gone as far as sometime in May to have a meeting with the honorable prime minister to resolve these issues,” he stated. “We have tried on several occasions to meet with the board of management and we have failed in our efforts … the problems continue.”

He said monthly employees have not been paid their wages from last month.

“Social security benefits are not being honored because contributions are not being paid,” Letang said. “So the employees are losing.”

He said the government is owing the PWC $3,137,691 and noted the corporation is being sidelined for certain projects.

“So it is a lot of issues, a lot of problems and we are just trying to see how this matter can be resolved,” he remarked. “The union has tried everything before we could really arrive at this stage where we are at now.”

Letang and two workers eventually met with prime minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, but the meeting was not long.

“We met with the prime Minister and he has cabinet this morning, so we couldn’t have a long discussion.” Letang explained after the meeting. “However he met with us and the prime minister has indicated that after the budget he wants to meet with us.”

He said the date of August 4 has been set and the Skerrit “will meet with the union, along with management, board of directors and the employees.”

He said the metting will discuss “all the issues which are affecting public works as well as to discuss what it is that government expects of the employees.”

“So the issues are already with the prime minister,” Letang said.

But the date is not going down well with the workers who argue that August 4 is a public holiday.

“August 4 is a holiday, that doh making no sense. What are we going to feed our children? That is just bogus,” they said.

Letang, in his attempts to pacify the workers, informed them that he will look into the date.

“We will call the prime minister,” he said, adding that the workers should not keep on “throwing our differences in public.”

But the workers were undettered.

“Empty barrels cannot stand. How we gonna go to work if we cannot yam? We need money! We need a solution to the problem! Now! Now! That cannot suffice us! That cannot please us! What about my bills in my house? SAT is going to cut me today; I have my children at home!” were some of the statements coming from them.

They eventually returned to the site of the PWC.

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  1. just cool
    July 18, 2014

    Good for u MY POCKET FIRST is that only u call pure ignorance at it max. ! what true value of work you give to public works for the salary you are paid, when you spend your time on the computer doing your own. spending time elswere out of the job e.tc when you should be producing, your mentality is so backward i beleive people like u have no place in devoloping P.W.C all u do is spreading hate and gabbage, shame on u go and be produtive and set u priorities. Ypur hardest patr of ur days work at P.W.C is to pick up a check while orthers are hard at work u are hardly working.

  2. Tipapa
    July 17, 2014

    See the number of me standing there, these people have mouths to feed. See the single mothers with family to feed. These people have their family to feed. The PM can give a church $500,000. just like that, and you telling me you have no money to pay the public works employees. That money could pay them their salaries at ease. This is dam nonsense. After all. Mr Skerrit and his ministers must have a heart man. I hope these people and their families will do the right thing; at election time.
    Its clear they want to get rid of PWC because they have set up their companies, have all their backhoes and benefitting from all the projects. That too shall pass.

  3. kalinago
    July 16, 2014

    Change is a must. Why can’t Dominicans open their eyes to see what is really taking place in the country?

  4. FED UP
    July 16, 2014

    People like nady are the ones that have the PM believing that he can do what ever he wants. I would like to know whether Dominicans realize that they are second class citizens in their own island? Haitians and Chinese have more rights than true born Dominicans! Right now there is a young lady working on the port in Roseau at ridiculous times because she did not allow a chinese to have his own way at the Melville Hall airport; she was taken from her home and her family and sent on the port in Roseau to work, why? because Dominicans are too week, they have no spine. A monster was created when Roosevelt Skerrit was made Prime Minister of Dominica and now our people are afraid of the monster, they have no idea whether they are an independant country or belong to China, Venezula or any of the other countries or mafias that the PM has dealings with. We don’t know anything!

    I applaud the few employees of Public Works who were brave enough to go out and protest but how can the Mr. Letang accept the 4 of August as a day to meet with the PM when it is public holiday, even their holidays he wants
    to take from them? Why didn’t Mr. Letang call out other government agencies to protest in support with the Public Works employees. These labour unions are a BIG JOKE, they are all afraid of the big bad wolf or is it because they don’t have to suffer the injustices the people suffer so they don’t care. I am sure he is getting paid but the poor workers are hungry and straving and sinking deeper and deeper into poverty every waking minute wondering where their next meal is coming from.

