Venezuela’s assistance to Dominica

Venezuelan soldiers arrive in Dominica in 2013 to construct a Coffee Plant in One Mile, Portsmouth
Venezuelan soldiers arrive in Dominica in 2013 to construct a Coffee Plant in One Mile, Portsmouth

Over the past decade, Venezuela and China have emerged as two of Dominica’s main donor countries.

Venezuela has funded many projects and initiatives in Dominica and the country has been described as a ‘good friend.’

Below are some of the major projects funded by Venezuela over the years.

-The Soufriere/Scotshead Seawall at a cost of $30-million.
-Funding has been provided by Venezuela for the Tan Tan Sea Wall, the Salibia Primary School and the Petite Soufriere to Rosalie Link Road.
-Venezuela has provided funds for the government’s Housing Revolution.
-Venezuela has provided Dominica with vehicles of national security costing $2-million, and a marine patrol vessel valued at $1.9-million.                                 -Soufriere to Rosalie link road
-Grand Bay Police Station at $3.9-million
-Sea defence and road works at Douglas Charles Airport totaling $26-million
-Water projects at Delice, Warner and Campbell at the cost of $7.95 million
-Venezuela has provided funds for the government National Employment Program
-The abattoir in the Layou Valley at a cost of $10-million
– The coffee plant in One Mile, Portsmouth                                                                  -Venezuela provided 300 petrocasas after Tropical Storm Erika

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  1. Crab and Manicou Hunter
    May 19, 2016

    The list should simply state: Monies and free plane rides given to Reggie and Company. What are the benefits of these projects to the island’s overall development? Zero. How many people are gainfully employed? Zero.
    How much revenue has these projects generated for the island’s treasury? Zero.
    And there you have it.

  2. ????????
    May 19, 2016

    What I see hear bloggers a set of negative, unpatriotic , loveless people who we all need the Lord . Repent . Do we hear us. Daddy is ashamed of us but he is merciful nonetheless. Where there is life, there is hope. Prick yourselves and get out of the slumber and let us love first the Most High Creator, others and then we can be loving people. The amount of negative comments. Peoples let us stop this hating of our countrymen and start loving each other.

  3. Oledaag
    May 19, 2016

    Alas Alas Alas, how do you deal with people who are so Negative and Simple minded?

    If a man builds you a concrete house minus windows and doors should you criticise him for not giving you a finished house. It’s called infrastructural development. These capital projects should be applauded while we take it from there and build a better nation.

    What you’re looking at here is Geopolitics 101 and happens all the time. Instead we should thank Venezuela for their help in building our country, wish and pray that their country is stabilized soon and hope for the preservation of life throughout this process.

    Thank you Venezuela!!!

    • ????????
      May 19, 2016

      Only negative and unthankful persons. They are not even thankful for the breath of life from the Master and Creator. Lord have mercy on us .. We repent on behalf of an ungrateful people in the land of Dominica. The People want the Government to give them the toilet, then the toilet paper and alas but true someone to use the toilet paper on them. Have mercy on us. We repent of our wrongdoing. We ask for forgiveness. Father for a nation like Venezuela who has given us so much. Father bring stability to this land as only you can do. Lord look over the people and Government and bring peace to their minds. You are a God of miracles, the same one yesterday, today and tomorrow and heal their land. let all be done in the Name of your son Jesus Christ and according to your will so be it. Come on I need some persons to agree with me. Father bless Venezuela. When you say yes, no one can say no. Pour your spirit upon all flesh for only you can intervene. Amen.

  4. Mein Kampf
    May 19, 2016

    Skerrit children born in America u think is Venezuela he cares about :lol: :lol:

    May 19, 2016

    Nice to see :mrgreen: how well the socialism is working :mrgreen: and thinking. They just spending money to prove and sustain some crazy movement. And that amount of money they send and spend in dominica, does not even equal to 10 percent that venezuela gives, to that other socialist paradise Cuba. Now all the money is gone, and they are vex :mrgreen: and blaming everyone, And to think the bus drive maduro who used to reside in cuba. he should have known socialist does not work. How about comrade maduro cutting back on the staff at embassy in roseau, and the amount of cocktail events they attend. It must nice to ride around in nice expensive tailored suits and vehicles in dominica, while the people in venezuela ‘sucking salt”

  6. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    May 18, 2016

    Yes, they came they left: since then what has the coffee plant produced, how many people are employed there, how many coffee farmers in the country are making a living by the sale of coffee bean to the plan? Where are the actual coffee products sold? To what island in the Caribbean or country, in North America, or Europe Dominica coffee is exported to? Can anyone give an average of the amount of revenue the plant has generated into the country?

