Grenada Prime Minister announces measures to safeguard Grenadians against coronavirus

Grenadian PM Keith Mitchell

The Grenada government has announced a number of measures that are being implemented in an effort to safeguard Grenadians from the dreaded coronavirus (COTID-19).

Prime Minister Keith Mitchel announced in an address to the nation on Friday that the measures which will include the closure of all schools in the country from Monday, March 16, teachers to work from home from Wednesday, March 18, all public and other social gatherings, including cultural, sporting and entertainment events be suspended until further notice.

In announcing the measures, Mitchell stated that Grenada had so far registered no case of the coronavirus but he stressed that his government was “taking no chances said making no gambles on people’s lives”.

The video of Prime Minister Mitchell’s full address to the Grenadian people is posted below.

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  1. March 17, 2020

    You all are uneducated a..-hole UWP Dominicans. If had stood up just like Mitchel did and announced measures to combat the virus before it gets there, would you have said ” now this is a real Prime Minister?’ Hell no. you would have blasted his measures. Stop playing party politics. Mitchel has his own problems in Grenada, getting blasted by Grenadians. That 18 to 3 got you all bazoodee. The Prime Minister and the Health Minister are both doing a great job. UWPs have the coronavirus in them. There is a traitor on board, check his horns.

  2. Lin clown
    March 16, 2020

    itassi too,are you saying we should close our BORDERS untill the Virus disappear?No wonder MARCELLIN lost his deposit,with idiots like you,UWP WILL NEVER WIN AN ELECTION.

    • Itassi too
      March 17, 2020

      @ clown did you call me and other uwp supporters idiots? Well I will not call you out but instead I ask you to familiarize yourself with our election laws before you say anyone lost their deposit: ” deposits shall be returned by the Financial Secretary to the person who made the deposit or his personal representatives, as the case may be, upon the production by him or by them, within one month of the conclusion of the election in respect to which the deposit was made of a certificate from he Chief Election Officer that the candidate was elected or polled not less than one-eighth of the total number of votes counted at the election”.

    • Itassi too
      March 17, 2020

      Clown, FYI NO UWP candidate lost their deposit because they all polled over 1/8th of total votes cast. So in the V/ case constituency total votes cast were 1, 333. Skerrit got 1105 and UWp got 228, which is over 1/8 of votes casts

  3. March 16, 2020

    You all said that Skerrit should keep his mouth shut and let the doctors and nurses do their job. Now, you all ranting what is Skerrit doing and saying? Stop playing party politics and let the man do his job. He is the leader of the country and has a right to update Dominicans on the current situation with the Health Minister standing beside him. That 18 to 3 still got your minds messed up. Well, Lennox will never be the Prime Minister of Dominica, neither bogoroy Spaggs, dirty laundry Joshua Francis, bagalaga Baptiste and*******Lugay.

  4. Kumbaya
    March 16, 2020

    Now this is what you call a Prime Minister and a real country. I believe I will be moving to Grenada

  5. Dean A
    March 15, 2020

    Skerritt should learn from this and take heed. Stop the movement of people into Dominica. Limit the movement of people within Dominica. Continue to educate the people. Build the infrastructure and supply chain to support Dominica if this curse of a virus happens to our beloved country.

    People – get smart. Avoid crowds. Don’t openly cough. Wash your hands very regularly with soap and water for at least 20 secs. Keep your house disinfected. Be aware of how you feel. Learn the symptons. Know where to go if something happens to you. Do not walk into the hospital main public area. There will be a special section of the hospital to cater for you. Do everything to not spread this. If rich countries like the UK, US, Italy etc. can buckle under this, Dominica would be crushed, so we have the benefit of foresight and learning from other’s failures and successes. View

    I am in the UK and the government has been ridiculously slow.

