Government ‘disappointed’ by Dominica’s inclusion in new EU blacklist

The Government of Dominica has said that it is extremely disappointed in the new tax haven blacklist which was adopted on Tuesday by EU Finance Ministers and in particular by Dominica’s inclusion on the list.
A release issued by the government on Tuesday states that the list “unfairly and without proper justification names and shames countries as non-cooperative tax jurisdictions.”

The EU move triples the roster to 15 countries which include Dominica along with American Samoa, Aruba, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, Fiji, Guam, Marshall Islands, Oman, Samoa, Trinidad and Tobago, the U.S. Virgin Islands, United Arab Emirates and Vanuatu.

Of the 15 countries that have been blacklisted, 5 have taken no commitments since the first blacklist adopted in 2017: American Samoa, Guam, Samoa, Trinidad and Tobago, and US Virgin Islands. 3 others were on the 2017 list but were moved to the grey list following commitments they had taken but have now to be blacklisted again for not having followed up: Barbados, United Arab Emirates and Marshall Islands. A further 7 countries were moved on Tuesday from the grey list to the blacklist for the same reason: Aruba, Belize, Bermuda, Fiji, Oman, Vanuatu and Dominica. Another 34 countries will continue to be monitored in 2019 (grey list), while 25 countries from the original screening process have now been cleared.

Blacklisted countries face restrictions on EU funding and investments from the European Investment Bank. EU governments can choose to add their own sanctions against the blacklisted countries.

However, in its response to the new blacklist, the government is attributing its inability to make the changes requested by the EU to the devastation caused by Hurricane maria in 2017 and to a lack of response from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) (the international organisation mandated by a wide range of Member States to monitor and set standards of compliance on tax good governance) to Dominica’s efforts to join the Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters which requires the sanction of the OECD. This, the release pointed out is one of the requirements of the EU.

Below is the full text of the government’s response.

The Government of Dominica is extremely disappointed in the new list issued today by the European Council which unfairly and without proper justification names and shames countries as non-cooperative tax jurisdictions, and in particular by Dominica’s inclusion thereon.

The regional grouping of the EU decided in 2017 to adopt a new set of tax standards over and above that set out by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the international organisation mandated by a wide range of Member States to monitor and set standards of compliance on tax good governance. When this list was first issued in December 2017, Dominica and other Caribbean islands were put on a grey list and were asked by the EU to commit to making certain changes within one year to avoid being put on a blacklist.

Dominica was put on the grey list in December 2017 notwithstanding the complete devastation of Maria in September 2017. With our country shut down after Maria, electricity down island wide, communications disrupted, our people homeless and in desperate need of immediate assistance, 90% of homes damaged and in some instances destroyed, roads impassable, businesses shut down for an extended period, the EU gave us, in our devastated condition, no more time than any other country to comply with their demands.

Despite these very difficult and devastating circumstances and conditions we ensured that we complied with all the legislative changes that were requested by the EU. The proceedings of the Parliament were broadcast live where these changes were considered and debated.

It is important to note that one of the requirements requested by the EU was the joining of the Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters which requires the sanction of the OECD. This would have allowed for the passage of the Automatic Exchange of Information Act, that the EU had requested. We had applied since 31st May, 2017 to the OECD to join that Convention. Subsequent correspondences including letters dated 23rd February, 2018, 29th August 2018 and 19th December, 2018 reiterated our commitment and desire to join that
“An Efficient Service, A Sustainable Future!”

Convention. We have answered all questions and provided all information required and anticipated that we would have had a positive response to our request by the end of December 2018. However, and through absolutely no fault of the Government of Dominica, we have to date, not been given final clearance from the OECD or a substantive response to our application.

Senior Ministers of the Government including the Minister of Foreign Affairs and public officers have explained these facts and the failure to respond to our application to join the Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters, to EU representatives, to the EU Code of Conduct Group, EU TAXUD and the EU Council on numerous occasions.

In February this year, we wrote to the EU requesting an extension of time to allow for a response to be obtained from the OECD to our application Regrettably, we received no response. Today and notwithstanding the indisputable facts set out above, we have been blacklisted by the EU on the “grounds” that “Dominica does not apply any automatic exchange of financial information, has not signed and ratified the OECD Multilateral Convention on Mutual
Administrative Assistance as amended and has not yet resolved these issues.”

