I am packing my bags..to move into government – Wesley MP in response to Grant

Ezekiel Bazil is the current parliamentary representative for the Wesley constituency

Parliamentary representative for the Wesley Constituency and UWP Candidate Ezekiel Bazil says that the people of his constituency, are smart and understand what proper representation is.

Bazil was reacting to Fidel Grant’s acceptance speech on Sunday in Wesley, when Grant told supporters that UWP has done nothing for that constituency.

“A man’s history preceeds him”, Bazil responded. He explained that the work that the United Workers Party did during their four and a half year term, can be still boasted about.

Fidel Grant was launched on Sunday 16th June 2019 at Wesley to be the Dominica Labour Party’s candidate for the Wesley, Woodford Hill and Palm Tree Constituency.  In his acceptance speech, he told the Dominica Labour Party supporters that he searched for evidence of UWP leadership development in his constituency but found none.

“I spent the last 4.5 years searching for something to associate with the UWP in this constituency – a tree, a flower pot, a scholarship but there is nothing to mark leadership or representation for the UWP in this constituency. Nothing!” Grant said. He said that the people of the Wesley Constituency are tired of emptiness and don’t want Ezekiel Bazil anymore.

“The people are satisfied with my performance,” Basil insisted and described the plans and promises of Grant and the Dominica Labour Party of working together for agriculture as “total madness!”.  He said that he has been informing government of the needs of farmers and their plight, “but they will not listen to me”.

Bazil said that after 19 years in office, the DLP is “running away from their history of non-performance and empty promises”.

In response to Grant’s assertion that the people of the Wesley Constituency do not want Ezekiel Bazil anymore and that he (Bazil) should pack up, Bazil contends that any packing of bags that he will be doing, is in preparation to govern the affairs of Dominica.

“I heard that there is a request for me to pack my bags, but guess what- I am packing my bags to move into government. I am packing bags to move into governance of this country for a better life for our people. That is where the packing of bags is taking place. So any packing of bags is in preparation for governance of this country,” a confident Bazil stated.

The sitting Wesley MP said he sees Fidel Grant’s candidacy and the Dominica Labour Party as “one and the same – total waste!”

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  1. Dominican Lover
    June 25, 2019

    It’s interesting to hear voters say that palreps in opposition hasn’t done anything so they are voting against them. Do they have access to the Govt funds. Too many people are ignorant of facts and are taken advantage off. What has the DLP candidate done for you? What have they done for your constituency. Now they want your vote they suddenly care? Let’s talk about cases where DLP has the constituency and has done nothing. Classic case – the Roseau Valley – The vendors have gone from making US dollars from tourists to weeding under NEP. Poor ladies in their 50’s-60’s bending their backs, young boys who can do so much more are idly sitting unemployed..the feast is dead because the speaker cannot sleep and DLP keeps promising a resource center for over 10 years. Yet still people still say “Labour Ka Twavay.” Ask them what they voting for they cannot tell you. I cry for my people….What have you all become? Wake up People, Rise Up People…Demand more from your parties and your…

  2. Jesus is king
    June 25, 2019

    In the Westminster system the opposition is not the party to propel investment nor search for investors but instead the government is given that mandate.
    Why are the supporters of the government continue to make such statements.
    When freedom was in government the supporters didn’t ask labour to do anything for their constituents.
    Fast forward I’m now hearing those who use to be freedom supporters making such stupid comments.
    It seems that since they have joined with labour then have become illiterate or should I put it mildly, “very ignorant”

    • Joseph John
      June 25, 2019

      Brexit is the work of the opposition in the UK the mother of the Westminster system which we inherited.
      It is wrong to let the uwp mislead and convince you that as individuals or party members they have to be in Government (in Cabinet ) to do something constructive for your country. As members of the House you are paid to work so you have plenty of idle time to use constructively instead of staying idle and doing nothing.
      Dominica’s socioeconomic system is based on the free enterprise system like the UK and USA model where the private sector is the main driver of the economy. For Dominica to have a chance for development the private sector has to be very proactive and take the lead in all economic activities.
      China is an interesting study. A communist central planning country have allowed its citizens to adopt capitalist private sector activities and can compete with the USA in all manner of economic development. China now boast of almost as many millionaires as USA.

