Catholic priest wants solidarity with poor and vulnerable

Fr. Hill said we are all interconnected
Fr. Hill said we are all interconnected

Catholic Priest, Fr. Peter Hill has called on members of the Dominica Social Security (DSS) and others in society to stand in solidarity with the poor and vulnerable in society.

“We should stand in solidarity with those who are poor and vulnerable in our society,” he said on Monday during a Thanksgiving Service at Our Lady of Fatima Church in Newtown to observe the 40th Anniversary of the DSS. “People need people and we have to remember as a society no man is an island, we are all interconnected, we need each other.”

He stated that all must work together for the good of everyone and there should be preferential options for the poor in society.

According to him the dignity of each person is a gift from God, “and in all that we do, we must always preserve that human dignity, especially the elderly and disable”.

“So often in life when people are disable we hide them, we say that they have nothing to contribute to the life of society,” Hill, who is also the Parish Priest for Our Lady of Fatima, stated. “There is a challenge for all of us to remember that each and every one of us was made in the image and likeness of God.”

Meantime his challenge to the member of the Social Security is what is their perception of the Dominica Social Security in the lives of Dominicans.

“Because how they see you is how they are going to react to you,” he noted. “I have had certain conversations and there are some people who think Social Security is the best thing that ever happened and has done tremendous good in the lives of people.”

On the other side of the coin, he said he has “spoken to some people who say Social Security writes us letters as soon as you miss one payment, when it is time for them to pay out they take a very long time.”

“I have heard people saying it seems the age just keep going up, I am paying this money , will there be money by the time I am ready to receive it?” he pointed out.

The DSS 40th Anniversary is celebrated under the theme: “40 Years of Dedicated Service and Stability Committed to Securing Future Generations”.

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  1. Glendon
    March 5, 2016

    Questionable intentions

  2. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    February 4, 2016

    Man what are you talking about?

    Anybody who talks about solidarity with the poor is simply condoning poverty, and misery in the country. I can elaborate on that; nevertheless, I will simply cut it short, and let you know that God said in his word ” the poor will always be among you” However, he also said “you have not because you ask not!” He also said “I am the God who made you rich.”

    When the Bible speaks of the riches of Abraham, he is specific, in how much Abraham had in silver, Gold, sheep cattle, ect, ect, ect., Now your pope must have made you take a vow of poverty, that is not the will of God, because God lay out his plan of prosperity in his word.

    It is not the will of God that anybody on this earth should be poor, and if I had the opportunity I can prove that to you as it is written in the word of God: poverty is of the devil, and do not condone it!

  3. anonymous2
    February 4, 2016

    Good luck!

  4. Malgraysa
    February 3, 2016

    Fr. Hill’s notions are laudable but the organisation he represents is the least democratic body I know. The Vatican is an autocratic State, not just a church and from what I have seen of the latest visit to that State by our President only confirms that they look after their own hierarchy first and foremost. St. Francis, the Pope’s namesake was a great example of charity and humility but most of today’s cardinals would laugh at him and call him a simpleton. I am sure that Pope Francis’ heart is in the right place but he is struggling with his own power mad brethern, who want to maintain the status quo and their privileges.

    • HA!
      February 4, 2016

      God is not a democracy either. so i don’t see anything wrong there.

    • Face the Facts
      February 9, 2016

      Some people have a wrong notion of the Catholic Church and the Vatican and what they are. This stemmed from those who formed their own religion and falsely indoctrinated followers to join them.
      You should pray to God for enlightenment.
      God is not a democracy nor is His One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. However, in order to function appropriately, it must have a head, one at the top as in all sorts of organizations. .The other Hierarchy have their obligations to perform.
      Keep in mind if those from within the Church laugh at the Pope, they laugh at themselves. Do you think God is blind, deaf and sleeping? He knows everything and what everyone says and do just as yourself.
      I always console myself and others with these words: God is patient and one day He will deal with everyone according to their words and actions.
      So don’t worry. Be happy. :) Practice the faith and do all the good you can. God rewards the good and punishes the wicked.

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        February 10, 2016

        Facts, you are talking a whole pile of nonsense!

        This man is standing there talking crap, about solidarity with the poor; how can he face himself to talk such nonsense, when the Roman Catholics priests, and their pope encourages people to be poor!

        I have met Roman Catholic people here in America, standing in the welfare line going to apply for general relief who informed me that there is nothing wrong with been poor because Jesus was a poor man!

        That is the teaching of the Roman Catholics, I heard that in the Roman Catholic Church in Wesley when I was a kid! That is a lie. Jesus is the one an only God who created the world, and the heavens, and all that is within them; how can he be poor. When he was on earth, and took the twelve disciples, they were working men with their families, to support, do you believe he would take away without providing for their families financially?

