Wood ants infestation shuts down Marigot Hospital

Wood ants infestation has shut down the Marigot Hospital
Wood ants infestation has shut down the Marigot Hospital

It is now approximately two weeks since the Marigot Hospital has been shut down because of a severe termite infestation at the institution.

Officials have been forced to relocate emergency services to the Wesley Health Center.

“The Marigot Hospital is temporarily closed, for around two weeks now,” Chief Medical Officer, Dr. David Johnson said. “There is a situation at the Marigot Hospital with regards to the infestation of termites, locally called the wood ants.”

According to him the infestation is so severe, services had to be suspended.

A delegation from the Ministry of Health, led by health minister Julius Timothy, visited the facility earlier this week to observe the extensive damages.

“So the hospital cannot function at this time,” Johnson said.

He did not give a time line for the reopening of the hospital only pointing out that officials are using their “best efforts to ensure the services of the Marigot Hospital, in terms of emergency services, be restored in the shortest possible time.”


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  1. winston warrington
    May 11, 2014

    Mamizoo, ” in the interest of being kind” you assume the right to insult my intelligence by indicating that my head is misplaced. UWP supporters insult people; They are very good at it, and for that I compliment you. Whether we support LABOR or UWP is our inalienable right right to express our opinions; but what about developing a sense of collective responsibility?

  2. Always
    May 10, 2014

    Let’s fix it ASAP.

  3. xacL
    May 10, 2014

    :oops: :oops: :oops: DNO are you preventing some of your users from utilizing thumbs down and up? It is obvious that you do not need their intelligent information/suggestion.
    If they can post comments on your Website, surely, they should be able to activitate your thumbs up and down. Do not assume that your users/readers are not wise to these unfair tactics.
    They can post comments but they are prevented from this? Is it reserved for only for selected people?
    If so, it is discriminating and unfair. Is there not a Law about the Media and such in Dominica? If not, it is time that one be established, fair practices in the Media, Internet and others.
    You are receiving free information, advice and suggestion. If you are projecting “unfair practices”, you are fortunate that you are not operating in Canada. Such operations with unfair practices would soon become defunct. Charges could be laid against the Media who practice discrimination.
    I do think it is time that you are investigated for preferential treatment to also pertaining to political preference for the Media must be fair and unbiased.
    Users/readers would like an explanation about this as soon as possible. :oops: :oops: :oops:

  4. national trail
    May 9, 2014

    Hmmm. The staff have been reporting to the government for years about the wood ant problem (at least what they could see), and the have had the place treated on their own several times. The staff did not know the extent of the problem until the last treatment. Surely the good people of dominica do not expect the nurses and doctors and ward aides to crawl into the ceiling to make assesmments? There should be people for that. The Marigot hospital does not have a maintenence man. They have a grounds man to keep the yard clean and such. The staff has been begging for things (plumbing/electric, etc) to be fixed for how long. The staff is bogged down by all the maintenance work they have to do which leaves them with less time to take care of patients. It is not a labour party or uwp thing…but a government thing…because they take too long to address any issue put to them…and when ….hit’s the fan….they play pass the buck. Well it is now real, time for action.

  5. uwp
    May 9, 2014

    Barclays to cut 19,000 jobs in the uk .But don’t worry when workers win we will leave happily ever after.

  6. Monkey Hill
    May 9, 2014

    Mr Christmas was Director Of Primary Health Care for years .The Hospital was under his watch and never did anything.My God that man not serious and he is the one who wants to represent people .Mr is afraid of his own shadow. Come on people of Marigot tell MR CHRISTMAS NO WAY BRO.

  7. uwp
    May 9, 2014

    you mean the parlrep eddison james cant do anything while in opposition,if he has the balls and his constituency at heart am sure he can source funds atleast to undertake a project.but no they want to be in office for their pockets to and fool the people.the government will not and cannot do everything in every country.

    • JoJo
      May 9, 2014

      Boy, you are so one-side. When the hospital,under the watch of Hon. Julius Timothy has wood ants it is the fault of the local Rep. but when that same Rep. wants to ask questions in the House he is treated like a pariah by the Speaker, on orders from Roosevelt Skerrit. Boy, examine your brain before you speak, You making your whole party look sick.

  8. D- Selecta
    May 9, 2014

    Oh My Gosh, Look at the Ungratefull Dominicans. I’ve always heard Antiguans say that we’re Ungratefull and i’m seeing it for myself. OMG I would never run for politics in this island. You can remove your BOWELS for these people they will never like you. You’re choosing Barabas (UWP) over Jesus (DLP). SMDH.

    • Nocolor
      May 10, 2014

      Call no man Lord. is only one Lord and one God, the man Christ Jesus. Let’s put our trust in the Lord of Lords.

  9. D- Selecta
    May 9, 2014

    Where is Eddison James? He is supposed to be reporting this to Cabinet through the people who take care of the Hospital in Marigot. Marigot has been neglected by Lennox and Eddison. UWP needs to go. Change is a MUST UWP MUST GO. LABOR for MARIGOT.

    The Government will build a brand new Hospital for us in Marigot. If UWP was in power just imagine even the stadium would fall from Termites.

    • .....
      May 9, 2014

      Typical LABOUR…Pass the blame!!!!!

