Ministry of Health warns of dust, noise and disruptions at hospital construction site

Entrance of the PMH in Goodwill
Entrance of the PMH in Goodwill

The Ministry of Health (MoH) has warned residents near the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) in Goodwill and well as clients of the institution that they will likely experience an increase in noise, dust and disruption as an administrative building on the site of the new National Hospital is now under construction.

The administrative building is located on the eastern end of the PMH and will serve as the work space for the HUNAN Construction Engineering Group Corporation of the People’s Republic of China throughout the life of the project. HUNAN is the contractor of the project.

“Work on the administrative building is expected to last until November, 2016,” a statement from the MoH said on Tuesday. “As a result, residents near the hospital as well as clients of the hospital will likely experience an increase in noise, disruptions and dust due to the construction. Therefore, all are asked to be cautious when using that section of the grounds. This is the first building to be erected on the PMH site following the ground breaking ceremony for the New National Hospital on August 08, 2016.”

The US$40 million New National Hospital is a grant from the Government of the People’s Republic of China. It is being constructed on the present site of the PMH.

The governments of Dominica and the People’s Republic of China formally established diplomatic relations in March 2004.

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  1. Joshua Generation
    September 14, 2016

    I’m seeing that no matter what the Government does, the people always Complain, ComPLAIN , COMPLAIN. If the Government decided to build a New Hospital it would be something else.

    Develop, they Complain
    Don’t Develop, they complain
    Listen to the majority and do, they complain
    Listen to the minority, they complain
    Dominicans are unstable and wicked in all their ways.
    Take out your bowels for them they’re the most ungrateful people in the Region and that’s the name the region calls us, from St Kitts to Trinidad they call us Ungrateful people and that speaks volumes.

    • jonathan st jean
      September 14, 2016

      You reserve the right to complain about other people’s complaining.So who do you think you are?I will defend your right to complain.Just you do the same.In the US A the hypocrites talk about freedom of speech,until you say something they disagree with.Just like you,sir.However since it’s our right then we won’t stop complaining.Politics is adversarial,so what do you expect and it’s not unique to Dominica.Go figure

    • Freelance
      September 14, 2016

      Ok bravo coco , you turn regional spoke person. Ministry of Heatlh put out a public statement and on that basis you find yourself talking on behalf of the region referring to us Dominicans as ungrateful and complainers. Garcon you good!

  2. John
    September 14, 2016

    Is the new hospital going to have a helicopter service to get patients to emergency more effectively and quickly from remote areas and if need be fly them to the French islands.

  3. September 14, 2016

    Get ready for many years of construction work and all the hassles that go with it if the project ever starts. Completion would be many years down the road.

  4. Chen CHew Dwiet
    September 13, 2016

    The Roseau credit union building the General Post Office, an numerous other buildings in town have been renovated, floors added and the were done is a very Professional manner with ppl working in and on and accessing these buildings daily., So yes In Dominica we are capable of doing this with limited disruption to the everyday running of the hospital ,

  5. September 13, 2016

    More incompetency of Skerrit and the DLP showing its face :-D

    • leroy
      September 14, 2016

      Every time I read some Dominican Comments I feel sick to mt stomach. I some of say things like they have no understanding, knowledge, education, passion, empathy or empathetic towards others. Why would some one compared Credit Union and a Hospital project, by building a Hospital for the use for Dominicans Make Priminster Skerritt incompetence. I Think we have to do more to teach Dominicans the true values of the world that we are living in.

  6. Doc. Love
    September 13, 2016

    What a better way to get rid of the senior citizens who Skeritt claims he loves so dearly. Most of the seniors are already suffering from serious respiratory problems, expect an increase in limousine rides according to Pappy. :lol:

  7. A Doubting Thomas In Solidarity
    September 13, 2016

    Do we as Dominicans live in a real world? Hospitals are renovated all the time with yes, patients in the hospital. Operations taking place, Babies being born. We have to stop making ourselves look so silly as if we know nothing and if we can disrupt progress, we are doing something good!! really people!! are we serious!!

    When my grand daughter was born, we were at a hospital that was being renovated. Of course, we had to take a longer path to get to the makeshift entrance but nothing stop in the good care of patients. Of course, there were many inconveniences, we expected them. Staff maybe had to leave home a little earlier to get to work. Some detour in traffic.

    Now looking at that hospital where I spent numerous hours, the inconvenience was all worth it. There is a saying no pain no gain. Dominicans for crying out loud, they cannot just build a hospital elsewhere and place it on the ground without so much of a hammer pounding on a nail be reasonable sometimes.

    • Dorival John
      September 13, 2016

      Oh shut up, you don’t even live in Dominica, so you don’t know what is going on.

