Protest in support of Tiyani Behanzin in Marigot

Dodds (left) at a recent function with Behanzin (right)

A major protest action to have ousted former magistrate Tiyani Behanzin restored to his post is currently being staged outside the magistrate’s court in Marigot.

That protest has been organised by Vaughn Dodds, a Wesley man who has been in trouble with the law and who also survived a shooting incident last December.

Dodds told Dominica News Online that today’s protest was to bring to the attention of the authorities that Behanzin is the best man for the community.

“We want them to know that we want him back. We need him back. He has touched so many lives. He has touched my life,” he said.

Dodds who is now claiming to be a changed man said “if it has not been for Behanzin, I would either be locked up or dead”.

“He never condemned me. He came into my home when I was still recovering from gunshot wounds. He spoke to me like a man. He told me that the life I was living wasn’t good. He opened up my mind,” he said.

Dodds claimed Behanzin also prevented him from “killing plenty people”.

“After that happened to me, I said well I would kill some people, but after Behanzin spoke to me I realize that this is making no sense”, he said.

Dodds said the villagers will continue their protest action until authorities “gets the point”.

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  1. !!
    April 28, 2011

    wee wee wee!!!

  2. Ask your self
    April 28, 2011

    Vaughn i admire your efforts but it will be invain. the politicans are inbed with the drug dealers and Tianni is fighting them. so in other words Tianni is fighting the politicans. ge :?:

  3. kamla
    April 28, 2011

    Seem like u people acting like it’s today Tiyanni has been a magistrate. All you doh remember when he was magistrate in Portsmouth, and there was call to remove him because his sentences were too harsh????????????????????????? Remember????????????????????????????/. Well like the saying goes, “U never miss de water till well runs dry”.

  4. Law-abiding
    April 28, 2011

    Historic. Truly Historic. The protest action is a vivid testimony of the positive impact of Tiyani’s work in the communities. His intervention, commitment, dedication as a Law-abiding citizen of Dominica is paying dividends. In other countries, those guys who have been in trouble with the law would seek to eliminate the law-enforcement officers , judges, or magistrates. For Dodds to have been so touched, so rehabilitated by the actions of Tiyani, until he could stage a protest calling for Tiyani to be reinstated as a magistrate is really amazing.

    The authorities who have done that wicked act to Tiyani must be ashamed of themselves. But frankly Dominicans, it is not the GOOD that one does that matters anymore in our beloved country. Why do you think crimes are on the increase? Why those in high places continue to disrespect the Constitution and Laws of the land and nothing happens? Absolutely Nothing. Why do you think Tiyani is being treated almost like a criminal? Tiyani is NOT A YES-MAN. Tiyani has shown that he is not afraid to deal with those people involved in ‘WHITE COLLAR’ crimes. He refuses to rub shoulders with those in ‘high Places’ bent on breaking the laws and engaging in CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES. Up to now, neither Govt., nor the AG. or the Minister of Legal Affairs could convince Dominicans about the sacking of Tiyani at a time when violence and crimes are on the increase. Thousands upon thousands, the majority of Dominicans, many communities are praising Tiyani for his efforts in suppressing criminal acts. It is no SURPRISE that it is the POLITICAL DIRECTORATE who have a problem with Tiyani trying to put a dent into illegal, criminal actions and more importantly educating, working with communities, counseling those guys who have been in problems with the law.

    The EVIL that some MEN do will LIVE WITH THEM, will continue to HUNT them. There have been concrete PROOF of a few working hard to control, influence the JUDICIAL SYSTEM in Dominica. Many examples could be cited. We are seeing, hearing of those attempts. Those demonic, irresponsible behaviours have caused people to mistrust the JUDICIAL SYSTEM. Yet those same persons talk glibly of justice, RULE OF LAW, reducing crimes etc. etc. etc. We are witnessing an inexcusable INJUSTICE being meted out to Tiyani, a son of the soil. What is in store for the ordinary Dominican who refuses to condone corruption and other illegal acts or exercises his or her RIGHTS to express alternative views? Dodds action as an organiser of such a worthwhile event is commendable. It is HISTORIC.

    • Observer
      April 28, 2011

      If Tiyani was an open supporter of the rulimg government I wondered if he would have been lifted up so high. When he was on the bench, I heard cries and protests on “cue” against his decisions and calls for his removal. Now people seemingly are interested in bringing him back. What do we want as a people. In both scenarios those who called for his removal claimed that they were representing the “PEOPLE”. Today those who are calling for his reinstatement claim that they are representing the “PEOPLE” . I ownder why they did not speak at the same time when he was on the bench.

      What does my people want.

      I am not against Mr. Behanzin, I have never met the gentleman. My only difficulty with him is that he chose to discuss administrative differences of opinion in the media rather than where it belonged. He rasied hells with his colleagues. Rightly or wrongly I believe he could have handled the mater better.Then to crown it all up, he found solace and comfort in joining with those who have a clear political motive to remove the government and went public with his criticisms of government policy. Even with all that, I find the man did his work.