    Dear God please, please can you hear the cry of your children in the land of Dominica. People in authority, why do you allow this to happen to your brothers and sisters. By what means is this tyrant allowed to continue to disrespect and abuse Dominicans.

    Mr. Saverin is sitting in the palace as president, can someone tell me the reason why he had called out the Civil Servants to protest and bring down the Patrick John administration? PJ had not done an inch of what this present prime minister has done and continues to do, so why are the powers that be allowing him to do this. WHY, again only time will tell. TIME IS LONGER THAN TWINE.

  5. cherry lee
    July 16, 2014

    In my opinion, Government, whether this one or UWP if successful in this election should give up the Public Works Corporation and take it over as it was in the past, the workers never had this problem persons were paid fortnightly- this was in the time of Mr. Phillip Giraud -Freedom Party time. The P.M. and Mr. Blackmoore should come to a decision. The workers has families and bills to pay.
    Let’s stop playing politics because ALL SHALL EAT.

  6. Francisco Telemaque
    July 16, 2014

    Here is the resolve to the problems!

    Whereas the workers are not paid for the work they have done, and whereas the deductions taken from their salaries are misappropriated; the only resolve is for the workers to go on an indefinite strike until they are paid, and their contributions to social security be submitted to the social security program.

    On may say, if we go on strike we will not get any pay; nevertheless, you work for nothing as ling as when pay day come along the people you work for are unable to hand you a paycheck that is not going to bounce.

    I do not believe that any of the thirty politicians or so in the Labor Party, goes home at the end of the month without money that some of them did not even earn.

    I suppose if the people demonstrating right now had come out dressed in red, we would see money flushing out of the sky falling in their laps.


    Strike people, influence a general strike, since that is the only language the Labor Party government may understand. Remember a general strike was organized by so called now president Portsmouth boy which caused a riot in Dominica for forty days and forty nights, hence, toppling the government of Patrick John, thus changing history in our country.

    History usually repeats itself, this might be the appropriate time for a general strike!

    Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque

  7. power
    July 16, 2014

    workers working

  8. patriarch
    July 16, 2014

    If Thomas Letang had taken a page from the present president book as to how to manage industrial relations he should have sort solidarity from the police welfare association, from the Dominica Teachers assn, and the rest of the D P S U and call a massive strike action , then skerro would learn how to manage and respect the working class who carry the burden of the country on their shoulders.

  9. H Knew!
    July 16, 2014

    De bloke knew August 4th is a holiday. His cabinet meetings immediately followed August Monday which he was most aware of. So, He Knew, He Knew, He Knew. Give me a break! I did psychology too; and I can analyse this illogical Psychopath.

    July 16, 2014

    A leader is responsible for his own down fall.
    I love my PM but my PM does not love me. How long ? not too long.

  11. jahjah
    July 16, 2014

    Dominicans lets get together and save our country we need to run them out now now now ……………………….

  12. John Paull
    July 16, 2014

    Skeritt allowed the aerial tram to die with 70 sustainable jobs,now he is killing Public works.meantime Chinesecworkers are driving around in diplomatic vehicles and treated as if they have immunity to any wrong doing.SKERRITT said he would be throwing money in a ditch if he used public works but he did not tell us who he was going to use and where the money would fall when he used them.Make them pay at the polls People make them pay!Make sure you are registered and vote them out

  13. Anonymous
    July 15, 2014

    remember not to long ago the man said, putting money in PWC is throwing money down the drain. he simple wants the area for the Chinese to put the hotel. How much more people have to be sacrifice, how much more children have to fall a short because of their parents lack of earning power, how many more people have to turn to drugs because they just can not find away, simple because of one man greed for power at any cost. It is time we invest in our people and stop taking our people for fouls. Which public office opens on a public holiday. it is another slap in the face and dis-respect for Dominicans

  14. dominicanass
    July 15, 2014

    I think waiting a whole month to get paid is already tooo long and to still not get paid at the end of the month hell no. People should be getting paid every 2 wks.But dominicans like misery so the PM will do what he want.

