Child sexual abuse rampant in Dominica – officials

sex abuseSexual abuse of children is a major source of concern for welfare officials in Dominica with children below five years being abused in that way, they say.

Speaking at a Child Abuse Awareness Fair on the weekend, coordinator of the Child Abuse Unit, Jemma Azille-Lewis said sex abuse is the most reported form of child abuse on the island.

“Sexual abuse continues to remain the main form of abused reported at the social welfare division and also to the police,” she said.

But that is not all, for it appears that children below the age of five are being sexually abused in Dominica.

“When we see children being abused below the age of five, especially in the area of sexual abuse, we have to realize this is something serious,” Azille-Lewis noted.

Additionally, she said, children are being abused in various forms including physical and emotional abuse and child neglect.

She called on the general public to report cases of abuse since the process is confidential and anonymous.

“You give the information of who you think is abused and and we act on it,” Azille-Lewis said.

A special call was made to parent, for according to Azille-Lewis, they have a special duty to protect their children.

“If you know that your child is being abused, you don’t go and keep it a secret because it happened with a family member,” she said. “You have to think of the effect that can have on your child. What is your child worth to you as a parent, to know that your child is being abused and you don’t follow through with the cases at the courts, you don’t communicate with the police, you don’t support them in the investigations. Think of your child,” she admonished parents.

Azille-Lewis noted that child abuse has “long lasting negative effects” on children.

“These things can last a life time if we do not take a step forward,” she said.

The fair was organized by the Social Welfare Division in collaboration with the Kiwanis Club and other social agencies in Dominica.

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  1. dady b
    November 30, 2015

    so you mean to tell me that the pm not saying northing well when ghys start killing man for mesing with deare children i hope he will not star talking that is what that going to stat haperning look out if i was to hav my little girl and a man would do that to her the police would have to look for me and not him lets face it a big woman some times feeling pain when having sex think of de little child i heve seed it and will say it again in the us man taking life time for that. mr pm set the law strat you stop greening your face all the time man sorry how you take it but iam vef with that sheet do somthing about it now thats it de police them sevels take it for joke becous thay are donig the samething. and remember you have an. X police seting the law a neder as hold

  2. A. Non
    September 8, 2014

    I am absolutely disgusted to hear this. I live aboard but have parents living in Dominica, I really love this island as my 2nd home, but I really fear for my family with all the injustice going on. I feel that there needs to be a worldwide petition against child abuse on Dominica and the signatures presented to the government so that they realise that this is not just a concern for the islanders but a worldwide concern. The eyes of the world are now watching to see how the government deals with child abuse as it is ever increasing. Sending out a message to these perpetrators in terms of lengthy sentences and real punishment must surely be the best solution. We need to stamp this out before our children consider this behaviour the norm!!

  3. Dominican Uk
    September 3, 2014

    To the Government and police of Dominica just something that caught my eyes in England we are currently fighting for our children world wide. See below agenda.

    Working Together to Protect Children from Abuse and Neglect

    Policy Briefing




    This informative policy and research led event will provide you with an up to date look at the latest thinking on how to protect children against neglect and abuse. You will leave the event with a clear idea of current best practice and how this can be applied to your organisation to make your child safeguarding strategies more effective.

    Key topics will include:

    Putting Children at the Heart of Safeguarding

    The Importance of Multi-agency Working

    Supporting Victims of Child Abuse

    Who Needs to be Involved to Make the Biggest Impact

    The Government——————————————————————————–

    Forward this email to a colleague


  4. The Facts
    September 3, 2014

    Last year I read about this. It is time to do something concrete about it. More action and less words are required.
    Educate the parents and advise them how to protect their children. Parents must be responsible and should not leave their children with unreliable adults. You know what I mean.
    Parents, do not hesitate to report that your child was sexually abused.
    Law authorities, if informed should not hesitate to bring a charge against those who sexually abuse children.
    There are also emotional and physical abuse. The same applies that parents should be educated on this matter. Some parents were also abused. Teach them proper parenting.
    If all you do is have meetings, talk and write the Media, nothing good will be achieved on this matter; nothing will come out of it and children will continue to be abused. Cease repeating yourself, be serious and do something about it.
    Children are the future adults. They must be allowed to be children and live happily as children. Their little minds should not be tarnished. Their bodies should not be destroyed for yes, it will leave a lasting mark on them.
    Jesus loves the little children of the world. Our Lord Jesus Christ said, “Those who harm any of the little ones, it will be better that a millstone be hung around his neck and he be thrown into the deep sea.” This is how Our Lord feels about harming the little ones, His little ones.
    Therefore, parents, government and law enforcers please do your part for the sake of the little ones. Preserve their innocence and keep them happy.

  5. Eurocarid
    September 2, 2014

    I feel sick and disgusted that nobody is taking this to task.
    This is embarrassing news that needs global attention to shame the perpetrators (scum) or peodos into into non existence.
    They should really do life meaning life but the death sentence for the worst cases and those in government that are involved.
    This should ensure that the crimes & acts are greatly reduced literally over night..
    God bless Dominica

  6. Anonymous
    September 2, 2014

    One only needs to read DNO to know there are many good people in Dominica who are appalled at the increase of sexual child abuse on the island and want drastic steps taken.

