Police say South Korean crucified himself with drill, string and nails to recreate Jesus’ death

Police stands near the body of a man found crucified in South Korea. Photo credit: ChronNews

SEOUL, South Korea — A South Korean taxi driver found dead and nailed to a cross in an apparent re-creation of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ probably carried out the ordeal on his own, police said Wednesday.

The 58-year-old man was wearing only underwear and a crown of thorns when he was found May 1 — one week after Easter — in an abandoned stone quarry in the country’s south. His hands and feet were nailed to the cross, there was a stab wound in his abdomen and nylon strings were tied around his neck.

After days of investigation, police said they believe the man, surnamed Kim, committed suicide without any assistance.

Kim is believed to have nailed his feet to the cross, tied his neck to it and stabbed himself in the side. He is then believed to have drilled holes in his hands and slipped them over nails on the cross, Gyeongbuk Provincial Police Agency officers said, describing the death under condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to speak to the press.

Officials simulated some elements of the crucifixion and concluded that an adult male could perform the act on his own, the agency said.

The man was a devout Christian, and police speculated that his “deep religious faith” may have helped him endure “immense pain.”

Police said they found the man’s notes planning the crucifixion. Before his apparent suicide, Kim closed his bank account and canceled his mobile phone contract in apparent preparation to end his life, police said.

An autopsy showed the man died of bleeding from the stab wound and suffocation, police said. Officers reached by The Associated Press said they had no information on when exactly the man put himself on the cross and how long he might have been there before dying.

Representations of the death of Jesus Christ depict him crucified on a cross, wearing a crown of thorns, a white loin cloth, and with a wound on his side from a Roman soldier’s spear.

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  1. anonymous
    May 20, 2011

    boy all you to stupid de man had help.

  2. brown woman
    May 20, 2011

    This story is so funny i just wonder how he get to do all those things on his own or did someone kill him.Maybe someone freten him to close his bank account etc but this is not a joke ppl dont have to make fun of christ crucifixion thats no respect.

  3. Avocat
    May 20, 2011

    If one hand was nailed to the cross how he nailed the other one.

    • nini nini
      May 20, 2011

      well he didnt nail the hand,from my understanding he nailed the nails in the cross not all the way down then he drill holes in his hand so then he just put his hands through the nails.

  4. Just respect your lord
    May 19, 2011

    8) jesus did that to realieve us from sin so why should a man go doing such a wild thing and besides, NO ONE IN THIER RIGHT MIND WOULD DO SUCH NON-SENSE IF THEY RESPECTED THIER ALL MIGHTY CREATOR’S ACTIONS…

  5. 0_o Glasses and all
    May 19, 2011

    so the end of the world coming.. ppl taken initiative, desperate times call for desperate measures?

  6. Speaking my mind.
    May 19, 2011

    A “Christian” retard and extremist! :lol:

    I think more of you Jesus fools should do the same. :lol:

    The reality is there was no person by the name of Jesus. This name was a Greeco-Roman created myth. The real olive skinned coloured messiah from Palestine did not die on the cross. When he comes back he will look like a taliban because he will have a beard and a white gown :lol:

    Wake up people! Christianity is a false religion. A white European cult from hell.

    • Avocat
      May 20, 2011

      For the bible states : He who say there is no God is a full

    • 0_o
      May 20, 2011

      you for real 8-O ? … and Avocat , don’t even quote the bible to this unworthy muggin.. You are lost my friend… lost.. you have a chance.. repent and find yourself again… a man sacrificing his son for the sin of humanity and you shun him as if he were a vagrant, garbage, an outcast?? Jesus wept yes… and hes still weeping. But i forgive you, for he says that we should forgive in order to be forgiven. i will pray for you tonight. you really need it. the devil has a hold on you and its a good grip indeed. what would lead you to say such an unethical statement.. rather… what else? non order than the devil himself. be wise my friend. Because of the richness and and purity of Christianity, the devil is looking for all ways and means to cry it down; other religions etc. EVERY other religion sees CHRISTIANITY as a threat. EVERY OTHER RELIGION forms itself to destroy the CATHOLIC CHURCH.. EVERY ONE… think about… some entity wants the REAL DEAL… destroyed…

      • Derp.
        May 23, 2011

        You are the lost cause here. Why didn’t you go to rapture the other day? Cos it’s all BS.

  7. spy
    May 19, 2011

    hmmmmm those idiot police need to investigate deepper that looks like an occult sacrifice.
    i guess to the police that is just one less person to worry about,their theory of his death makes no sense.

