AIDS can be eradicated says Allison Samuel

Samuel spoke at a AIDS health program in Salybia recently

Coordinator of the National AIDS Response Program Allison Samuel has said that the world is at the point where AIDS can be eradicated.

Speaking at an AIDS health program at the Salybia Health Center held recently, Samuel affirmed that “we need to get to a point where we have zero AIDS.”

“The world is now at a point where we can eradicate AIDS,” she said. “If somebody becomes HIV infected, that person will remain HIV infected, but the virus in your blood stream is controlled.”

Samuel stated that with the regular intake of medication, along with proper diet and exercise, the viruses in the blood stream will become “asleep.”

“The virus has become so dormant, it has become so ineffective, it is not able to reproduce more of itself, that you get to the point where we say that the virus is asleep. You become virally suppressed, so much so that your blood does not show that you actually have viruses multiplying to get you more sick,” she stated.

She noted that when a person is in a state of “viral suppression” or the virus is “undetectable in your blood stream”, and that person continues taking medication, or Anti-retrovirals which causes the virus to remain quiet, together with proper diet and exercise, then “you never, ever develop AIDS.”

She mentioned the importance of understanding how the virus and disease works. She stressed on ensuring clarity between the terms HIV and AIDS, explaining that HIV is a virus and the AIDS is a disease.

Samuel noted that contracting the disease robs a person of health.

“The reality check is that becoming HIV positive is not something everyone should attain to, for the simple reason that, it robs you of your health,” she said.

World AIDS Day was observed on December 1st 2016 and AIDS Awareness Month is normally observed throughout December.

Some of those who attended the program

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  1. December 28, 2016

    We should be thankful for all who work in the field of HIV/AIDS research, detection, care, treatment, and education.

    Thank you Nurse Allison Samuel for sharing out of your area of expertise, and thank you to all others who
    do the same.

    There are still things we do not know so naturally there will be disagreements.

    There is nothing to gain by cutting one another down. Let all who work in this field take every available tool and push forward. In it all be compassionate to these who suffer. Offer hope because it is an effective tonic for mind and body.

    Very little is said about the one thing that would greatly hasten the end of HIV/AIDS and I find this frustrating. We should be promoting the MORAL CODE God has given us in the New Testament in
    Matthew 19:4-6 which is the blueprint God has given us for marriage, along with the following scriptures:

    Romans 1:26,27
    1 Corinthians 6:9,10
    1 Corinthians 6:18
    Galatians 5:19-21

    Continued …

    • December 28, 2016


      The Divinely given MORAL CODE when it comes to sexuality basically is ABSTINENCE BEFORE MARRIAGE and CHASTITY DURING MARRIAGE: No premarital sex. No extra marital sex.

      This should be taught by parents in the homes and by teachers and nurses in the schools. It should be preached by pastors in the churches. Governments should support and promote it in every way possible way.

      If this was accepted and practiced by the nations HIV/AIDS would disappear in a short time. Of course it would only be effective where it was accepted and for those who faithfully practiced it. However it would make a difference.

      In various people groups where the Biblical MORAL CODE is honored you would find the lowest percentage of HIV/AIDS.

      Given the great anguish and suffering caused by AIDS, and the amounts of money spent on research and treatment, this is something our governments should give attention to.

      Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. (Pastoral Counselor Certificate)

  2. Justina Pelicontin-Brown (housewife)
    December 24, 2016

    No, AIDS cannot be cured. The virus is just something that is there when the syndrome (caused by you-know-who) kicks in.

    There is NO uniform test for AIDS. If you have it in Dominica, you can go to Singapore, Canada, India, etc. and be told, you don’t have it.

    AIDS is a scam, so grown up and spend your time on other worthy causes.

  3. December 23, 2016

    Lady sorry , I might be loosing my entire head but I honestly think that you have lost your entire head long time.As long as there is not a cure for aids neither the virus nor the disease can be contained.People might be confused about their symptoms ,some people never think of having the aids virus,some don’t visit the doctor often,some people have poor nutrition and many more factors.Don’t give people unfounded hope,there is no cure for aids nor are we complete from getting the virus.Protect yourself by using condoms which is not always 100% safe,it is better that you are sure that your partner don’t have aids than take risks.Avoid blood transfusion if possible,don’t share used syringes,hospital is another place where people can be still at high risks ..good luck people and keep safe.

  4. We Dominicans always talk nonsense as if we are an authority on every international matter, disease, poverty, crime, wars, and all; we know how to solve global problems when we cannot do anything in Dominica to help ourselves.

    Tell me how on earth you can make a stupid statement about eradicating aids when there is no cure for the disease as of this very day? The disease is controlled thus far, with medication; however, controlling a disease and a cure, are to different situation.

    One can only get rid of Aids completely if there was a cure. Until you hear a cure is found, I think it is foolish for you to sit in Dominica and give people false hope when you do not know squat of what you are talking about! Take Poliomyelitis (polio) as an example that was supposed to be eradicated in the 1950’s, there are people affected by polio in the twenty-first century.

    What people like you do not know is the aids virus is similar to a common cold virus, which continues to mutate. Do…

    • Continue:
      Do you have a cure for the common cold?

      There is no cure for a common cold; none has been found in the history of the world, and modern medicine. Not even the bush doctors in Dominica who have a bush tea for every sickness has not been able to cure a cold; whereas the aids virus is similar to that of a common cold do you anticipate that there will be a cure for aids anytime soon?

      For your information lady; aids has been around for more than a hundred years; however, better identified in 1981/1982, and given a more sophisticated name “acquired immune deficiency syndrome.” You should be encouraging your audience to know who they are going to have sex with before risking their life, teach them to use condoms or complete abstinence, you’d be better off!

      • In de Diaspora 2
        December 25, 2016

        I am tired of seeing comments from this man.. In essence he just supported what Nurse Samuel said. What he is referring to is the HIV virus. What she said is that even if one contracted the virus, if one would take medicine, rest, exercise etc. you will never have AIDS!!!!! Simple to understand, No????????? No where in the above statement did I see that the Nurse said you will be free or cured of the HIV virus after getting it. Next thing you will be saying is Skerrit that say it. Just fed up of reading this man’s comment. Never up lifting!! He seems to have a degree on every subject.

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