PM Skerrit tells CARICOM Heads situation in Dominica “under control”

Several businesses were vandalized during the disturbances

Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, has assured leaders gathered in Guyana for Twenty-Eighth Intersessional Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of CARICOM, that the situation in Dominica is under control following civil disturbances in Roseau on February 7.

In his outgoing speech as Chairman of CARICOM, Skerrit blamed the “rebellious acts of the leadership of the opposition” for the violence saying the perpetrators will be brought to justice.

“Mr. Chairman and Colleague Heads, on a rather personal note, I wish to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to those leaders who called and otherwise enquired about the social events in Dominica, following the rebellious acts of the leadership of the Opposition in Dominica two Tuesdays ago, ” he stated. “The situation at home, I can assure you, is under control and I expect that a thorough investigation will be carried out into those disturbances, with a view to bringing the perpetrators of any and all unlawful behavior, to justice.”

He told the Heads that Dominicans are appreciative of the interest shown and solidarity expressed.

In the evening of February 7, Roseau was inundated by violence hours after a meeting by opposition parties calling for Skerrit’s resignation. Several businesses were vandalized during the disturbances.

The government has laid the blame for the violence squarely at the feet of the opposition, with Skerrit saying it was part of a plot to overthrow his government.

However, the United Workers Party (UWP) has distanced itself from the violence saying it took place hours after the meeting had ended.


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  1. soufriere
    February 17, 2017

    you can see dno is a uwpite site, set of damn fools

  2. February 16, 2017

    you all will shout out Skerrit must go. But bare in mind when they say peace ,peace is sudden destruction i have never heard Linton say what he can do for the country. He more looking like a baboon in a cage looking to be rescued. Confusion is in his DNA what example is he setting for the younger generation? this man is so power hungry and don’t have a clue how to bring the country forward.

  3. February 16, 2017

    Dear heads of caricom
    This is to inform you that this pm we once love
    So dear must go must step down he is too
    Corrupt we are suffering in Dominica please
    Heads of caricom help us least we perish

  4. Mike
    February 16, 2017

    Rosie packing for NYC for good I hear

  5. Tj
    February 16, 2017

    I think that the people want you to be transparent p, honest and give us an updated voter list.

  6. Overseas national
    February 16, 2017

    How can Mr Linton chill when there is a dictator destroying the country. Why is the police molesting people at the instructions of Mr skerritt. Why are public works employees still waiting for their money. Why does the pm have to approve who gets help from the state etc. I would like the religious leaders supporting the pm to know that they cannot talk morality. They should know why.

    • Hmph!
      February 16, 2017

      Public works shouldnt get money for the shoddy job they did on Cochrane road. Wasted a lot of money and the road still not even 10% complete. Right now is just d usual patch up job. Stupes!

  7. February 16, 2017

    Skerrit I only turned to another political party when you came in power.Your lies are seen and heard from the time you start turning your eyes away and thinking of what to say….The country is at it’s worse point.
    Skerrit whether you want it or not you will have to go..Now Valintines store’s photo above is a priority to refurbish for Skerrit because it belongs to his wife’s mother.Since when a leader of a country is responsible to fix damages that are done to properties that does not belong to the gov’t? Skerrit your surround likes the loot but in the mean time if you don’t go ;take a look at P.J ,he did worse than you but at the end of the day he had to go.

    • Anonymous
      February 17, 2017

      Eh ben, she getting her store refurbish at government’s expense. Nice thing if you can get it.

  8. viewsexpressed
    February 16, 2017

    In his outgoing speech as Chairman of CARICOM, Skerrit blamed the “rebellious acts of poor and immature leadership of the Prime Minister Skerrit, his Cabinet and the supporting Labour haters on the people of Dominica who peacefully assembled for a public meeting which went well.
    ”The on going political, economic, social and corrupt violence saying the perpetrators will be brought to justice, is all created by Skerrit ad his questionable and corrupt Labour government.
    The Opposition Leader Hon Linton and his disciplined UWP conducted themselves Honourable, professionally, decently and within the Constitution. Skerrit and his government are unable to rise to those standards. We believe that there is alot to account to of the CBI money. It is like the Bin Bobol and the Fertilizer Bobol, they lied it was a fake whereas the states money was engaged in thievery and inside dealing with overseas family members of Parliament, high ranking at best. This is a devious and dangerous government.