    • .
      May 9, 2014

      @ D-Selecta are sounding so stupid and slavish that many people should be laughing at you trying to be a Skerrit doormat. I think this is shameful and it is yet another reason a government like this Labour Party should be rejected by right thinking people. THEY JUST DO NOT CARE.

  10. truth
    May 9, 2014

    But wood ants does work overnight there must be some form of trace b4 the big nest burst so the mentainance person or cleaner didnot see it fit to report it to the person in charge. Dominica stopmputting politics in everything that going on and focus on nation building

  11. reds
    May 9, 2014

    Its a shame that for 4 and a half years that the original Pinocchio never did anything to improve the marigot hospital as prime minister not even a face lift.so everything is sKerrit or government to blame.I wont be suprised if is some person (s) see it and turn a blind eyes just for the supporters of up to spew negativity.

  12. Zors Ka Parlez trops
    May 9, 2014

    Ben Dover when you go to a Workers rally do you get paid?
    I think that is the money that was given to you from Londondery and when you got up from the dream you figure is Skerrit that pay 5 fellas like you….. mante………

    Face reality……. Skerrit can muster and will continue to muster huge crowds, while you all continue to insult and call people all kinds of names… that is where Workers losing big time…..

    FAce reality……. if Skerrit had called elections on May 5th,Workers would have lost the elections because they are still not ready……zors ka parlez trops

  13. more labour pain
    May 9, 2014

    let us remember who SHUT DOWN breezes mat in cane fieldr, they said agriculture is a had been industry

  14. May 8, 2014

    well well mr johnson is from sams gutter . they need to shake up and fire a lot of people associated with health in Dominica. This is serious.However people will not come back home when they retire bec ause the health situation is poor.Lovely island but the people far from having love in there heat.

  15. TexRanger
    May 8, 2014

    Forget the ANTS. Keep your eyes on ME!

  16. Bella
    May 8, 2014

    Does not which is in talk “the hospital ” go through inspections and maintenance? (Like wise schools, roads, airports, ports & other things to service a people in a land be looked after.) How are we to grow and develop when a , the hospital is not even been looked after to help take care of people, people take care of people but they need the help and means to do it. Govt together with it’s people have to work together, different political parties or not work together to enhance a country. Hope the problem is fixed ASAP and after which a plan be put in place to maintain a maximum code of up kept , not a minimum code but a maximum code. Dominica, Dominicans need a maximum code period. If we so proud of who we are let’s do something about it. Not just talk but do. Doers make progress and get things done. I wish i was into politics I would make a good darn PM but that’s not my calling.

  17. Fire Fighter
    May 8, 2014

    “A delegation from the Ministry of Health, led by health minister Julius Timothy, visited the facility earlier this week to observe the extensive damages.”

    Maybe we also need a delegation from the FBI or the Scotts land yard to see if there is any connection between the Wood ants infestation of the hospital and the wood ants destruction of GON Emanuel house.

  18. Fire Fighter
    May 8, 2014

    I wonder if these same wood ants had any part to play in infesting Mano house before it got by the Christmas Day fire bomb? These wood ants are very dangerous boy.

  19. Fire Fighter
    May 8, 2014

    It would make more sense to say RED ANTS infestation shut down the hospital because these dangerous Red Ants have also shut down Dominica

  20. Zors Ka Parlez trops
    May 8, 2014

    Where is the Marigot Parl Rep…Never once was mentioned made about woodants at Marigot hospital in Parliament…
    Skerrit has too take blame for every non performing civil servant and Parl Rep?
    Be real Where is Eddison and Lennox….? Isnt that the constituency he will be representing? Every body business is his own but not his own…..

    • awa wi
      May 8, 2014

      allyu people good in dominica eh. u have a government hospital being closed because of wood ants and u want to blame the parl rep for that? but what i hearing dere na? if so best we put the opposition in government since it seems they are the one running things and the current administration is unaware of what is happening to these important institutions under their watch. hmmmm take care d ministry doh fall while dem fellas dere cause they dont seem to have an idea of nothing they should be in charge of. lol lol

    • Fire Fighter
      May 9, 2014

      @Zors ka parlz trops, Is either you not living in Dominica and you only visit when you get a free ticket to come vote, you are one of those new DLP employees paid by the NEP program to talk nonsense on DNO, or you singing for your supper. Here is what DNO posted on April 25, 2012:
      Health Minister Julius Timothy has announced that the Marigot Hospital will be remodeled into a trauma centre, the first of its kind in the country, to facilitate residents from Portsmouth to Delices.

      There have been several calls to upgrade the Marigot hospital which is located in the vicinity of the Melville Hall airport.

      According to the health minister the concept and designs for the Trauma centre are being finalized, with construction scheduled to begin next year.
      Now we in 2014, 2 years later, according to the DLP we should be looking at a ne state of the art hospital and NOT a Wood ants infested hospital

  21. Simply the Truth
    May 8, 2014

    DNO are you preventing some of your users from utilizing thumbs down and up? It is obvious that you do not need their intelligent information/suggestion.
    If they can post comments on your Website, surely, they should be able to activitate your thumbs up and down. Do not assume that your users/readers are not wise to these unfair tactics.
    They can post comments but they are prevented from this? Is it reserved for only for selected people?
    If so, it is discriminating and unfair. Is there not a Law about the Media and such in Dominica? If not, it is time that one be established, fair practices in the Media, Internet and others.
    You are receiving free information, advice and suggestion. If you are projecting “unfair practices”, you are fortunate that you are not operating in Canada. Such operations with unfair practices would soon become defunct. Charges could be laid against the Media who practice discrimination.
    I do think it is time that you are investigated for preferential treatment to also pertaining to political preference for the Media must be fair and unbiased.
    Your users/readers would like an explanation about this as soon as possible.

