New hospital still being discussed

An artist's rendition by a Chinese company of the new hospital
An artist’s rendition by a Chinese company of the new hospital 

Health Minister, Dr. Kenneth Darroux, has revealed that plans are still in the pipeline for the much talked about state-of-the-art hospital in Dominica.

“We are still really in intense discussions,” he said on “Focus on Government and Development” program on DBS Radio on Thursday night.

The hospital has been on the lips of government officials for years now and during the campaign for general election last year, it was said construction would begin in the first quarter of 2015.

But according to Darroux, new information, new points of view and ideas about the hospital have surfaced in recent weeks.

He noted that a site for the hospital is yet to be determined and considerations are being taken as to whether it should be moved to another location or remain on the current site of the Princess Margaret Hospital in Goodwill.

“From where I sit, I see far more benefits in moving to a new site,” Darroux said. “I think we would be missing a golden opportunity to better the primary health care services in and around Roseau if we were not to move to a new site.”

He noted that the final decision for the site will be made soon.

“I’m sure as time goes on when the final decision is made, and I’m hoping within the next few weeks, that the nation will be informed,” he stated. “We’ll look at the pros and cons of the new site and old site and make what we think is a decision that is going to be in the best interest of Dominicans.”

Back in 2010 then Health Minister, Julius Timothy, announced that the ground breaking ceremony for the hospital in the Roseau North constituency was “coming soon.”

That same year, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, said Warner should be considered as a possible location for the hospital.

Two years later, in 2012 Timothy said the existing Princess Margaret Hospital would soon be revamped and the country will have a “relatively new hospital .. early next year” (2013).

In 2013, Prime Minister Skerrit said the new hospital was among projects to be undertaken that year through gratuitous aid and concessionary financing from the government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

At that time Skerrit mentioned that they were “unfolding the designs” of the hospital.

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  1. ParoInRoseau
    January 26, 2015

    Wait awhile!!! The PM was boasting about the new state of the art hospital which was going to be built at goodwill…now they are questioning whether it will remain there or will be built at a new location. Am I the only one who is baffled by what I am reading. The man gave the impression that everything was set. All planning and last minute decisions was taken care of. Now I’m reading this insane article! Dominicans 5 more years… 5 more years… 5 more years. Don’t forget to go to Bull’s Eye Pharmacy or Jolly’s Pharmacy for you TABLET>

    • Francisco Telemaque
      January 26, 2015

      It took you a long time to find out Skerrit …….! I found him out five years ago, that is when I stopped supporting him! He will continue to play on the hungry hearts of our country, those that are weak such as some of my relatives in Wesley. Days before the election one of my sisters called me, about a problem she had, after we addressed certain issues in regards to something Gloria Dods Shillingford our cousin our mother is her aunt, her father is our uncle; was dangling in her face making a fool out of her; I told my sister under no circumstances she vote for the labor party no matter who the candidate.

      What do you know she was one of the first persons to vote for cousin Athenia. All our nice’s and nephews voted for her, yet the dangling carrot she has yet to receive. I feel sorry for our people: they are dumb

      • Farmer Boy
        January 28, 2015

        Starting with you Sir.

  2. be responsible
    January 26, 2015

    What about the dust and noise wont it affect current operations and patients if you do it at the same location? current hospital doesnt have AC so all windows ans doors are open for ventilation. Dust and cement particles in wounds an people with respitory issues, much less for those who just need rest. also where is the space at the current site? keep this one where it is and find another site.

  3. January 26, 2015

    Dominicans are not tired of letting that government have them like papi show. When are we going to start to hold these politicians accountable?

    January 26, 2015

    in 2015 SkRIT want to build a hospital without a helipad… fix our existing hospital and furnish it with the most advance medical technology, also hire specialized doctors and include a medical research lab…
    this is what we need not a BIG BUILDING WITH PRETTY COLOURS AND LAWNS.

  5. trap
    January 25, 2015

    The steel for New bitcoin hospital being discussed.