  15. abroad
    July 15, 2014

    Good for you guys always remember there’s strength in numbers

  16. wats dat agian
    July 15, 2014

    To the honorable PM
    Sir the employees of PWC are not asking for charity not begging or coming with hands out stretch they are jus saying that they have work now they want their pay

  17. I was DLP
    July 15, 2014

    I have now come to realize that is one set of people who are getting rich in Dominica, while the rest of us are left to eat the crumbs.
    WEll , I will not vote for labor anymore , I have learned my lessons .
    The new Team is looking ready to lead.

    • July 15, 2014

      You lie, you were already with the blue team.

  18. HIM
    July 15, 2014

    Some of the very faces that were shouting “Labour Power”. That is what you all were shouting it for!
    I do hope you all get paid to take care of things. It must be real hard for most of you.

  19. Is so then?
    July 15, 2014

    Another clear example of how the workers and people of Dominica, in general. are treated with so much contempt and disrespect.

    Public Works, a local Co., has been facing problems after problems, with authorities.. The DLP Gov’t has not made things better. Instead, just recently, Skerrit chastised PWC publicly.

    Dominicans are not fools. They are seeing, in their faces, under their noses, the attempts to dismantle PWC.

    Although PWC purchased a brand new Asphalt plant, PWC was not sub-contracted to work on the Portsmouth to Roseau road, rehab. Instead, Trinidad Co. was awarded the job. PWC, no job to asphalt road.

    Govt. is owing PWC and its workers millions for work already done, yet that same Skerritt DLP Gov’t in a secret deal, either sold, leased, or gave free the land to Chinese to build a hotel. No Govt. official has informed Dominicans about that deal. PWC in the dark.

    The land where they operated for decades, has been taken away from them, on top of all their problems. Skerrit and his Gov’t, still sign loan for the Chinese to obtain money to build Chinese hotel. Who cares about PWC Dominican workers and whether they get paid or their lives worsen?

    What kind of Gov’t, politician, PM, does those immoral things to their own people. Mash up PWC then replace it by we know whom. How Long? Change is a must

    • Marigotian
      July 15, 2014

      Imagine French authorities have to suggest we searching our people too much and too long @ our ports of entry!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Lapo Layzar
    July 15, 2014

    What work do the people at Public Works do ANYWAY?

    • Da Woman
      July 15, 2014

      you stupid or what? if the Govt dont give them jobs how can they work?? this is the very thing they demonstrating about

    • Observer
      July 16, 2014

      You are so full of crap!

    • Poly
      July 17, 2014

      Idiot from Portsmouth

    • questionfrom6yrold
      July 17, 2014

      are you a fool?

  21. July 15, 2014

    Those same people will vote him in again.So take what allyou get.Because allyou love allyou PM. :lol:

  22. July 15, 2014

    Today, I applaud PWC workers for standing in the breach to address a few of their issues. However, I would like to ask each of the employees whether placing blame on the ruling government is the only issue and whether PWC has structural issues that make it difficult to manage? I say this against the background of how one can justify purchasing a dress shoe for work costing the PWC $345 as opposed to a work boots costing $180 while the said place is experiencing financial difficulties. There are allowances being doled out to certain individuals in the amount of $790 for use of their private vehicles and the said vehicles are not being used. There are abuse of diesel fuel consumption and so many more. Therefore, apart from the government not paying on time the above structural issues which is just a small portion of the many abuse/problems at PWC needs to be addressed ASAP by the government.
    It is my belief that a lot of the workers are capable of doing good work, but they have been let down by so many managers that right now PWC needs government intervention that makes people accountable. No longer can we keep criticizing PWC about money being wasted particularly when money continues to be a scarce resource. The banks see PWC employees as a liability where loans issuance and repayment is concern. The practice of more withdrawals than deposits during times of late payment is setting a bad precedence for building a good banking history. In fact given the rate of inflation on goods and services the net savings even after the workers are paid is almost negligible.
    Finally, I hope that when the PM meets with the delegation to discuss PWC issues the PWC parties will be honest and speak up about internal and external factors that affect PWC, as this might be a one-time opportunity to fix PWC for the foreseeable future.

