IN PICTURES: Former president Vernon Shaw laid to rest


The mood was a solemn one.

The only signs of color were artistic arrangements laid at strategic locations within the four walls of the Mount Wallis Methodist Church in Portsmouth.

The weather also appeared to be in a mourning mood, bringing down occasional showers, as if in tears.

It was the funeral service of the late former president Vernon Lorden Shaw on Saturday.

The former president received a state funeral with a parade, after the service, by the Music Lovers Band, followed by the Dominica Police Force, the Dominica Prison Service, the Dominica Fire and Ambulance services and the Dominica Cadet corps.

They slowly marched to the musical notes of ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’ down to the Michael Douglas Boulevard and on to the cemetery.

Among those in the procession were family members, friends, well wishers and officials who came to give an official send off to the once head of state. Among them were the 8th President of the Commonwealth of Dominica Charles Savarin, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and other cabinet ministers, the leader of the opposition, permanent secretaries and members of the diplomatic corps.

The late president was born on the 13th of May, 1930 and drew his last breath on the 2nd of December, 2013 at the Princess Margaret Hospital.

The funeral and burial service were officiated by Rev. Dr. Novelle Josiah, Rev. Dr. William Watty and Rev. Dr. J. Evans Dodds.

Vernon Shaw who was a local preacher of the Methodist church, was sworn in as the fifth President of the Commonwealth of Dominica on October 2, 1998 and left office on October 1, 2003.

At the time of his death, he was 83 years old.

As he was lowered into his final resting place, the rain came down and merged with the tears of his surviving wife as she laid the first wreath on his tomb.

See photos below of the funeral service.

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  1. December 16, 2013

    May his soul Rest in Peace.
    We thank the Shaws for using the Retreat yesterday for reflection on his life.

  2. Peacock
    December 15, 2013

    Why is the flag falling off the casket like an old piece of rag???? Come on Police Officers and those responsible, find some way for the flag to fit the casket without it being displayed as a door mat.

  3. December 15, 2013

    Hello and good evening my people. I would like to offer my condolence to the family of Mr Shaw and I would like to thank him for his contribution to our country. Please rest in peace and thanks again.

  4. Anonymous
    December 15, 2013

    rest in peace

  5. December 15, 2013

    People, the time for MOURNING is not a time for politics nor ENEMIES. Say FAREWELL, REST IN PEACE, and SYMPATHIZE with the FAMILY.

    Remember, ‘one good turn deserves another’.

  6. Anonymous
    December 15, 2013

    And Lennox Linton did stand up on President Charles Savarin’s arrival. I was right next to him and his wife I saw him stand. So why tell your supporters not to attend functions when the President is invited and you attend and even stands on his arrival! Bunch of jokers!

    • Views Expressed
      December 15, 2013

      Anonymous… are outdated…..the boycott was for two specific events over the Independence celebrations… and your labour crew like too much roro….rest yours and labour dirty politics in peace please////

  7. Good-to-go
    December 15, 2013

    DNO, It should be Rev. Dr. Dr. J. Evans Dodds. He has two PhDs if I am not mistaken. You may verify this and revert.

    • Rigt on cue
      December 16, 2013

      He, too, like all of us, even with his two PHDs will die

  8. Anonymous
    December 15, 2013

    Nobody boycotted Mr.Shaws Presidency. His appointment was contraversial for the mere fact that it was widely believed that PM James should have asked Mr. Sorhaindo to serve a second term. Same dumb colour politics being practiced by the present PM.

    However once we(Dominica) got past the appointment it was business as usual with Mr. Shaw. There was no disrespect thrown at him during his term. There was lingering dissatisfaction directed at Mr. James who when asked by a member of the media for the reasons for not reappointing Mr. Sorhaindo responded to the effect: “The constitution gives the Prime Minister the right to appoint anyone he wants as President.”

    • .Sharmine Lawis
      December 15, 2013

      A stop being a political fool :twisted: :mrgreen:

  9. Mamizoo
    December 15, 2013

    Mr Shaw was indeed an honorable man- not sure why Saverin boycotted his presidency but may his soul rest in peace.
    On a different note the photo of Roosevelt Skerrit tells a sad story – a story of a person who is not at peace .Roosevelt Skerrit looks very disconnected. I cannot say that he has aged gracefully. A person’s eye is the gateway to his or her soul and my god Roosevelt Skerrit’s eye depicts internal turmoil, discontent, fear and stress.
    In order to heal the soul one needs a compete spiritual purge – rid yourself of the evil that taunts and hunts you everyday. Sometimes all it takes is a conscious decision to dispose of the false persona, the double, tripe life, the lies. One must be prepared to cut of the right hand that may be offending and that could mean surrounding oneself with people who will help bring about the needed transformation. People that will tell you the truth and notify you when you are going in the wrong direction. It may even require walking away from the things you thinks brings you pleasure , security and fame. A tumultuous life is a hard life and no material thing can substitute for peace of mind, a joyous soul and a clean conscience

    Living a life of lies is chaotic and the only end result is chaos and tragedy. One of my favorite show on TV is American Greed and it is always , always a tragic end for those who live the multiple lives.