    Now as for this other thing, so called abattoir. The only thing that might be eventually slaughtered in that so called abattoir is a certain Mountain Chicken (crapo). The sea wall at Melville Hall Airport? I am not calling it no Douglas-Charles. The money spent to erect that miserable piece of wall should be used to deviate the road from the edge of the bay, as we prove it has no effect on the waves when they break at over sixty feet tall.

    The Venezuelans has wasted lots of money which could be utilized more effectively in the country…

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      May 18, 2016


      The Venezuelans has wasted lots of money which could be utilized more effectively in the country. I do not even see the point of listing all of what they gave knowing the gifts have served no useful purpose!

      the mind of Skerrit and his government is small and shallow, hence they grab for peanuts and all the small gifts which the country should be able to give itself.

      Venezuela once offered an Oil Refinery, they refused it claiming it will pollute their nature Island, they do not want any International Airport, because Antigua, and Barbados has one already.

      Yet Colin Piper goes to a much smaller island, Nevis which a dependency of St. Kitts to seek help getting visitors to when there are no registered aline flying in a out internationally from Nevis!

      Can any stupid slave beat that?

      • ????????
        May 19, 2016

        Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque when will you stop hating and being bitter? If your so called PM was in power and received assistance, would you have said this? You cannot even disect and give Jack his jacket and Jacqueline her lipstick. Just hatred and you can be so insolent and disrespectful. Franciso yes you do not like the PM and DLP your choice but do you have criticize everything? You have moved from writing intelligent articles to a bitter man. This you have sown in your spirit. You have moved to wanting to be a couper. One who will do anything to get himself or party to power even if it is not the electorates wish. Do you sleep well?

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      May 19, 2016

      You are a confounded idiot anyway: that ” ?????????” is an indication that you are not sure of your existence, so to reassure you are a walking deadbeat dumb dunce you name yourself a question mark.

      Who in your book I hate; you? How can I hate you when I have never seen you, I do not know if you are human or beast! Pets are named by their owners, even some stars in the universe, in the milky-way has names, the planets out in space all has names; I can refer to all mentioned by name.

      Who are you to insinuate that I hate, and I am bitter? What cause have I given you to suggest I hate and bitter.

      I have a right to my opinions, if I was dumb, and stupid like you; can’t see further than the tip of my nose I would be at the same dumb level like you! You are shallow, you are one who kiss up to Skerrit and his crap, I do not to kiss his behind!

      You know why? I require nothing of any politician, I know how to work, I’m retired but still work everyday. What are you talking…

  7. eat en
    May 18, 2016

    Will MAD come to live in Dominica when he faces reality? His brother has villas all over de place. Who knows! MAD may have a stash right here in DA.

  8. Face the Facts
    May 18, 2016

    Dominicans must be grateful for the help received from China and Venezuela. Too many are not. They constantly criticize these governments. It is as if they project they do not care. They are a sad lot.
    A grateful, thankful heart has a continuous feast.
    Yes, there are some Venezuelans demonstrating. I wonder how many of these ever did anything for their country. When all is well in the country and is also with them, some people want and want but give nothing in return. They are very good at criticisms and staging demonstrations to show the outside world (sometimes) a false picture. What the world sees is exactly what is broadcasted. What is truly occurring in the interior, they know nothing about.
    They made up their mind that they want Maduro out. This is the reason for their uprising.
    We must inform opposition leaders and their supporters, to live and let live and peacefully so. Those who do not want peace will never obtain it.

    • May 19, 2016

      Your gratitude is misplaced. Maduro didn’t personally contribute a thing to Dominica, Venezuelan taxpayers did. They’re the ones we should gratefully support — in their uprising against the socialist regime that has driven them to poverty and ruin.

      • Face the Facts
        May 20, 2016

        Your comprehension is out of whack. Maduro is in charge. He had to agree to help D/ca. You know that not all nationals of a country are taxpayers, if they are unemployed or on social assistance. No exception in other countries. It is the combined taxpayers money. However, the government in charge is the one who approves it and is the one to be thanked. If he refused, countries as Dominica would receive no assistance.
        Be grateful for Venezuela’s help.