  6. philme
    January 25, 2015

    Warner is not a good place to put a mean hospital too far from 16000 people is Darroux ok in his head they need a temp hospital use the old Roseau boys school and brock down everything at the PMH

  7. LANGLu
    January 25, 2015

    first of all it seem like dominicans like big building with colorfull paintings. a hospital is the equipment that is installed in it which can save lives and not a building. please listen to doctor pascal..

  8. Really
    January 25, 2015

    I hope the Government is not taking we Dominicans for a ride, to much beating around the bushes and get it done. New location, old location. Just get the job done and let’s move on. We Dominicansddon’t like empty promises.

  9. Malpardee
    January 24, 2015

    Hmmm so instead they give dominica architects work they have chinese designing hospital. Well, well. I hope they are serious. And hope they have everything in there , so no know one will have to travel abroad. I will pray for god to help us get this hospital because a promise is a comfort to a fool.

  10. neutral gear toyota
    January 24, 2015

    I’m tired of paying rent, I want my own home.

  11. myemailtoo
    January 24, 2015

    I seeing my house…up dere in the corner

  12. Free and Fair
    January 24, 2015

    This is a classic case of politicians ‘pulling the wool over our eyes’. All the talk about a new hospital is just that, TALK.

    “I’m sure AS TIME GOES ON when the final decision is made, and I’m hoping WITHIN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS, that the nation will be informed,” he stated. What is Darroux really telling us? He tells me, they are not sure if the promise of a new hospital will ever be fulfilled.

    • Titiwi
      January 26, 2015

      Carcon, in the case of Dominica is not govt. even pulling wool over our eyes…is polyester!

  13. Anthony Ismael
    January 24, 2015

    Architects in conjunction with structural engineers, design buildings based on a particular site/location, soil samples, access roads, wind patterns, sunlight etc. That being the case, why would the government present an artist’s interpretation of the new hospital when the site of the said hospital is still in question?

    When logical thinking Dominicans sometimes question the modus operandi of this government, we are criticized and lambasted like traitors. So basically, this fancy drawing that I see is null and void based on the minister’s own statements in this article. I expected so much more from Minister Darroux. Maybe it’s the optimist in me that’s at fault here.

    No matter how brilliant they are, talent and foresight continues to die a miserable death in Dominica. Whatever happens, this hospital is critical to the nation’s ongoing growth and development. Please get this done!! No more excuses or mistakes. Get it done!!

  14. originaljahguide
    January 24, 2015

    Boy look a laughable land. Yes I! Lord help us

  15. Jahyout
    January 24, 2015

    looking forward to the new hospital..

    • Titiwi
      January 27, 2015

      Just make sure the hospital doesn’t look forward to seeing you brother. Nough respect.

  16. January 24, 2015

    My People the Government of the day did not fool ANYONE. Can we not at least remember the simple saying”fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me” Guess what “fool me thrice means”; and when you have been fooled by a FOOL what does that make you ( a FOOLISH FOOL). A modern day hospital will be built ; the question to be asked is When? Where? and by Whom? and the answer to the latter is certainly not by Dominicans. So much for our economic advancement. Deception-Lies-Propaganda works best among the least educated and miss-informed also the wicked so called intelligentsia.

  17. Democracy 4 Dominica
    January 24, 2015

    Blah, Blah Blah……Enough talk already!!! Show us ..No more talk JUST DO IT!!!!!!

  18. Intoxi
    January 24, 2015

    Lol that was the picture of the hospital that was displayed in st joe on the political platform that made the crowed go crazy humm??! Lol and today it is still being discuss where it should be erected and then when this is finalize they will start to discuss where we getting money for it ? They had also promise on the 15 of January every student would get a tablet up till now…. By the time Dominicans realize where they are it will be to late but this country will be going down in a hand basket and you will still have people singing the son “the country nice ” Dominica am sorry they say they love you but they not doing nothing to help you

  19. peanut brain
    January 24, 2015

    totally disastrous. Not enough ventilation between the buildings. You can build a new hospital but if the staff are still the same how can this help Dominica.