    My own country (Canada) has its share of sexual child abuse. I expect this hideous crime exists wherever there are people. DNO is read in many countries so I am using this venue to address the problem wherever it is found.

    When it comes to sexual child abuse both girls and boys are victimized. The abuse of boys may not happen as often but on the other hand it may be that boys are less often reported.

    In 1992 The Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy reported that “homosexual men are three times more likely to engage in paedophilia.”

    Alfred Kinsey, the famous sex researcher, in 1848 found that 37% of gay men admitted to having sex with children.

    The following suggestions have been made before but they bear repeating.

    Parents should know that abusers are sometimes family members and others who are known to the victim.

    Be especially watchful of any older person who shows an unusual interest in a child. Be careful who you allow to babysit, or help a child with homework, or take a child (or children) on a camping trip. Be careful of sleepovers with families you do not know well, or any occasion that would allow a child to spend time alone with an adult you do not have complete confidence in.

    There should be at least one carefully selected adult in every school that a student knows he or she can talk to if ANYBODY molests them. It may be a teacher, school nurse, guidance counselor, or social worker.

    Children should be taught to report any inappropriate touching, looking, or picture taking. They should be told not to get in a car with a stranger, or go to the home of a teacher, or other adult without their parent’s permission.

    If a child reports an incident you should believe the child. It is very difficult for a child to report being sexually abused. This is why many cases go unreported for years while the abuser continues to abuse others.

    There should be a law that requires ANYBODY who know or even suspects a case of sexual abuse has taken place (or is taking place) to report it immediately to the police. Not to report a known incident of abuse should be a crime. If your government doesn’t have a law on the books that requires ANYBODY who knows a child has been molested to report it that government is failing its people.

    Mothers should report husbands or boyfriends immediately to the police if a son or daughter confides in her that the man has sexually assaulted them. It makes no difference if he is “breadwinner”, or is paying the bills. That only makes it worse! If you do not report him you are literally pimping your child. You also belong in prison.

    If the abuser is a pastor or a priest he (or she) should be reported to the police. You do NOT need permission from the bishop to report clergy abuse! A Roman Catholic bishop is apt to say, “Leave it with me. I’ll take care of it. Don’t go to the police.” He may even intimidate or threaten you. He may transfer the priest to another parish. It should be reported to the police immediately once you have heard the complaint. It is the job of the police to interview the parties and draw their own conclusions.

    Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. International Evangelist.


    • Barbara Saunders
      September 2, 2014

      Rev. Hill
      Your advice is well appreciated as many of us abhor this pestilence of child abuse. However we should try to avoid absolutes such as always believing whatever the child says because I am aware of a situation where a girl in her early teens concocted a completely untrue story about a supposed attempt at sexual abuse by a young man. Lucky for him, several witnesses were able to confirm his presence in a completely different location several miles away, at the time that the child stated he was supposed to have been in a particular place.

      He missed spending several innocent years in jail either by a stroke of luck or God’s protection.

      Also, I am not a Roman Catholic but why does your comment, particularly the last paragraph give the impression that it is only Catholic priests who abuse children?

      Shouldn’t your paragraph have read something like “if it is a pastor or priest you do not need permission from the Bishop or the Pastor’s superior to go to the Police”? Since Pastors do not operate in Parishes what other conclusion should I draw from your article? Can we please be careful what we say and write?

      • September 4, 2014

        Ms. Saunders:

        I want to thank you for reading my comments and responding.

        In my last paragraph I said “… if the abuser is a pastor or a priest…” This in itself shows I was not implying that Catholic clergy are the only ones who sexually abuse children. However, it is much more common among Catholic clergy.

        “You do NOT need permission from the bishop to report clergy abuse!” This covers both Catholic and Protestant clergy. There are at least two evangelical Protestant denominations in Dominica that have bishops.

        I did mention the problem with Roman Catholic bishops telling people who report sexual abuse to them not to go to the police with their complaint. It is the Catholic bishops who say “Leave it with me. I will take care of it.” It is the Catholic bishops who transfer the priest to another parish. If the accusation is proven Protestant bishops and superintendents remove the pastor from the ministry.

        The sexual abuse of a child is a crime that should be reported immediately to the police. It is a police matter. Nobody should be allowed to intimidate or threaten you to prevent you from reporting it. It is the business of the police to investigate the accusation for the civil authorities. The church is responsible for their own investigation and will follow canon (church) law when it comes to the discipline they bring to bear.

        Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. International Evangelist.

      • September 4, 2014

        Ms. Saunders:

        I am glad the man was cleared. It is a dreadful thing to have this kind of accusation brought against a person’s character.
        Thank you for drawing this case to my attention. It might help if I explained that when I wrote my comments I was actually thinking about much younger children, not a girl in her early teens. Girls in their mid teens sometimes tend to be a bit more mischievous, fun seeking, and irresponsible. A desire to impress their peers and a bit of wishful thinking can produce some strange behaviour. However, I must be more careful how I tell people to believe a child’s accusation next time.

        Again thank you.

        Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. International Evangelist.

    • The Facts
      September 3, 2014

      There is a reason why the Canadian Federal government passed a Law also for sexual abuse among especially married couples. If it is not consent it is sexual abuse and the perpetrator could be arrested. You cannot touch your wife if she says “NO!” The same goes for husbands and other partners. Why do you not write about that? :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

      • September 3, 2014

        The Facts:

        Thanks for asking.

