Government to meet visiting Dominicans this morning

Visiting Dominicans at a past meeting with the government

Government will be meeting with visiting Dominicans, hundreds of whom have been on island for the celebration of Dominica’s 40th Anniversary of Independence.

“As you know, it is this government which started a programme of meeting Dominicans who would be here for the Independence celebrations, to share with them, what we’re doing, what we’ve done and the vision for Dominica,” Prime Minister Skerrit said in an interview on state-owned DBS Radio this morning. ”

He said this meeting provides a wonderful opportunity to exchange ideas.

“Because it is only in the exchanging of ideas that the government can not only tell them what we’re doing but they also have suggestions and recommendations as to how they see themselves making a contribution and what are the policies and programmes they believe…the government should pursue which can bring rich opportunities for our country.”

“…..As far as this Dominica Labour Party is concerned, no matter where  you are in the world, you’re a Dominican and once you have a positive outlook and a positive perspective, positive view about your country, we will embrace you,” Skerrit declared.

The meeting will be held from 10:00 o’clock this morning at the St. Alphonsus Parish Hall in Goodwill.

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  1. November 3, 2018

    As a Dominican I celebrate DA. after 40 years but where are the people that take us there we hear no mention of those that work so hard to take us to independence it was a hard and rough road to get there now the same so call DLP. is here celebrating while our first PM. is not even being mention it a shame that we can give every one awards and praises but the people that make it possible the DLP. can do better
    than that show respect to your state men they are important to history .

  2. Neville
    November 2, 2018

    The only reason he wants to meet them is to get more votes. Apart from that he doesn’t care about them one little bit. Skerrit is a classical ‘user’. Unfortunately the majority of Dominicans still haven’t realised that he is a corrupt and incompetent dictator that is running our country to the ground. Shame on all you supporters whatever your motivation might be!

  3. Bob Denis
    November 1, 2018

    It hurt’s me to the bone , when Some Dominicans do what they do, i’ve been in certain situations, when Dominicans , some with Morale disturbing Ambitions, collaborate with foreign entities to stifle Dominica’ self determination . Some live with Twisted interest , some through ignorance, are willing to follow any path . Is it right to allow Dominican Nationals living in the Diaspora to vote? Nationals who continue to support the Island in any Island building ventures e.g investments, banking ect, should be allowed to vote, and that should be open to both supporters of DLP, UWP, Freedom or what ever party they want to hold the seat of Dominica political power. When in Dominica , some of the views within the Diasporas , are unacceptable depending who you speak to, in some cases , discourses could be very slippery , A vast percentage of Dominicans on the Island, are certainly no fool.

    • Bouche Kabwit
      November 2, 2018

      Hey BP Bob ! A vast percentage of Dominicans on the Island, are certainly no fool. Really Denis??????If so. how come they accept such poor standards like becoming Skerrit P.M in the first place? Next to remain in power?
      It has ben said , he was a school teacher even at the state college teaching what? ENG who?? Lish when the man cannot form a proper sentence! Oh My finger! Alick Lawrence alias Nkomo told us Skrit was en-route to Harvard & instead he decided to enter politics to serve his country.” Man give us a break Denis. You and all NUTS. All these guys have somethings in common. Will mention two.( 91)Their fathers left home never to return (2) These guys were not breast fed : reason for their greed Dominican greed. Denis saqway Black power. Do you agree, our intellectuals real , or imagine, apparent, Psuedo your choice .
      Doyou recall how Idi Amin dealt with them back in the day?

  4. truth
    November 1, 2018

    skerit want to meet with diesporans, why doesn’t he want to meet with the people from Portsmouth? Since maria, He have been hiding from the possie people, Playing phychology, He is waiting when election is closer, Then he will come and give a promise , then when election is passed, Everything die, Same Portsmouth people, As foolish as ever, The village where anything goes, When you meet foolish people, That’s the way you deal with them

    • RandyX
      November 2, 2018

      …but they still keep voting for him!! How doesn’t hear must feel.

