UWP “truly saddened” over passing of former senator

The late Carbon taken from the DFP manifesto
The late Carbon taken from the DFP manifesto

The Management Committee of the United Workers Party (UWP), at its Management meeting on Monday, September 1, mourned the passing of former Senator and Speaker of the House, Swanston Carbon.

Speaking on behalf of all the candidates, executive, members and supporters of Team Dominica, political leader, Lennox Linton, made this announcement:

“The United Workers Party TEAM Dominica is truly saddened by the death of former Senator and businessman Swanston Carbon. News of the tragic passing, on Sunday 31st August, of this well known patriot, politician, husband and father came as a complete shock and has left Dominica with a great sense of loss.

On behalf of all the Candidates, Executive, members and supporters of Team Dominica, I wish to offer our deepest condolences to his wife, his children, other members of his family and the members of the Dominica Freedom Party with whom he served in the nation’s political life for more than thirty years.

As a Political Analyst and social commentator, the clarity of his ‘solutions oriented’ thinking in public discussions on the Constitutional rule of law and the economy of Dominica in particularly, was exemplary.

In the continuing National conversation for better public understanding of important national development issues, the citizens of Dominica will miss Senator Carbon’s balanced voice of understanding, reason and wisdom.”

“A loved one’s passing is never easy. Our thoughts and prayers are with the relatives, friends and close associates of Swanston Carbon in this time of sorrow. May those who mourn his loss across the land find comfort in loving memories of his life and times.

We trust that members of his immediate family will be forever mindful of the fact that they are surrounded by the love of many. We ask them to let patience be upon them and to allow the abiding love for this true champion of freedom and democracy to lift them up in this time of grief. Swanston Carbon has found eternal rest. His soul is now at peace.”

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  1. IFF I WUZ
    September 3, 2014

    Parry, I would advise Mr. Charles Savarin to extend condolences to the family of Mr. Carbon. As President of the Commonwealth of Dominica, he has to forgive and forget the ills that existed between himself and Mr. Carbon. If this is the manner he is going to behave, is he going to resign as soon as the UWP Team Dominica gets into office.

  2. time will tell
    September 3, 2014

    Mr carbon served as a senator in the house of Assembly therefore he has to be given an official funeral . I can’t remember anyone who served in that capacity and at their death was denied such. Former Senator Elias Dupuis was given an official funeral

  3. Doc. Love
    September 3, 2014

    I wish to commend Mr. Lennox Linton political leader of UWP Team Dominica and many other Dominicans who have extended their condolences. Subject to correction, I have not heard condolences from the Skeritt led DLP Government, Carbon was a member of Parliament. Madame Speaker, Carbon was once deputy speaker and Mr. Charles Savarin, one time leader of the Freedom Party, Carbon was a member of the Freedom Party. It will be very interesting to see whether Mr. Carbon will receive a State funeral and will the President of Dominica Mr. Charles Savarin attend.

  4. Anonymous
    September 3, 2014

    We know anyone of us can die any time and not only those we support or those who support us. Just maybe we will learn to respect all human beings a little more and never wish any one ill or even call death on anyone. Because Death becomes all of us.

    Death does not suddenly make anyone of us a hero or patriot or a saint. It is how we treat others when we are alive and not necessary those we like or those who like us. But most importantly those who don`t like us and those whom we don`t particular like.

    That would mean we treat everyone the way we would like to be treated. That is how you can tell that someone is really, someone special.

    Like Mother Theresa. Now that was one Special Lady. But it is true we cannot all be a Mother Theresa, nor can we make everyone a Mother Theresa.

  5. the boy
    September 3, 2014

    if any one of you idiots who continue to post all you things on peoples life and embarrass their families after they have passed away, you all need to stop

    September 3, 2014

    Oh please since when LL care it is pure politics

  7. September 3, 2014

    What’s a state funeral..my goodness gracious..it’s not a pass to enter into GOD’s kingdom..What’s the big deal about it..The people are dead already..State funeral or no state funeral it can’t help them one way or another..That’s just man’s way of doing things…They’re only corpses that eventually has to go down under…I really don’t see the big deal…Stop fussing over stupidness…

  8. pet ben
    September 2, 2014

    Uncle carbon, may your soul rest in peace

  9. Not a herd follower
    September 2, 2014

    A very gracious statement from Lennox Linton and Team Dominica

  10. Hmm,
    September 2, 2014

    As a 41 year old person who lived in Dominica all my life ,i know of MR Carbon than Bill Daniel, so i wonder who deserve the state funeral more . My sympathy to both families.