        I didn’t write about that because we’re talking here about child abuse not wife abuse.

        Sincerely Rev. Don Hill. :-P

    • September 3, 2014

      Oops, sorry. :oops:

      I made a mistake.

      The year for Alfred Kinsey’s research discovery “37% of gay men admitted to having sex with children” was 1948″ NOT 1848.

      Sincerely, Rev. Don Hill.

  7. famalay
    September 2, 2014

    evey body have cell phone them tine must haping

  8. Mr. Deligent
    September 2, 2014

    I can feel the anger and sadness in the comments, some even make threats which is not acceptable,but the fact that you can talk about it ,is a relief. Be a dad and not a bully to your children, read little books with them, watch cartoons with them,point to certain character in the carton and said this one is my favourite and who is your favourite, a word they spell well ,you spell it wrong. You will find them telling you anything like they feel sorry for you .Perfect little angels. First you have to be a dad and not them monsters we are referring to. The children feel more secure when dad is around and communicate better with you than the mother

  9. grell
    September 2, 2014

    Police officers do it and they are kept a big secret,shame on dominica and its leaders,let it be one of their own,but wait they do it also.SMH.

    • September 3, 2014

      Are you saying that there are police officers molesting children and nobody is doing anything about it? Are they not arrested, charged, and tried in a court of law?

      There should be a law that requires anybody who knows of a child being sexually assaulted to report it to the police immediately. No government that does not have such a law on the books could convince me that they even consider sexual child abuse a serious offence.

      Everybody should by law be mandated to report any cases of sexual child abuse they become aware of. This includes mothers who find their husbands or boyfriends have abused one of their children. It includes police officers who learn that a fellow officer has sexually assaulted a child.

      If the civil authorities do not move on this kind of report and apprehend the offender they are inviting vigilante justice. I cannot imagine a God fearing citizen who knows a “police officer” who has sworn to serve and protect raping a little girl and getting away with it. If his fellow officers don’t reign him in let the people do it. Vigilante justice is better than no justice.

      I am a Christian and an ordained minister but I am no pussy.
      I hate violence and am the first to “turn the other cheek.” But
      if I knew a police officer had sexually molested a child and might do it again – if he had been duly reported and the police did nothing – I would seriously consider teaching him a lesson.

      Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. International Evangelist.

      Former licensed private Investigator under the Province of Ontario in Canada. License no. 142306

  10. VICTIM
    September 2, 2014

    These monsters need to be dealt with seriously castrate all of them because prison don’t help the cause. What can a three years old off a mal bowooo sexually they are just as bad as a murderer execute them by firing squad and the parents who try to shield those MFs send them to prison. This is an epidemic going in our sweet Dominica. Come on Government pass the law make examples of them.

    • September 6, 2014

      These men should be dealt with either by the police and justice system or by dads who are mad as %@& and refuse to take it anymore.

      Yes, I am a preacher but here is what I would do if any man touched my grandson or granddaughter… If the police did not do their job or if the case was not properly dealt with in court…

      I would render the man physically incapable of re-offending!

      This is not the position I would have taken five years ago. But reading of these cases in the DNO has got me going. I could not be living in Dominica and stand idly by.

      Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. International Evangelist.

      Former Licensed Private Investigator under the Province of Ontario in Canada. License No. 142306

  11. winston warrington
    September 2, 2014

    What is very glaring is that abuse of all sorts is acceptable in Dominica. The daily correspondence on DNO seems to suggest that anyone may judge another’s social value , intelligence or education without prior knowledge or history of the person,s accomplishments. No one is respected.
    The lame excuse is that the political leaders do not set the trend for respectable behavior. Fact is, the low and filthy displays during carnival and other festive occasions are clear indications of a society gone rogue in defiance of moral sensitivity. The culture of brutes is paraded in drunken ecstasy to the drum beat of Bouyon Couyon. That is not the burden of only politicians; the well paid guardians of culture, tradition and morality must have dropped the ball.
    Some conditions that promote child abuse in Dominica are primarily familial. Overcrowded households, non-curricular activities that are not socially redeeming, more suited to adults and excessive exposure to carnal activities in public and on TV.
    Continuous migration has also left a void in the lives of those left behind leaving them a false sense of freedom to indulge in activities reserved for those of mature age. We need to spike the social conscience of a few by being kinder, less abusive and readily insulting.

  12. nix
    September 2, 2014

    Don’t wait for people to “report it” before you investigate? You need to be pro-active and working with other agencies. The police must investigate and document every case. Teachers, Health workers and police must work together. The public must be educated to the harm abuse causes. This is not a problem of the individual cases but for the society as a whole. SHAME

  13. Dominican
    September 2, 2014

    Child care board and government and co rise up and fight for the children of tomorrow. The time has come stop this brutality, focus on these children in societry everyone should be a policeman in their community. People should not be ashamed it is not your fault it is the perpetrators fault not parents and children.
    However we need to educate some of these women whilst on holiday in DA grandbay I became involved in a conversation about a young man of 17 that was caught abusing a 10 year old the women in the village was blaming the girl stating ” she in her buisness long time” honesly my heart skipped a beat I could not bel;ieve my ears. these are people with their own children and grand children but their children are safe so the other children are seen as low downs this needs to stop. Please let us have radio shows as well as tv to address this major problem and it is a problem are we not shame for a small population like that we are so hig on the scale we need to erradicate these idiots from our society.

