Domestic violence statistics ‘alarming’

Shillingford said all forms of violence must be condemned
Shillingford said all forms of violence must be condemned

Minister for gender affairs, Gloria Shillingford, has described as “alarming” statistics on domestic violence in Dominica.

According to Shillingford since July 2011 there have been 717 reported cases of domestic violence.

“Six hundred and twenty, that is 86.5 percent were women while 86, that is 12 percent, were men,” she said.

She went on to say that the National Regstry has recorded 468 cases of violence against children, comprising 403 girls and 60 boys.

“These statistics are most alarming for a small population like ours,” she said.

She called on Dominicans to join the campaign to condemn all acts of violence.

“I unreservedly add my voice to the urgent call for an immediate end to all forms of violence against men, women, boys and girls in Dominica and the wider world,” she noted. “Today let us take a moment to remember the thousands of gender-base violence victims in this country and around the globe who on a daily basis continue to be tortured, raped, beaten, degraded, harassed, neglected or discriminated against within the homes, at schools, at work places, in public places and even in churches.”

She said all acts of violence must be condemned.

“We cannot turn a blind eye and allow violence to take root in a small country like ours,” Shillingford said. “We must do all in our power to eradicate this serious problem in our country; hence I call for zero tolerance approach to gender-base violence. Let us all stand in solidarity to vanquish this horrible monster which has ruined lives in our society.”

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  1. useless predendes
    November 29, 2014

    we must understand the the ministers of the skerrit administration are just there for being there, they dont matter they have NO SAY.they receive a salary every month but they have no use.

  2. zamm
    November 27, 2014

    Madam Shillingford, You should be ashame of your self to be alarmed about domestic violence in Dominica.
    You were the line minister yet you are alarmed? Instead of putting laws in Place like in Trinidad, Jamaica, and so forth regarding domestic violence and so forth, You and your party use the house of assembly to campaign and talk foolishnessssssssss for 14 yearssssss
    Are You and the labour party alarmed at the high level of poverty in Dominica?
    Are you all alarmed about the disenchantment and sense of loss in Dominica?
    Are You all alarmed about the high rate of crime and violence due to a total collapse of the moral fabric of Dominica?
    Are you alarmed by the statistics that all the labour party inside supporters are filthy rich and all owning big house and have houses built all over the place and business ventures, whilst the poor people in Dominica are dirt poor and living inhumane lives?
    Are you alarmed by the allegations of corruption, bobol and the bad reputation of Dominica on an international scale?
    Are you are aware that, the campaign is about voting skerritt, skerritt for PM, so now who will represent the poor people in the rural areas?
    Are you alarmed that Dominica, under the government you are part of is the poorest country in the OECS?
    This is enough, to just vote the labour party out of office and then go after all of them, and if found guilty of crimes against the state deal with them in a hard way……Mamo was firm enough to deal with the bad eggs so must the New Party voted into office .
    Looking for a goood minister in this massive government, is like looking for a gouti at night or looking for a craupaud during the day…….
    They acting like Mugabe and those rouge leaders around the world……. Sewoooooooooooooooooooo and fooling Dominicans……… Dominicans must never forget that, Rossie Dauglas was voted into Office, based on a campaign against corruption… and it was a good campaign and they won….
    But 14 years after, all one is hearing is corruption after corruption in Dominica, so why cant Dominicans be honest and vote them out ?
    True is, Dominica is going no where with this village council that calling themselves a government………. Its with tears that these words are written……….. Appealing to All Dominicans, to put country first and vote this labour party out….. 30 plus million for an election, whereby Dominicans are dying from poverty, poor health care, no work for the youths, no agriculture, no sports, nothing to ease the tension…….
    Done with them, Done with them, Dominica is our nation , not the Commonwealth of Skerrit but the Commonwealth of Dominica…. Proud Dominicans come out, come on and done with……………..
    A word to uwp, dont come into power and become worst than labour,,,,, if that is you all intention, weee en taking daaaaaattttt, dat en passing sooooooo……….

  3. Ceejjay
    November 27, 2014

    Given the nature of DOmestic Abuse it is safe assume that incidents of Domestic Abuse are generally under reported…ie in reality the numbers of incidents will be significantly higher than what is currently reported

  4. truththe
    November 27, 2014

    What did you do about the brutal attacks on Monel William excuse me i did not hear your voice is it because you were in the camp, now you asking for all to join their voices. Come on now is the time to openly condemn the attacks on Monel or else you are a coward.

