Congresswoman promises USVI support for Dominica

Plaskett (right) was part of a USVI delegation that met with PM Skerrit
Plaskett (right) was part of a USVI delegation that met with PM Skerrit. Photo:

Stacey Plaskett, who is a United States Virgin Island (USVI) delegate to the United States House of Representatives, has promised assistance from the USVI after the passage of Tropical Storm Erika and said she will further represent Dominica’s interest to the US Federal Government in Washington DC.

Plaskett was part of a high-level delegation from the USVI who met with Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit on Sunday and according to her, assistance for the country will be done in the manner that the people of Dominica wants it, “not how we want it to be.”

Addressing the media after the meeting, she said she is now better positioned to speak on Dominica’s behalf now that she has heard and seen firsthand the needs of the people following the devastation the country suffered after the storm.

She stated that when she returns to Washington DC, she will meet with other members of Congress with large Caribbean constituents “and talk with them on providing additional support to the people of Dominica from the Federal Government of the USA.”

“Dominica is in the US’ backyard and it is important for the Americans to treat their brothers and sisters who are less fortunate, or who are in times of distress, in a manner that is in keeping with the USA objectives,” Plaskett stated.

The Congress representative pointed out that she will first take the country’s needs to the United States Virgin Islands (USVI), “so we could determine how we could be most helpful.”

Some of the areas to be explored include heavy building materials, heavy equipment and technical support.

She also commented on the level of unity in the country, post Erika.

“One of the things we want to pass on is we have seen the devastation, we have seen what you all are going through and I am very proud of how people of Dominica have come together to go beyond what is now a crisis and we really want you to know that our prayers are that we know that this is going to be a great opportunity for you all to surpass even where you were before,” she said.

Liaison Officer for Diaspora Affairs, Loreen Bannis-Roberts, who also addressed the media following the meeting described it as “productive.”

“All in all we are clear on the way forward between Dominica and the USVI,” she said.

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  1. Smart fool
    September 8, 2015

    Clearly we are on our knees and now need all the help we can get. Nothing wrong with the PM trying to get this assistance. What IS unclear is why we couldn’t do this before. Dominica was always one of the poorest, underdeveloped countries in the region. WHy couldn’t we work on US relations AND ALBA relations. We had to be placed in a desperate position before we could figure out this was critical? The PM is ALWAYS in the US, has his kids born here, owns property here, and bank accounts. He couldn’t sit with reps from NJ and NY on one of his many trips to start building that bridge?

    September 7, 2015

    I don’t thinks skerrit and the labour party dislike america, It’s more they did not have any relationship with the U.S. government when the came into office. And also from 2001 up to now America has been focusing, and spending their money in the middle east, in iraq, afghanistan,,pakistan, fighting terrorism and wars. So the caribbean and dominica has been neglected. Then there is Obama who idea of, leadership is leading from behind. So skerrit had to play the china, cuba, venezuela, card. which as all know, these countries are not pro-american, capitalist, and he has to dance to their tune. And Obama is not a president to pick up a phone to make friends. But in the long run America will always be our best friend. as the help that is arriving from our dominican residing the U.S,

    • Francisco Telemaque
      September 7, 2015

      Look her guy, you can say whatever you wish, people are judge by their actions, and what comes out of their mouth. What came out of Skerrit’s mouth, in addition to Cecil Joseph and the mouth of others against the United States, proves the Labor party, dislike and hate for the government and people of the United States of America.

      I saw Skerrit sitting side by side with Obama talking in South America, if Skerrit was not guilty of hating America, and running off his mouth on America perhaps he could arrange to get an audience with Obama through their Embassy in Barbados, and request some help from him.

      When we burn bridges such are the consequences. Skerrit’s friends are the ALBA nations, Venezuela, Cuba, and those who cannot help us in a time of need. We owe so much to China right now it is almost impossible to get any significant from China, we have become a high risks and liability to China. Days prior to the election, Skerrit ram to China said he was going to get help to…

      • Francisco Telemaque
        September 7, 2015

        to get help, he returned mute on the subject: Why would they be interested in building him an International Airport, when they have already give Edison James money to invest into an International Airport, which he Skerrit and the Labor Party prefers to take Ralph Gonzalez advise and squander it on that thing called Charles-Douglas airport.

        Disaster or no disaster the United States give Israel, Egypt, Pakistan, and other countries in the world billions of Dollars in grants each and every year. If they wanted to help Dominica in any significant way they would have already done so! We have a bad history record with the United States dating back to the World War II when they try to install an Airport at that Same Melville Hall, Dominicans thief the money and profess their hate towards American soldiers, they said they did not them there because they will rape our women.

        Meanwhile, the International in St. Lucia, Barbados, Antigua Trinidad, Guyana and Guantanamo in Cuba are…

      • Francisco Telemaque
        September 7, 2015

        Blessings left there by America after the war was ended, true they improved on them, whereas the one they were about to build in Dominica never got completed that is our history, we are plagued by our own stupid mentality, there is no hope for Dominica, it is what it is, and will remain that way!