  23. Anonymous
    July 15, 2014

    Half the story is never told.

  24. biggy
    July 15, 2014

    Woyyyyyy. St. Luce pon couuwwy… He suffering without pay but he and Silo love their PM so much that he will hide while his coworkers are on the road with placards and their photos are being snapped by the police. Just imagine these are the Labourites who LOVE Skerro more than their own selves..
    Shame shame shame… I hope when those who protested get paid he wont be expecting to get paid too….

    • My pocket first !
      July 15, 2014

      It is very interesting that both St.Luce and Kelo choose to stay out. How could a man love his P.M even more than his own pocket? Pure ignorancy at it’s Maximum!!!!!!

    • Tipapa
      July 17, 2014

      I was looking for him. My cousin Silo take that. she is the first to show her shining forehead in Skerrit meeting; and she is suffering because St Luce do not get pay.
      She love the PM your daughter has her job, Skerritt married now.

    • undercover cop
      July 18, 2014

      That is a man. He stands for what he believes in and don’t let others influence him. unlike you, you are a SNITCH. you suppose to be his friend and all now you MAL PALE’ de man. I find you minding dem people business too much while your pot burning. You asked the PM for something man and you did not get? your words are full of envy, greed and Jealosy. Her daughter working but you will keep dribbling and soaking in grudge.

  25. A Valley Man
    July 15, 2014

    Dominica is the only country in the world where people who work do not get paid by the government and the Prime Minister who is the leader of that government is giving money to people who do not work . I understood some of the people who are chosen under the National Employment program because of their support to the Labor Party are paid more money than the permanent workers who have been employed by those institutions and those NEP workers hardly work. Skerrit plan is to make Dominicans lazy, unproductive and poor ,so that the people can come to beg him for crumbs from his table and they will show their gratitude by voting for him. But I expect Dominicans to reject that philosophy and return our country to prosperity with pride and dignity. Change is indeed a must and absolutely not an option. Skerrit and his corrupt ministers and the disgraceful Labor Party MUST GO

    • StopItNow
      July 16, 2014

      All u stupid Dummynicans always have some fool thing to say..I am a NEP worker..what you mean by we hardly work?

      I don’t get paid more than permanent workers in the place i work ..so what are you talking about..please get facts rights before you say these things..

  26. Grand Bay Yard-fowl
    July 15, 2014


    Wake up people! The tides are changing and you need to let that sinking ship go down on its own. This is not a government for the people…it is a SELF-SERVING government for those that are part of the club. It behooves every Dominican to take a stand with these demonstrators and stamp out these corrupt politicians NOW! If not, sooner or later, all sovereignty will be lost to foreigners.

  27. FORKIT
    July 15, 2014

    its all about giving projects to DLP greedy friends and getting their kick backs in the other hand.

  28. Mamizoo
    July 15, 2014

    Are we Dominicans more enlightened than our grand parents? It is disconcerting to see our people tolerate such level mediocrity and failure too. Why are so many off our people so docile and that includes the union leaders; law enforcement and religious leaders.

    I am seriously confused as to what is acceptable or unacceptable in our country.
    It is OK for some to blatantly steal, lie, cheat and handsomely enrich themselves in government. It was not Ok for members of previous administration to have allegedly enrich themselves. I am confused when I hear sensible laborites say it is OK for them fellas to set up themselves and that them fellas would be well foolish to get out poor like members of previous administrations.
    Then public workers must accept frozen salaries for 4 years while it is oK that the government ministers get 50% raise. It is just ridiculous that even after Skerrit and his administration refused to meet with the union for almost two years that Letang and his organization would accept such a snobbish response. What is even more absurd is that Letang said yes to a propose date that is designated a public holiday. The Union leader should be the flag bearer in recognition of public holidays.

