‘Signs of the times’ – pastor on passage of Erika

Augustine believes God is speaking to Dominica
Augustine believes God is speaking to Dominica

An evangelical pastor in Dominica has described the recent passage of Tropical Storm Erika as God trying to get the country’s attention, describing it as ‘signs of the times.’

Addressing a press briefing on Friday evening, Evangelist Peter R. Augustine said what has happened to Dominica was nothing new.

“These are the signs of the times,” he noted. “The times are going to get worse and I think what is happening to us is this, God is trying to get our attention as a people. We need to understand further that the devil has one plan, he came to kill, to steal and to destroy.”

Quoting from the book of Second Timothy, chapter 3: verse 1 he said, “But know this that in the last days, perilous times will come, we see the times around us.”

Augustine stated that God is speaking to Dominica because the nation has been divided.

“I believe God is speaking to our nation, that God is speaking to Dominica and one of the things that I observed we have preached division, we have preached confusion, whether it is religious division or political division, our nation has been divided,” he remarked. “We have spoken so much division, the words of our tongue: they are powerful and it is important that we understand, we as Dominicans should be a lot more positive in the things that we say.”

He pointed out that it is important, regardless of political colours, that all Dominicans “stand as one nation and wishing at all times for the very best of our nation.”

“And so I was just thinking, bridges were broken, communication destructed, but again I believe that just as the bridges will be rebuilt, it is my hope, it is my prayer that relationships will be mended, communication will improve,” Augustine noted.

He called on all parliamentarians to play their part in the reconstruction and the rebuilding of Dominica.

“I think if all goes well for us as a people, I hope as a result of this, those of us down the ladder will understand there is no need for fighting, there is no need for war, there is no need for confusion,” he stated. “We are one nation under one flag and under one God.”

The pastor is of the opinion that Dominica will rise again, as a better country.

“I believe that out of the ashes, out of the rubble, out of the destruction, out of the death, out of the pain, out of the confusion, out of the disaster that we have just experienced Dominica will rise again to become a better nation,” he said. “It is my prayer that as a people and as a nation we will do all we can to ensure that it rises again.”

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  1. straight talk
    September 28, 2015

    FEAR GOD. PETER FEAR GOD. make this right. Please. Luke Chapter 22. Is this saying something?

  2. Pipirit
    September 7, 2015

    Signs of the time!!! All respect to that, but when people are in bondage, particularly poor praying people, SOMETHING has to break, SOMETHING has to give way, to st God’s people free!!
    When God commissioned Moses to go to Pharoah with only one request, which was, “let my people go,”
    Pharoah did not listen, and so the plagues came, because of Pharoah ‘s disobedience. ..
    Similarly, the case with Dominica! !
    Every five years, King Skerrit keeps the people in bondage, with his well devised, crafty plans with the diasporans, by way of the imported votes.
    They can find all names, title and significance for this storm …But I know Dominica got a whipping and a cleansing. .

  3. Respect
    September 7, 2015

    Thanks for the words, but you missed the most important part. I believe God wants to bring complete healing to our country,but his hands are tied by our spiritual leaders.God wants you to lead the charge by humbling yourselves, seek His face,turning from wicked ways.That means,staying silent while witnessing the injustices done to people. Remember John the Baptist, and all the others before him,they never compromised. Only then will healing take place.I know it’s hard,but there are more things that need to be said here.I know in my heart God wants to heal this country, but you must start the process by using the influence He gave you.

    • Respect
      September 7, 2015

      correction “not staying silent………”

  4. meme
    September 7, 2015

    We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and power………. My fellow Dominicans,Let us take heed. Let us strive forunity. Let us humble ourselves and seek God’s face. Unity is power . United we stand and Divided we fall. Speak positively and stop throwing stones. What we sow so shall we also reap.

  5. September 7, 2015

    We are to stick to the assignment given to us and just keep warning the world,as Noah and these other guys did.Do not get side track by all the mess that’s going on around.It’s the world,are you not told that it’s your enemy.GOD will take care of it in HIS own good time.In the mean time your business is to warn and keep on warning.
    And by the way Mr Augustine GOD is trying to get the whole world attention,not only Dominica,just take a look around you.We are to make sure that people get their lamps,have it all prepare,keep extra oil for we know not when HE will show up.The way some of us are carrying on it would appear that HE will show up and folks won’t even have a lamp let alone to have extra oil.The five foolish virgins would have done way better.They had lamps just not extra oil. The devil is attacking more so the children of GOD.Let’s stick to the assignment that’s given to us and not be side track by him….

  6. September 7, 2015

    That’s why I’ve been telling some of the preachers here in the U.S The church has no business in politics.And I know the real church,the ones that are eagerly awaiting the LORD is not getting involve in that mess.The BIBLE spoke of hirelings and there’re many out there.Doing it for their own personal gains,could care a less about the flock.It’s not like in the days of Daniel and these guys where some of the kings ended up without a choice, after dealing with these powerful men of GOD,could only humble themselves.
    At present, politics is down right nasty,dirty and evil.And one can’t serve GOD and the devil at the same time.It cannot and will not work.The business of the church is to warn the world that YESHUA (Jesus) could return at any moment now,not as a baby to grow up and get beat down and killed again,because HE went through that already.However this time HE is coming back to take care of business in a different way and it will be extremely serious.Read Matthew 25.

  7. Gabby
    September 7, 2015

    And to take this devastating disaster as a platform to make a political religious point feels very dirty and unbecoming to me. This is what the evangelist wants to spend time on rather than rebuilding Dominica, trying to fear-monger and score political points? Focus your energies on galvanising people to rebuild and prevent further loss of life and property, not on telling people about political divisions causing natural disasters. It’s shameful.

  8. 4-cars
    September 6, 2015

    “These are the signs of the times,” he noted. “The times are going to get worse and I think what is happening to us is this, God is trying to get our attention as a people. We need to understand further that the devil has one plan, he came to kill, to steal and to destroy.” Then the Pastor said in closing, “out of the ash, out of the confusion, out of the death we will rise again. I thought he said that things will get worse. So it will get worse than Ericka and then get better? I’m a bit confused. If he means that we are in the end times, then, according to scriptures things are not going to get better. Bible prophesy must be fulfilled. What we aught to do as a nation, is to confront our sins and repent; accepting the Lord Jesus as savior. Some folks don’t like to sound or appear negative; but we have to say what the bible says. “This is the beginning of sorrows.” That’s what the bible say. The unbelievers call it, “Global warming.” Born again Christians call it, “God is…

    • The Real Facts
      September 6, 2015

      I am not a negative person. Now that I am an adult and a matured one, I also know in view of all what is occurring today, times will get worst. 2 Timothy 3:1-9.
      Our Lord Jesus Christ said, “It is the beginning of the labor pains.” He spoke of what is to come, at least some of it. He did not want to scare us and so He said what our mortal minds could grasp for now.

  9. jamesd
    September 6, 2015

    Took you all long enough. Everything nature does is some kind of retribution or punishment right? smh

    • The Real Facts
      September 6, 2015

      If everyone look at their life, the manner in which they live and how they treat others, to a certain extent we could say it is a retribution but a mini one for now.
      How we treat others it is the same manner in which we treat God. The worst is yet to come.
      Sorry to state, the good will suffer with the bad but God will help the good to cope and even protect them.. He will take who He wants and will leave who He wants.

