Government to complete negotiations today to solve internet access issues in certain communities

Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Telecommunications and Broadcasting, Senator Oscar George, has announced that the government is expected to complete negotiations with a service provider by today, Friday 31st, July to resolve the ongoing internet access issues in certain communities around Dominica.

“We have sought to resolve the ongoing issues of internet access in certain communities around Dominica,” George said. “Through the regulator, our request for proposals was issued to service providers; the regulator has received bids from the service providers…and after review, one has been selected.”

George told Parliament during debate on the 2020-2021 budget on Wednesday, “Negotiations are ongoing to ensure the optimum value is delivered. We expect to conclude this by July 31st, 2020 and a contract will be awarded immediately after.”

He said these communities will form part of the government’s initial drive to ensure island-wide coverage, “and I am happy as the Minister responsible for telecommunications to see that we can finally end a 3-year absent of broadband service especially for our friends in the north and the east coast.”

“Government is fully on board with this venture,” George said.

In announcing his support for the budget as presented by Prime Minister Skerrit on Tuesday, George said the presentation places great emphasis on the empowerment of young people.

He identified as a strong point of the budget, initiatives that seek to empower citizens to take on greater roles in Dominica’s development, while at the same time developing them as individuals.

“This budget also seeks to maximize our full potential in other areas such as the Blue and Green Economy,” George stated and expressed the view that the Budget has something for everyone at every level.

He said many of the measures that the government intends to implement,  “are targeted to develop the productive sector including agriculture, construction, manufacturing and tourism.”

Senator George pointed to what he described a trend of growth which occurred in Dominica over the past six years from 2014 to 2020, quoting figures of 4.45 percent in 2014, led by tourism and construction, 2.56 percent in 2016, led by agriculture, 2.26 percent in 2018 with construction being the main driver and 5.66 percent in 2019 with a contribution from all productive sectors.

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  1. bojan peeps
    August 3, 2020

    This guy should be a shame even talking about internet. You have teachers top-in phones to do govt work. How can you tell me you are in govt as the person in charge of internet and your village don’t have internet? You honestly don’t see something is wrong somewhere. You guys work for the people not the other way around.

  2. August 1, 2020

    To those UWP who are now saying that Government has ignored their needs for internet service, just remember that a few days ago, your leader condemned the budget, saying that it would not alleviate the state of poverty, low wages, and low employment among you, young people.

    And if he is right–which I don’t believe–suppose you all were given internet service, how are you all going to be able to pay for it, or does mean you all will get the service for free? Who pays for your cable service? Remember that it is a cost to the government to install internet in any given area, they expect to receive some sort of revenue in return for the service.

    Now I am not saying that the government should ignore the needs of the Nation; the internet is a vital service in these days, but it must be used for strong and worthwhile production in whatever the area it is, at least from a few people, by the way they use it. Are you all keeping that fact in your mind?

  3. Don Keyballs
    July 31, 2020

    I live in Ansedemai and we’ve had no internet since the passage of Maria. All I get from the Parl Rep are empty promises. The village has been supporting Labour since the days of E.O. Leblanc. Magwa sah; all u could represent us better, wi.

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    • Batibou River
      August 2, 2020

      Don’t vote for these lazy, corrupt and incompetent people anymore. All you are your worst enemies!

    July 31, 2020

    After so many Years of no internet in the south east and other Communities who voted labor its just pathetic and insane.
    You see, honestly this government has no reall interest in the real development of these folk.. Yet they alll over the place shouting labor, labor. Any Government worth its salt should have sorted out such an issues from day one.. These companies can’t do Dat in Barbados, Trinidad and so forth but with this weak government they playing football.
    Its very shameful and disrespectful that after all those years people just buying data, data, data..
    Funny enough, not one of them so called palreps voiced their concerns about the situationn. From Salybia, Castle Bruce, Grandfond, and laplaine all they doing is hitting table and saying what king Skerritt wanna hear. Such a group of weak, inexperienced and soft reps. Honestly, looking at this whole government it’s very pitiful esp the one from Newtown n pointe micheal. They think they bright…
    Shame. Shame shame

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  5. Ittassi City
    July 31, 2020

