Gov’t to continue funding social programmes

PM Skerrit
PM Skerrit

In spite of the Global Economic crisis, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, says his administration will continue to finance social safety net programmes for the less fortunate in Dominica.

The Prime Minister gave the assurance during his address at the Pichelin Village Council’s 10th Inauguration Ceremony on Thursday.

Skerrit highlighted the “YES WE CARE” Programme and the “CHANCES” home in Jimmit, as social programmes which will continue to be funded by his Government.

The Prime Minister explained why these programmes will continue to be supported by his Government.

He said Government spends in excess of $1 million dollars annually to support the “YES WE CARE” Programme.

“We have situations where grandparents and parents have been abandoned and left alone by their relatives and in some cases the children live right next door to their grandparents,” he said. “The question is, should the Government allow these people to live in that condition?”

“We as a Government, has had to intervene to introduce the YES WE CARE Programme, where we are paying people to go into their homes, clean their homes, bathe them, cook for them and provide other supplies to them,” the Prime Minister continued. “We have “CHANCES” in Jimmit. This is costing the state $70,000.00 a month, to provide a home and care for children who may have been abused or abandoned by their families.”

The Prime Minister noted further that “If people were to take back their responsibilities, this money could be spent on other areas of the country”.

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  1. Listening!!!
    June 17, 2013

    Quite interesting we have a PM who implements policies to impoverish the people of the state and don’t seek to empower the ideals of hard work to feed one’s family. He creates poverty for families with non-jobs policies then the people are left scraping to get by with lack of funds to take care of their children and nothing left over to help their parents.

    Then he claims families are abandoning their finanical responsibility for their loves ones parents/grandparent!!!!

    Skerrit have created the problem and he present himself like the savior with these social programs. These programs are a band aid for our hunger, a tool for dependency and it destroys the fabric of family commitment to hard work.

    Again don’t give us the fish, teach us to fish and the dependence on the social programs will be non-existent.

    But this is not what our GOVT wants for us!!!!!

    • Kindness
      June 17, 2013

      These clients who are receiving this service are much deserving of this help. They are Dominicans who have rendered service to this country one way or the other. They are “well deserving” of the service. The least we can do. This is caring and that is expected of the Gov’t

  2. Roger that
    June 17, 2013

    Wow, Who is in charge of the PMS Public relations!! All last week and now this week the PM has been procrastinating about how the tax payer owes 156 million EC dollars! The ridiculous slaughter house being built in the Layou Valley that is costing 10 Million US dollars! Who on earth is going to benefit from that! 1,000 pigs to be slaughtered a day and 2,000 chickens an hour. Where oh where are they going to find all those animals to kill and definitely impact the whole of the Layou Valley! Who is going to eat all the meat unbelievable. The next thing is that we are lucky other countries are supporting us and we have not been affected so much by the recession! Dominicans we are all poor and all suffering from the lowest pay in the Caribbean. The farmers are not being supported at all and the youngsters are more interested in gadgets and Blackberries. There is nothing for the youth to do here no encouragement
    Yes, people do expect handouts! People can’t live on handouts because handouts can and do dry up! Chances I believe was started by the good people from the church and others from social services it is very much needed it was not the idea of the PM as far as I know and yes, the Government should look after the young and vulnerable that is there job. We so need to have a good hospital with working equipment. Help for the elderly and the young. There is definitely the smell of some sort of scam when 10 million dollars is being spent on a slaughter house which is far too big for Dominica. So whose pockets is it benefiting it just smells of corruption I am sorry to say. The election is in another year and the PM must look at the needs of the Dominicans. He must stop allowing the countryside of Dominica to be ruined by ridiculous schemes two now in the Layou valley the tarmac making plant at the bottom of the Layou Valley that the Government promised would only be open a year to finish the road to Portsmouth but is still there spewing out deadly fumes well after a year and now the slaughter house. Where is the result of the environmental study for this project for the public to see! Enough is enough!

  3. Frabo
    June 17, 2013

    I’m not getting into that one. I’m only waiting for the next election. But why do they call it “Election” nuh! it sometimes look more like a ‘Bribe-tion!’ in that case, my vote might not count?