    • ALL FOOLS DAY jokers
      May 9, 2014

      You that @Simply the Truth keep opening your mouth to confirm to all how much of a BIG FOOL you are. You keep calling people fools but your writing confirms who you are. No wonder I have never seen one of your blogs where you had more thumbs up than thumbs down. You talking so much crap and cannot see is a problem All of have. Let me try to help you though I know my task is almost useless to someone like you. You just simply have to click you botton and although you will not see a change right away, 3-5 minutes later you will realize the change.

    • Cestca
      May 10, 2014

      So that’s what it is? I thought my PC had a problem…Hmmmm….

  22. block 44
    May 8, 2014

    untreated gommier= plenty termites

  23. 100%truthful
    May 8, 2014

    When you have a government that does not mind denying a community healthcare to the point that may even result in untimely death for political gain, what should we not expect?

  24. 100%truthful
    May 8, 2014

    Ironically termites only invaded the hospital and caused it to clothes down weeks after the DLP made the young doctor their candidate and send him on campaign leave. I can foresee these corrupt guy using termite as an excuse and will try to use them Chinese to do a quick renovation on the building and install some chip beds from China, just before the election so they could boast of giving Marigot a state of the art hospital with the view of buying votes They like to kill and build just to get credit. Another sign that election is no where close.

  25. concerned
    May 8, 2014

    the blame first is on the janitors and the head of the hospital and the palrep, they were to report this matter to the health minister

  26. Anonymous
    May 8, 2014

    well i think its time for the people of marigot at home and abroad to put or resources together and fix our hospital that our parent build for us and orders and to hell with this government.iwill start with myself and pledge 100.00us to the marigot village council.

    • Simply the Truth
      May 8, 2014

      You want our help from abroad? Well, I accessed DNO last night and now tonight and I am not able to activate DNO’s “thumbs up and down”.
      If you want our help, DNO which is a public Media operation has to fix its problem.
      I hope this is posted. I will be taking steps about that. I can post comments and I am not able to activate “thumbs up and down” whereas when I post comments others can activate them to give their preferred rating.
      This is another reason why those abroad will not help except for those whom they personally know as family and friends.
      Such a Media will prevent us from assisting in whatever manner. I do think the government should be aware of that.
      I would love to open and operate an Internet Website in Dominica, one which is fair to everyone in general and not one that practices preferential treatment also to one Party.
      Everyone is writing the UN. Maybe I should write the UN about this.

      • ALL FOOLS DAY jokers
        May 9, 2014

        You that @Simply the Truth keep opening your mouth to confirm to all how much of a BIG FOOL you are. You keep calling people fools but your writing confirms who you are. No wonder I have never seen one of your blogs where you had more thumbs up than thumbs down. You talking so much crap and cannot see is a problem All of have. Let me try to help you though I know my task is almost useless to someone like you. You just simply have to click you botton and although you will not see a change right away, 3-5 minutes later you will realize the change.

    • May 9, 2014

      I agree with you on that we have to start taking care of our people in our village and therefore your invitation is just and I will be doing like wise, those of us that say we love our Island well M’got is part and parcel of it .
      To the people of M’got at home and in the diaspora reach out and do what can be done to clean up our Hospital if we leave it up to the Govt it will not be done.
      What is Dr.Christmas doing to make sure the hospital reopens as soon as possible his party have all the money spreading around after all he worked at that hospital where does he stand now.

    May 8, 2014

    All I can say is, I know in every constituency there are UWPites and DLPites, but Marigot people in particular should make every effort to ensure that come election day Roosvelt Skerrit, Dr. Martin and the DLP does not get one vote from Marigot.. Marigot has too many highly educated people to allow Skerrit to play that game on them and reward them with a vote.

  28. A Doubting Thomas
    May 8, 2014

    So instead of the Parliamentary Representative going to Parliament and discuss the situation of the Marigot Hospital, and getting some residents to help to prevent what has now happened; and inform Parliament of what was taking place in his constituency and what he was doing to help ease the situation as Parl Rep. he stayed out of Parliament for a number of years and even had their own People’s Parliament?

    So what is the question again we should be asking again?

  29. Mamizoo
    May 8, 2014

    I have always said that the truth is like a Gremlin ( like in the movie). You pour water on the truth , you spew lies and the truth will keep coming.

    There is no sophistication in the deceptive ways of this government administration- I am not even sure if they intend to be discreet ,evasive or even tactful. It seems to me that the Tony Astaphan approach has plagued the entire government system – just lie willy Nilly ; don’t give a Sh***t what was said just yesterday. If what was said yesterday does not favor the intended lies for today to heck with the lies of yesterday. Ignore the basic intelligence or common sense of the people and just keep lying.
    We have been hearing about the condition of the Marigot hospital for almost two years. Even more the condition of the hospital was thrown in the spot light when the Jamaican Artist was mistreated in Dominica.