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      May 19, 2016

      Face the Facts shut up!


      You keep beating the same drum, singing the same song, and dancing to your own music. I think even Mr. Crapo mentality Skerrit is sick and tired listening your stale tune.

      And no point of you trying to insult me again; because you do not even know how to insult me, nothing you say touches a vein me, if you wish to learn how to insult people, you need to beg me teach you how!

      You are one of those people who gives Skerrit the confidence he uses to destroy the country, by the time he finishes with Dominica, he will be living in France, of New Jersey, or perhaps somewhere in Florida.

      I want him to chose Florida so that the hot summer sun in Florida can bake his behind like a cake, and he cut it up in pieces and sell pieces to all of his puppets like you!

  9. engineer
    May 18, 2016

    My guess is only now some Dominicans are acknowledging The importance of the government of Dominica relationships with Venezuela and China. Petro Carib and all of the other projects,FYI Dominica is paying them. They are not free . For over a decade Dominicans are criticizing their own government for initiating relationships with Venezuela and China . Today the labour party supporters are stronger that their government did what was right for its citizens. Sorry to see what happening in Venezuela, but Dominica don’t have the resources that some are suggesting. It’s all left to the government in power to decide which assistance is best.

  10. May 18, 2016

    politics aside Venezuela is a friend to Dominica since in the 1970s and I will say one of our best friends. It isjust unfortunate that they have been blighted with power hungry govts.

  11. what is this!
    May 18, 2016

    With all these millions mentioned , was it for free or for pay back? There is nothing for free especially that amount mentioned. How can a country give all that amount for free? Well when someone has a business and gives his friends freeness well you know what hapens the business will fail (koullay.) Hope this is not is happening to Venezuela. But if is to pay back, don’t be a bad paymaster becuse you have the people of Venezuela suffering. Pay your debts.

  12. Pure Possie
    May 18, 2016

    @intelligence, you spoke like the most unintelligent person in Dominica and I will not waste my time to respond to your junk yard. All I will say is, DNO should have qualified this article by naming the assistance Chavez gave to his protégé Skerrit aka the DLP, instead of naming it “Venezuela’s assistance to Dominica.” Chavez / Maduro took care of Skerrit to keep him in power for life and was not concerned about the well being of Dominica. If they were concerned about us they would monitor their investment just to make sure all was well. I am sorry to inform you that these very same projects are the very tools that destroyed Dominica because Skerrit was able to use them to fool the poor, just like Chavez used the rich resources of Venezuela to fool the poor, so they could come to him for toilet paper. Now he is gone, the people cannot wipe their boomboom. If any one wants to get an idea of what DA will be like the day Skerrit dies, they just need to see what Venezuela is today

  13. Hmmm
    May 18, 2016

    I am sure the hand full of Dominicans that’s always venting their political beliefs on this site understands nothing about regional or international policies, not even an iota about slavery and that’s just why our people are always most enslaved race in recorded history. whats going on in Venezuela and Brazil and Syria and Africa and name the places are much bigger than those of you who always here talking about Roosvelt and Lennox will ever comprehend but these days every joker owns a web device so its free to talk junk and make an entire nation look pathetic but I know most Dominicans are smarter than the venters here

  14. May 18, 2016

    Chavez money /projects were the poison used to destroy Dominica and as a result, Dominica will never be the same again. Today Venezuela is in turmoil and no one knows what to expect. While it is sad to see them in such trouble, I don’t feel sorry for them just as I don’t feel sorry for Do my that is close to becoming like Venezuela. They knew Chavez didn’t care about their future but yet they kept him in power until death. They got an opportunity after his death but instead they brought in Maduro. Dominica, that is where we are heading under Skerrit. Give us no more that 2 more years of Skerrit and the world will not be reading about crisis on Venezuela but rather, serious crisis in Dominica. Let’s act now and save our country. Let’s get rid of them by all legal means available to us in our Constitution

    • ????????
      May 19, 2016

      Heartless? You don’t even love yourself for you do not feel sorry for no one. Selfish since IOk everything else does not matter. Me, Myself and I and that is the attitude of most of the negative bloggers here. Who say they care about anyone but themselves. They hate on one but they want to be where that one is because they manufacture in their mind that if you look good, then is public money so they want to taste as well. All what they accuse the DLP of, they will do because that is in their heart. What comes out of a man’s mouth is what is in his heart. Put them there and you will see. Who invented Brogodow? 1990 – 1994. Know your history.
      Who was giving their supporters all the galvanize?

