DFP statement: Karl is right – mostly

Bernard Hurtault, Political Leader, Dominica Freedom Party

Is Karl right? In times of national crises, a country must act soberly and decisively. At such times, trivial things must be seen for what they are, dropped, and energies refocused on the critical. It is also at such times that leaders are sorely tested. For in crises, leadership requires some version of belling the cat. Who of us mice, in other words, shall walk up to the dangerous cat and bell it?  For to return to the life that we know and love, the bell of widespread vaccination must be accepted by the Dominican public. But saying this is a dangerous cat. It takes moral strength to say and do the right thing even in the face of adversity and political cost.

As political leader of the Freedom Party what would be the easy thing for me to say and do? The easy thing would be to label Karl a dangerous labor party operative threatening to take away our freedoms. The hard thing is to state that the Freedom Party fears that without the widespread acceptance and advocacy for high levels of voluntary vaccination among the citizenry – based on current global trends – there may come a time when mandatory vaccination as expressed by Mr. Nassief will become the go-to action for governments globally. And as usual, as a small island developing state we will also be forced to follow that position. Therefore, the DFP believes that it is an abdication of responsibility that the government has not taken more decisive action by, for example, ensuring near 100% vaccine penetration amongst our front-line workers.

It is simply not acceptable that those delivering care to our most vulnerable citizens are not held to the standard of doing no harm – especially when they are already mandated to take several other vaccines such as for hepatitis B. It is also right that business leaders demonstrate social responsibility by protecting the public via promoting near 100% vaccine penetration for their workers in sectors like restaurants, bars, public transportation, and supermarkets – or at the very least, have a vaccinate or test every two weeks mandate. These measures – rather than stripping us of our freedom – ensures the survival of citizens’ rights and liberties and of our beloved nation as a joint, interdependent community.

But taking that position, some say, is not smart politics. What would most appeal to some is to hit Karl hard for stepping in it with his comments. But this a much larger issue than Karl Nassief, and this is not what leadership in times of crisis should look like. Nor does leadership look like what the PM is currently doing. In fact, he is abdicating his responsibility to do the right things because of his constant obsession with winning the next election. It is clear he will do almost nothing that will upset a single voter.

So while the DFP does not support mandatory vaccination for the general public, as Karl seems to be advocating, there are sectors where near 100 % vaccine penetration must be required – and required soon. This is no time for smiling and placating Mr. PM. After almost 20 years, surely you have developed the inner strength to do at least one morally right and courageous thing – even if it means losing a few votes over it.

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  1. jaded
    September 16, 2021

    Although I do not agree with all your comments, Mr. Hurtault, I respect the principled stance that you take. The UWP leader would never make such a brave statement. He is too busy trying to be and remain popular with his base. And thank you also for not simply repeating platonic utterances like your predecessor, Mr. Vital. Continue to take the high road.

    • Ibo France
      September 18, 2021

      What is courageous about this thoughtless, vacuous, very divisive statement? This is like pandering to a potential donor for an election that all the candidates of the DFP would not even recoup their deposits. The party is as dead as a cadaver.

      The DFP is like a derelict vehicle abandoned for multiple years on an overgrown, empty lot.

  2. Calibishie Warrior
    September 16, 2021

    In the order that you want me to ask..1. does it matter? COVID-19 has killed 4.5 million in 19 months.. call it what you want. 2. When a disease kills that many people in that space of time the FDA was supposed to sit and wait for 10 years to approve? 3. The vaxed (like me) have to fear the unvaccinated getting Covid at such a rate and so severely that you overwhelm an already fragile health service so that we cannot use it. 4. This is fiction… But even if it wasn’t, the calculation of the tested drugs potential harm vs. Covid proven danger to us physically and economically makes the extremely minimal risk worth it. 5. If you are going to base decisions on Bolsanero’s lunacy that tells me all I need to know about your judgement. Please, as they say, be guided accordingly… But your final conclusion, I’m afraid, is(hopefully not disastrously) incorrect.

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    • September 16, 2021

      “The vaxed (like me) have to fear the unvaccinated getting Covid at such a rate and so severely that you overwhelm an already fragile health service so that we cannot use it”

      @Clibishie Warrior, go ahead my friend, be the Warrior as you claim it, speak out loud and clear!