  11. Watcher
    September 2, 2014

    Our partisanship! our partisanship! This is killing us. Some people are just hoping that government will not offer an official funeral to Mr. Carbon for one and only one reason. Just to have another field day criticizing the government. The tone of their comments say nothing about recognizing the contribution that Mr. Carbon has made to Dominica’s development and that he should be accorded an official funeral. Their comments are laced with blue party politics.

    Mr. Carbon has served Dominica well and has earned the right to be accorded an official funeral. Any government that cannot see it that way, particularly in this an election year ought not to be in government.

    Having said all that, the government asked for this unnecessary criticisms. Yes they were quick to tell/announce to the nation an official funeral for Bishop Daniel. They did so say after consultation with his wife who accepted. In this case they have taken more than 48 hours after Carbon’s passing to yet announce to the nation that he will be given an official funeral. Carbon is deserving of the same and he will be given an official funeral.

    By the way let us discuss the difference between a State Funeral and an Official Funeral. A State funeral is one where the state assumes full responsibility for the funeral of a sitting member of government. The Head of State, the Cabinet and other whose who in government are present with the state accepting the bill. An Official funeral is similar to a state funeral except that the family of the deceased pays for the expenses associated with the national representation and the “Whose who” in Dominica. It has been the practice however in Dominica for the state (successive governments) to assumes the full bill whether it is an official or State funeral.

      September 2, 2014

      @ Watcher, I am lost here. You said that “A State funeral is one where the state assumes full responsibility for the funeral of a SITTING MEMBER of government.” In the same breath you said ” An Official funeral is similar to a state funeral except that the family of the deceased pays for the expenses…” With that well confused information my question to you is: Was Bishop Bill Michael Daniel a SEATTING member of government? What ministry was he responsible for? Am I also to believe that the bishop received a monthly salary from government as any sitting minister of government? Sir /Madam you sound like someone with knowledge of government affairs but unfortunately the more I think of your explanation the more I am left with questions that I would not like to raise now in the interest of the family of the Bishop, the Roseau Pentecostal Church, and the Pentecostal Ministry of Dominica who are all morning at this time. But your explanation has just revealed the high level of corruption practiced by our government and supported and encouraged by the Christian church.

      September 2, 2014

      The watcher, I read Lennox condolence speech and I did not hear any mention of state or official funeral. Are you crazy? What problem do you have understanding?

  12. Watcher
    September 2, 2014

    You serious? did I read properly? did I hear the UWP expressing condolences at the passing of a man they nicknamed the “political hatchet man of the DFP”? Is that what I am reading. Really? Well Team Dominica is really doing everything (media only) to distance themselves from the UWP which ruled Dominica from 1995- 2000. They are really trying for us former Freedomites to forget the undeclared war the UWP waged on supporters of the DFP when they took the reigns of power in 1995. Mr. Carbon’s family will remember the number of government service contracts for refrigeration services to the state that were cancelled by the UWP government, not because Swanston Carbon could not do the job, but only because he was a Freedomite. You hypocrits!!

      September 2, 2014

      @watcher you r a jack …where was Lennox Linton in all of this…And where does this politics comfort the family and friends of the man… Think before u speak mr carbon was in good standing with mr Linton and team Dominica so if you are blind go wash ur red eyes.

    • labar dabar
      September 2, 2014

      yes that is what you are hearing because when he gave his comments on radio no uwp member curse, or called him cacadoor

    • Peter J
      September 2, 2014

      Do you know that Julius Timothy is the Finance minister from 1995 to 2000? What was he called in 2005? Now tell me who is hypocrite?

    • Peaceful
      September 2, 2014

      you all must learn to separate issues. what does this have to do with extending condolences to the family? lennox linton did the right thing. u people are to petty and partisan.