  14. Angry
    September 2, 2014

    Those animals who abuse children should be castrated and locked up permanently. They have lost all rights to be part of society, and therefore should be banished to co-habit with their own kind.

    There is absolutely no excuse for such barbaric behaviour, towards innocent children .

    I am appalled

  15. Ben Haynes PsyD
    September 1, 2014

    After all the shame and scandal, what do we do? This subject was brought to the front page before, but what has happened, and what will happened a few days from now when this same topic is filed, and politics takes on the front pages. Here in D/ca we love to talk about which country has more crime, and which politician is this or that. How mapwee gets so much ait time, but abusing our children is “big-time”, and out of control. Today, we are talking about the abuse of children, and it seems as thought the country continues to move on other topics that has larger audiences. The sad fact is, child abuse is the worst sin a nation can be known for. Seems as if this is D?ca’s hidden agenda. Too many children are robbed of their innocence, and too many adults are culprits walking free. Well, what is government policy on this? More talk, and no action? The government of has failed in their duty to protect its children, and so-called religious people are denying, while ignoring this sad problem. What a mess this country will face when these children become adults. We can stupes, and defend the status quo here, but this is very ugly, and we all need to examine ourselves before we criticize others.

    • September 9, 2014

      Dr. Haynes:

      I appreciate your comments on this matter.

      More needs to done to get governments to take sexual child abuse more seriously. Anybody who knows of a child being assaulted should be legally mandated to report it to the police.

      Another matter causes me some concern. Here in Canada I have personally known of victims who suffered latter in life. Some have not been able to develop normal relationships with the opposite gender. Some have become alcohol or drug dependent. Some have committed suicide.

      It seems to me there should be psychological evaluation and counseling provided for the victims with periodic follow-up.

      These children have been hurt. Obviously there are many of them. If the hurt had been physical they would receive medical care. But the hurt is psychological and it can cause problems for a lifetime if it is not treated.

      You are better able than myself to address this. Please do!

      Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. International Evangelist.

  16. love I
    September 1, 2014

    Please protect your children….Lord have mercy on these cruel persons….

  17. Sweet
    September 1, 2014

    Some of them calling the child phone pretending is the mother they are calling and the mother condoning it, then she calling flow.

  18. Mr. Deligent
    September 1, 2014

    Poor,poor and poor children again. Your child is your own responsibility and no ones else. A stitch in time saves nine,Some of you may have gone though this experience and kept quiet, had you reported it something would have been done before it escalates .How can a poor child complain about some one and, come to face the same person at the home.THIS HAPPEN to unplanned children because it just happen.we are born unique and should cherish and respect ourselves. when you go to party get a child and lay it on somebody else like a gran what do you expect. We caused it and we have to deal with it .Take the blame for your mistakes and ensure it does not happen again

  19. Dominique
    September 1, 2014

    I personally have confronted some grown men in Dominica who have molested young girls. They would just say it just happened and they would give especially their mothers money, or provisions. Some parents are so loose themselves, they cannot even protect themselves much less these children.

    The people I have encountered on molesting these children are people in very high, high positions in Dominica. One told me he have been with both mother and daughters. How despicable. I told one I am going to report him, he told me its his word against mine, and the woman will not say it is true. I work with kids in another country and it is my duty to report child abuse. Sometimes the children even draw what happens. If we as a society cannot protect our children, what society are we expected to have now and the future. Lord please help us.

    • Angry
      September 2, 2014

      You should have reported the animal to the authorities. You allowed him to intimidate you and prevented you from performing your civic duty.

      I am very disappointed!

    • Anonymous
      September 2, 2014


      There should be a law that requires you or anybody else who knows about a child being molested to report it to the police AND a law that requires the pervert to be prosecuted in court.

      Such a law would have to carry a penalty if it is broken. Those who know of a boy or girl being raped or otherwise sexually abused who do not report it to the police should by law be charged and prosecuted. They should be doing hard time.

      Every few months we see a news article in DNO that reports on the increase of sexual child abuse in Dominica. The head of a government department makes a speech on sexual child abuse or a civilian gives a news release from a non-government agency on the rise in child sexual molestations on he island. This never fails to bring forth a flurry of comments about how absolutely terrible it is.

      But does your nation have a law that says anybody who knows of a child being sexually assaulted and does not report it to the police immediately (before it happens again!) will be charged? If so do people know about it? If such a law exists how is it people can so freely admit that they know of such cases and have done nothing? They should be in prison.

      The culture and refinement of any people can be measured by the protection they give to the children and elderly in their society. No government that does not make it legally mandatory to report the sexual child abuse of children have given us any reason to think they even care.

      The perversion will continue and the sickness will spread until the people rise up. Somebody has to write a petition and start getting signatures. Somebody must make it an election issue.

      Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. International Evangelist.

