Caribbean could eliminate mother to child HIV transmission by 2030 – PAHO Director

Etienne said elimination of HIV transmission is a tremendous achievement for every country
Etienne said elimination of HIV transmission is a tremendous achievement for every country

Director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Dr. Carissa Etienne says the Caribbean region could be the first to achieve the complete elimination of mother to child HIV transmission.

“We believe that the region can be one of the first to achieve elimination of HIV, certainly by 2030,” she said during a press conference at the Old APU Conference room at the Princess Margaret Hospital this week.

The PAHO Director added for this to happen there must be improvements in the areas of prevention and promotion, early diagnosis and access to treatment and monitoring.

Meantime, she is reporting that a mission will be sent to Dominica to conduct assessments before the elimination of the transmission of HIV and Syphilis is declared.

“We need to ensure the validation process that would certify that we have eliminated mother to child transmission,” she noted.

She said that the HIV Coordinator of Dominica informed that the island has reached the threshold for the declaration of elimination of mother to child transmission of HIV and Syphilis.

“But for PAHO and World Health Organization (WHO), they will need to send a mission to all of the background checks and all of the background work that is necessary before we can declare that validate of this elimination has occurred,” Dr. Etienne pointed out. “This is a tremendous achievement for every country.”

In March of this year the Coordinator of the National HIV/AIDS Response Unit, Julie Frampton, said Dominica is reporting a rate of success in eliminating mother to child transmission of HIV for the last ten years or more.

“We have had no seroconversion, meaning that all the women that test positive for HIV during pregnancy were managed and the infants are all negative,” she said. “So we know that treatment works. So we do not want any women testing positive during pregnancy, far less to have a child confirmed positive.”

Frampton said health authorities in Dominica are “really looking forward to be able to eliminate mother to child transmission or being one of the first countries in the region to say we successfully eliminated mother to child transmission of HIV and Congenital Syphilis.”

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  1. The Real Facts - ON
    July 12, 2015

    Thirty years is a long time. The way the world is going, I hope the world and people of the world will be still around. If it is, then those poor babies, vulnerable ones who contract HIV AIDS in their mother’s womb will be free of it. God help them.
    By then, in thirty years, adults who contracted HIV may have died. Let us hope it will also be eliminated.

  2. Ben Haynes PsyD
    July 12, 2015

    Very interesting comment by this doctor. l want to say that being late is better than absence from the facts. But be real, and informed my dear. People are not that stupid.

  3. July 12, 2015

    Research for both cancer and HIV is big business.

    Some great cancer treatments have become known to our researchers and doctors in Canada. But they have not been “approved” by our government for use in this country.

    When possibly effective treatments are blocked it does not encourage people to support research.

    What about prevention? What about promoting God’s moral laws?

    The one group of people with the highest rate of HIV/AIDS are homosexual males. They are the ones most responsible for the spread of AIDS. One gay male airline steward was tested positive for HIV. After he KNEW this he continued having unprotected sex across the country until he had infected over 200 more men. Yet they lobby for “gay rights”, and governments pass laws against “discrimination”. PRIDE PARADES are held in many Canadian and American cities to flaunt the vilest display of depravity ever seen by human eyes.

    Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. Evangelist.

    • The Real Facts - ON
      July 12, 2015

      I continue to be shocked that some governments legislated this same sex marriage. I call it so-called same sex marriage. They want more laws.
      There are times I tell myself, I cannot believe that in this age this would occur and after what God did to Sodom and Gomorrah, I did not expect today homosexuality and lesbianism would be as much as out in public with they wanting rights.
      Heard through US Catholic Station, TV and Radio – EWTN, a US baker and a photographer, probably more were sued for gender discrimination against them because they refused to serve them, one refusing to bake a cake, the other refusing to take their wedding pictures.
      Some Catholic adoption agencies were forced to close because they would not allow these people to adopt babies.
      They are on the warpath against religious institutions.
      By the way, if you are interested, the US Catholic Radio Station which I listen to is WLOF 101.7 FM. It could also be heard in vehicles.

