Gunman kills 12 in Colorado movie theater

A heavily armed gunman attacked an Aurora, Colorado, movie theater early Friday, tossing tear gas before opening fire on the terrified audience, killing 12 and wounding 38, authorities said. The theater was showing the new Batman movie, “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Witness recalls chaos after the gunman burst into the theater

One of the injured was just 3 months old, according to hospital workers.


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  1. Well Idontreallyknow
    July 23, 2012

    conspiracy….this cannot be taken at face value.

  2. sleek
    July 21, 2012

    america is the land of the free:to carry arms!

  3. Justice and Truth
    July 20, 2012

    I recall on the morning after the Toronto incident, an American TV Station broadcasted the News. I thought what a shame the entire world has seen this and is reporting it. Little did we know that there would be mass murders, a worst one and injuries in the U.S. later in the week. We never know which country will be next.
    Since the Toronto shooting and murders, there have been more murders. It has been a week of shootings and murders. The situation is escalating. At this moment it is being reported on the late Toronto News that there was yet another shooting tonight. A man was shot in the head and was taken to the hospital. Will he live or die? I wonder. O My! When will it end? Lord have mercy!

  4. .....
    July 20, 2012

    get allu facts before allu put up a store 71 shot, 12 dead 51 injured

    • hmm
      July 21, 2012

      boy all u people stupid wee. even cnn AND the cops had to be updating their figures.

      DNO I commend you for posting these ignorant comments. Don’t think i’d do it.

  5. Anonymous
    July 20, 2012

    get allu facts before allu put a story on dno. he shot 71 people 12 died

  6. anonymous2
    July 20, 2012

    That is a set up. Too coincidental when the UN Small Arms Treaty is very close to a signature by Obama and the Congress is no where near close to condoning the signing and the confiscation of arms from all of the citizens. It isn’t the law biding gun owners that are going out and doing these things. It is someone either under mind control, drugged out, manipulated, or deranged and they are the fall guy for the incident. Look for the govt. connection. timing and motive.

    • anonymous2
      July 20, 2012

      It is also very close to Columbine High school. How co-incidental. Look for more similar incidents in the near future as the race to disarm the common person swings into full gear and Obama pulls out all the stops to get re-elected.

  7. Dominican
    July 20, 2012

    A little sacastic…Hope Obama is not blamed for this…Sad situation.

  8. Setup
    July 20, 2012

    Mister is a sick monster, this is true, but this is the way they make movies. He did it the sam way that they do it in the movie. Unneccessary killings, so when people with sick minds like him look at movies, they plan to do the same. This is happening all the time. They nys stop making those violent movies, with all that blood shed, because some people thik that they can do the same, especially when they have access to arms and ammunitions.` As long as they make the movies these crimes will get worse.

    They show how to rob banks, even with heavy security, and those crimminals are looking at it with great interest, and then they do the same thing.

    I sympathize with the victim families, may Yahweh give them comfort as they face this horrific cisis in their lives.

    • Setup
      July 20, 2012


    • Justice and Truth
      July 20, 2012

      @ Setup

      This is why such movies should never be produced. I do not view movies with killing even though they are fictitious. Furthermore, we have it all in real life as heard and read through the Media. We really do not need to spend our money and time to go and see those movies. In fact they are also on TV and on the Internet. Nevertheless, I have no interest in viewing them. I love a good, educating program, probably a biography, if it is a decent one and as also viewing the News. I gain more from them than if I viewed a movie with all this fighting, stabbing, killing and swear, dirty language. Especially as adults what do we learn from them?
      Many of us used to enjoy those movies as teenagers, fighting and killing, if only to view them. As adults we should rise above that. If more people did not view those types of movies, they would cease making them. As long as there is an audience, be it also on TV an on the Internet, they will keep making them for they rake in an exorbitant sum of money. In the meantime, it contaminates the minds of young people and also adults. We have heard and read about this. Consider what occurred last evening. People should learn from that.
      This reminds me that when I was in DA on vacation, a dear friend informed me that her elderly mother was viewing a movie and when she saw a man push a knife in another man’s body, she left the room. Now she will not view TV. This was a lady who was not accustomed to TV. The daughter laughed when she told me about it. I, too, had a good laugh. I did think it was funny. This goes to show that we need family- oriented movies and programs that everyone could view comfortably and enjoy.

      • anonymous2
        July 21, 2012

        What your reaction was to the killing was all psychological conditioning via the TV set to make you not think a thing about violence when it is going on right in front of you and may actually happen to you. The older lady had the right reaction. Turn off the TV.

  9. Prof. Wikileaks
    July 20, 2012

    The side effects of a country always at war. America has been to war almost every decade from 1940 to present.

    These type of episodes happen to very frequent in America…maybe the best place in the world….yes it is.