    Luke 11: 33-36 – Therefore if your whole body is full of light and no part of it is dark it will be completely lighted as when the light shines on you.

    The eye provides sight so that we can see the sun , moon and starts , the greatness of creation. The eye also portrait the state of mind , heart and soul

    • possie
      December 15, 2013

      “Mr Shaw was indeed an honorable man- not sure why Saverin boycotted his presidency but may his soul rest in peace.”.. Are you saying that because Mr. Savirin did not vote for Mr. Shaw that was a Boycott of the Shaw presidency? Mr.Savirin Voted for Mr. Soraindo, once Mr. Shaw was elected it was accepted there was no Boycott.

    • Reader
      December 16, 2013

      You see all that in one photo? Wow!
      I realize that this might come as a shock to you but funerals are generally sad mornful occasions. It’s a time when we grieve with those who have lost a loved one. Don’t focus on the PM for once … Rather, find an ounce of humanity within you and use words of comfort to help those who mourn.

    • Morihei Ueshiba
      December 16, 2013

      @ Mamizoo yes i notice the darkness in skerrit eyes, u can see he is in internal turmoil and notice the lack of emotion in savarin and his wife, boyd knight always look so. But u can see skerro is losing sleep boy, and he looking olddddddddd boy, aye las skerro something troubling u so repent my brother.

  10. DON JOHN
    December 15, 2013

    police men needs white gloves for official ceremony like funeral

  11. Anonymous
    December 15, 2013

    Fellow Dominicans, Grateful if you would leave the politics out on this story. It is rather sickening and upsetting to say the least when family and friends have to see these comments. The very first thought is not to sympathize and say rest in peace, it is to say how this one looks and who should or shouldn’t be there. How unfortunate.

  12. True Dominica
    December 15, 2013

    @ crying, Charles Saverin is the biggest boycotter. Remember he boycotted Mr Shaw during his presidency? I was surprise to see him on front seat.

    • crying
      December 15, 2013

      So it is true!!! The world is a cycle. I may rise one day and boycott Lennox Linton. Who knows. Again, the world is a cycle.

    • LEE
      December 15, 2013

      For God’s sake let the man show his respect please give peace a chance let the past rest focus on the future.

  13. Tina Alexander
    December 15, 2013

    Dominica Cancer Society thanks the Shaw Family for their generosity in asking well wishers to make donations to our fund to help those who cannot afford tests or treatment. Folks please get tested ….early intervention saves lives….

    • Anonymous
      December 15, 2013

      So many charities fritter away their funds on high administrative costs, some even take a percentage up front. Hope this charity uses its contributions wisely. After all, there are none as needy of urgent treatment as cancer patients.

  14. wait a minute
    December 14, 2013

    so u mean to tell me Lenox and the opposition leaders did not attend the funeral? I am looking for them everywhere and cant c none. IS it bcuz Charlo attended? Please some one let me know.

    Admin: Both the leader of the opposition and the political leader of the UWP attended.

  15. Yu
    December 14, 2013

    Wow SKERRIT looks like Charles Saverin older brother

    • crying
      December 15, 2013

      I thought he looked liked his son, and the son of the speaker of the house. They sat close, they looked alike, they looked like a happy family. Father, son and mother. I loved it.

    • Good-to-go
      December 15, 2013

      Stress that causing that.

    • Kokay There
      December 16, 2013

      I hope you looking young. People like all you does talk and when you do look I would swear and say all you looking like Ma Pampo age.

  16. Greg
    December 14, 2013

    I watch Charles Saverin up front and shook my head. For no reason Charles boycotted Mr Shaw while Mr Shaw served as president. today he seats up front at Mr Shaw’s funeral as presidents Dominica.

    • me
      December 15, 2013

      That’s not the place and time give Mr. Shaw his respect that was his funeral let him rest in peace.

  17. crying
    December 14, 2013

    Was that the leader of the opposition and Lennox Linton I saw at the funeral? Just asking, because I know the president of Dominica “His Excellency Mr. Charles Angelo Savarin was there. Didn’t they say the president will not stand and that they would boycott any function he attends? Just asking?

    • muchtosay
      December 15, 2013

      they did not go there for him. they went there for mr. Shaw. it is Savarin who should be ashamed to be there.

    • Patriot
      December 15, 2013

      Stop being foolish. Let bygones be bygones. Dominicans need to learn to set apart politics and serious business such as this time of grief…

    • Ideall
      December 15, 2013

      this boycot was for independance Mr Shaw was
      president in UWP time so its only fitting for them to be there..Mr shaw was loved by all Dominicans more so our methodist community
      RIP Mr. Shaw,we do not need politics at this time

    • Papa Dom
      December 15, 2013


  18. Pedro
    December 14, 2013

    farewell President Shaw. Thanks DNO.You convey the news like no other. It felt like I was right there.

    Admin: Thank you

    • Reader
      December 16, 2013

      Agreed! Very well written piece

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