    Some people have stated that this reckless abandonment is because of Marigot’s political history. I refuse to believe that this Labor Party government’s recklessness has anything to do with Marigot ‘s political affiliation. The situation is just added testimony of an administration plagued with corruption, ineptitude, mismanagement, square pegs in round hole; stupidity, arrogance, chaos and desperation.
    Tax payers found money for Charlie Jong; Tax payers money spending on LPO, bribery of all sort while the hospital and other essential services are in dire need.

    I expect to hear the Laborites blame the people of Marigot for not taking up the duty to maintain their hospital. Already we saw this fool ( yes I said it) from Portsmouth blaming the Parl Rep. Can you imagine that. But then who am I to expect any better from a government that is supported by such ideologies. Why should I even be dismayed when the designated or intended representative for the government in power is himself a medical doctor who I am sure knew the condition of the hospital even while attempting to dangle his carrots.
    Something got to give in this country of ours. We just cannot go on like this . got to stop this squalor like government.

  30. Anonymous
    May 8, 2014

    My take on the whole issue: Fix the hospital and charge fees for the use in order to maintain it. Health care is expensive all over the world. So Min. Of Health in order to avoid all that talk, fix it and charge for the use. Too much freeness in Dominica that causing that.

  31. %
    May 8, 2014

    Honestly that is not surprising. Does Skerrit bother about that? Surely Not!Sid anyone hear Skerrit dwell or mention MEDICAL CARE AND ATTENTION?
    After imnpoverishing the people of St Joseph, on Sunday he and THE GANG OF GREEDY LEADERS went there AND INSULTED IN THE MOST GRUESOME AND DESPICABLE way, a fine young lady FROM THE SAME VILLAGE THEY IMPOVERISHED. OMG!!!!! After doing that he Skerrit then asked them TO VOTE FOR HIM! No mention of employment.
    Its only on the Animal Show that i have heard insults of this magnitude.

  32. Rose
    May 8, 2014

    i am hearing that the Portsmouth Fire station is also infested with termites and all order pest . what is really going on . these are the people who take care of our needs . government intervene.
    Relocate these officers please.

    • RedClinic
      May 9, 2014

      All the money in the Treasury going to support the RED CLINIC!!!

  33. %
    May 8, 2014

    How can a country have a man who knows nothing about finance as Finance Minister? What do you all expect other than mismanagement. Wonder if the man has Basic Principles of Business as a subject.
    He/Skerrit built a State Deill for $27 000 000.00 instead. HE CAN TRAVEL THE WORLD FOR MEDICAL ATTENTION. To Hell with Dominicans, and i agree with him!!!!!!. I wish this building (The State Malace) would to be transformed into something productive by any other government who replaces these WICKED AND INCULTIVE MEN/WOMEN.
    Can you imagine the type of press Dominica will get if an air accident occurs at Melvillehall and injured people needs attention?
    Do we have a NATIONAL COUNCIL OF WOMEN? Have anyone heard their voice?
    SHAME ON THESE DISGRACEFUL gang of men and women.

    • Mega
      May 8, 2014

      About an air accident at marigot. I’ve said the same thing over and over again. Seems like we do not learn. Cardinal airlines crashed approaching melville hall in 1998, No proper rescue or recovery services were in place at the time. Local volunteers and police officers conducted a search operation for that plane. A Locals used his personal vehicle to transport the lone survivor to the hospital (who sadly, later passed). NO Ambulance available.
      I’d bet the nobody in emergency response ever implemented procedures in place should a situation like that happen again. T

    • in your face
      May 9, 2014

      :twisted: :cry: :twisted: :cry: :twisted: :cry: :twisted:

  34. Bee
    May 8, 2014

    Mi or hot ki sal! A hospital closed down because of wood ants/termites in 2014. The chief Medical Officer should be ashamed to say that loudly. Putting it mildly thats disgraceful. The wood ants would not be the only issue there, we’ve heard of others.

  35. st.joe massiff#2...
    May 8, 2014

    Like I always say this government has to go..there’s no other way to fix Dominica but to change this Government ..We cannot continue to give grown men chance to change and all we see is neglect especially where it’s most needed in our system…All government must help it’s people but the greatest help to the people is good governance, hard working, fair to all and most of all great integrity. It cannot be that persons are receiving monies, plywood, galvanize, food cooking in belles everyday while rum is being served to the youth with it from the parl rep of st.joe.. persons being paid $400 every week to put up red flag in layou and st.joe while people loosing jobs and those who can get is forced to be under paid..So much of tax payers monies being used for bribery of a vote yet the Marigot Hospital had to shut down for termites…Termites takes months to cause major destruction to a building of that size.. Man that’s a disgrace, everyday is some kind of nonsense that this incompetent corrupt government displays and as a young person am just fed up! I need a change and is UWP thats the only option for now so i decided to vote them even if they win or not i eh care i voting an encouraging ple to vote them too am tired we this nonsense i have my child to maintian and raise with integrity….This country needs deliverance from this chains of slavery we have allowed to engulf us because of stupid party politics and political hatred one for another…WRONG AND SELFISH AGENDAS. .. Dominicans open allu eyes this is madness .Can’t we see that its time to move on when leaders have lost their way…I mean come on what is so fearful or difficult about that??? So do a woman who’s being abuse stay there and keep saying to herself am giving him another chance??? It’s never easy to move on but it’s a must if anyone wants progress and even peace in life.