      I just read a news article, which said a mother & father rushed their son to a hospital emergency because of his appendix. It said that they had to wait so long–like 5 hours– for someone to see their son, his apendix raptured.

      And what was the reason for that long wait? It was because the hospital emergency was packed with unvaccinated corvid-19 patients.

      That hospital sent the boy to another hospital and the wait was even longer filled with people with corvid-19 infections

      The father said he did not blame the hospitals but he blamed the people there, who refused to get vaccinated–he said his son could have died through the rapture of his appendix; who can accept that?

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      • Goldy JB
        September 17, 2021

        Your rubbish fear mongering not scariscaring anyone. Are you getting paid for this or your brain just empty?

  3. Ti Garcon
    September 16, 2021

    I’m disappointed in all the opposition parties in Dominica. With the gas issue a couple weeks ago, I understand Skerrit has already given the gas stations what they wanted. Yet, no news media confirmed this. How much and why does the govt owe millions in debt to gas stations? They don’t focus on the ECONOMIC issues personally affecting people, just there for cheap gimmicks and to be heard.

    That said, politics is a popularity contest Mr Bernard. You opposition people think it’s a who is more self righteous contest. What benefit is this, will the Nassiefs fund your party? And you are coming from a self righteous position where if you did your research, Israel is struggling despite having high vaccinations rates. They may soon give 3rd and then 4th booster shots. At what costs- the side effects aren’t known and there is so much cover-up.
    For example did the vaccine take Ed Registe before time? So much people who take vaccinations are dieing, but let’s ignore them.

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    • Astute Observer
      September 17, 2021

      It is sad that we think politics is about doing whatever it takes to be popular. Acting as true statesmen and women who will put the welfare of the community before politics is therefore viewed as undesirable, not admirable. This is a sad commentary on our country

    • Ibo France
      September 18, 2021

      You have made some very pertinent and succinct points. I made the observation that probably Karl is perceived to be a potential donor to the DFP.

      These arrogant, forceful, condescending and sanctimonious public statements often rub people the wrong way.

      My thing is this. Many people have legitiimate concerns about the vaccines. How dare you take this haughty position to summarily disregard and dismiss them! is that inclusive or sensible leadership? Is there no room at the table of thoughts and reason for dissent? The man who thinks he knows it all is the biggest fool alive.

  4. Hope
    September 16, 2021

    And that right there Mr. Hurtault is exactly the reason why Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit is the prime minister and you are……hmmm…..who exactly?

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  5. Jonathan Y St Jean
    September 16, 2021

    Remember it was the Freedom Party which went to bed with the Labour Party to get rid of the ruling UWP. Since then the Freedom Party is a relic of what it was during the leadership of Dame Eugenia Charles. The Current President has become the Siamese twin of Skerritt. The Freedom Party owes the people of Dominca a big apology for the mess they helped create. Now under new leadership they are calling for the monster they created to take away the rights of citizens to live in a free society. Remember also that Skerritt said he will not implement mandatory vaccination. His surrogate Karl, who has suddenly found his voice is calling on the opposition to implement a vaccine mandate and not the rulling party, and the Freedom Party is in agreement. Therefore the Freedom Party as part of the opposition is recommending vaccine mandate for Dominicans. What has happened to the freedom of choice we have as citizens of a democratic Dominca. More shame on the Freedom Party.

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  6. Ibo France
    September 16, 2021

    We live in an era where politicians and those who crave for political office think they are omniscient (know it all) and all opposing views and the rights of all others are of no significance.

    This is exactly the thinking of those insensitive politicians with dictatorial tendencies. They should be flogged with your votes during an election.

