Health minister predicts bigger, more sophisticated cardiology department in 5-10 years

Ministry for Health, Dr. Irvin McIntyre has described the newly-opened Cardiology Department at the Dominica-China Friendship Hospital, as a seed that will be much bigger with more sophisticated equipment in the 5 to 10 years.

The department which was officially opened on Friday May 21, is equipped with advanced facilities, including a 24 hr Holter Monitoring, 24hr Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM), External Pacemaker capabilities, Echocardiograms and the new advanced 12 Lead ECG Technology.

“We are really pleased, the Ministry of Health, we can just see how gradually we are going to get to where we want to be,” Dr. McIntyre said.

He continued, “What we really have here today is something that we plant in a seed and obviously as time goes along in the next 5-10 years we will see a much bigger department with much more sophisticated equipment, although what we have here so far is very good compared to the days when I used to work at the PMH and those things were not available.”

According to the minister, “our children and grandchildren will reap the benefits of this.”

Meantime, Cardiologist at the Dominica-China Friendship Hospital, Dr. Dexi Wu, said his team will continue to work hard to improve the cardiology service.

“We never stop working hard to improve our cardiology service. We would like you to keep supporting us,” he said.

Dr Wu added, “I am so excited you are here to witness the opening of the first Cardiology Department in Dominica, our room is very small, but our mission is big.”

Doctors at the Dominica China Friendship Hospital successfully undertook the country’s first temporary pacemaker implant on May 7, 2021 to resuscitate the life of a critically ill patient who suffered a severe bradycardia (very low heart rate).

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  1. Viewsexpressed
    May 29, 2021

    Thank you All for all your commentaries especially from our well knowledged Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque.
    Thanks 👍 much Brother Telemaque for your commentaries and well structured thoughts that we are able to Comprehend the hypocrisy of this Failed Incompetent Irrelevant Labour Party Government and its obvious Failed Incompetent, Immature Visionless Skerrit Labour Failed Government. SKERRIT’s Incompetent Labour Govt & Leadership has failed us BIG TIME. After Twenty FAILED Years in our Government WE the DOMINICAN People definitely have NO TIME nor interest In this Failed incompetent Immature Failed Prime ‘Odd’ MINISTER. It’s so Shameful to see and watch our people turn as beggars, are jobless, limited agricultural opportunities and this Failed Incompetent Prime MINISTER Skerrit must “Get The hell Out” of our Government. We Need UWP to take Responsibility/Manage our Government, create meaningful Plans and Jobs for our People. We Welcome Prolific UWP & Our TRUSTED HON. LINTON…

  2. Viewsexpressed
    May 29, 2021

    Yo be Honesty I, we the people of our Nature Isle Dominica should not be seen as a good partner of our Government and our Dominica.
    The country of China is an extremely Brutal, shameful, Disgusting disrespectful Animalistic CHINESE INHUMAN Communistic Government. China Must, Should go Clean their own Chinese Backyard and be this fake Brutal inhuman Communist Disgusting Chinese Government exceedingly Disgusting disrespectful and Openly and quietly are openly Brutal to the Chinese people. All of The People of China must and should be respected and protected. The Chinese People for years have ignored as decent Chinese People just for leader of this brutal Chinese Leadership and GOVERNMENT. This Inhuman behaviour by the obvious brutal CHINESE Premier and his do called oversized Government also fear the Dictatorship of the Chinese Brutal Government. The people of China are not encouraged to practice their Religious Faith and Honour their Faith and Honour to all peoples. China is Brutal.

  3. Bring back the kidnapped parrots
    May 29, 2021

    Why is it going to take 5-10 years? The main hospital in Dominica needs to also invest in at least one helicopter. Most good hospitals have at least one helicopter of their own. They should ask the US Embassy in Barbados if they can help to get one.