    Public work employees should not be the only ones pissed off at this administration who is doling out money to all kind of vote buying scheme yet the employees at public works cannot pay their creditors, cannot feed their families, cannot buy gas, cannot go to the grocery store, cannot pay top up. The trickle down impact should have all Dominicans in the street demanding that this useless administration resign and get out of the way of Dominica.
    I have experienced the reign of PJ,OJ, Eugenia, Edison and without a doubt this administration is the worse thing that has happen to Dominica. We have had our fair share of difficulties but the current governance and quality of management is just unacceptable in this time of advance communication and a supposedly more enlightened people. Roosevelt Skerrit had not been ready to lead and he will never be ready and so the wheel of chaos and destruction continue to turn while the people allow the dust to inflict convenient blindness and the draft to create convenient amnesia.

  29. look out
    July 15, 2014

    amazing but true u know there are workers at public works still saying I love my P M even if they a noting getting paid they want to focus on Danny’s statement and forget there miseries but time will tell and they will see how correct Danny was. All in all they love their P M remember its time for change

  30. justice
    July 15, 2014

    it is all of our business cause today is PWC tomorrow could be the very same place we work now so when one suffer we all suffer so lets rally round the staff of PWC they are our brothers sisters fathers mothers aunties uncles cousins….. y invest in all places and u allow workers from PWC too suffer like this mr PM… ppl open u all eyes the pm went as far to see when he wins pWC will never get another project again when he knows well in not PWC that did the cockrane road and it was fast company he gives all the projects to blackmoore and his family and we have a PWC that suppose to take care of road maintenance
    mr Pm i am not blaming u totally management is to be blamed too but y do this to the same ppl that voted u in Y and to tell them u will meet with them August 4 wen u knew it is a public holiday mr PM?
    ppl open ur eyes i voted for those same ppl but how can i vote u in again when u promise to take food from ppl mouth hmm left to wonder who is next

  31. yes i
    July 15, 2014

    the shop steward that doe show up today go on a hire and leave them ppl high and dry , he love his pm too much

  32. big girl
    July 15, 2014

    St Luce go and hide he never showed up for the demonstration today , he love his PM too much i hope he doe get paid today because he is not there go look where he is today doing his business

    • .
      July 15, 2014

      The sad thing is that whatever is achieved, he will be part of it!

    • change is a must
      July 15, 2014

      most of pw workers are labourites so u don’t ecpect dem to demonstrate.

      • #speakingmymind2
        July 15, 2014

        I never know all of PWC workers had to support ONE political party.SMDH @THESE STUPID COMMENTS.If you have nothing sensible to say go and hide.

    • Brilliant
      July 18, 2014

      why all the time he showing up in protest and always up front to speak and support PWC you never post a good job comment on him? Why didn’t you appraise him? now he doh show up for ONE protest you posting. you must be a HATER AND YOUR FRIENDS MUST BE CAREFUL OF YOU. Well he’s a wise man. not because things turn out bad for one month you have to backstab the hand that always feeding you. I see nothing wrong in what he did.

  33. big girl
    July 15, 2014

    yes yes yes

  34. July 15, 2014

    there should be a protest every week in dominica enough is enoughttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

    • Anonymous
      July 15, 2014

      enough :-D

  35. Se Sa Meme
    July 15, 2014

    Well Skerro give us toilet is to do what? Sit comfortably to S out all the hardship, pains & sufferings and the complaints on him, which you can flush to where? Figure it out

  36. Se Sa Meme
    July 15, 2014

    `Eben me’ pweson avwe… All fools day change to August 4th now?

  37. NEEDY!!!!!
    July 15, 2014

    When will Skeritt organization take its feet off poor people neck????

    Again this is modern day slavery with no physical chains. People work hard and get no pay.
    But while folks cry for their salaries in the amount of $3M, GOVT instead gives the church $500K for renovation while they ignore their cries and families are left to starve.
    Then the church does the bidding of GOVT by controlling its followers.

    The Lord is watching and the pain of the poor people is not gone unrecognized.