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  7. Viewsexpressed
    September 16, 2021

    Pipo, this is the most dangerous thought I have read from an intellectual politician. That’s your thought whatever that means. We are openly and honestly in favour of Vaccination. You have penned some thoughts that we just don’t understand.
    Vaccination is key and in need to avoid the sickness of our people in particular the elderly, children and the vulnerable.
    I have had my Vaccination, both, and do has my family and all is well and healthy and continues with their lives and professions.
    We don’t like nor accommodate the loose thoughts of some people who pen their thoughts, we welcome this but it must be out in context and without fear. Our well medical practitioners are supperb and well versed in their medical professions. We must accommodate and enable our people to accommodate what is good for them and their families. Let’s recognised and promote and accommodate our prestigious Health professionals at all times. We openly accommodate them for their professional services…

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  8. Original
    September 16, 2021

    Before now I’ve not heard anyone refer to karl nassief as being a labourite. Why this constant need to define persons, who the man supports is his opinion, stop the discrimination just as with the vax and unvax. Do we have an issue with our front line workers contacting covid-19? Our situation is not this of north America so why this assimilation towards them. Let us deal with our context and enough of this fear mongering covid-19 is treatable it. Covid related deaths are less than 1/2 a percentage point of the infected as compared to 2% worldwide of infections die. Moreover persons from north America and Europe are some of the most unhealthy obese people in the world and this should account for something with this virus. The fear mongering is just unnecessary and should be stopped especially that it leads to discrimination and victimization. Pro choice, lets not forget this vaccines are experimental and have not proven themselves.

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  9. Trucker
    September 15, 2021

    Damn fool freedom party operative..my brother i thought u were smart but u just prove to be a donkey.. what evidence u have to prove that taking the vaccine stoping the spread of covid u talking boit Frontline workers vaccine mandate..you dosnt hear u can still get it and spread it vaccine or not ?? Boss vaccinate the most vulnerable people like those with hiv aids and other critical sickness and the others will battle it on their own ..

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  10. Lin clown
    September 15, 2021

    In 1975 the DLP won 16 out of 21 seats.Because of PJ foolishness,in 1980 supporters of DLP voted DFP to punish PJ.It was DLP supporters who voted DFP into office.Since DLP supporters returned to their roots,NO political party in Dominica can stand up to the POWER of DLP.DFP did not contest the 2019 election ,and UWP lost 1,163 votes and 3 seats.FREEDOM PARTY IS DEAD.UWP is even worse.Contest 7 elections lost 6 bad RATIO.

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    • Ti Garcon
      September 16, 2021

      Are you aware in 1975 PJ’s DLP didn’t even get 50% of the vote? There was alot of independent candidates back then that splintered the votes.
      In 1980 DFP also only got 51% of the vote, so in no way it was lopsided it only looks that way because of our first past the post system so DFP got 17 seats out of 21, instead of 11.
      And going back further, in 1970, LeBlanc didn’t get half the votes, the ‘DLP’ (break away group who ousted LeBlancfrom the party), DFP and other independents split the votes so miraculously LeBlanc got 10 of 11 seats.
      In a nutshell that era showed how flawed the English first past the post electoral system is.
      Even in 1995, UWP won 11 seats and formed govt with only 33% of the vote! DFP had gotten 35%!

      • Ibo France
        September 18, 2021

        Ti Gargon, reasoning to Lin Clown is tantamount to throwing money into the sea to feed fish. It’s a most ridiculous thing to do. This guy is not rational. His cranium is like an impenetrable barrier to common sense.

    • Ti Garcon
      September 16, 2021

      But you are right to lose 6 out of 7 elections is pathetic. Some people may be butthurt, but removing emotions and looking at this logically- the entire UWP leadership should resign. If they can’t- become they feel they are so invaluable to the party- then Dominica is screwed. It’ll really be if not Skerrit then who because LL go have Skerrit there for 30 years.
      Just LLL, call him Triple L like Triple H 😄🤣😆

      • Ibo France
        September 18, 2021

        I blame the opposition parties for nothing. I put the blame squarely at the feet of the news media, business sector, clergy, the the rest of the lazy, bribable freeloaders.

        No opposition party, from anywhere in the world, can win an election in Dominica with this corrupt electoral, judicial and parliamentary systems and a most submissive, passive and mendicant populace.That’s the problem.

        Blaming the opposition parties is to play right in the hands of Skerrit. He is the epicenter of Dominican’s woes. Skerrit is titilated by the blaming of the opposition by people like you, Ti Gargon.

