Too much unnecessary sick leave in Dominica PM Skerrit says

Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, has expressed concern over the level of productivity in Dominica, saying there are too many unnecessary sick leave papers from doctors.

He was speaking at a government organized consultation at the State House on Monday.

“Too many employers are complaining about our level of productivity, too many unnecessary sick leave papers from doctors,” he stated.

According to the Prime Minister, it appears that doctors are colluding with employees to grant them sick leave.

“I mean some doctors, I understand, tell you bossman how many days you want of leave, a week will do? No, give me two weeks. You sure is not three weeks you want?” he stated. “That is how some doctors go about doing this, you know, and we have to address this thing frontally if we really have to get to the the level we have to get to.”

Skerrit stated the laws on sick leave are more stringent than that.

“You cannot tell the bossman that you have 12 inches of snow and you cannot come to work, you have to get snow boots and find your way to work, otherwise you are out of work,” he said.

He stated some employees want sick leave whenever they start sniffing.

“They want to go and get sick leave because they have a cold,” the Prime Minister said. “So too many of these things we have to address on the micro level and it has a major impact on the macro level. So we have to have a conversation on this in our country.”

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    April 28, 2017

    you can see all the lazy people loosing their minds hahahahaha!
    So you dont want to work but you want to get paid, if you’re not working how is the business making money to pay you SOT!

  2. Long Lost Dominica
    April 27, 2017

    lol! so even people sick leave you trying to control too… with how hard Dominica become sick leave not even enough…

  3. Citizen
    April 27, 2017

    As much as I appreciate the works that the pm has been doing, I believe that this statement is pure rubbish. As a public servant myself, the amount of work that I do on a daily basis does not match up to the salary we receive. U have to work how much donkey years before you can get an appointment to get a little increment. I don’t think Mr skerrit knows wat it feels like not to have money to come to work, at the end of the day we must take sick leave. Wen u do get that little salary rent,bills,food,children in one week that done, stress on you, you can’t perform, u must take sick leave. Give the workers incentive to work. The money is not enough!

  4. April 27, 2017

    “..too much unnecessary sick leave?” What about when YOU leave ALL OF THE TIME? You, Skerrit are overwhelmingly ANNOYING.

      April 28, 2017

      The issue isn’t the prime minister, he just built a bridge… the issue is you and the like!

  5. shrewd
    April 26, 2017

    What about unnecessary leave to visit the RED clinic?

  6. Hmmm
    April 26, 2017

    People must be sick , when hospitals closing down .
    Good indication of the state of health care .
    Oh I forgot .
    Rich people fly overseas for their sick and maternity leave.
    Too bad for the Malawaye

      April 28, 2017

      The problem with the Hospital isnt the building, the government is building a new one anyway, so thats not even something to talk bad about.
      The issue with the hospital in Dominica is the people, the quality of service, the attentiveness, the favoritism some of the staff are forced to participate in, the unstructured leadership, thats the issue with PMH. The prime minister is running a country not a hospital.

  7. Calm
    April 26, 2017

    So Dominicans not waking up from the big sleep. We are becoming like slaves slowly but surely under this government. That’s not good. So what happened . When he becomes god and wipe away all sickness he will tell people don’t take sick leave. When you keep putting tax on food and we cannot buy the healthy stuff and is the cheap stuff we buying because that we can afford, we must get sick. Finding all excuses to to work on us by all means. Prevent us from getting sick.

  8. pinky
    April 26, 2017

    So since I’m working in a medical facility, is the pm saying I can do to work among the already sick with a cold? Or the flu?

  9. Truth man
    April 26, 2017

    Give us our raise and we will stop sniff

  10. Jon Jones
    April 26, 2017

    Dr Skerritt specializes in spreading pure horse manure 8)

  11. Analyst
    April 26, 2017

    When there is more month than salary, sick leave is the only resort. I feel disgraced to call my manager to say I do not have money to take the bus from Portsmouth to come to Roseau and do not know how I am going back home. So revise civil servants salaries, especially degree employees and the sick leave will be reduced.