    God bless us all in this…

  6. Itassi too
    March 15, 2020

    Well Mr. Mitchell realizes that Grenada is a Real Country, where the citizens are educated and as a result he couldn’t risk playing with the people and gambling with their lives. Compare that with Dominica where Skerrit himself, as Prime Minister, said Dominica is Not a Real Country, where the citizens are politically ignorant to the point that he could close down a school in Thibaud and is rewarded with more votes. Then he went to Portsmouth in an election year, and forced Ross University out of town, although the town lost more than 70% of their value and yet, he was rewarded with more votes. Then he went to Marigot, the village where our airport is and that once produced a prime Minister and literally shut down and demolished their hospital and yet, one of their most popular young men, by the name of Karressa, ran for that same Skerrit and somehow got over 150 votes in Marigot! So can you not see that Skerrit is fully convinced that we are not real and can gamble on our lives?

    • Lin clown
      March 16, 2020

      I am asking UWP if you close all our BORDERS as linton said,HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO REOPEN?If the VIRUS is still being spread after 6 months then what happens.Even if the BORDERS are opened after 6 months ,we still have to carry out tests to be sure.The ministry of health is already carrying out tests.Did MITCHEL talk about closing all borders as Linton is suggesting?Closing our borders means nothing going out nothing coming in.This is going to lead to CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES,especially LOOTING that is what UWP want to see.CROOKED TRAITORS.

      • Batibou River
        March 17, 2020

        What looting? What criminals? Let me tell you something, you spineless little s..t face, the only people that loot in DA and do other criminal activities are the likes of you and your red friends.

  7. Ras B
    March 15, 2020

    BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — Spain locked down its 46 million citizens Saturday and France ordered the closing of just about everything the rest of the world loves about it — the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the cafes, restaurants and cinema — as governments took increasingly desperate measures to put more space between people and contain the coronavirus.

    More borders snapped shut around the globe: President Donald Trump announced that the U.S., which days ago barred travellers from most of Europe, will extend the ban to Britain and Ireland, where cases are on the rise.

    Brilliant move Mr PM, I can only hope that you were able to infuse some sense into the other leaders who accompanied you on the Guyana trip. Your position could make a lot of sense but it is not far reaching enough. It may also reflect a lack of understanding. Corona is never Caribbean grown, it is always imported, so without activity at your borders your position is senseless and futile.

    • somerandomguyp
      March 16, 2020

      The Government took such measures To prevent the likelihood of person(s) who may have been a vector for the virus and Godforbid contaminated their environs. So in order to be safe….not sorry hence the measures.

  8. March 15, 2020

    Well they’ve got many countries ahead of them..And so,,they’ve got much to learn from..What he’s doing is the right way to go but these things are not complete if there’s not much testing or no testing…
    I believe it’s just a matter of time before the countries that have non get something..People are still on the move and should a national of these countries shows up at there shores the person can’t be turn back,,that’s where test,test,test comes in…

  9. Kathy
    March 15, 2020

    I Applaud the Grenadian Prime Minister for taking measures to keep the people safe. I wish that our PM would do the same, it’s like we’re waiting for it to happen. Then what? Unbelievable!

  10. Rain
    March 14, 2020

    Good move from the Grenadian prime minister. Skerrit is waiting for the people of Dominica to be exposed to the virus before acting. Smh

  11. My Bad
    March 14, 2020

    But I really don’t understand DNO you know and their strategy. Based on what I have noticed of late it is clear that they have either been brought by Skerrit or in bed with him, so tMyhey don’t moderate our comments, yet all their articles are pointing to Skerrit and his incompetence.

    • SeaTurtle
      March 16, 2020

      I would have thought the later. Skerrit has no interest in buying them as long as they accept the odd envelope here and there and don’t publish the most damning comments. It was only a matter of time for this to happen!

  12. Just Asking
    March 14, 2020

    “In announcing the measures, Mitchell stated that Grenada had so far registered no case of the coronavirus but he stressed that his government was “taking no chances said making no gambles on people’s lives.”

    So is it fair to conclude that Skerrit is taking chances and making Gambles with people’s lives?

  13. Karona
    March 14, 2020

    Smart move. U cant wait for something to happen to implement measures. If you care about your people, their safety will be your number one priority.

    When it do occur, it will be too late.

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