      At the hospital where your grand daughter was born, I am sure all the necessary precautions were taken. There are none at PMH. Not even a makeshift cardboard barrier to prevent, or at least minimize, the spread of dust much less. Choops.

      • A Doubting Thomas In Solidarity
        September 13, 2016

        Is the PMH the same as it was since it was first built? I do not know because as you say I do not live in Dominica. So I am asking you so I can visualize the PMH.

        Have any repairs or additions done to the PMH or the grounds from the day the hospital was built. And if so, when and how was it done.

        Anyone know in addition to Dorival John?

      • Dorival John
        September 13, 2016

        OMG, somebody is trying to be smart. :)

        Of course repairs and additions have been made to the PMH since its inception, but nothing on the magnitude of this so-called “new hospital.” Based on what the government wants us to believe, the project is a huge one that pales in comparison to repairs and additions made to the PMH. So you cannot compare there. Unless it is a just an overblown kaka rat project designed to fool the people, since the majority of them are so like sheep being led to the slaughter…making them believe its a “new state of the art hospital.”

    • troof
      September 14, 2016

      The hospital where your yute was born most likely had complete Air conditioning with sealed wards from elements. In dominica the wards are open with swinging windows and domestic standing fans for ventilation. there is no ac. noise is the least of their worries, think about dust and cement settling on open wounds and respiratory issues. the only sealed areas are operation room and lab. all wards are open for anything to walk fly float creep stroll and/or jump in.

  8. my own
    September 13, 2016

    Hmmmm. I don’t feel good about that one bit and here is my reason. some might say I am not making sense but …………….case close

    • September 14, 2016

      Dominicans should take a look at that video. You may have hit the nail on the head with this one. The only thing that would be created would be more debt to China and the possibility that the govt. could not afford to run the hospital as well as make any repairs. So then, what would be the benefit ?

  9. September 13, 2016

    So I take this to mean that all steps will be taken to ensure that patients are potted from all what they are warning against right? Boy I just don’t feel good about it because Dominica has enough vacant land that could accommodate a modern hospital without jeopardizing patients. What if in the middle of construction we get some hurricane? Boy not good

    • winston warrington
      September 13, 2016

      The idea that the hospital could be located elsewhere ignores the infrastructural framework attendant to it. The hospital has to be located reasonably close to the population center and within timely access of fire, police, and ambulance services. So, the fact that there is much land available elsewhere is not a valid consideration. There is existing infra structure that must be utilized. What happens during times of conflict?

      • REBEL Skerrit
        September 13, 2016

        You talking crap! Maybe the same could be said of the airport but Maigot, was the best location. Who cares about where in Dominica a good hospital is located as long as they can get the service and not have to fly to Barbados, Martinique Guada? In fact the reasons you stated are the same reasons why the existing hospital should remain in tack. No one is saying they should move the PMH to Warner or Portsmouth because Roseau needs a good hospital. But it makes no sense to demolish the existing hospital to accomodate a state of the art hospital, and have patients and faculty to remain in that unhealthy dust during the construction. As far as I can see it, business people just need to invest more in funeral homes because disease and death will increase

  10. Yung Musician
    September 13, 2016

    Come on people, get out of little Dominica and see the world. That’s a common practice the world over. Hospitals and schools are routinely expanded and renovated while in operation. We need to get over our little Island mentality.

    • Dorival John
      September 13, 2016

      Affus all u think when all u travel everybody else is country bookie. I’ve traveled ok, and I’ve seen how things are done in other countries: they are done professionally. Not so in poor old Dominica. Have you seen how other things done in other countries as compared here?

      I remember seeing construction at this place in New York on an existing property. The section where the construction was taking place was completely barricaded to minimize dust and noise pollution.

      Nothing like that exists at PMH right now, so shut up.

      • Reason
        September 13, 2016

        Your judgement on a construction comparing a newyork construction with one that has not even began as yet shows your motive and narrow point of view clearly.. don’t fool yourself dorival John cause your not fooling anyone else

  11. winston warrington
    September 13, 2016

    There would be no need for the Ministry of Health to address this issue had the local Building Code provided for such normal construction activities. Noise abatement and dust control are coded into urban construction permits, setting the limits (decibel levels) acceptable and the hours for tolerating such pollution activity. With such an abundance of water available at the construction site, dust could be easily controlled. A construction sound barrier wall could be erected to minimize the sounds of construction activity. It is a matter of planning. For instance, why should construction start in September?

