Statemanship needed in ‘disastrous’ Ross departure says OECS Ambassador

Gregoire said the departure will be recorded as disastrous

Describing the departure of Ross Unversity School of Medicine from the island as ‘disastrous,’ Dominica’s Ambassador to the OECS and CARICOM, Felix Gregoire said that statesmanship is needed to deal with the issue.

Gregoire spoke about the matter in a statement.

“The Ross University pull out will be recorded as another disastrous event which Dominicans encountered and conquered during the quest to develop our beloved country into a resilient and formidable nation,” he said.

According to Gregoire, when it is all over the role of “the real Dominican statesmen” in the “crisis” will be recorded in the history books.

“These statesmen are the ones who had the foresight to encourage the establishment of Ross University 40 years ago, supported the operations of the university over the years, defended the good name of Dominica and Dominicans against negative forces, planned and implemented strategies to mitigate against the pull out of Ross University, gave Dominicans hope to enable them to overcome the challenges, promoted peace and calmness in the country,” he stated.

Gregoire pointed out that these statesmen recognize that the Ross issue was a national issue and not a political one.

He stated that they “understood the true facts of the matter and did not concentrate of finding scapegoats and persons to blame for the Ross pull out, recognize that passing judgement was not the answer to the situation at hand, avoided statements in the media likely to create panic, confusion and unrest, gave credit to persons who have acted in the best interest of the country and encouraged Dominicans to pray for solution during the crisis,” he noted.

He asked for God’s protection in the wake of the pull out of the medical school which has created much controversy in Dominica.

“May the good Lord protect us in this struggle to make Dominica a better place for all Dominicans,” Gregoire said.

Earlier this month, Ross announced that it will be pulling out of Dominica after four decades of operation due to damages by Hurricane Maria.

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  1. Test
    August 24, 2018

    Smh most of you on here that bad talking the same people that trying to help bring allu country somewr need a job cause clearly allu have ntn else to do wirh allu hungry self ????????????????

  2. Not a herd follower
    August 23, 2018

    When it suits them, they speak of statesmanship. Sheep in wolf clothing.

  3. Zammy
    August 23, 2018

    Here we go again, one man who is sure of his big pay cheque, big tips, big house and fat bank accounts n opportunities to travel the world over… He is blablaying about statesmanship whilst Portsmouth n Picard is falling apart. Will statesmanship pay the loans, fill the houses, pay for the debts that the apprtment, house owners are owing…
    What really caused Ross to quit.. Statesmanship must answer dat question..

  4. Ibo France
    August 23, 2018

    This statement by the ambassador offers nothing of substance. It’s just a vacuous statement intended to exculpate the DLP administration from blame. These words don’t make the loss of Ross U any less painful to accept. The Ross debacle is like a 10.0 earthquake on the Richter scale.

  5. The Ambassador
    August 23, 2018

    Why are so many people misunderstanding and misinterpreting what my good friend Ambassador Felix Gregoire said and giving the man so much blows nou? To appreciate what ambassador Gregoire said we must understand that he said the departure of Ross is disaster to Dominica. Is he correct? So our job is to ask ourselves what caused that disaster. Well we know it was not Erika or Maria as PM Skerrit told us; so what caused it? If we do our research we will realize that it was caused by Hurricane Skerrit. Ambassador Gregoire cannot tell that to us we just have to think

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      August 25, 2018

      You are an idiot to believe people are misinterpreting the crap he has spoken!

      The man is making comments as if Ross University School of Medicine is still in Dominica. Even if they were still in Dominica what sort of statesmanship could he use to prevent Ross or any institution, or entity from leaving a backward place where progress and development is not on the government agenda?

      Learn this; the definition of Statesmanship is one actively engaged in conducting the business of a government in shaping its policies; a State-man is one who exercises political leadership wisely without narrow partisanship.

      As statesman is someone versed in the principles or art of government! 

      So, with the knowledge I share with you can we agree that if Roosevelt was a leader, or statesman in any sense of the word, all of the business which left Dominica since he became prime minister he could have used his statesmanship to keep them there.