        Keep the focus on Skerrit and the pliable entourage he has around him. Blame the lazy and beggarly electorate who is easily satisfied with cookie crumbs.

        Can the opposition do more? Yes, as there’s always room for impronement. But not even the greatest political strategist can win the DLP with this present incredible level of corruption.

  11. Citizen Kane
    September 15, 2021

    This is a reasoned comment Mr. Hurtault,
    Good job and stay the course. Sometimes bitter medicine is best the best medicine !

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  12. Not leadership
    September 15, 2021

    Why are all leaders taking such narrow-minded, dichotomous approaches to this virus? There are more options than “mandate” vs “no mandate.”. If you really cared about people, you’d consider all the cases and options.
    1. Who is most vulnerable? Elderly, obese, diabetic, hypertension. What are ways to better protect these groups?
    2. What are early treatment options? What are ways we can prepare our bodies?
    Current governments have few recommendations. If you go to the hospital, they say “come back when you can’t breathe.” How about we focus on increased zinc, vitamins, sunshine, increased exercise, prophylactics
    3. Many studies say natural immunity after recovering might trump vaccine immunity. To the extent, allowing the young and healthy gain their own immunity with the virus, while keeping measures to protect vulnerable might be better in long run
    4. Governments have no idea where this headed with mutants. How many rounds of booster shots will you force?

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  13. Mark
    September 15, 2021

    Great statement from the leader of the DFP. Mr.Hurtault rightly pointed out that sooner or later, vaccine requirement will become the new norm (worldwide) therefore our approach should be tailored with this in mind. Remember we are all in this together. We can continue playing politics with this disease and keep dealing with all sorts of protocols, curfews, lockdowns, business disruptions etc or we can take the bull by the horns and bring back some form of normalcy to our society.
    Take the vaccine and live.

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  14. Wood
    September 15, 2021

    Freedom party….every time i read that…it irritates me…get a life and get in the campaign ring…get a slate of 21 candidates…and lets get ready to rumble….and carl only worry about his money….he will spend it on those vacinated when they take sick leave…..

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  15. Pipo
    September 15, 2021

    That is your opinion mr. Hurtauld and you are entitled to it, of course. I happen to support vaccination because it is proven to reduce the severity of infection, make it less likely and reduce deaths. However, I am not in favour of compulsory vaccination as it takes away exactly what your party promotes, freedom!

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    • Viewsexpressed
      September 16, 2021

      Pipo, compulsory Vaccination is key. My family Including our 3year old had hers with absolutely no issues. All’s Well 🙂

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    • Viewsexpressed
      September 16, 2021

      There is a medical reason why vaccination must be taken by everyone.
      My entire family from Parents to Grand Child three year old grandchild, with absolutely no issues. We all have taken the respective Vaccines with absolutely no pain, no cry, no hassle. We are all ok and fit.
      I hope that these views are well received and appreciated. We are all OK and life 😊 goes on.
      All’s Well.

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  16. Ibo France
    September 15, 2021

    There are some people who have serious and legitimate reservations about the vaccine. No one, to this day, has a plausible explanation as to the reason(s) that the covid vaccines but one have been fully approved by the FDA.

    Mia Motley, he Barbados prime minister, has he best approach. She is pro vaccine but against mandatory vaccnation. Is she weak and pandering for votes? Stop the accusatory and vacuous comments

    The DFP is not even a shell of its once formidable self. A ghost will stand a better change than it in any future elections as the party leadership is comprised of mostly unknowns to the electorate.

    The leader of the DFP vilifies Skerrit and puts Karl on a pedestal. Both men are equally objectionable.

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  17. Channel 1
    September 15, 2021

    {Therefore, the DFP believes that it is an abdication of responsibility that the government has not taken more decisive action by, for example, ensuring near 100% vaccine penetration amongst our front-line workers.}

    Aye Bernard, it is never a wise idea to champion authoritarian causes and actions that will enrage and provoke the multitudes eh.

    ‘Finished Before It Began – The Political Career of Bernard Hurtault’

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  18. Porter
    September 15, 2021

    And that, in a nutshell, is why not even the bourgeois vote Freedom any more.