This statement of the grounds is misleading, and manifestly unfair. The only reason why Dominica “has not signed and ratified the OECD Multilateral Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance as amended ‘ is that the OECD has to date not given the go ahead to Dominica to sign on. In other words Dominica is being penalized while it is awaiting a response, and notwithstanding there was and is nothing else it can do or could have done. In fact, and in furtherance of a favourable response, we prepared legislation to take to the Parliament in January this year to have the Parliament approve and pass these Conventions into law. We had to withdraw those Bills when no clearance was received from the OECD.

The EU has been a very good development partner of Dominica and has responded in a positive and very tangible way and has been working with Dominica very closely to respond to the challenges of Hurricane Maria. In all of the circumstances we are indeed surprised and dismayed at the decision of the EU ECOFIN Council communicated today.

We will at all costs endeavour to have the OECD respond to our request to address this sole outstanding issue with the EU in order that Dominica can be removed from this list as soon as possible.

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  1. Ibo France
    March 14, 2019

    No word from the PM. The de facto leader, Tony Asstaphan , per usual, tries to exculpate the government from blame. It’s unsurprising that this lackadaisical regime has been found wanting. They blame all and sundry for their gross incompetence and dereliction of duty but themselves. They would even turn themselves into verbal contortionists trying to pass the buck. They hog praise for anything good and shift blame away from themselves for everything bad. These glaring self-inflected wounds should be enough justification for the complete rejection of this shameless incumbency (DLP).

  2. Jonathan Y St Jean
    March 14, 2019

    Less than a year ago, on April 16th, 2018, the Sun newspaper published an article stating that the US Government had labeled Dominica as a minor money laundering country. Do you really believe that the EU did not take note of that information and that fact? Also, remember that the CBS TV programme 60 minutes did an expose on the Citizen by investment programme. Do you really believe that the EU did not know of that information? Remember that many international criminals and crooks tied to Dominica have been arrested and or tried, to include Monfared, Madweke, Ng Lap Sing, so don’t you think that these and other things that are known about shady dealing Dominica will want the EU to take steps to clamp down on a known corrupt country? Let Tony and Roosevelt act like they don’t know why Dominica is blacklisted. Dominica the ball is your court to remove this cancer of corruption leading our country to nowhere but gates of doom

  3. Dominican
    March 14, 2019

    I must raise my voice. The EU is our major benefactor and to insinuate that they have a vendetta against us at the same time is not only ridiculous but must be offensive to those same people, who are always ready to help us. Internally I heard mr. Astaphan blaming the leader of the opposition for this debacle. I must remind him that it is mr. Skerrit, who dictates when parliament meets and the Speaker, who rules. I do feel extremely embarrassed by this because it reflects on me too. The danger is real now that our Dominican passport may have its visa-free status with the EU withdrawn. Would the opposition be blamed for that also?

  4. dead pirate
    March 14, 2019

    The end of the EU is near ,,hungary,braitain,france greece ,spain italy,has strong EU extit,,,so when the EU ,thinks it can just bully small poor countries ,to do stuff to suit there intrest,,,theres a god,,and the EU has to fall,,and will fall

    • DAborn
      March 15, 2019

      Wishful thinking. You haven’t got the faintest idea what you are on about! Spare us all your wisdom and save it for your rum shack propaganda, you might find a few equally minded fools there.

  5. March 13, 2019

    The PrimeMinister said a few months ago we will comply with the EU.Although it puts pressure on small countries like ours.We need their money so we must comply.Did you UWP JACK As choose not to hear?We have put all we can in place.IDIOTS

    • Think for YOURSELF
      March 14, 2019

      If you had any understanding of what was required by the EU and what Dominica doid to meet this mandate, you would not speak such nonsense.

      Commonsense is a very, very scarce in Dominica nowadays…. I thought that Linton was a novice with no influence, now he has so much influence he could influence the EU hahahahaha

  6. My Eyes Red
    March 13, 2019

    Skerrit sold my country to crooks and criminals and he took less than a 1% of my money to buy my vote while he can’t tell me what he did with over 99% of my money. Boy my eyes too red so I want a pill to get rid of my red eyes

  7. St. Joe
    March 13, 2019

    Blacklist my foot .The EU has its own problems with its own failing countries and Brexit .Clean your own backward EU. We are not scared of you. Small Axe.