      In reality Gregoire has simply proved Roosevelt…

  6. Pioneer
    August 23, 2018

    Eh eh, SMH. And these are the learned sons and daughters of Dominica who should be loving her in return? Wasn’t statesmanship needed to hold unto and maintain Ross in the first place? Where are you learned guys’ morals, ethics, and patriotism? How much money and position could make you drown your conscience and integrity? You are blaming all factors for Ross’ departure except the one statesman responsible. What a ‘statesman’ you are.
    SMDH man…

  7. ?????????
    August 23, 2018

    Statesmen are people who will love their country so much and will offer suggestion when there is a crisis. Statesmen love people and are not selfish, so their political preference is not a problem when discussing solutions to everyday problems or nation building. Statesmen do not blame others for anything like hurricanes, accidents, Ross pull outs, because they are aware that we live in a changing environment. Since I was young things changing. We used wood, then graduated to Charbon (coals), Kerosene stove then gas stoves. Since I have recollection, there are always changes – All the previous business places are no longer here. We see younger and younger entrepreneurs opening stores, restaurants, etc. There must be changes – persons grow old and die. Many overseas businesses have come and gone. Perhaps many of you need to read the Dominica Story by Lennox Honeychurch. Waypapa you all amuse me to think that you bought Ross & can dictate. To all of you don’t get old and…

  8. My bad
    August 23, 2018

    None of them telling us why Ross left Dominica Well after reading all the excuses I conclude that Ross left because their vision was not compatible with the vision and direction of Skerrit’. Their vision was to expand their University with a state of the art hospital and an international airport that provides direct flights to the US and Canada, while Skerrit’ vision is one that provides a hiding place for wanted crooks and criminals around the world. Skerrit had to get rid of Ross because they were seen as enemies of his vision that were spying on him

  9. Jonathan Y St Jean
    August 23, 2018

    Felix Gregoire, Christian Dominicans have been constantly praying for God’s protection for our beloved country and we know he will continue to bless us not only on this Skerritt created crisis. The CEO of RUSM during her address in Barbados placed the blame squarely on the laissez-faire leadership of Skerritt why she made the tough decision and moved the school to Barbados where the type of leadership there was more in keeping with what she and Ross are comfortable with. Felix you may want to sweep the horrific performance of Skerritt under the proverbial rug, but you nor Skerritt will fool the masses as to who is to blame. Are you suggesting that Hitler should not be blamed for the atrocities done to the jews, and we should just move on? Skerritt has not even apologized to the Dominican people for what has happened under his watch. Instead, his surrogates like you just want to rush past the misstep. Well the honorable men and women will be those who replace this ineptitude

  10. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    August 23, 2018

    Gregoire: all of what you are talking is a pile of hogwash!

    Such sentiments comes just a little bit too late, no amount of statesmanship, or psychological tactics you or Roosevelt, Hartley, and others could use to detour Ross decision to leave you all in your backwardness, and stupidity!

    All you are spewing here is irreverent; it is a done deal; Ross has left Dominica; you are behaving as as if the garbage you are talking will bring them back! Ross is a multi-billion dollar business, which survival in Dominica depends on modern facilities and infrastructure, such as an International Airport! Melville Hall Airport has long live out its time and any purpose it served.

    You all so called government  ministers, and people like who like to believe you are ambassador of something should be ashamed of how backwards are our people and nation. Talk as you are talking now is cheap!

    Roosevelt lie to Dominicans; you cannot do that to an American and believe they will forget it!

  11. zandoli
    August 23, 2018

    Gregoire, Don’t mention the word “statesman” when you refer to Skerrit and his band of (fill in the banks). These guys are only these for their self interests.

  12. LifeandDeath
    August 23, 2018

    Dominicans are are “smart” group in the OECS but they contradict each other all the time. Gregoire says it’s disastrous, Skerrit and Vince says, it’s no Big Deal..they were not contributing so much to our economy…that said…
    Gregoire says don’t blame anyone for what happen, just let’s all act as statement for our country…lol..If only it were that simple then we would not be in the current Ross Dilemma because Skerrit and the DLP cabal would be straight and as clean as a whistle, unfortunately that is not the case..
    I have a problem with the philosophy on heaping praise on one Man when things go well and then avoiding the obvious when things go wrong.
    Everybody knows why Ross left, and it’s not because of Maria..let the chips fall where they may and correct the situation. Acting like our gov’t and Prime Minister is infallible is nonsense and certainly against common sense for national success .

