Change from Carib to Kalinago now official

Casius Darroux
Casius Darroux

A name change from the Carib Reserve to Kalinago Territory has received approval from Parliament.

The Carib Territory Amendment Act which was brought to Parliament by Kalinago Affairs Minister, Casius Darroux, was passed with the support of The United Workers Party parliamentary opposition.

Speaking at the First Meeting of the First Session of the Ninth Parliament on Friday, Darroux said the name change will represent the image of the Kalinago people in a more affirmative way, “ to reflect a better indigenous identity, to dispel the historic negative connotations linked with the word Carib…”

“It is a new day for us, it is a new day in the history of the Kalinago people as the first inhabitants of the country. This bill that has been passed through Parliament to be amended. It is going to bring a lot of thought provoking ideas that we are going to develop for the betterment of the Kalinago people,” the first time parliamentarian and cabinet minister stated.

According to Darroux, since the arrival of Columbus, the Kalinago people have been “littered” with degrading connotations, “one of oppression which is a reminder that history has failed to recognize the sacrifices of my people and the appreciation of us as the first settlers of the land,” adding, “this does not foster any sense of ethnic pride among the indigenous people.”

Darroux describes Kalinago as the true reflection of a dynamic symbol of resistance to colonization and more so, “a symbol of unity, survival and strength which has the power to unify diverse people.”

The minister’s plans for development of the Kalinago Territory include new accommodations for the Kalinago Village Council, the commissioning of a resource centre which, according to him, “is going to be completed very soon and we will be having the opening for that” and resurfacing of the Kalinago Territory road networks.

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  1. joy
    March 2, 2015

    Isee nothing to be happy about that. Place need cleaning up.

  2. KIP
    February 24, 2015

    According to the record the word is KALINA. kalinaGO is a Dominica term I doh know where they want them to go.The Caribs are indigenous to south America not Dominica.Weren’t the Igneri and Arawak here befor the Caribs but who cares.

    I get the sense that the Kalina people of Dominica feel some entitlement.They were not enslaved and yet they are the “poorest”someone must tell us what is the collective value of the Kalina Territory lands, the territory is NOT poor.I am in full favour for the Kalina territory to be an independent state within Dominica. The racial connotations and innuendos coming from the chief William is very troubling.Africans did not create the Carib territory so ascribe blame correctly.

    Everyone came to Dominica on boats the Igneri, Arawak,Carib,African,Syrian,Lebanese, only the Chinese and Hispaniola use planes to get here.Oh I forgot we are not Africans in Dominica.

    Let the KALINA/CARIB/KALINAGO people run their own Affairs.

  3. Wa-a
    February 23, 2015

    Tap all you brakes people . All of all you running all you mout like all you eat bonda Jaco sisserou. Telemacaque a people devoid of their histree is like a tree without its roots , it cannot stand . So here is some history for you. Do you remember those truck loads of Kalinago that use to come and plant fig for Wesley banana plantocrats? I will not name names. Can you remember driving through the territory and seeing the amount of banana, coconut and citrus production . Did that not contribute to the Dominica economy? Do you remember electricity stopped at Marigot and Castle Bruce and it took ten years plus before they gave us lights. I could go on and on but I will tap my brakes. Respect my Kalinago people. Let them assert themselves. That is your ass part if you do not want assert your African history.

  4. February 23, 2015

    While i am applauding the name change from Carib to KALINAGO i am appalled and still haunted by the behavior and treatment of our indigenous peoples; whom we claim to love and admire so much. I personally witnessed the denigration of the Kalinago people by the same Min Darroux and his fellow DLP comrades whom prior to the elections he Darroux was personally distributing useless galvanize; blocks; lumber and other bribe materials in exchange for votes. It’s 2015 my people your are worth more than that do not allow yourselves to be MENTALLY colonized be any politician. The DLP record of tangible assistance and delivery has not been impressive.

    • Anonymous
      February 23, 2015

      Hence the reason why the UWP is adopting it. just a pity it is in the form of things which are not going to make us better individuals. I had extra malt and coca-cola brought to my home, empty alcohol bottles since I have close ties with a UWP campaign manager. So stop trying to pretend you are not aware that these things are done during elections by all and sundry.