        Remember Judas was the purser, he had the bag of Jesus money, he stole from it everyday, Jesus…

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        February 10, 2016

        Remember the part of scripture which told he sent one of his disciples to catch a fish, and in the mouth of the fish he will find a gold coin use it to pay the taxes. It is all in the Bible, read it for yourself and free your self from this Roman Catholic bondage and the garbage they teach, what that guy is talking about is garbage, and has nothing to do with God!

        It is not what the pope, and some so called priest say, it is not what religion, false religion say, it is what God said in his words; his written words you should believe and follow!

  5. Dominican
    February 3, 2016

    You have grown into a strong and humble gentleman and Priest who is after the heart of the Lord.

    May the Lord keep you firm, guide and protect you along your journey.

  6. Face the Facts
    February 2, 2016

    Father Hill, this is an excellent reminder. There are some people who do not think that some of their ancestors came from humble beginnings. Much more could be stated about that.
    They should not look down on the poor but help to elevate them. We do know what is stated in Holy Scripture about helping the poor. Remember what Our Lord Jesus Christ said, “For I was hungry. . . .”
    There are really some people who are poor for whatever reason. Every country has them. This is why governments, especially in the industrialized countries give a monthly benefit to them. They must qualify for it. Those who qualify receive free medication, dental service and eye care better than some who are employed.
    I have a qualm about some enterprises that collect money from their customers/clients, etc., and when it is time to pay them they take their good time about it or give them problems prior to paying them.

  7. Face the Facts
    February 2, 2016

    The poor who are in need of should never be neglected. Thank God some of them have relatives overseas who send a monthly allowance to them and barrels of items. God bless them for their generosity.
    The Church alone cannot assist the poor and as much as It would love to. We are all each others’ keepers and we should not neglect our duty to help the less unfortunate.
    As St. Paul said, “Who had more did not necessarily have more. Who had less did not necessarily have less.”
    Each one helping the other in time of need, all for the love of God and for neighbor. I would love to elaborate on this. Sometime in a book I suppose. :lol:

  8. 4cars
    February 2, 2016

    At least this priest is married. Look a nice wedding and he’s wearing. Why can’t the others do the same?

    • 4cars
      February 2, 2016

      Wedding band on his finger.

      • Loop
        February 3, 2016

        The priest isn’t married. The wedding band symbolises his dedication to the church.

    • Face the Facts
      February 9, 2016

      It projects his fidelity to Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Catholic Church. This is why he wears one.
      I do not know if you are a Christian Catholic. All of us must pray for the Church, the Pope, Bishops and Priests. They all need our prayers as we need theirs. A daily (or more) simple prayer will do.

  9. tj
    February 2, 2016

    Fa hill it always a pleasure to listen and to see you.

  10. truththe
    February 2, 2016

    Correction, “St. Vincent de Paul”.

  11. truththe
    February 2, 2016

    Thank you Rev. Hill, there must be someone from the catholic society to come out boldly. For too long our catholic leaders are silent, either they are afraid or have become too political. They must listen to Pope Francis, he calls a spade a spade. Thats the mission of the religious who are consecrated to be true followers of Jesus Christ no matter how friendly you are with our leaders. Who stands for the poor and vulnerable in our society today, who speaks on their behave?
    Our Bishop and priest must show us who they stand for, Paul, Appolus or Jesus Christ..
    We are watching and listening. St. Vincent fe Psul cannot do it alone.
    A True Catholic who is hurting.

    • Face the Facts
      February 2, 2016

      The parishioners give to St. Vincent de Paul. If they are not generous, as much as they can afford, St. Vincent de Paul will not be able to assist.
      The same situation in especially Toronto. An annual special collection is taken up in Church for St. Vincent de Paul. Twice a year, in every Church, Spring and the Fall (Autumn) St. Vincent de Paul collects slightly used good clothing and household goods. Some are sent overseas.
      Good, clean used clothing and these goods are given to the poor. People must be broadminded. The poor must not be proud of wearing those clothing.
      An employed lady once showed me a coat which she wore that she purchased from a charitable organization. Some go to those non-profit stores which sell them and also help the poor.
      Dominica probably needs more charitable organizations throughout the country which will assist the poor.
      I also donate to this Catholic organization. Nearly every Church-going Catholic does, if not all..

  12. viewsexpressed
    February 2, 2016

    Thanks Rev. Fr. Hill for touching and recognising the poor, vulnerable people in our society. They deserves better to look forward to a good and quality retirement age.
    Bless you richly

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