    September 6, 2015

    Pastor as surely as judgement will begin in the house of God, let repentance begin from the “pulpit and from the Altars”. It will drip from Aaron’s beard and slowly filter to the congregation and community at large. Pastors take the lead in the repentance effort…. then go to your congregation and remind them of 2 Chronicles 7:14, wear your sack cloth and ashes, humble yourselves, turn from your wicked ways, pay back all of the blood money that the Pastors and the churches acquired during the divided and divisive election period. Form a “Christian Repentance Alliance”, seek God’s face on behalf of the nation. Then and only then, can we as christians go to the unsaved and call them to repentance. The Christians leaders and churches in Dominica have forgotten who their “True God is”, they have become “Red and Blue” idol worshippers and took the blood line off the nation leaving it wide open for the enemy to swoop down with his stealing, killing and destruction…

    • The Real Facts
      September 6, 2015

      What about yourself? What are you doing for the Kingdom of God? Some people never consider themselves.

  11. September 6, 2015

    No pastor you got it all wrong God has been talking to us since the Human Hurricane hit Dominica over 15 years ago; that’s just the punishment for not listening.

    • The Real Facts
      September 6, 2015

      You can say, how quickly do some forget? That is human nature.

    • ??????.....
      September 7, 2015

      You Gabriel time to repent and forgive others and yourself. Let God reign supreme and do his work… your duty submit to his lordship….love others even your enemies….. pray, pray.. forgive…. let the Government rule…… leave all judging to God. Wake up and put your eyes on Jesus. Continue to use your gift for mankind…..the creator gave you this gift for his glory and honour. Stop the hatred it is destroying ….all you talk about is one man….. friends won’t tell you but you are only hurting yourself…..let go of the burden of not liking that one person and the Government. Sumbit to the Lord, become humble … he gave you the intelligence.. get some wisdom ask and it will freely be given. Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. We are nothing without God and Christ in our lives. Our lives belong to the Lord. It can be cut short in the twinkle if an eye. He owns us all but we are free to choose whom we serve. Love Gabriel. Lean not on your own…

  12. Gabby
    September 6, 2015

    Why is every natural disaster a ‘sign of the times?’ Evangelists said the world was ending when Martinique’s volcano erupted in 1902. When any tremor is to be felt, they say the end of days is upon us. When any storm hits, it’s a ‘sign of the times.’ I have no doubt that a century from now, evangelists will say the same thing, and their gullible followers will quote verses all the same, utterly ignorant of how many times throughout human history this same message has been disseminated, utterly ignorant of the fact that natural disasters are just that, NATURAL. Why not focus your message on unity and rebuilding, rather than this fear-mongering nonsense? Why do evangelists always feel the need to interpret every gust of wind as a sign from God? Is God on your speed dial telling you? Steups.

    • The Real Facts
      September 6, 2015

      To tell you the truth, those whose heart, mind and eyes are on God, will always focus on God. He inspires. They see matters differently to those who are ungodly.
      Godliness, unity and peace should go hand in hand, not only for those who are religious but also for people as you, Everyone has an obligation. We are not here for ourselves.
      One day you have to answer to God. You will not escape.

  13. mine
    September 6, 2015

    Well you all were blocking roads that’s what we get doing things the wrong way. There is a man above who is in charge. Don’t play with mother nature.

  14. tru d bino q la
    September 6, 2015

    Since God is the essence of creation, spirituality has to be an integral part of every area of society. Leaders of religion must be ‘Enlightened Sages’ and not merely theologians; to the the same end, all that may be called leaders whether they be politicians, school principals, head of business organizations, who ever is at the helm, need to apply the strict rules of righteousness and ethics. People consider the capitalistic economic systems as signs of civilization but these, as practiced today produce economic imbalances and situations where those with the advantage, step over others and use that power to control public information, ideas and opinions. That is against Christianity. It can only be remedied when we rise up to the true heritage of Christ Consciousness, where one sees others in need, as oneself and does not rest until everyone becomes healed and enlightened about the true meaning of life, without which societal decadence will augment itself.

  15. The cock shall not crow
    September 6, 2015

    And he said, I tell thee, Peter, the cock shall not crow this day, before that thou shalt thrice deny that thou knowest me- Matt. 26:34.
    Has this Pastor “Peter” the evangelist above, denied the Christ he once preached? He now says “we have preached division, we have preached confusion, whether it is religious division.” So Peter R, the message we once preached caused division and confusion now? Peter, are you looking for excuses to justify your silence when the nation was falling apart, while you, like Peter of old, “Sat down among them” Matt. 26:55? Was the message of Christ a message of unity? Your “new message” contradicts what Jesus taught “34Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. Mat. 10:34-35. I call on the evangelical association to ban Peter from the association immediately!

    • The Real Facts
      September 6, 2015

      What He meant is that those who follow him, who preach the Gospel, will meet with opposition and will have enemies right in their own household. He knew some members of one’s household will accept him and others will not. This will create lack of peace. It is prevalent today.
      You know in Matthew Our Lord stated, “Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect.”
      In Luke, He said, “Be merciful as your Heavenly Father is merciful.”
      This is what I said. Some of you interpret the Bible according to your mentality.
      Are you aware He told his disciples, “I have much to say to you but you cannot absorb it; it will be too much for you. When I go (resurrect), I will send My Advocate (His Holy Spirit) and He will teach you more.”
      Hebrews 12:14 – Penalties of Disobedience – Strive for peace with everyone, and for that holiness without which no one will see the Lord.
      Romans 8:9 – The flesh and the spirit – Whoever does not have the spirit of Christ does not belong to him.

  16. September 6, 2015

    The Lukewarm Church Revelation 3: 14-19

    14“And to the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write,

    ‘These things says the Amen, the Faithful and True Witness, the Beginning of the creation of God:

    15 “I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold or hot.

    16 So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth.

    17 Because you say, ‘I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing’—and do not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked—

    18 I counsel you to buy from Me gold refined in the fire, that you may be rich; and white garments, that you may be clothed, that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed; and anoint your eyes with eye salve, that you may see.

    19 As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten. Therefore be zealous and repent

    • September 6, 2015

      For all of you who are using human wisdom to speak about God and His ways–you need be quiet, before God, Himself turns you mute.

      Telemaque, you are even disclosing your lack of knowledge of God’s by asking the pastor for scripture relating to what he said–all of you are existing today, because Jesus’ Love, God’s Person in the flesh, is you all’s protection from the wrath of God’s Holiness.

      And so check the Scripture above and see what God, the Lord through Jesus Christ is saying to one of those 7 churches at Revelation 2, 3, and 4 –He said to that Luke warm Church: “I will vomit you out of My mouth” Look at verse 19 Does anyone of you

      While you, all are claiming “sinner” before God, He is asking all of you to straighten up and try to control your sinful attitude and conduct, you turn around a make Him like a weak mouse, by saying He had nothing to do with it–just stick to that notion and you will discover what is true and what is false

      • Francisco Telemaque
        September 6, 2015

        “Telemaque, you are even disclosing your lack of knowledge of God’s by asking the pastor for scripture relating to what he said–all of you are existing today, because Jesus’ Love, God’s Person in the flesh, is you all’s protection from the wrath of God’s Holiness.”

        Elizabeth, it is one thing to be a religious zealot, a fanatic as you are, talking things which sound good however in reality has nothing to do with God! It is not what you and some so called reverend say that matters, especially if it is not the truth. When we are making comments pertain to God Jehovah, or his Son Jesus, we must have some scripture to prove, and substantiate what we are saying.

        You nor that man can direct anyone to a verse of scripture to support his theory that God uses hurricanes to kill even baby’s in order to get people’s attention. If it is not found in the Bible it is a lie! Therefore I ask that you give me scripture to substantiate your argument: you can’t!

      • September 7, 2015

        Telemaque I have said a hundred times before and I am saying it again–stop with your stupid challenge with me about God and His ways of Life–you are not qualified

        You are asking me the same way you asked the Pastor; I responded to you on his behalf with scriptures for your satisfaction; but how could see them when you do not know what you are asking for?