  5. Who feels it knows it
    November 1, 2018

    Something is wrong with us you know. Here is Skerrit and his government meeting with visiting D’cans, most of whom don’t only come here once a year and are not familiar with our struggles here. But why is Skerrit and his government make an effort to meet with those of us here? Why don’t they have a town hall or street meeting with us and answer our questions? Why is Skerrit not meeting with the Possie people to discuss the void left by Ross? Why did he not meet with Ross when they badly needed to meet with him? When was the last time Skerrit met his Constituence? When was the last last time any of the ministers met with their Constituence at least to put a development plan forward or just to talk about anything resilient? But yes he will meet with visiting Dominicans that know where they going to work every morning, know how to feed their families, know what college their children going to unlike those of us here that don’t know where China taking us and if we can use our passport

    • Moistest Jheri Curl
      November 1, 2018

      Because those foreigners presumably have more financial resources than the average Dominican.
      Also, if you meet with them they will then return to vote if you provide transportation for them.

  6. Ibo France
    November 1, 2018

    This is a government that only listens to itself. According to the PM, he only wants positive views. So only conformists will be given a listening ear. If you are critical of the 18 years of his regime’s coarsening of political debate, disconnection with the truth, economic underdevelopment, mushrooming joblessness, lack of infrastructural maturation and political immaturity, you are unwelcomed. Skerrit meeting the ‘Diasporans’ is an exercise in futility. He totally ignores the citizens and residents who still live on the island, will he then take advice or suggestions given by those citizens who happen to live abroad? This is just an act of appeasement. He’s desperate to control the narrative for general elections are nigh. He views every adult Dominican, not as people to be assisted to help themselves, but as VOTES.
    People of the Diaspora, are you satisfied with the impoverished state of the country after 18 years of one party rule? If not, Solution: Vote the bandits OUT!!

    • Moistest Jheri Curl
      November 1, 2018

      People that live abroad should not have the ability to vote in local elections.
      They do not have to live with their decision(s).
      It’s unfair to those that are mired in local dysfunction and confusion.

      • Ibo France
        November 1, 2018

        100% in agreement with you, Jheri Curl. When an incumbent political party can spend millions of dollars, in airfare expenses, without disclosing its source of funding to bring in overseas voters during general elections, that is legalized bribery. That’s the main loophole the DLP uses to win elections in Dominica. Why do you think that unscrupulous Skerrit and his plasticine disciples are adamantly opposed to valid electoral reforms?
        The overseas return to their comfortable homes mere hours after voting while 70 000people are stuck on the island facing unimaginable hunger pangs, misery, anguish, anxiety, sadness and hard times.
        The DLP’s time has long expired only political shenanigans have them in power. VOTE FOR CHANGE!

  7. Search Your Heart
    November 1, 2018

    My God what does the government have to say to the people? These visiting Dominicans reside abroad, in free countries and understand what democracy is all about as well as development. Iam quite many of these visitors reside in the Americas and Europe and not too many reside in Venezuela and China. These visiting Dominicans should press Roosevelt Skerrit to tell them the truth about his relationship with China, particularly in light of the free lunch we getting from China, the ammunition we see them giving to Skerrit especially in a very peaceful country like Dominica. Are they planning of using them on your blood? They need to press Skerrit to tell them why he allowed Ross University to leave Dominica, after 40 fruitful years here, that created employment for so many Dominicans and we all know Ross did not want to leave. Ask him about the three West Coast bridges that got destroyed by Erika, and to date, not one has been rebuilt. Is this the type of development you all want 4 DA?

  8. vrai den
    November 1, 2018

    Will this meeting be broadcast live, the entire meeting, presentations and questions and answers. People from the diaspora “have suggestions and recommendations”, and they have made those suggestions, such as the condition of the sidewalks in Roseau(2010 meeting), the alteration of our flag, being sold by all kinds of vendors(2008meeting). Many more suggestions, observations that nothing has been done. These meetings are just recycled year after year. Dominicans, in Dominica and the Diaspora, look carefully and see what’s happening
    and what’s not happening.

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