    • Jonathan Y St Jean
      March 13, 2019

      Well St Joe, why worry, just do business with the other blacklisted countries who feel entitled and don’t want to bother with the standards. The lion its said doesn’t care about the opinion of sheep. Fall in line or be doomed.

    • Paul Rossnof
      March 14, 2019

      Why should you be scared of them right now. Eventually though, when they shut down the money valve for aid, you should be very concerned because DA under Skerrit has only a few sources of income: selling passports and begging for aid!!!

    • Seth Patrick
      March 14, 2019

      St Joe
      Are you happy that your children’s inheritance and heritage have been sold for a few pieces of ill-gotten pieces of silver? Do you really know who owns Dominica? Shame on you for criticizing the EU for ensuring that undesirables are kept away from their affairs.

      One day your children will ask you the sixty million dollar question “Papa, what nationality are we, and who are the people in charge of our country?”

  8. Take warning
    March 13, 2019

    So Skerrit expected the EU to blame his bad governance on Maria? He thinks the world not taking note of the amount of passports they selling to criminals all over the world? The truth is, Skerrit has destroyed Dominica in every angle and the outside world is warning us. I just hope we are taking heed

  9. weh
    March 13, 2019

    Change is a must labour must go

  10. Anthony P. Ismael Minister of Free Pampers
    March 13, 2019

    Every day is a new “Coco-Macaque,” with Skerrit and this lazy gang of so called Ministers. Our standing and good name in the international community has been besmirched, our parrots were sold to thieves, agriculture is dead, shooting in town every day, people being robbed at gun point in the place of business and homes. It’s time to end this madness. What are Dominicans waiting for to remove this gang of “Mal Vewas” from office? One of the tenants of horrendous leadership is the refusal to accept responsibility for one’s failures. Next this man will blame Hurricane David for the constant ineptitude of his administration.

    • Ibo France
      March 13, 2019

      Elegantly written! Irrefutably said! Thought for food! Right on point! Skerrit, along with his moronic disciples, is one big wrecking ball. They have brought shame and disgrace to the country and put its future in the greatest jeopardy.

  11. REAL!!!!
    March 13, 2019

    where is our PM …….He is traveling again . We don’t know where he is gone and what he is doing on our behalf, no press release from the GOVT to the people.

    I call that traveling in DARKNESS which is BLACK…and they are disappointed we are on the EU BLACKLIST.

    Dominicans are constantly in the DARK when it comes this DLP GOVT……

    • Ibo France
      March 13, 2019

      The public has a right to know every time the PM travels overseas on government business. It’s the people’s hard earned tax dollars that he is using to travel first class and stay in the most luxurious hotels. By the way, where are the dollar figures for the cost of the PM’s much too frequent overseas travel for the last nineteen years? This should be public information. The people who foot this bill are entitled to this information. Where there is no transparency nor accountability corruption reigns.

  12. March 13, 2019

    Blacklist by EU countries, is just a strategy to stop the flight of tax dollars from their countries. Of course in Dominica it will be looked strictly from a political position and Skerrit will be blamed. It is wise for Dominicans to educate themselves on this blacklisting scam by former slave traders. Dominica has done nothing wrong, it has violated no international law it is simply doing what most of the EU countries are doing. London is a vibrant tax haven city, Switzerland is a tax haven for the rich and famous. According to Oxfam, Malta, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Ireland have all satisfied the EU criteria to be blacklisted and they are not. Not one EU country is on the list, it is a classic case of do as I say but not as I do.

  13. look joke
    March 13, 2019

    But why all dem labourites quiet today der na?

    • Dominican girl
      March 13, 2019

      Because they don’t understand the article.

      • loca girl
        March 13, 2019

        LMAO, D/ca girl I like your response, as sad as it is.

  14. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    March 13, 2019

     Roosevelt, you are the government, so you should not be disappointed, since you are perhaps; if not the most corrupted human who ever lived!