        Right above that comment you responded to, I left 5 verses of Revelation 3; I scattered them out to make sure you saw them but you are too stupid–lacking reading comprehension–why should I waste my time with you, balled headed, dark, and empty –“the natural man cannot receive the things of the Spirit of God, because they are foolishness to him, neither can he receive them because they are spiritually discerned.” That is who you are

        When did you ever read me speaking about God without leaving a Scripture to back my message. So be careful what you ask of me, for you will be sorry for asking me at all

  17. believer
    September 6, 2015

    I am always fascinated by people who think they know what God thinks, does and why.

    • The Real Facts
      September 6, 2015

      They do not know what God thinks. In other words, they should not have that mind. What they should know is what God taught. It is in the Holy Bible. Based on that, the Word of the Lord, they are able to speak and teach about it.
      Anyone who says that “God told me” is a liar. What could be stated is, “hopefully through inspiration.” They are still not sure about that. However, no one should deny, scoff at and ridicule them that God did not inspire them. Note the difference.
      Most religious people speak, based on the Holy Bible. It is difficult for those who are irreligious to comprehend and to agree with them. God knows this more than anyone.

  18. Truth and Justice
    September 6, 2015

    Only now they know, on the 5th November, 2014came publicly and bought Dominica, The Creator was not happy, the bible said it., Thous shall have no other God before me, commandment number 1. Sadly the pastor, did not wrn the people when this ws happening that God of the heavens and earth does not like idolatry .especially pledging allegience to one of histories most evil institutions, the institution which used the inquisition to force men and women and children native Kalinagoes people to become slaves. International help, will come for the rebuilding of the island, but my fellow Domincans we cannot accept all things without question, question everything do not be like sheep being led to the slaughter. Keep our government accountable to the people. He is your employee not your employer or king, but the hired help.

      September 7, 2015

      You are right on the money. My sentiiments exactly and we need to remember that except The Lord builds a house they labor in vain that build it. Overseas help is a bandaid. Repentance and Unity amoung Dominicans and the realization of who their true provider, giver and helper is is permanent and will bring lasting change. Look to God and not mortal politicians for help.

  19. Peace
    September 6, 2015

    I’m reading that God is trying to get Dominica’s attention. And this is done by slowly crushing and suffocating innocent children to death under tons of mud?? What have the villages of Petite Savanne and Coulibistrie (for example) done to deserve this? What sort of God tortures little children?

    Why isn’t He diverting His divine wrath, and destroying “godless” countries like those in Scandinavia, mostly Atheist, wealthy and no natural disasters at all?

    Or Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, countries for example – they are certainly not adhering to the Holy Book.

    Storms happen daily. Caused by the effects of the Earths rotation and air currents and temperature. Not religion.

    Why are the worlds poorest countries also the most religious? Why are the most religious countries the target of the most natural disasters? The logic suggests that God is punishing the most religious.

    So either God is cruel and unjust, or weather is a matter of geography and science.

    • The Real Facts
      September 6, 2015

      Of course, He tries to get people’s attention. Do you not know that there are some people who may not be religious or that they fell away from the faith. When problems befall them they return to the faith. We have an inkling that something had to happen for them to return to God. Many testify to that. Why do you find it difficult to comprehend?
      I have a principle, do not deny what you do not know and what you cannot prove.
      Pray to God for his enlightenment.

      • Francisco Telemaque
        September 7, 2015

        So Facts, if your theory was correct, why would have to kill the innocent to get the attention of those who are not religious, has fallen from some faith as you claim?

        Are you familiar with that part of scripture where it said we are chosen even before we were conceived in our mother’s womb. I will leave it at that, for you to investigate what that means!

      • September 9, 2015

        @Francisco Telemaque September 7, 2015 “Are you familiar with that part of scripture where it said we are chosen even before we were conceived in our mother’s womb. I will leave it at that, for you to investigate what that means”!

        Man when are you ever going to stop make a damn fool of yourself? For me that is who you are in that statement above–you have said something that you yourself, cannot understand because you do not have the “Word in Essence” but you continue to put that stupidity of yours on me–because you are jealous, and envy me–those two are sins in God’s opinion

        I know what you have said above because I know the Words of the Bible and has the Essence of it–something you and your counterparts could never understand–I can locate the complete message for you, –but you have chosen to speak them without merits, continue that way, saying that you are leaving that way–you are lawing it that way, because you do not understand it yourself

      • September 9, 2015

        If you had the Essence of God’s Word, you would understand that the person who wrote that message was not just speaking about God’s chosen people he–and I know it is a he– was speaking about everyonel–God saw you and your counterparts, He saw me and my fellow Christians, none Christians and all. before we were conceived in our mother’s womb–that should mean that God knew who our parents would be long before they themselves was. Jesus said: “That which is born of flesh is flesh; you must be born again of the Spirit”

        We are the nations of world–Goat and Sheep– existing today and was yesterday At God’s final judgement the Goats will be on His left, to suffer the judgment of the final death–complete separation from God, to exist in the torments of death–the darkness amd night of hell.

        God’s chosen people will be the Sheep, on HIs Right, to be completely anointed in Life through Jesus Christ–we will know the bliss of Joy and Peace in Paradise with Him.

    • casey
      October 23, 2015

      :-D so true, it has nothing to do with religion. God is a loving God. He says in his word if we who are sinners know how to give good gift to our children, just how much more He will do to love us and protect us. We taliking about our FATHER GOD, not the godfather. people need to stop allowing people to fool them. Some use this tatics to rule and control. GOD IS LOVE. BLESSINGS TO ALL.

  20. Ivan Nicholas
    September 6, 2015

    Sorry pastor,but you are among those who help devide the country. You refuse to condemn wrong. You almost sold your soul for a few pieces of silver.

    • The Real Facts
      September 6, 2015

      You are actually forcing and expecting everyone to think as you do. This is against their human rights.
      People cannot condemn wrong when they know nothing about what occurred, were not present or did not see anything. Even though they were told is this really true? People make up stories you know, to harm others.
      Did you witness wrongdoing? Then if you witnessed it, you have a right to report it. Those who did not see it and were informed by you, they are mere words which cannot be proven. The best they could do is to keep quiet. People can be charged for spreading scandal about others.
      Therefore, you are judging others and for saying that they did not condemn. What are they to condemn? Who are they to condemn?
      You better stop that for God will condemn you for your words and judgment. If you are a Christian, you know what Our Lord Jesus Christ taught about that. I need not elaborate on it. Go to the Holy Bible and read/study it.

  21. empress
    September 6, 2015

    Where a nation have no vision the people perish

    • The Real Facts
      September 6, 2015

      You are part of the nation. What is your vision and plans to do good for your country and other nationals?

  22. Dominican Gal
    September 6, 2015

    Peter you have lost your credibility when you announced that Roosevelt Skerrit is the best Prime Minister that Dominica ever saw. I will never forget that statment by you so you are no longer qualified to speak on issues of spirituality. You belong to the Knights of Columbus just like your friend Skerrit. It is because of people like you and Skerrit that Dominica is in this condition right now. You had the moral authority to speak out against the evils that Skerrit was doing in our country but you have lost it. So be gone! We have no respect for you , you can go and talk to the devil and his followers.

    • The Real Facts
      September 6, 2015

      Free to agree and/or disagree. You must realize that your views are not identical to that of others. They cannot (always) agree with you.
      You see one thing, one way another person sees something else, another way.
      You agree on a subject; another will disagree with you.
      It takes common sense, intelligence and broadmindedness to comprehend that.

  23. Francisco Telemaque
    September 6, 2015

    While I totally agree with the message of cooperation and unity, but I do not necessarily agree that “God is trying to get our attention as a people.”(Papa Met).

    One of the funniest thing is that when people do not know better they believe anything; even their very own folk tales. People get up one morning and decide to call themselves reverend; they go out and tell people things about God that is all false, that is why people are to study the word of God for themselves, so that when they read these false stories they can boldly reject them.