  36. Lang Mama
    May 8, 2014

    Simeone the joiner know very well that when there is too much bwa Powis wood ants will take over every darn thing and those VAT politicians ( VAT-VAGABONDS AND THIEVES) walking around giving out $50 bills,a ” shoot of cheap rum and Morroco fertilizer and blogo dow
    Hey we like it so – why not let the architects of economic slavery reign supreme in Dominica.

  37. Lang Mama
    May 8, 2014

    A nurse in Marigot told me that one day she tried to stop a family of wood ants from moving in and those wood ants say no law no constitution can stop us.
    4 weeks ago a gang of wood ants told the marigot doctor “all you doh discriminate against Chicungunya and black Sigatoka but all you trying to stop us from coming in ”

    Another nurse told me that some ants were yelling at her saying “all you letting squatters take over Canefield East let us do our thing in Marigot hospital eh eh”

    DNO how I buy it is so I selling it. I heard the government is planing to send the SSU up to Marigot to evict those wood ants but Parry told them it is counter productive.

    • Papa Dom
      May 9, 2014

      LoL! Very funny, Sounds like a good calypso. Caressa should be there to sing this one.

  38. Frenz
    May 8, 2014

    One thing for sure this wood ant take over was not a move . That was a gradual take overall while the government operatives have been bribing people.
    The toilets at the hospital had not been workig for months prior to the shut down all while the same government declared war on pit toilet and toilet distribution party.

  39. faceup
    May 8, 2014

    Labour Party is a DISGRACE !

  40. 4u2C
    May 8, 2014

    I must say even the British had more interest in the welfare and well being of Dominican citizens. That Hospital was first build by the British way back when. It was 99% wood when it was first build and it never closed. Then the transition took place where the people of Marigot sacrifice and built a bigger and better new building (Concrete). Thanks to Annaclette (Ma Bouga), Hannarose and many others who gave their time and skills to make that hospital the primary health facility in the area. With such a building that has served the area for years, it shows that it was NEVER maintained over the past 14years and as a result this is the outcome. Its a damn shame!! The British never allowed the people to suffer or deprived them of their primary care and OUR own folks showing that we worth nothing to them. Skerrit and his boys believe that they will always be well but we DOMINICANS will live to see that same hospital plays a part in saving their lives. The airport is there, a sea port is there, its in the belt of agriculture zone….MArigot will rise again and Skerrit and his boys will pay!!

  41. %
    May 8, 2014

    Look an embarrassment and public shame and disgrace the GROSS INCOMPETENCE, INEPTNESS AND WICKEDNESS of this so called Labour Party governed by SKERRIT. This is the government that forced people to go to St Joseph saying that he had MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENTS TO MAKE, but nothing in terms of medical care to take care of the poor Labourites. Instead Skerrit and Reggie were competing to see who CAN HURL THE BIGGEST INSULTS at our men and women.
    But Skerrit knows the pressure that he is under. These are CLUELSEESS MEN AND WOMEN. Greedy men and women whose only concern is greed and nothing else.
    Thanks God there is light at the end of the tunnel.
    Skerrit St Joseph was big. CALL THE ELECTION!
    nOT lONG!

  42. JoJo
    May 8, 2014

    Come on people, you don’t get a coolbwa infestation just overnight! This is neglect, plain and simple. Dr. Christmas you have a job to do at the hospital first and maybe politics second.

  43. Devils work
    May 8, 2014

    believers of the almighty GOD

  44. Devils work
    May 8, 2014

    while injustice like this continue on our land, we go to church and say we are belibvers of the almighty GOD

  45. Anonymous
    May 8, 2014

    :?: :oops:

  46. Anonymous
    May 8, 2014

    think positive people stop hating we have a nation to build

    • Lang Mama
      May 8, 2014

      We cyan build a nation on wood ants government.

    • JoJo
      May 8, 2014

      Tell that to Skerrit and Austrie when they are spouting their mepwie!

    • ???????????
      May 8, 2014

      @ Anonymous GOOD COMMENT. And any positive thought on this one will be to describe this government as a group of gangsters. That is the only way they can be described as.
      Their strong point is insults. That’s why the St Joseph people must reject them, for what they said on a native of the village. I am sure you were one of the no brainers giggling and clapping.

    • May 8, 2014

      Hating? you not seeing is the PM that hate both his supporter and the Workers? that is why he allow that to happen. So because the people not voting your party you just forget them? the Labor supports in Marigot should take note. If he cared about you he would do better. Ala people not doing that eh. Alas Lord help us!

  47. Truth be Told
    May 8, 2014

    I used to joke that you travel in and out of Dominica at your own risk… but this is not funny anymore! First the airport hotel moved to Portsmouth now the airport hospital moves to Wesley… is the airport still in Marigot?

    • JoJo
      May 9, 2014

      We also have an info. office at the airport but that closes at 6 pm., BEFORE mr. Dougla’s famous night flights arrive! Everything upside down, back to front in this place.

  48. what next another
    May 8, 2014

    so what are we saying …..a show of people a big fete like display people is the answer to our problems if the country

  49. Wood ANTS
    May 8, 2014

    We takin’ OOOOVVAAAAAA! :lol:

  50. listening
    May 8, 2014

    So closest Hospital to airport in the country remains non functional and the Chief Medical Officer is also from Marigot.

    This tells you these fellas have no say in the country.

    Puppet Men! Puppet Men with TITLES!

    Education was suppose to be a means of breaking the chains to give us a voice and providing independence but it making us momoo……..