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  19. BB
    September 15, 2021

    At last we have an opposition leader with balls., who is also of sound mind and judgment. Go my bro for exposing the hightail of the hypocrites.

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    • Ibo France
      September 16, 2021

      What is so courageous with expressing this very opinionated statement? This opinion only serves to create confusion, controversy and division among our people.

      There are different ways and strategies to get your message across without using the proverbial BIG STICK method. Education, collaboration, cooperation and persuasion are useful tools to get the job fixed.

  20. JP
    September 15, 2021

    Mr. Hurtault, it is painfully obvious that very little reading is done. The most vaccinated countries (by percentage of population) in the world are struggling with covid-19. Is anyone wondering why? The vaccines were supposed to stop the spread, protect the most vulnerable and prevent death. None of these has been accomplished. Here are three articles to read which may encourage critical thinking. https://www.timesofisrael.com/health-ministry-chief-says-coronavirus-spread-reaching-record-heights/ https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/life-has-not-improved-much-we-hoped-singapore-outbreak-worsens-80-vaccinated https://www.europereloaded.com/what-connection-does-gibraltars-high-covid-death-rate-have-with-vaccines/

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  21. thinking idiot
    September 15, 2021

    you so called ‘leaders’ and influencers of society are so intoxicated with stupidity with this vaccination absuridty. even if you do ‘vaccinate’ those frontline workers it won’t help protect your vulnerable. If your frontline workers come into contact with a non vaccinated or even a VACCINATED person who is carrying the virus they too can possibly get and then go on to transmit to the same vulnerable and while so many claim the vaccine prevents or reduces transmission where is the evidence of that if even after being vaccinated one has to follow the social distancing and mask wearing protocols?

    give me a smart idiot over a stupid genius any day
    –Samuel Goldwyn

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    • Sad Facts
      September 15, 2021

      The vaccination of frontline workers is to ensure they lower their chances of contracting the virus. If they do contract it, they will recover much quicker and will not require hospitalization, which the unvaccinated or sickly could use. Or would you rather our medical system be inundated with illness, and not be able to care for anyone.. Or should they show up sick and spread it.

      • Goldy JB
        September 17, 2021

        We are not buying your bull–t. Allu have all fancy excuses for evil.

  22. Theodore Joseph
    September 15, 2021

    Mr. Bernard Hurtault, Good Day Sir.We Welcome you & congratulations on your New Position as Leader of our DOMINICA’ FREEDOM PARTY.
    Good Luck🤞Sir and we wish you all the Best. I’ve been supportive of this Distinguished Freedom Party for years. The DFP has served Dominica and our Committed Dominican People exceptionally, well accommodated in support of the Freedom Party and Its Committed Mature Experienced Professional Dedicated Leader& members. We need this Formidable Freedom TEAM with its Committed Mature Experienced Professional Team. We wish DFP to continue that journey to save our government, people, country and our People in need of Decent LEADERSHIP that we elevate our people to a good life, meaningful enjoyment that we come together to uplift Government, Dominica & our People in need of Decent,Trusted, Leadership towards stability and the deserved development and support of all our people, in particular those who live in poor housing and poor villages. We’ll uplift our…

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  23. Goldy JB
    September 15, 2021

    Freedom party was already dead and buried, now you dig up the grave and bury it deeper. Way to go…

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  24. Calibishie Warrior
    September 15, 2021

    You keep going like this you might even get me to cast a fresh glance at the DFP…. Certainly this is a significant upgrade in leadership in the party …. Carry on..

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    • Look at the obvious
      September 15, 2021

      Ask questions like why the WHO changed the definition of a pandemic to not require a 10% death rate.

      Ask questions like why the FFA or the first time ever approved this drug in 1 year. Not the required 10 years. And leadership from the FDS resigned as a result

      Ask questions like why if your vaccinated and thwre fore “immune” should you worry about those who are unvaccinated.

      Ask why for the first time ever have big pharma been granted immunity for adverse reactions or death from this drug.

      Ask why since Brazil refused immunity to big pharma their drugs are not available there.

      But please don’t ask me why I’m not taking this jab.

      • Calibishie Warrior
        September 16, 2021

        Sorry .. see my reply above

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