    In 1970, 250,000 people or there about were drown by such event in Bangladesh; did God cause that. A rain fall of more than 25 cm (10 in.) is not unusual as a hurricane passes by, and if the hurricane moves over land, heavy rain brings rivers to the flood stage, that is what took place in Dominica recently. The number of hurricanes generated in the Atlantic, and the Caribbean varies from three or four to twelve per year, depending largely…

    • Francisco Telemaque
      September 6, 2015

      The number of hurricanes generated in the Atlantic, and the Caribbean varies from three or four to twelve per year, depending largely on the temperature of the sea surface, and the behavior of the subtropical jet stream. Although it is difficult to predict the course of the hurricane its distinctive cloud formation are easy to detect on weather satellite images: Anybody who wish to doubt, and contradict my comments under this topic do it in writing, however if you have not taken Physical Geography at college or university level, simply read it; take it at face value and shut up!

      With that said; I understand there are some Dominicans here in the United States, and elsewhere calling people and making inquires about me, and have a lot to say. I suggest if someone read something I wrote and they want to refute it, do so in writing, but calling people who’s surname is Telemaque, and talking crap about me will not help.

      I am from Wesley, I have perhaps a hundred nieces and nephews…

      • Francisco Telemaque
        September 6, 2015

        I am from Wesley, I have perhaps a hundred nieces and nephews living there, go to Wesley, and ask anybody in their fifties, or older if they know Son fu Ma John, they will tell you Yvonne Dods-Robin the late was my mother, and the late Hector Isaac Telemaque the one you nasty people harassed when you called him Canadian Moomoo, was my father. I have nothing to hide or be ashamed about, at least I am not dumb, and dunce like the majority of you. (If you all want to call my relatives only to get to buy their friendship do so but doh ask no stupid, and derogatory question about me ), I detest that!

  24. The Real Facts
    September 5, 2015

    The worst division Satan has caused and some allowed him, is religious division which commenced with Luther and Henry VIII. Down through the ages many followed suit.
    I have stated it more than once and will continue to state it, Our Lord Jesus Christ did not establish all those different religions, over one hundred thousand and more. There will be more before the end of the world. With all those religions in the world, in D/ca, some people have become worst; not better. Is something not radically wrong?
    I am unable to comprehend that some are not godly enlightened to realize that. The blame could be placed on all those who caused division. lack of love, unity, peace and also caused enmity. I have read the adverse comments of some on this Website who claim to be Christians.
    Then there are immoralities of every nature committed in the land. Therefore, who is to blame? Practically everyone is in on it.
    Turn to God, submit to Him with obedience and humility.

    • Francisco Telemaque
      September 6, 2015

      Facts, you and many Dominicans will not like to read this; however, any division found among religion, or Christianity is caused by the Roman Catholic religion to which you belong!

      In the first place, in Jesus day, to the time the apostle Paul was made blind by Jesus while he was on his way to Damascus, there were no denomination by name. Churches were referred to specifically by location, because it was about the worshiping of God, and not serving religion. If you read you Bible, and not follow to Roman doctrine, you will find that Paul referred to Churches according to location i.e. the Church in Antioch, as we can say the Church In Canada; or in America; the Church with Jesus as the head has no denominational name.

      The Roman Catholics are the ones who started that. The church is simply a body of people, no matter where we are, the buildings are not Church’s, people are. Martin Luther left the Roman Catholic Church when he found God, and realized the teachings of Rome is…

      • Francisco Telemaque
        September 6, 2015

        Martin Luther left the Roman Catholic Church when he found God, and realized the teachings of Rome is false! As for Henry, his thing had nothing to do with God, that’s another matter, he wanted to divorce his wife, some so called pope objected, hence he broke away from Rome and formed what is known today as the Church of England, actually Anglican!

        The Roman Catholic claim that they are the first Church, and Peter was the first Pope. That is a lie! When Jesus walked the earth, he was referred to as Jesus of Nazareth he had no letters behind his name, Jesus said “thou art Peter upon this rock I will build my church. Now he did not say, Peter I crown you pope, you are the head of my Church. Jesus Christ who is God is the head of his church, and not any man on earth.

        The word Pope means “papa” in reality meaning father. Hence , they call their pope “holy father.” well they bible teaches only God is holy. You had better do as God want you to do, and that is “study his…

      • Francisco Telemaque
        September 6, 2015

        You had better do as God want you to do, and that is “study his words, rightly dividing the word of truth” know his words for yourself, so that you can free yourself from the burden of religion, and false doctrines that man has done. The only method God is using this day to talk to Dominicans, or any other nation, is through his words written in the Bible.

        You see I doh call you any derogatory name today?

  25. The Evangelist?
    September 5, 2015

    “But he that lacketh these things is blind, and cannot see afar off, and hath forgotten that he was purged from his old sins.” 2nd Pet. 1:9
    Is this the same Pastor Peter Augustine of 1997, who was constantly in trouble with the present speaker of the house? Boy if Eddo had made a mistake and make that same speaker a senator or any leadership role, Peter Augustine would call the church to a fast to get rid of Eddison James. But the evangelist all of a sudden got moomoo and said nothing!

    You remember when PM Skerrit got knighted on November 5, 2014? Can you imagine what Peter Augustine would say and how he would call the church to fast. But it happened and to my surprise Peter said nothing?

    You remember when PM Skerrit gave $500K to the Bishop? Boy, if Eddo had given them $50.00 these religious politicians would condemning him in every sermon. But instead they applauded him.

    Is this the same Peter? Bro, sorry you have lost it and you are not in a position to talk signs of…

    • The Real Facts
      September 5, 2015

      I am trying to visualize whose side you are on
      One of the biggest problems in D/ca is religious divisions. Many have their personal views, assuming that they are talking on behalf of God or that God sent them to make those statements.
      Consider what Our Lord Jesus Christ said: “Hypocrites!” Well, did Isaiah say, “These people honor me with their lips but their hearts are far from Me. In vain do they worship Me . . .”
      I noted that some people of today are overall disrespectful and disobedient.
      Why would Peter say anything against the Knighting of PM Skerrit? He did not Knight him. The PM did not Knight himself. As a Catholic, he was Knighted by a Catholic Church organization, The Knights of Malta (of St. George).
      The PM gave the Bishop the money for repairs to the Cathedral. Many made derogatory remarks about it.
      God heard and knows who they are. They will not escape. Some probably did not escape during T.S. Erika. The others will get their share later.

  26. William Harper
    September 5, 2015

    Thank you Pastor Augustine, but failed to mention:

    1. The church and religious leaders remained silence and said nothing while all this “division” was taking place.

    2. God does not like crookedness, all the corruption during at all levels of government, institutions, elections and religion. Everyone seems to wants turn a blind eye to this and play and want to talk around the subject

    • The Real Facts
      September 5, 2015

      What church you are talking about? Those who are not of the Catholic Church must not put their mouths in the affairs of the Catholic Church. They must learn to mind their own business.
      If those of you quote from the Bible, do not leave any chapter, passage and words out of it. Some of you have made this grave mistake and distort the teachings of the Bible according to your mentality..
      St. Paul said: “There are some people who do not mind their own business.”
      The same Cathedral, your forefathers/mothers received their Catholic faith, indoctrination and teaching. Consider them who passed on. They may all be in Heaven.
      To consistently call the PM corrupt, is an offence against Our Lord Jesus Christ who also taught us not to judge and leave the judging to Him who said, Vengeance is Mine, I will repay.
      Some of you cannot cease judging; yet you say you are a Christian.
      So you think you are not crooked yourself and have never deceived anyone? Hypocrite! God knows!