    • Goodhope Man!
      September 2, 2014

      Dear “Watcher” you bunch of fools do not seem to draw the line between politics and compassion. Mr. Carbon may have not given jobs but does it mean that as a fellow Dominican should not be sympathetic? Charles Savarin was ANTI- LABOR now he is occupying the highest sit in Government. Julius Timothy was criticized by this labor Government and is now a minister in this Government. Loreen Bannis was criticized also and is now a labor party member making money out of Dominica from our tax? Should I continue. Now let us see: Project in Pondcase- Nanton, Project in Roseau- Nanton. Project in Pte.Michel , Pond Case , Sunset Bay, Penville- Chris Walters. You talk about victimization? Stop playing politics!!! Finally Mr.Carbon rest in peace sir, you were a true patriot and not like the one who calls himself”Watcher.”

      • %
        September 3, 2014


        Watcher is 100% correct!!! :-D

    • botowa
      September 2, 2014

      In the end, we ARE ALL Dominicans!
      To disagree on policies and dogma and also to agree with each other sometimes is what Politicians do. We should NEVER get personal and condemn others because of some political ideology. If Lennox and his party can put politics aside why can’t you? As I said people disagree but IN THE END, WE ARE ALL DOMINICIAN!

    • Anonymous
      September 2, 2014

      oh grow up!!

    • icepop
      September 2, 2014

      Oh you see how some of us have memoir poul – (fowl brain) and that’s what labourites have done to the so called pracakn (old house)freedomites – but a real freedomite like Carbon like Bosso and others etc will always remain steadfast – you claim to be freedomite – so you can’t remmeber the blows Labour gave Freedom calling us all kinds of name and we there in their behind as if wwe were never in government and that we do not know how a gov’t should operate; we were the best government ever to rule Dominica never did the freddom party have all that fraca like Labour governments – in the 70’s and like now thats the worst ; BUT like you forget how much blows labour give TiMTim where Tim Tim now? not in the bossom of Labour – well I not even mentioning Charles Saverin in fact I think I say enough – Freedomites like you have let down the party and the principles that we once stood for shame! shame! and for good measure shame again!
      we married a abuser of power and a party that disregards good governance a trait we held close to our heart ; Freedom as a party is no more it seems and you all see it fit to team up with your worst rivals; the party that has the most corrupted periods in Dominica’s political history – you seem to be confortable with that – but please do not mention Freedomite in your post because true Freedomites will never stand for the nonsense taking place in government right now – know your place!

      September 2, 2014

      You should be concerned about the state of health care in Dominica. Why is it so many go to the hospital and die? This is what you should be worrying about.

    • instagram
      September 3, 2014

      Watcher get a life! The only person abusing the loss of this man is YOU! FYI Mr Carbon called in many times to Lennox’s programs, publicly crtiqued him when there was cause and likewise praised him. This man was one of the most astute minds on the Constitution and paliamentary code of. Conduct. Without fear or favour he educated us, and was actually close to LL! Let this family mourn in peace and take your rantings and shove it! You will get hard work to do sooner than you think, all good time about tpo end, with your mamouth size.

  13. too late
    September 2, 2014

    RIP Mr. Carbon.

    Lennox Linton you too late!

  14. D Richman vs Lazarus
    September 2, 2014

    In Luke 16:19-31, we must have read or heard much preaching about the story of the rich man and the poor man who both died. Christians have always portrayed the believer as Lazarus, since he died and did not have “BIG” funeral , whereas the poor man has been portrayed as the man who died and got a BIG< MIGHT, STATE FUNERAL. I have never heard anyone preach it as well as the local Evangelist and pastors of the evangelicals. But since pastors are the ones receiving the state funeral I wonder who is Lazo and who is the rich man. I guess both the Evangelist and evangelical pastors will have to re-think that particular sermon.

  15. Peter J
    September 2, 2014

    Sincere condolences to the family and friends of the late Swanston Carbon. A fitting tribute from the UWP, very well put together.
    I am concerned about, what appears to be, a lack of consistency as it relates to the death of people who are considered national figures, and there appears to be an element of personal friendship.
    Bill Daniel is a pastor of the Pentecostal Church, just like all other pastors, he was immediately presented with an official funeral, he is not the first pastor to have died and the others were not graced with any official funeral.
    Mr Carbon served as senator and deputy speaker of the house and so far no acknowledgement of his death by the Government of Dominica. This is very unfortunate. It appears that everything in Dominica is being politicized on party lines, if Swanston was red he would have received all the accolades and tributes.
    Mr Skerrit and his government do not appear to appreciate basic protocol, there must be a time when basic decency in dealing with citizens is required. It is wrong to give official funerals and declare official mourning based on friendship.
    In my opinion from now on ALL pastors who die must receive the same treatment as Bill Daniel and the same goes to all persons who have served as parliamentarians, be it elected, senator or speaker.
    Mr. Skerrit stop that blatant discrimination and man up to send condolences to the family and friends of the late Swanston Carbon, it is the work of Carbon who has you in the seat that you now occupy. Had it not been the Freedom Party coalition with Labor in 2000, you would never taste power.
    So man up and stop that blatant discrimination with state resources.