  12. Is so it is.
    April 26, 2017

    Well well skerrit a doctor now papa met.. Oh i forgot he has a doctor rate in what I dont know from India .. hmm what a shameful thing..But really this man should just shut the he’ll up …frankly skerrit is expired and needs to be replaced..Sickening and the people now really tired of him.. skerrit the most unproductive leader in the history of Dominica and have paced a system of dependency and begging also laziness in the country..cannot pay increase and people he owe for theIr work ..Biggest cabinet I eh even know half of who those inept are. for the boys travel like mad and people working and can’t see their way depression like hell..Welcome to Dominica…

  13. Is so it is.
    April 26, 2017

    Well well skerrit a doctor now papa met.. Oh i forgot he has a doctor rate in what I dont know from India .. hmm what a shameful thing..But really this man should just shut the he’ll up …frankly skerrit is expired and needs to be replaced..Sickening and the people now really tired of him..

  14. truth , shall set you free
    April 26, 2017

    You do not see ,too much unnecessary free money, you have three people planting one flower on the road side,and paying them ,but the hard working people shouldn’t get sick leave? people , the dictatorship is slowly creeping in, In the socialist states ,that is what they do , they have special doctors assigned for this, They decide who get sick leave ,when and how, It is soon coming ,Mark my words Dominicans ,

  15. LifeandDeath
    April 26, 2017

    I swear, Skerrit has lost moral authority to talk on wrong and right in Dominica, and frankly hearing him speak on wrong and right kind of irks the spirit.
    While what he is saying is a cause for concern, He has no professional background to decide on “unnecessary sick leave” nor does he possess any moral fortitude to admonish even a 2 year old. Further, there are far more important issues in Dominica affecting productivity, like the lack of implementation of a robust plan to incubate small businesses and putting funding into productive sectors (Agriculture, Manufacturing, Tourism etc.) without looking at political affiliation.. Skerrit embarrasses self respecting Dominicans, and I don’t know if he is aware of it..btw, is he aware of the Number of young professionals flying out of Dominica? How does that brain drain affect long term productivity..?
    Skerrit must stop majoring in minor things..He himself is sick on the Job and performing very poorly, he should get some time off…

  16. Non-Dotish Dominican
    April 26, 2017

    Smoke Screen 101!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What was the consultation about????

    And the PM always “know” everything??

  17. sassy
    April 26, 2017

    sick leave is high? but at the same time, you don’t want to give an increase of salary. well, mr. p.m., go hire some robots. you cannot even get sick now. magway sa

  18. Oh snap
    April 26, 2017

    How can one say these sick leaves are unnecessary, with the rise of non communicable diseases I figure a lot of sick leave would me a likely outcome

  19. Sign of deprssion
    April 26, 2017

    This should be a wake up call for the entire country . Once this starts happening it means that there are a lot of drepessed people.
    And. Usually a lot of financial strain.
    This is an indication that life damn hard in Dominica
    Don’t blame the people. It’s the sign
    But in all fairness the doctors too are stressed to.

  20. Frank
    April 26, 2017

    But what is that ner….so every bloody ting in that country is skerite to speak??? Where is the Labour department or ministers to speak on that??? So skerite now finds that people geting sick is an issue for him to raise… you skerite is making serious allegation of if you know that is happening bring the facts up and let the authorities charge doctors for corruption. .. but u just coming up runhing your mouth like u have evidence… man u just an idiot. .. why are u not addressing the employment problem in the country? When u have institutons like the police service under those stress created by ur government and other currupt persons in the upper ranks of these institution frustrating these peopel what u expect… man u people keep proving your incompetence day by day… to address that concern Mr skerite u have to do a comprehensive alteration in the structure and operation of these institutions in order to make them conducive for working.. your idiot.