    • ??????.....
      September 7, 2015

      Excuses, excuse, the word is what has to be preached and not what the people want to hear.. the bible is supreme ..it has all the answers.. history too so we would not repeat the same mistake. The evangelists, pastor, and the servants of God have to speak the word as per the bible submitting to God’s plan as in his Words. Not in our way and not involve in the things of carnal minds. Carnal minds depends on themselves and not God. Prepare for the life after. .. we all know that material things are not to be adored. But many of us forget the Father & adore such and remove our Father as we can see on all those comments denying the existence of God and his power. Prayer Prayers for our beloved people that they submit to the Lord God Almighty. They lose the spirit of pride & arrogance. It is that evil spirit that causes many of them to deny the existence and lean upon their own understanding. Lord forgive us in the Land. We repent & ask for forgiveness on behalf of the people.

  27. The Evangelist?
    September 5, 2015

    The Evangelist has gone so far left that he has to use the bible to call it “Signs of times.” Yes there is such a thing as signs of times, but to me the storm is not so much “signs of times,” as much as the fall of local pastors and evangelist that made themselves servants of Baal during the last 15 years. Clearly the evangelist has lost his way and is no longer in a position to talk about sighs of the times. Where was he when the nation was falling apart and he said nothing? The nation has seen them dressed in their party color, close down church on a Sunday Morning to attend political rally, pass from house to house delivering political envelopes like FedEx, joined hands with evil as if they too were evil, their names are being mentioned as part of corruption, they have failed the church and became lovers of money and politics more than lovers of God. Talk about signs of the times, they are signs of the times and God had to speak to them. Hope they learnt something from that

    • The Real Facts
      September 5, 2015

      There are some who call themselves evangelists and pastors who appointed themselves for their own means and ends. They were not called nor appointed by Our Lord Jesus Christ..

  28. Sheila
    September 5, 2015

    The Pastor is chatting nonsense. What does he know what God thinks?

    So Erika destroys Dominica–and that is not God’s Fault., but our Punishment.

    So Erika spares Guadeloupe–and that was God’s Blessing. and show of Love.

    Are Dominicans more sinful than Guadeloupeans?

    Silly Reasoning by a Charlatan who should be declared Crazy.

    • The Real Facts
      September 6, 2015

      All countries and nationals get their share sooner or later. Simply listen to the news from year to year – year round. Everyone will feel it someday.
      A few of the messages of the Mother of God, the Ever Blessed Virgin Mary:
      “Mortals must stop offending God. He is already too offended. The Chalice is overflowing.
      The world is in a state of sin, worst than at the deluge.
      Many nations will be annihilated. It will not occur all at once
      Pray to understand the times we are living in.
      Jesus and herself are holding back the hands of Our Almighty Father from striking the world.”
      If you are a Catholic Christian and a practicing one at that and you receive such information, you will know much.
      Our Lord Himself said to an African visionary: “The planet is getting old. It is necessary for God to purify the world.”
      Look at what is occurring in the world. Need I itemize them? A week prior to this disastrous storm, I stated that God is angry. Of course, he is angry!

    • ??????.....
      September 7, 2015

      Sheila they called Noah crazy…. they called the prophets crazy…. the called the man who was calling the Dominican people days before Hurricane 1979 crazy. Be careful what you use your mouth for. And now you want to call a servant of God crazy. Read numbers 12 and 13 and see what happened to Muriam (Moses own sister) when she said bad things against Moses the Lord’s servant. Please read it my dear and you will learn and will use your mouth wisely. Also read Proverbs and the word says the fear if the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. When one fears what will happen to them at the judgement, then they want to learn more about God’s ways and commandments so they will keep in line and not be a part if the world which in essence us where the enemy of our souls lurks seeking whom he may steal, kill,. God has given you a free will to choose. So choose this day whom you may serve….. the choice is yours.

      • September 7, 2015

        Very well said my sister in Jesus Christ. I hope you know that this is Elizabeth on Face book–this you know who kept impersonating with his evil ideas–I know it was him doing that mischief

        You have my thumbs up here, as you are speaking on my very sentiments as wel l

  29. the fly
    September 5, 2015

    I know some people wont like me saying so but this pastor is talking plain rubbish did god told him that where has he been all his life, all the bad things going on this world over why would god pick on little Dominica ,am not the sharpest tool in the box but i know rubbish when am face with it :lol:

    • The Real Facts
      September 6, 2015

      To be fair, no matter what he said, he has a point. Everyone who has his faculties and some common sense will note what is occurring in the world, whether they are grave sinners. It affects everyone one way or the other.
      Take a look at the lives of others; perhaps your own lifestyle. You should know what is contained in Holy Scripture which some people as atheists and agnostics deny. God has spoken. If we do not obey and continue to disobey, sooner or later we will bear the consequences.
      The problem is some people do not want to hear about that. They do not want to hear about Our Almighty Father and His Blessed Son Our Lord Jesus Christ. They want to continue doing as they please. Therefore, they call everything godly that is stated, rubbish.
      God sends His punishment in various ways on the earth. It affects some and not (so much) others. Why, we do not know. Only God has the answers.
      It is better to believe than not to believe.

    • Francisco Telemaque
      September 6, 2015

      Okay, since you have commonsense to realize he is talking baloney, I will take back the fire I lit under your feet when you made that nasty comment about me cousin Lennox oui!


      Boy there are lots of crazy people in this world they blame God for all evil, but if God was like them, the first time they say something contrary to his word, he would stop them from breathing. Thank God he sent his Son Jesus to die for our sins, even those who use his name when they lie making belief that they are an authority on his words!

      It is not what the preacher, say that is correct, it is thus saith the Lord according to his words recorded in the Bible that is truth. “Let God be true, and every man a liar.”

  30. September 5, 2015

    The pastor is of the opinion that Dominica will rise again, as a better country.—News Article

    Yes indeed Dominica will rise again, to be a better Nation of a better people; for even if God is Holy, the Attribute, which dispenses His wrath against those of His people who lack mind discipline and training, for without that stature of the mind, it means that conscience is dead–the heart and soul of man is not in touch with God.

    But God is Love full of mercy and compassion towards everyone, who and whatever they are, in Jesus Christ, who is the Person of Love –God’s Primary attribute. Through Jesus Christ man is protected from God’s Holiness–His wrath–just like through Moses the wicked Israelites were protected from that very wrath of God’s Holiness,

    • September 5, 2015

      However, at the time of God’s training and discipline of the mind, man will have to endure some form of pain–both physically and mentality–for there is no kind of training that doesn’t bring forth pain; otherwise that training cannot be effective.

      God said through His Person of Love –Jesus Christ: “Those I love I will rebuke and chasten” Revelation 3:19 The term “rebuke” and “chasten” does not mean punishment, because whoever goes through that process always comes out better–according to the Pastor: Dominica will rise to become a better country–because God love her and her people.

      For those people who are thinking that Storm Erika was God’s punishment against us, you don’t know what you are talking about–God does not punish anyone, but He will leave certain people alone to experience their own judgment by not taking heed of His Love and Holiness–that is not what happened to us.

      • marchj
        September 6, 2015

        God does punish people because of their sins, In the old testament in the book of Jeremiah, Ezekiel and other books of the prophets, he sent judgment on the people for the way they went, worshiping their idols, and not honoring Him as God. He said Woe to the people of Israel in many of His scriptures. God is a jealous God. He said that you will have no other God before me.
        I do not know Peter Augustine that much and what he stands for. But one thing I can agree with him that these are the signs of the time. To encourage the people of Dominica to rebuild that what any country must try and do after such great disaster. I would tell the people of Dominica not only to rise up as a country, but also to acknowledge God in everything that they do and to worship Him because God said that they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth. Repentence is for everyone. God will make a better Dominica and a better government and a better people if they will acknowledge Him.