  8. yes papa
    May 19, 2011

    That is sci fi, magician show… our we are all being punked with this foolishness about doing it by himself. Police all u can do better than that…..aa . Check the man family and friends to see what happened to him eh…… check his phone records.. who he called more often to carry out that sicko plan.

  9. o.o
    May 19, 2011

    You guys have to understand not everything is a big conspiracy, ffs.

  10. Just Giving My Two Cents
    May 19, 2011

    Can someone also explain to me…how he nailed his feet to the upright cross, then slipped his hands over the nail? There MUST have been another person helping. That story defies logic without more information

    “Kim is believed to have nailed his feet to the cross, tied his neck to it and stabbed himself in the side” then after all that, on an upright cross, he slipped his hands over the nails? Hmmm…i’d think that after nailing his feet…and tying the neck to “it” (cross???) he would have had a hard time staying upright….

    this story just don’t add up in my mind!!!!!!!

    • Lizavier4Jesus
      May 19, 2011

      Just Giving My Two Cents

      You are so, so, right! And for that reason I am not even going to read the rest of the comments. I am satified with yours.

    • o.o
      May 19, 2011

      “The man was a devout Christian, and police speculated that his “deep religious faith” may have helped him endure immense pain.” But that’s just speculation.

    • Sunny
      May 19, 2011

      SO…..Just Giving My Two Cents, u read my little comment under Observer’s post, you voleh everything i say 8-O put it in ur own words to make ur own post and u call that giving YOUR two cents…..???? :lol: Hmm, smh :roll:

      • Just Giving My Two Cents
        May 20, 2011

        LOL… You apparently have not read any of my posts….I THINK!!!!!!!!!!! I USE MY LOGIC…so if ur logic and mine intersect, you should consider yourself a smart one! :wink:

        My Two cents are always that – my two cents because they can buy anything i want them tow…even your opinion!

        • Sunny
          May 20, 2011

          bahahahahaha, :lol: i can’t stand u!!! U remind me of some fool i know. You can’t buy my opinion with ur little two cents, so just keep VOLEHing like u did before “smart one!” :wink: !!!! :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

  11. Stupes
    May 19, 2011

    I’ld not even post this story, there’s no logic to it!! HOW CAN A MAN DO ALL THAT, WAS HE AND OCTOPUS WITH EIGHT HANDS!! LMFAO

  12. concern
    May 19, 2011

    any true child of God who read their bible will never commit such an act, for we know only Jesus Christ could have shed blood to redeem us back to our father whic is in heaven,

    We were born from Adam and Eve, that means we were born into sin, Jesus was born of a virgin,Mary although the bible teaches that Mary had more children after christ birth, Mark chapter 6 ; Verses 1 to 4 ,but christ father is God, so only he is the God Man, so this guy is gone to a place of destruction.

  13. tiny
    May 19, 2011

    wow wowo wow if he really did that……………..then will Jesus suffering still be seen as a ……………… i mean a human being chose to do that to himself…………although jesus choose to do it too because he could have called angels to help, but……………i stress agian on the suffering taht jesus went through……this guy chose t osuffer..it’s like he’s saying come on man Jesus i can to that you didn’t go through that much

    • tiny
      May 19, 2011

      i meant will jesus suffering still be seen as a big deal

  14. Anonymous
    May 19, 2011

    stupes how can the man nail his to hands

  15. Observer
    May 19, 2011

    Nonsense. How can a man manage to nail himself on an upright cross? Something wrong. Suicide? Someone was involved.

    • Chupes!
      May 19, 2011

      Don’t you people read to understand? It clearly states that the man drilled holes through his hands and slipped them over nails (that were already) on the cross. SMH! How is it that we expect our children to understand anything in school when we don’t take the time out to understand such simple stataments.

      • Sunny
        May 19, 2011

        ok Chupes!, so since u understand so damn well, tell me how he could nail his feet to an “Upright” cross first without falling off, he definitely had help!! To actually stay on the cross his he would need upper body support to keep him in place!! smh

      • west central nigga
        May 19, 2011

        but dey said he nailed his foot so any way i see it he nailed something

  16. charmed
    May 19, 2011

    he is so much into his faith an dhe is commiting suicide. what is suicide?

  17. g
    May 19, 2011

    the fact that he took his own life says he wasnt no true christian cause taking ur own life means he will end up in that lake of fire for eternity

  18. hmm
    May 19, 2011

    the end is near

    • Is so it is
      May 19, 2011

      Yea! May 21st, 2011. REPENT SINNER! :?: :!:

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