Kelver Darroux appointed Chairman of ECTEL’s Council of Ministers

Darroux will lead ECTEL’s deliberations on important regulatory matters

The Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority (ECTEL) announces the appointment of the Honourable Kelver Darroux, Minister of Information, Science, Telecommunications and Technology of the Commonwealth of Dominica, as the new Chairman of ECTEL’s Council of Ministers for the period 1st October 2018 to 31st September 2019.

Minister Darroux takes over from outgoing Chairman, Honourable Camillo Gonsalves, Minister of Finance, Economic Planning, Sustainable Development and Information Technology of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

ECTEL thanks the outgoing Chairman of Council for his splendid leadership over the past year, and looks forward to the continued support of the Council of Ministers in the execution of activities for the year ahead.

As Chairman, Minister Darroux will lead the ECTEL Council of Ministers in its deliberations on important regulatory matters for the ECTEL Member States.

These matters include the promulgation of the Electronic Communications Bill, along with the suite of accompanying Regulations, which are aimed at improving the quality of telecommunications services and enhancing consumer protection.

Also carded for implementation under Minister Darroux’s chairmanship, is the introduction of Number Portability for both fixed and mobile services.

ECTEL extends its full support to the new Chairman and is committed to the execution of work plan activities during the year ahead.

The chairmanship is a rotating one.

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  1. Just Asking
    October 29, 2018

    Ok my dear people stop the party over this. The man is holding an position which is ROTATED. In other words he was neither elected nor selected. Dominica’s turn came up and as the sitting Minister he’s there. If I were the Minister, I would be there.

    We should wish Mr. Darroux well, but my God we can be that foolish – congratulations etc for something that’s rotated? Imagine four fellas playing dominoes; first man play and it’s your turn to play. Then comes the big “congratulations”! Lol. What did you really achieve? Other than your rightful turn to play? Now, if yow win the match – then CONGRATULATIONS!!

  2. John Jay
    October 29, 2018

    While they want to push you out of your constituency to give it to the prominent doctor, they still giving you position.

  3. Truth Be Told
    October 29, 2018

    You see the problem with the Caribbean and why we can never advance beyond begging to compete on the international scene? What is his knowledge, competence and qualification to lead The Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority (ECTEL). Let us be honest, if Kelver was applying for the job of Manager of any of the local telephone companies, he would not be qualified! So how does he provide leadership as Chairman to ECTEL? Now please do not get me wrong, this is not Kelver’s fault! I am highlighting one of the problems with Caribbean systems, a Chairman helps an organisation to set set strategic directions and create a visionary working environment to inspire innovation for the organisation’s future! This is good for Kelver, yes, but what can he bring to the table? Now I could pull out several similar situations in the Caribbean and its institutional management or lack of! So many ministers voted on popularity and personality with no substance to lead the Caribbean forward! Sad!

  4. Just Asking
    October 29, 2018

    Admin. Please find out if this is a rotated appointment. Thanks

    ADMIN: Yes it is.

    • Just Asking
      October 29, 2018

      Thanks much Admin

  5. Anonymous
    October 29, 2018

    That is a very busy job. Will Kelver have time to look after his constituency, leave alone run an election campaign? Maybe this is Skerrit’s way to put in a strong man, or woman to save that seat for him and replace Kelver.

  6. Sylvester Cadette
    October 29, 2018

    CONGRATULATIONS to You Hon. Darroux and to Dominica on this appointment!!! This is a pivotal period in Caribbean development in which ICT is first, the underpinning developmental catalyst and secondly a fundamental cross-cutting theme linking sectors, whether in e-agriculture, e-health, e-finance or other innovation and entrepreneurship and youth development.
    It is also at a time of great emphasis on cyber-security and emergency telecommunications, the latter being critical to any meaningful Resilience-structured socio-economic development.
    I therefore look forward to the ITU funded Multi-stakeholder Forum on the Role of Telecommunication/ICTs for Disaster Management and Risk Reduction for the Caribbean Islands, 4-6 December, Roseau, Dominica.
    The role of ECTEL will be critical to Emergency Telecommunications and Early Warnings Systems deployment in the OECS Sub-region.

    See you at the Forum

    • viewsexpressed
      October 29, 2018

      Sylvester, you comments worries me to be honest. There is a comment higher up re availability and exposure of this position can this junior minister hold the fort, based on what is expected as articulated in your comments above? Just asking, that’s all.
      Has he got the fortitude, stamina, aggressiveness and stature to address these issues as called for?

