World AIDS Day 2010 message by Bishop Gabriel Malzaire

Bishop Malzaire

I am very pleased to hear of the reduced incidence of HIV-AIDS in Dominica. The Church is as concerned as the State in that regard, and therefore we all must make every effort to see that our nation remains healthy.

However, the issue of HIV-AIDS has moral implications, and it is the particular area of concern for the Church.

You would have heard of the recent international news report of the alleged softened position of the Holy Father on the use of condom for the control of HIV-AIDS. It certainly created some media sensation. However, we must understand what the Holy Father was saying. The context of the question was an interview by a German journalist on the aircraft on the Holy Father’s trip to Cameroon and Angola in March 2009. The Holy Father was making reference to someone already suffering with the disease and saw the use of condom as a first step towards moral behaviour.

As you notice the operative idea is moral behaviour; in other words, moral responsibility. This, to my mind, ought to be the point of departure for any conscientious Christian or conscientious human person.

It always seems that a great number of people eagerly await the Church to take a more accommodating stance on difficult moral issues. It is important to understand the role of the Church in that sphere of life. Of Herself the Church has no ultimate moral authority; that resides in God alone. The Church is only an instrument which communicated God’s moral principles. She has the duty to teach people how to live responsibly so that they can happily and in true freedom fulfill their mission on earth.

The stance of the Church with regard to morality always remains the same. Responsible living in all aspects of life is therefore a sure way to the fight against HIV-AIDS. Sexuality remains one of the most challenging issues on the human agenda and will call for greater responsibility in the proper socialization of our children, so that their decisions will be mature and spiritual.

On the occasion of World Aids day, I commend all wholesome efforts made to address this terrible scourge that menaces our world.

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  1. Proud Catholic
    December 21, 2010

    I am glad to see Lizavier4Jesus is not letting the negative comments die. I personally believe that if you disagree with someone’s beliefs, you should not try to make them sound like the anti-Christ. That is just a base way to deal with the situation. IF YOU DON’T AGREE, DON’T MAKE NEGATIVE COMMENTS. :-| Peace and love to all in this season of joyful giving. P.S. <> :) :) :)

  2. Gary
    December 3, 2010

    You are so laughable talking about me challenging your wisdom and understanding of God. I do not believe you understand what wisdom is and what God is, thinking you can understand these things by having a set of religious beliefs, stop fooling your self. What Pastors or priest say to their congregation does not necessarily means it is the truth, neither what you believe. The validation of truth does not come from them. When you talk about sin, it shows how little you understand what you are talking about, People are not born in sin, this is an absurd concept.

    Let me tell you I;m not here to change your beliefs, you have absolute right to what you want to believe, but as to the truth it is not about what you believe or what religious beliefs you have.What you perceive, your observations, feelings, interpretations, are all your truth. Your truth is important. Yet it is not The Truth and
    you should always remember arrogance diminishes truth.

    • Gary
      December 3, 2010

      The above reply was directed to Lizavier4Jesus

    • Lizavier4Jesus
      December 3, 2010

      You are not here to change my beliefs! And do not even think about it; for you most certainly cannot do that! Neither do I need permission from you to speak my beliefs and my Love for God, in His Person Jesus Christ. You have no power, whatsoever, to do that. My permission of authority and power, to speak and conduct myself, come from Jesus Christ by faith and the power of His Love in me. Jesus said to His disciples: All authority is given to me, I give it to you…..go preach the Gospel and baptise people….and lo, I am with you always. Matthew 28: 18-20 Those disciples are now asleep in their grave, this work must continue through Jesus’ disciples, who are alive today. I am one of them! BELIEVE IT, OR NOT! But no human being can stop God from doing His work through me. Defintely not you!

      But I will point one last observation in you attitude and conducts towards me. I perceive that Satan is most certainly using you to express the rage of his defeat, because of his weakness against the Power and Authority of God Almighty in this world. For that Power and Authority reminds him that his time of capture and eternal torment in hel is not too far ahead. He is taking you there with him as well, for he does not want to go all by himself.

      That is the reason you continue stalking–pestering, harassing, or discriminating–against me because of the authority of God’s Holy Spirit that is expressed in my comments. Unfortunately, through you, Satan shows the world what a coward and weak fool he is.

      You have stalked me by commenting against my post more than all commentators on DNO have commented against each other these past eight days. But not only that, some people make sense as they disagree with another person; I have no problem with that. But you only write stupidness! And you know it; that is the reason you do no other posting than to stalk me.

      So keep on stalking me to hearts desire Gary. We all have a job to do before our days in this world come to an end. I know and understand the job I am doing, and by whose authority I function. It is your responsibility to discern for yourself.

      But I am warning you now! God Almighty will stand for His people. And when He does, His wrath is extremely destructive against His enemy or enemies. So be careful, that you do not provoke God’s wrath any further, through your attitude and conducts against me. I send this warning to you, in the name of Jesus Christ, the Person of Eternal Spirit, God Almighty of Holiness, Love and Truth. I advise you to take heed of it.

  3. makes no sense
    December 2, 2010

    So if the church has moral authority why is it so silent on all the important moral issues of today?

    DA crumbling under moral issues, yet Church man dem silent…. Too many fake holy men for my liking!!

  4. Fathers wear ur condom too
    December 1, 2010

    I am calling of Bishop Malzaire to request the members clergy to use condoms when they engage in sex. The Bishop must not think that members as all that holy there are some of them who engage in sexual activity. After all they are men too and get the feeling too. When theurge is there bang the winny get hardee… so cover up by example and biggup for that too.