  9. LifeandDeath
    February 16, 2017

    Lies and Delusions..Skerrit is not true to himself so to Dominicans or anybody else for that matter he is totally disingenuous..
    He is not making a single conscious effort to confront his wrong doings..He prefers to take the whole country down to save face..To thine own self be true Mr.’s not only a game of power, real lives are at stake..real Dominican and Caricom citizens are at risk from the frivolous behavior of passport huckstering!!

  10. MyTube
    February 16, 2017

    Please don’t be surprised if Lennox is detained on his arrival at Melville Hall so look out. It will look like it’s Under the guise of the Roseau issue when deep down they are upset about his travel to Guyana to meet with the Press among others

    Just burning suspicion.

  11. GOSH
    February 16, 2017

    Yes I. I don’t know what to say but I look out of my office in Roseau and things ARE VERY QUIET in Dominica. Why do we want to paint a picture of doom and gloom about our Country? I hate it.

    I hate politics…stop this foolishness before something really bad happens. I don’t want my family to be at risk in any way.

    Fix what has been be fixed in terms of policies and lead with fairness and truth, Mr. Government . Mr. Opposition..oppose in a way that will build your party and country if you want to be the next Government.


  12. fedup
    February 16, 2017

    Did I miss when any CARICOM leader stood up on solidarity of PM Skerrit? Why can’t they ask their esteem colleage about why so many criminals have dominica passport and diplomatic passport. Ask him about Montfred…The situation in Dominica is far from under control.

    • Anonymous
      February 18, 2017

      Very good point. Did any Caricom leader condemn mr. Linto and give mr. Skerrit a standing ovation? They must be as fed up with Roosevelt Skerrit as we are. He is a stain on the entire Caricom.

  13. LaPlaine Observer
    February 16, 2017

    Your continued deception about the passport situation will eventually catch up with you. Members of the Caricom community are aware of your corruption and have access to the same news outlets we here in Dominica have. Your only recourse is to blame members of the opposition for the acts of some thieves who decided to vandalize businesses and equate that to a peaceful demonstration.

  14. Skerrit will blame even his dead grandmother, and any other scapegoat for the violence except himself! The head of the country shoulders every responsibility! If there were no corruption in Skerrit government, if Skerrit were not a corrupted politician looking out only for himself and his friends; there would be no call for his resignation.

    If there were no sale of Dominica diplomatic passports to criminals, and a lack of transparency of such sale there would be no need for a lack of confidence in Skerrit, therefore there would be no need for a public meeting calling for his resignation!

    Skerrit blames the leadership (Lennox) for the riot; but no one heard Lennox Linton told anyone to go and riot. For all we know the Labor Party leaders are the perpetrators of the riot, therefore they are the ones who should be brought to justice!

    How do we know the problem is not within his government, where his overthrow was plotted, and hatched. So, far only Skerrit knows that there was an…

    • Continue:

      How do we know the problem is not within his government, where his overthrow was plotted, and hatched. So far only Skerrit knows that there was an attempt to overthrow him; if that’s the case, I suggest his ministers and clones are the ones who perpetrated the riot, to overthrow him!

      Anybody in their right mind would believe the UWP, and DFP plotted to overthrow Skerrit, and those same leaders went and reported the plot to the police that the plan to stall a truck in front of his office and take him would have to be stupid.

      A Stall engine of a truck indicates a breakdown is if the truck is stalled, how would the rebels, or invaders escape with Skerrit, the man is delusional, he is just a pathetic liar!

  15. 1979 is forever....
    February 16, 2017

    Which caricom head publicly expressed SOLIDARITY with this man???

    mister really hearing voices yer boy

  16. freedom fighter
    February 16, 2017

    Ciricom please intervene ASAP, we in Dominica need electoral reform and cleansing of the voters list- removing dead people and those in the diaspoorer from the list.

  17. The Eel
    February 16, 2017

    Look it look it! This is a dead letter, I am sure he already spoken to them over the phone. Of course things are under control and criminals brought to justice. After all bits and pieces put together with the cost of damages, they will send the bill to Mr. LIN with very little to pay. Then and only then the supporters have to prove themselves by making a contribution. Don’t forget in public that’s police matter. Crime does not pay

  18. TRUTH
    February 16, 2017

    What is Mr. Linton and crew doing in Guyana can someone explain?…DNO do your investigations, you can be bias sometimes. 8-O

    ADMIN: We are still trying to get more info on this matter. The UWP has not issued a statement and we cannot go on just hearsay.