  38. justice
    July 15, 2014

    PM i voted for u but wrong is wrong. Don’t have the people suffering like that. Sometimes we start acting cocky when we fel we have alot of support..if thats what u doing ..stop it now plz

    • Ddd
      July 15, 2014

      Will u vote for him again? Step up and stop the madness.Skerro has to go

    • hotshots
      July 15, 2014

      Vote against him next time

      • justice
        July 16, 2014

        One thing with me I don’t vote for who I like. I vote based on what I see you doing for my country and if you doing whats right. This time around I am unsure about labor but workers has not proven themselves yet. Maybe I just won’t vote this election coming.

  39. Van
    July 15, 2014

    But wait nuh…some people are still saying I love my PM and is jealous they jealous. Do Dominicans deserve the government they voted for? Where are the Diaspora people from NJ,NY and VIs who got the plane vep and a hot meal for their votes?

    • hotshots
      July 15, 2014

      Vote against him next time

  40. DD
    July 15, 2014

    This is a shame. Shame on the government handing out money to party members for votes while the business of the country deteriorates. It is time to get rid of Skeritt and his gang.

    July 15, 2014

    Well, it’s about time the public works workers finally get the balls to protest. Why should they not get paid when they are working? In what civilize country does that happen? Only in Dominica….Dominicans needs to get to the street and protest in reference to the voters ID CARDS that’s their right…..
    It’s time for them to voter out PM and all of his PARASITES in office all they are doing is enriching themselves and keeping our people in poverty….CHANGE IS A MUST AND NOT AN OPTION. DOMINICANS IT’S TIME TO RISE……..

  42. foxy
    July 15, 2014

    but listen nuh, Dominicans are not known to be brilliant..

    why is Dominica rated the Poorest in the Eastern Caribbean

    a brilliant minded society corrects or prevents errors in leadership when it comes to governance, Antiguans voted on issues related to the poor performance of their economy you can consider them brilliant….

    Dominicans will never ever get it..they are too passive unable to be firm on issues and take corrective measures..

    it’s known around the caribbean as a thumps down island..

    • rainbow
      July 15, 2014

      we were brilliant until the present president took us for a ride. He used us for his own political gains. The result. Dominicans are sceptical. But its time we wake up from that slumber. enough is enough. Let us all get to the streets.

  43. me3
    July 15, 2014

    nady get ur facts straight cause as far as we can see when pwc paves our road they do a good job and that is no reason y the workers have to suffer like this

  44. me3
    July 15, 2014

    get a project done by pwc that wasnt done properly.. look at the roads the paved they are still intact look at the ones the chinese paved they have to be doing maintenance over and over so nady before u make a point plz get ur facts straight… when pwc is on a project they work day and night….

    and that is a poor excuse cause no one wants to work and not get paid i will not support that cause i look forward to my salary at d end of the month

    cause there are sooo many workers in the public service who dont do shit come late leave early and they still get paid so y pwc has to suffer

  45. Vanya
    July 15, 2014

    wonder why the fuss..Dominicans as a nation are proud to be foolish at all levels with Honors i don’t see the issue..

    Dominicans breath, sleep and talk foolishness it’s amazing, The Prime Minister will soon turn around and ask every Dominican to live on 20 eastern caribbean dollars a day and the nation will be in full praise for that…

    keep fooling the fools Skero they love your style of leadership..haha

  46. i must speak
    July 15, 2014

    i feel for these people, and like they say, who is next? today is theres tomorrow may be someone else.

    oftentimes people like to ignore the wrong, turning a blind eye and a deaf ear, only when it hits home, everyone of them singing a different song.
    pay these people Skerro. these ppl worked they deserve to get paid. some ppl arguing that they are lazy, but tell me who would find joy in working when you dont get paid?
    it is like the new century slavery

  47. Massacre/Goodwill
    July 15, 2014

    “What is in it for Me?” This is the mentality that of some ministers every time someone presents them with plans to develop any sort of industry or bussiness in Da!
    So , since they do not get any direct benefits by giving PWD jobs, they have to give to “Others” so that something can fall off into their pockets. That is a big mess we have in Dominica today.
    We do not generate enough money for ministers to have so much in such short time. Some things got to give , and now we are seeing the results.
    Dominicans open your eyes, the smiling faces are not always beautiful hearts.

