Lupus Foundation gets $20,000 gov’t commitment

The Prime Minister and his wife pose with members of the Lupus Foundation

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has announced that EC$20,000 will be made available to the Lupus Foundation of Dominica which will go towards education and outreach programmes.

He made the announcement at a World Bank loan-signing for projects to help build a climate resilient island in the wake of Hurricane Maria on Thursday.

“As Minister of Finance, I have committed to the association an amount of EC$20,000 that will go towards education and outreach programmes and that will draw better awareness to the citizens of Dominica to this dreadful Non-Communicable Disease,” he said.

Skerrit continued, “I am seeking to draw awareness for the citizens of Dominica on the situation where Lupus is concerned and many of our citizens who are suffering from this chronic Non-Communicable Disease, and to ensure that we are aware of the symptoms and the challenges.”

Skerrit said many people suffer from the dreadful disease and sometimes it is difficult because their employers are not sufficiently sympathetic to their condition.

He said he met with the Lupus Foundation on Wednesday evening to hear of the challenges they face.

“I intend to raise the matter with the Minister for Health because the drug which they use daily is exorbitant in price and it is prohibitive to many of them … we need to place these drugs on the ministry’s list of procurement,” he stated.

Skerrit advised persons to read about the disease and to educate themselves on it.

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks normal, healthy tissue.

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  1. roy
    May 14, 2018

    High doses of vitamin D3 supplements should be given to people with lupus as this vitamin (really a hormone) is vital in regulating the immune system.
    Some may say that we live in a sunny climate and we get our vitamin D from the sun.
    Well, not enough. Why? because we spend too much time indoors at our desks etc. PLus. being dark-skinned we do not get the optimum levels of vitamin D from the sun.
    So, increase your vitamin D3 intake with about 10,000ius supplementation a day and see what happens.
    It will take a little time but it should work. Vitamin D3 is a wonder nutrient

  2. Johnnie Boy
    May 14, 2018

    Mr.Skerrit it’s a good gesture but please don’t disappoint the people they need that money real bad.

  3. Ibo France
    May 13, 2018

    I’m not giving Mr. Skerrit any commendation as he uses foreign donations and try to make political hay every time. Couldn’t the Minister of Health or a senior civil servant make this same presentation? He just uses optics like this one for political expediency. The money did not come directly from his pocket or his personal bank savings. He’s a master manipulator of the minds of simple, gullible and unlettered people. Again, the PM must stop using grants and donated materials in an attempt to curry favor with the electorate.

  4. “Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks normal, healthy tissue. “(Roosevelt  Skerrit).

    I do not know where he learn that in the quote above but that is not altogether true! For educational purpose only hear is what I learn way back in premed school! I will write this in different segments in a continuation method so that even the interesting child can understand.

    Lupus is a name originally given to s destructive type of skin lesion, implying a local degeneration rather than systemic involvement. Although the term is frequently used alone to designate lupus vulgaris, and sometimes lupus erythematosus, without a modifier it has meaning. The Latin word “lupus” wolf; erythematosus refers to redness. The name lupus erythematosus has been used since the thirteenth century because medical doctors thought the shape, and color of the skin lesions resembled the bite of a wolf.

    Currently, there are at least two…

    • Continue:

       Currently, there are at least two recognized manifestations of the disease as follows:

      (a). Discoid l. erythematosus (DLE), is a superficial inflammation of the skin marked by red macules up to three (3) to four (4) cm in width and covered with scanty adherent scales, which extend into patulous follicles which falls off leaving scars. The lesions typically form a butterfly pattern over the bridge of the nose, and cheeks, in most cases; nevertheless, other areas may be involved notably the scalp. Drug-induced l., is a syndrome which closely resembles systemic lupus erythematosus; which is precipitated by prolonged use of certain drugs, of which the most common hydralazine, isoniazid, various anticonvulsants, and procainamide. 

      (b). Systemic l. erythematosus (SLE), is a chronic, inflammatory disease, often febrile, and is characterized by injury to the sin, joints, kidneys, nervous, system, and mucous membranes. That type can affect any organ of the body, and is…

    • Cont:

      That type can affect any organ of the body and is usually characterized by periods of remissions, and exacerbation
      It was believed that SLE was a fairly rare disease; however, however, improved immunologic testing procedures have shown that its prevalence rate is about one (1) per eight (800) hundred population; plus or minus: Statics might have change since my days or after the time I dropped out of med school. It is primarily a disease of women,  occurring five to ten times more frequently in females than among males.

      Though peak incidence are between the ages of thirty, and forty years old; the disease has been diagnosed in the very old, and also the very young! SLE is the classic prototype of autoimmune connective tissue disease. Its etiology is unknown; however, the high level of auto-antibodies in the persons with SLE indicates a defect in the regulatory mechanisms that sustain self-tolerance, and prevent the body from attacking its own cells; cell constituents, and…

    • (prevent the body from attacking its own cells, cell constituents, and proteins).