    • Dominican
      September 2, 2014

      Well said..! My thoughts exactly..!

  16. Views Expressed
    September 2, 2014

    These are the people, a man like Carbon whose hands Dominica should be in the care of in running this country. Clean, deserving, patriotic, honest, respectful of poor people.
    May his blessed and deserving hands continue to guide us Dominicans that Dominica needs CHANGE, NOW, IT IS A MUST not AN OPTION.
    This has been Carbon`s last wish for change and decency in government. May his hands guide others , for example, Lennox Linton , the DFP team , the UWP team, and the true DLP Team in building TEAM DOMINICA and bridge honesty and decency to Dominica’s politics once more and to respect DOMINICA`s constitution, A SURE CRY OF CARBON IN THRE PAST 12 YEARS.


  17. Anonymous
    September 2, 2014

    I have thought for a long time now that I believe all parties or individuals ‘WHO HAVE SERVED OUR COUNTRY’, should be treated equally. There should be NO hand-picked favours for OFFICIAL FUNERALS to the selected few. There is TOO MUCH POLITICIN in this place. A good example at how our LEADERS have failed us at being roll models. Those acts are for the country not an individual group.

  18. Not Me Alone
    September 2, 2014

    Very good UWP! I do hope that Mr. Carbon receives an official state funeral, since he served the nation as a senator and devoted his life to ensure that Dominica remains a democratic country. Having said all this I feel something itching my ears that I must mention here. Rev. Bill Daniel passed in the early hours of Friday August 22 and later that same morning Skerrit and his cabinet had already taken a decision give him state funeral according to CARIBDAILY: “Bishop Michael Bill Daniel, who died on Friday, August 22, 2014, will receive an official funeral, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has announced. He said Cabinet took a decision on Friday morning to offer to his family an official funeral.” Strangely enough nothing has been said of Senator Swanston Carbon, who served as a Senator and passed away since Sunday, almost 48 hrs ago. All I can say at this time is that God is not dead and will reveal the hypocrisy of our hearts.

  19. Commentry
    September 2, 2014

    OH No such a good man. May his soul rest in peace

  20. Asterix
    September 2, 2014

    Derserving tribute for a true patriot Dominican

    • Asterix
      September 2, 2014

      patriotic that should be

  21. Dominican
    September 2, 2014

    RIP sir and Linton stop your nonesense it is not only your party that is saddened every Dominican is saddened of the passing of another Dominican. Act your age you older thatn skerrit ad you still playing boy, be the man and say that I believe that the entire nation is saddened by the man’s passing.
    I do not know him but I am truly sad for his family.

    • September 2, 2014

      Why don’t you grow up and stop being so stupid, you don’t know Mr. Carbon but Mr. Linton knows him and he can make such statement, By the way a you younger or older than PM if so I hope you get a better education before posting any more comments.

  22. arturu -coulibistrie
    September 2, 2014

    don t understand the political scene in Dominica within the hour when bishop Daniel died the pm announced that he would get an official funeral,Mr carbon died on Friday and no announcement has been made senator carbon serve as a senator for 15 yrs whereas bishop Daniel was just a supporter of the DLP.this is what i called abused of power and corruption and the labor party has just shown you are only important statesman if you support them.

  23. Morihei Ueshiba
    September 2, 2014

    Linton is my pm, Rip Carbon will keep up the fight in your honor, What on earth is skerro doing? Deputy Director-General of Shandong Department of Commerce, Yan Zhaowan, said that Chinese business leaders were impressed with Gaston Brown’s presentations and the economic possibilities in Antigua and Barbuda. We need a new pm in Dominica.

  24. Citizen
    September 2, 2014

    Hypocrites! :?:

  25. real possie
    September 2, 2014

    Great way of putting it Mr. Linton and I stand with you and saying condolences to his family and friends may his soul rest in peace.

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