  48. Roseau
    July 15, 2014

    It is clear right now that DLP Gov’t has out -lived it’s usefulness. They have not more ideas to develop the country without making money for themselves. So this is the result of many years of failed policies.
    If Dominicans do not put their heads togehter , I am sorry to say that all of us will be running to the tresuary at the end of the month for our salary, because it will be on a first come-first serve basis to get paid.
    It is a sad state of affiars.
    I hope when election comes around those same PWD people will remember who are trying to shut them down and who stood up with them.

  49. Anonymous
    July 15, 2014

    so you rather go fete for the holiday than take time to deal with your career/future??? #shortsighted #whatisyourpriority?

  50. open your eyes
    July 15, 2014

    Where all those laborities they don’t hv nothing ti say now …….. no way to justify there beloved government actions?

  51. Nady
    July 15, 2014

    dem public works ppl too damn lazy give them a project to do they taking 10 years and still not doing it properly and dont blame the current government for the debt of Public Works. They inherited Million and millions of dollars debt.

    • Truth
      July 15, 2014

      you are no different than judas, ,and still worst
      you selling your rights for just two pieces of silver,
      but don’t worry ,cause you will regret some day ,for misery will soon be at your door

    • st.joe massiff#2...
      July 15, 2014

      At naddy you are a dam fool.

  52. warrington
    July 15, 2014


    • justice
      July 15, 2014

      no it is ALL OF US BUSINESS! Cuz when u hit ur pension age and notice it not coming on time u will want to know why..stop being foolish

    • Mamizoo
      July 15, 2014

      Despicable you. You cannot find it in your heart to sympathise with the Public work employee s cause your party or man is more important to you. You defend this corrupt regime on every issue now you have no lie to tell si you resort to this dumb A $$$$ statement.

  53. me alone
    July 15, 2014

    When you have the leader’s brother as the contractor on the Marigot hospital and his cris cris on all road projects, where do you see work for public works.

    • shabba
      July 15, 2014

      Mout open. Never knew mr has a brother. Does he have a sister?
      He is such an I man. It is; I, myself, yours truly, me and me family alone.

      • .
        July 15, 2014

        @shabba I heard him on Marpin last night when he was talking to those at the Infirmry! A sick man that should voted out.

      • Anonymous
        July 16, 2014

        Wait a minute, isn’t the lady who was in charge of the aerial tram when it went bust his sister? Where is she now?

  54. Left Labor
    July 15, 2014

    Skerrit and the Labor party is tired and they can do nothing more for Dominica.

  55. me3
    July 15, 2014

    alot of injustice is being done to the workers of PWD and at the end of the day is not only workers that suffer cause i am certainly sure there are labourites in that very institution… so my pm u said all shall eat and with that very same breath u said u will not give PWD any projects… taking food from there mouths those workers have family like u mr pm have bills to pay mr pm so if u are in the interest of the ppl y dont u meet with the workers? y did u make that comment? mr pm instead of giving pwd the projects u take it to the Chinese and than pwd has to clean up and patch up the mess they did…. workers cant afford to send there children school, cant even get a loan cant pay bills cant buy anything cause u and mr black moore decided to destroy pwd mr pm remember the workers are the ver ones who voted u in….. and seriously august 4 hmm mr pm u can do better than dat

  56. Lougaoo Mem
    July 15, 2014

    “So it is a lot of issues, a lot of problems and we are just trying to see how this matter can be resolved.”

    Issue number one, there’s no doubt that the Roosevelt Skerrit’s government chose foreigners over our locals. Two, there’s no doubt that if you do not sing praises to the Labor party king, you and your family will be marginalized and sometimes victimized. Now, if our people continue to sit idle by and expect these problems and issues to go away without meaningful action, and I mean action to send a clear message to those who believe that they are untouchable as they run things, then, the people are out for a crude and rude awakening.

    I therefore call on all civil servants to stand up against tyranny, injustice, nepotism, cronyism, and the level of corruption like no other in the region. Unless the current government is voted out of office, the issues and problems shall continue, and our democracy will be something of the past.