  5. mouth of the south
    December 1, 2010

    millions of lives in african christian nations could have been saved if past pope’s were advocating condoms,,,the “holy” father say it now so allu repeating,,,,but 2 weeks ago that would not have been the case,,,,,n why is he called the “holy” father any way,,,i’ve refused to call a priest father n bow my head,,,,,never,,,magwasah,,,,,,i once had a co-worker who said the so called “holy” father cannot sin or do no wrong lol,,,,and the person actually believed that crap,,,,,well at least we heard from u,,,,now what have u to say about the recent happenings,,was it u who sent mr. jolly to clear the air,,,hhhmmmmm,,,,how come monsignor jno lewis did not get the post of bishop huh,,,,it have many more issues my friend isssssuuuuueeeesssss i leaving for later date

    • Lizavier4Jesus
      December 1, 2010

      I do not believe that the Pope asked anyone to call him holy. Certain people make that choice on their own. That is because they do not understand that Holiness separates us from God Almighty because of our sinful nature, which is our flesh.

      That is why God needed to put on flesh, in His Person, Jesus Christ, to become like us, the only way He could protect us from His Holiness. The difference is that He had a perfect nature of the flesh, unlike our nature; for His mind was the mind of Love; as God is Love. That is the reason, as human beings, we can only stand before Almighty God, Eternal, by faith in Jesus Christ. His nature of Love is what protects from the Holiness of God–the Eternal Father of Spirit and Truth–who lives in Him.

      If the Pope was holy, that nature of his would destroy all of those priests and bishops of his, who commits such sexual immorality with young boys and men in their surroundings.

      Only God Almighty is Holy, He alone should be called “Father”

      • Gary
        December 2, 2010

        To Lizavier4Jesus Why is it you always want to give things your spin with your religious beliefs and think the concepts you have are true. What amazes me is your spin on the word “Holiness” and what it means to you. What you are saying is that the term holly or Holiness should not be given to man. Well, wasn’t Man created in the image and likeness of God that is according to your bible, then man should have holly qualities. You may find it hard to believe, but the Word of God speaks more about the holiness of man than it does the holiness of God., in Exodus 22 : 31 the reference of God referring to his people as holly, 1 Peter 14 : 16 I’m holy.

        You also make comments as to the “nature of man” as sinful, what absurdity is that, and nonsense. One of mans of greatest problems is ignorance of self and here you are propagating that ignorance with you religious belief as though it is a fact..That is why in all ancient teachings the first demand at the beginning of the way to liberation is “know thy self “

        • Lizavier4Jesus
          December 3, 2010

          Gary, you are such a foolish, foolish person. And much more foolish to think that you can challenge my wisdom and understanding of God’s Holy Spirit, even accusing me of ignorance and proganda. So now I will use this wisdom and understanding to expose your foolish mind and stupidity as you have forced me to do so.

          First of all, are you actually saying that you do not know that mankind exist with a sinful nature? Are you saying that you do not know what our preachers and pastors mean when they tell us that Jesus Christ was crucified for our sinfulness; that by faith we might become free from our bondage of sin, which is our nature of the flesh?

          Well Gary, I have hundreds of scriptures before me right now that speaks about the “SINFUL NATURE” of mankind, but I will only quote two of them for you. “For all have sinned and fall short of the GLORY of God” Romans 3: 23. The GLORY of God is His Holiness. Mankind has fallen short of that nature of God–separated from God through disobedience, lack of faith and trust. “If we say that we have no sins we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us”. 1st. John 1: 8 You have got to acknowldge, and confess your nature of sin, Gary, that God will hear your plead, and to show you mercy and compassion of His Love.

          Don’t you know that there is a huge number of mature Christians out there, who are reading this foolish, prideful, ignorance of yours. How could you not think twice before you write this on a news site like DNO?

          Do you actually believe that those gruesome murders that took place in Dominica in the late September was committed by holy people, people with the mind of God’s Holy Spirit? Are you totally out of touch with the corruption that is taking place all over the world? What about the sexual immorality performed by the priests and bishops of the Catholic Church; are those men holy men as well? Is a man who father’s 13 children to his own daughter a holy father? Are the parents who physically and emotionally abuse their innocent and weak children holy parents? Oh poor, poor, you Gary!

          You are right about one thing though: that one of man’s greatest problem is ignorance. For you are the greatest ignorant I will ever perceive. I have no choice now; for you have provoked me time and time again. Also, I cannot object to your idea of man having HOLLY qualities, because you have referred to the products of a tree that bears at Christmas time in Canada; not the divine nature of God, which is Holy. And by the way that is what HOLY means–DIVINE, SANCTIFIED, SACRED, PURE, SAINTLY. Your name sounds like you are a man, and if you believe that you have HOLLY qualities in you, who am I to disagree with you. But I knowit for sure: Only God Almighty, Eternal Spirit is Divine. The only Man who had the right to claim that nature is Jesus Christ.

          You did the same thing in your reference from Exodus as you wrote down “his people as HOLLY” But you also demonstrated no understanding of the scripture, as God did not refer to people as Holy, but He commanded them to live Holy lives before Him, because He is a Holy God. What would be the reason for God to command people to live holy lives, if they were already holy in nature. What would be the reason for God to give the covenant like the Ten Commandments to people if they were already holy people.

          Finally, how did you find 14 chapters at First Peter. Both of my King James version–old and new–only list five chapters. Second Peter has only three chapters. And even if you had quoted from chapter 4, verse 16 speaks nothing like the two words you quoted above. How can you challenge my wisdom and understanding when you do not even know how to argue your point?

          Gary! Gary! You continue to make a monkey of yourself to a very large audience. Stop it, for the sake of your own reputation!

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