    • Justice and Truth
      July 21, 2012

      @ Prof.Wikileaks

      Do not only blame America. America has responded to the aid of those vulnerable countries and their nationals who are in need of military help. Were it not for America there would not be peace in the world. It is alredy bad as it is. What is occurring in Nigeria and those other countries, if America went to their aid, there probably would be peace by now or at least some peace. Radicals will not allow others to live in peace specifically where there are Christians.
      People must be held accountable for their actions. Godlessness and self-centeredness will do it.
      There are some dangerous people in America; no exception in other parts of the world. Canada has its share. The majority of the murders in Toronto were committed by young(er) blacks. This is attributed to gangs, drugs and turfs. I would think no exception in other Canadian provinces as Montreal, Alberta and British Columbia. These are big, populated cities where the majority of immigrants settled.
      Most of the murders are in Toronto. Canada is not what it was in former years. This is due to the influx of immigrants and some very evil ones and some who were born here of immigrant parents. This U.S. man is educated. He had a bright future ahead of him. He has forfeited it. Why would he have chosen such a route and of murder of all? A psychiatrist will be examining him. If he is proven to be insane, he will spend the rest of his life in a mental institution. If he is not I hope that he will be incarcerated for life with no parole. I expect this will be the result. There are numerous charges against him. The primary ones are the murders of fourteen people and injuring approximately 58 others. It would be a surprise if he is not given the full extent of punishment. He is fortunate that he was not residing in Texas and that it did not happen there. I would think that he would be executed in that U.S. State.

      • Prof. Wikileaks
        July 22, 2012

        I didn’t blame America…I said side effect of a country always at war….America has no place in Iraq/Afghanistan and etc…so don’t talk crap about you need war for peace.

        So when there is glorification of war all the time (soon to be war with Iran for some phantom story) people act it out.

        I still maintain America is still the best country ever created.

    July 20, 2012

    What really boils my blood is that these sadistic animals always smile for their mugshot. If you are so disillusioned with society then why not just take your own life? America fini bat. I live there but am reassessing that decision on the daily.

    • Justice and Truth
      July 21, 2012


      He is not supposed to smile in the picture. I have no idea why he is smiling in that picture. I turned on to today and this picture was looking at me straight in the face. I also do not know why this Website would even put it on and in such a conspicuous place. I bet many people are angry about that picture after he murdered and injured so many people.

    • Anonymous
      July 23, 2012

      That is not his mugshot. Its a pic from his yearbook.

  11. Anonymous
    July 20, 2012

    there are Dominicans there fine out if they are safe

    • Anonymous
      July 20, 2012

      I actually live in the same City that the incident happen. As far as i know all Dominicans that are in Colorado are safe

      Thanks for your concern

  12. live fast_die fast
    July 20, 2012

    a bloody physcopath.what the hell.

  13. Toosense
    July 20, 2012

    The world is quickly coming to an end. This is devastating news; nowhere is safe nowadays. Imagine people cannot even go out and have fun nowadays without some psychotic person interrupting. Lord you alone know what was going through this young man’s mind but please forgive him. My sympathy go out to all the people who lost their loved ones so suddenly and I hope the injured can fully recover one day from this tragedy.

    • Justice and Truth
      July 21, 2012

      @ Toosense

      We have not heard too much about his background, his parents and other members of his family. For now, they must be keeping a low profile as they are also being interviewed. They are, no doubt shocked and embarrassed at what he did. Some people who knew him are being interviewed as the investigation is continuing. We will soon hear more. We really are not safe in these times and cannot take anything for granted. Some people are bold enough, as they drive by, to also shoot at others and murder them on the street. There are times they are cases of mistaken identity. I pray to God to protect me. Every one should do likewise.

  14. lover
    July 20, 2012

    That’s very sad. The people only wanted to see a movie and eat some popcorn. Not be in a movie actually. there are many crazy people in this world. Lord please watch over my loved ones

    • Justice and Truth
      July 21, 2012

      @ lover

      In time the movie will be eventually shown on TV or over the Internet. I saw some movies on TV which were originally shown at the theatres. Of course, they wanted to see the premiere.
      Sad too, that one of the women who died had visited Toronto at the time of the shooting and murder at the Eaton Centre. She gave an account of her experience and what she saw in Toronto at that time. She had met a boyfriend in Toronto on one of her visits and had visited him that week. She said she was heading for that spot to eat something but somehow changed her mind. She considered herself blest that she was not present at that time.
      This mad murderer in Colorado shot her on the leg and as she got up he shot her on the head. If only she knew she would not have moved and pretended that she was dead. Did you hear of it through the U.S. Media as also CNN? It was well-broadcasted in Toronto.

  15. wanna know
    July 20, 2012

    mister is a sick monster

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