    • ????????
      May 19, 2016

      You are really in the air Air Panama. Please land and I will take you on a tour to see the various structures/Projects. They are tangible so you will touch them. I will pinch you every now and then so you will not be in a trance or probably think you are dreaming. At your service Air Panama!

  15. May 18, 2016

    This article is misleading to someone that does not know. It should have said Venezuela’ s contributions to the Dlp and not their contribution to Dominica. These projects were given to Skerrit by an irresponsible leader who only cared about keeping Skerrit in power, so that he could have another dictator on his side. If Chavez truly cared about Dominica he would monitor how monies belonging to Venezuelans were being used; he would ask for accountability and ensure that cheques go through the treasury of Dominica, with proper signatures. When you have Skerrit, Reggie, and other’s just writing Petroleum Caribe cheques to whomever they want, whether it is married women, single women, minors, business panes etc, in the name of NEP or whatever ever, that could not be good for Dominica. In my view those political projects were equivalent to placing a loaded gun in the hand of a child. Venezuelans should now demand that the DLP (not government ) pay them back.

  16. Doc. Love
    May 18, 2016

    I hope the reasons for this article is to embarrass the Skeritt led Administration. By the way, I wonder what will it take to embarrass the Government. For instance, a Government who would accept a French man who tells lies as its leader, cannot be embarrassed. A Government which has been fighting corruption allegations for sixteen years and will not face the people to answer questions, cannot be embarrassed. A Government which can run a country’s economy to the ground with no apologies, cannot be embarrassed. A Government which does not inform the people of its decisions that are going to affect them, cannot be embarrassed. A Government which will glorify an alleged child molester and agrees to stand by the alleged molester, cannot be embarrassed. Therefore, I would want to believe this article is to remind it of Venezuela’s kindness and if its leaders are not embarrassed, or feel hurt for Venezuela, then what will it take to be merciful to that country.

  17. men and women with hearts of stone
    May 18, 2016

    Character doesn’t count for Skerritt and his DLP Cabal. After all, not one statement of solidarity with the suffering people of Venezuela?

    So Skerritt just begged and received aid, finance, whatever, but now because they in dire straits, friendship mort? That is to show the kind of heartlesss guys. They have made Petro Caribe their own. Petro Caribe is owned by one set. Austrie will be Minister in charge of Petro Caribe forever. Managers will only come from the DLP camp. Yet, not a word of sympathy. A local entrepreneur was not facilitated to trade, sell his toilet paper to the Venezuelans. What wickedness. But foreigners could be helped in selling our passports. They making millions.

    Skerritt, you and your DLP Cabal have hearts of stone.

  18. Orange is not the new black
    May 18, 2016

    I hate to say it but the unrest in Venezuela will be worth it, so that country can become a democracy. The people need to now stand and rise up against tyranny. Hopefully, Dominicans can one day rise up before it’s too late. I actually think this little island is heading Venezuelans way after you all realize how much skerrit has devoured the economic resources in this country.

  19. Jean Simpson
    May 18, 2016

    What is the point of the article? Is that the same Venezuela that the UWP criticized to the moon for assisting Dominica? is that the same Venezuela/ The UWP celebrated when President Chavez, the great benefactor passed on to his creator. There was great dancing in the streets of Roseau and on Dominica’s talk shows. Today, there is a bitter, hypocritical cry over Venezuela. Anything to detract from the miserable first quarter in the politics of Dominica.

    Dominica has an agreement, a contract with the government of Venezuela re Petro Caribe. As long as Dominica observes the agreement there is nothing to worry. The UWP is simply echoing what opposition forces in Venezuela are saying. They are still very much ill at ease with the support that Venezuela has given to Dominica even up to and following the ravages of tropical Storm Erika. they are trying a reverse phsycology with a very skewed foreign policy of “global enlightenment”

    • %
      May 18, 2016

      @Jean Simpson No sir or accomplished hypocrite and wicked.The point is we have benefitted significantly from Venezuela,especially between 2000 to 2016.In fact Skerrit, the square peg in round hole,the most lazy and incompetent leader in the commonwealth,even wanted an idiot like you to believe that it was a personal relationship,and not a government to government relationship.Now that Venezuela needs him,it did not have to take HONOURABLE Linton to yell at him to help the people…This is the point here.SHAME ON YOU ALL…MAY-CHAS-TAY!!!