  3. Omg
    June 24, 2019

    After 20 years of a ruling gov’t what is ur report card. Pls where is the Jobs in Dominica. There is hopelessness in the population. The only form of employment in Dominica is NEP.
    What is the economy based on? Only selling passport? What a shame on this country which was self sustainable. It has become a begging state.

    • June 26, 2019

      @Omg, what does your response have to do with the message of the news article. I mean who are you speaking to? Ezekiel Bazil or someone else. And did he belong to the governing body for 20 years?

      By your words, I can imagine that you are a young person without a mind of your own, simply copying the negative critics of those above you, which is also unfair –this is a sorry situation in Dominica

      Lord, God in Your Christ Jesus, please help us!

  4. Kalinago Justice
    June 24, 2019

    Remove the one-man rogue regime even before they call the elections and if he is allowed to call the elections, vote him out!!!

    • Viewsexpressed
      June 25, 2019

      I concur fully. These dimb Lanour clowns have to get out if our government. They have failed us. Out Skerrit..get lost..go away and take your failed blind loyalist with you.

  5. Pirate
    June 24, 2019

    Ezekiel Bazil your time has expire its obvious their is no representation from the opposition side..u have fail we the people og Wesley..u are no match with mr grant..we the people of wesley can say we see a future with him in government ..so plz it time now pack up your bags n leave..

    • viewsexpressed
      June 25, 2019

      Pirate, you are way out of hand. The only person in politics now to resign and go away to confession for the huge damages that his failed corrupt government has endure on you, your village, or Domininca and our government, is Skerrit. Skerrit is big failure and what I need you to do, is to open you windows have a look outside, walk through the village of Wesley and about Dominica and tell us where the hell development has taken place. I pass through Wesley frequently and it is a shame to see, like other villages what damages and abandonment your silly failed Skerrit has done to our Dominica. Are there any bananas from Wesley off to the England, The UK? Tell us what is thriving in Wesley than the political stench of Skerrit corrupt dirty Bobol Labour government. These guys fleece our economy of Dominica and they are happy as Wesley people continue to live in poverty and no jobs. And you want to sit there while Skerrit go on his happy journeys and telling us you love this PM. Skerro Go.

      • Joseph John
        June 25, 2019

        So the people of Wesley can do nothing for themselves, and the parl rep who is paid monthly can do nothing. Since when did Wesley people stop being hard workers ?

    • I love my own space
      June 26, 2019

      Pirate you got it wrong. Labour has killed the livelihood of the wesley constituency and by extension Dominica. I remember those days when wesley men used to have, maintain and sell Bananas by the van loads. Earning their own money, houses and vehicles and being inďpendent at an early age. Where are we now under a labour goernment after 15 plus years?

  6. lobourer
    June 24, 2019

    Good answer, we the people of Wesley are very satisfied with the tremendous representation of Ezekiel Bazil. Grant may have gotten a huge grant for his pocket but we the people will never vote for anyone associated with this incompetent government. Workers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Proxy
      June 24, 2019

      Well I am not satisfied. I voted for the UWP because I believed in Bazil. Now over four years later he has nothing to show! Miss me with that satisfied crap, we need someone who can properly represent us in parliament.

      • UWP all d way
        June 24, 2019

        And if Wesley votes Grant your parlrep will be in opposition (DLP).

      • viewsexpressed
        June 25, 2019

        Well Proxy, Skerrit, nor Grant is not your man. Ezekiel is a disciplined, hard working , educated man who has been out there representing our Wesley to the maximum. For development to be renewed in Wesley, we need to get that failed Skerrit out. He talk alot of Rubbish and he and corrupt failed Labour government has killed our Wesley with over the years, talk, talk, and more gibberish talk from failed Skerrit. Skerrit is ok, proxy you are not Ok, nor is your family, we all struggling in Wesley, Marigot, Carib Territory, Why>?, because this failed corrupt Labour government under this failed incompetent PM Skerrit has abandoned us and left our Wesley to ponce on, once election is on its way. Where has Skerrit been and doing what over this 19 failed years? Nothing. Well, his wealth is high & mighty, while in Wesley it`s a struggle and we are in poverty, no jobs, no more bananas. What Skerrit done for us lately. Skerrit out, he must Go. We welcome Hon Linton and professional UWP Team.