    • Anthony P. Ismael
      April 26, 2017

      They moo-moo. :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P

    April 26, 2017

    A a but skerrit i don’t see why you had to address this here. When people are sick, do you know their feelings? When you feel sick, you don’t need to go for sick leave you know bossman. So try to focus more on something else.

  22. Grace
    April 26, 2017

    Its not a real country.

  23. Peace
    April 26, 2017

    So you mean to tell me you can travel 100 times a year and when the opposition complains about your consistent travelling you find ways to justify or simply not respond, Today you want to take the little sick leave from us? You really a slave master, WEH, WEH ,WEH! :(

  24. ??
    April 26, 2017

    The doctors who maliciously dish out sick leave because they do not like the government should be reprimanded. This is a serious cost to the tax payers.

    • Non-Dotish Dominican
      April 26, 2017

      In what way. You forget the employees have to pay social security every month. and you forget social security have been increasing every year. and you forget the employees paying social security are entitled to a thing called sickness benefit?

      and check this out. when some ppl have to work with short sighted bosses and plenty red tape you sure bet they will get sick

    • John Paul
      April 26, 2017

      If You do not let the sick stay home with their colds they will infect more of their co-workers and more People will be sick ,So while Skeritt would like to use this to get the heat off His back the Doctors are acting properly.
      So because You have an Honorary Doctorate and Your favourite Priest addressing You as such You think You know better than the real Doctors that went to school and studied hard to get their qualification .Remember is Our money You donate in India to get Yours

    • marie-claire R Skerrit
      April 27, 2017

      I hope when you sick you do go by those same doctors your crying down Let Dr. PM take care of your wicked soul. Foolish being

  25. Anthony P. Ismael
    April 26, 2017

    This is such an easy fix. Change the labor laws as it relates to sick leave.
    1. Employees should accumulate 2 weeks of sick leave per annum
    2. If they use more sick leave than is allotted and it’s for legitimate medical reasons, they are placed on disability and receive a fraction of their salary through Social Security
    3. Sick days roll over if they are not used within a calendar year
    Problem solved. Instead of this long winded speech, do something about it. Turn your observations into tangible problem solving in real time.

    • hmmm
      April 26, 2017

      I agree with you 100%. Skerrit,can do something about it. Why does he act so infantile? Man up and make the right decisions,stop sounding like a little child and take charge. My old boss said to me one day,” don’t come to me with a issue or problem if you don’t have a solution or way forward.” He didn’t have to say it twice I learned from that statement. Skerrit,it’s time for you to learn and stop the petty media statements and solve problems don’t talk about them.

  26. Lang Mama
    April 26, 2017

    Dishonesty and corruption is what I call it but I can bet my last penny that the PM cant offer up those two words in any statement.
    It is asinine to think that we are where we are because a few doctors beef-up sick leave. Really ?
    Dominica has become a hotbed for scam and lawlessness. The productive section of the population knows nothing else but corruption, dependence and that it is ok to lie , cheat and steal just because you can. People have adopted the no law no constitution way of life in their very own circles of their existence on the island.
    The politicians have become ruthless and the preachers and priests are corrupt – what do we expect from the flock. Roosevelt Skerrit need to look in the mirror and he will notice dishonesty and corruption looking right back at him.

  27. Shaka Zulu
    April 26, 2017

    The last time government employees were fighting for a raise this very same topic came up. Mr. Skerrit using his psychology again to spread unsubstantiated claims so he can justify his 0% raise. This is why I call this fumes. There is a thing called moral and it exist in every human. When a man works over 20 years dedicated service for love of country and is bypass for promotion it affects moral. When others who I know have been under investigation for theft but just because they bring political news are promoted through ranks for kissing the PM behind that affects moral. When civil servants who actually keep the country running in the trenches cannot get a raise in 20 years while politicians and thier friends building mansions. That affects moral. When hard working people cannot build a house, cannot send kids to school while lazy folks get house and party loyalty scholarships that affects moral. I say take every darn sick leave you can get. It’s a form of passive resistance.