    • Stupes !
      February 16, 2017

      They telling CARICOM that SKERRIT GIVE all kind of man our DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT !
      talking about MONFARED and the rest of the cronies :mrgreen:

    • Rabbit Fest
      February 16, 2017

      You usually do that nothing new.

    • viewsexpressed
      February 16, 2017

      Mr. truth, what would you think Team UWP are doing in Guyana? It is home of CARICOM, didn`t you know? When Skerrit left for Greece and the many countries he disappears to, did he say where and when he is departing Dominica,…and did you asked?. Really, “It is non of our Damn Business”. Right?

      So as Skerrit says, “Go to Hell……Go to Hell…Go Hell…” It is haunting him now. The worse Prime Minister ever to run Dominica. Now the dirty linen of his and that corrupt government of his is in the open. This man Skerrit has failed Dominica, Big Time

    • Anonymous
      February 18, 2017

      he is airing Skerrit’s dirty underwear.

  19. Just Passing Through
    February 16, 2017

    PM please relay to the Heads of CARICOM that the majority of Dominicans stand firmly with you and the Government of Dominica and the majority of us do not support the actions taken by the opposition.

    If the opposition want to be governing the affairs of Dominica, they should try to win a General Election. Nothing less than that, will ever make the majority support the opposition.

    UWP must Go and Win A General Election.

    We have a Democratically Elected Government until the next General Election when the UWP has another chance at the Polls. That is how we do it.

    • viewsexpressed
      February 16, 2017

      I agree with you, just keep passing through, keep going, go away, such idiocy is not welcomed in Dominica. Go meet Skerrit inn Guyana.
      We have interference in our elections, with plane loads of Dominicans coming in paid for by this corrupt PM and you talk about “Democratically elected……under Skerrits watch…..?”are you blind, sick or stupid?

  20. Anthony Ismael
    February 16, 2017

    I would like to tell CARICOM Leaders that the situation in Dominica is not under control, in fact far from it. The Prime Minister of Dominica continues to sell our passports to rogues and vagabonds of the highest order who are wanted in the international community for various crimes and money laundering schemes. We the Dominican citizenry will not rest until this regime ceases from this practice and our good name is restored. Nothing in Dominica will never be under control until we accomplish our objectives.

    • Justice
      February 16, 2017

      When I read comments like yours I understand that you guys don’t believe that Uwp can only become the government by skerrit and his cabal stepping down. What happened to winning an election? Skerrit is not going to step aside so stop dreaming, wake up and start preparing for the next general elections. How would you feel if the UWP becomes the government without being elected to office. Don’t you think that there would be more protest and disturbance in Dominica? Come on my countrymen STOP DREAMING. Wake up and smell the coffee.

    • Joe
      February 16, 2017

      Anthony you really believe that LENNOX LINTON is better than Skerrit? Where is Lennox all now? Did he pronounce to the nation his intention to go wherever he maybe right now? what is his plan did he discussed that? SO MUCH FOR TRANSPARENCY!!!!!

      Those who want to fight for Lennox can fight for him but all i know from personal experience is that MISTER IS THE WORSE LEADER!!!!!!!! Mister hate poor people to the max… He is pumpous and full of is foolish self so go ahead and fight when you get what he can give i hope you Anthony doh cry!!

      • Gods precious
        February 16, 2017

        U self canna even dam well put a gud sentence together. Hahaha

      • Toto
        February 17, 2017

        You want transparency Joe? O.K. ask why your esteemed leader went to Greece and typically, only told us after he had left. As ke him what he was doing there? Transparency, my ass, Skerrit does not know the meaning of the word but we do. We can see straight through him.

    • D/can to de Bone (F)
      February 16, 2017

      U are sick politically . The government was elected . Tey got to wait till 2020. Amen

  21. ye yep
    February 16, 2017

    Trust me. They are happy he’no longer there.

  22. Erasmus B. Black
    February 16, 2017

    No one should play games with the security and safety of our democracy. Heads should roll!

  23. February 16, 2017

    all the leaders of caricom are all members of the same club who are behaving like one eye jacks. the parallel issue is the rackeetering of our citizenship through the sale of our passports and the sudden wealth of some who are connected to the sale of such.

    • February 16, 2017

      An unfounded statement uttered with comfort and authority ; a behaviour typical of the opposition and a factor which continues to hinder their forming the government.