  20. Lapeau L'Ail
    January 24, 2015

    That certainly is not the type of news I expected to hear. With all that talk about a new hospital before and during the elections , today our Health Minister is telling the public about the site and designs for the new hospital not being finalized. What kind of nonsense is that? Was there ever a plan for a new hospital ? Why wasn’t the site considered before they open their mouths and make statement about building a hospital? Why would you build a new hospital in an area where there is no room for future expansion? Why, after the initial announcement in 2010 are we yet to see any thing happening on the ground? Well I guess we will just keep going around in circles while getting nowhere. As usual we do more talking than working. We are a nation that thrive on sweet talks but no real action. If I may quote a line from one of Mighty Sparrows ‘calypsos ” We know, we like it so” Let’s stop and demand better from our leaders. Our theme for 2015 must be ” LESS TALK, MORE…

    • Lapeau L'Ail
      January 24, 2015

      Continuing. Our theme for 2015 must be ” LESS TALK , MORE ACTION.” W

  21. Titiwi
    January 24, 2015

    Of course that Chinese design has a site. Look carefully and you see all the buildings around it with lots of housing. That looks very much like the existing PMH site to me with main road going up to St. Aroma and the downslope to Gutter at the back. That design was definitely not made for Warner. No decent hospital but at the same time we have constructed a palace for only one man to live. Everything a..s up, back to front in Dominica.

  22. Health Care
    January 24, 2015

    Hello my people in the north, good things come to those who wait. The new General Hospital may be moving to a site near you at Point Round near Portsmouth.

    • Titiwi
      January 26, 2015

      Well, that would give the game away, wouldn’t it. Besides, hasn’t govt. earmarked that already for a golf course for our new citizens from China? That is what a little bird told me anyway.

  23. Mamizoo
    January 24, 2015

    Well DNO I am very impressed your article you gave a historical account of this phial promise by ths bunch of liars. One thing that was left out and s vey imPortantis the fact the liars also tod us that the hospital was part of the three pillar preject

  24. Nunya
    January 24, 2015

    I doubt any “state of the art Medical Facility” will be completed in my lifetime. However, the advantage to a completely new site: It would have to be self contained with all new facilities, rather than polishing that turd PMH and calling it “revamped and relatively new”

  25. Lang Mama
    January 24, 2015

    Dominicans be patient the hospital is coming on the two farmers boat and it will be offloaded at the rehabilitated Woodridge Bay port. The port rehab will start next month and the farmers boat will come in during the opening ceremony.
    The airport will be landed at the port on Portmouth fort Shirley.
    Tickle me Elmo

  26. Zuma
    January 24, 2015

    I strongly support another site for this new state of the art Hospital, however the Princess Magaret Hospital should be upgraded, and the new hospital built with modern facilities ( with an Oncology unit, Cancer research centre, Children Neo Natal Unit, Screening unit for developing disease, modern Lab, etc ) thus giving us the opportunity to be treated for matters of high medical urgencies instead of being flown to Martinique / Guadeloupe,

    Secondly there should be a landing pad for an Emergency full equipped Medical Helicopter, with trained medical staff, so that in the event that there is any major accidents persons can be flown from the point of the accident to the new modern hospital for immediate treatment. I am sure that the Government will consider a modern Hospital for Dominica and Dominicans. Persons who have gone to study MEDICINE WILL DEFINITELY SEE A NEED TO RETURN TO ASSIT IN PROVIDING GREAT Medical care for us Dominicans…. pray that this is fulfilled….

    • Titiwi
      January 27, 2015

      Zuma, you are right but it is a question of priorities brother. You know more than anyone else that as the state palace was built before the new hospital so the President will get this helipad before the hospital…after all, what is more important??

  27. January 24, 2015

    Very disappointed, in baseball terms one strike against the government.

  28. Love All
    January 23, 2015

    Politicians again. That’s how they learn to fool people when they say they have degree in politics. Yo toot sa mem.

  29. imperial prince
    January 23, 2015

    Its easy to criticize and shun every statement, while i respect every individuals opinion, i believe too many persons living on this gem, spend too much time sitting on our behinds, discussing every flaw they think existing. But where would that live this isle of beauty, people love talking, thats a known truth, how about we stop talking and start working from scratch and actually do something, talk is easy to do, but what justification is that if we ourselves bring nothing to the table.

    • Titiwi
      January 26, 2015

      Who is talking Prince….?