      Patients with SLE can have a wide variety of autoantibodies against nuclear, and cytoplasmic cellular components. The presence of high levels of antinuclear antibody (ANA) in SLE patients with glomerulonephritis indicates a pathogenic role for ANA. Antinuclear antibodies are directed against deoxyribonucleo-protein, DNA, his-tone, and a soluble none-nucleic acid molecule-Sm antigen.

      Factors that appear to contribute to the development  of SLE include exposure to sunlight, and ultraviolet radiation from sunlamps, and a genetic predisposition to the disease, certain drugs, viral infections, and hormonal influences. No point of I getting into  l. per’nio and vulga’ris in detail.

      If they wanted Roosevelt to introduce something to serve an educational purpose, he should be better informed, I know he is Dr. Skerrit eh, but de man doh know anything about medicine, and lupus diseases!

    • Let me correct this:

      ” Although the term is frequently used alone to designate lupus vulgaris, and sometimes lupus erythematosus, without a modifier it has meaning.” (FET).

      That should read: ” Although the term is frequently used alone to designate lupus vulgaris, and sometimes lupus erythematosus, without a modifier it has “no ” meaning!

  5. Well, this is one time I cannot criticize a certain Dr. Punjab Me Almost Nearly cousin for giving money to such an organization. I only wish he had give more; and for a greater purpose such as getting more efficient medication.

    There are many different types of treatments these days than in the past.

    My elder daughter Makeba is plagued with Lupus, on a hot day she cannot venture out in  the sun, sometimes during an outbreak which could last for days, she simply have to remain in the bed; she has to be regimental about her diet, not able to eat just about anything is a problem!

    The last time she had an outbreak, we had to take her to the hospital, I thought she was going to die! Dr. Punjab boy you lucky I am approved of that gift, otherwise I would go into we other forum and slaughter you and call you all sort of nasty names boy!

    You get off easy this time!

    • Kermit
      May 12, 2018

      Lol the Skerrit wasn’t no almost your cousin. All you Dominica’s too like CLOUT! Why when he wasn’t prime minister he wasn’t almost your cousin! His family won’t acknowledge you anyway bye!!! And don’t come Nakima names lol everybody know his family names like I already see you do. Like you know so much.

      • Guy shut up!

        if you must know why I call Roosevelt My Almost Nearly Cousin, be informed Roosevelt his mother is a  natural Skerrit born, her surname is “Skerrit” The late Sarah Skerrit Wallace of Wesley biological surname is Skerrit; they are related. I knew Sarah father Skerrit, and her uncle!

        Her grandmother is a Lady in our village, she was so beautiful, we called her Ma Pretty. Well Mama Pretty the late was born to a father whose surname is “Telemaque” you see.

        If you are into genealogy try to cypher that out if can it will help you to keep running mouth closed!

        And if you think I am looking for anything from Skerrit, and Dominica, that’s your purpose, I do not want anything he has; because of Sarah Skerrit, I call him my Almost Nearly Cousin.

        Shut up; just shut up! If you want to call him your almost brother or father, feel free to do so!


    • Kermit
      May 12, 2018

      It is veryyyyy evident Francisco you jealous of Skerrit. Lmao. Get well soon. When you next you your woman at night Skerrit you thinking about. It’s sad. Lmao.

      • You crazy eh; I do not deal with crazy people, my head is crazy enough for me to deal with; I am the craziest human alive!

        Buy if you want  the worlds crazy man crown I will hand it over to you without any debate or argument eh!

    • Chess game
      May 13, 2018

      That’s in essence what Joseph Isaac said right before he crossed over, ii guess you have your price, well your friends in LA for whom you are the laffing stock will now admire you? Ha ha ha ha ha ha

      • So, are you insinuating that Dr. Punjab Me Almost Nearly  Cousin has bought me for $20,000.00 dollars?

        That is not attractive enough! 

        I cannot be bought, since anything I want in this life I am capable of giving it to myself. The reason why you maintain such opinions is because in Dominica you all operate on hate!

        I do not have a price, nevertheless, if he donate some money to help educate people like you, regarding the devastating effects of lupus, I think that is a good thing, simple as it might seem.

        If you read me correctly you would have read where I said; I have a daughter who live everyday with Lupus, I have first hand information on the disease, personally and educationally.

        Rather than talking crap, read the four segments in brief as I wrote it; it might be helpful to you! I know when to mess-up Roosevelt politically, but I would have to be an idiot to strangle him for giving a few pennies for this cause!

    • Kermit
      May 15, 2018

      Sweetheart Francisco the skerrits are for related to anybody in Wesley. Not just because they have same surname they are related. The skerrits are not related to you. Stop claim family that doesn’t want you. Nut head.