  24. RED ANTS Network
    February 16, 2017

    PM you serious boy? You mean to tell me you find yourself all the way in Guyana boy? Anyways PM be careful when you coming back to Dominica either on private plane or commercial, the pilot is not connected to the FBI and midway in air, say the plane has an emergency and therefore he needs to make an emergency landing on American soil, only to find out as soon as you land the plane is surrounded with FBI agents boy

    • Rabbit Fest
      February 16, 2017

      In american soil he would be a diplomat do your research.

      • Rabbit Fest
        February 16, 2017


    • February 16, 2017

      TOO FUNNY….. Stop watching movie my friend…

    • Punjab
      February 16, 2017

      Foolishness…Go educate yourself.

  25. Moii
    February 16, 2017

    On a personal note PM? This is you personal business you have the police harassing people about?

    Tell CARICOM about the man from Iran and the others and about 17.3.17

  26. Yinka
    February 16, 2017

    See y’all stupid people…and Linton make a real a of himself…so how are they ever going to take him serious….the whole Caribbean is not stupid thinking people…tell Linton to chill….and then the outside world will take him seriously! What shit he go and do in Guyana embarras his Wife…

    • viewsexpressed
      February 16, 2017

      Linton is taken seriously….He was treated as diplomat and a decent member of Parliament, receiving the Protocal as anyone would in Guyana. Skerrit may not like but it is what it deserve. You are decent, you are treated decently and in kind. If you Labour people doh like this, then Skerrit says…”Go to Hell, Go To Hell, Go To Hell….none of all you damn Business….2 , what Hon Linton do.
      Nice. Power to WP and its decent leadership

    • Nac Vibes
      February 16, 2017

      Graceful&WiseLiving4Elohim sorry, but the Most High has nothing to do with this. For a start, he asked us to obey his Laws, statutes and commandments and I know you and your government is no where near his grace, so no amount of calling his name our throwing up all kind of prayers will save them from his wrath.
      You will remember some years ago skerrit was inducted into some fringe satanic catholic order, which definitely is ungodly, catholics who through history persecuted and killed millions, while amassing billions stashed away in rome while asking you poor souls to donate your little hard earned pennies to fix your church in Roseau.

  27. Nac Vibes
    February 16, 2017

    What else was he going to say.

    • %
      February 16, 2017

      You noticed that there was no mention of OVERTHROW? So far not one Dominican has any information about Skerrits concocted blatant lie about overthrowing his government.

      • February 16, 2017

        @% February 16, 2017

        What are you saying?

        “The government has laid the blame for the violence squarely at the feet of the opposition, with Skerrit saying it was part of a plot to OVERTHROW HIS GOVERNEMENT”–News Article .

        And all of us, the majority of Dominica believe that was the INTENTION of the UWP.

        How can people chanting that SKERRIT MUST GO, not thinking of “overthrowing” him by invading his office? Do you all believe in some sort of MAGIC WORDS? well it will not work; for God wants nothing to do with magic, wickedness, and evil; disdain and discord; but that is what your UWP is advocating day in and day out.

        If your mission should be fulfilled then God would have proven Himself weaker than the devil–but there can be no such thing.

      • Punjab
        February 16, 2017

        How do you know? Speak for yourself.

  28. Toto
    February 16, 2017

    You think they take you serious Roosevelt, after you put the entire Caricom into disrepute?
    Did you explain to them about Alireza Monfared, Alison Mdueke, Francesco Corallo and the discredited baroness Scotland? Did you? Garcon, you have a nerve.

  29. Slowing Moving Out
    February 16, 2017

    Even after two members of the opposition were called in, questioned for insufferable hours and released on no or unrelated charges of the alleged attempted coup; even when thirty something young men were arrested, beaten and released with not one saying their actions were orchestrated by the opposition; Skerrit still in his obsessed-on-vengeance mind out there spreading his unfounded venom. smhh…Really slowing moving out!

    • Punjab
      February 16, 2017

      It hurting you then? That is a taste of you all medicine. The UWP do that all the time…they go outside of Dominica and blurt out all sorts of unfounded information about the PM and the country.

  30. %
    February 16, 2017

    I urge the opposition parties UWP and DFP to write to Caricom and to address the BLATANT LIE by Skerrit..The situation in Dominica has not changed, since there is unprecedented political harrassment and persecution going on…DON’T LET Skerrit escape with this blatant LIE.

  31. Yellow Girl
    February 16, 2017

    I hope you told them that this was your last term as you have betrayed the people who once had so much confidence in you!!!
    I am one of them!

    • Informed
      February 16, 2017

      Sorry Yellow Girl, you may be dissappointed

  32. papa
    February 16, 2017

    Ebai where

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