      • OneDestiny
        September 6, 2015

        You are another one and I am so to be so mean at a time like this but shut up and do something useful…go organize to get some stuff here if you haven’t already. Thank you!

      • Francisco Telemaque
        September 6, 2015

        Elizabeth, nothing you said here are found in any part of God words, that is your personal philosophy that is why I worry about the people you say you preach to. Doctrines such as your made up doctrines about God will cause people to go to hell.

        You may mean well, but when people make up doctrines that are not of God, sometimes inspired by the devil, that is a dangerous thing. Sometime ago some man in Northern California, went on Television where he told the world that the world was going to end on a certain day, and gave the date. When the day came and the world did not disintegrate, he said he missed calculated. He later stated another date. He is long dead, the world is still in existence.

        You supported his nonsense by saying God gave him a message for the world but he messed it up. I do not know how you determine that when even Jesus said not even him knows the time, only his Father knows when the world will end.

    • Francisco Telemaque
      September 6, 2015

      Elizabeth, when God allowed Satan to destroy Job, by killing all of his children, animals, and causing his entire body to break out with boils and sours there were other people living probably in the same area as Job, or where his sons, and animals were.

      However, there is no account in the Bible stating that the wind, and whatever Staten unleashed on Job touched anyone else but Job and his family; have you ever thought about that?

      So why would God be using Hurricane and flood to kill and smashed up Dominica. If that was the case, there would be nobody living in Canada, and the United States., where there are so much evil people. The day they authorised homosexual marriage here God would have blown all of us away with a hurricane, and flood!

      Remember what I told you today; if you wish you can even clinch your teeth right here on DNO and give me you “Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, if you care to see if canal mind boy Francisco care.

      • September 6, 2015

        Telemaque, you need to stop with your stupidity, especially speaking God’s Word with your foolishness–without spiritual wisdom and understanding–not knowing God and His ways of Life.

        God was concerned about Job alone, whom He saw as an upright and blameless, yet still he had a sin that he himself did not know about–it was the sin of Self-righteousness.

        This means that Job was good and upright for his own glory–not God’s–read Job 29, to get that truth into your bald head –if that the only truth of God you will ever have there.

        God needed to rebuke and chasten Job, but by the hands of Satan. This plan of God was not for everyone–you stupid, stupid man.

        Go back and read the whole contents of the Book of Job–just like I did–I assure you that you are not going to come back with that stupidity, which you and your friends are talking–the idea that God does not have a hand in that shake which happened through storm Erika, in Dominica.

      • September 7, 2015

        I did it so, because of lack of space –so read below:

        The Wickedness and Judgment of Man Genesis 6: 1-8

        1 Now it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born to them,

        2 that the sons of God saw the daughters of men, that they were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves of all whom they chose.

        3 And the LORD said, “My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, for he is indeed flesh; yet his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.”

        5 Then the LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

        6 And the LORD was sorry that He had made man on the earth, and He was grieved in His heart.

        7 So the LORD said, “I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth, both man and beast, creeping thing and birds of the air, for I am sorry that I have made them.”

        8 But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD

      • September 7, 2015

        21 For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be.

        22 And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened.

        37 But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.

        38 For as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark,

        39 and they did not know until the flood came and took them all away, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be Matthew 24: 21-39.

        Compare the two sets of Scriptures above–God, the Lord of the OT and Jesus the Christ of the NT, are saying the same thing pertaining to worldly destruction– you people are not helping yourselves as you continue with that conceited mentality–starting with you, Telemaque with your blah, blah, blah about science–whom do you think made science?

      • September 7, 2015

        God is not mischievously punishing no one, but He cannot get our attention by His service of Love–as human beings we would not give Him the glory–which do not belong to us. So He has no choice to touch us roughly–even through a Tropical like Erika–so that we will humble ourselves to take heed of His Word.

        “Those I love I will rebuke and chasten” and “My Grace is sufficient for you, because My Strength is made perfect in your weakness”

        God cannot rebuke and chasten us without the pain, so to humble our selves before Him. That is what you people of Dominica are not doing–but be careful.

        How many of you writing against the Pastors message can prove to the message fo the Bible better than him? –None of you! So that is why God needs to bring you all to His attention–take precious time to learn what God is saying about Life through His Word less He consumes the deep hypocrisy that you are trying to hide–but only from yourselves–that too is dangerous.

      • ??????.....
        September 7, 2015

        We are an ungrateful people…., we lean upon our own carnal understanding…. we do not give due honour to the Lord Of Lord, King of Kings. We disobey the first commandments t…., I am the Lord thy God, though shalt have no other God before me. We have a first God …. leaning upon our own understanding as though all what we have and know is because we over smart and know everything. We created ourselves so we make our selves a miniGod. We have a formal of Godliness but denying through power of the Almighty. We were made for service to God… to love another… to be fervent in prayer. We do no live by feelings but by faith. The Father is Supreme. And read your bibles…… read your bibles….. so we can live righteously and knowing the word, we would not be speaking so much foolishness and disrespecting the one true living Father who created the Heavens and the earth. We are nothing without Christ. His presence is what we all need and need to repent

  31. Anonymous
    September 5, 2015

    Yes pastor God is speaking and he is Very Angry with you and others who Worship and Adores the leadership of this blessed Land calling the pm JESUS and u said nothing about it GOD must speak REPENT REPENT REPENT for GODS wraft is not over yet

    • The Real Facts
      September 6, 2015

      Do you not think you are exaggerating?
      God is telling each and everyone of us to repent. Therefore, do not point the finger on one person. You are included.

  32. discent honest leadership need
    September 5, 2015

    when the leader of a nation says no law no constitution that is sacrificing the people to the Devil

    • The Real Facts
      September 6, 2015

      Stale news. How long ago was this stated? Playing the gramophone with a broken record over and over again?
      When people sincerely repent of their sins, Our Lord Jesus Christ does not remember them.
      Why do you consistently keep harping on an old statement which some people do not even remember? Do you not think you are heaping burning coals on your head? Pray to God for this enlightenment.

      • Francisco Telemaque
        September 6, 2015

        Facts, you see how bias you are? It matters not how long Skerrit made that comment, he was wrong then and is wrong today to have made that statement. First of all we must accept that Skerrit is the head; the leader of our country.

        As such he should be the first to up hold the law of the land, rather than adhering to the law, Skerrit has placed himself above the laws of the land. Such a person should be forced out of office, because he is not fit to lead our country, and here you are condoning his disregard for the laws of our land!

        Why should Skerrit expect the rest of Dominica to obey the laws of the land when he fail to set an example for others to follow? That is why we have so much crime in the country, he taught the youths of the country how to violate the laws of the land. If he is above the law, then every one living in Dominica is also above the law!

        What is good for the goose is also good for the gander!

      • ??????.....
        September 7, 2015

        Sheila they called Noah crazy…. they called the prophets crazy…. the called the man who was calling the Dominican people days before Hurricane 1979 crazy. Be careful what you use your mouth for. And now you want to call a servant of God crazy. Read numbers 12 and 13 and see what happened to Muriam (Moses own sister) when she said bad things against Moses the Lord’s servant. Please read it my dear and you will learn and will use your mouth wisely. Also read Proverbs and the word says the fear if the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. When one fears what will happen to them at the judgement, then they want to learn more about God’s ways and commandments so they will keep in line and not be a part if the world which in essence us where the enemy of our souls lurks seeking whom he may steal, kill,. God has given you a free will to choose. So choose this day whom you may serve….. the choice is yours.

      • ??????.....
        September 7, 2015

        Yes Real facts. Dwelling on past statements and past mistakes prevents of each from making strides I their lives. When we truly repent, our Father is merciful and just to forgive us of all ALL our sins and he remembers them no more. Stop dwelling on the past

  33. Stuff and Nonsense!
    September 5, 2015

    What stuff and nonsense! Do you really think that God would vent his anger on the innocent people of Petite Savanne? If so, he must be a God that punishes those that do good and leaves alone those that do evil.