  30. The Facts
    January 23, 2015

    This new hospital is a major undertaking and will be a lasting one for many years to come. It will also be expensive to construct. I can understand there will be numerous discussions pertaining to a suitable site including cost.
    They must ensure that a new area is suitable. I do think Warner is too far away from Roseau and Goodwill; only my opinion.
    Is Warner not a proposed site for some sports facility?
    Then there is Pottersville, Morne Bruce, New Town and Loubiere and other areas. There should be a main hospital close to these areas for obvious reasons.
    The former hospital was in Roseau. Princess Margaret Hospital at Goodwill is a suitable site, if that area is big enough.
    I assume the reason for this article, as with other articles, is to inform nationals and to obtain their sensible and useful opinions which might assist the authorities in deciding on a suitable location.
    These types of criticisms are not worthwhile. They do not help and serve no useful purpose.

  31. Liberty
    January 23, 2015

    Well the election promise to start the project in the first quarter will not be fulfilled .
    How many more will be broken?.
    Already to start the PM made on the campaign trail.
    Funding in place the PM said?
    Now the lies come home to roost.

  32. January 23, 2015

    I’m not an architect but I thought that you should only have a drawing made with impressions only after a site has been established. Dominicans have been fooled big time and I’m not surprised that Dominicans are foolish. Barbadians call us Dominican Dummies

  33. Jon Carson
    January 23, 2015

    This the worst conceptual rendering I’ve ever seen and that further confirmed my arguments that Dominican has rapidly regressed. The country lacks any form of proper modernized heath facilities and we are speaking of development complex as a hospital. Can we not build a hospital with several layers in the country? For those who call this a design it’s not it’s a simple architectural or CAD renderings.

    Healthcare is critical to the country’s citizenry – look I read where a 5-year old boy from the Carib Territory and to be flown to the neighboring French Island and then further to France for medical attention. We argue that we need an International airport and we can’t even build a modern hospital. I would argue that we need something better in this country. After all, we got a very nice designed State House and as sad as it come across, but it is true, buildings such as: the Financial Center, the RCCU, Marpin, Social Security to name a few can put that rendering to shame – come on

    • Jon Carson
      January 23, 2015

      Excuse me I meant to include in my previous commentary “conceptual renderings”.

  34. Ma Moses
    January 23, 2015

    I have a suspicion that new hospital is going to be closer to Portsmouth because that is where the new Chinese immigrants will be concentrated.

  35. JoJo
    January 23, 2015

    But how can this be? I remember that in Dec. 2012 GIS reported that mr. Skerrit signed a contract withe China for U.S.$.10 million to build a new hospital and that it would be complete two years later. Of course I would like a new, modern hospital but is this a lie again? I really get angry when govt. treat us all as if we are imbeciles.Why can’t they tell us the truth for once or least keep us informed. So many bloggers are critised for being negative about Dominica but it is govt. itself that creates that atmosphere.

  36. Dominican
    January 23, 2015

    These fellas not easy…….

  37. Francisco Telemaque
    January 23, 2015

    Talks are always continuing in Dominica, everything remains in the pipe line where it remains dormant, forever! During Skerrit’s quest for reelection, he announced he was going to China to get financing to build an International Airport, he returned and reported “talks are continuing.” Government of Dominica will soon talk themselves to death, before any result can be seen.

    And our dumb people believe all these lies!

  38. Mahaut talk roro
    January 23, 2015

    The mahaut minister said’. We have a sight up in warner flat” now they looking for place …loll.put on the sea lots of space

  39. dominica
    January 23, 2015

    I could swear the way the PM was talking the design and location of the hospital was final, cause it had to start to be constructed right away in early 2015. Now we hearing about they are discussing location. Clearly it was a LIE by the PM. LIeS LIES AND MORE LIES. I cannot stand a bone in that PM

    • The Facts
      January 26, 2015

      It was not necessarily a lie. Probably you must listen intently and read between the lines. There are times some people miss the gist of the conversation and/or what they read.

  40. Peter Potter
    January 23, 2015

    Lies, lies and more lies…

  41. John
    January 23, 2015

    All this labour party does is FOOL the people of this beautiful country, wake up Dominicans before it’s to late.