  20. ThinkTwice
    September 1, 2014

    I know of this policeman with a seven (7) yr old daughter who’s daughter was being abused and because it was a close family member he refused to act upon it for even the sake of the kid. I offered my help to both him and his daughter but, could only do so much. What a shame and guilt to live with as a parent I thought and even told him. Mentioning how is she gonna forgive you later in life that you didnt protect or srand up for her? There’s just way to many cover up for the wrong reasons in this country and way too many kids are suffering in silence in Dominica.

  21. September 1, 2014

    To much talk and no action.So many people get away with hurting kids.I blame the government, ministers and law enforcement.

    • Martindale
      September 1, 2014

      Why do you have to invovled the Govt ? oh my God everything in Dominica now is POLITICS..

      September 1, 2014

      to much talk no action, true saying , i know of a Young girl who was sexually molested from 8 till 11 in all manner of ways u could imagin from a married man ,damage the child to a point where this child will never be able to have children , this man sodomized that child and up to this day this man is still free court case keep postponing it,s now 3 years and nothing has come out of it ,and the thing about it he is a sex offender ,molest his own daughter that the daughter had to live the country so that to avoid him and the court has this man free why? because he is well known , i say shame to the court system justice is needed to this poor young girl whose future is not

    • wise up
      September 2, 2014

      how can you blame government and law enforcement when the cases are reported and parents choose to cover up and not press charges,the police canr do anyting unless the parties involved wish to press charges an move forward they cant prosecute on there own..blame the parents who cover up for the people who are hurting there children and still have the guts to tell there child they love them

  22. Lu Belle
    September 1, 2014

    I am not a Dominican, but I lived there for several years. My observation, as an outsider, was that sexual prowess and multiple partners was considered to be reason for respect. When a boy child was born, Mothers behaved as if Jesus himself had arrived and the men strutted around like roosters when a male child was born. There was an over-emphasis on being “manly” and the girl children just became drudges to wait on their brothers and the men in their Mother’s life (which was subject to change repeatedly). Physical and emotional abuse was common and accepted as being “our culture”. It was appalling to me!!! The lack of respect for children was something I couldn’t wrap my brain around. they were disposable and easily replaced. I found Dominica to be a very sad and un-caring place, where personal relationships were shallow and cruel. Dominica is such a beautiful place, but there is a lot of darkness.

    • Caribbean sister
      September 2, 2014

      This does not only happen in Dominica but all over the Caribbean. It has a lot to do with our past history and Europeans. Please do some reading and researching before you start judging. Instead of criticizing you should have looked at ways where you could have helped a country which was destroyed by European slavery and their lifestyles.

      • kicha
        September 2, 2014

        ohhh common Caribbean sister….how you can be such apologist? How Europeans can be blamed for Dominicans atrocities against their old children? Europeans left Dominica long ago and you still blame slavery for your own sins and inability to be civilized? Europeans and slavery are nice apologies…but it has nothing to do with reality.

      • September 3, 2014

        Why Dominica has moral problems of such proportions needs to be studied. It is a sensitive subject and nobody wants to offend anybody so we tip toe through the tulips. However, we should strive to be objective. In the long haul people will only be helped by the truth.

        To put it in perspective I remind you that Dominica is not the only nation with such problems. My own nation and America have produced some of the worst criminals in the history of the western world.

        I am not avoiding the truth that bad things came out of the years of slavery. There were slave “owners” and “masters” who were vile animalistic men worthy of death. To say that some of them sexually mistreated the women would be an understatement. Unfortunately some of the scares from this abuse still exist.

        However, it is not fair to blame the Europeans for the widespread fornication, unwed motherhood, sexual child abuse, and homosexuality in Dominica. If these evils came from the Europeans you would expect to find these problems even more pronounced at the fountainhead of British influence – England itself – and more specifically in London – but this is not the case!

        Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. International Evangelist.

    • Portsmouth - London
      September 2, 2014

      Dear Lu Belle,

      In response to your comment, in my view and opinion
      I donot believe that is an accurate reflection. Every family is different and you cannot based your views solely on everyone. I respect what you are saying, but I donot agree with you totally.

      Here are some pointers of my background in my own life growing up as follows:.

      I am a Dominican, born, raised and lived there for manyl years until the age of sixteen when I left to join my parents in the United Kingdom. (I am currently in my mid fifties)

      Whilst growing up I was very open minded and my observation was that sexual prowess and multiple partners were not considered to be a reason for respect, because you do not know the reasons why adults had chosen to have multiple partners, (Which are still going on in this world of today).

      Yes, a boy child is considered to be manly, and it is everywhere not just Dominica. I willl give you a little insight in my childhood. I grew up with two other brothers one was 9 and the other 7 years my senior and never, ever did our grandparents treated us differently.

      We all ate the same food, we were clothed the same way, we all went to school to have an education to better our selves and under no circumstances as a young girl growing up both in Dominica and in the United Kingdom did myself and my younger sister were just drudges to wait on our brothers and the men in our Mother’s life (which was never a subject to change repeatedly . She had the same man until he passed away and then herself).

      Parents who are Physical most probably was the only thing that was known, because maybe better was not shown. My siblings and I, as children did something that was wrong, of course we were chastised with the belt, and believe you me by being chastised with a belt made my brothers and I decent members of society today. (I am a mother and now a grandmother)

      There is nothing wrong in chastising your child if they have done something is wrong. Donot spare the rod and spoil the child. When chastising whether playtime or televison is taken away in other words timeout, then an explanation must be given as to why this is being carried. It does not always have to be physical.