    • The Real Facts
      September 6, 2015

      Have you never heard the innocent pays for the guilty? The innocent will go straight to Heaven. They are out of this earthly dilemma. We should envy them. We are in the world and the worst is yet to come. We do not know what awaits us down the road.
      Furthermore, have you not heard that, “God protects us from something worst than death?”
      Open your eyes to learning some constructive sayings that you may comprehend why the innocent may also suffer and die in a disaster. God has the answer which will be revealed to you when you die. Smarten up and pray to God for his enlightenment.

    • Gabby
      September 6, 2015

      Doesn’t your god give innocent children crippling diseases? Why did your kind god create worms that burrow into the eyes of African people? You are so naive to the suffering of the wide world around you, and your ignorance is the only thing that can make the god you believe in seem like a ‘good’ being.

      • The Real Facts
        September 6, 2015

        Your God? He is your God too! Our Judge.
        God does not punish innocent children/babies. Have you ever considered that the children who are born with crippling diseases or that they developed it as they grew older, they could have inherited it from an ancestor. In addition, when some mothers are pregnant, how well did they take care of themselves and eat nutritiously? How happy were they during that time?
        For instance, some mothers are alcoholics and also drug addicts. In addition to not caring for themselves while they are pregnant, whatever they did affected the baby in the womb. This could be one of the reasons why they were born with a disease. Some are born with an open heart or a bad heart; some have cancer. Environment could also be the cause.
        It is broadcasted when children are sick. We are never informed what caused the illness and how they happened to be sick. This should be food for thought.
        So do not blame God!

  34. Shaka zulu
    September 5, 2015

    The cause of the division cannot be the solution unless their is confessions of sins and people ask for forgiveness. Then their will be change. God has brought change cause for too long the poor and less fortunate have been used by some to further their wealth and greed.. Too long people have been disrespected, taken for granted, lied too, looked down upon. We ask for civilized debates, all we got were fete and Gospel concerts. Working together does not mean we cannot have difference of opinion. It is respecting others views and getting the best out of us.

    • The Real Facts
      September 6, 2015

      You comment as if you are a perfect one. God knows you are not. Earth has no perfect person. Some are striving for perfection; others are not. Still some are bent on criticizing as if they are perfect and more so than others.
      Are you excluding yourself? Do you not think you are also responsible for doing your part?

  35. September 5, 2015

    Great message of hope,but the churches must begin to examine themselves.there are hundred of churches in Dominica,with each church claiming to be the true church of God,and other churches are not true christian churches..it is difficult for unity of all churches,but we can call for churches to show respect for each other.there is more disunity among dominican churches than political parties.

    • The Real Facts
      September 6, 2015

      I know which Church Our Lord Jesus Christ established on earth when he said to Peter: Thou art Peter and upon this Rock I will build My Church. . .”
      All you have to do is to look at its history and those who formed their churches, commencing with Luther and Henry VIII. This should tell you much. Some are too blind and they allow themselves to be falsely indoctrinated. If you are smart you will know this.
      No one goes to Heaven with religious indifference. Souls must be of one pure heart and mind. I tell it like it is; no watering down of the truth. So much more could be stated. Stay tuned for my book, one day, if the Good Lord wills. :lol:

    • jamesd
      September 6, 2015

      How is this a message of hope when he says things are only going to get worse?

  36. Kid On The Block
    September 5, 2015

    Words of wisdom! God speaks in many ways and answer calls differently. Be careful what you ask for. Many(HATERS) were calling and crying on the Government and blaming the PM for lack of work in the country. Their cry have been answered. There is too much work now. Hope everyone(them Haters) that was crying for WORK will put their shoulder to the WILL and get work to do and stop the blaming and curing the country. God is not sleeping. Remember Hurricane David? God spoke to Dominicans by WIND and they didn’t take heed; He have spoken again to them with WATER. Dominicans don’t test the ALMIGHTY. Unite and stop that COLOR HATE. Like the saying goes, Who can not hear shall feel. Remember the elements..WIND…WATER…FIRE…. Don’t ask for the THIRD for there might be no Wind or Water to stop it..

    • The Real Facts
      September 6, 2015

      I hear you, Kid On The Block. :lol: I endorse and echo your comment, correctly stated.

  37. Francisco Telemaque
    September 5, 2015

    The ocean reach their maximum temperature in late summer, or early fall making that part of the year the hurricane season.

    Although every hurricane appears to be a potential disaster, these powerful storms are vital to the earth’s energy balance. They are a means of transporting energy from areas of excess to areas of deficiency; if there were fewer hurricanes each year, those that occurred would have to be even larger, and more violent to perform their vital function of carrying energy poleward. (So here goes the demised of the theory that God is trying to get Dominicans attention).

    We know scientifically how hurricanes are formed, here is a brief: A tropical cyclone is an unusually compact, and intense low-pressure center, much smaller in diameter than midlatitude cyclones; however, having a pressure gradient that can exceed 30 millibars per 100 kilometers. The wind that whirl around the center of a tropical cyclone sometimes have velocities greater than 200 km (120 miles)…

    • Francisco Telemaque
      September 5, 2015

      The wind that whirl around the center of a tropical cyclone sometimes have velocities greater than 200 km (120 miles) per hour, and are accompanied by driving rain, and severe thunderstorms.

      A hurricane begins as a rotating tropical storm generated from a strongly developed easterly wave. It is not known why some storms die out, and others continue to build to hurricane strength; although airflow’s in the upper atmosphere may play a role. The characteristic structure of a fully formed tropical cyclone consists of a relatively cloudless central “eye” surrounded by a rapidly rotating wall of towering clouds. The eye is normally no more than 20 km (20 miles) in diameter. Centrifugal force associated with the rapid rotation prevents the converging surface air from filling in the eye. Drier air from the upper atmosphere descends into the eye, and is heated adiabatically, keeping the eye relatively free of clouds.

      Moist air spirals upward around the eye, and massive condensation…

      • Francisco Telemaque
        September 5, 2015

        Moist air spirals upward around the eye, and massive condensation produces the wall clouds, releasing enormous amounts of latent heat. The height of the wall clouds are typically 10 to 15 km (6 to 9 miles). Because of the weakness of the Coriolis force at low latitudes, tropical cyclones rarely form within 10 degrees of the equator; nor do they usually form at latitudes higher than approximately 25 degrees. The warm ocean surfaces between these tow latitudes provided the necessary conditions for the formation of tropical cyclones. Unlike midlatitude cyclones, which are powered primarily by the temperature differences between dissimilar air masses, the energy source for tropical cyclones is the latent heat released by massive condensation of water vapor. Water vapor is most abundant in warm tropical air over oceans with surface temperatures greater than 27 degrees C, (81 degrees F).

        Once a tropical cyclone begins to travel over land, or cold water, it becomes separated from the…

    • Francisco Telemaque
      September 5, 2015

      Once a tropical cyclone begins to travel over land, or cold water, it becomes separated from the abundant supply of water vapor that is its source of energy, and its strength diminishes; on a densely populated low-lying coastline, a direct hit by a strong hurricane is devastating. When gale-force or hurricane winds drive coastal waters up onto low shores, the sea may rise several feet above normal high tide, surging many miles inland. The resulting destruction, and loss of life can be enormous.

      • the fly
        September 6, 2015

        FRANCISCO, hi i am not a fan of yours ,but i must say i agree with every word’s you said that is what our people should know, not that rubbish this pastor is trying to sell to our people he is having a laugh :lol:

      • September 7, 2015

        @The fly September 06 2015

        Seem as if you are saying that the philosophy of man is higher than the wisdom and understanding of God. Then you turn around and call yourselves “innocent people” when God’s wrath comes against you all.