    • Shaka Zulu
      April 26, 2017

      The government has made it hard to take to the streets so revolt where you can. Skerrit will create all kinds of crap talking about micro manage. The government is the biggest waste of resources and time in the country. Give the folks thier due so they can feel motivated. Promote based on merit, qualifications, and performance so the competition will be on pride and quality not butt kissing. Human, as described in the Bible are like sheep. That means they follow a leader. The civil service and labour force is doing just that. Following the leaders.

    April 26, 2017

    Well if you are being under paid and overworked, I could see how one would want extra time off.

  29. quiet
    April 26, 2017

    don’t blame the doctors for issuing sick leave like bread. take a look at the bigger picture , like doctor Benjamin said the level of depression is alarming and that in itself should cause the employers to go back to the drawing board. salaries are remaining the same while social security is going up utilities going up school fees going up bread going up 3 grapefruit for $2, $1.25 for a cool aid gas going up. at the end of the day the work force is carrying a heavy load of decisions and so headache and chest pain and stress related illness is growing. doctors covering their tails. a doctor can’
    t send someone with a lung infection or consistent chest pain back to work, what happens when the person drops dead or develops something worse? the sick leave issue is a by product of the underlying problem. fix the problem and the sick leave will stop.

  30. Music Producer
    April 26, 2017
  31. zandoli
    April 26, 2017

    So in other words, when you know you are infected with a virus, drag yourself to work to that you can infect everybody else. That will do wonders to increase productivity.

    But on the other hand, how else will third world countries remain third world if they don’t drag their feet to accomplish the simplest tasks? That is the reason they will always remain third world countries. There is no sense of urgency.

  32. Domnichen
    April 26, 2017

    I don’t see how we went from a valid concern about the level of sick leave being grated to people who are not sick, to selling passports. And as for you diasporans, the snow thing was a metaphor, please stop the ignorance and biasness (acting like you all have a monopoly on wisdom….Not). If your on maternity leave you don’t get paid in the US, yet here in DA the Gov’t has to pay for weeks of maternity leave. So in DA we pay a lot more for non productive persons than they do in the US.

    The PM is right. As soon as some workers have an UWI assignment, they sick for a week. As soon as assignment or exam done, they good again. Some teachers sick 3 out of 4 weeks every month, until their they know term almost done.. then all of a sudden all sickness cure. All of this nonsense hurting productivity.

    It is not because you all don’t like the PM you must contest/criticize/ridicule everything he said.

    • Look It
      April 26, 2017

      FOOL!!!! people are being unpaid and over worked, especially TEACHERS…. you expect people to take ill under these conditions… so are depressed, unmotivated and emotionally broken….working and cannot afford to take a loan to build you own home, living from hand to mouth…come on man!!!!


      OUR country has the slowest growing GDP and the highest unemployment rate in the region and the only island without an effective progressive export market!!!!! Once you truly understand what OUR country is going through you will STOP THINKING EVERYTHING SKERRIT DOES AND SAY IS RIGHT & THAT HE IS GOD!

      • Domnichen
        April 28, 2017

        Idiot calling people ‘fool’. Many high school teachers work no more than 5 hours a day (8-1) and even then they have free periods in between (so real work -3 hours in a day) .So they get paid well for their output).