  51. AMAZED
    May 8, 2014

    This is such an ambrassment. Didn’t the present Labour party candidate see the condition of the hospital before he left? This hospital was built by the Marigot people, Government all the government has to do is maintain it and not even that they can do! God forbid, if an accident should happen at the Melville Hall airport what will happen. When are Dominicans going to stop playing politics and open their eyes. The hospital is there to serve black, white,red, green, blue, yellow and purple. Why should the powers that be let it degenerate to this condition. The cheif medical officer is from Marigot, the resident doctor is from Marigot and none of them bothered to ensure that the hospital was up to par! Come on people, how long are you all going to tolerate this mediocrity in the government. They are there to serve all the people and if we continue to hold them blameless, they will continue to treat us as dogs. Everyone in the Marigot healt district should be out protesting because it is their love ones who had to be sent home without proper care. CHANGE IS A MUST.

    • real possie
      May 8, 2014

      @ Amazed are you kidding me? where is the parlrep why was he not doing what he is paid to do to bring these issues to the public? where is the new guy they gave the keys to Marigot that place needs a lot of attention not just by one set of people it should not have gotten that bad.

      • Shameless
        May 8, 2014

        STOP playing as if Skerrit listens to anything Eddison says. Skerrit was fully aware and he deliberately ignored the hospital’s condition. Tim-tim there playing innocent but I would fire his sorry behind for neglect of duty because that is his responsibility. Not the parlrep or the doctors.

        “I AM FOR CHANGE; ARE U?”
        Assertive, NOT Agressive!

      • Lando
        May 8, 2014

        The hospital in Portsmouth is not that far behind and where is the Parl rep;
        Well well well If the function of a Parl rep is to tell the authorities that the roof above the head of the authorities themselves is leaking only now I understand why you Porstmouth people will vote like moton batali
        Let us continue – the road to cottage where is the Parl rep; Petite savanne – where is the Parl rep; No ned to continue with this

        Stop making an a of yourself.

      • Asharah
        May 9, 2014

        Real Possi, you all have state of the art hospital in Portsmouth, so I guess you can belch you bubbles. If the matter was not brought to the attention of the parl rep, how would he know. I am sure that the problem was reported but as usual, it is Marigot so what the hell do they care? Marigot people have been victimized for God know how long and this present situation is testimony to the fact but it does not only affect the Marigot community but all the other communities in the North East. What does the PM have to say about the only hospital in the vicinity of the airport having to close. People of Dominica, wake up.

    • winston warrington
      May 8, 2014

      i never expected to see the day when people depended on Government to get rid of a simple pest like wood ants. Where is the initiative to help yourself? Termites do not invade like a swarm of bees; they build their tunnels over a period of time during which they can be easily fumigated or eradicated. Simple termite shields may be applied by contractors to contain termite invasion and thereby precludie the unnecessary alarm of making a mountain out of an anthill.

      • Mamizoo
        May 8, 2014

        Winston Warrington I am sure you did not expect to see the day when people have to line Wednesday morning in dominica for red clinic treatment and out patient treatment in vielle Case on a Wednesday.
        Winston if people must depend on government to provide toilets , two pounds of sugar, a few sheets of roofing material etc and it is all about the care and compassion of a one man government why it is that you Warrington is so surprise that the people have waited on the same government to insure that a hospital- government owned facility – a medical facility to maintain and upkeep the facility.

        In the interest of being kind I will refrain from asking you to remove your head from where it is located. It would have been better to stay quiet than offer such garbage. You only further reinforce the fact that a government that is supported by people like you cannot be good and so the adage proves – garbage in Garbage out.

      • Hopeless
        May 8, 2014

        Please don’t forget how the system runs . The governments’ number one priority is to provide a care in a safe environment for the patients. Then comes the responsibility of all the staff from doctors to housekeeper , the people of Marigot, the village committees and political leaders to see that an institution is maintained. When there is a bad outcome then everyone involved must be blamed. Usually the fault is placed from the top down. In other words Who is monitoring who? Think about that. I work in a hospital in New York and is part of management and if you are in charge you should see that things are taken care of to run efficiently. Lets try to learn from this and put a preventive plan in place for the future.

    • SAD
      May 8, 2014

      It doesn’t have a Police vehicle at the station in Marigot for over a year now,the immigration section at the Airport is without a vehicle,so it has to be Politics and making Marigot ppl suffer

    • Bat chew zor
      May 8, 2014

      What i hearing there nuh???? so is the minister that was supposed to see the wood ants?? That was the work of the maintainance men and women at the hospital, and even so the nurses and doctors who work there all day! Wood ants trails would most likely be seen by the people who do the cleaning and the maintainance NOT the MINISTER!!!! Shat man! Zor toe movais!!!! Awa man! Stupes!

  52. Anonymous
    May 8, 2014

    Seriously? this is a disgrace, the world is laughing at us, the minister of health should resign, cool bwa? shout down a hospital in a so call progressive Caribbean island?, when every thing is promise in an election year come on people open you all eyes. I don’t have a political side I am over seas and I cant vote , but problem need to be address A.S.A.P, termites don’t take over a place over nite, it takes a while so why dint a supervisor on site did not recognize the problem or did they report it and the health minister ignore it?

    Dominican diaspora in California.

  53. May 8, 2014

    Oh gadd poopa gadd !!! Wa kinda chupitness dat??
    Open ah u yeye. Ah we ah nor chupit nayga. How ah we can go wa eda 5 years wid dah govament yah?