    • The Real Facts - ON
      July 12, 2015

      Did this occur in the US or in Canada? I cannot recall hearing it. This man should have been arrested and charged.
      A few years ago a Toronto man was arrested, charged and imprisoned for infecting women as well. I believe he was sent to thirteen years in prison. Not too many years considering this is a deadly disease.

  4. PONK
    July 12, 2015

    Just realized, we may have a problem with PROCESS. There is a process to everything. Please be careful my fellow citizens. Be cautious with your words. They can hurt.

  5. PONK
    July 12, 2015

    We as Dominicans seem to always want to bring each other down. A real shame. Did we really read the article? I read it over and over and I don’t understand the comments written here. Let me summarize: the REGION will reach this goal by 2030 is the hope. Dominica has ALREADY presumably reached this goal but they have to make it official using official investigations ( called here a validation process). Hmm…we read in the Negative, we see each each other in the Negative, we behave in the Negative. WoW!! Anyway, I will prematurely say congrats Dominica ( i.e. before the validation of PAHO) – Wonderful news for Dominca’s health!

  6. July 10, 2015

    If Cuba has already achieved elimination we hope they will share their knowledge and the other island nations will be willing to learn from them and quickly put it into practice.

    Like others I cannot understand why it would take 15 more years for other island nations to accomplish this if Cuba has already reached the goal. Of course there are reasons. But the public is not being given this information.

    Is here a law in Dominica that applies to somebody who has tested positive for HIV having unprotected sex? I would be surprised if they could not be charged with attempted murder or at least manslaughter.

    And why is nothing being said about the one and only preventative measure that works 100% of the time :?: If people would live by the moral code God has given us in the New Testament (abstinence before marriage and chastity after marriage) AIDS would disappear from the earth within a generation.

    Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. Evangelist

  7. the fly
    July 10, 2015

    the fly is happy with the hiv topics very good reading, it makes a change from some stupid comment i been reading,

  8. Sandw
    July 10, 2015

    Cuba has achieved this. Why another 15 years for Dominica etc to get there?

    And perhaps it’s just me, and too early in the morning for the brain cells to be effective, but paragraphs 5,6 and 7 don’t make sense. I understand the gist, but the words are not right.

  9. July 10, 2015

    bleachin ting..
    You are exactly right.hit the nail right on the head.That medical pro,that I had that conversation with.When she told me so.I then told her,if that’s the case I believe that they can certainly come up with something to knock out that diseases.Do you know what her response was. If the big pharmaceuticals boys were to do that how would she and others who are specialized in dealing with HIV/AIDS survive. That is meaning she would be out of a job.I was left with my mouth wide open.Could not believe what I was hearing.Could not believe what the world has become.
    That’s why YESHUA ( Jesus ) is still saying up until now. What does it profit a man or a woman to gain the whole world and only to lose his or her own soul.
    It’s all about money and trust you me,they could care a less. But the day is fast approaching when they will have to answer to HIM about their greedy deeds.

    • The Real Facts - ON
      July 12, 2015

      The same as cancer. A few years ago someone informed me of a TV US program he viewed. A man’s father died of cancer. He decided to do some research. The bottom line is, he found out there is a tiny pill which could be given to cancer patients but they are denied it. Same reason, those doctors and pharmaceutical companies including the Cancer Society will eventually fail. They do take chances with people’s – patients lives. One day, where God is concerned, they will pay for this.
      Last year a man in a Canadian western province won approximately $40M; it may be more. His wife had died of cancer. He gave every cent to the Cancer Society. Consider how that amount of money could alleviate poverty.
      This is why I have stated I will not give any money for such research. They do withhold information from the public and the good drugs to patients.

  10. July 10, 2015

    Some of you medical personnel appears to be overdosing on the drugs that you’ll are supposed to be administering.Where by talking a whole bunch of garbage.I spoke to a medical pro,not this year,not last year some years back here in the U.S and I was told that this has been happening here in the U.S and some other advance nations for some time now.Not to long ago Cuba claimed to be successful with theirs.So how is this drunk woman now saying that the Caribbean region could be the first to achieve the complete elimination of mother to child HIV transmission.She must have been asleep and just woke up.