        Only small minded, creatively bankrupt people sit and wait on the Government to provide them with every thing they need. You think you smart, then start a business, create employment, pay your workers well, develop local, regional, international partners and markets. Don’t sit back and wait on Skerrit to do it all for you. Skerrit is doing his best to make education available for all. We live in a democratic country with a stable political climate (although all you would like to change that) so the Government is doing what it is supposed to i.e. create the environment that will encourage business activity. Now it is up to the private sector to take advantage of that, not just depend on the Gov’t. Productivity & GDP will grow when people start showing up for work

    • April 26, 2017

      Who said you don’t get paid in the US if you on maternity leave. You use you sick leave to get paid.They call it FM leave

  33. Mouche miel
    April 26, 2017

    cont’d Hey Skerro or scareo lol I do not know you bro left DA I had never heard you let alone seen you on my visits bc I care not, pointless even as a former DLP member talking here of the real don’t regard foolsDLP not the infiltrate current hybrid DFP, ex-UWP,opportunistic DLP ites dread converts pastors with secretes cleargy.
    where all the cadres of the 70’s etc I know a few have died but their are those currently on the gravy train lol! The political/scientists, lawyers, black power advocates some turned UWP Labour UWP anew etc add yours readers. My spouse just whispered making their $ legal illegal and in between hahahahhah. some are passport agents, on all boards just add on as they come to mind.
    Will someone wake up, slap me in the face both cheeks. tickle under my platt pie.

    • Just observing
      April 26, 2017

      Tim calling you out bro!
      what kind of people working for you how can they post part of a comment? See Mouche miel’s post hahaha it states Cont’d and ur fools did not even have the acuteness to spot something is missing hahaha
      train those /ur suckers real incompetent.

  34. April 26, 2017

    Perhaps they’d like some incentives. But you can’t receive good incentives if you aren’t productive.

  35. Ibo France
    April 26, 2017

    The PM said if employees have a cold they want to stay home. They should. A cold is very contagious and other coworkers could easily become sick because of one person especially if multi people are working in an enclosed office and have constant interaction with each other. It’s safer to err on the side of caution. You are accusing the medical practitioners of being unethical. Have you, Mr. PM, taken the time to look in the mirror? What about the numerous times to have traveled overseas to the furthest corners of the earth without informing the country? You then sneak back in with nothing to show for these exorbitant trips. Riding first class, staying in 5 star hotels and being chauffeured around in luxurious vehicles at the expense of tax payers’ money. Yes, there will be a miniscule number of civil servants who would always abuse the system but the vast majority of them are hard working.

  36. Erasmus B. Black
    April 26, 2017

    This complaint has kept rearing its ugly head over and over again in the last 17 years or so. The question is what has been done or is being done about it? How can the Dear Leader prove that people getting sick leave are not sick? Industrial Psychologists posit that frequent absenteeism from the workplace via sick leave is a sign of poor management practices. They indicate that the best way to stem it by getting the right people in the right jobs, treating people with respect as individuals and ensuring that they are happy at work and continue to be motivated.

    April 26, 2017

    Employees take advantage of the system because they are not reprimanded for their sick calls. If they knew that they are only allowed to call in sick 3 times per year and that they would loss their jobs if they were over the limit then no one would be staying home or getting sick leave because they have a headache, stomach ache, or sneezing.
    They would be begging doctors not to put them on sick leave even when they have a broken arm or leg
    That’s right PM we do have to report to work when it snows and temperatures are below zero. Dominican have it too good and they complain about the country not making progress. How can things change when you are not productive?
    Come on people you know better ……

    • Dear SORT Concern
      April 26, 2017

      We readers ought to be concerned about concern hahahhahhha if you broke ur arm you’d beg to go to work? your thought process is twisted Concern. Am concerned ,with thoughts likethis we are screwed
      Dr. Benjie should hold U at the @ PMH you got a split mind hahahahah

      • Dear SORT Concern
        April 26, 2017

        Sort concern quiz of sanity 4 U
        If a banana boat plies the Atlantic between Woodridge Bay to Commonwealth of Dominica to Portsmouth England in 4 days how many will 4 boats take ?

