NEP hits 2,000 Douglas says

Douglas spoke in parliament on Tuesday. File photo

Employment Minister, Ian Douglas, has announced that 2,000 Dominicans are now employed under the National Employment Program (NEP), describing it as “the most talked about” out of all other social programs.

He was addressing the sitting of Parliament on Tuesday, May 23rd 2017.

Douglas said that the NEP has had and continues to have a huge social impact to a level where in the future, historians will record it as “one of the most impactful social programs.”

“That is clear and unequivocal. I don’t think that any member of this house can stand here and say that the National Employment Program has not achieved its intended purpose,” Douglas said.

He added that the government’s significant investment in the program has resulted in a highly favorable price tag that is geared towards keeping people employed.

“We came to the Honorable House last year for this budget and we budgeted about $6-million for the fiscal year and we have exceeded that to the point where at the end of the fiscal year, the price tag for the National Employment Program will be in the region of about $11.5- $12 million, keeping persons who would have otherwise been unemployed, in a stable job and giving them a source of employment,” Douglas stated.

Douglas expressed pride over the NEP.

“We are very proud as a government of the achievement that we have made under the National Employment Program,” he remarked.

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  1. Pop-Eye, Ian Douglas, you are not saying important, you are only spewing more garbage. So, you have two thousand people receiving handouts, without actually no work, standing even in rum shops.

    If in truth you have two thousand people employed, tell us in what industries are they employed, and when such industries were created in the country. My question to you, are the industries owned and operated by Dominicans, or by foreigners?

    The idea of you selecting labor party clones only, and paying them a few pennies which cannot support them for a month, less than fifty dollars per week for standing in some so called business place, claiming they are doing internship, is nonsense. We hear the complaints, and the cry of those you forced such situations.

    That is not work, that is not employment that someone ambitious want to do for the rest of Skerrit’s tenure! People want sustainable employment, a real job!

  2. dissident
    May 25, 2017

    17 years in government………2000 jobs created?
    Seriously, how does that help our 1.3 billion debt?

  3. mary waner
    May 25, 2017

    The NEP programme is good but its not sufficient and the people cant take loans they should give those who are there for two three years government contacts.

    May 25, 2017


  5. Rock
    May 25, 2017

    Thad means that the government pays over 2 million dollars to NEP workers every month!!!!!!! My god that country finish. .. why not the private sector employing these people… failed gov

  6. Strong
    May 24, 2017

    Gabbage every where n in nasty bags all over. The place is very untidy. The drains in Portsmouth n Roseau stinking. The place is in cricise. So why Mr Douglas boasting bout employment. The country road side is at its worst under labour party.
    Don’t how Dominicans stomach such nonsense from this government.
    Imagine since last year there was a parliamentary sitting yet town hall meetings n CBI money making bachanal.
    Shame, shame, shame. Mr Douglas should me called minister of unemployment.

  7. shrewd
    May 24, 2017

    How much more stupid can a government be to use tax payers money to pay people to work in private businesses, even domlec? not even in productive areas like agriculture and manufacturing. Yet you offered public servants 000%

  8. Possie Direct
    May 24, 2017

    I just cannot imagine how Robert Douglas -Grand father of Ian, Mike Douglas – father of Ian , and Rosie Douglas-Uncle of Ian would feel to hear what their Ian Douglas is referring to success of the DLP, after 17 years in office. Knowing the three as well as I knew them I can tell you they would be so ashamed of Ian that they would even run against him to ensure he does not get another chance to mock young people in public. Ian shame on you boy! That’s what you let Skerrit reduce you to man

  9. Possie Direct
    May 24, 2017

    To understand and appreciate what my parlep said let’s do some calculation. Say Dominica has 72,000 people as we claim, let’s divide our population into four groups of 18,000. Group #1 = From birth to age 17 years, and lets call this group “dependent” group because they have to depend on their parents. Group #2: From ages 18-45, and let’s call them “The Working group” since they are in their prime and are able to work to help develop their country. The 3rd group of 18,000 is from age 46-65, and we will call them the retirement group, since most of them will be retiring soon. Our last group of 18,000 from age 66-100 yrs and call them “Goodbye” group. So the cream of those groups would be working class group which any government needs to develop their country. Out of that 18,000 say 6000 are working, 10,000 are unemployed and Ian said 2000 are NEP patients. Can you imagine what kind of future is left in Dominica under the DLP? when we break it down we see nothing but FAILURE!