      • But you are very confused; how many times I said Roosevelt is related to the late Sarah Skerrit, born Skerrit married to Philsbert Wallace, Sarah is related to me; her grandmother biological surname is ‘Telemaque,’ if Roosevelt mother was sister to Sarah, then he would be related to me!

        I do not understand what you wrote, it is confusing. If I wonted to claim Roosevelt as a biological relative, or if he was I would have said so! Saying the man is Me Almost Nearly Cousin does not mean I am saying he is my cousin!

        Can’t you read and understand English?

        Translate everything I wrote into patios perhaps you will comprehend what you read a bit better!

      • Kermit
        May 16, 2018

        Sweetheart he is not related to any Sarah either now bye. When somebody big in Dominica somebody is always their relative.

  6. Ambrosia
    May 11, 2018

    I totally agree with you @ Me-Aloe. Who is DA first lady is and IDIOT!!! That doesn’t concern you! stupid fool.
    On another note God bless you guys for your kind generosity.

  7. Jesus wept
    May 11, 2018

    I am weeping over my country because of the level of ignorance Maria revealed which, gave me a better understanding of why such a lovely country is so backward. I read the article about US$65- million dollars the pm signed yesterday and when I read the comments posted by a few I felt like vomiting because I never thought Dominicans were so ignorant . Here is one posted by”Covermyhousenow” I mean Maria was 8 months ago and that person is still unable to cover his house back and he is upset with the uwp and as a result he and his family will not vote uwp! Sir/ madam, why should you have to depend on the government to cover your roof? Doesn’t that tell you your government is not working in your interest? You don’t have a job so you could take a loan? Well if I were in your place I would vote them out! Reggie says since Maria Da was able to produce 5500 bags of potatoes and yet u still under bluetap? Since Maria you know how much Skerrit paid Joseph Isaac to cross? Boy we stupid man

  8. St. Joe
    May 11, 2018

    This is a very serious disease , I hope Skerrit with all his devious ways are not messing around with the people, just like he did with the farmers and business owners.

  9. Massacre
    May 10, 2018

    Now all of a sudden money is coming from every where to be donated to all sorts of causes. Where was all that money before the eve of this coming elections?
    Skerro , this time around we are not going to allow you to fool us again. Before every elections you have a dirty habit of handing money to all rum shops and groups, and after elections you disappear from the real issues.
    Skerrit must Go!

  10. Informant
    May 10, 2018

    As one who witnesses daily the struggles of persons with Lupus, it felt good to have the Prime Minister give some attention to the disease and the individuals we love who live with it. His statements surely made them feel good, and it is my hope that some good will come out of this to include greater awareness locally, better treatment by employers and co-workers, and less branding by others at work as “the sick one”. Those I know with Lupus are dedicated and driven, and despite their illness often miss less days of work annually than some of their colleagues. Let is support the Lupus warriors.

  11. Who is DA First Lady?
    May 10, 2018

    But DNO you told us what Lupus disease is but neither you nor Skerrit told us who is behind that Lopus Foundation. I hope is not that woman he is hugging there because we no she does not reside in Dominica and, according to our constitution she is not even qualified to vote hear

    • Kermit
      May 10, 2018

      Lmao I never know the PM wife not living in Dominica that is news to my ears.

      • Who is DA first lady?
        May 10, 2018

        @ Kermit you must be joking man? You never knew she not residing here in Dominica? You all don’t seem to know anything that’s happening in Da man. So long Mr. send her to NY, so she could raise their American children? So why you think they were not here for Erika and Maria? If you want to see her on a regular basis, apart for carnival and election season, I could direct you to an expensive condo in Manhattan NY, close to one NG Lap Seng owns and there you will meet her on a regular basis. If you seeing another person that looks like her with the PM know is not the first lady. Must be someone that just had a business appointment with him to talk about small business or NEP

    • Me-Aloe
      May 10, 2018

      And your point? She is his wife and AA, I find you well rude. The woman has a right to reside wherever she sees fit. According to the constitution people like you should not be receiving any foreign relief items when they come….IDIOT!!!

      • Informant
        May 10, 2018

        So sad that some of us are so filled with negativity, that even when something so important is being highlighted we find something negative to use as a distraction. LUPUS AWARENESS people; please, that is the focus.

    • Kermit
      May 11, 2018

      @Who is Da First Lady. Your sot the girl living in Dominica. Her children goes to school here retard! All you don’t know what to say again. So a ghost that launch her carnival band this year then.

    • Gallileo
      May 11, 2018

      Informant has said most of it so there is nothing much left to add, except to say that behaviour is syntomatic of the dreaded, core eating disease called jealousy.

    • Annon
      May 11, 2018

      So what about Lupus now? Will you all just win an election so we have this long overdue change of govT? Oh, he won’t let u win? Lol …oh Jesus

  12. Yes I
    May 10, 2018

    Aylass, they need it wi. Smh what a strange disease.

    • Roseau
      May 10, 2018

      My comment is where was Skerro all along? Skerrit do not care.

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