  13. Minenut/stephen
    August 23, 2018

    Felix will never go against his supper, he was very privileged to have his medicals done in Cuba, he was very blind to see that a state of the art hospital would advance the healthcare system in Dominica, Dominica was the only country with a state of the art medical university with out a state of the art hospital. I always mention about the choice of the DLP to build a state palace over a hospital because of my experience when my kids had an accident and in had to take my son to Martinique because PMH could not handle his injury. So Felix Wesly from Scott’s Head shut your damn mouth shame on you singing for your supper

  14. Stubborn Facts
    August 23, 2018

    Before marriage my wife and I had some plans for our children. We knew how many children we wanted, how to space them, where they would be schooled and where they would attend university. Thank God we both held to our vision and as a result our children are where we would like to see them today. After listening to Mr Gregoire I concluded that Ross fled from Dominica because our present government did not plan for their future. In fact PM Ralph Gonsalves made it very clear last week “They (Ross) have assessed where they are. The back-to-back hurricanes were probably the occasion, the spark for them having consideration for moving. But they would have assessed that their immediate, long-term interest is no longer with Dominica.” Gonsalves said the decision by Ross was “clearly” not based solely on the weather.” Lisa Warllar also made it clear that our government did not plan for the future of Ross She said the island also has direct flights from the United States and Canada.”

  15. August 23, 2018

    “Statesmanship needed” indeed my friend but let’s go back to where it was really needed; what about Transparency and Accountability as Chief Public Servant and now OECS Ambassador did you instill those virtues in your bosses, who infact should have been our servants. Forget all that garbage about negative talk “facts are stubborn things” and if you lead then others will follow; but then again “there is none so blind as he/she who will not see”

    • Neverson St jean
      August 23, 2018

      If u are so sure of your statement why hide behind a fake name

  16. Thanks ?
    August 23, 2018

    Your fake news propaganda machine could only resonate with your loyal fans. You are the gossip machine for LL and your followers are seeing the truths. You readers are some overseas people wanting news from DA. My response to ? high school hood drop out wouldn’t resonate with your base right? The contributions of Felix Gregoire is in black and white.

  17. perfect Idiot
    August 23, 2018

    Here is Lisa Wardell “the decision to relocate was taken “after considerable deliberations, including a review of our academic and infrastructural requirement and future plan.” Ross concerns: 1. A review of academic 2.infraustructural requirements 3. Future plans. What else Lisa? “We have worked with our credited and regulated and the Barbados Government to support academic and business continuity. Our new location will include state-of-the-art facility,” she said, adding that “in addition Barbados has a matured health care delivery system and …a teaching hospital to support our students and faculty”. She said the island also has direct flights from the United States and Canada.
    4. Is Lisa implying that they had a problem working with our government with credited, regulated, and support for academic and business continuity?
    5. We didn’t have a mature health care delivery system and a teaching hospital?
    6. Ross wanted DIRECT flights from Us & Canada

  18. Iamanidiot
    August 23, 2018

    you’d swear Rossclose down or decide just so to pick up and go

  19. A_DAMassive
    August 23, 2018

    While I am not the most educated person expressing an opinion in this forum, I know I am a well read Dominican who makes it my business to inform myself in case I am asked to substantiate my statements. Consequently I am able to understand quite a bit of literature and written works.

    Garçon up to now I DOH know what mista saying nah.

    Sir I understand this is a politically placid piece attempting to placate the ramifications of the economically disastrous policy that deliberately preceded Ross’s departure. But I believe the Labour Party is in the eye of a political hurricane, and the tail is coming. While you have a chance, please do not continue to make our people look like fools; rather make some promises: rum, galvanize, and barbeque like during election season.

  20. ?Me?
    August 23, 2018

    % typical of your ? high school dropout self. You choose to attack Felix Gregoire personally because he is asking for unity! You have done nothing good in bettering the lives of the people, whom you claim you care so much about. Mr. Gregoire’s dedication and contributions to the ? island is in black and white. You on the other hand ? instead of uniting our nation, you are sowing the seeds of hatred and bitterness. Do you understand the basic fundamentals of economics? Ross operatesd as a business not as a partner of the DOM Government. Eventually % your hatred, animosity and baseless rhetoric only resonating to your core base. Writing ✍️ an article and then praising yourself is sickening!

  21. Perfect Idiot
    August 23, 2018

    In her own words chief executive officer at Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM), Lisa Wardell, gives us some clues as to why they really had to RUN from what ambassador Felix Gregoire, refers to as DISASTROUS. Here is Lisa Wardell ladies and gentlemen: Well let’s start it here. ” Lisa Wardell told the meeting here that classes would begin in Barbados in January next year “pending final regulatory approval from the US Department of Education.