    You should be very happy our nation only made it unto the blacklist, they could have sanctioned our country, putting us in a position where no European nation do any sort of business with Dominicans, it could get nasty to a point where our people are prevented from traveling to Europe.

    By the way Roosevelt, I understand the powers that be China, half dead Cuba, Russia, and the United States are trying to resolve the turmoil in Venezuela!

    How come you think you are such an important nobody in world affairs, yet they have not invited you and your weak-neck ambassador to Venezuela  Ambrose George to help negotiate the path Maduro your dictator friend should chose when fleeing Venezuela, into oblivion in some ALBA country, perhaps you can house him in your village.

    Did I say villas in Portsmouth?

    Sorry, my mistake…

  15. Big Bannan
    March 13, 2019

    Dominica is in the hands of a group of corrupt aristocrats who seem to blame Hurricane Maria for ALL of its mishaps . Our politicians were already rich prior to Maria and even richer post Maria . To govern a country for 18 years that is not good enough for ministers healthcare and where their children should be educated is implausible. Shame at its magnitude best .

    • March 14, 2019

      So hurricane Maria never happened? If hurricane Maria never happened why then is the government spending millions of $$$ to repair and replace bridges, schools, roads, assist people with fixing their homes, assist farmers to rehabilitate their farms? I had to find money to replace my roof that was destroyed by Maria, should I blame big banana? The truth always offends.

      • Ibo France
        March 14, 2019

        Most of the restorative work is being financed by friendly foreign governments and from donated cash and materials of many and varied organizations. Maria, and to a lesser extent Erika, are blamed for all the ills of the Dominica. If Maria were a living being the Skerrit’s regime would have had a judge sentenced her to death by hanging for all the wrongs she has been accused of.

    • Me
      March 14, 2019

      More kleptocrats than aristocrats I would say.

  16. Peep hole
    March 13, 2019

    i am glad the opposition leader did not have anything to do with this one. recently the cry has been the UWP and their operatives are the ones whon went out there to wash our dirty linen, now it is clear the government are the ones who are fully responsible. They love to blame everybody and everything else but themselves for their incompetence ,it is either lennox or tropical stiorm Erika and Hurricane Maria !! eighteen lazy ministers with a dozen advisors and they still cant get things right.

  17. jamie
    March 13, 2019

    The USVI is of the list am not sure about the others,but read on vipress.

  18. Peep hole
    March 13, 2019

    haha who beat government they crying.; Do so never like so !! government getting back a taste of their own medicine you know how many professional people and organizations have written letters to this government including the opposition leader and have not even gotten an acknowledgement to their letters muchless response. Now they are crying that soo and so havent responded to their letters. Glad you all are now realizing how it feels and the consequences that are likely when we do not respond to letters. So stop crying nobaby eh beat al youl. you all have been discourteous to many people now you getting a taste of your owmn medicine, take it!!

  19. Bring back the kidnapped Dominican parrots
    March 13, 2019

    Dominica would not be on any blacklist if they did not have a corrupt government. All donated monies need to be accounted for since Hurricane Maria to see if any was deposited in personal overseas bank accounts, other countries governments do not trust the leaders of Dominica with large sums of donated cash. That’s another reason for being black listed. All of the money donated should be in the treasury and not only controlled by yours truly the minister of finance who is also the PM. Something is up with that.

  20. Think for YOURSELF
    March 13, 2019

    :-D :-D :-D
    blatant lie!!!!!!!

    The mandate for changes was given in June 2018, with an allotted 6 month time-frame to make changes; enact certain legislation etc. This time-frame was given to all countries on the grey list….

    SO HOW DOES MARIA COME INTO PLAY…. things to be done are purely administrative; as long a the compliance manager/officer works along with the legal team, things should have happened to get us off the grey list unto the white list.

  21. Same story, different day
    March 13, 2019

    Hiding behind hurricane Maria, but somehow have the financial means to give people money in exchange for votes.
    Whatever Dominica.

  22. op
    March 13, 2019

    Well, we have excuses upon excuses.

    Its Maria’s, Erica and external bodies fault. Everyone except ours. That is the trouble with us operating on Caribbean time while the rest of the world goes ahead. I wonder how many countries are giving excuses for their inclusions on the black list?

