Government pushes ahead with plans for coffee sector in Dominica

Kent Coipel is IICA’s technical specialist in Dominica (file photo)

Government is pushing ahead with plans to take full advantage of the Coffee Sector in Dominica.

Coffee, as a crop, has played an important role in the agricultural sector of Dominica.

Speaking at a Coffee Consultation held earlier this week at the Prevo Cinemall, Technical Specialist for the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (ICCA) in Dominica, Kent Coipel, said just over two years ago, the ministry requested support from ICCA to strengthen the coffee sub-sector.

“The first phase was achieved under a rapid response programme whereby 3 technicians came in to undertake an assessment of the coffee sub-sector in Dominica, looking at the policy environment, looking at the existing production systems, looking at the opportunities as it is for Dominica as it relates to coffee,” Coipel said.

According to Coipel, based on their findings, some recommendations were provided as to how the coffee sub-sector should be advanced.

 He said a study tour was also supported where technicians of the Ministry were able to go to Jamaica to understudy the Blue Mountain Coffee and the Highland Coffee in Jamaica.

Coipel said based on those visits and in addition to the recommendations provided by the team, “we are now in the juncture where we are looking at a work plan or a development plan as it relates to how we move forward with the coffee sub-sector in Dominica.”

Director of Agriculture, Ricky Brumant (file photo)

Meantime, Director of Agriculture, Ricky Brumant, spoke of a project now that looks at development of tree crops Post-Maria.

“We have coffee and cocoa, citrus and avocado, coconuts and the exotics listed under that project,” he stated. “We are just setting the foundation to look at wider development agenda on those chosen commodities.”

Brumant continued, “Already we have had a number of varieties that we brought in from Central America and we have already set them in, looking at how best we can validate those varieties outside of what we have existing already.”

He said five varieties which were actually set out in Pond Casse were brought in.

“I mean the conditions have to be relevant to where they really came from and so that is what we have done so far,” Brumant noted. “I think we have received 15 Kilograms (Kg) of those varieties and so we are looking forward to working with the farmers, particularly in the West Coast to put those in.”

Some of the participants at the consultation

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  1. Zandoli
    November 18, 2018

    These guys spent a lot of money building a coffee processing plant. That plant has been sitting idle with no produce to keep it running. They spent a lot of money building an abattoir which has not been utilized.

    Do you guys see a pattern here?

    I am not sure what goes in to making those spending decisions and what plans they have in place to complete the circle.

    I work in a manufacturing environment and when and capital investments are made, the person making the proposal must present a business case to justify the expenditure. There must be a net benefit before that money is allocated.

    I suspect these government people have never been in any kind of senior management positions where these types of decisions are made.

    It’s little wonder these countries remain poor. They waste a lot of money.

    • RandyX
      November 19, 2018

      Plans? These guys have no plans. They just make ad hoc decisions and hope for the best. As far as they are concerned, the CBI is Dominica’s cash cow and serves them very well to keep them in power and makes them filthy rich. Where it all leaves the country and it’s citizens is of no concern to them.

  2. Liz M
    November 17, 2018

    Well I want to be optimistic, and I have to be, but if they were big on agriculture, reinvested in it, and not close all our agricultural stations Dominica would now be far ahead of that curve today. We would now be diversifying and investing in marijuana experimental holdings, and now filling the void in shortages that other countries are experiencing, such as Canada with exports. Today farming would be lucrative to get into. Our cocoa, coffee; Cafe Noire has a distinct, very rich flavor different from Blue mountain coffee, but I’m now afraid because Dominica dropped the ball, the IICA in partnaship with and assisted by Monsanto/Bayer $ will cause all these coffees to be the same, have the same flavor by being genetically modified organisms, and still can’t compete, like banana. Our Ag experimental stations were capable of supplying farmers with plants. Lesson to be learned here, you never scale-back on agriculture, you upgrade and expand on it.

  3. Dominic
    November 17, 2018

    West coast alone that need Citrus? What about the citrus greening disease we have not dealt with? From the perspective of pathology what measures apart from what the country of origin says, do we have scientifically in place to test and ensure saftey of planting material being brought in? Did we not just destroy container (s) of ginger plants because the government brought in infected material with possible diseases we don’t have on island?

  4. BJB
    November 17, 2018

    Why do so many Dominicans seemingly wait, and depend on, government to build and grow an economy; and then complain incessantly about the government when things do not change for you? A bigger government, in any way, means a smaller citizen. Do you wish to be more like Venezuela? You already have Sisserou coffee which is excellent. I am writing from the US so I may have missed something. Did the storm take them out? Take a look at every huge company which is also a huge employer and huge anthropist in the states. Every single one of them started very, very small, and rough, with a dream. They flourished because of three things:. (1) The humility and persistence of their founders; (2) The government getting out of their way; and (3) The Grace of God. I will continue to pray for Dominica from afar. Just, please, understand from all of human history that growing government is NOT the solution. Keep your freedom and faith first, and responsibility, and good things will happen.

  5. La Balene
    November 17, 2018

    Too much talk. Please complete one project. Please report on some successful project that is contributing to the economy and creating jobs. Please.
    PS…..I am not a UWP supporter. I am a concerned Dominican.

