Gov’t appoints Dr. Paul Ricketts as Special Advisor on Health and Ambassador-at-Large

Dr. Ricketts has been a doctor in Dominica since 1986. Photo: GIS
Dr. Ricketts has been a doctor in Dominica since 1986. Photo: GIS

The Government of Dominica is pleased to announce the engagement of Dr. Ranford Paul Ricketts as Special Advisor on Health and Ambassador-at-Large.

In the new special assignment, Dr. Ricketts will help to develop appropriate strategies that will strengthen the health care system in Dominica especially on matters pertaining to the delivery of care services.

As the new Special Advisor on Health, Dr. Ricketts will also perform several other duties under the directives of the Minister for Health and Environment and the Cabinet and work in close liaison with the Permanent Secretary in that Ministry; including but not limited to (i) reviewing policy proposals; (ii) monitoring implementation of policy decisions; (iii) undertaking research and advising on matters that have far-reaching health policy implications and (iv) assisting in negotiations for mobilization of local, regional and international resources for the strengthening of healthcare in the State.

Dr. Ricketts holds an MBBS from the University of the West Indies and an MSc and DLSHTM from the London School of Hygiene and Topical Medicine. He has been the National Epidemiologist in Dominica since 2001; an essential area of health, which is a method used to find the causes of health outcomes and diseases in populations.

Dr. Ricketts has been employed as a medical officer in Dominica since 1986.

His appointment to the new position took effect in February, 2016.

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  1. Prof. Jonas Noah, PhD)
    April 3, 2016

    Dr. Ricketts, please show your colours and confirm that the Zika Virus scare is 100% hoax-led for the following five reasons:-

    One: Health agencies now mention cases of microcephaly in other countries and they automatically connect them to the Zika virus without any concrete proof for the connection;

    Two: This is joined with more stories about the rush to develop a vaccine against Zika, the virus that hasn’t been proved to cause anything serious.

    Three: Zika hasn’t been shown to cause microcephaly and there is no proof whatsoever that any epidemic exists.

    Four: there is a staggering absence of evidence that Zika causes microcepaly. Even the CDC admits this.

    Five: Zika real ’causes’: there is a very real health crisis in Brazil which has been around for a long time caused by the rampant use of toxic pesticides, grinding poverty, contaminated water, lack of basic sanitation, overcrowding, takeover of farm land by corporations, toxic vaccine campaigns .. there you go!

  2. Dalit
    March 29, 2016

    DNO has become a spam site for the opposition.

    Because of that, any article with almost any positivity gets attacked. It is embarassing to be honest and Tim Durand is a huge dissapointment for letting things go too far out of control.

    The animals are now running the zoo.

    ADMIN: So what you want us to do? We live in a democracy where people are free to express their opinions, whether it is on the government side or the opposition. We uphold the spirit of democracy as long as opinions are not defamatory.

    • Prof. Jonas Noah, PhD)
      April 3, 2016


      DNO is a wonderful and brave organisation for supporting the right of people to express their views and not have governments and the powerful dictate our thoughts and common sense.

      The world would be a far, far better place with more DNO’s in it.

      DNO, you are the best – keep up the excellent work for which we offer our thanks in God our creator.

  3. Joan
    March 27, 2016

    Tricks are being used on educat ed people in Dominica and they are buying . These educated men and women have no principals no morals and no Love for the future Domi nicans. With these peoples,s smarts why do they allow this to happen to them in my view and many others we have no respect for them. After more of the educated ones are bought then we will have a Dominica like Haiti in the 1960, 70 and 80.s. I can only pray for my homeland. DNO don’t we have freedom of expression I am surprise to did not post my post whn I lived in D. A i thought you were a man of principle

  4. Joan
    March 27, 2016

    ambassador at large?he better watch his wife. they have plans for he retired from ross?

  5. pacifier-will-not- work
    March 27, 2016

    Whose fools are we Dominicans? The only reason why Dr Paul Rickets was so quickly, recently appointed as special adviser to the Ministry of Health is because Dr. Rickett’s, his wife, was brave enough to be associated with the formation of the Civil Society organisation, named, Women Helping Other women (WHOW). Her advocacy on the matter of sexual abuse of our young girls and boys, as well as on other pertinent issues of our development have been insightful.

    Given the latest scandal of sexual abuse of a minor, many expressed concerns. The voices of DNCW and others, have been loud for Years, pleading for financial help to do their advocacy and counselling work & amendments to the sexual abuse Act, but to no avail.

    All those Years, NO ADVISER for non-doctors. as Minister? Dr. Darroux needs one now? We must never loose sight of the manipulations, attempts to shut up or to pacify anyone who is not afraid to speak out against evil, corrupt, illegal acts.

    Not For Sale.