    We are to reactive in this country. We need to be proactive. Why didn’t our our foreign affairs minister go and camp outside the OECD office? Why didn’t the PM visit the office and make demands? Why did the government just accept that we had not received a response? If it was Linton or someone in the opposition – they would have foot, is there they strong to make demands – but when it comes to matters of national interest we sit and wait ad hope and then make excuses.

  23. REAL!!!!
    March 13, 2019

    Just as he is surprised about Panama Papers, Monfared , Coralo and Alison-Madueke

    He is now surprised about Dominica ending up the EU BLACKLIST.

    Soon will he be surprised been a Multimillionaire for which his income cannot support???

    What a PM!!!!!!!…JUMBIE MONEY

  24. Jonathan Y St Jean
    March 13, 2019

    Who cares whether the government is disappointed. The fact remains that once again we are witnessing the incompetence of the current Labour administration. How is it that these same rules and standards are being met by a large number of countries in the world. This means that the instructions are clear for those countries who want to comply, whilst others who want to skirt the rules and think that they are too big for their britches and want to dictate favorable terms for themselves will come up short and be blacklisted. Caribbean countries have over the decades come to depend on favorable treatment on favorable terms granted based on their relative sizes and comparative disadvantages. This doesn’t always apply in every circumstance. The Caricom Secretariat has failed to do a proper job and advise those countries according to the rules but bowed to the wishes of their leaders and tried tuff talk instead. Skerritt I’m not disappointed you failed Dominica once again

  25. Child of Itassi
    March 13, 2019

    Keep Calm and Vote Labour Ka Twavay

  26. %
    March 13, 2019

    How can the government be disappointed that it is on the blacklist when everything done by this government is done in the dark? This DLP is scared of daylight!!Corrupt,!
    Skerrit Must Go
    Skerrit Must Go
    LAZY Skerrit Must Go Now

  27. Neville
    March 13, 2019

    Dominica is going to the dogs under Skerrits leadership. Skerrit has to go.

  28. Bob Denis
    March 13, 2019

    Just like the ongoing Venezuela issue , Caricom must voice their concerns as a group . Recolonization is in high gear , keep your eyes open . This is the mindset of your former SLAVE MASTERS. ” IMPERIALISM MEANS ONE DOMINANT GOVERNMENT EXERCISES SOVEREIGNTY OVER OTHER COUNTRIES AND PEOPLE ACROSS THE WORLD , AND MAKES CRITICAL DECISIONS ABOUT HOW THEY ARE GOVERNED AND UNDER WHAT KIND OF ECONOMIC SYSTEM THEY ARE TO LIVE” . Need i say more ?

  29. Ibo France
    March 13, 2019

    I will concur with the government that dealing with the OECD and complying with their demands is challenging. This neocolonial organization keeps shifting the goal post every time their demands are met. It’s sad that Dominica has been blacklisted as the country needs every bit of assistance it can get. This is a monumental setback to the already slow recovery efforts. The government has claimed that they have done their utmost best to comply with all requests made of them by the OECD. The question is, why should anyone believe a government that lies perpetually? A liar cannot be believed even if he speaks the truth. The country needs a fresh start. The only option to relieve Dominica of all this baggage is to oust Skerrit and the DLP from power with your votes. The current administration has done irreparable harm to the economy and the development of the country. Good riddance at the upcoming elections.

  30. Anthony P. Ismael Minister of Free Pampers
    March 13, 2019

    This gang of thieves continue to systematically destroy Dominica’s good name and standing in the international community. They have chosen international thieves, criminals, money launderers and rogues, instead of honesty and decency. The government’s response bares for all to the see, a level of incompetence and willful negligence that is abhorrent and unacceptable. If the greedy bastards had conducted the affairs of our beloved nation with decorum and prudence, we would not have been blacklisted. When greed and personal gain outweighs the need to serve the interest of one’s constituents, the end result is a “Black List” from the European Union. Tewey Labor in office.