        Am certain your answer is/will be 1 day. hahahahahahahhahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahaha

    • marie-claire R Skerrit
      April 26, 2017

      you sound like an uneducated fool. i pray you never have to call out sick more than 3 times. Jacka##

    • hmmm
      April 26, 2017

      so CONCERN what are you trying to say…If im sick and i used up my sick leave…Come to work for me to fall on my face and die..Then next day somebody in my position well sit down…

  38. April 26, 2017

    Doctors need to think ethically in that regard. I understand sometimes that you are trying to help a situation out but this practice can be damaging. This is encouraged laziness.

    • marie-claire R Skerrit
      April 26, 2017

      Can you then think ethically and stop the corruption you all are enabling in the country. Its starts there Frankie D

    • Grateful
      April 26, 2017

      So Red Clinic isn’t encouraged laziness?

  39. dady b
    April 26, 2017

    he should stordy dorctering for a secorn opinion

  40. papa
    April 26, 2017

    I agree with u and they looking for higher pay

  41. April 26, 2017

    Very true. A lot of individuals are abusing the system. We have become so lackadaisical, it’s frightening.

    • dailydose
      April 26, 2017

      Roy so true but what do U expect when this cooleve boldly stupidly stated no law no constitution can stop him? DA is screwed too much damaged has been inflicted by opportunists and fools in position and those lawyers boy are they deserving of …………………………………………. the firing squad if I were to take over.

    • marie-claire R Skerrit
      April 26, 2017

      you sound foolish Roy. you singing for your next political meal pal.

  42. Erasmus B. Black
    April 26, 2017

    This story is so old it has poussiere (dust) on it and has kept rearing its ugly head over and over again in the last 17 years or so. The question is what has been done or is being done about it? How can the Dear Leader prove that people getting sick leave are not not sick? Industrial Psychologists have advanced the theory that frequent absenteeism from the workplace via sick leave is a sign of poor management practices. They indicate that the best way to stem it is by getting the right people in the right jobs, treating people like individuals and ensuring that they are happy at work and continue to be motivated. Do we have our best people in management positions in the Government Service?

    • marie-claire R Skerrit
      April 26, 2017

      Erasmus B. Black you hit that point clearly. Has anything been done to enhance the health system in Dominica to offset people getting sick and not having the resources on island to treat those person’s illness. In addition those on top crying to may sick days are the ones that run else where on the peoples monies to seek advance medical treatment. This there is such a double standard its sickening

  43. Hendricks ismael
    April 26, 2017

    I have said it time and time again our people are lazy and it was that way under the British . In all government department’s people show up to work at 8 am and at 9 am they disappear. The police use the vechicles to do their own business . Government should not be the largest employer in the country . In the private sector it’s the same . You employ someone in the garden for a days work you have to give him lunch and rum they only give you 3 hrs of work, in construction the same . All you have to do is take a look in roseau during working and you ask your self how many people working in the country . Pm is correct he has to cut the work force by 50 percent , but he can’t . The civil servants are the ones crippling the country . Innovation is none existance in dominica we depend on other people to think for us and create the jobs . What have we done for ourselves since the British gave us independence . All we do is fight and talk about politics . The government has to solve all…

    • Lang Mama
      April 26, 2017

      I am guessing that you are too young to know or understand that we were once a people proud and glowing with the joy of Independence. It is too much of the Roosevelt Skerrit games that have the civil service as it is; it is this government that have destroyed the confidence of the people- Do you recall the statement “Aid is better than trade”
      Are you aware that we were leading the other Eastern Caribbean islands and today we are trailing -way behind. Are you blaming the people who have been forced to be dependent on handout. If you want to be really objective you must acknowledge the truth and facts. Begin by condemning the Wednesday morning red clinic. Condemn the corrupt practice of giving out the country money to party hacks under the pretense of small business development and ask yourself where are the small businesses

  44. April 26, 2017

    PM you doh find it would be best — if an employee is sick with the “cold” why not take a few days off – to prevent further employees from getting sick —who wants to be in an office coughing their lungs out…

    • Bullshit
      April 26, 2017

      LINDON I agree when I’m at work sick my other worker’s will get sick as well and it ant all that would you want your food to be prepared by some one with the flu. And someone with the flu serve you. PM sometimes you don’t make sense what about workers who are asthmatic do you think is easy working under a attack smh. So if I get a broken hand foot accident I’m suppose to report to work. For the PM you talk to much shit

    • Bullshit
      April 26, 2017

      Because the government have shears or own Social security he make that comment that means he not porketting enough money to go home with. Remember we paying S.S so we have a right to sick leave and our money.