    • Barbara Saunders
      March 29, 2016

      Pacifier-will-not-work & H

      From my analysis of your comments I take it that you are saying that Mr. Skerrit has more influence over Dr. Ricketts than his wife of many years who in my view is a female force to be reckoned with? Fortunately or unfortunately, the scandal involved both sides so it has tempered many of you, otherwise I don’t know what would be happening right now!

      I don’t myself understand the need for such a position at this time but I am on the outside and have no idea what plans and policies are being formulated. What I will not do, however, is immediately condemn and shove aside a good man who has worked humbly and professionally in Dominica for so many years just by virtue of the fact that he has been offered some position by government and that somehow associates him with Mr. Skerrit.

      Until I know more about the situation, I refuse to be involved in this kind of bigotry. I leave that all to you people! I guess you all know what you are doing!

  6. March 27, 2016

    Congratulations Sir. You have serving our country for a long time .
    You are definitely qualified and as a epidemiologist your research and recommendation is well
    needed to improve our health system.
    However, how did you get to diagnose and treat patients as family intern?’
    A epidemiologist is not a license medical doctor.?

    • truth
      March 29, 2016

      He was a general practitioner before he went to specialize as and epidemiologist. The article clearly states that he holds and MBBS from UWI and has been practicing since 1986. He only became and epidemiologist in 2001. Stop fishing for negativity. This is a man of integrity and has humbly served the Dominican people for 30 years. Longer than he has lived anywhere else on the globe. He is more than deserving of this appointment.

    • Barbara Saunders
      March 30, 2016


      Thanks for enlightening Miss McKenzie. She probably hasn’t got a clue what is MBBS. These people just cannot think or behave positively, so strong is their hatred!

      Miss McKenzie
      I usually try not to talk people down because all men are obviously not equal, but I must ask, why don’t you remain within the realm of what you know about? You people have all become experts in everything once you write on DNO or speak on Q95.

      Problem is that some other uninformed person is going to pick up the crap you have just written and repeat it and extend the ignorance.

  7. H
    March 26, 2016

    Is this a strategy for skerrit to shut up his wife especially on the case of women and children sexual abuse? Let’s see if you’ll hear his wife voice again? skerritt doesn’t like professionals who are his treats. He find a way to shut them up. Dr.Hazel Ricketts, the women and young sexual abuse girls wait for your next move. Don’t let this boy skerritt shut you up…… is too late now. Your quALITY OF work has proven that u didn’t buy your doctorate. Stand up as a professionals, put this child in his rightfull place. Remember it is your legacy that will live onnnnnnnnnnn.

  8. SW
    March 26, 2016

    Good move! Dr. Rickets is a good man. Educated, humble, good team player. If the other key players work with him we will see changes for the better.

  9. dominican
    March 26, 2016

    why not a Dominican??? i hope he actually makes an impact.

    • I
      March 27, 2016

      This man is more Dominican than Dominicans. He pays his taxes and honors all his commitments here when Dominicans with other citizenships claim their foreign status to avoid them.

    • truth
      March 29, 2016

      He has been serving the Dominican people for 30 years and counting; longer than he lived in his country of origin! I swear, people just fish for negativity. smh.

  10. Prophet
    March 25, 2016

    Congratulations and well deserved for your many years of humble steadfast service !

  11. The truth
    March 25, 2016

    Wa papa, for shut mouth

  12. Deputy Doctor
    March 25, 2016

    So no need for a CMO now?

  13. dominican
    March 25, 2016

    hmmmmph, would have preferred a dominican by birth for this lucrative position. but my fingers are crossed, hoping you prove me wrong an make a recognizable impact.

    • Me
      March 26, 2016

      I am sure he did not buy his Dominican citizenship, you miserable person.

  14. Yvonne Armour
    March 25, 2016

    Congratulations Dr. Ricketts!
    Truly a well deserved honour. With the appropriate support and resources, we are confident that this new special assignment will allow you to make a sterling contribution towatds strengthening our health care system, aimed at positioning it as a global good practice within a SIDS context. We must commend the government for recognizing the high quality medical services that Dr. Paul Rickets has consistently provided to Dominica and Dominicans for decades. He is highly respected among his colleaugues, family and friends, exceptional as a medical practitioner, family man and even while working such long hours, makes time for friends… and very importantly serves as an excellent father, uncle, professional role model. May he, his incredibly loving, supportive and talented wife, Hazel Shillingford-Ricketts and his focussed, high-achieving and “good energy” children continue to be guided, protected and blessed. So proud of this outstanding local…

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      March 26, 2016

      Yvonne, that position is a do nothing position, and getting paid for doing nothing!

      I grantee not even Rickets himself can describe any specific function he will be undertaking. That is only a position in name: with nothing to do, and no place to go!