  42. Oh La La
    January 23, 2015

    The Magic I saw on the Big Screen during the election campaign really looked like a cartoon on the Disney Channel. I guess we will have to wait for another election and they will show us a more elevated magic; and we will believe it again. Boy the game of politics; how easily and often can we be fooled. I guess “Roam was not built in a day”

    I am just hoping that the magic for the improvement of Roseau will come true. We need a new city with proper sidewalks and drainage.

    • The Facts
      January 26, 2015

      Do you mean “Rome?”
      Everything costs money and takes time especially in this case.

  43. Thor
    January 23, 2015

    My aunt is a diehard DLP supporter. I spoke to her before the election and she was rattling off the projects he government was going to start right after the election and the new hospital was right u there.\

    The lady put her faith in the what the prime minister said. Now we are hearing a totally different story. That is not right.

    How can these people plan this and then stand on a stage and lie so blatantly and know that they are lying to the people. Have they no shame?

    • The Facts
      January 26, 2015

      Some D/cans you are. Do you and your aunt expect the hospital to be built right after the election? You were not fooled. You fooled yourselves including the others who state that the PM fooled them.
      If politicians state they will do this and that if elected, this does not mean their projects will commence immediately after election. You must use your intelligence, if you have any.
      Election was in December and we are in January. Consider how many months since Election Day. How many projects which cost an exorbitant sum, if only one, could commence in two months? You are too quick to criticize. Practice the godly gift and virtue of patience. Give him time.

  44. Shameless
    January 23, 2015

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: This project has been in the pipeline according to DLP since 2010. During the election campaign Skerro said work will begin in the first quarter of 2015 but now all of a sudden, out of the blue, as if this just came to mind Darroux has an excuse for not starting as planned because we need a new site :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: . You mean all along we had not identified the site for the new hospital? Are you saying that during the campaign “last month” we had not identified a location but promised ground breaking in this year’s first quarter? Dominicans are once again realizing that we have been lied to for political gain.

    This is the beginning of the excuses and lies. I am still awaiting ground breaking on the BIG international airport that the chinese company was contracted to BOT last year. Lies, lies and more lies!

    Assertive, NOT Aggressive! :twisted: :twisted:

  45. anon
    January 23, 2015

    If the funds are there for the construction of the hospital, build it. From what the DLP stated the new hospital was going to be constructed at goodwill and plans were completed. During the campaign there was no issue of location the hospital was to be constructed at goodwill with construction to start in the first quater of 2015. Was this all a big lie? It looks as if, according to Dr. Darroux, it is back to the drawing board for the hospital. With a government that has made project implementation a priority, it has definitely hit a major pothole. I do not want to believe that the location issue is as a result of DLP loosing Roseau North.

  46. ??
    January 23, 2015

    First of all, i never liked that design. I think it should have been one structure instead of several little building spread all over the place. Keep the location and redesign.

    • Shameless
      January 24, 2015

      Thats the Chinese version of what a hospital should look like for Dominica. This simply shows that the plan was a mere plot to gain votes….nothing serious. If you think thats bad just wait until you hear no more upgrade for Roseau because there is no money :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

      Assertive, NOT Aggressive!

    • derp
      January 24, 2015

      that would make alot more sense, take the 1st world countries for example most hospitals are multiple stores high, why because easy movement of patients to different wards via the elevators , non of that running form building to building

      • Me
        January 27, 2015

        Derp, in a country that is prone to natural disasters like ours (earthquakes, hurricanes etc). one should avoid constructing high rise building as much as possible. as for elevators, believe me they can be real bottlenecks & traps in emergencies. Apart from natural calamities , imagine the scenario in case of fire for instance, with possibly the power supply to the elevators interrupted.

    • ??
      January 24, 2015

      We also need space for parking and a helicopter landing pad.

  47. anonymous2
    January 23, 2015

    This is probably about as far away as the international airport in getting accomplished. Anything to fool the people. People don’t seem to get it that there is no internal money for projects of this magnitude and if another country, such as China uses their funds, it essentially belongs to them, while being utilized by Dominicans.