  4. Justice and Truth
    June 17, 2013

    Governments are obligated to financially assist and care for their who are in need and who have no one to assist them. It is sad that some families will not help their own who are in dire need of their help.
    Those as senior citizens who are sick and are unable to help themselves must be taken care of. God expects this of every one, every family member to come to their financial and physical assistance. If those uncaring and neglectful family refuse to do so, the government must step in and assist them. Surely, every Dominican should know that. There should be no debates, criticisms and objections about that.
    You who criticize the PM about everything good he tries to do, consider yourself. You do not know when you will be in need of. Let me inform you further, “The tables turn and all too frequently when we least expect it.” Today for one, tomorrow for another. Be considerate and compassionate.

    • Justice and Truth
      June 17, 2013

      :oops: ‘nationals’

  5. Massacre
    June 16, 2013

    These so social programs are for the people who are close to the new-labor elite.
    For us the older Laborites who have supported the Labor party since the time of Mike Douglas, it is a shame that those hypocrite Freedom -mites have taken our place.
    That is why I will no longer support this more Freedom than Labor party.

  6. plant a seed
    June 16, 2013

    All together almost $200,000,000.00 of Dominica Social Security, NBD, Credit Unions and individuals money, involved in that famous fraud. Big time Fraud in CLICO. All Dominicans know of who was the boss of CLICO at the time. Does he still possess Dominica’s Diplomatic passport? Who gave it to him? For what? Election Campaign financing of a special Party in 200.? Remember the plane rides?

    Magwe sa. People invest their hard-earned $$$ into that Insurance Co., CLICO, hoping to receive dividends. Instead, FRAUD, CORRUPTION. People’s money gone. You hear no big hue and cry from Govt.? The CLICO boss is “Big wig” partner. The CLICO boss is Dominica’s Ambassador still, nuh?
    Surprised? He know people, who know people in Dominica.

    The Social and Economic programmes of the CU’s, DSS and NDB could have benefitted greatly and provide more services to Dominicans. The corruption, the criminal act of stealing those millions by CLICO boss means nothing?

    Construction jobs that Dominicans could be employed in are awarded to the Chinese. Public Works closing down, have to leave space for Chinese. Workers there and families in dire straits.

    local Businesses failing. Chinese businesses swamp Roseau for a start. Dominica for sale or sold already and we don’t know?

    The rural areas are hardest hit. A ploy to ensure their panting up to the ‘Red Clinic?’ Massa handing out $$$$$, goods, trinkets? Perpetually enslaved to the massa?

    Agriculture on the back-burner. Families are feeling the brunt of a lazy, incompetent bunch. Tourism is not everybody’s business.

    Where is the vision for creating our own wealth, by using our natural resources, mobilising our people to develop the country in a sustainable way and improve people’s standards of living?

    To do anything to remain in “power” that’s the motive of the Cabal. What alleviation of Poverty programmes? Corruption, elections that are not Free and Fair, filled with fraud,are against the electoral laws and Constitution, have caused problems,and crippled the economies of nations.

    • Rastafari
      June 17, 2013

      Very well said!

    • Tony
      June 17, 2013

      Tired of talk.The people need to hear a solution.
      How do you find the time to give these speeches.

  7. hope
    June 16, 2013

    These are good programs Sir. Woe unto those families who abandon their own; however, it is right that these social programs are there to step in to help those who are in need. Bravo! When we stop caring about those who need we have lost the right to call ourselves human.

    And yes, I am a hard working tax-paying Dominican.

    • Me again
      June 16, 2013

      Let us not fool ourselves. A Social Welfare Department has always been part of the responsibility of Government. It is NOT an initiative of the Skerrit government. Unfortunately, Skerrit introduced the Red Clinic, which compromised this Department.

      But, please bear in mind, it is our tax payers’ dollars that fund these proprammes.

  8. Unemployed Youth
    June 16, 2013

    This Prime Minister is not truthful at all..

    he does not care about us dominicans..

    he is full of tricks and sweet talk to fan over folks..