    May 24, 2017

    Ian, we talking about 2000 young Dominicans that cannot go to the bank with their paystub to get a loan to build their house or buy a car, because it is not sustainable. You talking about 2000 young Dominicans that CANNOT say they not taking their education or talent overseas because they have a job in Dominica; That’s not sustainable! We talking about 2000 young Dominicans that cannot say they have a job so it’s time to get married and plan on having a family. Ian, you talking about 2000 young people that are working for the government in 2017, and CANNOT think of a future. Ian, if these 2000 young persons continue working for the government in that NEP for the next 25 years, Ian you know these 2000 young persons will own nothing in life and will be forced to depend on government for pampers. and, is that what you would suggest for your children? Ian, would you or any of the cabinet ministers recommend NEP as a future for your children? It’s time for you to search your conscience…

  11. May 24, 2017

    Ian visit possie hospital n you will see nep sitting doing nothing. You cant blame them because they were placed in areas that require additional staff. Instead of putting them at the hospital why dont you send them to the homes of the elderly and physically challenged to assist. Those employed on the roadside cleanjng and beautifying are doing a tremendous job

  12. May 24, 2017

    Minister — publish a list of all potential employees / including financial stats to validate your findings — after all this is a major accomplishment – AND I QUOTE —

    “Douglas said that the NEP has had and continues to have a huge social impact to a level where in the future, historians will record it as “one of the most impactful social programs.”

  13. Anthony P. Ismael
    May 24, 2017

    You spent $12 million dollars employing people and the drains in Roseau are still smelly. Garbage is still being picked up in open dump trucks and the workers wear no protective work equipment. This is a clear example of misuse of funds and plain “Bobol.”

    • Dominican passports
      May 24, 2017

      Them man passing on old truck picking up garbage, smh the garbage taller than the buildings in Roseau ontop de truck

  14. Well Well Well
    May 24, 2017

    So this mean $12, 000000 /2000 NEP employee = $6000. There each person employed under NEP get $6000. I want to work for NEP

    • LifeandDeath
      May 24, 2017

      See how they does tell lies!!!

  15. Hendricks ismael
    May 24, 2017

    When I travel arriving at airports I immediately see people’s cultures , and really feel their love for country . I hope in dominica we can catch up and sustain this “love for country “fever . List of some things on my mind , wish for our government and people to have emblems about the nature island in ports, airports, and public spaces, to reflect our good nature as Dominicans . Pm speaks of trusting society instead of having the state to decide and think for society . In my opinion government roll should be to encourage people to take control of their own lives . What minister Douglas is doing is exactly what we need training . When I travel I am often amazed at how nationalistic some people are about their country . We as a people have to be more passonate about spreading the good news about our country dominica .

  16. marie-claire R Skerrit
    May 24, 2017

    what jobs. They not employing those with degrees is the uneducated one they giving jobs to clean gutter and cut trees for 6 months then after that what.. a shame.

  17. Hendricks ismael
    May 24, 2017

    My fellow Dominicans I pledge my love for Dominica. What’s your pledge ? . In my opinion I could never under stand ethnic pride or national pride , because to me pride should be reserved for something achieveed. It’s always good to love your country . After all , it’s where you live . Being emotional , and having a great passion or love for your country should not only be encouraged it’s often a source of inspiration that drives towards success or great accomplishment . Educate your self and proudly display the love you have for your country with just a few simple steps . It’s all right to wear your patriotic colours, flags , historic figures , or images.

  18. freshwaterlake
    May 24, 2017

    The NEP is a failed program regardless of if it is still ongoing. the fact that it is still ongoing alone says it has failed. Why? because it clearly shows the state of the economy for the private sector. IF the private sector and private businesses cannot afford to hire staff it is not the responsibility of the governement to pay for employment. Some say it is an internship program intended to provide experience and teach skills. But i know people who have been NEP since inception and not hired full time or part time by the employer. Why? no need to. the government pays their salary. why should i worry about it? In addition, it is very possible that the government can use these NEP agents/interns etc to infiltrate and report to the government about the intricacies of your business. Most of these workers wear red at almost every labor rally because they love their PM who gave them a little job. In return, they know where their loyalty llies and will not bit the hand that feeds.

    • freshwaterlake
      May 24, 2017

      Why doesnt the governemnt create the environment and change legislation and policies to encourage the enabling environment. Take on suggestions from the technocrats instead of thinking you have all the answers because you are the head. Allow busines people to hire their own staff because they can afford to. put facilties in place so young and older entrepreneurs can acces the billions you like to put in banks but only people like nassief and fort young can access. the nonsense 5000or 10,000 the ministry of commerce hands out in the name of small business development is chump change, a slap in the face of many.

  19. Shaka Zulu
    May 24, 2017

    Gov runned coffee house
    Gov runned abbatoir
    Gov runned hotels
    CBI Money building private hotel
    Gov runned toilets
    Gov runned recruitment for private sector jobs (NEP)
    Gov take over of former DCP
    Gov runned insurance for single mom
    Gov runned BDM (baby diapers and milk) for single mom
    Gov runned housing
    Gov red clinic
    It’s the only place I know in this world where an increase in people on welfare is seen as government in action and the more people you have on welfare is a badge of honor.

    Meantime, people who actually work cannot get raises and there is no manufacturing, Agriculture and fishing are anemic. The only inovation we have developed is the art of selling passports. Imagine things are so bad a once successful hotelier cannot get a loan from the bank yet CBI money which belongs to the country is used to finance.
    Ian find something valuable to do with Hampstead estate, wold be…

    • lasspalay
      May 24, 2017

      Your post is so true Shaka Zulu.

    • Justice
      May 25, 2017

      What do you expect from a communist government.