  45. WHIZZ
    April 26, 2017

    I wonder where they patterned that behavior from ? that they could just by pass all supervisors and go straight to the PM and get what they want … I really wonder ? #Deadass

  46. Peace
    April 26, 2017

    Prime Minister, I agree! The rate at which sick leave is granted is way to high. But is that a symptom of something greater? Let’s do a root cause analysis. Why are people calling out? Stagnant wages; lack of empowerment; job dissatisfaction; low morale. I don’t know … could be either one of these or a combination. I am by no means putting the blame on you because truth is, this has been normative since I can remember. This is definitely something that needs fixing!

    • Viewsexpressed
      April 26, 2017

      You cannot ask Satan to forgive sins. The ainsof our incompetent managment if passports is a reminder of the kind of corrupt leadership we have in Dominica.

  47. marie-claire R Skerrit
    April 26, 2017

    Partat..well look it. why not too much nonsense going on with corruption in this government.. Thats a better handle on things. The pot calling the kettle black but but but

    • kingman
      April 26, 2017

      idiot!!!! this is a serious problem affecting productivity in the country and regardless of which party forms government they will have to face this problem, why make it into something political.

      • marie-claire R Skerrit
        April 27, 2017

        Partat you one foolish person Kingman. Do you have any education in your being to see the foundation of all this mess. Your Party Labour that doing that. Start with that..Dam fool

  48. Bush lawyer
    April 26, 2017

    Skerrit, Think before you speak. Firstly People don’t loose their jobs if they stay home from work because of snow, stop misleading the Dominican people. The US has labor laws (but I forget you don’t abide by laws, Sorry), public buses, trains might not be running. roads need to be plowed they ask people to stay off the road. so know what you talking about. Secondly if one person has the flu and stays home ,then you have one person out , if that person comes to work, contaminates the rest of the office then you have many people out and here goes your productivity. International labor laws clearly states that an employer CANNOT use sick leave against his/her employees. I guess when the wrote that part in the law they were thinking of people like you!!!! Pay the people properly so they will eat properly , take care of their health and that of their families. 0%0%0% cant take care of people. YOU GIVE 0% 0% 0% SO YOU GET 0%0%0% PRODUCTIVITY.

    • zandoli
      April 26, 2017

      Unless you are in a union, where the collective agreement governs how and who can be fired, everybody else can be fired for any reason. In the US, unless you have an employment contract, the amount paid for severance is not that great.

      In Canada the payout if more generous. But the bottom line is, you don’t have any protection as an employee. The decision to seek redress in the courts, comes down to the size of the severance package.

  49. ON POINT
    April 26, 2017

    Very True

  50. %
    April 26, 2017

    This is because you Skerrit have instilled laziness among the population..This will be part of your legacy..I SKERRIT,will take care of you,once you vote for me.On the issue of productivity,ALL your Idiotic ministers plus you yourself the biggest among them,are Square pegs in round holes,,,,So go clean out your house first..Do you even know the size of your cabinet?How many of those clowns are productive?

    • No No
      April 26, 2017

      Get a life %, are you implying laziness among the population because of Skerro? You are living example of laziness and being a paranoid schizophrenic parasite so you know about laziness. As usual your tongue flows without any reprecaution. The time you are using to insult and belittle people could be used wisely. Being a high school drop out you recommended that a person who cretized you should go back to school because school is free in DA! Are you for real %? That’s called the Foot In Mouth Disease!