    • %
      May 18, 2016

      This corrupt DLP government will suck ones blood dry, then discard you…They have GREEDIES who try to defend their brutality, but to no avail.

    • Face the Facts
      May 18, 2016

      As if Chavez did them harm. They think they will never age, get sick and die. God has taken note. Their day is coming.
      They would be wise to thank Venezuela and pray for the Venezuelans. Have they ever considered it?
      I considered that the Venezuelan opposition is responsible for this uprising. God will take care of them in time. Such actions do not go unrewarded, as they deserve, for not promoting and maintaining peace. What people wish for, it will fall on them and in a worst manner, sooner or later.

  20. johnjay
    May 18, 2016

    They were saying is Venezuela we were getting the monies from to do various projects, that’s a question sometimes the monies were probably coming out from illegal monies and they were saying is Venezuela. But the screws are on from Panama papers lets see where else they are getting our Dominica monies hidden.

  21. Shaka Zulu
    May 18, 2016

    When countries establish diplomatic relationship it is meant to form bond btw the citizenship through government by way of diplomats. The relationship btw Dominica and Venezuela was established way before skeritt and because it is a bond of the people survived irrespective of party in power. However, mr.chavez with ambition to build a social autocratic government, a new world order, to cut the so called american imperialistic ways hijacked the diplomatic process. He found a selfish deceptive friend in the name of Roosevelt skeritt who had similar ambitians and did not care how much the Venezuelan people suffered, as long as he gets money to fuel his selfish ambitions. It became a relationship among leaders which was non of the peoples darn business. The question is how much of these money we have to pay back. To date no word from our PM or embassador on the plight of the Venezuelan people. With friends like skeritt who needs enemies? Smdh Darn shame!!!

  22. May 18, 2016

    Well now they need help ,send your plane full with food..

  23. Help!
    May 18, 2016

    We have the audacity to mention a set of projects of yesteryear including a failed coffee plant at one mile.

    We should list all the EU projects as well!
    Venezuela needs help! Can’t Dominica send them water and coconuts?

  24. dissident
    May 18, 2016

    You forgot to mention the failed 2.5mile road link from Rosalie to Petite Soufriere.

    I honestly thought we would see Venezuela military building bridges and other infrastructure after Erica.

    For sure the temporary bailey bridges would have been replaced by now.
    De road at au delice
    Bath estate elmshall river crossing
    Copthall bridge
    Boetica gorge
    Delice gorge
    Melville hall airport
    Dominica missing daddy chavez boy.
    Maduro ain’t no chavez.
    Right now de country fighting to take control of itself.
    We still owed 250 petro casas.
    I monitoring how long it will take before we never ever hear of petro casa again.

    I remember when gaddafi was on the run.
    Skerrit cursed the imperialists especially USA.
    I never expected him to do the same for Maduro.
    Dem never had a relationship.
    Also, he not mad enuff to curse at US now.
    NG lap seng and de rest of de pm buddies in hot water and some rats squeaking in de dark
    Some people have to save their you know what.

    • Face the Facts
      May 18, 2016

      Some of you comment without thinking. I suppose you do not have a thinking cap. If you cannot think properly, you should get/ask for one and put it on prior to commenting. It is called godly enlightenment.
      This life is uncertain. Were you ever taught and did you ever learn, never laugh at the misfortune/downfall of others?
      I do not appreciate non-democratic governments. However, as a human being, what was done to Gaddafi was inhumane. Today, the Middle East is suffering in a worst manner for deposing all their leaders. Typical. People soon get what they deserve and worst.
      If God would punish people as you, as you deserve, you would be gone from the face of the earth. Be careful of your words. Learn also appreciation/gratitude.

  25. enough is enough
    May 18, 2016

    Chavez was the MENTOR of the prime minister. see where the Venezuela is right now, see how wealthly the ENTIRE chavez family is , see how high the crime is in Venezuela… I don’t think we need a crystal ball to find how going to be dominica if we let thing going on like we do today.
    if it happen the only one to blame will be us !! this administration abuse of us because WE let them abusing of us .
    Dominican it is time to make a serious move. if not shut up your mouth and continue to be abused.