  31. Let's Blame Maria
    March 13, 2019

    It’s no longer Erika so let’s blame Maria for every thing that’s affected us. So I blame Maria for the failure of the Minister of sports, Justina Charles, and that’s why I fired her hired Regis to run in Grandbay. I blame Maria for the failure of Petter St. Jean as Education Minister and that’s why I hired another civil servant to run in La plain. I blame Maria for causing Stephenson to get sick and failing so that’s why I fired him and hired Gretta to replace him. I blame Maria for causing Drigo to fail and that’s why I fired him! I blame Maria for the failure of Darroux in the reserve and that’s why I fired him. I blame Maria for the failure of Dr. Darroux and that’s why I fired him. I blame Maria for the failure of Darroux in my beloved St. Joe and that’s why I fired him! I blame Maria, Erika, UWP & Robbie, for the failure and disgraced Joseph Isaac and that’s why I fired the rascal and replaced him with my wife Melissa for the next election! If I could I would fire all…

    • Amino
      March 13, 2019

      The man should fire himself (since he’s totally useless as a leader) and replace himself with the honourable statesman “LENNOX LINTON”. We, the electorate WILL give him a hand – SKERRIT MUST GO!

  32. carlty
    March 13, 2019

    Also, Let me quote this part of the government’s statement and thank you DNO for making it available (which I hope people will read) because we would just have gone by air making assumptions as to why we were added on.
    “The only reason why Dominica “has not signed and ratified the OECD Multilateral Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance as amended ‘ is that the OECD has to date not given the go-ahead to Dominica to sign on. In other words, Dominica is being penalized while it is awaiting a response, and notwithstanding there was and is nothing else it can do or could have done. In fact, and in furtherance of a favourable response, we prepared legislation to take to the Parliament in January this year to have the Parliament approve and pass these Conventions into law. We had to withdraw those Bills when no clearance was received from the OECD.”
    So basically we’re penalized for not passing a law that they have not given approval to yet. SMH.

    • Amino
      March 13, 2019

      Oh come on, Skerrit is always travelling, you telling the people of Dominica that he (or one of his so called ministers), couldn’t go there in person. The truth is they just can’t get off their arses to do a decent job of running the country and your comment is frankly rubbish.

      • carlty
        March 14, 2019

        Don’t give me that. That’s why we have BREXIT. The EU wants to manipulate the process to the benefit of those they see fit. They expect all members to operate and grow under one standardized policy neglecting the diversification of the economies. Plus, they are operating for ALL the members not some. Why should we “GO IN PERSON”? We need to stop the perception that we are obligated to these organizations. They are obligated to us. Do you think Conte have to leave Italy to go to the EU to get them to look at their documents and approve them? NO THEY DON’T. The heads move around for meeting and other such international relations and investments matters. They forward correspondences and a response is forwarded back. If they are conducting a report don’t they have to take all factors into consideration instead of AGAIN follow a standardized checklist? Anyway, this will not break us, this is a cycle with these organization.

    • UKDominican
      March 13, 2019

      Carly, I have never heard such cackhanded excuse in my life. No other OECS country is on that list so obviously they have complied with the EU request. I am tired with Roosevelt Skerrit playing the eternal victim and never accepting any blame, as if there is a conspiracy against him.
      He is pathetic! The UAE, where we have now a permanent ambassador is also on this list, making any transfers of CBI proceeds between the two subject to suspicion and increased scrutiny. I would not be surprised to see a departure from our shores of a reputable bank like RBC under these circumstances before too long.

      • carlty
        March 14, 2019

        Oh get off it. UKDominica. Which other country lost all their GDP and do not tell me Barbuda because forms the sovereignty of Antigua and Barbuda. Don’t tell me Puerto Rico and the BVI who are controlled or whose motherland is the US and the UK. You all need to understand how these organizations operate. Plus what are you speaking of the UAE. UAE has the 2nd strongest economy in the world, how do you think that happened. Understand that the EU operateS under a standardized policy which does not give specific considerations to any economy. That is one important reason why countries in the middle east (take UAE for example) and the Caribbean always land on that list. Their policies sometimes contrast with that of the EU because they develop their policies based on the specific needs of their economy at that time and not what the EU thinks is best. But just watch, the minute the British exits, we will see the power of the EU.

