Loose vagina after childbirth

Many women are afraid to have a child through the normal birthing process, fearing their vaginas might not contract to its original size afterwards. And their fears are not unfounded.

“After a while (following childbirth), the vagina will contract significantly, but not necessarily to what it was before,” says Professor Horace Fletcher, gynaecologist and obstetrician at the University Hospital of the West Indies. “However, it will go back down so much that the change may not be noticeable.”

It is for this reason that several women are choosing to do Caesarian sections. According to Fletcher, in countries like Brazil, the Caesarian rate is very high with some 70 per cent or so of women opting to do the procedure in order to avoid the stretching of their vaginas.


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  1. Heartfelt
    August 26, 2010

    This article, is in fact, true and it’s not in relation to men with small penises. The vagina’s walls are elastic and the extreme stretching causes it to lose some its elasticity. The size of a baby cannot compare to the size of a man’s penis. Now, not all women are the same so the changes may not be obvious in some as in others. And, we would all agree not all women would be comfortable discussing this aspect of the lives so let’s be a bit open minded here. To all the women commenting here are your vaginas as tight as the first few times you had sex or is it a bit looser now?

    It’s relative to being young then growing older. After a while it’s not what it used to be.

    • heartz
      January 12, 2011

      of course a bit looser you can feel it but i wonder how loose they get after childbirth>? :?:

  2. mabouché
    August 26, 2010

    Dno doesnt believe in freedom of speech or expression… keeping posts that are one -sided is ridiculous. I bet there are countless people who have posted comments at one point or another & noticed that the posts were quickly deleted. Its ridiculous !

    Why should we publish a senseless post advising DNO to publish news because this post is not news? An article was posted. Comment on the contents of the article. If you have an open mind you would know that newspapers not only carry news, but articles of human interest on health, social biology, sex, relationships, columns, etc. So don’t come here and spew your senseless venom.

  3. mabouché
    August 26, 2010

    DNO what happened to my post ?

    It was not posted. Newspapers are not only meant for news. As a student studying overseas, you should know that newspapers publish articles on different topics outside hard news so by telling DNO this is not news, makes no sense. While you’re overseas, take up a magazine or a newspaper and check if it’s only news they report on, then come back on DNO and write some sense.

  4. row row
    August 26, 2010

    just like it big that all. ban Caesarian. so i can work my way better. thats just me.

  5. August 25, 2010

    To DVT, your question sounds very funny. It really made me laugh out loud, the way you expressed it. But I do not blame you for asking that question. Some people just do not have a mind and ideas that is fruitful, and they do not realize it is better to keep their thoughts to themselves; for they are not helping anyone.

    What exactly does that person think they are teaching others by writing that nonsense? And they are linking it with women having Cesarean. Those women go for Cesarean because they do not want to end up with overdue pregnancies.

    Nowadays the doctor will tell you that you are going to have your baby on a certain date. Women who have no patience to wait for their actual date of delivery, according to God’s plan, accept the date that the doctor gives them and they agree to cut up their wombs and pull the baby out on the that date. But doctors are not God. If I had accept my doctors delivery date and decided to have a Cesarean, I would have had my son one month earlier than his actual date of birth, and that is sometimes risky for the baby.

    My friend had twin babies through Cesarean method. One weighed 3 pounds and the other one weighed 5 pounds. 8 pounds for two babies, sometimes one baby weigh more than that. She had to stay at the hospital for almost 3 weeks, because the babies were too small at birth.

    Another reason most women do Cesarean is because they do not want to experience labor pain. Those women in those big countries sit on their bottom the minute they find out that they are pregnant, without doing any exercise. When it is time for them to deliver, their muscles are too weak; contraction is difficult and painful, with no sign of delivery. So doctors have to cut them up to save their lives.

    But this have nothing to do with women being concerned about loose vagina. And I do not believe there is no truth in that research.

    My mom gave birth 13 times from since she was 19 until she reached 38 years old. 10 of us are healthy adults, alive today. In 1997, she came to visit me and my sister who live in Toronto. She was 64 years. As she was visiting with me, we gave her some food. When we noticed that she hardly ate any of the food, and spoke to her about that, she told us that she wanted to remain in shape for our father.

    That is to say that even after having 13 children, my mom maintained a healthy sexual relationship with her husband, even at the age of 64.

    So what is the big write-up about loose vagina after childbirth? What is the percentage of women that this article is referring to, if there is any percentage at all? How many women could that doctor have treated for him to come up with a theory like that, concerning the majority of woman?

  6. August 25, 2010


  7. newtral
    August 25, 2010

    @Stop the hyprocrisy:

    Wonderful comment. I support you 100%
    There are alot of vaginas out there that are losse.
    Women need to do the exercises that keep their vaginas in shape, and there are easy workouts found on the net, for example ;


    The benefits are enormous you will not suffer from: urinary stress incontinence, you will have better orgasms, you partner will enjoy you more etc etc.