      • KrisDA
        June 25, 2019

        What do you really expect a candidate in opposition to do? He speaks and makes proposal on behalf of his constituency. Clearly the DLP doesn’t give a wack about you because you didn’t vote them If they so cared about you and not only your vote they would help the Palrep get things done..even if at the end they say they funded this and that…But clearly they don’t care about you….they only now want your vote to stay in power. DLP will say and do anything including buy all the votes it can ge, lie and steal the elections to continue raping and abusing this lovely island. Its sad that this tactic is working…

      • Joseph John
        June 25, 2019

        Well the man said he was packing so let him take his bundle and go. We do not want him no more.

      • Joseph John
        June 25, 2019

        After seeing his performance in Parliament I can see no reason for him to be kept as the parl rep . He is to close to the negative 5 grader of a fake leader.

  7. Ibo france
    June 24, 2019

    In our system of government, the winner gets everything even to write the story. What the winning party should do is to perform so satisfactorily that there will be hardly anything for the opposition to criticize and gain traction with the electorate. The government has all of the public purse, total control over the public service, access to local, regional and international financial institutions and agencies. They even get to form diplomatic ties with friendly, donor countries. To whom much is given, much is expected. What has the DLP regime done with all these opportunities and power? They have lowered the quality of living and throw most of the inhabitants under the bus. For a candidate of the DLP to expect the incumbent representative of the opposition to do much more than agitate for the rights of his constituents and encourage them to find ways and means to elevate themselves is just ludicrous. The government should work for everybody not just party diehards.

    • Joseph John
      June 25, 2019

      The government with all its connections is displaying a policy of obtain contact for business opportunities. But no one seems to be interested in grabbing the opportunity. I wonder how many of us have obtain a letter of introduction for some business activity. Look at the close relationship with China and India, markets of one and a half billion population each, i e 3 billion people. Look at how close we are to Guadaloupe and Martinique, same difference. If we cant get up and hit the road….the government cant push as.
      This government does but we don’t, and just complain. Well we cant take complains to the bank.

    • Joseph John
      June 26, 2019

      So when the government build a school, a road, a bridge, a hospital, a modern airport or implement free college education (to name a few) it is for only DLP diehards. WOW !
      When government gave Mr Christian emergency assistance that saved his life ,its the same thing . WOW, WOW !!Notwithstanding that Mr Christian was the deputy leader of the DFP then recently switch to be a candidate for the uwp. MAR-GWAS- SAR !

  8. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    June 24, 2019

    Ezekiel, the term representation simply means: the description or portrayal of someone or something in a particular way or as being of a certain nature.
    When someone gets into politics, and get elected by a certain constituency, that candidate has to deliver something materialistic, in the constituency they represent.
    In that case one may expect the delivery of some sort of industry; the representative must be able to create employment of some kind.
    Without the delivery of such, the presence of an individual in person saying I am your representative means squat doddle!
    It’s not only about “I’ll see what I can do” and forget it! ”

    Grant told supporters that UWP has done nothing for that constituency ”

    Here is where Grant made a stupid mistake!

    How can the UWP do anything for the the people of Dominica in general when the UWP are in opposition, and has no power over the treasury; haven’t Grant heard Roosevelt said he is the one running Dominica?

    Fidel that’s…

  9. time has told
    June 24, 2019

    Grant is trying to fool the people even more. Everyone knows that the Government in power is responsible for agriculture. Reginal Austrie himself has stated that Agriculture has been a huge blunder under the DLP, especially under Johnson Drigo, that is why they moved his to be the new Min of Agriculture. So Bazil is supposed to take the blame for no assistance in agriculture in Wesley when in fact nationally agriculture has failed both pre and post Hurricane Maria? No Mr. Grant. What has you DLP done to ensure various cash crops have been planted? Pre Maria you all were all about developing coconut oil praising its effects etc. What measures have been put in place to plant fields of coconuts on state lands? or tumeric? or toloma? all cash crops which can be turned into valuable products. NOTHING. Same for sports, nothing, same for manufacturing nothing, same for medical services nothing. Everything is after the fact, especially when you are called upon it. Well now is elections.

  10. anonymous
    June 24, 2019

    the function of the opposition in this modified westminster system of governance, is to scrutinise, appraise and criticise effectively the policies and administration of the Government. i would really like people to understand and comprehend what the meaning of opposition in government means under our political system.