  9. fly honey
    June 16, 2013

    abject poverty, Europe my bad ambecoming like Medard” the annual event should be held bi-annually “Remember he said he was Money god’s friend, maybe he was Newrill Shillingford’s too lol.

  10. Alex Bruno
    June 16, 2013

    Interesting debate…

  11. Rule
    June 16, 2013

    Abandon the Red Clinic. It’s a shameful program that allows people to be dependent on the Gov’t.
    Create jobs, this will give people the financial independence and buying power they so deserve. Stop using people and buying votes by means of your Red Clinic.

    • Justice and Truth
      June 16, 2013

      Did these same people not have the opportunity to go to school, to study, graduate and to seek employment? Why are some of you always blaming the government for the negligence and failure of some people towards themselves including their lack of responsibility?

  12. dem
    June 16, 2013

    I can never vote labour dont matter how much they do and how much they claim to do at the end of the day the country is stagnant with no or very little economic growth no jobs for the youth, elderly are suffering all because of their pure corrupt ways a corrupt leader with corrupt followers will only bring down and take advantage of a poor nation

    • Justice and Truth
      June 16, 2013

      It is your prerogative to vote for the Party of your choice. You do not have to make a big issue of it. Some of you think that another government would do better. If only you would think beyond.
      How old are you? It is nothing new that any Party in power will experience criticisms, if not the same but similar ones.

  13. fly honey
    June 16, 2013

    Suggest reading for the poorly read Medard et Al
    Things fall apart- Chinua Achebe
    How Euroupe underdeveloped Africa- Walter Rodney
    All I need to know ,I learned in Kidergarden

  14. Anonymous
    June 16, 2013

    Now that chavez has kicked the bucket the program is being maintained by funds from your passport sales. Why don’t you entrust your advisor the one in charge of the passport sales to set aside the 156Millions to cover the taxes owed by the population and satart anew in 2014.
    Then no one can say they aren’t paying LMAO.
    When you do I will support you going after those who owe. If you got a break blamed it on your lawyer and then came around and setled after getting some funds for who ever gave you ur break to bounce back. THE population ought to be given the opportunity too. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.
    All shall it is the party’s motto isn’t it? You ur legal advisors and the other criminals eat why not the rest of us.

  15. malgraysa buddy
    June 16, 2013

    This guy talks about taxes who owes Gov’t. He forgot he did the same and more shamefully as the Commander inchief?
    What hurts is the number (of more than hypocrits) burying their heads in the sand. Is like he did not commit a crime nly to blame it on his lawyer who needed a favour in Dec 2010.I guess we can call it balancing acts.

  16. St.Joe
    June 16, 2013

    How about the “RED CLINIC” , It’s been a while since I doh get my portion.
    So don’t forget about the program too. okay

  17. Doc.Love
    June 16, 2013

    What is the worth of the Yes We Care programe when the same people who you claim are well cared for at their homes cannot get the required medical drugs at the hospital to cure them.

    June 16, 2013

    Lower your taxes mr pm , create jobs , put more money into agriculture, raise salaries. This are some of the things we need ÿ̲̣̣̣̥oû to do mr pm to help the less fortunate in this ¢ǿûŋτ̲̣̣̥rÿ̲̣̣̣̥ . Why do ÿ̲̣̣̣̥oû always talk like ɪ̣̝̇§ a favor ÿ̲̣̣̣̥oû doing dominicans. ɪ̣̝̇ voted for ÿ̲̣̣̣̥oû once ά̲̣̣̣̥ŋd not even if ÿ̲̣̣̣̥oû paid M̶̲̥̅̊є̲̣̣̣̥ 1 000 000 ɪ̣̝̇ would vote for ÿ̲̣̣̣̥oû again

    • Kindness
      June 17, 2013

      I will vote for him because I was not old enough to vote for him the last time. lol

  19. hhmmm
    June 16, 2013

    great job … but skerrit all i want is a job create some jobs for the youth

    • Kaka Bouwik
      June 16, 2013

      Please ask the private sector what they are doing.The private sector has not grown much in the past thirty years.From Dame Eugenia,to Eddison james and now to Skerrit some people have done nothing more than criticize every party in government from which they didn’t get those special favours for which they voted.Maybe you are too young to recall a song by the late mighty spider in which he called some members of the private sector hypoctites.Do some research on that song.It will surely open your eyes.We are our own worst enemy.We as a people are directly responsible for our poverty.We need some attitude adjustment lessons urgently.