    • freshwaterlake
      May 25, 2017

      All of these actions are destroying the private sector.

  20. Fedup #1
    May 24, 2017

    Another way that taxpayers money is being used to fund Labour Party campaigning. Jobs are being given to Labourites (or those perceived to be Labour supporters) and Labourite businesses get employees. Some of those businesses (who can well afford) are getting free labour from those NEP employees at taxpayer’s expense. A # of close associates of Labour are sucking the country dry with this NEP program. PEP was used as a campaigning tool by St Kitts Labour Party and like everything else copied by Skerrit. These poor employees feel like Labour Party (not the gov’t or taxpayers) is doing them a favor and as a result they feel they must repay with a vote. I had to explain to one of them that it is not from Skerrit’s pocket. It is time Dominicans open their eyes and stop being fooled by this Cabal. Here is Dr Timothy Harris take on the PEP:

    • The Darkness
      May 24, 2017

      Incorrect assumption…I KNOW AS A FACT that anyone can apply for a job at NEP and they do not have to be red colored.

      I know a good count of people who are employeed with NEP, that cannot give to shts about politics and the bs that follows it…

      Another Dominican flapping their gums on foolish assumptions.

      While NEP is still a failed product, as it implies government handouts, painting it red is just wrong.

      This kinda talk is what is wrong with our society.

      Why does everything have to be color based? Red, blue, green…

      We need a new party all together,.

      • Fedup #1
        May 24, 2017

        “The Darkness”, I know qualified UWP supporters who applied under the program and were never placed and I know businesses owned by known UWP supporters who applied for workers and never got through when a Labourite with the same type of business got 5 employees under that program for her business. Those who “don’t give a shit about politics” as you state get placed as they are not UWP supporters and so it matters not if they are used to give free Labour to a Labour business. A few others may have gotten lucky as the gov’t could not determine their allegiance or is hoping to buy their vote. These are not assumptions: too much discrimination and victimisation in this country. No wonder if a UWP supporter dares to go to get public support the ministers of gov’t report it at public meetings. Shameful! Stop supporting wrong. Taxpayers and CBI money belongs to the citizens of the country and not Labour supporters.

      • Ay Dominique
        May 25, 2017

        Actually it is a correct assumption. I attempted to apply to NEP and was asked what party I support before I was even given the registration form. When I asked them why does it matter, they gave me some bogus story about whoever was not there and that I should come back.

  21. JBaptiste
    May 24, 2017

    Dude talks about that like some kind of accomplishment. Smh. My biggest fear is that these ministers really believe what they are doing is right.

  22. papa
    May 24, 2017

    Ian go and fix Portsmouth the place look like gost town

    • May 24, 2017

      oh you so right.I cannot fathom why a minister’s constituency is so .Then he come talking.I sometimes wonder why Possie people vote for him.He in government where money is spent lavishly and foolishly but yet his constituency is like a dump.And the fools still vote for him.What a people.

  23. mamzel
    May 24, 2017

    So government creates and boast of employing people and receives nothing in return? no taxes! Any economic conscious person will tell you that this is sso stupid. A wise business man always look for a return on his investment . But these people with eyes bow and head close as so proud of functioning in wickedness and stupidity. But Labour Ka twavay

      May 25, 2017

      @mamzel..but why do you complain? Dominicans have the government they deserved. Everybody knows that the vast majority of Dominicans support Labour. The policy of the government reflect the level of government’s attitude towards people and it can be summarized as following: they know that you are very naive, poorly educated and quite often possess extraordinary simple minds. Not all, of course, but electorally significant proportion of Dominicans are like that…If you disagree with something, they will send you another portion of cheap tablets, umbrellas and red t-shirts and season it all with some bogus statistics and another portion of lies about new hotels in lapwet, airports, hospitals, pit latrin eradication and you will be happy and shut up. So instead of complaining say thank you to your fellow Dominicans.. Pa gadé salopwi kochon si’w vlé manjé kochon.

  24. Dominican
    May 24, 2017

    What did he say?

    May 24, 2017

    SHAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That\’s the consequence of not creating sustainable jobs.

  26. Tjebe fort
    May 24, 2017

    Ian, are you mad or what. This is an admission of failure! You don’t want to report that our unemployment figure is up so you giving all these people an artificial job at the government expense to make things look better Didn’t the IMF warn P.M. about this? Are you really proud of that? You can not be serious.

  27. chathagod
    May 24, 2017

    smh…so technically the public sector now has $2,000 additional employees, hence the reason why true public servants cannot get a salary increase..
    This programme while good idea, needs to be reassessed and revamped to allow the private sector to play a bigger role financially. Govt needs to give some kind of incentive such as tax break etc so absorbing the employees after, even if is a 5% reduction in corporate taxes or something… department need to put their brains together and think because this NEP is unsustainable in the long run.

  28. Spike
    May 24, 2017

    It is always possible to use government money to give hundreds of people JOBS. And it is always unknowable whether those people are doing useful WORK.

  29. %
    May 24, 2017

    Yes Ian..More reasons why your regime needs to go..You all are totally clueless on how to create sustainable jobs.

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