    • Joseph John
      June 24, 2019

      But the uwp think that opposition mean oppose and obstruct everything in sight with accusations and insults. They have no idea what the word “monitor” means. Maybe they think it means dress nice in a black suit and talk , talk , talk. Oh yes “monitor” means demonstration and press conference. Wow ! What a bunch of losers.

      • viewsexpressed
        June 25, 2019

        This Joseph John must be an idiot either unable to read and comprehend and analyse or this blind supporter to this failed Skerrit, who must Go.
        “But the UWP think that opposition mean oppose and obstruct everything in sight with accusations and insults.” Stop your silly talk.
        The obstruction and disaster to our villages and country has been created by this failed silly Skerrit and his worthless, incompetent Labour government. Wake up and smell the coffee. You go after Skerrit, he has our money, if you brave enough and love our Dominica, Go ask Skerrit where has all our money gone to? Who expose the thievery of the Bin Bool and the Fertiliser Bobol? Well it was the same Hon Lennox Linton, who exposed the thievery and deception. Where were you so called Joseph John. This Skerrit and his failed Labour government has reduced our Wesley people to beggars, paupers as he continues to ruin our nature island. Skerrit must Go, Get lost, you & your failed Labour clowns. Hon Linton UWP,…

      • Aye Dominique
        June 25, 2019

        All the talk, talk, talk and demonstration UWP has been doing is to defend our rights and freedom. To educate us about what nasti business Roosevelt and his gang are up to too. I think that is valuable. So show a little gratitude. Say thank you, UWP.

      • Karaw
        June 25, 2019

        You are not very smart, are you?

  11. %
    June 24, 2019

    Good response honourable be Basil..
    The government side also wanted the opposition to build back every single damaged/destroyed home in Dominica after hurricane Maria .
    Well you all lazies in government get the hell.out and let the opposition lead the country.

    • Joseph John
      June 25, 2019

      Wow a true uwp gang gang styler. Carbon copy of the outlaw leader with a 5th grader education spewing accusations and insults and expect me to reciprocate in kind by stooping to his street trash level. Well no thanks. First lady Mrs Obama said ” when they go low, we must go high” . I am never going to limbo to your dirt level.

  12. Fidel copwayzon
    June 24, 2019

    Yes! Yes Hon. Bazil. I back you 100%. Put Fidel in his place! eh?! hadi! He rude. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    June 24, 2019

    why are my comments deleted ?

    ADMIN: As far as we can see your comment was posted, please check again. You can also try resubmitting your post.

    June 24, 2019

    While I have no information or reason to vote for or against Grant who I do not know and we are both from Wesley I have not seen any improvement in the area to credit the present government with. Northeast comprehensive was built by the U W P administration ,there was a hospital at marigot ,there was a banana industry all over the island this I know because I planted and trucked a lot of that ,the building where the post office is located was bought by the UWP, lands were bought and the plan was on display for an airport .This I know because it took labour 14 years to pay me for my fathers land and this government promises an airport which seems to be forgotten as soon as they leave the microphone only to be repeated next time around

    • Joseph John
      June 24, 2019

      So they have paid you for land for the new international jet airport (state of art) which will be in the constituency under review.
      People keep saying that the DLP did nothing for the Wesley and Marigot constituencies . But I wonder what about the reconstructed road(s),what about the reconstruction of the night landing present airport.
      Marigot will have a new hospital soon and the new PMH will be open soon. We do not have a magic wand to build our Rome in half a day.
      Keep hope alive ! Just imagine the impact of this airport on the economy of Marigot and Wesley and the enhancements to follow. If I were you I would make plans to invest in the travel business with the money I received for the land. Does taxi(s), tour bus(es), hotel(s) or villas ring any bells . I understand in a small island in the Caribbean a hotel is $600 US per night and a villa $,6000 US per night. So stop thinking politics and think DOLLARS.

      • June 24, 2019

        “We do not have a magic wand to build our Rome in half a day.” @Joseph John

        Joseph, I like that one! And I really, really, struggle with the complaint of those people who keep saying nothing is done here, there, and the other place.

        It is like a broken record in their mind speaking it through their tongue; as of the cannot see any further with their eyes; that is a very serious case in Dominica–especially if that kind of mentallity is coming from the younger generation.