    • Outsider
      July 10, 2015

      I think you are the one that is overdosing on whatever you are taking. The PAHO director said “Complete elimination” of transmission. While elimination of transmission is happening in other countries like the US, these countries have not “COMPLETELY” eliminated it across the board, meaning there is no more transmission in the entire country. Has the US completely eliminated transmissions across the entire country?There are cases happening, yes, but its not all over the country where the US can say it has stopped “COMPLETELY.” That is the point she is making.

    • Outsider
      July 10, 2015

      By the way did you know Dominica has not recorded a mother to child transmission of HIV for the past ten years? That is what is meant by COMPLETE ELIMINATION, not a case by case basis. :mrgreen:

    • Francisco Telemaque
      July 11, 2015

      “So how is this drunk woman now saying that the Caribbean region could be the first to achieve the complete elimination of mother to child HIV transmission.”

      You know it is okay for us to express ourselves not as children, and at the same time do not simply accept what we hear, or read what people say just because they are doctors, ministers of government, or any official for that matter when we are knowable; and knows better.

      Nevertheless, we should respect others in the process; I do not agree that Etienne is drunk; she is certainly missed informed. After medical school; a doctor in practice should subscribe to some medical journal: By so doing they will be informed of the latest medical findings; even new ways of treating illnesses.

      Most doctors in Dominica fail to subscribe to such medical Journals. If she is talking about Dominica or the Caribbean for that matter, will be the first to eliminate transmission of aids from mother to infant; she is behind the times, that…

      • Francisco Telemaque
        July 11, 2015

        she is behind the times, that tell me she is not properly informed!

        For at the same time they discovered that aids was transmitted from woman to woman: from lesbian, to lesbian, it was about that time they found out how to eliminate aids from mother to fetus; (baby) in the mother’s womb!

        That is common knowledge in the United States, this crap they like to talk about Cuba, as if the Cubans are leaders in medical technology is baloney; they talk that way simply because most of them are Cuban trained. About two weeks ago I wrote something about Cuban doctors in Dominica who claim to have diagnosed a Dominican with cancer, they were getting ready to cut the man open, he was advised to visit a doctor in New York, he did; it turns out the man does not have any cancer, what they saw in an X-ray was caused by untreated diabetes.

        I am not going into detail, since I do not have a medical license to practice medicine, but that is the sort of thing we have in Dominica, that is why…

      • Francisco Telemaque
        July 11, 2015

        I am not going into detail, since I do not have a medical license to practice medicine, but that is the sort of thing we have in Dominica, that is why there are so many successful surgeries (operation) conducted on our people, nevertheless shortly after the surgeries the patents die!

        Anyway do not insult her by saying she is inebriated, she is simply not informed of all the latest development. She is a medical doctor remember; it is not very easy to obtain a medical degree.

      • The Real Facts - ON
        July 12, 2015

        Another of my temptations. :lol:
        It crossed my mind to ask, what is your US girlfriend’s credentials/qualifications? Would she be the one who assists you to write and that you inform her what to write about? I am wondering if you did not give yourself away. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • Independent Observer
      July 11, 2015

      Someone just saying that they have not had a case is one thing, validation of that is quite another. If you read the article carefully you should have read about this aspect in the process of declaring 100% free of mother to child transmission of HIV.

  11. Amy Simpson
    July 9, 2015

    Keep up the great work Nurse Frampton! I look forward to hearing that Dominica is officially recognised for eliminating mother to child transmission soon.

  12. bleachin ting
    July 9, 2015

    . Because Cuba has already done it. Why must it take another 15 years for the rest of Caribbean to do it. WHY? This is an epidemic, while we are here playing politics with drug manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies who want to position themselves to make money on the treatments, people are dying. actually Im surprised they want to let people have it instead of just treating the symptoms instead of giving the cure. There are cures for these diseases people. DO NOT EVER LET THEM (Media, medical boards, doctors, pharmacists, governments) FOOL YOU. There is a cure for cancer called endoplastines, marijuana oil also works exceptionally well. There are cures for AIDS/HIV also. But they want to make money off of you first.

  13. Cyrique
    July 9, 2015

    Now that’s a positive result !! It appears to be working elsewhere therefore I’m confide that it’ll work for us. Dominica is certainly in the game !!! Well done.

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