    People! Take heed. These are very serious issues facing us today. Stop being naïve about the current state of affairs in our country. Can’t you see what they are doing to Mr. Gon Emmanuel? Can’t you see who has leverage over our people? Can’t you see who owns the businesses in Roseau, and customers have no rights to return defective goods from the said businesses? Why are we allowing such injustices to plague our people? When are we going to say enough is enough? I say the time to rise up and take a stand is now before it’s too late. Our beautiful Dominica is bigger than those who think they own it, so let’s all secure our democracy for a better future for our children. CHANGE IS A MUST NOT AN OPTION.

    • HELP
      July 15, 2014

      I have been saying this for a long time, Dominicans need to wake up and take a good look of what is going on around them. It’s like the citizens of Dominica are in a daze! Where in the world (unless it’s a communist) country can these things happen and the people cannot talk. Mr. Prime Minister should know that there were a lot of leaders who thought that they were invincible but they are no more; he can do so much but no more that the good Lord will allow. Some of those leaders had to hide in holes like the rats they were but they were still caught. Tell will tell.

      • Truth
        July 15, 2014

        The man dotish Dominicans, that’s why they moo moo, even the highly educated ones :mrgreen:

  57. AA
    July 15, 2014

    This happens when you have a government that is so greedy and for themselves that they do not see the big picture or they are just wicked that they will want to keep the people in poverty.

    During the chineese road project if the government had given adequate work to the PWC the corporation entire debt would have been wiped off and they would have been a viable company that would be able to meet its bills. But them fellas give the project to their people forgetting the masses.

    These people are all about themselves and their pockets and the masses can go to hell. This government does nothing for the masses unless they are able to get something out of it.

    Have you all ever figured out why the FDI is so low for DOM? This is because everybody in position in the public service wants a cut and no sensible and serious investor will come into this place

  58. July 15, 2014

    Ok DPSU if you want some action it is very simple stand up publicly and endorse UWP and I bet some action will start taking place. Because the DLP can’t afford to loose your vote

  59. too high
    July 15, 2014

    bam bam, mouth open torry jump out!!

  60. %
    July 15, 2014

    Did i read that the government is owing Public Works
    Corporation $3 137 691? Was i wrong? So why on earth Skerrit could give half a million dollars to the church, while we have so many workers who cannot be paid, cannot take care of themselves and their families? Does this man (since he is the government) have a heart or a conscience? Isn’t this Labour Party the most inconscionable party that has ever ruled Dominica? Is that what Labour Party stand for anywhere else in the world?
    I hope some the Public Works employees have learnt a HARD lesson, because some of them were PREPARED TO KILL FOR SKERRIT DURING THE LAST ELECTION!
    Poor Leadership Can Only Breed Poverty!

  61. joJo
    July 15, 2014

    Man, that is disgraceful. Govt. is the sole owner of that corporation and they even behind on their social security payments? I hear their own valuation offer put a price of $7.5 million on that Public Works garage site but apparently the Govt. agree to sell it to Chinese partner for $5 million. Can that be so?? How can Skerrit even dream of winning an election with things being like that? That is political suicide.

    • Anonymous
      July 15, 2014

      Are you certain that the Public Works site belongs to the government? Why don’t you get your facts straight!

      • JoJo
        July 15, 2014

        Well, Public Works Corporation belongs 100% to govt. so whom does the site belong to if not to them? Maybe they sold it already and the new owner anxious to take possession, that could be the answer. But, of course, if you know better you can tell all of us

      • My pocket first !
        July 15, 2014

        The PWC property is Government property. That is a fact!
        How can someone who claims to love his country owes soo much money to an organization and still expects it’s projects to complete on time? I understood from sources that they owe over three million dollars to the organization. In road patching i hear is 1.5 million , on morne prosper project they owe about 0 .8 million, on the point michel they owe about 0.4 million and i even hear that they did an additional of 0.4 million in TanTan.
        Shame on these guys when they should try to uplift the workers they bring them down in the drain. How can it be a Government that cares? Pay public works Skerrit!!!!!!

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