Imran Khan removed as Pakistan PM after no-confidence motion against him passes

Pakistan PM Imran Khan has been removed from office after a no-confidence motion brought against him passed today (Sunday in Pakistan) by 174-0 in the Pakistani parliament.

Members of the ruling party abstained but in the 342-member National Assembly, 172 votes were needed to approve the motion.

This is the first time a no-confidence motion against a prime minister of Pakistan has been successful.

Within minutes of the passing the no-confidence motion, Imran Khan vacated his official residence but the defiant, ousted prime minister says he is in a fight to protect the country’s sovereignty and has called his supporters to the streets to defy opponents determined to unseat him.

Khan acted unconstitutionally last Sunday in blocking the no-confidence vote and dissolving parliament.

In a ruling on Thursday, the Pakistan Supreme Court ordered parliament to reconvene.

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  1. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    April 14, 2022

    Well, since you break out, I don’t know perhaps from a hole somewhere along the fence, so I am going to send my gorillas, dog, and monkey and snake catchers to haunt you down to capture and return you into the cage where you are destine to serve a life sentence.

    I will feed you with decaying turkey and ham, until you vote for me , so that Dominica can be rid of the corrupted crook Roosevelt Skerrit nuh!

  2. Lin clown
    April 11, 2022

    Where were you blue hypocrites when the DLP was building Dominica after Maria?UWP got 16,424 votes in the last election,New York and Dominica combined the cannot get 100 people to march.UWP cannot win election in Dominica by the ballot.They cannot survive by a coup,so that mean UWP is dead.I do not understand why DON keys like IBO Bwa,Jonathan,Pipo and Francisco-dog is going to understand the people of Dominica do not want UWP in power.NJAM no support.MON SEWEY no support.UWP no support.CCM no support,ALAS no support.Walk for freedom and prosperity no support.DFP no support.The only thing that cannot be tamed is a crab.These people heads are buried in SHEET,leaving their behind exposed.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 3 Thumb down 23
    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      April 12, 2022

      But guy, why are you so confounded, and wired?

      What does Imran Khan issues in Pakistan, have to do with any government in Dominica repairing damages after a hurricane!

      Only a idiot would focus and make such nonsensical comments.

      Besides; all the money used for reconstruction were freely given by governments around the world, and private individuals, even poor Dominicans like the women who gave a certain rough face Dominica woman who was a government minister, ten thousand US dollars to help the unfortunate, which she thief!

      Why are you not talking about that, to this day the women want to find out what the Dominica thief did with their money, she can’t account for it to this day.

      All of you red devils are thieves; you all, all you do is sell passports and thief the money!
      Right now you and Roosevelt praying for a devastating hurricane come and (mash-up do country so that people can send free money) so all the political red devils, and their leader can thief the…

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 3
  3. Man bite dogs
    April 11, 2022

    I just knew that workers supporters would be interested in that news thinking they can do the same thing not knowing and understanding Pakistan politics is far different from ours and the west, monkeys see monkeys do not knowing what it is about!!!!

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 2 Thumb down 23
    • Ibo France
      April 12, 2022

      Dog Biter, not only do you inflict physical pain to animals but you also inflict mental pain to readers, on his forum, with your incessant foolishness.

      Dog Abuser, you and your umbilical partner in stupidity, are just perennial menaces to society.

      Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 12 Thumb down 2
    • Cat bite dogs
      April 12, 2022

      Why do you keep on defending the indefensible? Why do you hate your country and love this gangster in the financial centre.

      Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 13 Thumb down 1
    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      April 12, 2022

      Do you know that you personally know that your phenotype the same of any monkey UWP looks like.

      Take a look at your long arms, and the little foot, same as a monkey oui!


      I have a zoo for you Man-dog, and the Clown, that’s to where you both belong, save some space for ds, and Gary.

      I have a zoo

      • April 13, 2022

        I am happy to learn that you own a Menagerie. Now you can cage yourself and Ibo and Jonathan in there so I can make my Sunday afternoon visits to the zoo. With me, the bars could not hold me, they had to turn me loose by the grace of the Most High. Yes me friend, I am on the street again.

        Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 0 Thumb down 8
  4. Lin clown
    April 11, 2022

    In Dominica 18-3, 59.01%-40.99%. 23,587-16,424 in favour of Skerrit.What does that tell Massacre?Based on the high level of stupidity of some people,and the
    good work DLP is doing in Dominica Skerrit is going to be there for a long time

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 22
  5. Dominican Bwoi
    April 10, 2022

    Take note, Dominica :lol:

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 23 Thumb down 4
    • Ibo France
      April 12, 2022

      A corrupt electoral system, bribery, lazy and cowardly journalists, a politically biased, non-performing media, and a indolent and indifferent electorate, all these are responsible for Skerrit and his cabinet of subservient buffoons stay in power.

      The Skerrit-led tyrannical autocracy has illegally installed and kept itself in power due to the reasons listed earlier. Why does any fair minded, rational person think that Skerrit have stubbornly and robustly resist fair electoral reforms for this inordinate length of time?

      Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 9 Thumb down 1
  6. Massacre
    April 10, 2022

    This is a good example for Dominicans to follow , all corrupted leaders should have not place in that position. They should all be booted form office. These lazy guys came into power in Da by default and had no knowledge about how to run a country . The never even took the time to learn , instead they took advantage of the void that was filled by the suspicious passing of two great men. Dominica had never been in a worse financial and leadership vacuum. These corrupt guys will soon be kicked out of office.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 28 Thumb down 6
    • Eagle-Eyed
      April 12, 2022

      @Massacre, if you believe in democracy, you would condemn such coups engineered by the far reaching arms of Uncle Sam. The US claim to be the bastion of democracy but whenever a weaker nation don’t tow their line, that’s usually the result, a coup to topple the legitimately elected leader and replace them with a puppet that bow to his wishes. Imran Khan was the most decent leader Pakistan had in recent times but because he did not bow to the Americans demands in a bid to isolate Russia, he had to go. Is this the new world order that we are all prepared to be subjected to? Shouldn’t all nations and their people have a right to decide their own destinies rather than being dictated to by a super power?

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 1 Thumb down 12
  7. Kevin
    April 10, 2022

    I didn’t like what happened to Imran Khan.After he cleaned up his party boy image and became a conservative Muslim when he entered politics I had tremendous hopes for him.But as they say any leader in Pakistan that is not somewhat subservient to the USA somehow gets kicked out by the corrupt army(who’s leaders all support the USA).His demised was hastened when Imran refused to condemn the Russian invasion in Ukraine and the army withdraw it’s support of him.( No doubt the USA bidding)

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 3 Thumb down 23
  8. Mary
    April 10, 2022

    Dominica news ? Really ?

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 4 Thumb down 10
  9. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    April 10, 2022

    Well, he can return to the game of cricket which he played so well, in the process helping to give the West Indies one of the worst trashing the WI team ever had!

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 8 Thumb down 3
    • lmckoy
      April 12, 2022

      I suspect his age will tell him otherwise.

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        April 13, 2022

        Oh, just kidding his plying days are long past, over finish, fin, caput!

  10. April 10, 2022

    Why do Politicians all over the Universe believe that once they are voted into office the Country belongs to them and that they should do as they please and not the people’s will. This is how democracy is supposed to work and not this nonsense like we have in Dominica “I poto weee” my a—.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 25 Thumb down 4

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