  5. blackeye
    February 23, 2015

    for so long I hear person(s) seeking that name change…now its done, they still complaining. WHAT IS IT THAT YOU ALL REALLY WANT? and yes, name change/rebranding can be a good step forward. in everything big, you have to start somewhere(Small obviously). about the financial situation in that area, I don’t know why persons are still crying about land title, no you cant have one so put it in your pipe and smoke it. what is needed in that area is a financial institution which caters for its people. remember the lands can only be sold among its own, if you default to an outside institution, u cannot dictate who to purchase and so all the lands will soon be sold out. if you default to a local institution, another person within can buy, also that local institution may find outsiders defaulting to it and taking away their lands/assets to be sold to the people in territory. you all want to take back Dominica, you not gonna win a head on fight change the angle of attack and you will start…

  6. Ash
    February 23, 2015

    I expected negative comments, smh. The discrimination is strong here…. The rest of the Dominican community is so quick to jump at our throats (some, not all). Thankful for the name change, however. It’s something we have been indeed been looking forward to for a long time. I don’t expect that to change anything in terms of economic impact, but it is an accomplishment, and i’m happy for that – the enlightened ones will understand.

  7. A Doubting Thomas
    February 23, 2015

    Sometimes a name change is the best place to start for economic development. Some changes are good & some changes are not so good. For instance UWP Team Dominica has not proved to be a good name change, it confused people as though there were two UWP Political Parties running the 2014 elections. The election results also proved that. If we had to analyze the elections results with an openness would tell.

    Yet, some name change in Marriage, in Religious Life are done constantly. We’ve seen in earlier years black singers records would not sell with a black artists on the cover, take the same record, put a white person picture and name of the cover and the record sells like hot bread. Other Artists struggling did very well after changing their names. Case in point Engelbert Humperdinck.

    So the a name change from Carib & Reserve to Kalinago &Territory could definitely be an improvement for the people known as Carib and lived in a reserve whom themselves wanted…

  8. coyote
    February 23, 2015

    You must be joking,right?LOL

    • unclear
      February 23, 2015

      Who are you referring to?
      Joking about what?

  9. newDay
    February 23, 2015

    The name change may seem to be just Cosmetics to some,
    But in today’s world, cosmetics account for a whole lot anyway.
    I’m not Kalinago, but I like the change.
    I still don’t understand why the power’s at Independence thought it better to change our official name
    from Dominica to Commonwealth of Dominica,
    instead of from Dominica to WaituKubuli.

  10. Bod
    February 23, 2015

    Columbus may have been directly or indirectly responsible for many things, but the name Carib was not one of them.

  11. zammy
    February 23, 2015

    Name change enhen, does dat change the economic, social, psychological,and other realities in the Carib z
    Territory. It was called carib reserve, then because the word reserve was considered offensive, the Carib Reserve became a reality n now you hearing kalinigo Territory. Should all the communities now ask for a name change….??? Its a lil immature in this day and age to.think so small as a people. Maybe the Kalinigo people will have a complete transformation in every aspect of life… This parlrep.should.ask what are the real.needs if the people instead of a name change…

  12. Carib boy
    February 22, 2015

    Meanwhile, while Casius Darroux sold us to Skerrit and the DLP, he refers to the transaction as “It is a new day for us, it is a new day in the history of the Kalinago people.”Then he went on to say “since the arrival of Columbus, the Kalinago people have been “littered” with degrading connotations, “one of oppression which is a reminder that history has failed to recognize the sacrifices of my people and the appreciation of us as the first settlers of the land.”
    Casius, no where has the blood of our fathers was shed like it was in Cabrits, less than 3 miles north of Portsmouth. That piece of history has been there for years. Yet you are part of an administration that has given this part of our history to foreigners to make money on while our sons and daughters cannot get a loan to go and study. You will go down in history as the one who sold us into modern day slavery and destroyed our history. Skerrit and Mano must be laughing at us

    • Anonymous
      February 23, 2015

      Why would you want a loan when scholarships are allocated for you – SMH

  13. Carib boy
    February 22, 2015

    A name change from the Carib Reserve to Kalinago Territory has received approval from Parliament.

    Merriam-Webster › dictionary
    noun ter·ri·to·ry \ˈter-ə-ˌtȯr-ē\. : an area of land that belongs to or is controlled by a government.