  5. UK Dominican
    November 27, 2014

    Annoymus2 we should send them to your home perhaps you have the answer. shelters are needed definately but where the money coming from you need to pay workers even if you built the project where is the continuous pay coming from.
    THere are no Government in the world that print money it revolves hence the reason why we have to create an economy.
    In places like Barbados, St lucia where violence towards women is on the increase they do not have units and may I add these women are murdered go on line see for yourselves we need to work together to stop.
    Better still stop hitting the women and treat them like your Queen, stop abusing children in all manner. Stop blaming women for wrong doings be a man an admit that you are wrong, stop washing your dirty linen in public.
    Be professional act intelligent people hit people because they want to portray there authority, stop womanising it is detrimental to your children people get hurt and confused. Stop blaming the Government both now and before for your wron doings, it is your responsibility as an individual to live a respectful life. STOP HITTING ABUSING WOMEN AND CHILDREN AND THE OCCASIONAL MEN It is your own weakness not Linton or Skeritt or Gloria Magresay

  6. UK Dominican
    November 27, 2014

    well well well I believe that because yopu are all so engrossed in your election story, you are all missing the point. Women, men and children, are being assaulted on a daily basis and we need to address the issue. Stop and I quote stop personalising the issue because my brothers and sisters we would all be guilty of violence. Violence come in all forms such as verbal aggression physical aggression, shouting etc.
    Come on let us forget what this party or that party do because the rule states sticks and stones can break my bones but words can do me no harm. there are no comparision with physical blows and words get it right. However in any court of law if one make a threatening statement towards another then that person has commited a crime I will leave the rset to your imagination.
    Also please do not call poverty, wrong doings and other bad omens on DA think positive about all it states that words have power to perform.
    HAVE A GOOD DAY and stop the foolishness according to Jamaicans.

  7. radical
    November 27, 2014

    despite your political affiliation, Is there not a cause? Teacher Glo please do not stoop low enough to dignify these comments with an response

  8. Anonymous
    November 27, 2014

    Joeblo, go and read your Constitution before posting such an uninformed comment

  9. No Way! I change2
    November 26, 2014

    I had already accepted a free ticket to fly from Florida to Dominica to vote but after all this and what has been coming from the mouth of government ministers this week? Hell No! I change my mind boy. I love Dominica too much to help do this to my beloved country. Last week it was the PM himself that tore a woman like myself in pieces, followed by a fake apology, and today is another minister telling us the last 3 years we had 717 reported cases of domestic violence of which 620 were women and recorded 468 cases of violence against children, comprising 403 girls and 60 boys? What DA is worse than Haiti man. I cannot have a good conscience to come and vote for a continuation of these things. Peko boy I was going to tell you to come for your ticket but I will keep it because I do not want somebody to use it to vote and I know you CANNOT take me to court because the entire thing will be revealed.

  10. The Facts
    November 26, 2014

    There are reasons why some people resort to violence and some fatal ones. It is high time to educate the people about violence especially those who are prone to committing same. Parents are the primary educators of their children. Generally it commences in the home; what they see and hear.
    There are some who think I love you, I marry you, live with you and I own you. This is where the problem commences. They think they own each other. From those relationships children are born. Some parents think they own their children. If the children disobey, they may be abused.
    This is a serious matter. Violence could lead to abusiveness, injuries and also death. It should also be taught in the schools, to avoid violence. Some people form their opinion on how they should treat others which is not necessarily correct. Ignorance of also the rights of others is a contributing factor.
    Ongoing workshops are required to provide them with the information necessary to assist to educate them about respect for others and to avoid violence.
    Fellow Dominicans, work together and cooperate to eradicate violence from your midst. Your children will be happier for it and you will be happier for it. Hope this bit of advice will assist.
    Love + Patience + Kindness + Respect + Perseverance. These win in the long run.

    November 26, 2014

    My fellow people all Mrs Shillingford is technically trying to say Labour Ka Twa Vai for the past 15 years.Did we all expect any better?

  12. love I
    November 26, 2014

    Lady you had all the time and chance to help out….you all did not enforce the law
    too may perpetrators getting off in the courts, and there are not enough laws to
    protect these persons…..You had the chance to stand up for this…..hardly any shelters to protect the victims….come again Lady

  13. REAL!!!!
    November 26, 2014

    Not sure why you are surprised …..When the majority of the male ministers in GOVT result to domestic violence against their wives, girlfriends and other women in our society..

    It begins at the top, monkey see monkey do!!!!!

    Yes it most stop but our ministers need to provide the example.