  26. Sunshine
    May 18, 2016

    What was the point of this story???? DNO…you should stop it!!!

    • Anna Prince
      May 18, 2016

      To indicate how heartless the Skerrit government is. The Venezuelan people are bleeding to death and Skerrit and his Labour Party are still plundering the resources of the Venezuelan people through Petro Caribe. This is the significance of the story.
      That Skerrit is prepared to spend more than a million dollars to win a by-election for a seat that he considers to be safe and which he does not need because he already has a super majority with 14 others.
      The significance of the story is that, not one word from Skerrit in solidarity with the Venezuelan people as they are reduced to beggars in a land of plenty. He does not even have the courage to sympathize with Maduro for us to say at least a friend in need is a friend in deed, I’ll be with you in rough times because I enjoyed the milk and honey in good times. This is the significance of the DNO story.
      Now put it in your red pipe and smoke.
      DNO I deserve a medal for defending your cause!

      • Face the Facts
        May 18, 2016

        There is a saying: “Be sure brain is engaged before putting mouth in gear.” In this case, your fingers to the keyboard and the sent key.
        The help was offered to Dominica for you nationals. It is not for the PM. So you assume that this project should stop and return what was sent to Dominica?
        There is a Venezuelan Embassy in Dominica. The PM must have spoken to at least the Ambassador. It would be between both of them. This you may not know. If he did, does he have to broadcast it to pacify those of you critics? You are too bent on criticism, lack of respect and lack of appreciation.
        When the time is right, the PM will do what he has to do. Exercise patience.

  27. Jonathan St Jean
    May 18, 2016

    Any Skerritt,when your neighbors house is on fire,take water(not gasoline) and wet yours.Ask yourself a question before it’s too late.Ungrateful Skerritt,how much assistance have you offered Venezuela.Don’t you think it’s about time you step up to the plate and offer some assistance.Ungrateful!!

    • ????????
      May 19, 2016

      Johnathan again I am surprised at the bitter man you have become. That is not the Johnathan I knew. If the PM comes on the air and says or make public what he says to Venezuela, you a member of the gang on ungrateful persons and persons who hate PM/DLP, who see no good in anything, who wants their party in power no matter what, who encourages strife instead of respect, who loves sensation, who now have lost their values for hatred, jealousy, anger, envy, who bring down, who cannot embrace others because it has to be my way or not. Why don’t persons like you engage in meaningful contribution during the 5 years to the country to show yourselves as an alternative. who teaches the youth intolerance. Who knows what is hapenning worldwide and makes it seems that Dominica is the worst off nation. Mind you have not been back here for the last few years. Who lives by writing negatives. Who does not be grateful nor thank ful. Part of the merry gang who makes videos trying to prey on…

      • ????????
        May 19, 2016

        continued the less intelligent persons than us (yes me & you because I did not eat my school fees for sure). You and your friend target group gullible people who will not investigate but listen & believe all they without dissecting. Why don’t you pool your energies together & do something tangible for the people whom you profess to represent? I do hope you are not like a certain gentleman in NY who has wasted his time & do not even have a place to live but he puts on very worded & eloquent articles purporting to support down trodden people when he cannot manage his own self and have been away so long & cannot even come for a holiday. Pool you all resources together & do some tangible things. too much talk. I pray that one of these days , your family, son or someone close to you will & can be PM. Would you like people to say those derrogatory things about them as you do to the present PM /DLP? This man is Dominican to the bone and thought not perfect as us too, tries his…

  28. NabesandI
    May 18, 2016

    I am struggling (not really) to see the point of this article……ok so linton spoke about venezuela now now dno publishing this to what end?? Allu will stop playing politics with that website one day eh…..

    • sandra
      May 19, 2016

      That’s not politics, that’s helping a friend. You should never forget the hand that feed you when you were in desperate need. Don’t be greedy.

    • looking
      May 19, 2016

      DNO publishes news from all sectors of society. It publishes they news gov’t broadcasts on DBS, Kairi, The Chronicle, GIS, Vibes among others. It also publishes news items one would never hear on the above mentioned. At least thinking and inquiring minds can read both sides of the coin and make proper logical Judgements

  29. Pure Possie
    May 18, 2016

    As far as I am concerned Chavez / Maduro robbed the people of Venezuela to set up Skerrit and his team, which had nothing to do with helping Dominica. I do hope when Venezuela will get a good government they will demand that Skerrit and co will repay every cent back.