    So kalinago people we are now owned and belong to the government, more particularly, the DLP of Skerrit. In other words, Skerrit now owns us and is our new slave master. I now understand what the former spiritual advisor meant when he said “zore two sort”.

    • blackeye
      February 23, 2015

      yeah, by a government, I think it means any person/bodies that is in charge. in that case the chief and council.

  14. The Facts
    February 22, 2015

    They have been referred to as Kalinago for a long time. I do not think this name change will make a difference or much of a difference, at least not for the present.
    Their history is important to them. However, if they wish to continue segregating themselves and do not think of themselves as D/cans by not assimilating in the Dominican society, how could there be any visible change? The name change is only on paper and on the records.
    Dominica is one Dominica, one country. Change always comes from within the heart. This is where it commences, first. I would think it is Dominica first, then heritage. if Dominican unity is to be achieved among them and other Dominicans.
    Darroux has some work to do to assist them in assimilating in this society including taking advantage of educational and other opportunities which will assist them in this respect. Good luck!

    • looking
      February 23, 2015

      But you thoroughly enjoyed them singing “Labour Ka Twavay”. You only used them for your convenience, keep them enslaved so you can use and abuse them again.

      • The Facts
        February 24, 2015

        Since you mentioned this, if you know about them throughout those years you would never have made such a comment. They were always free. No one tied them down and prevented them from traveling all over D/ca and assimilating in its society. This was not what they wanted then.
        Without prejudice, you know they were once primitive and were known to be. They kept themselves down by segregating themselves and wanting their own Reserve, free of any outside intervention, of any D/cans who were not Caribs as they were. They were not interested in education.
        Someone once told me they heard a non-Carib being called a negro. How many times they made reference to this? I wonder also today. Therefore, they have their prejudices against non-Caribs/Kalinagos.
        I hope now that their name-change is official, it will encourage them to assimilate in the D/can society of which they are part of – Dominican-born. It will be to their benefit and their future generations.

  15. Carib boy
    February 22, 2015

    I once committed a crime as a carib and paid a very severe price for my crime. Now I am a kalinago I guess nobody will treat me as a criminal because the new name has changed my history and old character. My point is, has our new name changed our who we really are? Also, when I made my passport in 2006, under ‘race’ I had carib. Do I and others have to change it to Kalinago? With all the problems we have in the reserve especially under this DLP, I cannot believe a name change was the most important thing on Casius Darroux could do for us. We really making people laugh at us

    • Francisco Telemaque
      February 22, 2015

      I’d like to draw this to your attention also. I heard someone during the debate made the claim that the reason for the change of name is because some foreign power named the people “Carib”, because they classify the Carib’s as “cannibals.” That is a blatant lie. The Carib People are called Carib, for the same reason Indians in America are called American Indians.

      Carib, derives from the term “Caribbean Indian.” Now anyone could be from a tribe such as the Kalinago tribe resident one certain section on the Carib Reservation in Dominica, or in St. Vincent, Belize, perhaps Guyana and Trinidad Where Caribbean Indians are found. In the United and Canada their are thousands of Indians who are identified by their tribe and location of their Reservation. Keep in mind in America they are autonomous, except in the case of Federal issues. When I went to school I was taught if I went to Africa, the cannibals would eat me.

      • Francisco Telemaque
        February 22, 2015

        Remember, Black people were stolen from Africa, with assistance of Black African tribal chiefs and sold into slavery. So when the teacher informed that if I went to Africa, I would be eaten I question why a black person would eat another, her response was “because our skin are more refined than theirs though we are black.”

        I do not know if such was her own sentiments, or if that was in the British curriculum from which she taught; I do not know because in my day in the Government elementary in Wesley, students had no textbook we were handed a black slate, and in most cases it was a broken slate. By the time we got to grade three we were introduced to the exercise book some containing 16, or 48 pages. And I need to stop; but in our country you never know what is true or a lie. There are politicians in Dominica influencing children that Rosie Douglas, and Charles fought for independence, a total lie nobody in Dominica fought British for anything! They are distorting Dominica’s…

      • out of south city
        February 23, 2015

        My brother, if our African brothers did not assist in capturing their own brothers into slavery they would be killed. You know that it was either the bible or the gun, too. Also, Africans did not eat each other as the lie was told. Africa was and is still painted dark and everything negative. That’s why they still show on their televisions African children with big stomachs, naked, with flies in their mouths. Africa was the mother of civilisation and these crackers had to go there to learn about civilisation. They never tell us of their history such as living in the ice age in the Caucaus mountains for thousands of years, losing their skin melanin because there was no sunlight. The European is a depigmented African.
        We cannot accept what they have placed in their text books. They know our history better than we know ours. To this day, we have accepted things the way they have handed down to us, especially their white jesus. We will kill for their jesus if we have to.