  14. the interpretation
    November 26, 2014

    Teacher Glo I know you would one day unreservedly add your voice to the urgent call for an immediate end to all forms of violence against women, even if you spoke in tongues to us. I have the gift of interpreting tongues and I got the message. However, I wish you were bold enough to speak out when Skerrit washed his filthy tongue on a woman that might very well replace you as minister.

    • Anonymous
      November 27, 2014

      And how about Lennox calling our young ladies prostitutes? Was that okay?

  15. Joeblo
    November 26, 2014


    I think you should say former or more appropriately ‘outgoing’ former Minister, since there is no constituted government and hence no Ministers. This is why it is absolutely preposterous to hear that Police and Teachers Unions have rejected the ‘reversed-dial-code’ salary adjustment proposed by somebody. Since there is no government I wonder with whom are the unions negotiating? with three blind mice??

    • Anonymous
      November 27, 2014

      Go read your Constitution before posting such an uninformed comment

  16. Alah teacher glo
    November 26, 2014

    Alah teacher glow! You mean to tell you stayed there and let Skerrit do that to you and your reputation? Teacher Glo, take a look at the record you leaving office with: “According to Shillingford since July 2011 there have been 717 reported cases of domestic violence.“Six hundred and twenty, that is 86.5 percent were women.” “She went on to say that the National Regstry has recorded 468 cases of violence against children, comprising 403 girls.” Teacher Glo. Teacher Glo, were you not the Minister for gender affairs then? I sure don’t wish to see the record from 2000. My questions to you teacher Glow are: 1.What legislation did you push for to ensure that things don’t get worse? 2. Were you part of any group that fought to ensure that politicians especially the opposition, don’t talk about this? 3. teacher glo, was Skerrit the PM at that time? 4. Mom, that is a very horrible record to leave office with and clearly, based on this record, Skerrit making you look bad, while you help him make others believe that he is not the problem and that if we vote for Athinia things will be better. YOU LOOK VERY BAD MADAM!

    November 26, 2014

    Mam, what was said about the young lady who leaves in St. Joesph by my PM & Minister of housing, was it or was it not (ALARMING) to you? Because as a woman and in the same circle with them, I would expect you to say something about that.
    I am for JESUS not man but at the same time we are all Gods Children and we should watch what we say to and about each other especially in public. These men have wives, mothers and family members that are women, one of them even have girl children, would he like someone to do that to anyone of them?

  18. Rich Man Poor Man
    November 26, 2014

    Teacher Gloria can you for once exonerate yourself by openly stating your position on the degrading position equivalent to domestic violence that was visited upon Mornelle Williams by PM Skerrit. “Today let us take a moment to remember the thousands of gender-base violence victims in this country and around the globe who on a daily basis continue to be tortured, raped, beaten, degraded, harassed, neglected or discriminated against within the homes, at schools, at work places, in public places and even in churches.”
    If you are serious start by condemning this callous, reckless and unprovoked attack from the PM. I do understand your passion for this issue knowing that you yourself have been a victim. However, I urge you to condemn this act otherwise you would have lost all credibility and your authority to talk on the said subject.
    Don’t be a coward, act.

  19. Its my damn business
    November 26, 2014

    Teacher Glo, when Poverty, unemployment, politically managed social programs, leaders (whether pastors, priests, police officers, politicians, farmers and others) are involved in breaking up marriages of friends, supporters and other relationships, what do you expect?

    • morpheus
      November 26, 2014

      Caribbean people love hypocrisy – whatever happens you always blame government, leaders etc for evils you commit yourself. Lets take simple example a beloved entertainment of Dominica: CITP….its the event which attend kids and I guess during the day entire families and you can easily pictures like this:

      What message it sends to your boys (young men) about women? Its just a small example of your normal entertainment… All in all, moral values are very weak in Dominican society and words such as honor, respect and pride mean nothing or almost nothing.
      Its a state of moral decay which started long time ago and it can be tackled only through education and strong families. Unfortunately strong families and family oriented values are not something popular in Dominica nowadays…. urge of money, desire to be somebody, get rich or die trying – the real values of Dominica of 21st century.
      Domestic violence, abuse of women etc – just the consequences of much larger problem…

  20. my mom is a woman
    November 26, 2014

    Ms. Gloria only now you joining the call against women? Where have you been mom? Were you not in Dominica when Lennox Linton and others condemned violence against women? Oh, isn’t Mr Linton before the court for doing and saying exactly what you are saying (though in a more specific way) and was sued by some 18 DLP ministers of which you are a part of? Where were you when Skerrit washed his dirty town on women last week? Where were you when Austrie did the same? Is this your way of condemning such statements? Is this how you define diplomacy? Anyways better late than never and I am happy you are on the record supporting what Lennox Linton started a year ago.