    • real possie
      May 9, 2014

      @ N.F.L LOL the same way you Marigot nayga voted Edo all these years LOL.

  54. May 8, 2014

    Need I remind you all that the devil came to KILL, STEAL and to DISTROY ! So look it… He kill Agriculture, He kill sports, He kill local investment , He kill village council ..and the list goes on .Now he want to kill Marigot people… Its time to get the HATERS out of office. My Friends CHANGE WILL COME!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Fire Them
    May 8, 2014

    Doctors operate from tents all over the world. Doctors without borders do the same. Can we hear from the Ministry of Health and the board members to give details of the plans to take care of the sick and injured during the repair period. Just last week a woman felt sick in Marigot went to Wesley clinic , was transfered to Roseau, only to be sent back home in Marigot and was dead within 24 hours. Old Zion school is there they can set up a temporary hospital? Am I right. Poor planning and no respect for the people of the north. Put politics aside and do what is right for Dominicians.

  56. Doc. Love
    May 8, 2014

    I hope it is not the same wood ants that is eating up the Skeritt led cabinet. :lol:

  57. Educator
    May 8, 2014

    Skerrit is too busy announcing the new sports projects to worry about a lowly hospital in Marigot.

    He reminds me of people who like to show off their nice shinny car while they have nowhere to sleep.

    But we like it so.

    • Hopeless
      May 8, 2014

      Politicians cannot bribe people anymore. The people of Marigot should ask Skerit representative Dr Christmas what he is doing about this. People make use of the opportunity before elections. Let them deliver.

  58. opinionated
    May 8, 2014

    The irony of this situation is that the party has coined it’s catch phrase as ” Labour ka twavay”.

    If the temporary closure of a major health facility which serves the north, and north-eastern districts, due to termite infestation, can be seen as “labour Ka Twaway”, then I don’t want to see where they are not working!!!!
    SMH! SMH!

  59. first time
    May 8, 2014

    the people deserve the government they get.

  60. Bull Crap
    May 8, 2014

    Stay their with allu nonsense. allu eh see where skerrit go and make his wife deliver his child. He love this country and care about this country so much, but refuse to let his child be born here?

    Stupid Dominicans stupid…..

  61. Very Concerned
    May 8, 2014

    What a shame!

  62. labourd
    May 8, 2014

    take them to veille case

  63. John Jay
    May 8, 2014

    Are there plans to build a hospital in Marigot seeing that it is close to the major airport.

  64. AA
    May 8, 2014

    More stupidness in the country and then allyou say that things are good in the place. I will not repeat what was already said again, but our priorities in this place is totally messed up. What are these government officials thinking what the hell are they doing. The largest cabinet in the caribbean, and you all cannot keep the main hospital serving the main airport open because of wood ants? Do you guys see how dumb and ridiculouse that is? and the minister of health and the other health officals going to have a first hand look?

    How much more inefficient can you all get, why do you all continue to eat the country money and not producing anything, then allyou will turn around and and tax people more in the upcoming budget.

  65. paris
    May 8, 2014

    just stay chatting s try to get out of this dirty country thanks god i am out for the pass 30yrs welcome to Paris my people

  66. i must speak
    May 8, 2014

    what nonsense is this ?!!!!!!

  67. Anonymous
    May 8, 2014

    This is exactly what I am saying. Monday has all kind of pies flying in the sky ….what is to come…how much will get work…here it is we have a REAL situation…CRISIS….Marigot… Airport…serving the east and it CLOSE. All you Dominica really up side down. This is an emergency for immediate repairs 24 hour work men. This is nonsense. Change is a must.

  68. grell
    May 8, 2014

    Marigot is UWP so Skerro turns his back,this is the kind of garbage that is going on in the country,support skerro then the hospital will be fixed.This country has been sold to the devil i will keep on saying.Peoples safety should be the first priority,yet you have a bunch of little toy boys running it.SMH :(

  69. Blackheart Man
    May 8, 2014

    Aren’t there any maintainence plans including routine inspections etc in place for such essential structures or is just because they hospital happen to be in marigot it have been neglected to such a level

    • AAA
      May 8, 2014

      The hospital was neglected for political reasons.

  70. da
    May 8, 2014

    Did they mentioned not even one toilet in that hospital was functioning before the wood ants take over?, the patients should poopoo on their beds, and the call the minister of health and the chief medical officer to clean it up.

  71. shame on reso
    May 8, 2014

    the chief medical officer i am sure his roots are in Margot is he not from that village?

  72. A concern citizen
    May 8, 2014

    What a shame. The country’s main airport is located in the area and you mean to tell me that the main health facility to serve the airport if there is and accident is closed. The Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA) should suspend all flights to and from the airport. Hope Seabourne don’t suspend its flight since its registered under the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). Don’t forget FAA was the one who approves flights for USA registered airlines. Millions was spent on a Palace and the islands main airport hospital is closed down. Due to poor maintenance. Now it’s election mood and more dollars are dish out to bribe the poor masses. Don’t forget the ministers and their cronies can fly out the same day via chartered air ambulances when they fall sick are in accident.

  73. bb
    May 8, 2014

    I am so ashamed,i mean this is totally ridiculous, what are these so called ministers of government doing, come on man, marrigot is the second largest village in Dominica, you have a seaport, you have the only airport, what is wrong with these people, do something and do it now, put politics aside, put who constituents its in aside.