      • Sylvester Cadette
        October 30, 2018

        Why should my comments worry you? Apart from the first sentence, my comment has more to do with what is important in nation building and in highlighting the issues that the Minister, his advisers and all conscientious Dominicans must consider as we strive towards nation building.

        Is it that my comments on the Multi-stakeholder Forum on the Role of Telecommunication/ICTs for Disaster Management and Risk Reduction for the Caribbean Islands, 4-6 December, Roseau, Dominica worries you?
        If that worries you then may God have mercy upon you and redeem you from myopic vision and transform your thought process.

        I think too often discussion in Dominica is driven by myopic thought fuelled by the three political tribes – each NONE THE BETTER THAN THE OTHER overall. Political tribalism is destroying the fabric of sense and reasoning. SAD!!! SO SAD!!

        Rom. 12:2 be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God…

    • Your auntie brother
      October 30, 2018

      Sylvesterman,yougroveling as usual, wanting to eat from both sides.

      • Sylvester Cadette
        October 30, 2018

        :-D :-D I NEVER grovel and do not AT ALL intend to – not now our in the future. :-D :-D

        As I said earlier and I will say for your benefit, I think too often discussion in Dominica is driven by myopic thought fuelled by the three political tribes – each NONE THE BETTER THAN THE OTHER overall. Political tribalism is destroying the fabric of sense and reasoning – and it may be destroying you like a cancer. SAD!!! SO SAD!!

        Rom. 12:2 be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God…

  7. dissident
    October 29, 2018

    Getting a job like Tim Tim.
    Same organisation.
    Tim Tim got his job after his lost to Danny lugay
    Kelver not going up next election

  8. Don2Fresh
    October 29, 2018

    I love how Dominica have been making major strides. We have proven our resilience and are pushing forward.

    • RandyX
      October 29, 2018

      You are totally of your rocker. Do yourself a favour and pay Dr. Benji a visit.

      • don2fresh
        October 29, 2018

        Oh My RandyX, you have really, really, deeply hurt my feelings. :cry: :cry: Now I’ll run to the bathroom sobbing uncontrollably.
        Coming from someone who obsessively makes it his priority to be negative on EVERY article and attach a political agenda to it especially when it comes to hating Roosevelt Skerrit… Yah.. Heart Broken here Randy O Boy.

      • viewsexpressed
        October 30, 2018

        Don2fresh, I understand that you`re in denial. I know not of your profession and experience or expose in states development, that is socio-poitical development. You have not cmmented on anything worth analysis but basically to ignore and move on as it appears just comments on others contribution you make no value to.
        Where I sit, for ur information is that I work all over Domininca in the area of socio-economic development and way back in the 1980`s we were productive, we had Dominicans at work and we had no one in government, like your failed Skerrit not knowledgeable of concepts of development just engaged in fast food mentality by abusing our people with Red Clinic handouts, with no substance for development of people and villages. I see and hear from where I sit and work and observe the dilemma of a failed PM and a very corrupt Labour government. If you are in denial, that`s your issue to deal with. But I am not moved nor amused by your empty say nothing responses. Skerrit must…

    • John Jay
      October 29, 2018

      While I respect what you say , you should be leaving in Dominica to feel the progress and think otherwise.

      • Don2fresh
        October 29, 2018

        John Jay, I do live in Dominica and I do leave Dominica. And if I can absolutely say that we have not done ANYTHING, I would be lying. I am not going to pretend and say that we are 100% to where we could be but we have moved up a lot considering where we were financial, the hands that Dominica was dealt with in the beginning compared to out Caribbean counterparts, and all the other factors that have stood against us including the global economic crisis, weather etc, I am looking at everything from every angle.

      • viewsexpressed
        October 29, 2018

        Don2fresh, I am stunned by this. Dominica has move to where, from where and how and can you specifically tell us where we have move to.? Who has benefited i cash and kind. Well, we know one person who has benefited by crossing the floor, where he abandoned a decent ship due to lack of cash and now in the corrupt Labour camp of Skerrit. He must be stained? We wonder. Is that one of the areas where this money is serviced? We have the right to know, we pay taxes etc.
        I know that we have moved away from bananas, grapefruit, fishing, oranges, limes, DCP. Kabuli.
        The principle thing that has moved and increased rapidly is bobol, corruption. Our parrots, our passports and we just have not, do not see the returns back in Domininca. Our roads are deplorable, our services are deplorable. We put up nice structures and we call this development.