  21. Mind your Mind
    November 26, 2014

    What?? You are the minister for gender affairs and social welfare and all we get is a call, condemnation, and request for solidarity with victims??

    No talk of what your division is going to do about this… investments in education, prosecution, economic independence for women, etc., NOTHING?

    I suppose when a PM can ridicule a woman over the death of her child, and receive kudos, it reflects the misogyny in our culture and the indifference of our government to change it!

  22. 4u2c
    November 26, 2014

    Totally in agreement with you. It is unfortunate we as the adults do not show enough example of TRUTH, Honesty and Respect to each other and as a result the abuse comes into play. If we as adults up hold the law, obey the laws and practice decency and proper moral values then our society will see less of this abuse. We cannot talk about abuse and expect better when our Public Officers , who holds the highest office in the land, who suppose to be of utmost respect, unleashes a barrage of insults at the common man , disrespect the barefoot man, violate the law with impunity, curses and tear down his fellow citizen and expect to have a society with little or no abuse. Such abusive behavior trickle down to our boys and girls and the older ones thinks its ok to abuse the younger ones cause those who we deemed to be respectful is doing it to us. So sister Gloria, your point is well taken but please start with your close associates that you have supported and licked from their plates. We all are willing to be part of the change if we all can force the start from the CORE!!!

  23. CYRIL Volney
    November 26, 2014

    Well said, Teacher Glo!

    • CYRIL Volney
      November 27, 2014

      Fellow Dominicans. I am confused. Is it the message, or the messenger (Gloria Shillingford), that you dislike?
      “We cannot turn a blind eye and allow violence to take root in a small country like ours,” Shillingford said. “We must do all in our power to eradicate this serious problem in our country; hence I call for zero tolerance approach to gender-base violence. Let us all stand in solidarity to vanquish this horrible monster which has ruined lives in our society”. Sounds like a great mission statement to me…

    • John Paul
      November 27, 2014

      Well said? This is the same thing Matthew Walter did as Minister of Agriculture “We have put Agriculture on the back burner”
      The samething Mr. Grano did after Skeritt got rid of Him for asking Skeritt what happened to the money Chavez gave for the Kalinago People ,Grano is now saying Skeritt spent alot of money in the Territory .
      Skeritt have them mesmerized

      • John Paul
        November 27, 2014

        Remember Skeritt said He was going to replace those who were not working

  24. Dominican women
    November 26, 2014

    Under your watch.. plus victims of child abuse as well. What difference have you made in that position especially being a woman? What is the legacy you have created? Can you say when you leave that you left something in place that you can be proud of that could prevent the figure from escalating?

  25. no blood please
    November 26, 2014

    sister you are very close to people on top please tell them not to talk blood this election

  26. ok
    November 26, 2014

    Mrs. Shillingford, gender-based violence also includes verbal abuse.

  27. OMG
    November 26, 2014

    Are we in the middle of an election campaign or not? WE DO NOT HAVE MINISTERS OF GOVERNMENT RIGHT NOW! WTF! Gloria you are NO LONGER the Minister of Gender Affairs! Though you could have stepped up earlier and condemn the loathsome abuse of a woman who has embraced the opportunity to represent her people. Anything to say about that? Women are marginalized in so many ways and people like you help perpetuate this by being silent when blatant violations are taking place. Disgraceful

  28. uk Dominican
    November 26, 2014

    i dont think many people are surprise at the statistic,there is in the public domain unresolved case of violence the famous christmas morning fire booming of two senor citizen.that case is implicating the prime ministers lawyer. we all know to what length.all the influence people on island has gone not to have the investigation done,it is going on four years this Christmas,and let us never forget the lawless statement of mr skerrit no law no constitution. PURE VIOLENCE in nature,more up to date,again mr skerrit speaking of BLOOD if he lost the coming election December 8 2015

  29. Good Luck Jonathan
    November 26, 2014

    “Today let us take a moment to remember the thousands of gender-base violence victims in this country and around the globe who on a daily basis continue to be tortured, raped, beaten, degraded, harassed, neglected or discriminated against within the homes, at schools, at work places, in public places and even in churches.” says Gloria Shillingford. Did she really say DEGRADED? what the Prime Minister said concerning Monelle, was it degrading? Is she telling our Prime Minister WHAT BAD EXAMPLE he is setting? Just asking a question.