    “We have worked with our credited and regulated and the Barbados Government to support academic and business continuity. Our new location will include state-of-the-art facility,” she said, adding that “in addition Barbados has a matured health care delivery system and …a teaching hospital to support our students and faculty”.
    She said the island also has direct flights from the United States and Canada.
    “We see it as a very good move,” she added.
    Lisa, are you implying that you couldn’t work with or government to get credited and…

  22. Elornic
    August 23, 2018

    What will stand out in our history is those complicit intellectuals and professionals who sat idly by making stupid excuses for an administration that took Diminica down a disastrous path for personal gain…. And the price we paid as a people for having the highest ratio per capita of men without balls in the world.

    • ?????????????
      August 23, 2018

      Elornic what will stand in History is those intellects like yourself who could not even give a suggestion and whose only concern was to lambaste their own people, living overseas and developing hatred for their own Dominican brothers and sisters (the green eyed spirit Monster). Here you “And the price we paid as a people for having the highest ratio per capita of men without balls in the world.” You are one of those like the others who selfishly think that our own opinions (and our party) alone is the gospel truth. Not being objective and cannot balance anything at all. This means that internally you are dissatisfied with your self. The heart is hard because of hatred for Roosevelt Skerrit and cannot see clearly anything. Only preaching hatred (under the precept of loving Country) when infact you are doing more hurt to the country. The hatred for one of yours, tells the outside world that if you can do this to one of your own then. It is high time for introspection (self…

    • Paul Rossnof
      August 23, 2018

      Your are right on the money, some don’t even have the balls to speak their mind…

  23. Vernon
    August 23, 2018

    Mr Felx Gregoire, could you give us the true facts why Ross has left the shore of Dominica and go to Barbados. The people who are elected to provide the facts are not speaking, so I guess you are in a better position than most of us to know the true facts, so let us hear it.

    Unless you can do that, I would consider and categorise your statement as one to make excuses for the government and shift the responsibility on others, rather than the ones who are responsible and accountable for Ross leaving Dominica.

    The people who are seeking to know the true facts why Ross has left Dominica would be considered more statesman that the ones who do not provide the facts and information that are needed and required so that informed discussions could take place to come up with viable alternative solutions.

  24. Looking
    August 23, 2018

    “supported the operations of the university over the years”- The DLP spent approximately 50 million EC dollars in two months across two election cycles, just to win an election. Everyone should remember the huge billboards, the megastars, the eats and drinks etc. If only 40 million had been used to fix some of the issues facing RUSM we would not have been in this dilemma. I spoke about these issues, i warned about the sewo, i warned about the waste of states resources trying to make a leader look like its a god. I warned about the blasphemy. We did not learn, we have not learnt.

  25. Perfect Idiot
    August 23, 2018

    For those of you out there that still wondering what disaster that caused Ross University to run from Dominica, think no more because Ross tells us why they were forced to run out of Dominica:

    • waypapa
      August 23, 2018

      But what is Gonzalves saying? He is out of touch with the conversation. nowhere did Ross say that they left because of hurricane. That was a poor attempt to save face for Skerrit he should just shut up.

    • ??????????????
      August 23, 2018

      Really some persons do not read with an open mind. They read already telling themselves what they want to hear. The article does not say anything other than what the other articles have said. Did you see anyone forcing Ross out in the article. Read and jot down the key words and then you will understand what is being said not what you want to hear.

  26. Nrt
    August 23, 2018

    Yep, you mean like the Freedom party that held discussions in Possie?

  27. Hurricane Skerrit
    August 23, 2018

    What I understand the ambassador is trying to say is, ‘Hurricane Skerrit’ is disastrous to Dominica and MUST be blamed for the loss of Ross University. So thanks for clearing my mind ambassador Felix Gregoire because prior to that I agreed with Skerrit that it was Erika and Maria that caused Ross to go but after reading your statement this morning it is clear to me that the disastrous Hurricane Skerrit chased out Ross. That is my understanding ok.

  28. ben
    August 23, 2018

    Wake up mr Gregoire wake up ! not surprising we are last in the same grouping that you are working for. VERY SAD

  29. Dan the American
    August 23, 2018

    What’s ‘disastrous’ is allowing the country to become so dependent upon one business.