    The projects below only highlight the poor leadership of Chavez and Maduro. Now Chavez id dead and Venezuela is on the brick of falling apart should serve as a lesson to us in Dominica, because Skerrit is taking DA in that same direction.

    -Venezuela has provided funds for the government’s Housing Revolution -Sea defence and road works at Douglas Charles Airport totaling $26-million
    -Venezuela has provided funds for the government National Employment Program
    -The abattoir in the Layou Valley at a cost of $10-million
    – The coffee plant in One Mile, Portsmouth -Venezuela provided 300 petrocasas after Tropical Storm Erika

    • Intellegence
      May 18, 2016

      if i proceed by your silly formula of logic
      the European union would have robbed European countries to give the Caribbean and other developing nations the billions in aid.
      because they are in a real economic crisis at the moment, and now we all should repay them

      All Nations go through their crises economic and other wise my friend but if you would read you would know that
      For you information we went through ours when your UWP vacated office in 2000 and left the country in tatters, the things that had to be done to brings us back to where we are is amazing

      The day high school drop out and long ‘gundi’ sticky fingers get in power. lord have mercy

    • ????????
      May 19, 2016

      So you are not happy for the people who benefited in the Housing Revolution? So you not pleased for those who can make something in the NEP? So you are not happy for the 300 Petro Cas Houses? Hmmmmmm well as I have said … Ungrateful, self centred .. is me, I , myself. it is of no consequence to me once it is not me. How ungrateful can we get even ungrateful to the one who gave us the breath of life for a while to do something tangible whilst we are here. Selfishness at its highest. All you see through your wooden glasses is negative. Check your inner self once you cannot even congratulate someone for something good, then you must ask the Lord to change your heart of stone to flesh. Do you know that when you are a love person inside, then if a bad thing happens to someone you are not speaking to for what ever, you will feel that hurt feeling inside which means you are capable of love. When can feel for others that is the best love of all for Christ feels this way about us.

  30. May 18, 2016

    Does this article serve as a breakdown as to why we should accept the potential economic refugees from Venezuela in the future?

    Seems rather random as an article,, Things that make you go hmmmm

    • Face the Facts
      May 18, 2016

      Why would they come to Dominica? They have Guyana which is a much bigger country than Dominica. They also have T & T and there are other countries.
      If some of them migrate to Dominica, so be it. I would assume they are harder working people than some Dominicans, those who do not want to work or do something worthwhile for their present and future livelihood and to enhance their country.

  31. AAGabriel
    May 18, 2016

    Right ok, now my question. Bearing in mind that China also funded some projects can anybody please tell me what the government of Dominica actually paid for. By the looks of it – very, very little apart from paying the government staff, the ministers, other public servants and the NEP participants. So in reality we are only a step away from bankruptcy. Are we not?

    • lightbulb
      May 18, 2016

      But that is nothing new.
      Add the rest of the Caribbean
      Look at
      St Kitts
      and so on.

  32. May 18, 2016

    So why is the PM so low key about someone who went out of the way to help Dominica and it’s people, today they are facing a disaster where children and adults are dying and Skerrit haven done anything thus far , all he is talking about is wanting to win a by-election , have the people of Dominica become so heartless they can’t even speak out on behalf of the people of Venezuela who was there for them always. I heard the Opposition Leader asking the Government to reach out to the people of Venezuela also asking the people to go down to the Venezuela Embassy and make their donation towards the children, and all Tony could do is bash the leader Linton, I do admirer the man he doesn’t allow those low class guys to get under his skin he put people a head of them and those are the kind of people Dominica needs to move forward.

  33. john
    May 18, 2016

    This just goes to show the amount of work the labour party has done and many more yet to mention,thank u dno

    • AAGabriel
      May 18, 2016

      Are you for real??

    May 18, 2016

    HMMMM, the people who were enjoying the cream and cheese shouting daddy chavez should now make venezuela shout daddy skerro.

  35. EnfantDiable
    May 18, 2016

    Great contribution.

  36. Lang Mama
    May 18, 2016

    Thanks to Venezuela. DNO the Petro Caribe program should have been mentioned

    • Not a herd follower
      May 18, 2016

      The PetroCaribe fuel has to be paid for by Dominica. I am not sure about the cost of the plant

      • May 18, 2016

        You are conviniently misding the point.

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