      • Don2Fresh
        October 30, 2018

        Give me a godver break. Views expressed. I always say that you are close sided and all you can speak on is what you’ve heard on Q95 which goes to say that you DO NOT LIVE IN DOMINICA. You know nothing so quit it. Do you know the progress we have made throughout the years in education? No, because you avoid noting the investment in education. What about infrastructure (roads, bridges, schools) and housing development? How about the investment in entrepreneurship with the small business grant, DYBT and the other investments? There have been so many investments made by the government in EVERY sector in Dominica but some of you are just being partisan. You all don’t support the government for 1 or 3 of the following reasons:
        You didn’t get something that you wanted personally
        You have been a UWP supporter for ages
        Or you do not live in Dominica so you can only speak on what you’ve heard on Q (whose goal is to PERSUADE TO SUPPORT THE PARTY)
        You are just annoying and ridiculous.

      • Don2fresh
        October 30, 2018

        You take your time and comment on everything positive comment and belittle people. You look for the most simple article and turn it into something negative and political and you sit and say that people are nuts. Look in the mirror pal.
        You all want to put out the idea that Dominica is the worst thing in the world when we are not, we are a strong resilient nation who have gone throw odds throughout the many years. You are a sour, sour individual views expressed.
        Have a blessed day sir and hoping god shine a smile in your heart today.

  9. CarltyMas
    October 29, 2018

    Congratulations Hon. Darroux.

  10. Bennette Thomas
    October 29, 2018

    Let me take this opportunity to congratulate the Honorable Minister of Information Science Telecommunications and Technology of Dominica, Honorable Kelver Darroux on his appointment as Chairman of the Council of Ministers of ECTEL. This is a very critical time in the telecommunication sector as issues such as Net Neutrality, Internet of Things, Number Portability, Over-The-Top (OTT) Services and other emerging technologies impact the industry for which ECTEL through the Council of Ministers provide guidance on these very complex and life-transforming issues.

    The new EC Bill will likely be a high point during this tenure which will provide a roadmap on how emerging technologies will impact our lives and livelihood.

    Let us therefore as patriotic Dominicans and citizens of the OECS Sub-region wish the very best to Minister Darroux as he leads the Sub-region’s premier regulatory body on these far-ranging deliberations.

    • Asking
      October 29, 2018

      Is this a rotated appointment?

  11. 🤬😇
    October 29, 2018

    Well deserved, views expressed or % don’t forget your medication today. The heights that great men reach and kept was not attain by suddenly flight, but they while their companion sleep were toiling upwards in the night, by William Longfellow. Thanks Kelva, most of us in your constituency are proud of YOU.

    • Channel 1
      October 29, 2018

      @– Heights that great men reach? Some of all you too desperate. What’s so special about this thing you call an ‘achievement’ for Kelver?

      Aren’t you aware that the Chairmanship of ECTEL’s Council of Ministers is one that rotates among all the Ministers of Information Technology in the region?

      From ECTEL’s site:
      “The Council shall initially elect one of the Ministers to be Chairman for a period of one year and subsequently the Chairmanship shall rotate among the Ministers of Contracting States.”

      To put it simply, if you were Dominica’s Minister of Information Technology, your turn would eventually come – once you were around at the right time – to hold the Chairmanship post. Kelver merely takes over from Camillo Gonsalves from St Vincent; after Kelver, another minister of IT in the region will be passed on the role.

      Nothing special here. The bulk of the hard & real work in these organisations is done by the technocrats in these organisations anyway.


    • viewsexpressed
      October 29, 2018

      Clown, hidden face, in your decent self and truth to the core you consider Skerrit one of those great men…etc…etc.etc…? Read carefully clown face: “The heights that great men reach and kept was not attain by suddenly flight, but they while their companion sleep were toiling upwards in the night , bobol and corrupt activities and a activities from a very failed Labour corrupt government over the past 18 years. In any business and industry. Skerrit would have been dismissed and sacked for life for his incompetence and failure for not meeting the job tasks which is a challenged. Skerrit is not cut for this role, he is useless and worthless and a failed Pm, with just flair and accompanied by lawyer rogues who protect him with nice words.
      I hope you got the message. You dare to answer!!! Just come good. Where I sit on the top floor I am concerned, I see it all.

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