  30. My little take
    August 23, 2018

    So Felix if something disastrous happened to Dominica as you alluded why not tell us what caused the disaster? You want us to take it easy but you and Skerrit don’t want to tell us what went wrong. First of all, it was Hon. Ian Douglas that tried to stop Hon. Lugay from touching that subject at the people’s parliament. Then the deputy PM Austrie informed the Nation that if Ross did not return it was because UWP wrote letters to Ross to discourage them from returning. Then we heard Ross leadership was here trying to meet with the PM but didn’t get a sit-down. The it was the PM that rushed on August 3 to tell us that Ross was not coming back because of Erica and Maria but was busy to inform us that Ross loved us and did everything they could to come back and as a result Ross is not at fault. Then it was Tony, Vince and Vaulney that blamed it on Barbados. Then we heard Ross telling their friends that Barbados has international airport, good hodpital a government that supports education

  31. Agirl
    August 23, 2018

    So what you are saying is…? Spit it out man. Stewwwps

  32. August 23, 2018

    Rightly or wrongly, the pulling out of the university is of astronomical seismic proportion as it pertains to the economic impact of the country, and politicians in opposition are going use it to demonstrate what they perceive as incompetence within the government. The job of the opposition is to look for things that negatively impact the ruling party and vice versa. The ruling party focuses on things that make them look competent and responsible. When one listens to political speeches, one hears what that party can do to socioeconomically elevate the lives of the citizens and articulate that the other party is not capable of doing so; everything is political.

  33. It's my Damn Business
    August 23, 2018

    My Lord and My God! What is wrong with these so called educated men that have taken a decision to mislead the blind instead of teaching them? Mr. Felix Gregoire with all your spinning you are yet to tell us why Ross University left Dominica. Look, only last month PM Skerrit informed us that 3 years ago he and Ross had renewed the contract for 24 years. Now if Ross stayed here for 40 years and 3 years into a 24 year renewed contract, which by the way Skerrit told us that Ross is not at fault, am we not to conclude that in the renewed contract Skerrit gave them an exit clause if certain conditions were not met? Are you all just taking us for FOOLS in this country? Man why didn’t you ask God for that protection before Ross pulled out? Dominica has been suffering for 178 years simply because Skerrit treats us as fools and LIES to us about everything. Felix Gregoire have you seen the contract? If so can you please put it out so we could all see what the hell went wrong?

  34. truth
    August 23, 2018

    Why these guys intend on telling lies ROSS did not live because of Maria they left because our government was not Bias to act and limited air access, issue with our health care system to mention a few other reason the CEO made it clear to her Board not to long ago but those good for nothing guys still intend on lying to people and trying to downplay the seriousness of losing Ross.

  35. CIA on the watch
    August 23, 2018

    seriously Dominica, this man could not managed forestry division, how did he get there? No wonder we are in that mess in DA

  36. Think for YOURSELF
    August 23, 2018

    But PM said is only 6% of GDP gone, so no big deal…… so what ‘disastrous’ you talking about nah

    another thing….. mister himself did not even know Ross was bouncing, so how could people aid in planning and implementing strategies to mitigate against the pull out of Ross University, when we did not know they were pulling out…. NOT EVEN IAN KNEW…. when the the opposition asked about Ross in parliament THEY WERE SHUT DOWN… I guessing Statesmanship Award goes to no other than the PM :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  37. %
    August 23, 2018

    Leader and patriot Lennox Linton is the Quintessential Statesman!!!!
    I doo agree 100% that statesmanship is needed to address the Ross departure.The unfortunate thing however, is that this quality is totally absent in the ruling DLP. There is not “ONE” statesman/woman present,but a colony of lazy and inept MISLEADERS.A statesman would have done all in his power to keep Ross on island instead of listening to the comment of CEO for Ross Lisa Wardell”””We went to Barbados because their government is biassed to getting things done to advance education and health care””‘.This is an insult to the lazy MISLEADERS of the DLP cabal,and that’s why I will be going to Portsmouth tonight .
    Felix Gregoire you now need to tell us more about the OECS,the OAS and what do you think about the expulsion of Venezuela from the OAS.Stop singing with your RUSTY voice for supper.You need to be a statesman
    Skerrit Must Go
    Skerrit Must Go
    Lazy Skerrit Must Go Now

    • R J
      August 23, 2018

      Simple LL, stay on your medication so you will not make a fool of your self. Are you attacking Mr. Gregoire’s God given VOICE? How about your looks? Only a SKUNK ? lets his presence known.??You seems scorned bitter.

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