    And women, while you keep them in shape, work on the hygiene as well, this is very important to a man and you self esteem.

  8. mouth of the south
    August 25, 2010

    @DVT: so u never heard of c-section,,,,, well that is when they have to cut the woman to get the child out,,,,, it is used when mothers have problems giving birth normally through pushing out….

  9. anonymous
    August 25, 2010

    u must b a retarded….stupes…do some research if u dont kno anyting den talk

  10. August 25, 2010

    This is a ploy! this male gynaecoligist have never given birth, how the hell he knows whether a vagina goes up or down? Those marco! they go to study gynaecology, just to mess with women. They just like being around a vagina .

  11. Anonymous
    August 25, 2010

    That’s your excuse for why men cheat? Please come better than that. And, are you implying that women cheat because their men are too small? Just asking.

  12. Anonymous
    August 25, 2010

    @Ahah: i know its up to 3 c sections

  13. Gloria
    August 25, 2010

    @Stop the hyprocrisy: I like that comment, I like it a lot. Stop the hypocrisy. Women take care of your VEEJAYJAYS.

  14. Gloria
    August 25, 2010

    @Stop the hyprocrisy: I like that comment, I like it a lot. Stop the hypocrisy.

  15. Gene, Toronto
    August 25, 2010


    There are times some people who refer to themselves as experts do not always, more often than not, provide the full story of what they claim as the truth. Those who hear and read about those matters may be misled as to how this information came to fruition; that those so-called experts inform the public that their information is factual.
    Please do not blame the men. Men who are not educated in the medical field have no knowledge of what may happen to a woman’s internal or external organs after childhood unless they are so advised. It may be that the medical doctors who examined the women informed them about it. In any case, if the men genuinely care for the women, it should not bother them.

  16. Hmmmm
    August 25, 2010

    Wonder what are we coming to? I have quite a few girlfriends who have babies and they never expressed this as a concern. So maybe its the “small” guys who are instigating these thoughts in their women to compensate for their inadequacies.

    Our bodies (female) were designed for childbirth…stop the ignorance.

  17. August 25, 2010

    That’s why women are supposed to breast feed after child-birth…every body part serves a purpose that benefits the whole……
    And the woman should prepare for childbirth with kegel exercises…it is actually beneficial even if you are not pregnant or planning to be pregnant….

  18. August 25, 2010

    @row row:

    Ooh no bro,most men love it gorda, i pretau, segura que si,not loose and big,that ugly Uhhgggg

  19. Stop the hyprocrisy
    August 25, 2010

    What is all this hyporcrisy about?

    If vaginas get loose after child birth what is the big issue that it should not be spoken about and remain taboo?

    So many husbands are cheating on their wives, and young men suddenly give up on their girlfriends after they’ve had a child, without saying why.

    If the issue is a sexual one, one that many women won’t admit if the vagina is loose, I believe it should be discussed and the necssary measures taken. And if it means getting vaginoplasty done, then so be it.

    it may not be necessary to go as far as having ceasarinas, but if exercises are available, then just as women watch their health and hair, and nails, they should take care of their vaginas.

    Or what? When the man is cheating you stay quiet and take the stree because you know he is unhappy sexually?

    Vaginoplasty all the way! And women who havent even had kids and are suffeing from vaginal looseness should go see their doctors too.

    As a woman, your vagina, brains and spiritual strength is all you got. Take care of the vagina!!!!!

    • Mike
      September 6, 2014

      I agree with some parts of your post and disagree with others.

      Some women are just born with a vagina that is looser even without childbirth and some are born with vaginas that don’t get loose even after pushing five kids out. Can’t we just say that all vaginas are different like like all penises are different? Different sizes, different appearances and all that stuff. For some women, elasticity might be easily compromised and damaged or simply not develop as tight as we think of a virgin to be. I have been with tight and loose women and I prefer loose every time for many reasons I won’t go into here, but this is more about people just not being happy with who they are. If a relationship comes down to something like this, then that person is very shallow and never cared for you to begin with, so you’re better off without them at that point.

      I agree that men will (and have) cheated if they are not being satisfied sexually, but you make it sound like this is all men or something. Unfortunately, I agree that it is a reason for cheating both for men AND women, but there are dozens and dozens of reasons for a relationship to end after a baby is introduced. There is a lot of pressure, expectations and responsibility that some people find is harder than they thought and people can crack under that pressure. A baby is a lot of responsibility; it changes your life and for some people, it turns out to be too much. SO many reasons other than sexual, but again, unfortunately it probably contributes to some degree.