  5. King ghetto
    April 28, 2011

    Got no problem with Tyani but hate turning a criminal into a hero.

    • Wesley massive
      April 28, 2011

      when he was doing bad we had a problem, now he is trying to do good there is still a problem. What can people do to please some of u?????????????

      • Reon
        April 28, 2011

        You know what i mean @ Wesley.. I really dont understand our people. We should be happy the man turned is life around.. But nooooo!!! Jesus help us

    • Fuke-CHillot!!
      April 28, 2011

      You too damn half-ghetto! Some of the people living in the ghettos don’t even act and think the way you do!!! RIDICULOUS!!!

      • King ghetto
        April 28, 2011

        This n**ga is still like a time bomb.Is all good he is trying to get his life back togeather but this individual have no right yet to demand whatever he wants.This man is unstable like a pitbull.

  6. kat
    April 28, 2011

    very good move. keep up the positive vybz. I am proud of u vaughn. too much nonsense in my sweet country.

    April 28, 2011

    I must say its the first time i have seen you guys stand so strongly without filth and biasness i support you guys and stand for the same let the drug lord be afraid very afraid

  8. Anonymous
    April 28, 2011

    well,well,well i had done say nuff man going dead if ghost tho die so if he really change is a good thing.

  9. True Dominican
    April 28, 2011

    D N O ……. The suggestion of the Poll by Zandoli is a move that can put some sense in the head of the Labor Government THE MORE IS ALWAYS MERRIER ………. LETS GET ON WITH IT

    • Fuke-CHillot!!
      April 28, 2011

      toute bagai pour se’ POLITIKS!… Polly want a damn CRACKER??!!! STUPES!

  10. wesley
    April 28, 2011

    good move vaughn. we will support your move.

  11. Peace and Love
    April 27, 2011

    Usually it is with wealth that people showcase how they have grown in life. Others listen, read or watch in wonder, most feeling either impressed or envious. These recollections typically paint a rags-to-riches story and how hard it was to go from one extreme to the next.

    BUT, this guy – Vaughn Dodds – has a very compelling and uncommon story. Without either condemning or condoning his actions today, they clearly portray someone with good leadership potential, probably put to poor use in the past without the proper guidance. Although time will tell, what is seen now is someone who portrays growth, not in wealth, but in CHARACTER – from a very unsavory quality to a clear display of positive leadership ability. Let us encourage all our young, rebellious persons to take the high road and to seek positive human behaviours that can improve themselves and society instead of a life of crime that they do not really enjoy.

    The manner in which the Tiyani Behanzin matter has unfolded is quite unfortunate for himself, Government and Dominica. If he and the Government were to both sit at a table, they both sides would agree that things could have been handled better in a few situations. He possesses traits that I believe are necessary for an excellent magistrate and Dominica would be better off with him sitting on the magistrate’s bench. However, I think that in a couple of situations, he allowed himself to be drawn into the “politics” of politics and fraternity, probably causing Government to become wary. Government on the other hand – in my view – has behaved petulantly and is sending the wrong signals by how it has handled Tiyani’s employment to date. Tiyani is good for Dominica’s criminal justice system. He not only uses the Law, but some level of compassion and common sense too.

    If we want a society where people feel safe and free and where justice and the Courts are taken seriously, then we cannot afford to lose good magistrates and judges.

    It is not too late for Government and Tiyani to put aside any personal and petty differences and sit at the table to negotiate a second term with a sober out-clause, all in the PEOPLE’s best interests.

  12. ANGRY
    April 27, 2011

    This politics thing is killing my poor country…I know I am also a victim of their wicked victimization plots… and this thing going on with Behanzin affects every nerve in my body.

    I know why Behanzin is having such a hard time because it is the exact reason why I am also at the guns……I say Shame on this current administration….shame….shame…shame and more shame.

    Every dog has its day….I’ve seen more than that….we just need to continue to pray as a people because it is only God that has the antedote for evil.

  13. Just saying
    April 27, 2011

    that yes it is disappointing that the former magistrate’s contract was not renewed. However he can still continue the work he is doing or has done with the youth in the community even though he is not the magistrate if it really means that much to him.

  14. Yesyesyes
    April 27, 2011

    Oh praise the lord what they had ask if anything good can come out from nazareth, well ask this question again if anything good can come out from vaugh, and my answer is yes something good is coming out from him not only he is saying he change but he is showing it by fighting for those who help him to be a change man today, but vaugh i hope you know is Skerrit you voted for that doing that to the man who saved your life so show skerrit you not one of him again becauseif he had love for you and your families as he say he would give mr tiyani his job back, so please keep it up is for a good cause and others will fellow you trust me is time for we dominican’s to fight for what is right in our country this is just the begging.