  30. Francisco Telemaque
    November 26, 2014

    Dear Cousin Gloria, May I remind you that all of the violence in the country, you are part of that which caused violence to escalate over the past fifteen years, though your tenure is just five years, you are part of the problem!

    As a member of the Labor Party, you along with Skerrit, and his merry are all responsible for the high volume of crimes, domestic crime (which takes place in the home). and the street thugs who perpetrates all sorts of crime on the unsuspecting public! Where there is a lack of employment, frustration, and entropy will prevail.

    For fifteen long years, Skerrit’s Labor Party dominated the country, rendering it a failed state where the majority survives on handouts by their families living abroad, and Skerrit’s red clinic. I am sure by now the word “barrel industry” is not a mystery to you!

    It is tagged an industry, because if families residing in the United States in particular, do not ship food, clothe and other essentials to sustain life in our country, many would starve, and die, or they may simply commit suicide to get away from it all. You know you are out of the Cabal, Skerrit used you up, and as an old shoe he cast you aside, by now you should render yourself mute.

    Not a single word should be coming out of you mouth; if anything this day unless you were exposing the failure of Skerrit to manage the country appropriately, and providing the path that interested local and foreign investor should follow to invest money into the country providing sustainable employment evens for your very own children, there is no point of you even berthing on anything political issue in the country right now: if I were you I would not move a sing muscle!

    Do not forget you also have children; when they get to maturity, and need to work and can’t find a Job will you go Skerrit, and say to him because my child is unable to find a job, will you share some of your wealth with my child?

    How dare you, believe that you still have some sort of influence over anybody in Dominica, when you have long lost your influence in Wesley: and I understand you all made a fool out of one of my niece recently, and my sister, let me just take some time to tell you since you are involved; poor as they are don’t play them for a sucker! Do not hang any dangling carrot in their faces, I give to them when they ask, and I can; I have gone without in the past so that I can give to sisters, and in fact late mother; grandmother, and late father too. So, please don’t make a fool out of my sister this time around it is not all that important!

    I hope you can interpret that appropriately!

    Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque

    November 26, 2014

    You should start with your PM – teach him how to respect women – it starts from the top – if Skerritt can have no respect for women – why should young men and women? This is a disease that is so embedded into the culture that it is seen as the norm.

  32. # Dominican.#
    November 26, 2014

    Action speaks louder than words, we always seems to receive statistics that are old is this our intent in Dominica? or we just cant keep up? that being said violence against any body should not be tolerated. But as our system seems bent on who`s who`s when it comes to dealing with that crime. We will continue in that vain unless we really mean what we say and say what we mean. just Do it!

  33. Yeah Man
    November 26, 2014

    Why you telling me that for Gloria? All you had 14 years to fix it and you throwing it in our face. Wicked all you wicked.

  34. Oh well
    November 26, 2014

    Talk talk Talk – after all your years receiving a salary as Minister for Social whatever now you coming and quote statistics?

    Right now you Mrs Shillingford should not be quoting statistics – you should be saying based on the laws that were changed, based on this and that measure taken by the government or ministry – the numbers were reduced!!!
    I am fed-up of the very people who are paid to oversee that plans are put in place and measures taken to protect victims from abuse are the very ones calling on people to stop it!!!

    Saying stop it is for me to say, because I am not the one sitting in cabinet nor heading the welfare department – Mrs Shillingofrd you should not be saying stop it – you should be saying, it has stopped because ….!!!!!

    I am just fedup of Dominicans and all that talking and walking. we need an overhaul of the system, all cases over the last 10 years should be reexamined. The laws regarding applying for protection orders should be amended to include that immediate family members can apply for one to protect a child – the response unit needs to be enhanced, the sentences vetted to these criminals need to be severe – include castration because its a known fact that offenders re offed – not forgetting punishments for all those ‘souteweys’ it have in that country.

    If you need ideas, ask the public for suggestions and act on them – ask the lawyers, ask the people who the state is paying to protect its vulnerable!!

    • anonymous2
      November 26, 2014

      You got that right. All these people do is yap their mouths. All talk and no action. That’s Dominica. Going nowhere in the fast lane.

  35. Pittsburgh Dominican
    November 26, 2014

    Need to make an example (long jail sentences) out of a few bad apples in order to get the message to really sink-in.

    • anonymous2
      November 26, 2014

      Stockfarm is a revolving door. The criminals learn from other criminals there. Nobody seems to stay there very long. I’m sure that they learn nothing except to be a better criminal. Time to put these people to work doing something productive.

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