      I am not sure as to what you are implying here with these statements as follows: “The lack of respect for children was something I couldn’t wrap my brain around. they were disposable and easily replaced.”

      You found “Dominica to be a very sad and un-caring place, where personal relationships were shallow and cruel. Dominica is such a beautiful place, but there is a lot of darkness.” I myself I am not too sure as to what you are implying. If you found Dominica to be a very sad and un-caring place I am asking you kindly to return and educate.

      On another note I am in total agreement that Identification of such offenders should be made known as to whom they are. For example: a database of records can be created to be able to catch them and bring them to justice, . not just islandwise, but to the whole world as travelling is now much more open to each and every individual now than before. Also particular individuals do bring their bad habits with them. As the saying goes old habits die hard.

      • September 4, 2014

        Portsmouth – London:

        First I must admit I have not been in Dominica. I am somewhat of a student of Dominican culture thanks to the internet and especially DNO. I have as an evangelist made six trips into the Caribbean to conduct gospel services on
        four of the islands, staying up to sixteen weeks on a single visit, and preaching almost every evening.

        What I have learned is that the same problems exist in my own country (Canada), and because of circumstances beyond the control of the majority are more common in some of the island nations of the Caribbean.

        Coming back to Canada I reported to Canadians that the Caribbean people were incredibly kind to me. They are such gracious and loving folks. It was an honor to stand in the pulpits of some of their largest churches – churches pastored by competent black ministers – and share the good news of the gospel and how it can be applied to the hurts of our world today.

        Some of the things cited by Lu Belle are problems in Dominica but they exist in other island nations as well. She made sweeping blanket statements which may unfairly cast Dominica in a bad light. However, there is some truth in her comments. People who want the best for the nation should give them serious consideration. But don’t be overwhelmed by them. I am afraid Lu – Belle has been thrown off balance. Perhaps she stayed mostly with the kind of people she described and spent most of her time with them, missing a whole other side of Dominica. There are people who grow up among rift-raft and have the impression that they are all there is.

        Thank you for your balanced comments. People tend to see things from their own perspective. You obviously were raised in a good Dominican family. I enjoyed the little glimpse you gave us in to your home life. I believe there are many other families like yours in your beautiful homeland.

        Christ is he Healer of Dominica. His gospel is heaven’s healing balm – not only for individuals – but also for nations.
        His Word as it is faithfully preached and taught each week by pastors who are true shepherds – in churches that are genuine lighthouses – is the instrument through which God can bring about the healing of your nation and every nation.

        After reading (studying!) DNO every day for over a year I am convinced that there are many good people – people of faith – in your homeland. They are the hope of the nation! Good things are happening in your country. Let us thank God for this. These are the things that should be talked about.

        Let all who know God’s moral code – and HIS way of living – stand up and speak out for what is right. The nature island will be enveloped in light!

        I invite you to visit our website:

        Go to the right margin and click on to the EAGLE COURSE. It can be studied from the screen OR copied absolutely free!

        Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. Evangelist. International Executive Director of Living Hope Ministries.

    • CYRIL Volney
      September 2, 2014

      Lu Belle, everything you have written here is correct. Unless Dominicans (like myself) acknowledge that we have a problem, and show the courage and resolve to fix the matter, nothing will get done, and this abomination will continue.

    • kicha
      September 2, 2014

      very true and correct description of a nature of Dominica society and people relations. Any wrongdoing is justified in Dominica thru ‘its our culture – its our heritage’…I found present state of Dominica society to be decadent and degeneracy..and it gets worse. Education and human moral values are replaced by idiotic ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ mindset

  23. September 1, 2014

    What one of them have to do is touch my darm child… I going after all… personally! I taking them out one by one! ….

  24. just saying
    September 1, 2014

    and they want to hide the identity of those sexual offenders? that is why they continue to do it.LET THEIR IDENTITIES BE KNOWN. we do not need to know who the victims are but the offenders should be known islandwide.

      September 2, 2014

      My sentiment

  25. September 1, 2014

    I can help been doing and dealing with the victims and perpetrator all we need to do is meet i have the plans!

  26. Mr. Deligent
    September 1, 2014

    We all agreed that the children are the future so they must be protected. At this tender age it has to be from the home. manners and respect is the key. Women and men strip naked in front of their 4-5 years old, and remarks they have to learn, you see one and you see all. This is deplorable, cheap and senseless talk. Solution: Any retarded in the family should be move under supervision,step mothers and fathers are a menace. The children are not silly and are careful not to hurt people close to them like relatives,they are always suspicious of strangers. I always make sure my children are stocked in bed before I get to bed with my wife because they can picked up some much at home if we are not careful.We won’t get many comments on that subject.

  27. virtuous Ruth
    September 1, 2014

    I hve one son .. My only child and if somebody ever destroys him menatally, physically and emotionally :-| through sexual abuse… … We need a Register for sex offenders. My goodness look at the Physical Anatomy of a child under 5 yrs old… Wat possible pleasure can that child give to you? I believe if we were to actually hve a list with those persons names on there, a lot of our businesses would be left without managers and top executivesz;some govt offices and institutions would also hve a lot of vacant positions

  28. Morihei Ueshiba
    September 1, 2014

    Thank you Lennox Linton for taking a stand for us against those in authority.