    When Skerrit made Oscar George a senator and made him a minister in the Prime Minister’s office to deal with internet and telephone service, it was confirmation that Skerrit had no plan, no vision for our young men and women and no plan to revive sports especially cricket. Oscar George is a former u19 cricketer, who represented our Dominica U19 cricket team. We played U19 cricket together. If Skerrit was serious who do you think would be a better sports minister than Oscar or a minister in the ministry of sports since his current sports minister never played rounders or any spots. So another example of square peg in round hole but, it is by design because over the years Skerrit has showed us in no uncertain terms that he doesn’t put any minister is a position to help them perform since the objective is to ensure total failure on their side so Dominica could be destroyed much faster

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  6. The old Prophet
    July 31, 2020

    People don’t let Roosevelt, Melissa Skerrit and Oscar George fool you. Their plan is very clear. Look before 2020 is over we are going to see a shift in the cabinet and statements by Ian and Reggie about the president building had mold and mildew is just confirmation of how they going to play the game, just that Reggie is blind and sort so he can’t be even see the game plan. Here is what will happen this year:
    1. Charles Savarin will not be president
    2. Roosevelt Skerrit is going to replace Skerrit as president
    3. Melissa Skerrit, who was not given a ministry will become Prime Minister
    4. Oscar George who is from Penville, is going to be Skerrit’s candidate to contest the by-election in the Vielle case
    The reason Skerrit had Ian and Reggie to say the statehouse has mildew is because Skerrit as President, will NOT be going to the State House but will join Melissa as PM in their own palace. But Reggie will eat himself to see is not he but Melissa will be PM

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  7. Roger Burnett
    July 31, 2020

    Carrying internet cables about on poles leaves the service vulnerable to disruption no matter where you are on the island. The sooner we embrace recent developments in satellite technology the better.

    The cable that links Antrim to Canefield swings precariously from pole to pole . Over the years it has been damaged time without number; either by vehicles knocking the poles down, bush fires burning the cable or falling branches at the first strong gust of wind.

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    • Man bites dogs
      July 31, 2020

      @Roger you are not listening in the future all cables will be under ground sometimes things takes time regardless of whom you are OK!

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      • Joseph John
        August 1, 2020

        Man bites dog, Let them talk that is all they can do. Corrective measures is what the budget will allow to be taken. Provisions are made in the budget to solve all these problems even those that are not observed at the moment.

        Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 4 Thumb down 11
      • Toto
        August 1, 2020

        If you wait long enough you wil be underground too.

        • Man bites dogs
          August 4, 2020

          @Toto, maybe so we may not be there to see it today as we speak Mr Skerrit and his government is building for the future our children and grandchildren. On like yourself and that jokers so-called Workers clowns party has noooooo further future in life put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  8. Iamanidiot
    July 31, 2020

    Again, funny 6 months ago you said that the Young Lady’s claim when she spoke up for her community was “Far from the truth”. Today you’re agreeing with her on the issue that certain communities need better internet access. I also heard you say on a show with the prime minister that you not satisfied with internet around the country, how providers are too slow and how they aren’t going places where they might not make money. Which begs the question, HOW, is what you’re saying this month different from what the child said some 4 months ago. Where, instead of you showing support you and the minister of “education” refuted her claim. I really think you owe her an apology and note that a child that doesn’t have a driver’s license has better foresight, and is more aware of what’s going on in the country in terms of internet access…which I thought was your area. Clearly I was wrong, but I guess your goal is to make the government look good, not what actually affects the citizens

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    • Pipo
      August 1, 2020

      You do your name justice. It was not Mr. George chastising that student for telling the truth but a dim Minister of education. Mr. George always knew the situation and worked to improve it. Although I do not like the government he represents I must take my hat of to him this time and say thank you. Better late than never.

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 3 Thumb down 6
      • Iamanidiot
        August 1, 2020

        It seems that I must pass on my name to you. Do a quick Google and you will see what his statement was to the student. I would post it but it was from another online paper so I don’t think DNO will allow it. He told her her comment was far from the truth among other things. Go look for it and when you done come back here and apologize.

        ADMIN: We typically allow links to other sources if its relevant to the article or provides a factual basis for an assertion being made.

        A brief audio clip of Minister George’s response can be found here:

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