  15. Wesley People
    April 27, 2011

    That was a great move from you all, at least you have shown your appreciation for what he has done for you guy,s keep it going safe and peaceful as he taught you all.

    Don’t get intemedated by anyone..Keep standing for what is right.

  16. Your friend
    April 27, 2011

    I am so very proud of you Vaughn – this right there – this moment at least my reading this right here- is why I have said and continue to say you have the good that we were brought up with in you. I love you, you have my support and you have my forever friendship.

    Your friend always

  17. belbagai
    April 27, 2011

    What is sad is that the government is now making all kinds of deals with British based persons legal professionals to take up Tiyanni’s job. Dominica’s politicians are nothing but a bunch of idiots just looking to make some quick easy money. That is all it is.I dislike crooked politicians

  18. Muslim_Always
    April 27, 2011

    Tiyani bro, hold tight, a lot of people have confidence in your ability, they want you back.

    Don’t make the negative people break you down. They hate you because of who or what you stand for.

  19. Anonymous
    April 27, 2011

    Good move Vaughn, and the communities involved

  20. woyy
    April 27, 2011

    Same thing happened with Magistrate Emmanuel.. then we cried bring back follow. what is the harm in having a strict but caring magistrate. Why are our government so opposed to having principled men like Behanzin in positions where they can influence others lives? Well done Dodds.

  21. oh boy
    April 27, 2011

    the people who in government doing land bobol , bin bobbol, villa bobol , illegal leaders,liars in government, they that should stay home.

    • Fuke-CHillot!!
      April 28, 2011

      SEEMS TOO ME I HAVE TO BUY A THOUSANDS OF BARREL OF CRACKERS……………. Oh boy, POLLY WANT A DAMN CRACKER??!! everything is politics???????????! stuepsss…

      The government look over affairs of the state, doesn’t mean they seat on the Bar of attorneys… Lawd have mercy on all u, speaking with no KNOWLEDGE and LACK OF EVIDENCE!!!!!!!!!

      • Retard
        April 28, 2011

        thats a stinking Fuke-CHillot i can smell it i smell a rat.

  22. weh
    April 27, 2011

    bring dem down for tiyani

  23. leasoning
    April 27, 2011

    there say good people dont stay long in places. u all no wat the man has done for allu .fight for allu right

  24. zandoli
    April 27, 2011

    I would like to challenge DNO.
    ADMIN please set up an online poll to survey public opinion on this matter. Instead of these insignificant ‘personality of the month’ polls, let’s vote on whether the Dominican people want to see Magistrate Behanzin reinstated.
    Do something meaningful and productive; be an instrument to address the real concerns of the masses.

    • hymm
      April 27, 2011

      true that. lets do it dno

    • country gal
      April 27, 2011

      I think that is a very good suggestion let’s see DNO have the guts because you know who they support give the people of DA a chance to vote

    • lover
      April 27, 2011

      im in full support of that suggestion.thumbs up

      • NO WAY
        April 27, 2011

        while i agree with that suggestion……….but can’t i vote a hundred times saying yes or no under a different name just as some of us commenting daily on DNO? will we see a true deal if that were to happen? just asking

      • kat
        April 28, 2011

        me too. i support 100%

    • praise HIM
      April 27, 2011

      you not aware of what is going on then?you expect to see dno go against it’s master?The sale deal is done, dno now seeing red.

    • Teacher
      April 27, 2011

      I agree100%! Please DNO let’s vote!

      • Wesley massive
        April 28, 2011

        DNO is now Red news online they will not do it because they are all under the same ministry. The sale is final for those of u that dont no. Let me see if admin will post my comment, but i think its a great idea to put a pole on the news.

    • Bello Juice Geico
      April 28, 2011

      Zandoli meaningful & productive you said? DNO would have to hire a productivity expert.”to help advance inefficient practices and unprofitable enterprises in socially indesirable ways.”
      Are you aware of this objective /statement? Ask around I’ll pay you $4000.00 /per month as long as am in power.LMAO

  25. Transparancy
    April 27, 2011

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go Mr. Dodds!!!! I applaud you. Come on Dominicans stand up for one of your own. I support the reinstatement of Magistrate Tiyani Behanzin.

  26. sasa
    April 27, 2011

    vaughn boy u surprisng me..your friends will be proud of u. Government are u blind?. this magistrate is the best for DA.

  27. m
    April 27, 2011

    the worst part was when some fool had the heart to go on news and complain about lack of magistrates in the system… i mean HELLO we had a great magistrate and what became of him???

  28. d major
    April 27, 2011

    good action

  29. Trouble intended
    April 27, 2011

    WAW!!!! Now that is real action worth talking about!!!!

    I applaud Mr. Dodds and the others that are supporting him in this effort.

  30. zandoli
    April 27, 2011

    It was about time those idiots holding the reigns of so-called Law here get to understand the contribution this man has made to Dominica’s youth.

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