    • shame
      September 1, 2014

      Don’t you have anything constructive to contribute. As a high school graduate , I think you are lacking basic understanding. How does Linton fit in the topic? You are tired of making yourself look bad. Instead apply your for grants and scholarships. Use your time wisely.

      • poorest man
        September 2, 2014

        shut up u shame. shameless maniac. feel the hypppppp . linton going to wip u labourites this general election.then he is going to pack all of all u in jail. i doe think it will have a labour party ever again cause all of them will be serving jail time.

      • real possie
        September 2, 2014

        Take it out people still knows though lol

  29. Survivor Abroad
    September 1, 2014

    I am so sick of hearing about this and nothing is being done about it. FIRST we need parents to pay closer attention to their kids and educate them as to what is considered to be sexual abuse.Sadly often times its done by a relative or some close to the family. Parents need to listen and look for behavioral changes in their children. I AM A SURVIVOR of sexual abuse by my step dad in Dominica and had very little support after revealing this to my family. AS a matter of fact the last time I was in Dominica I was in conversation about this very topi c and was told to “not to to loud people may hear” really, why can’t I speak up, and what if it happens to your child. That sure got him thinking. Penalties in Dominica SUCKS when it comes to crimes against children or murder for example,but the authorities spend time putting away people for minor offenses such as having small amounts of drugs etc. It is also embarrassing that this happens not only in Dominica with Dominicans but where ever they go. PIGS

    • mzungu
      September 1, 2014

      @Survivor Abroad …. Its really terrible that some scum caused you pain! I dont want to be a judge for others but lets hope that one day this scum gets what he deserved! Check this article appeared some days ago in Guardian:

      its a sad story of beautiful British-Pakistani girl who was victim of sexual abuse and later she managed to remove a paedophile from the community.

  30. Anonymous
    September 1, 2014

    You all too busy watching the catholic church to see what going on in all you own backyard when is your own man, brother, husband that busy abusing. You know the bible say to take out the plank from your eyes instead of the splinter from the other persons eyes. :mrgreen:

  31. Postman
    September 1, 2014

    Poor Governance of the island affairs, having young girls at Pool party of Dominica’s Frontman isn’t a thumps up at all.

    where are those so call christians and so call policy makers.

    the idiotic boyou music with crabish lyrics, where are the music industry critics etc…

    Dominica is rotten to the core, thus the pain of these issues will be showing up a brighter beam for all to see..

    i dislike the image of Dominica because all the do is talk hold workshops but nothing bears fruit…

    Dominica a highly first graded FOOLISH CARIBBEAN ISLAND!

  32. uk Dominican
    September 1, 2014

    a determine team of caring individual men and women in government can stop this destruction of the children tomorrow by going to the parliament to make laws strong law to stop it know.

    • mzungu
      September 1, 2014

      harsh laws wont help to tackle this tragedy….there are a lot of examples in Dominica when rapists pay money to mom and family of minor victim and rapist walks free. There are many really tragic stories about it…Its interesting thing about Dominicans: you know those rapists and you all silent and continue to accept those scums as members of your community. Another thing is that even if the victim’s family files a criminal complaint its very likely that the court hearing happens only after many many years. Its also likely that evidences and statements will disappear and court gets nowhere.
      Entire society in Dominica is in deep deep moral decay: look how people behave during the carnival…look how people of business behave…No respect, no intellect, no understanding..nothing except: urging desire to satisfy personal needs – sexual and financial…awful

    September 1, 2014

    Most societies are tolerant for far too long with sexual abuse of our children. Because of the perpetrators status in the communities parents and sometimes the children themselves remain silent but at what cost. We have to teach our children that it doesn’t matter who the person is, if he or she touches them in a way that they are not supposed to, they need to tell someone. It doesn’t matter if it their father, mother, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, teacher, pastor; who ever it is, tell someone. Protecting these animals at our children expense is not right.

    Drugs are not the only thing we have to teach our children to say no to. Know sexual predators take advantage of children weekness by giving them things they don’t have and would like to have because their friends have it. Parents need to pay attention to the behavior of their children because because when a child is been abused, their demeanor changes, they start to act differently, they start to exhibit certain behaviour that is inconsistent with who they are. So parents please pay attetion to your children boy or girl. If you can’t protect them who will!

    This is not a recent problem, it has been happening for generations and if laws were put in place to protect these children by making an example of at least on abuser, I am sure that the situation would not have reached this stage.


  34. Anonymous
    September 1, 2014

    Are sex offenders not required to be registered as in the US?

  35. Concerned Citizen
    September 1, 2014

    Shame on the government of Dominica for this atrocity and shame on the bastards who get away with it!! “Suffer the little children”.

    • Martindale
      September 1, 2014

      Stop blaming the Govt, blame the PARENTS, why everything is POLITICS ? come on people..

  36. Dominican
    September 1, 2014

    it is heart breaking to learn that a place like Dominican has such a high level of child abuse we are talking about all forms of abuse.

