Dominica’s global passport ranking improves in 2018 – report

A passport from Dominica

A report by Henley Passport Index has shown that Dominica’s passport ranking has improved in 2018 as compared to 2017.

The report released on Tuesday, January 9, 2018 show’s the island’s passport ranking moving from 40th worldwide in 2017 to 38th in 2018.

Based on the report, Dominica’s passport ranked 9th in the Caribbean region in 2018.

It states that Dominica’s passport has visa-free access to 127 countries worldwide.

Barbados’ passport ranked number one in the Caribbean region and 24th in the world with its citizens accessing 146 countries without the need for a visa.

The Bahamas is second, followed by St. Kitts in third place.

Haiti’s passport ranked last in the Caribbean region.

Below is the full listing of passport ranking in the Caribbean region:

1st -Barbados | 2018 global rank: 24th | Visa-free access to 146 countries

2nd – Bahamas | 2018 global rank: 26th | Visa-free access to 142 countries

3rd – St. Kitts and Nevis | global ranking: 28th | Visa-free access to 139 countries

4th – Antigua and Barbuda | 2018 global rank: 31st | Visa-free access to 135 countries

5th – Trinidad and Tobago | 2018 global rank: 33rd | Visa-free access to 133 countries

6th – St. Lucia | 2018 global rank: 34th | Visa-free access to 130 countries

7th – St. Vincent and the Grenadines | 2018 global rank: 35th | Visa-free access to 129 countries

8th – Grenada | 2018 global rank: 36th | Visa-free access to 127 countries

9th – Dominica | 2018 global rank: 38th | Visa-free access to 122 countries

10th – Jamaica | 2018 global rank: 60th | Visa-free access to 79 countries

11th – Cuba | 2018 global rank: 72nd | Visa-free access to 63 countries

12th – Dominican Republic | 2018 Global rank: 73rd | Visa-free access to 62 countries

13th – Haiti | 2018 global rank: 82nd | Visa-free access to 53 countries

The global index is compiled using 199 countries around the globe by Henley & Partners, a global citizenship and residence advisory firm headquartered in Jersey.


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  1. Fadi fayad
    February 5, 2018

    True news and i try to turkey and jordan without visa and my freind try it to EUR countries without visa … dominica passport very strong and more stronger from many other passport specially in arabs countries

    • Khaled
      July 9, 2018

      Hi fadi.i also heard the same can I get contact number or email please

    • Vagoo
      July 9, 2018

      Hello can you provide me more info about dominica

  2. Ma Sodo grandson
    January 12, 2018

    What a totally irrelevant article. Bleating about the ranking of a passport to a place that has little to offer anyone other than crooks looking to escape justice elsewhere. The Dominica passport only has prominence due to the illicit activities of this administration who have been hawking them out to as many nefarious characters they can find who will line their pockets financially.
    This administration has little or no moral compass and is providing the barest smokescreen for a criminal enterprise. The island does not benefit from this – individuals in office and their cronies do. Facts!!!

  3. Dowad
    January 10, 2018

    As long as DIRTY Skerit and his nincompoops are at the helm,I will hold my money.

  4. Neverson St jean
    January 10, 2018

    Just one Week has gone in the year so far, that is false news

    • We The jeans st.s
      January 10, 2018

      U late on that one FET done hit em on that. Duplicate Never Never-, son Looking4 Y St,Jean five cents piece on this very topic. out of the misty woods of PA.

  5. Pamala
    January 10, 2018

    Put Dominica for adoption that’s all I See we need now to many crocks running country every man for there self

  6. JOE
    January 10, 2018

    That’s FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!!!

  7. anonymous2
    January 9, 2018

    Does anybody really think that this give Dominica an upgraded status? I would say, it gives it just the opposite. Paradise for criminals. The good people leave.

    • Just for laughs
      January 10, 2018

      On the money anonymous2 May I ask ,where are you? Do plan to or left already just asking. hahahah nice one !

  8. little yout
    January 9, 2018

    A round of applause we came before Haiti. sot!

    • Just for laughs but serious
      January 10, 2018

      Don’t discriminate against those in the same boat as us. They are b4 us in more ways than one. They got rid of baby doc we can’t.

  9. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    January 9, 2018

     “Dominica’s passport ranking has improved in 2018 as compared to 2017.”

    Hogwash nonsensical garbage; how can one make comparison to something to all of 2017, when the year 2018 is just nine days old as of today which is the 9th day of January, 2018.