        I mean that our people do not understand that the complete means of development for a Nation is not the total responsibility of the government, without the people doing their part–no matter how small.

        But that is the mentality of the people of Dominica. They think that every means of development is the responsibility of the Government. So why not get out of bed, eat, drink, play, complain and criticize, then go back to bed again. My! O my!

        • Joseph John
          June 25, 2019

          @ Elizabeth, well they have to pretend that they can do something. All I can see coming from them is one big fat nothing. So they criticize and complain and call press conference because that is all they can do….Talk talk and more talk.
          They make quid pro quo promises and then complain that the DLP is giving people cash to contest as candidates. Wow 21 people getting millions of dollars to become political contestants, tim tim bwa shesh.

          • June 26, 2019

            Yeah! And their followers believe that stupid talk–because they cannot think for themselves. Thank God that they are in the minority group–which they fail to acknowledge.

            The minority cannot be the winner against the majority, how can they not be thinking of that?

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      • Really
        June 24, 2019

        Which road??? The one that stop in Pagua and started in Melville Hall….. they never did road works in the village of Marigot. Near the airport is sea water on the road making life extremely difficult for our road users…. so please just keep silent

        • Joseph John
          June 25, 2019

          I wonder where the Liverpool road lead to …..maybe to France.

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        June 25, 2019

        John, all you are saying is sweet sounding music to your ear; in reality: sorry to tell you that but you are talking nonsense! 

        In case you do not know, be informed that Roosevelt wasted five ($500,000,000.00) hundred million dollars at Melville Hall digging up the river bank, for a parking lot, and installing landing lights.

        Aircraft’s does not land there at night.

        When I was a kid I saw LIAT land at Melville Airport after eight o’clock in evening; at that time Carlton Felix was the lone controller I was a little boy, and used to go and wash his car, after he shut down operation for the day he would take me home in Wesley. 

        Landing lights are not serving any purpose; if Roosevelt was not ignorant, and evil the money he wasted could have built a new International Airport; and by the way there is no such thing as a an International jet airport; the rest don’t worth a response; all nonsense!

        Note: It’s “International Airport!”

        • Joseph John
          June 26, 2019

          Thank you Sir for your astute interpretation. You are so wise. UWP has a fantastic promoter in you and should be very proud of you. You must be the only one with open eyes that can see. So I bow to your wisdom, Sir.
          What I want to see is a model, modern, state of the art, jet international airport that all Dominicans can be proud of.
          I do not think that in this postmodern era this is too much for my Dominica. When the airport is built it will not be for Skerrit use only and in 60 years or more you, Skerrit and I will not be there but the airport will be there for all to use.

        • Joseph John
          June 26, 2019

          Sorry Sir, I did not wish to insult your wise intelligence with my stupidity. But because you are so well informed and educated I wonder if you will guide me on the following: I think the jet airport will give Dominica an advantage in negotiating reciprocal landing rights…will make Dominica a more attractive destination with direct same day arrivals….will deliver better price on passenger tickets because of the economic of scale of 300 passenger 747 vs a 50 seater avro.
          What is your take on this ? I humbly bow to your better competence.

          • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
            June 27, 2019

            John, if I use the term stupid in any of my comments, don’t take it seriously, that is simply a loose word, which randomly pops out.
            I really don’t mean you or anyone are stupid!

            Nevertheless, if I use it where that certain fellow name appears; I mean a name like Mr. Ali Baba, the double doctor HiFU Roosevelt Skerrit, then that word can be defined as intended where it pertains to Dr. Ali Baba eh!


            Okay, you know you keep talking about a “jet state of the art International Airport.
            In reality, in your terminology, there is no such thing; or as even some people in Dominica, with Ph. D’s say “jet port!”
            Internationally, such Airports are simply known as ” International Airport.” 
            If I must tell you what makes them an International Airport, is the length, and width of the Runway.

            The terminal terminal must be built to accommodate large number of people.