  12. Shaka Zulu
    September 13, 2016

    It is the responsibility of the ministry of health to ensure that the dust and noise are within the permissible limits as prescribed in the laws of the land. This is and active functioning hospital with patients so the pollution levels should be even stricter. What the public should do is find out what the aceptable decibels are and how the moh plan on collecting air samples to ensure dust levels are zero. There are soundproof materials and mist machines thst can be used. Telling people to expect increase noise and dust is unaceptable. But then again is Dominicans they love taking abuse in every sense. Smdh

    • Shaka Zulu
      September 13, 2016

      While we at it i would also like to know if any part of the old PMH is going to be demolished and if so are they planning on doing any asbestos, lead and mold testing and how the MoH plans to mitigate if any of these hazards are found. I do not have to go into details on effects but people come to a hospital to treat respiratory illness and it would be darn ridiculous to have all this ay hospital and MoH has nothing in place. I say this because based on the warning above it sure seems like people have to just accept there is going to be noise and dust. Lord have mercy on your people.

      • Freelance
        September 14, 2016

        Boy you so right there is mould, asbestos, pigeon infestation, liquid waste and other contaminants all over, including rodents running up and down the place. It’s a mess so instead of the Ministry of Health trying to reduce or eliminate these health atrocities they are saying to us, the people using the hospital, to exercise caution. In other words they telling patience and the General public (clients) to expect unhealthy conditions when using or visiting the area. In other words the Ministry of Health is admitting publicly that the side is a health hazard? This is so ridiculous, its pathetic , it is unacceptable, it is down right irresponsible. Example the admin building is being constructed however it is not Condoned off and guess what the medical wards including the maternity and children’s ward are down wind from the site. Wonder if they are aware? And if they are ,whether if air quality test are being carried out. Garcon we in trouble reminds of the geothermal project.

  13. forreal
    September 13, 2016

    whenever a building is being demolished water is used for dust control,,,does not the Chinese no that?? this statement is irrelevant to the present situation,,,because firstly you already have a patient rehabilitation issue,,so why put such a statement out there???

  14. troof
    September 13, 2016

    We need leaders with common sense who are not concerned about their new image or their new source of steady income. Those who actually want to serve primarily and wholeheartedly for county not for party or for self, but for country. id love to be a politician but wold not want to be labeled in the same bracket as many of these jokers from both red and blue.

  15. cameron
    September 13, 2016

    New Hospital my foot,this will be a disaster,poor planning by the supreme emperor.

  16. Not a herd follower
    September 13, 2016

    There are many elderly citizens living within close proximity to the PMH. They, too, will suffer from the pollution. The Cabinet lacks commonsense!

  17. STAR
    September 13, 2016

    what a damn joke.. like seriously.. we want the hospital.. but u wasnt supposed to renovate what was there… you was supposed to build a new one at another site.. how people going to get better in an already doomed graveyard that only have paracetamol and plaster.. may the good lord and guide and protect my people

  18. September 13, 2016

    Why don’t he comment on , and about the Pig farm in viele case polluting the pristine river of the so call nature Island , come on, a bunch of hypocrites, [ DUMINICANS] we are the laughing stock of the Caribbean , and the world, in this electronic world . why don’t he come on the radio and inform the people of Dominica about what are his intentions , he is being paid by the taxes payers of Dominica, he owe them and explanation as to why he is letting his crony, poison our river for a vote and a few pork chops, Pig farms are the most stinking farm animals in the world, you can smell them miles away, why dump there waste in the river?. there got to be a better way to dispose there waste, what about digging a pit, or do some research, like they do it in the States and come to solution that would please the village people of viel case, and Dominica as a whole, where is the pal. rep? why is he hiding .

  19. ” (MoH) has warned residents near the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) in Goodwill and well as clients of the institution that they will likely experience an increase in noise, dust and disruption as an administrative building on the site of the new National Hospital is now under construction.”

    Then in a case like this where the peace and quiet of the residence will be interrupted, arrangement should be made prior to the beginning of construction, to temporarily housed these people elsewhere, even if the government had to find hotel accommodation for those who will be affected.

    In regards to the dust, that is all more reason other living arrangement should me since not even Skerrit can prevent the dust traveling in all directions. Now we know we are not getting any new state of art hospital, its only an addition. Another of Skerrit’s lies has surfaced. Even the entrance of that place looks horrible!

    • troof
      September 13, 2016

      Telemacque are you an idiot? who going and leave the comfort of their homes they build and pay taxes for to go in temporary housing? the government officials are fools for thinking it a good idea to construct a new hospital in the same place where sick people are trying to get better and dieing people holding on for their lives. YES DUST will settle in wounds and in bronchial passages of people, NOISE will disturb rest. But i guess they dont care about that. once they can say they build a new hospital which may end up breaking down like the stadium or our poorly build roads with no drainage. how is this fathomable? PMH as is stands has NO AC IN THE WARDS. open windows and fans. How does this new project in the same lot of land help people get better? i pray none of my friends or family reaches in that place before it is completed. God save Dominica from Dominicans for they know not what they do.