  20. mouche meil
    June 16, 2013

    Medard for sure knows a thing or two about abandonment.

  21. El Uno
    June 15, 2013

    well skerro I expect to hear nothing less after all elections round the corner so “red clinic” welcome back. Ya absence was sorely missed by a lot! now ppl come beg ya master!

  22. Annica Alethea
    June 15, 2013

    Mr. Skerrit your policies have placed more people in poverty in the history of Dominica than any other government before you.
    You have given the citizens of this country the impression that hard work is a crime and that they should depend on the sweat and sacrifice of the hard working people of China, Venezuela and until Gaddafi’s unfornate death, Libya.
    Not once in your deliberations do you implore on the Dominican citizens that they should work hard, instead you are determined to continue Yes We Care and other social programs.
    Why could my single mother afford to send four of us to secondary school in the 80s and 90s, without a scholarship and today a single mother cannot afford to send one child to school?
    The single mother today is waiting for you to pay, she sits in the RED CLINIC every Wednesday waiting for a handout.
    The people of Dominica need JOBS Mr. Skerrit, not Social Programs, the death of Chavez and the crisis in Venezuela should have taught you a lesson but, unfortunately, you are not prepared to learn.
    Life has been good to you, without a bit of struggle, without the experience of leading a youth group, you landed in the seat of Prime Minister and you believe that life is that simple for everyone. But Alas my friend, Dominicans are really sucking SALT.
    Because 2000 Civil Servants can get their salary on time every month from the VAT of others, life is sweet. Sooner rather than later you will have a taste of reality. By the way, Justina Charles is still contesting the Grand Bay seat? tHINK OF IT!

    • Justice and Truth
      June 16, 2013

      Your first sentence of all is a downright lie. You talk as if you were born yesterday. Dominicans today are enjoying a better economic life than in former years. Ask those who are older or much older than you are.
      Single mothers – if not previously married, why do they have children and with whom? This is one of the conditions of poverty. And you blame the government?
      I suggest that you keep quiet because you are talking a lot of nonsense and do not see before you why poverty exists in Dominica. Do you want me to write a book and detail all the reasons which contribute to poverty? It would not reflect too well on those who have dropped out of school, who never cared to attend school, who live a life of leisure and going about, having babies without knowing where the money is coming from to feed and clothe them.
      Think of these things and you will not blame the government, i.e. if you are a fair and just person. According to your comments you appear to possess none and not even basic common sense.

    • Just Saying
      June 17, 2013

      I do not support all of the Prime Minister’s policies but attacking a safety net program is shameful. Every country has a program in place to assist the less fortunate. It’s great that your single mother was able to put you and your siblings through school but not everyone is as fortunate. Sadly, if the government did nothing to assist these people, we would be singing another tune.

  23. Lougaoo Mem
    June 15, 2013

    Not again with the old theme. How about a “Yes I must create jobs for the less fortunate so they can have a sense of independent..?” This is another political ploy he knows his supporters love to hear and enjoy.

    No doubt, the election will be announced in a few months and he knows his gullible supporters are eager to swallow all that’s spewed. So we now know his intentions are to belch these utterances and keep his people queued.

    Did he accomplish in the first hundred days what he promised? How many of our local merchants fell through the cracks due to the Chinese invasion of our business sector? Since when a China man has more rights and privilege in another man’s land? Only in The Commonwealth of Dominica.

    We heard of loans here, loans everywhere for development, but jobs nowhere. Mr. Skerrit must stop thinking that his people are fools. He knows that they can be bought easily, but not all fools.

    Come next election, “People Power” has two distinct choices. A choice to reject the corruption, reject the preferences given to foreigners over our people, reject the lies and deception while the politicians are getting super rich at the expense of the poor. And a choice to put the country on a true democratic course that will ensure equal rights and justice for all, and empower our people with respect for all.