  4. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    May 27, 2021

    That guy McIntyre  need to shut up, because I am sure he does not have any concept, or understanding of what such surgeries entails. 
    The garbage he is talking about in five to ten years, they will see some larger department tell you the man could not even serve in the function of a physician assistance or a nurse practitioner.
    We are hearing of a temporary thing; I did not graduate medical school; but I can tell McIntyre that is no grate accomplishment, because temporary transvenous pacing involves two components: obtaining central venous access; and intracardiac placement of the pacing (probes) wire.
    The preferred route of access temporary transvenous pacing is a percutaneous approach of the subclavian vein, the cephalic vein or, rarely, the axillary vein, the internal jugular vein or the femoral vein.
    The right, or left side veins can be used; however the right side is traditionally much preferred because it’s easier. and because the left side is usually reserved for the…

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      May 27, 2021

      The right, or left side veins can be used; however the right side is traditionally much preferred because it’s easier; and because the left side is usually reserved for the permanent systems.

      The treatment involves the use of antibiotics for all wire insertions; fluoroscopy is the preferred imaging  technique; nevertheless, is often not available; hence the  alternative ultrasound is acceptable.

      Temporary pacemakers must be mandatory checked by knowledgeable competent staff no less than once per day to ensure pacing thresholds, and if evident of infections, around venous access sites, the integrity of connections, and the battery status of the external generator.

      Do the quack talking knows that?

      Installing a temporary pacemaker is a simply procedure; let’s see when the time comes for a permanent installation of a system under the epidermis (skin) what happens then!

      It is one thing to talk political fart; its another to live in reality.

  5. VereTere
    May 27, 2021

    We all can predict, but what exactly are you doing that prediction is actually going to come true or more to the point who might finance it?

  6. Waiting
    May 27, 2021

    Good news. While on that let’s also work on the neurology department because while a relatively small number are having cardiac issues an even bigger number- including our young adults are suffering from strokes and other brain related issues. Please

  7. Bussman
    May 26, 2021

    In the next 5 to 10 years eh.. u saying that for Al u to get people to vote all you again for 5-10 years eh .. sacrayy vohass … We need a new petty in power u people expired.. what happen all you doe want to comout there? All you piece of land that man.. get out man

  8. Ibo France
    May 26, 2021

    If the government is able to deliver on healthcare then that’s precisely what the people deserve and that’s good. Too many resident Dominicans have to be flown overseas to seek medical treatment.

    The Minister with responsibilities for health has promised a much bigger and more sophisticated cardiology department. However, we all know that this government over promises and under delivers every time.

    In fact, the dishonest ruling regime operates in the future. They have obliterated the past and the present. They have said that plans are in the future for a robust tourism industry; an enviable cruise village; a most futuristic looking Roseau and many more pie in the sky promises.

    Many people are now questioning Melissa’s academic credentials or lack thereof and her fitness to be a parliamentarian. I guess they will tell you she will earn a double doctorate in 5 – 10 years also. This is a real ‘futuristic’ government.

      May 27, 2021

      Ibo MALAPROP France, You ALL like to technically attack people. When others respond to YOU ALL comments or make a comment , you and DNO take offense to that.
      You ALL playing smart but not that clever!
      The CAT GARDING THE CHEESE! Meditate on that.

      • Ibo France
        May 27, 2021

        KID, if you live in a glass house don’t throw stones. The TRUTH is despite by people of your ilk.

        After major events there are usually some’ buzz’ words or phrases. After Hurricane Maria – RESILIENT; Covid-19 – HERD IMMUNITY. When I read comments by you (KID), Gary, the Dog Fella, LizzyX and Circus Clown, I’m convinced there is also HERD STUPIDITY.

        DNO has a standard to uphold. Vulgarity, lewdness, sexually explicit language are all deemed UNACCEPTABLE.

  9. %
    May 26, 2021

    Stuppessss, stop talking about what is to come in 5-10 years, while people are dying at this so called trap, called a hospital.
    Gang of wicked people!!!! After 21 years in office, i have to praise you all for that?
    Is it a favour that you all ministers of this corrupt DLP regime is giving to Dominicans?
    No its not.. Well go on and do the darnnnn thing now!!

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