            Some commercial Jets accommodates hundreds of people, as you know…

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        June 25, 2019

        I said they paid for the land after 14 years after uwp bought it the design for the airport was displayed but labor abandoned that . did you notice that I said there was a hospital in marigot , a banana industry ? and that promises are made about airport which is never built ?from last December there are surveyors by the school . promises were made by SKERITT to come to Wesley to see people about their lands but he is still a no show . and do not tell me what to do with my money as I have spent over half a million dollars at Wesley since 2008

  15. viewsexpressed
    June 24, 2019

    Go for it Bazil, go for it, we need to have these political clowns out of our States offices and Parliament. This so called PM has been a failure and shod have never been Prime Mininister, not educated and sufficiently eloquent to be PM or this ailing Domininca which has gone into deeper poverty, no jobs, no revenue coming into the island to take care of our poor people, this corrupt Labour government created. But it appears that some are happy and travel nice and have children with Uncle Sam Good luck to them, but as politicians in government they have failed us miserable. It is time that failed, incompetent, worthless Skerrit must Go. He has been on a plane flight now over 19 years with the pilot not knowing where they came from and where they are heading and where will they land. Skerrit ust Go. We welcome Hon Linton and his highly professional United Workers Party (UWP) Team. We need decency in Dominica. We need to take back our Dominica and get rid of Skerrit, a political joker.

    • Joseph John
      June 24, 2019

      After the next elections all you UWP political gang bangers will get MALKADI.
      You all will go into shock and denial unable to understand a political landslide of 21 to 0 in favour of the Dominica Labour Party, the Dominica party for the next 21 years.
      So far the DLP hold the record of 10 to 1 which equals 99% ( ten to one is murder ) But this time it will be 100 %. 21 to 0 is bound to be disappearance of the uwp, LAKAGWEN time.

      • Braindamage
        June 24, 2019

        You stretching the joke too long JJ.
        20 to 0 in favour of Skerrit?
        If you had said 14 to 7 in favour of Linton,
        I would have believe you.

        • Joseph John
          June 25, 2019

          Linton ? The man who behaves like he only has a 5th grade education. the man who thinks he is an outlaw. This man invaded a heads of government conference and then called a press conference. He had to pay legal fees in a civil case and now he is under arrest for criminal activities.
          Word on the street is that supporters of the uwp want to terminate his leadership of the party. I have done my own private poll with the result that Skerrit will beat Linton hands down…no competition what so ever.

  16. Manyways
    June 24, 2019

    I always have been analysing statements made by the candidates of the current government. All the candidates have something in common, the opposition candidates does not do nothing for their constituents.

    Are they saying to me it’s the opposition that have to create a robust economy?
    1) Create jobs for the unemployed.
    2) Create avenues to grow the economy.
    3) Build the agriculture sector, devise ways for export and manufacturing in the private sector to bring in foreign earnings. Why do say they are their to bring leadership and to make a change? Are they saying indirectly that the former ministers who got fired did nothing?
    Why was I not told it’s the opposition party UWP that is governing the affairs of Dominica? My question is solely base on the fact that the government of Dominica by extension the (DLP) strategy is campaigning on what the opposition did not do or is not doing.
    What is the role of opposition in Democracy? DNO admin, please do a peace on this subject.

    • Karl Orndem
      June 24, 2019

      SO they want to fool you. Remember they are there for 19 years, almost 20. That is a whole generation. Enough time for a baby to be born and grown and event start their own business. All that child will know is DLP, with fear mongering and propaganda, they have encouraged many youth with fear to not accept a change. Because according to them, life only sweet now and things was like hell before them. So do not change a thing. The youth themselves know no better many of them. so they love to target the state college. Easily influenced impressionable minds that want something. I personally think the DLP has been called out as nonsense and Maria has lifted their skirt and the people have seen whats underneath. Now they scrambling to put things in place, but haste makes waste and leaves a bad taste. Keep it up DLP, continue to make majee with yourselves. we are watching.

      • Joseph John
        June 25, 2019

        We like our margee, so leave our skin fing and go because we like it so. We love our new hospital and we love the housing revolution and we love our state of the art international jet airport soon to be.
        We do not like cons with the gift of gab who can talk ,talk and go M.I.A.in the face of emergency and disaster.
        We love our Super Rescuer Skerro no matter what you say. He will overcome all the trials, tribulations and challenges of the haters. These challenges only make him stronger and smarter.
        So you and the uwp gang bangers can blow your blue pipes until you burst.

      • Joseph John
        June 25, 2019

        I hear the uwp have been in existence for 39 years.

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