      This is just another individual who will be nothing more than a burden on the backs of Dominica taxpayers. The population of Dominica is very small, not large enough for a doctor to make two, and three hundred thousand dollars per year, so they all make politics their estate, only to be employed on that estate, with Skerrit as their overseer; and the peoples treasury their bank!

      Doctors do not retire, they only fade away, in the days of the man who’s surname you carry, wether by marriage or biologically, came to Dominica from Trinidad, I knew him; he never retired, just got old and by the way he was married to relative of mine from Marigot, I think she called my grandmother aunt.


      • Barbara Saunders
        March 30, 2016


        Firstly, perhaps you can name someone, except yourself of course who knows more than God himself who will not fade away?

        Secondly, I hope that you never live to regret the disparaging way in which you always speak about Dominica and Dominicans. You know, life can change in a minute. Just witness how Trump has invaded the value system of the average American in a few short months. When you see what is happening with ISIS you just never know how life in American as you know it can change my friend. Be careful that the same Dominica might have to rescue you!

  15. March 25, 2016

    Hope he will put the facts right and the dots on the i’s

  16. Memory
    March 25, 2016

    D.N.O, I can’t believe this,you guys posted my comments for 3 minutes then deleted it. What a way to go.

  17. Memory
    March 25, 2016

    I hope that the government takes what advice that the doctor gives to them; and that he the doctor do not let the government dictate to him as to how he go doing his work. He always have to remember he is the medical professional among those guys and should stand by his decisions.

  18. Jr
    March 25, 2016

    A good man .Very professional.

  19. March 24, 2016

    Congratulations Dr. Ricketts! I know you will do a good job my friend!!!

  20. Tjebe Fort
    March 24, 2016

    Does that mean he got a diplomatic passport too?

  21. Annie
    March 24, 2016

    So Dr Ricketts who worked under the Permanent Secretary and the Chief Medical Officer for years will now be doing the job they are paid to do and they remain in position.What is the function of Dr Martin Christmas and Mr Stephenson the parliamentary secretary in the Ministry of Health? How come we have money top pay all these useless people.This is the next level? My God!!

    • IOU
      March 27, 2016

      I’d get rid of the others and keep Dr. Ricketts in that role any day. That man has a wealth of knowledge and a heart for his work.

  22. Pondera
    March 24, 2016

    A solid choice for this task. Dr Ricketts is a worker par excellente who has demonstrated a passion for public health. He will most certainly bring results. I wish him well in his new position. CONGRATULATIONS!! The government must be commended for this move.

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      March 26, 2016

      People like you will help Skerrit shove Dominica to the bottom of the Atlantic ocean, leaving your kind stranded, left to drown in your own ignorance, while he ensures, he compensates his clones, and supporters with a salary; while some of you idiots stave, while celebrating Skerrit’s bull!

      What purpose is this man going to serve Dominica? The fact is Dominica is a none productive place, which does not have a need for an “ambassador-at-large. Do some research, and find out if the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, France Australia, and many other fully developed nations of the world have an Ambassador-At-Large. If you find one let me know, perhaps thenceforth, I’ll go down on my knees, agreeing with Skerrit, and kiss his black behind!

      Dominica is not involved in any world affairs: make no economic, nor political contributions to the world, we are not on any security council negotiating to prevent war of any kind, nor anything important, so what’s the purpose of this…

  23. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    March 24, 2016

    Is Rickets or whatever his name is a minister in Skerrit’s Government, elected by the people of Dominica. I wonder how can so called intelligent people allow one idiotic ring leader of a circus to make fools out of them that simple: What is an Ambassador-AtLarge?

    An ambassador-at-large is a diplomat of the highest rank or a minister who is accredited to represent his country internationally.

    Unlike an ambassador-in-residence who is usually limited to a country or embassy, the ambassador-at-large is entrusted to operate in several usually neighboring countries, a region or sometimes hold a seat in an international organization like the United Nations and the European Union. In some cases an ambassador-at-large may even be specifically assigned a role to advise and assist the state or a government in particular issues. Historically, presidents or prime ministers have designated special diplomatic envoys for specific assignments. Is that relevant to Dominica?

  24. mangoes
    March 24, 2016

    hmm, but it won’t stop her from being vocal and blunt on the ills of this regime…

    attempting the strategy of keeping some circles quiet..haha..

    nah go work..

  25. Seminole Ave
    March 24, 2016

    interesting i don’t have a issue with the bro, but let’s face the facts, didn’t the regime appoint the candidate who lost in Marigot seat for DLP as Laisor office to the Ministry of Health?

    Dominica is rather interesting, the bill to pay salaries is continuing to raise due to useless appointments.

    It’s gonna be hard to gain increase wages if they don’t trim this excessive Government high wage bill..

    but dominicans don’t care about issues period!!

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