  3. Hmmmm
    September 7, 2015

    Thank you congresswoman. We appreciate all the support we can get. I am not interested right now in who sign what with who just who can help. 50% of our population living in the US, so I am happy for all the help. We need to work with all countries to rebuild Dominica strong.

    • Abby
      September 8, 2015


  4. September 7, 2015

    kerrit is anti American, if only this Congress Woman knew how much Skerrit hates America she would stay far away from him, last year he flexed his muscles aeven going as far as saying that he will stand side by side Venezuela agains America, Madam Congress please do not allow yourself to be fool by this ALBA dictator with all his Middle Eastern terrorist friends, skerrit best friends are the leaders who hate American, wondering how the fool is feeling seeing what is tak7ng place between Cuba and the USA, Dominica’s worst leader Skerrit

    • Kimmie
      September 7, 2015


    • 4-cars
      September 7, 2015

      He has no shame. Taking bread from the country he hates. He hates America because the USA wants transparency when they give/loan you their money. Short short shirt sleeves.

    • Nonsense
      September 7, 2015

      Annette it’s foolish idiots like you that makes things hard for Dominica ….you are such a fool. .you need to put your foot in your mouth and shut the hell up…did you ever heard the p.m say that he hates American ?do you /make any sense at all ….your comments makes no sense you sound very illiterate.

  5. originaljahguide
    September 7, 2015

    I would like to find out what happen to the money given to the Gov’t of Dominica to build the coast guard base in the North and the coast guard that was donated to us by the U.S.A. Some of us keep bashing the U.S, I wonder if they were in their place what would be their reaction. Accountability is an essential element.

    • 4-cars
      September 7, 2015

      Ask the labor party about that. Oh, I know – They dish it out at the RED Clinic to their supporters.

  6. James A. Evans
    September 7, 2015

    Why doesn,t the prime minister of Dominica say he was the one who signed his agreement to kick out America out of the Beautiful DOMINICA. wHY DIDNT Ms Plaskett ask why. The Americans did not kick out Dominica Dominica.s Prime Minister kicked out the Americans for Venezuela. Come on People stop blaming the U.S. Govt. Ask Skerrit what he di d with the money he got to up grade the northern Drug zone looks like Skerrit has all these people under his Spell. Their is alot Dominicans do not know and they do not care to kno w. That pyscology Major have you all under A Spell.

    • originaljahguide
      September 7, 2015

      They cannot lobby for the US Virgin Islands, is on our behalf they can lobby. Comparation.

  7. What an interesting comment stakedaddy. Some Dominicans are doing worst to Dominica than any foreign country will ever do. In your way of thinking, should Dominica wash its hands from some Dominicans who act like enemies of Dominica.

    Thank God most countries do not think like you. FYI last month the US medical ship was in Dominica. Thank You to the US. We appreciate the US friendship and those of all our friends and supporters.

    • September 7, 2015

      Do not blame Dominican for anything, Skerrit is the one to blame, he was not thinking of Dominican when he joined alliances with ALBA it was all about his own ego and his dictatorial leadership. Skerrit called Dominican global citizens because he knows fully what he is doing to the Nation and it’s people, for skerrit to sign his agreement with the rest of his dictator comrades denouncing the assistance of USAID for Dominica, the same USA where he own houses and his wife giving birth to babies, skerrit is nothing but a double edged sword, when it comes for his wellbeing his wife and children he loves America, when it comes to Dominica and the citizens of Dominica wellbeing he hates America and American, the cries and blood of those who perished whereas they would be here with us today will hunt and torment his behind, all over the globe whenever there’s a disaster be it earthquakes etc after days sometimes weeks people are b eing dugout underneath rubbles so sad

      • You know the bible verse of cutting off your right hand to spite your nose. Some of you are so ignorant in your thinking; you would be happy if no one came to Dominica’s assistance.

        People who care about Dominica and Dominicans are too busy helping those who were hardness hit and the rebuilding of our country. Who knows Erika could be a blessing in disguise. A hard lesson to accept but a likely blessing because Lord knows it could have been so much worst. I believe God was looking over our country. God was not mad at Dominica, He showed us a lesson and we better learn to understand the lesson.

        Read Genesis 7 to see when God is really mad. But don’t tempt the Lord God. Heed the message.

        If some of you truly support the UWP any smart UWP official would want you as far away from them because with supporters like you in a crisis where there are no colors shows us how little you care and a liability to any Political Party.

        Thanks to all our friends and supporters.

      • Abby
        September 8, 2015

        One thing eh, the fact that Melissa can go to the USA and have her babies like everyone else is doing really burning allu eh

  8. stakedaddy
    September 7, 2015

    AMERICA wash their hands..when politicians decide to align themselves with enemies of becomes their Enemies as well.

    • forreal
      September 7, 2015

      as cuba was right!!!!!! :(

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