  24. June 15, 2013

    Good stuff, I really support that, regarding global economy crisis is just a game other country’s in the Caribbean does the same they provide assistance for the less fortunate.

  25. Anonymous
    June 15, 2013


  26. linky
    June 15, 2013

    they critizizing dno but now election in the air ever day there is a story with the pm now.

  27. Kaka Bouwik
    June 15, 2013

    It’s a shame and a heck of a shame for sons and daughters to turn their backs on their parents and grandparents.These were the people who walked bare footed to care for us.Yes our mothers and grannies/grandpas helped to mold us and make us who we are.Carrying bananas on their heads, working on various estates around the island and yes even making charcoal to put food on the table.Today in their golden years when we should be there for them, we have chosen to turn our backs on them.How could we pretend not to see them in the squalor and deprevation in which they live right under our noses? Gone are the days of the donkey and cart. Buses and private transportation are so very common so don’t blame the distance.There ‘s no place in Dominica that’s too far.What would it take from you to feed and bathe them or even comb their hair? Our parents/grand parents were young like us too.they will be gone to rest some day.When we reach their ages(those who live that long)we will need help and love and affection and appreciation too.Who will be their for us? No amount of money and big houses and fancy cars will prevent us from being like them.Life is a cycle.What goes around comes around.Soon it will be our turn.Government has to play its part when necessary but its not Governments responsibility to care for them while we’re Sewoing all over the place.They’re our parents and grandparents.Letus play our part and give them the dignity and affection they deserve in their golden years.Remember we will be treated the same way we treat our parents/grandparents.Zenfants porkoh mal obligian.Se deyere ki ni mal obligian

    • Justice and Truth
      June 17, 2013

      If they are practicing Christians, they do not practice, “Honor thy father and thy mother.” God is taking note. Their day will come.
      They do not know the length of their days, what will happen to them, how they will age and gracefully or not, if they live long enough and what their end will be like. Some people suffer immensely before they die. While we do not know what is in store for us, likewise them, I often wonder what type of life some people live to suffer so much. This is why some want the government to legalize euthanasia so that they do not suffer anymore. If they do not suffer then, rest assured it will be in Hell. No joking! People pay for their negligence and such sins committed toward especially their parents who they should be taking care of lovingly until they pass on. Just think, what goes around comes around. People pay for their sins, sometimes while on this earth. If not, in eternity. They should be told about this.

  28. Doc. Love
    June 15, 2013

    Interesting,Skerrit is prepared to spend approximately $70,000 a month on social programes like the red clinic. I understood, the Cat Scanner at the hospital has not been functional for a while. Many Dominicans have called the talk shows complaining that certail important medical drugs are not available at the hospital. :mrgreen:

  29. $$$$$ - 4 - Vote
    June 15, 2013

    Too late!

    You have already tampered with the social service of caring for the elderly out of genuine concern for them. When money gets in the way of honor, people become corrupt.

    Try again Mr. Prime Minister and give people their dues. You know who was behind that centenarian movement and what the original intention was. It certainly was not about money and vote seeking.


  30. Anonymous
    June 15, 2013

    DNO why you keep breaking the PM speech into small bits? Is there some perverse pleasure in seeing the PM get raked over the coals?….trust me I’m enjoying it because it is nice to see most posters ask some serious questions of the leader of the country at last.

  31. Morihei Ueshiba
    June 15, 2013

    All u can do to get votes cause u suck

  32. concerned
    June 15, 2013

    true say. we have become a “I don’t care ” world. We care so much less about our elders.

  33. %
    June 15, 2013

    Worst government ever to govern this poor speck of sand. TIME TO VOTE THEM OUT.
    A report card which shows greediness, incompetency, arrogance, laziness’, is definitely not the recipe needed to propel Dominica forward.
    I GUESS RED CLINIC DOOR WILL BE OPENED SOON, but with no Venezuela and no Libya, things will be tougher.
    Gang ho Headless Chickens!
    VOTE THEM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • me
      June 17, 2013

      You mean, best government ever.

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