        ONE LOVE

    • The truth
      February 23, 2015

      Speak for your self. That is a step in the right direction. We as a people must learn to use politics as a tool to for our development but not to take hold of our mind and thoughts.

  16. empress
    February 22, 2015

    Congrats so my kids are now Kalinago

    • Ma Moses
      February 23, 2015

      Are they any different or still the same children? I am asking because a name change in itself is only cosmetic, even less effective than putting on lipstick or mascara. What real benefits come with this name change for the Kalinago people? I am more concerned with the change of the land from reserve to territory. Reserve means that it is reserved for the Kalinago people. but “territory” opens up the way for eventual government control. Why change that designation?

  17. diva
    February 22, 2015

    Happy to see both parties agree on something….. Let’s hope this will lead to more togetherness. Keep it up!

  18. iland ghost
    February 22, 2015

    Can someone tell me how the word Kalinago came about.
    It would have been nice to add a few lines of origin, of the subject, to this message.
    I love the idea and as a reminder, on an epidemic educational stand point, the internet gives us the opportunity to share with the rest of the world. One will only learn anothers existance by first understanding other diversities around them. I applaud the name change idea! Especially from an island, labelled, “Unchanged!”
    From a born Dominican who migrated out of the island, almost 30 years ago! One Love, and God bless.

    • derp
      February 23, 2015

      seriously, that’s the name they call themselves wow…

  19. Thor
    February 22, 2015

    You really believe a name change will bring about the changes that are necessary to elevate the standard of the Kalingo people.

    Education, better health care, employment opportunities and housing are just a few of the things our indigenous people need to move ahead.

    I hope they do not rest on their laurels after I’d piece of legislation is passes..

  20. Japanese
    February 22, 2015

    yessa…..great achievement bro….I know this is going to contribute to the economic well being of the Kalinago Territory and its residents!

  21. george Fontaine
    February 22, 2015

    Carib reserve to Kalinago Territory

  22. The voice of god?
    February 22, 2015

    As a Dominican, I can walk to any bank with my land paper and seek a loan to help brighten the future of my children. Can the Kalinago people do that? Will the change of name put them in a better position to do that like the rest of us who call ourselves Dominicans? I know the answer is a BIG NO, and therefore if Skerrit really cares about them as he makes them think, then he needs to use the remainder of his short time in office, to put policies in place that will change the mindset and lifestyle of the people. A name change could be important but unless we put policies in place to drastically change the environment of the people, name change will mean nothing.

    • The Facts
      February 22, 2015

      You should know, those who approach the bank or other financial institutions for a loan must qualify under the circumstances of employment, assets and a good credit rating. They should also not approach these institutions intoxicated.
      If they do not have these qualifying factors, you should understand that they will not be able to obtain a loan. This makes good sense. It will have nothing to do with whether one is a Kalinago, once a Carib or not.

  23. same old same old
    February 22, 2015

    Will changing the name of a goat to a sheep make any difference? What about changing the name of a donkey to a horse? It is more important for Minister, Casius Darroux,to change the mentality of the Carib/Kalinago people than anything else. he needs to let them know that they are the original Dominicans and we met them there and therefore, they need to stop allowing Skerrit and the DLP to treat them with sweet empty promises that avail to nothing. He needs to let them know that they are worth more than plywood and flushing toilet, and that they should not allow themselves to be treated that way. It is time for me to hear the next Governor, Prime Minister, minister of Finance is a REAL CARIB ? Kalinago and that they are equal to any one of us in Dominica. It is time that they understand that the DLP who has served Dominica for by far the longest stop exploiting the people and put policies in place to ensure that they too stand an equal chance in life like the rest of all of us.

    • Reminiscing
      February 23, 2015

      I cannot get past you comparing a people to goats and donkeys…………..

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