    Anyway I am not surprised because since in the 60’s as a child this was prevalent, you had the people who hid behind their status and the poor people who shared the one room abusing children and adults alike.

    There are mothers who prefer to blame their children rather than blame the man. Some of these parents send their children to do acts that are wrong or even share perpetrators with their children.
    I am begging the child board officers, police officers, wefare rights, and the government please do not turn a blind eye, the children needs help and support.

    Please believe the children it is very rare that children make up stories if they report it is happening.

    We as a nation need to build services for these purposes, to help to put an end to such acts. I can name at least two perverts who was abusing children in school albeit Grandbay School that does not mean that it did not occur else where but the poeple know who they are they were in charge of vulnerable children. If these men was in England they would face the gallows like the celebrities that are currently in trouble over there I believe that some of them have died. what can we do to help start with creating a safe house and parents need education put an add in the papers, television send workesr to schools and colleges. We also need tio teach them about unwanted pregnancies and STI please, please, please government helppppppppppppppppppppppppp

  37. September 1, 2014

    Something drastic has to be done with the offenders. This a no brainner but who’s gonna bell the cat? When snakes are guarding our foul cages what are we to expect?
    This a kind of oxymoron.

  38. HELL with politic
    September 1, 2014

    Some of the biggest abusers of children in dominica is the police themselves. I think anyone who is found guilty of child abuse especially sexual abuse should be given a life sentence or death. That will send a clear message to those pedi file on the island. Please let us start implementing LAWS to protect our future. (THE CHILDREN)

    • Concerned DA chick
      September 2, 2014

      A few years ago, at a murder trial of a teenager, a police officer admitted to be one of those having sex with the said child. He is still in his job today, singing calypso about people.

    • Anonymous
      September 2, 2014

      I agree with the call for death sentencing a clear message needs to be sent to warn of these scum.
      I feel very embarressed and upset about what is going on on this tiny island of ours.
      I live in the UK and I am a very proud Dominican descendent and I call it mine as I am also very passionate about it and I visit the beautiful island every two years but to be honest although I love the island to dearly it seems that life there is going backwards and lives are being needlessly wasted & lost by the very same people that should be looking out for each other and strengthening the true identity of the island.
      I will make sure that the media in Britain get alerted to these atrocities in a Dominica that are being brush aside as “a matter of fact” the forgotten about & not realistically dealt with.

  39. September 1, 2014

    Personally am totally fed up with this phenomenon.
    We hear daily incidents (new ones) and also people who ought to be examples of good citizens being accused of such atrocities.
    These individuals I suggest should have penile amputations.
    DA has an excessive amount of amputees due to diabetes so having Sexual amputees can be understood.
    No man wants this process be done to him.
    I knew of a guy who had cancer of the Penis and Penile amputation was the method of treatment .He gladly told the suggesting Dr. I rather die and so he did.
    What does our hypocrite population think? We have answers for all our politics minus sexual abuse.

    • September 29, 2014

      Psychologists and psychiatrists tell us pedophiles are often impossible to cure. :cry:

      Added to this is the fact that the problem sometimes escalates with an offender :twisted: becoming more violent each time he strikes until eventually a child is murdered. (This statement is based upon my own observations 8-O not upon formal scientific studies.)

      Pedophiles can be saved by God’s grace. Thank God the “whosoever” in John 3:16 includes pedophiles. The blood of Jesus Christ the Son of God can wash the vilest offender clean :!: God is able to heal and deliver the individual., producing a complete change. We have seen wonderful character transformations resulting from Christian conversions. :)

      However if a man rejects the transforming power of the gospel and continue to molest children there is nothing left for him. Cruel as it may sound I do believe he should be rendered physically incapable of re-offending. Ask yourself “Are our children worth it?” This epidemic will continue to spread until those who have the authority to stop it 8) decide enough is enough.

      Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. International Evangelist.

  40. Cyrique
    September 1, 2014

    Thank God the children are telling someone. Children MUST be encouraged to report these relatives, family friends, sadly people whom we trust who abuse them. We should encourage parents, teachers & other professionals to BELIEVE the children and investigate their complaints/concerns. This is a universal problem therefore no one should feel that all the paedofiles are in DOMINICA. I’m delighted that more children are reporting this heinous crime!!!

  41. Anonymous
    September 1, 2014

    When we come to the realization, that domestic violence and child abuse are inextricably bound to the point that they are 2 sides of the same coin, and develop clear protocols with LEGISLATIVE force to mandate parents, guardians, welfare officers, doctors, nurses, teachers and POLICE to act in accordance with these legislative protocols OR ELSE…….., then we can talk about being serious about these 2 scourges that plague our dear land.

  42. real possie
    September 1, 2014

    Parents need to understand to not trust anyone not even the fathers of their own kids, how I protect my kids they know do not sit on anyone lap, we always know where our kids are all the time when family members visit its even worse people tend to not get it when changing little kids just because these men are grown its not ok to change them in front of anyone. My kids are taught that no one should touch or kiss you and do not be afraid to tell us so far so good, to me some parents gets to lax when it comes to their kids me I trust no one when it comes to my kids and I make it known.

  43. ...
    September 1, 2014

    Sickening. Something needs to be done to these people abusing children. Too many slaps on the wrist.

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