        Don’t you people understand that God’s wrath is dispensed through His Holiness, whether is against one person or a million people–not His Love. Or else the whole would be a Sodom and Gomorrah Nations

        I have said it before and I will say it again; God’s Love is in His person, Jesus Christ, had it not been for the shielding Love in Jesus, you people would not be in existence long enough to be speaking all of that ignorance about–and even blasphemy against God.

  38. Views Expressed
    September 5, 2015

    We need new leadership, disciplined and honest government in Dominica who respects us as Dominicans. We need accountability as Jesus preached low behold to those who trespass against us and abuse us.
    We need to pray for Dominica and be in false company.

    Dominica has been given a message…we need honest leadership

    Those who are blind let their eyes open to see……
    Bless you Pastor

    • The Real Facts
      September 6, 2015

      Ensure that your personal life is an honest one. Look to yourself and for yourself. God will not judge you for anyone else. He will judge you for yourself, for what you stated and done. This should be your sole concern.

    • the fly
      September 6, 2015

      VIEW you said those who are blind let their eyes open to see, well you better speak for your self and your state off mine.

  39. OneDestiny
    September 5, 2015

    I detest these men. We need practicality. Our people need to learn how to dispose of garbage in the right way for one. It was the day after the disaster and I witnessed someone throwing trash away irresponsibly.Our trash should not end up in ravines. Secondly because of our terrain it is incumbent upon us to replant whenever we cut down trees. Thirdly, we need to stop building on sloping lands , under cliffs, on mountainsides etc. fourthly, stay away from the rivers. Too many people are building not near, in my estimation but on river banks.
    I’m sorry but the end of times have been coming forever, and it will continue to come, in the meantime let practicality be our guide.

  40. Papa Met
    September 5, 2015

    While I totally agree with the message of cooperation and unity, but I do not necessarily agree that “God is trying to get our attention as a people.” We would then have to look at the tsunami in Japan, the earth quakes in Latin America, the Katrina flooding, the shooting in a North Carolina church, then presume that God is all over trying to get people’s attention. First and foremost, that Great God does not need our attention, we are the ones who need His attention. On the contrary, we should pay closer attention to Him within the context or spiritualism and not religion. Maybe the church (are) not teaching His word correctly. How can God be trying to get our attention with Erika where so many people died, yet in the same vein “the devil has one plan, he came to kill, to steal and to destroy.” If we put what 2 Peter 3:8 teaches in proper context, then Sodom and Gomorrah may have happened within God’s few minutes ago. This piece is by no means meant to justify sinners.

  41. mine
    September 5, 2015

    Pastor you are so right I am very sorry seeing what happened but I saw it two months ago. I saw war in DA and I was saying very loud stop this fighting Jesus is crying don’t let him pour his tears over you all. I did posted it on DNO someone reply to me why don’t you shut up.

    • ??????.....
      September 7, 2015

      Yes they make a mockery now. Those persons apparently do no read or know the bible. Sad though for it is the Father’s wish that none should perish. Did anyone of you created the heavens and earth???.. they made a mockery of Noah when he was building the Ark. They were living eating and drinking, merry, living u naturally in Sodom and Gomarrah. But Intercession was made on behalf of Lot and family. Read the bible please. People want to live as they feel like as though you all created the earth. The earth and the fullness Belongs to the Lord. Only talk foolishness and do not fear the one true maker and creator of the universe including us humans. Repent people, repent people,repent people. Give due regard to the creator of heaven and earth. Proverbs says rhat the Lord will laugh at their calamity. Disobedient we are and making excuses. Hear us in this forum…… God is supreme….. he reigns……. we have to be obedient. ….. we are an ungrateful people….,.

      • ??????.....
        September 7, 2015

        We are an ungrateful people…., we lean upon our own carnal understanding…. we do not give due honour to the Lord Of Lord, King of Kings. We disobey the first commandments t…., I am the Lord thy God, though shalt have no other God before me. We have a first God …. leaning upon our own understanding as though all what we have and know is because we over smart and know everything. We created ourselves so we make our selves a miniGod. We have a formal of Godliness but denying through power of the Almighty. We were made for service to God… to love another… to be fervent in prayer. We do no live by feelings but by faith. The Father is Supreme. And read your bibles…… read your bibles….. so we can live righteously and knowing the word, we would not be speaking so much foolishness and disrespecting the one true living Father who created the Heavens and the earth. We are nothing without Christ. His presence is what we all need and need to repent

  42. Francisco Telemaque
    September 5, 2015

    Now I would like that man to quote one part of Scripture where God Jehovah, or Jesus Christ said he will devastate a country in order to get the attention of people. If if his foolish idea is correct, then God has been trying to get the attention of Dominicans, for thousands of years. Even in the common era there were hurricane; and floods.

    I can however, quote a scripture where God said he will visit you in situations like this: (that is not verbatim).

    Hurricane and floods are a natural phenomenon, so if God is killing people by using disasters as this, each time there is an accident, or wild fires, train wrecks, or an aircraft dropping from the sky, I supposed that man will make the claim that God has caused such incidents to get the attention of someone.

  43. September 5, 2015

    God does NOT destroy innocent lives.

    We always find it easier to credit God instead of the devil when bad things happen! Just because God may permit a wicked event to occur does NOT mean that He approved of it!

    There are wanna-be “prophets of doom” among us in Dominica. I have heard very negative comments by some who, because they were spared the damage of TS Erika, look down on and think they are more righteous than the victims. They are heavily opinionated and soaked in self-righteousness. That is the level of hate and bigotry in this land.


  44. Farmer's son
    September 5, 2015

    Some encouraging words,yes. And that’s what we need from religious and lay leaders.

    But come on pastor, are you serious? You say “These are the signs of the times,” he noted. “The times are going to get worse and I think what is happening to us is this, God is trying to get our attention as a people.” Can you just put aside for the moment this hell and brimstone stuff?

  45. Big Bannan
    September 5, 2015

    Religious garbage. Now how much money do you have for the collection plate?

  46. angel
    September 5, 2015

    Dominica does NOT need another “Pat Robertson” who will find a way to blame man for a natural disaster.

  47. pasco
    September 5, 2015

    Well God has always been speaking to us since we were created in his image and likeness and Noah Ark was a major flood where only eight people were saved so we have been spared to continue to rebuild the country but we should not rebuild with the same designs, we need to take into consideration our vulnerabilities with climate change and the need to redo our designs for building and roads for economic and industrial development and try not to see the repairs of infrastructure as development, we need to modernize our infrastructure so that it can withstand the storms or in case it is destroyed there will be real time or contingency plans in the event of a disaster. Get a few helicopters for the police instead of all these SUVs and build a core of civil engineers who will review our current road designs and recommend improvements as climate change becomes a reality so yes while we recognize that God is speaking to us but if we do not make major changes we will not have made a difference

  48. Molly
    September 5, 2015

    Thank you Pastor Augustine. I concur. The first step in the healing process is to get rid of the divisive speaker . The next step is for those so-called religious people to stop their blasphemous talk saying that certain people were appointed by God. The Holy Book says God is not mocked. And finally the laws of the lands should be followed and respected particularly by those who have taken an oath of allegiance to the Constitution and not an oath to certain individuals.

    • Willie
      September 6, 2015

      The first step is ELECTORAL reform!

  49. truththe
    September 5, 2015

    Thank you Pastor for words of ” Hope” you have said it well. I too believe God has spoken to us . Jesus prayed with pain in his heart that we may be one as he and his ( our) Father is one.
    My call with you is ” that we will LOVE one another” not only in such circumstances but always.
    I am praying for our Nation.

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