    The year 2018 is not even on month old yet!

    • January 9, 2018

      Telemaque I would think the same as you are thinking, for 2018 has just begun. But I see it another way, which would probably the right way.–It is that the ratings for the last year 2017 belong to the following year which is 2018, and it goes like that every year. Anything different would make this survey completely foolish

      For example, when I file my income tax return this year (2018), all information which I must give to them belong to 2017. Tax credit payments for people like me, will begin in July 2018 to June 2019. And so it goes on every year

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        January 10, 2018

        Very wrong Elizabeth, filing taxes, and making  comparisons are totally two different situations! 

        You loose again professor Dr. Liz!

      • LMAO loud
        January 10, 2018

        We will marry the two – Liz 2 Telemaque what a hybrid that would produce hahahahahahah but …………………………. poor kids!!!!

    • Do you want me.
      January 9, 2018

      FET and these fools who read and critic U are too dumb to see that. what a nation. What is so silly( to put it mildly) the fools who come up with such hogwash are the ones who form our social consciousness. Can you imagine! Oh what a country! As Sister Shirely would say would say DA is a failed state. I’d go one step further
      & say…………………………………… after careful thought I will not say it. Am leaving to their individual it interpretations of their very thoughts. Even can come with their take.

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        January 10, 2018

        You know they say a child can lead an adult; I learn something from a Dominican who wrote on DNO in response to something I wrote on DNO explaining something.

        The person responded by saying “when people do not know better, they believe anything!” The majority of our people are like that. AS you know I Elizabeth personally, and trust me I give her hell, but she is sort of smart, nevertheless you see she is doing something to justify that nonsense.

        Fact is she know better, nevertheless, she will try to spin it to make it true. I suppose you heard what has happened between Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles, recently, in the early hours of Monday morning on the I-101, when the slide suddenly covered the Freeway.

        Thus far fifteen people are dead, Landslides taken many houses in their path, lots of water due to rain fall, I am not in danger, I covered my son boat, the did not help it is filled with water.

        I’ll call later!

    • indira Ghandi
      January 10, 2018

      I was questioning this myself,.
      How was this conclusion arrived at?
      it is only the 9th day of the year?

    • Deeyeshaveit
      January 10, 2018

      Alot of the times when you speak it only serves to show you are not as bright as you claim to be. If a report came out in January 2017 and that report is annualised, it stands to reason that the new report will come out one year later in January 2018 and it is reasonable to say that these reports will be for those respective years smh

    • January 10, 2018

      “and trust me I give her hell, but she is sort of smart” — Telemaque

      First of all, let me say it one more time: You have no authority to give me hell; you are not qualified to do so!

      Secondly, please stop with your rudeness, saying that “she is sort of smart” what do you mean by sort of? You know it as well as I do, that is, I am not simply “sort of smart” I a very intelligent woman with wisdom and understanding of the way of Life, both spiritually and mentally. Your claim that I am wrong is by your foolish judgment, which cannot stand against. me.

      • January 10, 2018

        Here is a response to yours, from another comment, which says:

        “A lot of the times when you speak it only serves to show you are not as bright as you claim to be. If a report came out in January 2017 and that report is annualized, it stands to reason that the new report will come out one year later in January 2018 and it is reasonable to say that these reports will be for those respective years. ”

        Isn’t this the same thing which I said: So how do you say that I am wrong?

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        January 10, 2018

        You still have no case: there are twelve months in a year; how can you be making comparisons in nine days in a new year, to something  what took place over a 366 days, in 2017?

        If you were as smart as I gave you a little bit of credit; you would simple count this day lost, and do not argue me! In any event the looser always contends that the get robbed!

        You did not get robbed, you simply, and by they everybody writing on DNO are smarter than you oui!


      • Anonymous
        January 11, 2018

        Actually the two have a lot in common. A very high opinion of themselves and a lack of humility. They hate to admit when they are wrong. Imagine a person like that being your partner!

  10. Roosie
    January 9, 2018

    DNO a headline which reads Dominica Passport Ranks last in the OECS and fourth to the last in Caricom would be more reasonable. But your headline is misleading because it gives the impression that Dominica passport is more than what it really is. We must first compare ourselves with our neighbors. The truth is we are last. Not good!

  11. Dowad
    January 9, 2018

    Stop this rubbish passport talk business and develop industries,jobs ,a better life for the common man. Selling passports as a country’s only source of revenue is laughable, it’s a joke and the thing is it’s only DIRTY Skerit and his clowns that are having ” a bome sewo.”