    • Wen Wen Dor
      May 8, 2014

      Correction – Marigot is the largest community in Dominica

  74. Hola
    May 8, 2014

    And yet Charlo in a multi-million dollar palace and people getting galvanize and all sorts of things for a vote. What are their priorities????????????

    Dominicans when will you open your eyes and see what is going on in the country?

  75. messenger
    May 8, 2014

    Mr. Johnson as Director of Primary Health Care should be ashame to give a statement like this, what is he doing. Imagine the Hospital closest to the airport. The PM should send you home. Get working and do fast to open the Marigot Hospital.
    Concern Dominican

    • Redz
      May 8, 2014

      Dr. Johnson is the Chief Medical Officer. The Director of Primary Health Care is the doctor going up for Labour in Marigot against Lennox.

      • Fool Me
        May 8, 2014

        He has a name Dr Christmas.

      • Justice for the sick
        May 8, 2014

        Yes he should be blamed too. He worked there until his recent resignation to run on Skerit ticket. Sickness can hit you anywhere , who knows who will end up in which hospital.

  76. May 8, 2014

    Wood ants is not only found in the wood but also in the soil….which can hold the breading nest ….and by all means if the soil had or the area had wood ants or what we commonly call” cool bwa” before building ,the foundation should be treated with pestisides…

  77. Ben Dover
    May 8, 2014

    The only hospital closest to our main airport?????

    The Labour Party was giving people $200 per head to attend its rally….now multiply $200 by 20,000 (that is the amount of people the PM said was at the rally) , you can build a new flipping hospital.

    This country is going nowhere and has arrived nowhere fast.


    • Anonymous
      May 8, 2014

      He don’t know what is best for the country peoples health is as stake here, and just making empty promises

    • carnation
      May 8, 2014

      just see where he brought his wife to have his baby. what does that say to us Dominicans? we are smarter people don’t be fooled.

    • ka twavay
      May 8, 2014

      “$200 per person to come to the rally?” Get your facts straight, ya’ll just hating that it had a large crowd of people… 5 more years I say…Ka twavay
      Lets pray that they find a solution to these termites infestation so that the hospital could be re-opened :wink:

      • May 8, 2014

        Are you for real?REALLY? REALLY? Are you that stupid or blind folded? Do you have wax in your eyes.
        Where are the maintainance people? Dont they clean that hospital?
        What was done to the first sign of wood ants? SHAME< What are bunch of LazAfaire people

      • Lover
        May 8, 2014

        Tell It To Them Again ! Some Kind Of ! Not Lennox Allu Want Nuh???? Well Make Him Fix Allu Hospital ! Okay ! -_- …Lennox Only Know His People When It Have Convention Or Something ..! Sttpppz …#Labour Ka Twavay !

      • %
        May 8, 2014

        @ka twavay What are you trying to defend. IT IS DAM TRUE THAT THEY WERE PAID several $$$$$$$$$$$.The blogger forgot the to mention the free water, the several hundreds delivered to people to put flags,the Saturday so called motocade escorted by members of the Police Force etc.
        But what i got from a Labour Party friend of mine (an insider)who will vote UWP, is that several Labourites went to their master Skerrit and told him if he does act now,(have a rally or something of this sort) he will lose the election, because the UWP is on the offensive, and they are making serious headway in several constituencies. This is why they paid people to go to St Joseph. Many of these people will ;NOT VOTE THEM WICKEDS SETS OF RULERS.IN THIS LABOUR PARTY
        Skerrit this does not shake workers. The INSULTS AT Monnel are enough to cause you votes islandwide.
        JUST CALL THE ELECTION FOR YOU TO BE KICKED OUT!Doninica deserves better.
        HOW LONG?
        NOT LONG!

    • Positive vibration
      May 8, 2014

      @ Ben, you got it wrong. It was about. 30,000 people and I believe each person was paid $400.00, not $200.00. Wow Skerritt have money!!! He paid all that money just so people could come to his Rally. And you forgot he also gave them food and plenty drinks. Even UWP get too. Next Labour Rally I am going. Heeeeee

    • SMH
      May 8, 2014

      even you shouldn’t believe the garbage that you wrote. 200 per head?$200 x 20,000= $4,000000.00 REALLY? you blue people will believe even the most ridiculous nonsense. stop and think my people before uttering such garbage.

      p.s i am in way agreeing or supporting what skerrit and his gang are doing. i especially hate how reggie spits out maypwie but i guess they are grown men and women who signed up for this and can handle their business.

      • Ben Dover
        May 8, 2014

        Dude or dudess, I know what I am saying, OK.

        Me and my group of five each got $200, dry money. I doh know if everybody at the show got, but I can vow for myself I got my $200 plus my other five friends. I will not call names or anything but we came from a certain eastern village.

        And here is a little secret, shhh….I am not a Labour supporter.

    • May 8, 2014

      You don’t measure people you count people

    • Anonymous
      May 8, 2014

      Oh, OH, my sentiments exactly.

      This is the first and closest hospital to your main port. Mr. Prime Minister and Mr. Chief Medical Officer, isn’t it obvious that this should be a priority. This hospital should be equipped to the same standards as that of the PMH or even better. Please consider what’s going on. You want tourism to increase, this is a major infrastructure that needs development.

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