      • “Telemacque are you an idiot? who going and leave the comfort of their homes they build and pay taxes for to go in temporary housing? the government officials are fools for thinking it a good idea to construct a new hospital in the same place where sick people are trying to get better and dieing people holding on for their lives.”

        You call me an idiot, nevertheless you have no clue how my surname is spelt. So be educated there are only two ways it can be spelt: in French it written thus; Te’le’maque; in English it is written thus: Telemaque, there is no “C” in Telemaque, as a matter of fact in both English and French, the que is absolutely silent, so a C is not required for a pronunciation!

        Now regarding you rubbish people are not obligated to remain in a home as you said and tolerate dust, and noise dust, contamination dust usually cause respiratory problems, such a asthma and other congestive problems, so here I have proved you a ditty idiot, some of those people might…

    • zandoli
      September 13, 2016

      So when the patients are housed at hotels around the country, how do you propose they should be taken care of?

      I am not opposed to the idea of a planned relocation of the hospital, but to suggest they should spread all these sick people all over town or country is pure madness.

      • Remember, I did not say anything about the patient, though they will suffer the consequence if the dust are allowed to enter into the Wards. No I have been to Centenella Hospital where construction work continues for more than three years to date, However; the way the windows and shutters are built, and installed it almost impossible to have dust penetrating.

        Now, you anything goes in Dominica, in a hospital which for all its existence has peace’s of glass called Louvers dust and fumes will have no difficulties seeping through!

        I only remember the PMH as it was in the late 1950’s when it was built. Patients can remain in there if they are protected from the inevitable!

    • Arte El Labore
      September 14, 2016

      Francisco, Your comment proof to all how much stupid you are, I keep telling you that but not take any notice, Prime minister Skerrit is not as simple as you are Linton, and the rest of the so called Workers Party could never step lnto Prime minister Dr.Skerrit shoes.

      • Guy I would much prefer to be an idiot, a sot, a jackass, a fool than to be a dog like you!


        You that dog, no matter how much I tell mash, you run a few inches from me, and then return for more insults. Only a dog do not know when they are not appreciated!

        I know dogs including you operate off instincts, but some are smart: My son had a pit-bull, very vicious, it almost bit me, in me own backyard, so I stood and look that dog plum in it eye, and told him. “I do not like you.” The next morning the dog was no anywhere to be found to this day!

        We don’t know what happened to the dog!

        There were two other bread of dogs in the yard, they did not leave, so the dog I did not like, understood I did not like him, so he left. If a dog walking on all fours has the capacity to understand, how come a two feet dog like you cannot understand to leave me alone! Mash dog, don’t bother me shew fly don’t worry me you and are not…

      • You are so dumb, and ignorant you keep sing the same tune over and over, you write the some comment because it is a script you got from that Mountain Chicken Carpaud (crapo) Mentality Sly Eye Sir Knight Indian doctor of nothing that Dominica passport sales man Roosevelt Skerrit!


        Has he given you one dime from all of the money he put into his pocket from the sale of your nations passport. Skerrit have a name which begins with “T” and finish with the letter “F” oui! Fill in the blanks and you will know his name, there are three letters between F & T if you can read I am sure you could figure out what is omitted between the two, I know bit I doh talking cause I doh want to be sued.

        Skerrit going to jail sooner or later, cause him too wealthy, ask him where he gets all his money form; better yet you can tell me!

  20. vanessa
    September 13, 2016

    MADNESS. Patients are suppose to recuperate at a hospital in peace. PURE MADNESS. I welcome a new hospital but at another site. please let common sense prevail

    • Informed
      September 13, 2016

      Too late

  21. Dorival John
    September 13, 2016

    Who would build a new hospital site on the site of an fully functioning, existing hospital? What about the patients? How are they going to deal withe the noise and dust? This is ridiculous.

    • troof
      September 13, 2016

      I have been achoing this since the fist set of plans came out. These people have their agenda and they do not care who it affects. they want to look good and say they are working. but the work is back to front and ineffective. you fix roads but you dont put drainiage, what happens? land slides and collapsed roads. You build housing in bath estate and elmshall, to date they are unoccupied and becoming eyesores due to non maintenance, the airport floods everytime there is heavy rain, you refuse to relocate it or even fix it back to look decent, now this nonsense. Yes the govt working, but backwards.

  22. Bronx,NY
    September 13, 2016

    Tells the story of Today’s Dominica……invaded at all levels with mediocrity!

    So much land around Dominica, why this sort of jam up environmental project!

    Only in Dominica…so what will those poor patients be subjected too?

    Do dominicans really reflect as so call professionals what they’re impacting onto the land of their birth….

    that’s why no one will invest in dominica they view that island like a barrel of empty cans.

    but the empty cans are constantly clapping with joy of being empty…what a dunce,droll backward place label dominica….

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