  48. Pedro
    January 23, 2015

    We boast of a stadium and a State House. But the most important responsibility, namely security, health and safety is still on the back burner. Healthcare cannot be a priority for the government. How many years is this spoken of now, and you are not even sure where the facility will be? Dominicans have much patience.

  49. January 23, 2015

    Look stories…How it mentioned during last campaigned I thought everything already in order to start build the new hospital now you guys talking bout new sight, l hope not false promises.

    • Just Observing
      January 23, 2015

      During the last election campaign, we were told that construction would begin at the end of the first quarter of 2015. Now we are hearing that a site has not even been found. So it means that the design we saw during the campaign is of no use as the design must take into consideration the site. What of the engineering designs based on the soil tests (site not yet finalized), waste management, access etc. It is reasonable therefore to conclude that the election campaign design cannot be used as a site has not been identified. The final design has everything to do with the site. Based on how these people deliver aid and what the Minister said, that project, as desirable as it is will be around again in 2019/20. At the very least, another two years. Wow! When will my government stop embarrassing itself so. If you are not sure why did you give those conclusive dates. Just opening up yourself to criticism. When will we learn? Another PR faux pas. That news that will certainly go viral.

      • Lang Mama
        January 24, 2015

        Chronic and pathological liars don’t get embarrassed by their lies they just keep bon lying. That’s what they do.

      • Lang Mama
        January 24, 2015

        Have you ever seen Tony embarrassed by his lies that often blow up in his face?. Well as part of the Skerrit Labor Party investiture Tony must spit in your mouth so the lying and marauding virus is implanted into your system.
        I heard the hospital will be named Princess Lie Ana Hospital

      • Titiwi
        January 25, 2015

        They make that same mistake with the Moroccan hotel, the site not being suitable and they know that. First of all it is too close to the seawater level and has the same problem the people have in Lagon Portsmouth that can not dig a latrine or septic tank. Worse still, it is exposed to hurricanes on all sides but specially north and south with no protection.

      • mornepatat
        January 25, 2015

        We call it campaigning…like everything else you heard

    • The Facts
      January 23, 2015

      If you have a house with ample land, you can donate them to build the hospital. How about the one you reside in? Some financing from you would also assist. Be patriotic and help your country. :lol: :lol: :lol:

  50. BEB
    January 23, 2015

    Now I’m seeing that they have the picture of the proposed hospital on papers and the site has not yet been identified. I would think that is something for one to ponder upon

    • Francisco Telemaque
      January 26, 2015

      BEB, Skerrit told you all he will be prime minister in Dominica for fifty years, if he is fifty years old today, that means he intends to remain in power to the very day he die! Notice in all democracy’s Prime Ministers, and Presidents come go. Two very good examples are Edward O. Leblanc, and Nelson Mandela, Dominicans would have voted for Leblanc even if he was on his dying bed; Mandela could have enjoyed the same privilege. Nevertheless, they knew their limits, and realized they had peaked.

      Hence, they vacate their positions in order to allow others to contribute, and move their country forward. Skerrit is a mess, he does not have the ability to move Dominica forward, he knows Dominicans does not like him, he realize without buying votes he cannot win an election. It is time for people like you realize as long as Skerrit is at the apex of the country, Dominica is doomed, he does not care, they do not care as long as they get paid that’s their only concern.

    • The Facts
      January 26, 2015

      It appears they changed their minds due to some unforeseen unsuitability. This should be acceptable and not criticized. This things do happen. If only some people would utilize their common sense.

  51. Bull Crap
    January 23, 2015

    lol lol lol
    wait so during the election you all had drawing and computer graphics and all that and now site being discussed… Dominicans get what they vote for.

  52. grell
    January 23, 2015

    Bull crap keep on fooling the poor people of Dominica all of a sudden now no sight yet,i tell you people these guys are a bunch of liars,dominica is not getting any new hospital soon.CRRRRRRRRAAAAAPPPP!

    • I am
      January 23, 2015

      DUDE! I warn you already. The term is poor and stupid, POOR AND STUPID.

    • Alix
      January 24, 2015

      Grell you are indeed a born pessimiss

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