  51. Unknown
    April 26, 2017

    Mr. Skeritt although I don’t support the abuse of sick leave, shouldn’t that issue be addressed by the businesses and their management? You are not an Emperor, would rather one individual show up to work with a cold and cause all the rest of the employees to get sick. One of the ways to stop the abuse of sick leave is to give employees a certain amount of paid sick leave per year with the ability to have unused sick time role over to the next year or into a disability sick bank they can use from if need be or pay them for unused sick leave, however this also encourage employees to come to work sick so they could get the extra money at years end. Or they could bank all the sick time and get a large check upon retirement or separation from the company. But if they are not going to get paid for unused sick leave, then they might as well use it whether or not they are sick.

  52. Shocked
    April 26, 2017

    If there is 5 inches of snow the mayor shuts down all public schools and instructs people to stay home and to only leave their homes in case of an emergency. Sick days in the other hand is a different story. The state of New York only recently introduced paid sick days… and you have to accumulate sick days in order to benefit…. think it adds up to like 5 sick days for the entire year….anything beyond that is unpaid. I think Dominica should reevaluate their sick leave laws…simple.

    • Non-Dotish Dominican
      April 26, 2017

      I agree with you. And that being the case Dominicans who are PAYING social security in return for the SICKNESS benefit should NOT have to.

  53. AbdulAziz AKA ArAb
    April 26, 2017

    I agree that at times it is ridiculous how people get sick leave. At the same time one person with a cold performing at 60% and infecting others will make the entire office produce slower. If you do the math it would be best that, that someone with a cold take 3 days away from the office or have protocols for jobs that can be done at home when on sick leave.

  54. Shaka Zulu
    April 26, 2017

    More fumes from a psychologist path.

  55. megso
    April 26, 2017

    Long , Long time that has been a chronic problem in Dominica.
    There are so many other things that We as a people do in Dominica, that as soon as we reach ‘foreign’ we stop doing.

    Being rude to customers.
    throwing litter allover the street
    spitting on the street
    peeing in public
    cursing out loud in public
    molesting Young children

    The list goes on & on…

  56. Hmm
    April 26, 2017

    And Mr PM to many unnecessary passports being sold. Please lead by example!!

  57. Spike
    April 26, 2017

    Mr. Skerrit charges that too many people are gaming the system. But he has no unique insight into the people’s health, or honesty. A politician must ask whether he has put in place a system that begs to be gamed. If government gives you a right to free pay, out of the boss’s pocket, for claiming to be ill (with no loss of reputation or workplace consequences, because it is yours by right) then there will be false claims. Mr. Skerrit says that the law is stringent, but his complaint suggests that it is not stringent enough. Fixing the law is his job, not fixing the people.

  58. Stupes
    April 26, 2017

    high levels of productivity is a usually a result of ; a lack of incentives for employees, a lack of proper or comfortable working environments and conditions. If employees are calling in sick it isn’t the responsibility of the PM to tell them get to work – it is the responsibility of the PM to commission an inquiry into the conditions/reasons leading to employees calling in sick.

    That isn’t to say that some Dominicans are not over doing it – however, every rat knows Human Resource Management 101 says “offer Incentives to employees this will result in a more productive workforce”. Know your employees in order to motivate and retain them – a lot of employers in Dominica do not know how to treat employees!

  59. Oh Lawd
    April 26, 2017

    But the Prime Minister isn’t making any sense! The Health Official at the Ministry of Tourism has already stated that if you have the cold/flu you should not be at work to decrease spreading it to your coworkers/customers.

    I mean I agree sometimes the doctors and the patients are in co but you cannot say that there is too many unnecessary sick leave! Thumbs down for the people who take it unnecessarily but when you have to go on sick leave, you have to go. Something you may not think is serious for you may be serious for another.

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