  33. bwk
    March 13, 2019

    which simply means that our tax rate are low, which might encourage investors to invest in Dominica to avoid higher rate in their home country . now is that really a bad thing for Dominica??? :?: . let me hear what them workers have to say…lol….put it high we crying…put it low we been back listed…now we making noise…how do Mr. skerret actually please Dominicans …how?

    • John RIchardson
      March 13, 2019

      Very great analysis ‘bwk’. The only problem is we put it low and still no investment. Pamolive gone; Ross gone; local people gone; smh.

      • Charlie
        March 14, 2019

        But we have a Red Clinic where there is money available for everyone in exchange for a vote at general elections.

    • Amino
      March 13, 2019

      Skerrit, by the way (not “skerret”) can please Dominicans by leaving sooner rather than later. It might improve the education system which in-turn might improve literacy within the country and allow you DLP supporters to be able to read and write correctly.

  34. carlty
    March 13, 2019

    The list is as discriminatory as it’s colour coding. I will continue to repeat: These international organizations ran by and controlled by the former colonials and the US use these organizations and their policies to try and control their former colonies. Have you noticed that during every cycle a former colony is added on especially in the Caribbean? How many Caribbean countries have been on this list in the past decades? D/ca was have made it on and off several times yet notice that the US-one of the most corrupted nations has never been on there nor the UK). My other concern is how do they expect the country to meet to a new set of standards adopted and implemented in 2017 within a 2-year time frame when after the first quarter our entire economy was destroyed. But hey, as RS said some time ago, we are not insular to international relations so what is the point fighting these organizations. SMH, it’s just sad we are being controlled by the “imperials”.

    • Peep hole
      March 13, 2019

      I would have agreed with you if the government was serious about anything that requires their prudent action. We have seen over the years parliament being used to carry out labor party government agenda. The parliament was used to expedite the requires for the opposition to miss three consecutive seating in order to justify bye elections. Since then parliament has never found a reason to meet as often even when we have had important legislation such as was required to be passed. So we can seat back and blame the imperialist and the US all we want, the fact will remain that we need to do what we are suppose to do and do it right else we will continue to fail and then to turn around to blame others for our failures. Hurricane Maria and a devastated economy did not stop the government from hiring top QC’s to try a case of inciting against the opposition did it?

      • carlty
        March 14, 2019

        Oh god, “partisan-ing” it up eh. Whatever you perceive the members to be doing in parliament based on partisanship it’s you. Parliament meets every quarter, cabinet every week. But I will say that parliamentarians, push or debunk agendas which benefits their goals. Both parties do so. So you think that the UWP has refuted most policies, spoke against the CBI and other such programmes; and spoke negatively about their opposed because they are against it? They have to do so to bring a certain perception about the parties and about themselves. Understand it is politics and competition. These people are friends (a lot of them) out of the pink building. But unto the legislation. (Policies are not overnight or over a year thing) and yes, priority should be placed on it for long (which I cannot say if it was or wasn’t). But do you think these orgs will give a break to anyone who breaks from THEIR regulation no matter the circumstances? Why or why not?

      • carlty
        March 14, 2019

        These organizations are so manipulative. They work to get their way and their countries way. Have you seen them hold the US, UK, Italy or any of those colonist countries accountable for anything? The US was build of foreign investments and investment citizenship. The UK and Canada thrive off that. Canada is even calling for an increase in their population. Their foreign investments are riddled by criminals (Las Vegas was built and developed by the Italian Mob, the criminals they say harbour our passport, where did they reside as citizens?). The US has gone against international trade liberalization policies, social welfare development policies and more. Who holds them responsible? Noone. Why? Because the aim is not to repress the developed countries, but to ensure that the developing feed of them. The UN, OAS, EU. We must obey no matter the situation, obey. Just look past our economy and see. BREXIT is coming, They need tighter control.

  35. Faceup
    March 13, 2019

    SkERRO !!! No more loan for you to make your BORBOL.. DOMINICANS I SAY FIRE HIM . Most of you so TEBEH that makes me pissst.. 8-O 8-O

  36. WOW & More wow
    March 13, 2019

    OH oh, Roosevelt Skerrit and Francine Baron should write a letter to the EU and DEMAND our removal from the BLACKLIST, just like they did to the OAS secretary general.

    • Me
      March 13, 2019

      …and demand an apology on top!

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