      Second, why should they go to the doctor? You make it seem like there’s something WRONG with women if they are loose and they need to get it fixed right away. This is the kind of message that makes women get defensive about this IMO. There is NOTHING wrong with having a loose vagina and if someone tells you otherwise, they are the ones with the problem. It’s who you are, it’s your unique body and I take huge issue with any message that would imply that it needs to be fixed because someone else doesn’t like it. Plastic surgery in general is out of control in today’s world for silly reasons like this.

      If your partner thinks you are too small or too big and breaks up with you or cheats on you for it, that person is the one with the problem and you should be happy that someone like that isn’t in your life anymore. Don’t let them shame you or tell you there is something wrong with you. Vaginas come in all shapes and sizes, but if you really care for each other and love them truly, being loose won’t matter one bit. Be happy with what you have, ladies. :)

  20. Gene, Toronto
    August 25, 2010

    @row row:

    Useful Admonition – Taken from the Imitation of Christ book:

    If it be lawful and expedient to speak, speak those things which may edify.

  21. Gene, Toronto
    August 25, 2010


    I love your response. When people are at a loss for words and read something as shocking as this and what they did not expect to read about, it is exactly what they should state.
    As the saying: “Don’t make me laugh!” Your comments really made me laugh. The response is, simple, short and sweet. A great, “Statement of the Day”.
    I wonder what will Our Lord Jesus Christ say about those women? WWJS? Are you Christians?
    As another saying: “What else is new, eh?” So, today, there are women who are concerned about that? I do hope they are in the minority. i.e., only a few of them who are of this opinion.
    I have never heard or read of such a thing. Have I missed out on something? I bet not.
    Who placed this thought in their hearts and minds? Is this the result of technology, medical learning process and medical advice of this era? Surely, those women could not have taken it upon themselves to be of this opinion and to make such a statement. Are these women married or single? I cannot visualize a married woman being concerned about that. She should be too happy to procreate and have children.
    There are times I may forget that sex and sexual activity rules in this era rather than God, worshipping Him and genuinely so, faithfulness to Him and His Commandments, increased immorality and lack of common sense, not putting God first but oneself and selfishly so. Not considering that: “All things work for good to those who love God.” The reason why those women could be of this opinion.
    It is all vanity. As it is stated in Holy Scripture – Old Testament – “All is vanity.” There is a price to pay for this and for progress.
    …And Our Almighty Father said: “Go and multiply the world.” The joy of procreation, of bringing children into the world and nurturing them appropriately to adulthood. The joy of reaping the benefits to observe them grow up to be healthy, godly, law-abiding and useful youths and adults.
    Consider our mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers of all who lived in an era where technology did not exist and they had no alternative but to have their children normally; not even in a hospital but at home with the help of a mid-wife. Many of them had several children and healthy ones at that and obviously suffered when bringing them into the world. They did their part to God and to society without complaining what their bodies would be like after they have children. They were too happy that their children were born.
    They did not worry about this foolishness which is vanity. If this is the concern of some women, then just do not have any children and more so if you are not married. Do not go where you will be burned. Stay away from fire.
    There are many women in the world who cannot procreate and would do anything to have children. I am certain they would not be concerned about that. Their concern is having children.
    If you worry about your external part after pregnancy, read what a saintly man, now departed and who has gone to his heavenly reward, Father (Saint Padre) Pio of Italy said: “Pray and do not worry.” God takes care of everyone and everything, obviously, our internal and external parts.
    God’s blessing, love, peace and enlightenment.

  22. LOOSE
    August 25, 2010

    But i just like it loose….Oh Yeah!!!!!

  23. Justice wll prevail
    August 25, 2010

    What has this world come too? everyone is trying very hard to change mother nature’s way of doing things. We can fight against mother nature but in the end we will not win. Mother nature will prevail. It must be the last days, every thing the good book talks about is fast happening now. Rome seized the sceptre where are we today.? “We are down in the feet of iron and clay, weak and devided ready to perish, soon to pass away.”
    We are now in the toes of the great immage Part of iron and part of clay of Nebuchadnessar’s dream.
    What will the next great drama be? “Yashua and his coming eternity”

  24. Ms.Foxy
    August 25, 2010

    Oh well…I guess it can’t stay the same forever…body has to go through its natural process. *Hoping I will have easy breezy labour so vajayjay stays in tact* When my time comes that is! LOL

  25. DVT
    August 25, 2010

    But what is that nah?

  26. Ahah
    August 25, 2010

    Does that not limit the amount of children one can have altogether? As far as I am aware, one can only have two children by C-section.

  27. row row
    August 25, 2010

    De bigger de better. thats why some of them really big, now i no y. Thanks. so now you all have to ban Caesarian.

  28. jfgfd
    August 25, 2010

    ebeh weh!

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