    • JOE
      January 10, 2018

      Dowad what is stopping you from investing in these industries

      • Me
        January 10, 2018

        Which industries Joe?

  12. January 9, 2018

    This is all propaganda, to whoever wants to believe, check the number of tourist arrivals to Jamaica, millions, oh by the way,visa free access, not for Dominicans wanting to get out, but foreigners coming in. GIVE ME AH BREK.

  13. Dominican Passports
    January 9, 2018

    Good to see I’m improving :lol: :lol:

    • Anonymous
      January 10, 2018

      You are the lowest in the OECS. Is that why you are also the cheapest?

  14. Ferrar_FenTon_Bible
    January 9, 2018

    Only 122 countries :lol: :lol:

    • Dominican
      January 10, 2018

      Strictly speaking it is not true that our passport gives us visa free access to 122 countries because it includes countries like Nicaragua, where you can get a visa upon entry ( ….they can also refuse you at the airport!) or Turkey, which requires a visa but which you can apply for online.

  15. Roy Williams
    January 9, 2018

    Say it as it is, we ranked fourth before the last in the Caribbean.

  16. My little take
    January 9, 2018

    My question is, how is our highly ranked passport help to create employment for the more than 50% that we’re unemployed before Maria and those that were Maria left unemployed? The passport ranking only helps the business of the passport traders and doesn’t help Dominica as a country. Dominica right now is in deep shit as those who didn’t migrate after Maria are left to worry about their health, their unemployment, their unpaid bills, and where they going to run to should they have a health emergency. According to Skerrit himself, “people are dying in Dominica” every day from conditions they ought not to die from but because of poor government that is only concerned about staying in office and to hell with the people . So yes their passport business is improving but the people are dying because health Care is at its worse.

  17. Neville
    January 9, 2018

    Of course they would say such nonsense after all they (Henley and Partners) are amongst others Skerrits passport agents. Fact is that Dominicas passport is ranked bottom in the Caribbean region. Furthermore this is a useless ranking system anyway because it is based on how many country’s it can be used to travel visa free to. Let me tell you all one thing, if somebody with a Dominican passport goes through immigrations in the EU or the States all kind of ‘alarm bells start sounding’. I leave it to all your imagination why that might be.
    Now to you DNO, to be honest I’m surprised that you publish nonsense like this because essentially this is nothing but propaganda for Skerrit. To me it looks like that he is grinding you down as well now. Shame really but one thing you can bank on, you have lost one customer. Mind you you in a couple of month time you can always ask him for some government advertising.

    • Dominican
      January 9, 2018

      I think you are confused. Dominica’s marketing agents for its CBI programme are CS-Global, the main rival of Henley & Partners. This would negate your claim that DNO’s report is propaganda for Roosevelt Skerrit. I agree with your comments about our passport though. It draws negative attention when you present it to immigration in a foreign country, even in our own Caricom. At least that is my personal experience.

      • No greater shame & ignorance from us
        January 9, 2018

        All we do is talk about the iis of the hijacked DLP by thugs it time to organize and take these guys to where they belong. Jail would be too good for these low lifes.
        We just sit on our behinds and critic everything these jokers do. They are kicking in the shin its our time to ick them back in the ….. the Cojones where it hurts.
        These are Brother Maurice’s words. Where are all the advocates of the 70-90’s??? I know many have sold out. I see Bob Denis is still around but with a different spin. Some have passed. The new generation need to read & learn I my world Skerit et Al coud not be secruity guards for my fowl pens let alone be in gov’t.It a colossal shame whena Gov’t sell passport to sustain a country.
        As Mr.FET said it’s silly

      • Neville
        January 10, 2018

        Why don’t you go on the website of Henley and Partners. You will see that I’m right. Skerrit is using more than one of these agents.

      • Anonymous
        January 10, 2018

        Neville, I check the official web site of our government listing all their authorised agents but Henley & Partners are not on there. You would not want to accuse ou P.M. of duplicity, would you?

    • bause
      January 9, 2018

      man i just went through US customs a few days ago and no one bat an eye at me

      • Paul Rossnof
        January 10, 2018

        Customs don’t check passports that’s why! Oh boy.

      • A Sino D/can like the Russian D/can
        January 10, 2018

        That Russian travels to the diaspora frequently so he gave you the correct response lol That DA Russian in all sauce.

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