    • viewsexpressed
      November 18, 2018

      La Balene, There isn`t a productive sector here in Dominica bring in foreigner reserves, or we producing our one revenues. The commercial and marketing sectors in Domininca are both dead. No one knows what Skerrit is thinking let alone plot the chart for Domininca projections towards sustainable Develpoment. From Where I sit at government Headquarters and see the many faults, civil servants running about like formi foo trying to catch up with things that are not happening because the resources are few, the markets are null and the government, both Prime and Odd are clueless to know where to start to repair the damage they have created. So, I agree there is too much talk and we at home and overseas must take a stand to evict this failed corrupt Labour government and their useless 18 (?)ministers and advisors. We have to take back our nature isle and we must understand the importance of this move. Skerrit must Go, that Issac, etc must Go. Domininca needs change Now. We Welcome UWP.

  6. Bring back the kidnapped Dominican parrots
    November 16, 2018

    They should have listened to PM Eugenia Charles years ago when she said that Dominica is too dependent on bananas and needs to grow coffee too for export. Coffee plants are also more hurricane resistant. Back in the day a lot of Dominicans grew their own coffee.

  7. teacher.
    November 16, 2018

    That story doh talking me again. It does take that long to to have a coffee sector and government is now moving ahead with plans? Shame on my government.

  8. Truth be Told
    November 16, 2018

    But you guys well late!

  9. Bwasley Bwa
    November 16, 2018

    Wow! It is informative to read the comments here about the frustration with the government on your beautiful island. One person brings up a good point about cannabis. Why not cannabis over COFFEE?
    Coffee is wonderful but the ROI on cannabis is so much greater with less risk. With Canada legalizing it would seem a good time for Dominica to get on board. Is there any movement towards this or is there too much stigma attached to the issue? Bless your wonderful island.

    • Liz M
      November 18, 2018

      Very good comment, thank you.

  10. viewsexpressed
    November 16, 2018

    BS, This government is shameless and ridiculous as if we are fools in Domininca. Everytime some silly news comes out like this rubbish above, it tells us that Skerrit’s and worthless bunch of silly ministers are drained and lost for ideas.
    Check tis statement: “Government is pushing ahead with plans to take full advantage of the Coffee Sector in Dominica.” Time is fast running out of these clowns, they have Skerrit fooling them with all these promises of doing this and doing that. pretty soon they will announce to be producing automatic toilets functioning out of Vielle case (that old House on the hill). Well, is so we come, is so they want us to stay, but you corrupt labour government, we gonna use your dirty corrupt Red shoes and kick all your assets off of government. You all have failed us , abused us and taken advantage of us. We want change, we want a decent government in Domininca to have us working to earn our own income, and not buy us with your dirty Bobol money…

  11. %
    November 16, 2018

    Election is at our doorsteps..Once I see these guys speaking foolishness to the nation that they have destroyed,it riles me. What has Ricky done for agriculture?Can the people of Laplaine tell us the accomplishments of Ricky? How long did he work in Laplaine,while the destruction of agriculture was at its prime?
    The people of Dominica is about to discard you all band of DLP hypocrites…Stop trembling.Nothing that was not achieved in the last 18 years you all can do now ..Set of MISLEADERS.
    This Ricky guys was d
    so steeped in politics,that he wanted to imitate Chavez with a red shirt as his trademark.
    Skerrit Must Go
    Skerrit Must Go
    LAZY Skerrit Must Go Now

    • anonymous2
      November 17, 2018

      The other Ricky was the real deal.

    • Love U Too
      November 18, 2018

      Get a life % and views expressed. Your are a naughty 🤡 clown . For years you have been singing 🎤 the same tasteless chorus and it isn’t attractive, therefore it’s a nuisance. Enlighten me give me a brief understanding! Where are you sending our beloved Skerrit. If you keep applying the same method expecting a different outcome, then you are a wasting your time.

  12. dee
    November 16, 2018

    I get so annoyed when those guys speak
    you can just know they have an agenda .
    I can clearly remember the number of thumbs down i got, and comments about me being negative, when Sam Raphael and crew told the people of Soufriere and Scott’s Head to start planting lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes for his hotel . what would have happened
    if a farmer had taken a big loan back then, and gone into tomato and lettuce production ,
    would he have sold all his products over the years to pay back his loan .
    these guys must not feed the public with their BS

  13. Dan Tanner
    November 16, 2018

    Foolish. Keeps Dominica a colony with no economic leverage and foreign ownership of any production facility.

    Better: Dominica ganga.

    • Chester
      November 18, 2018

      Good one, that’s what these people at the edge of a new revolution in farming not coming to grips with to Revolutionize farming and their economy. Gone are the days. Some countries have had to subsidize regular or conventional farming just to keep their farmers afloat.

  14. Karl Orndem
    November 16, 2018

    head? more like behind. By the time we get ready to process actual Dominican grown coffee the plant will be obsolete and needing much repairs to both infrastructure and unused machinery. How many years now since we talking coffee? How many years now we have the plant at one mile? What is Dominica’s problem really? i mean seriously folks we have a Vuus on us? Nothing working here nuh. Look now they want to put hotels in Portsmouth. I bet they wont even fix the cruise ship berth at Cabrits or develop portsmouth to compliment the area. Manufacturing is at an all time low. Kubili gone, bello gone, look i hearing Petro Carib in trouble. awa wi.

  15. RandyX
    November 16, 2018

    BS all you taking and only propaganda you making for election. You had a brand new coffee factory in Portsmouth and let it deteriorate into a ruin just like the Moroccan hotel. Stop lying to the people of DA.

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